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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Monetary Affairs 

The Division of Monetary Affairs supports the Board and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) in their monetary policy deliberations by preparing research and analysis in the fields of finance, money and banking, and monetary policy design and implementation. The Division also assists the Board and FOMC in preparing policy communications, maintains records of FOMC deliberations and decisions, and produces monetary and financial data. In addition, the Division contributes to the Board’s supervisory, regulatory, and financial stability functions.

Banking Analysis

The Banking Analysis section is concerned primarily with the interaction between the commercial banking sector and the U.S. economy, with particular emphasis on the implications of this interaction for monetary policymakers. The section studies and publishes analyses of the profitability of banks and conducts surveys on bank lending practices and business loan pricing. It also estimates and publishes a weekly balance sheet for the commercial banking system. Research in the section focuses on issues related to the causes and effects of changes in bank lending behavior, the macroeconomic effects of changes in bank supervision and regulation, and developments in banking markets and institutions.

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Last update: February 8, 2016