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Property-casualty insurance companies; real estate owned

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From financial statements compiled by and purchased from S&P Global. Level from Assets page, sum of line 4.1, Properties occupied by the company (less encumbrances), line 4.2, Properties held for the production of income (less encumbrances), and line 4.3, Properties held for sale (less encumbrances). Unadjusted transactions from Cash Flow page, line 13.4, Cost of investments acquired, Real estate, less line 12.4, Proceeds from investment sold, matured or repaid, Real estate. Revaluations are calculated as the change in the level less the unadjusted transactions. Data for the most recent 10 years of the series show no significant seasonality.

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Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU515035023.AProperty-casualty insurance companies; real estate owned
+ FS515035023.AProperty-casualty insurance companies; real estate owned

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA515013105.AProperty-casualty insurance companies; fixed assets, book value