Series analyzer for FL264090005.A

Rest of the world; total financial assets

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= + FL264004005 + FL263064105 + FL263064203 + FL263020005 + FL263030005 + FL263092101 + FL263092303 + FL263034003 + FL263070005 + FL264016005 + FL262051005 + FL313111303 + FL263052005

Shown on: B.1 Line 28, L.133 Line 1, Levels_matrix Line 1:13, 720_matrix Line 1:21, S.9.Q Line 105
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL264004005.ARest of the world; debt securities and loans; asset
+ FL263064105.ARest of the world; U.S. corporate equities; asset
+ FL263064203.ARest of the world; U.S. mutual fund shares; asset
+ FL263020005.ARest of the world; U.S. checkable deposits and currency; asset
+ FL263030005.ARest of the world; U.S. total time and savings deposits; asset
+ FL263092101.ARest of the world; foreign direct investment in U.S.: equity; asset (market value)
+ FL263092303.ARest of the world; foreign direct investment in U.S.: intercompany debt; asset
+ FL263034003.ARest of the world; U.S. money market fund shares; asset
+ FL263070005.ARest of the world; trade receivables; asset
+ FL264016005.ARest of the world; net interbank transactions with banks in foreign countries; asset
+ FL262051005.ARest of the world; security repurchase agreements; asset
+ FL313111303.AFederal government; special drawing rights (SDRs) allocations; liability
+ FL263052005.ARest of the world; insurance, pension and standardized guarantee schemes; asset (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
- FL882090265.AAll domestic sectors; U.S. financial claims on the rest of the world; asset
+ FL262090095.ARest of the world; net worth (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)
+ FL894090005.AAll sectors; total financial assets
+ FL264090095.ARest of the world; total financial assets, including financial derivatives
+ FL265000005.ARest of the world; net lending (+) or borrowing (-) (financial account)
+ FL264090035.ARest of the world; total financial assets excluding U.S. corporate equities and mutual fund shares