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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Public Meeting Transcripts

Public Meeting Regarding NationsBank and BankAmerica

Friday, July 10, 1998

Transcript of Panel Thirty


       1              MR. SMITH:  We have Tunua Thrash speaking on
       2   behalf of Senator Barbara Boxer.
       3              MS. THRASH:  I am Tunua Thrash.  I have
       4   submitted the written statements of Senator Barbara
       5   Boxer.  I have a few remarks regarding her statement.
       6              The comments of Barbara Boxer echo and
       7   underscore those of the protesters of yesterday in
       8   opposing the merger.  Senator Boxer is concerned that
       9   NationsBank will not have been the BofA that we have
      10   known as the corporate citizen of San Francisco and
      11   believes the pledge that NationsBank has put forward is
      12   hollow in so much that it makes no specific commitment.  
      13              Senator Boxer is not yet convinced that
      14   Californians will be well served, especially those
      15   vulnerable communities by the combination of these two
      16   banks.  Senator Boxer would like to remind NationsBank
      17   that California is no North Carolina and NationsBank must
      18   be prepared to compete in California among its diverse
      19   and emerging markets.  Thank you.  
      20              MS. SMITH:  Thank you very much.  We already
      21   have the statement for the record, right?  
      22              MS. THRASH:  Yes.  

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