Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Financial Accounts Guide

Series analyzer for FL163165505.A

Nonprofit organizations; commercial mortgages; liability


= + FL163165803 - FL163168003

Shown on: L.100 Line 32, L.220 Line 2, B.100 Line 38, L.100.a Line 24
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL163165803.ANonprofit organizations; commercial mortgages and depository institution loans n.e.c; liability
- FL163168003.ANonprofit organizations; depository institution loans n.e.c.; liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL164104005.ANonprofit organizations; credit market instruments; liability
- FL143165505.ANonfinancial business; commercial mortgages; liability
+ FL153165005.AHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; total mortgages; liability
+ FL154104005.AHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; credit market instruments; liability
+ FL173165205.APersonal sector; commercial, multifamily, and farm mortgages; liability
Last update: March 6, 2014