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Nonfinancial corporate business; municipal securities; asset

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Data Source

Year-end level calculated from the SOI, Corporation Income Tax Returns, Returns of Active Corporations, Table 6 - Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Tax, and Other Selected Items, by Major Industry, excluding the industries of finance and insurance, management of companies, and unpublished detail on equity REITs, line Tax-exempt securities. Levels for other quarters, including year-end quarters after the latest issue of the SOI from QFR, Table 70.1 - Balance Sheet for Corporations in the NAICS Manufacturing Sector, Total Assets $25 Million and Over, line State and local government securities, due in 1 year or less, multiplied by the ratio of the most recent SOI benchmark for tax-exempt securities to the QFR state and local government securities, due in 1 year or less. Unadjusted flow is the change in the level; data for the most recent ten years show no significant seasonality.

Shown on: F.103 Line 26, F.212 Line 9, S.5.Q Line 36
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU103062003.QNonfinancial corporate business; municipal securities; asset
+ FS103062003.QNonfinancial corporate business; municipal securities; asset

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA143062005.QNonfinancial business; municipal securities; asset
- FA153062005.QHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; municipal securities; asset
+ FA383062005.QDomestic nonfinancial sectors; municipal securities; asset
- FA103093005.QNonfinancial corporate business; unidentified miscellaneous assets
+ FA104001005.QNonfinancial corporate business; liquid assets (broad measure)
+ FA104022005.QNonfinancial corporate business; debt securities; asset
+ FA104090005.QNonfinancial corporate business; total financial assets