Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Financial Accounts Guide

Series analyzer for FL703135005.Q

Private depository institutions; large time deposits; liability


= + FL763135005 + FL473135003 + FL753135005 + FL743135005

Shown on: L.110 Line 25, L.205 Line 7
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL763135005.QU.S.-chartered depository institutions, including IBFs; large time deposits; liability
+ FL473135003.QCredit unions; large time deposits; liability
+ FL753135005.QForeign banking offices in the U.S., including IBFs; large time deposits, excluding nontransaction deposits due to depository institutions in the U.S.; liability
+ FL743135005.QBanks in U.S.-affiliated areas; large time deposits; liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL703130205.QPrivate depository institutions; other deposits including time and savings deposits; liabilty (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)
Last update: March 10, 2016