Data Dictionary

Item Number B538

Call confidentiality applies to FFIEC 031/041.

Series Start Date End Date Confidential? Reporting Forms
BAGRB538 2001-03-31 9999-12-31 No
BHCKB538 2001-03-31 9999-12-31 No FR Y-9C
CSATB538 2017-12-31 9999-12-31 Yes FFIEC 016
CSPTB538 2017-12-31 9999-12-31 Yes FFIEC 016
RCFDB538 2001-03-31 9999-12-31 No FFIEC 031
RCFNB538 2001-03-31 9999-12-31 No FFIEC 031
RCONB538 2001-03-31 9999-12-31 No Multiple Forms
UBPRB538 2001-03-31 9999-12-31 No

Data Description:

Report (on the FFIEC 031, in columns A and B, on the FFIEC 041, in column B; as appropriate) all extensions of credit to individuals for household, family, and other personal expenditures arising from credit cards. Report the total amount outstanding of all funds advanced under these credit cards regardless of whether there is a period before interest charges are made. Report only amounts carried on the books of the reporting bank as loans that are outstanding on the report date, even if the plan is shared with other banks or organizations and even if accounting and billing are done by a correspondent bank or the accounting center of a plan administered by others. If the reporting bank has securitized credit cards and has retained a seller's interest that is not in the form of a security, the carrying value of the seller's interest should be reported as credit card loans in this item. For purposes of these reports, the term "seller's interest" means the reporting bank's ownership interest in loans that have been securitized, except an interest that is a form of recourse or other seller-provided credit enhancement. Seller's interests differ from the securities issued to investors by the securitization structure. The principal amount of a seller's interest is generally equal to the total principal amount of the pool of assets included in the securitization structure less the principal amount of those assets attributable to investors, i.e., in the form of securities issued to investors. Do not net credit balances resulting from overpayments of account balances on credit card accounts against the debit balances of other credit card accounts. Report credit balances (in domestic offices) in Schedule RC-E, (part I,) item 1, column A, and item 7, column B. On the FFIEC 031, report credit balances in foreign offices in Schedule RC-E, part II, item 1. Exclude from credit cards: (1) Credit extended under credit card plans to business enterprises (report in Schedule RC-C, part I, item 4, "Commercial and industrial loans"). (2) All credit extended to individuals through credit cards secured by real estate (report in Schedule RC-C, part I, item 1). (3) All credit extended to individuals for household, family, and other personal expenditures under prearranged overdraft plans (report in Schedule RC-C, part I, item 6.b). If the bank acts only as agent or correspondent for other banks or nonbank corporations and carries no credit card plan assets on its books, enter a "zero" or the word "none." Banks that do not participate in any credit card plan should also enter a zero or the word "none." NOTE: Reported as a derived item on Schedule RC-C Loan and Leases for the FFIEC 031 report. Includes the sum of items RCFDB538 minus RCONB538. Reported on Schedule HC-C for the FR Y-9C (BHCK) report.     For the UBPR series, the FDIC's Data Element name is H-LINDCRCD This variable is used by the FDIC and OCC in the process to generate the UBPR in the Central Data Repository (CDR). The Board does NOT store this MDRM within the UBPR series tables in the Board's Financial Data Repository (FDR). BAGR Original Variable name: CRECARD Formula: CRECARD=IF DT ge 20010331 THEN CRECARD=RCFDB538/1000;

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Last update: Apr 13, 2021