Series analyzer for FL123165005.Q

Equity real estate investment trusts; total mortgages; liability

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= + FL123165403 + FL123165503

Shown on: L.108 Line 43, L.129 Line 20, L.129.e Line 13, L.217 Line 12, S.65.a Line 134, Levels_matrix Line 22:12, 720_matrix Line 43:9, 7II_matrix Line 24:1, 7II_matrix Line 24:3, 7II_matrix Line 24:5, 7II_matrix Line 24:6
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL123165403.QEquity real estate investment trusts; multifamily residential mortgages; liability
+ FL123165503.QEquity real estate investment trusts; commercial mortgages; liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL124123005.QEquity real estate investment trusts; loans; liability
+ FL814142005.QOther financial corporations; long-term loans; liability
+ FL644135005.QReal estate investment trusts; total loans including security repurchase agreements; liability
+ FL794142005.QDomestic financial sectors; long-term loans; liability
+ FL644104005.QReal estate investment trusts; debt securities and loans; liability
+ FL883165005.QAll domestic sectors; total mortgages; liability