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Series analyzer for FL103178000.Q

Nonfinancial corporate business; taxes payable; liability

Data Source

Level is calculated from the QFR, Table 1.1 - Balance Sheet for Corporations in the NAICS Manufacturing Sector, All Total Assets Sizes, line Income taxes accrued, prior and current years, net of payment; multiplied by 1.5 to reflect all nonfinancial corporations, not just those in the manufacturing sector. Unadjusted flow is the change in the level; seasonally adjusted flow is obtained using X-12-ARIMA procedure.

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Shown on: L.103 Line 33, L.228 Line 2, B.103 Line 35, S.5.Q Line 140
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL103178000.QNonfinancial corporate business; taxes payable; liability
+ FU103178000.QNonfinancial corporate business; taxes payable; liability
+ FR103178000.QNonfinancial corporate business; taxes payable; liability
+ FV103178000.QNonfinancial corporate business; taxes payable; liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL104150005.QNonfinancial corporate business; total short-term liabilities
+ FL143178005.QNonfinancial business; taxes payable; liability
- FL103193005.QNonfinancial corporate business; unidentified miscellaneous liabilities
+ FL104190005.QNonfinancial corporate business; total liabilities
+ FL103199015.QNonfinancial corporate business; other liabilities (FSIs)
+ FL893178005.QAll sectors; taxes payable; liability
+ FL103196005.QNonfinancial corporate business; other accounts payable; liability
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