FR 2056

Application for Adjustment in the Holding of Federal Reserve Bank Stock

Description: The FR 2056 is an application for adjustment of holdings of Federal Reserve Bank stock and must be filed each time an adjustment is made. The application requires information on the capital and surplus of the bank and the amount by which Federal Reserve Bank stock should be increased or decreased.

OMB: 7100-0042

Purpose: The application is required by the Federal Reserve Act and Regulation I and is submitted to Federal Reserve Banks by members banks (excluding mutual savings banks) to request adjustment in holdings of Federal Reserve Bank stock. The application is necessary in order to obtain account data on the bank's capital and surplus and to properly document requests for adjustments in holdings of Federal Reserve Bank stock.

Background: Any member bank wanting to increase or decrease its holdings of Federal Reserve Bank stock must file the appropriate application with its Federal Reserve Bank.

Respondent Panel: Existing member banks of the Federal Reserve System.

Frequency: Event generated.

Public Release: The information is not published but is not considered confidential.

Last Update: January 15, 2020