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Nonfinancial corporate business; corporate equities; liability

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Data Source

Unadjusted transactions estimated by FR Board (Capital Markets and Flow of Funds Sections), using data from the following commercial sources: cash mergers and acquisitions data from Thomson Financial Services SDC database; public issuance and share repurchase data from Standard and Poors Compustat database; and private equity issuance data from Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Money tree report. Beginning 2018Q4, private equity estimated from past source data as average for 2017Q1-2018Q3. Level at market value is obtained separately as the sum of the market value of publicly-held equity of U.S. domestic nonfinancial corporations ( FOF series FL103164113) and the market value of closely-held equity ( FOF series FL103164123). Data for the most recent ten years show no significant seasonality.

Last edited on: 05/26/2021
Shown on: L.100 Line 47, L.102 Line 33, L.103 Line 41, L.223 Line 3, B.103 Line 40, S.5.Q Line 149
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FOF CodeDescription
+ FL103164103.QNonfinancial corporate business; corporate equities; liability