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Security brokers and dealers; nonresidential research and development, current cost basis

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Data Source

Year-end level from unpublished BEA data on securities, commodity contracts, and investments current cost stock of research and development ( a portion of Fixed Asset Table 3.1I Current-Cost Net Stock of Private Intellectual Property Products by Industry, line 52, Finance and insurance, Securities, commodity contracts, and investments. Other quarter's levels are derived from year-end level, plus the quarterly unadjusted transactions calculated as gross investment ( FOF series FU665013043) less depreciation ( FOF series FU666330043), plus an estimate of capital gains based on NIPA, Table 1.1.4 Price Indexes for Gross Domestic Product, line 12, Nonresidential, Intellectual property products.

Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA665013043.ASecurity brokers and dealers; gross fixed investment, nonresidential research and development
- FA666330043.ASecurity brokers and dealers; consumption of fixed capital, nonresidential research and development, current cost basis

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA665013765.ASecurity brokers and dealers; nonresidential intellectual property products, current cost basis