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Private pension funds; nonresidential structures, current cost basis

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Year-end level computed as BEA, Fixed Asset Table 3.1S Current-Cost Net Stock of Private Structures by Industry, line 54, Finance and insurance, Funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles; multiplied by the ratio of private pension funds nonresidential structures at historical cost ( FOF series FL575035045) to nonresidential structures of private pension funds and state and local pension funds at historical cost (sum of FOF series FL575035045 and FL225035043). Other quarter's levels are derived from year-end level, plus the quarterly unadjusted transactions calculated as gross investment ( FOF series FU575013063) less depreciation ( FOF series FU576330063), plus an estimate of capital gains based on NIPA, Table 1.1.4 Price Indexes for Gross Domestic Product, line 10, Nonresidential, Structures.

Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA575013063.QPrivate pension funds; gross fixed investment, nonresidential structures
- FA576330063.QPrivate pension funds; consumption of fixed capital, nonresidential structures, current cost basis

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA575013865.QPrivate pension funds; nonresidential structures, equipment, and intellectual property products, current cost basis
+ FA574190005.QPrivate pension funds; total liabilities
+ FA595013665.QPension funds; nonresidential structures, current cost basis
- FA573073005.QPrivate defined benefit pension funds; claims of pension fund on sponsor; asset
+ FA575035045.QPrivate defined benefit pension funds; real estate