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Money market funds; municipal securities; asset

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Data Source

From 2010Q4, level from SEC Form N-MFP Item C.18 for Variable Rate Demand Note plus Other Municipal Security plus Tender Option Bond. Prior to 2010Q4, level from ICI by subscription, Trends in Mutual Fund Activity, table 2C, Monthly Statistics of Mutual Funds, Money Market Funds, column Tax-exempt money market funds, Total net assets, plus from table 8 Month-End Portfolio Holdings of Taxable Money Market Funds, a percentage of Other assets based on unpublished data from ICI Annual tax-exempt money market funds total assets is available in the Investment Company Factbook, table Total Net Assets, Net New Cash Flow, and Number of Shareholder Accounts of Money Market Funds by Type of Fund. Series includes variable annuity money market funds and excludes funds of funds. Unadjusted transactions are the change in the level; seasonally adjusted transactions are obtained using X-13-ARIMA procedure.

Last edited on: 03/07/2022
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA633062000.AMoney market funds; municipal securities; asset
- FS633062000.AMoney market funds; municipal securities; asset

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU634022005.AMoney market funds; debt securities; asset
+ FU783062005.APrivate depository institutions and money market funds; municipal securities; asset
+ FU793062005.ADomestic financial sectors; municipal securities; asset
+ FU634022605.AMoney market funds; long-term debt securities; asset
+ FU853062005.AOther financial corporations and money market funds; municipal securities; asset
+ FU634022615.AMoney market funds; long-term debt securities issued by residents; asset (FWTW)
- FU153062005.AHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; municipal securities; asset