Series analyzer for FL344090005.Q

Federal government retirement funds; total financial assets

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= + FL344022005 + FL343064105 + FL343020033 + FL343073045 + FL313169003

Shown on: L.119 Line 1, L.119 Line 11, L.229 Line 4
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL344022005.QFederal government retirement funds; debt securities; asset
+ FL343064105.QFederal government retirement funds; corporate equities; asset
+ FL343020033.QFederal government retirement funds; checkable deposits and currency held by National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust; asset
+ FL343073045.QFederal government defined benefit retirement funds; claims of pension funds on sponsor; asset
+ FL313169003.QFederal government; other loans and advances due to federal government defined contribution retirement funds; liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL594190005.QPension funds; total liabilities
+ FL894090005.QAll sectors; total financial assets
+ FL594090005.QPension funds; total financial assets
+ FL584190005.QInsurance companies and pension funds; total liabilities
+ FL344090035.QFederal government retirement funds; total financial assets excluding nonmarketable Treasury securities
+ FL363150005.QGeneral government; pension entitlements; liability