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Domestic financial sectors; nonresidential equipment, current cost basis

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Data Source

Level calculated as the sum of financial business sector nonresidential equipment (sum of FOF series FL765013265, FL755013265, FL735013265, FL745013265, FL475013265, FL545013265, FL575013265, FL515013265, FL615013263, FL125013265, FL665013265, FL225013265, FL405013265, and FL715013265). Transacations are calculated as gross fixed investment ( FOF series FA795013025) less consumption of fixed capital ( FOF series FA796330025). Other volume changes are from unpublished BEA data on financial business disaster losses on nonresidential equipment (a portion of NIPA, Table 5.1 Saving and Investment by Sector, line 60, Disaster losses, Domestic business), with opposite sign. Capital gains are equal to the change in the level, less the quarterly transactions, less other volume changes.

Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU795013025.QDomestic financial sectors; gross fixed investment, nonresidential equipment
- FU796330025.QDomestic financial sectors; consumption of fixed capital, nonresidential equipment, current cost basis

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU795013865.QDomestic financial sectors; nonfinancial assets (does not include land)
+ FU885013265.QAll domestic sectors; nonresidential equipment, current cost basis
+ FU815013265.QOther financial corporations; nonresidential equipment, current cost basis