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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Photo of Ellen Meade

Ellen Meade

Senior Adviser

Program Direction Section

Monetary Affairs

  • Ph.D., Economics, Princeton University, 1988
  • M.A., Economics, Princeton University, 1982
  • B.A., Economics, Duke University, 1979
  • Current Research Topics

  • Central Bank Decisionmaking
  • Institutional Governance
    • Senior Adviser

      Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

    • 2011 - present
    • Associate Professor of Economics

      American University

    • 2005 - 2011
    • Visiting Scholar

      The Netherlands Bank

    • 2008
    • External Expert

      Bank for International Settlements

    • 2007 - 2008
    • Guest Scholar

      The Brookings Institution

    • 2004 - 2005
    • Visiting Scholar

      Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

    • 2004 - 2005
    • Senior Research Fellow

      Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics

    • 2000 - 2004
    • Senior Economist

      Council of Economic Advisers

    • 1994 - 1995
    • Senior Economist, Economist

      Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

    • 1984 - 1999
  • Ihrig, Jane E., Ellen E. Meade, and Gretchen C. Weinbach (2015). "Rewriting Monetary Policy 101: What's the Fed's Preferred Post-Crisis Approach to Raising Interest Rates?" Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 29, no. 4, pp.177-98.
  • Jane E. Ihrig, Ellen E. Meade, and Gretchen C. Weinbach (2015). "Monetary Policy 101: A Primer on the Fed's Changing Approach to Policy Implementation," Finance and Economics Discussion Series 2015-047. Washington: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.
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  • Meade, Ellen E. (2005). "The FOMC: Preferences, Voting, and Consensus," Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, vol. 87, no. 2, pp. 93-101.
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  • Meade, Ellen E., and Peter B. Kenen (2004). "The Maastricht Criteria and the Accession Countries: What is Equal Treatment," Central Banking, vol. XIV, no. 3, pp. 54-62.
  • Mann, Catherine L., and Ellen E. Meade (2003). "Home Bias, Transactions Costs, and Prospects for the Euro," in Hunter, William C., George G. Kaufman and Michael Pomerleano eds., Asset Price Bubbles: The Implications for Monetary, Regulatory, and International Policies. Cambridge and London: MIT Press, pp. 403-418.
  • Meade, Ellen E. (2003). "A (Critical) Appraisal of the ECB's Voting Reform," Intereconomics, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 129-131.
  • Meade, Ellen E. (2003). "Central Banks in Currency Unions: The Design of the European Central Bank," in Dumoulin, M., G. Duchenne eds., L'Union europenne et les Etats-Unis : The European Union and the United States - Actes de la VIIIe Chaire Glaverbel d'etudes europennes 2002-2003. Brussels: P.I.E.-Peter Lang, pp. 275-287.
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  • Meade, Ellen E. (1988). "Exchange Rates, Adjustment, and the J-Curve," Federal Reserve Bulletin, vol. 74, no. 10, pp. 633-644.
  • conference

    January 2011

    American Economic Association annual meetings

    Women at the Top of the Economics Profession: 100 Years of Evidence from the AER Papers and Proceedings (with Martha Starr)

  • discussion

    May 2010

    Bank of Korea

    ECB Communication

  • conference

    November 2010

    Southern Economic Association annual meetings

    Is There a Limit on FOMC Dissents? (with Petra Gerlach-Kristen)

  • conference

    May 2009

    Wilfred Laurier University

    The Phillips Curve and US Monetary Policy: What the FOMC Transcripts Tell Us (with Daniel Thornton)


  • 2009

    American University

    Mellon Fund Research Support

  • 2007

    American University

    Grant, Ann Robyn Mathias Fund

  • 2006

    American University

    Grant, Center for North American Studies

  • 2005

    Council on Foreign Relations

    Research Support

  • 2002

    American Institute for Contemporary German Studies

    DAAD Research Fellowship

  • 1998

    Federal Reserve Board

    Special Achievement Award

Conference Organization

  • May 2006 Washington University

    The Euro and the Dollar in a Globalized Economy


  • May 2002 London School of Economics

    Dollarization and Euroization: Viable Policy Options?


  • May 1998 American Institute for Contemporary German Studies

    The European Central Bank: How Accountable? How Decentralized?



  • American Economic Review
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Canadian Journal of Economics
  • Contemporary Economic Policy
  • Economic Journal
  • Economica
  • European Central Bank Working Paper Series
  • European Journal of Political Economy
  • International Economic Review
  • International Finance
  • International Journal of Central Banking
  • Journal of Business and Economics
  • Journal of Common Market Studies
  • Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
  • Journal of Economic Education
  • Journal of Economic Issues
  • Journal of Macroeconomics
  • Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
  • Leverhulme Trust Foundation
  • Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
  • Oxford Economic Papers
  • Review of International Economics
  • Scottish Journal of Political Economy

Professional Affiliation

  • Member, American Economic Association
  • Panelist, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2011
  • Panelist, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2009
  • Mentor, CSWEP Regional Mentoring Workshop, 2009
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