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Federal government; nonresidential research and development, current cost basis

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Data Source

Year-end level from BEA, Fixed Asset Table 7.1B Current-Cost Net Stock of Government Fixed Assets; sum of line 37 and line 54, Federal, Research and development. Other quarter's levels are derived from year-end level, plus the quarterly unadjusted transactions calculated as gross investment ( FOF series FU315013043) less depreciation ( FOF series FU316330043), plus an estimate of capital gains based on NIPA, Table 3.9.4 Price Indexes for Government Consumption Expenditures and Gross Investment, line 16, Federal, Research and development.

Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA315013043.AFederal government; gross fixed investment, nonresidential research and development
- FA316330043.AFederal government; consumption of fixed capital, nonresidential research and development, current cost basis

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA315013765.AFederal government; nonresidential intellectual property products, current cost basis