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Federal government; gross fixed investment (NIPA basis)

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Data Source

Seasonally adjusted transactions from BEA NIPA, Table 1.5.5. Calculated as line 53, National defense, Gross investment; plus line 56, Nondefense, Gross investment. Unadjusted transactions from BEA, NIPA, Table 8.3 Federal Government Current Receipts and Expenditures, Not Seasonally Adjusted, line 25, Gross government investment. Seasonal factors are calculated as the seasonally adjusted transactions at an annual rate, divided by four, less the unadjusted quarterly transactions. Series has no levels.

Shown on: F.2 Line 29, F.4 Line 30, F.106 Line 22, F.4.g Line 13, S.2.Q Line 26, S.7.Q Line 24
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU315019001.QFederal government; gross fixed investment (NIPA basis)
+ FS315019001.QFederal government; gross fixed investment (NIPA basis)

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA316902005.QFederal government; gross domestic product (GDP)
+ FA315015005.QFederal government; nonfinancial assets (does not include land)
+ FA885019005.QAll domestic sectors; gross fixed investment
+ FA365019005.QGeneral government; gross fixed investment
+ FA315050005.QFederal government; total capital expenditures
+ FA315012065.QFederal government; gross fixed investment, residential structures
+ FA315090005.QFederal government; gross investment
+ FA315050905.QFederal government; capital formation, net (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)