Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

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Series analyzer for FL473093005.Q

Credit unions; unidentified miscellaneous assets


= + FL474090470 - FL473020005 - FL473061203 - FL473061103 - FL474035000 - FL475013103 - FL473030000 - FL473061700 - FL473064203 - FL473092403 - FL473063603 - FL473013003 - FL473062003 - FL473120053

Shown on: L.233 Line 26
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL474090470.QCredit unions; total assets (CUNA)
- FL473020005.QCredit unions; checkable deposits and currency; asset
- FL473061203.QCredit unions; NCUA share insurance capitalization deposit; asset
- FL473061103.QCredit unions; Treasury securities, excluding Corporate Credit Unions; asset
- FL474035000.QCredit unions; total loans; asset
- FL475013103.QCredit unions; land and building and other fixed assets, book value
- FL473030000.QCredit unions; total time and savings deposits, excluding Corporate Credit Unions; asset
- FL473061700.QCredit unions; agency- and GSE-backed securities, excluding Corporate Credit Unions; asset
- FL473064203.QCredit unions; mutual fund shares, excluding Corporate Credit Unions; asset
- FL473092403.QCredit unions; equity in FHLB; asset
- FL473063603.QCredit unions; mortgage-backed securities and other asset-backed bonds, excluding Corporate Credit Unions; asset
- FL473013003.QCredit unions; depository institution reserves; asset
- FL473062003.QCredit unions; municipal securities and loans, excluding Corporate Credit Unions; asset
- FL473120053.QCredut unions; corporate credit union deposits due to natural person credit unions; liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL473090005.QCredit unions; total miscellaneous assets
- FL903090005.QInstrument discrepancies; total miscellaneous assets
+ FL893093005.QAll sectors; unidentified miscellaneous assets
+ FL703093005.QPrivate depository institutions; unidentified miscellaneous assets
Last update: March 6, 2014