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Rest of the world; U.S. exports

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Data Source

Seasonally adjusted transactions from BEA NIPA, Table 1.5.5 Gross Domestic Product, Expanded Detail, line 46, Exports. Beginning 2002:Q1, unadjusted transactions from BEA NIPA Table 8.1.5 Gross Domestic Product, Not Seasonally Adjusted, line 16, Exports. Seasonal factors are calculated as the seasonally adjusted transactions at an annual rate, divided by four, less the unadjusted quarterly transactions. Prior to 2002:Q1, unadjusted transactions are calculated as transactions at a seasonally adjusted annual rate divided by 4. Series has no levels.

Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA266903011.QRest of the world; U.S. exports
- FS266903011.QRest of the world; U.S. exports

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU266903005.QRest of the world; net U.S. exports
+ FU266900005.QRest of the world; foreign outlays to U.S.