Description of table LEVELS_MATRIX - Flow of Funds Matrix--Assets and Liabilities

All other tables in the flow of funds accounts use a time-series format for presenting data. This matrix table shows an alternative format, consisting of sector columns and instrument rows with data for one time period. The data shown here also appear in the sector and instrument tables. For each sector, the matrix contains one column for uses of funds and one column for sources of funds, and the two columns must separately sum to the same total. For each row, the total of sources must equal the total of uses. The sector and instrument discrepancies are considered uses of funds.

The columns presented on this table include sectors for households and nonprofit organizations, total nonfinancial business, state and local governments, federal government, a total for the domestic nonfinancial sectors, a combined financial sector, the rest of the world sector, and a total for all sectors (both domestic and foreign). The rows presented on this table include detail on gross saving, capital expenditures, net lending (+) or net borrowing (-), total financial assets, total liabilities, and sector discrepancies.

Presenting the accounts in matrix form highlights the fact that for financial transactions, one sector's sources of funds are other sectors' uses, and vice versa. The total amounts shown in all the source or use columns must equal the total amounts shown in all of the rows.

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