Series analyzer for FU763193005.A

U.S.-chartered depository institutions, including IBFs; unidentified miscellaneous liabilities

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= + FU764090760 - FU765080003 - FU763126000 - FU763130100 - FU762150003 - FU763169175 - FU763163005 - FU763129993 - FU763123030 - FU763169330 - FU763169383 - FU763178003 - FU763192613 + FU273193003 - FU764035763 - FU713068715 - FU313023030

Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU764090760.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; total assets (Call Report)
- FU765080003.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; equity capital
- FU763126000.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; total transaction accounts; liability
- FU763130100.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; total nontransaction deposits; liability
- FU762150003.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; federal funds and security repurchase agreements; liability
- FU763169175.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; open market paper; liability
- FU763163005.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; corporate and foreign bonds; liability
- FU763129993.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; special cash items bias correction for deposits; liability
- FU763123030.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; demand notes issued to Treasury; liability
- FU763169330.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; FHLB advances; liability
- FU763169383.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; Sallie Mae warehousing advances; liability
- FU763178003.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; total taxes payable (net); liability
- FU763192613.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; net due to own foreign offices, edge and agreement subsidiaries, and IBFs; liability (Call Report)
+ FU273193003.AInternational banking facilities of U.S.-chartered depository institutions; unidentified miscellaneous liabilities
- FU764035763.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; loans to depository institutions; asset (Call Report)
- FU713068715.AMonetary authority; loans to U.S.-chartered depository institutions, including AMLF, MMLF, and PPPLF; asset
- FU313023030.AFederal government; tax and loan amounts; asset

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU903090005.AInstrument discrepancies; total miscellaneous assets
+ FU703193005.APrivate depository institutions; unidentified miscellaneous liabilities
+ FU893193005.AAll sectors; unidentified miscellaneous liabilities
+ FU763190005.AU.S.-chartered depository institutions; total miscellaneous liabilities