Series analyzer for FL564090005.A

Exchange-traded funds; total financial assets

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= + FL563061103 + FL563064100 + FL563063003 + FL563062003 + FL563093003

Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL563061103.AExchange-traded funds; Treasury securities; asset
+ FL563064100.AExchange-traded funds; corporate equities; asset
+ FL563063003.AExchange-traded funds; corporate and foreign bonds; asset
+ FL563062003.AExchange-traded funds; municipal securities; asset
+ FL563093003.AExchange-traded funds; unidentified miscellaneous assets (commodity funds)

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL534090005.AClosed-end and exchange-traded funds; total financial assets
+ FL894090005.AAll sectors; total financial assets
+ FL484090005.AMutual funds and exchange-traded funds; total financial assets
+ FL873081015.AOther financial corporations, money market funds, insurance companies, and pension funds; assets managed but not owned by other financial corporations (FSIs); asset
+ FL693164105.ANon-MMF investment funds; corporate equities; liability
+ LM564090005.AExchange-traded funds; total financial assets