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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Supervision and Regulation Letters

SR 12-6

Inactive Supervisory Guidance

April 12, 2012
Revised July 26, 2012

Seal of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
WASHINGTON, D. C.  20551
SR 12-6
April 12, 2012
Revised July 26, 2012
Attachment Reposted July 26, 2012

The attachment to this letter has been revised to provide additional information explaining why each letter has been made inactive.
SUBJECT:   Inactive Supervisory Guidance
Applicability to Community Banking Organizations: This letter applies to all state member banks, bank holding companies, savings and loan holding companies, and U.S. offices of foreign banking organizations, including those with $10 billion or less in consolidated assets.

Federal Reserve Board staff have identified certain previously issued guidance that should now be inactive.  Forty-three SR letters have been determined to be inactive and no longer applicable to the Federal Reserve’s supervision program.  In many cases, the information transmitted in these issuances has become outdated or has been superseded by subsequent regulations, policies, and guidance.  The attachment lists the letters deemed inactive.

Questions or comments about the inactive status of any of these letters or concerns that they may contain supervisory guidance of continuing relevance should be addressed to Virginia Gibbs, Manager, Policy Implementation and Effectiveness, at (202) 452-2521, or David Snyder, Supervisory Financial Analyst, at (202) 728-5893, in the Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation.  In addition, questions may be sent via the Board’s public website.1 

signed by
Maryann F. Hunter
Deputy Director
Division of Banking
Supervision and Regulation

Inactive SR Letters
Inactive SR Letters
Revised on July 26, 2012 to include “Reason” column.
Letter No. Date Subject/Title Reason
SR 10-7 3/25/2010 Comments to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Regarding Proposals to Strengthen the Resiliency of the Banking Sector Expired, request for comments.
SR 09-6 7/8/2009 California Registered Warrants Expired, underlying instruments retired.
SR 09-3 1/27/2009 Debt Guaranteed under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's (FDIC) Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program Expired, Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program funding closed.
SR 08-10 10/29/2008 Regulatory Capital Impact of Losses on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Preferred Stock Expired, event notice.
SR 07-14 8/16/2007 FFIEC Press Release on the U.S. Treasury Department Sponsored Exercise to Test Readiness to Deal with Pandemic Crisis Expired, event notice.
SR 07-13 8/9/2007 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Request for Comments on the Use of Social Security Numbers (SSNs) Within the Private Sector Expired, request for comments.
SR 07-3 2/5/2007 Reminder of Supervisory Guidance for Financial Institutions Affected by Hurricane Katrina Expired, disaster event guidance.
SR 06-3 2/3/2006 Interagency Supervisory Guidance for Institutions Affected by Hurricane Katrina Expired, disaster event guidance.
SR 05-24 12/2/2005 Questions and Answers for Financial Institutions in Response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Expired, disaster event guidance.
SR 05-18 10/11/2005 Waiver of the Appraisal Regulation for Regulated Institutions Affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Expired, disaster event guidance.
SR 05-17 9/22/2005 Katrina Related Marketing Practices Invoking the Name of the Federal Reserve Expired, disaster event guidance.
SR 05-15 9/9/2005 FAQs for Financial Institutions on the Bank Secrecy Act and Hurricane Katrina Victims Expired, disaster event guidance.
SR 05-1 1/27/2005 Qualification Process for Basel II Implementation Outdated, informational notice.
SR 04-5 3/1/2004 Interagency Update on Accounting for Loan and Lease Losses Outdated, informational notice.
SR 03-13 7/2/2003 Instructions for Reporting Trust Preferred Securities on Schedule HC-R of the FR Y-9C Superseded by report form instructions.
SR 03-8 5/5/2003 Statement on Application of Recent Corporate Governance Initiatives to Non-Public Banking Organizations Outdated, informational notice.
SR 02-22 12/4/2002 Interagency Advisory on Accounting for Accrued Interest Receivable Related to Credit Card Securitizations Outdated, newer generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
SR 01-26 11/1/2001 SEC Action Against Robert L. Bentley, Bentley Financial Services, and Entrust Group Expired, event notice or warning.
SR 01-16 5/31/2001 Rescission of Fedwire Third-Party Access Policy Expired, event notice.
SR 00-4 (SUP) 2/29/2000 Outsourcing of Information and Transaction Processing Superseded, largely by SR 00-17
SR 99-23 (SUP) 9/28/1999 Recent Trends in Bank Lending Standards for Commercial Loans Outdated, informational notice.
SR 99-1 (SUP) 1/28/1999 Interim Regulatory Reporting and Capital Guidance on FAS 133, "Accounting for Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities" Superseded by report form instructions.
SR 98-7 (GEN) 4/14/1998 Interagency Advisory Concerning a "Safe Harbor" and the Filing of Suspicious Activity Reports Superseded by SR 04-8.
SR 97-32 (SUP) 12/4/1997 Sound Practices Guidance for Information Security for Networks Superseded by FFIEC IT exam handbooks.
SR 97-20 7/10/1997 Superseded SR Letters Expired notice.
SR 97-19 (SUP) 6/30/1997 Private Banking Activities Superseded by FFIEC BSA/AML Examination Manual.
SR 96-22 (SPE) 10/4/1996 Interagency Supervisory Statement on Risk Management of Client/Server Systems Superseded by FFIEC IT exam handbooks.
SR 95-10 (SUP) 3/3/1995 Payable Through Accounts Superseded by FFIEC BSA/AML Examination Manual.
SR 95-3 (SUP) 1/14/1995 Clarification of the Supervisory Policy Statement on Securities Activities Superseded. Interpretation of SR 92-1, which is inactive.
SR 94-52 (FIS) 10/21/1994 Repeal of Call Report Publication Requirements Under Federal Law Expired notice of repeal of regulation or requirement.
SR 93-64 12/18/1993 Credit Card-Related Merchant Activities Outdated, informational notice.
SR 93-61 (FIS) 10/25/1993 Interagency Advisory Concerning "Prime Bank" Financial Instruments Expired notice or warning of an event.
SR 93-56 (FIS) 9/22/1993 Bank Secrecy Act - Department of the Treasury Rulings and Directives Outdated. Superseded by FinCEN's web site.
SR 93-29 (FIS) 5/26/1993 Potential Misuse of a Department of the Treasury Form Outdated, informational notice.
SR 93-3 (IB) 1/21/1993 Call Report Treatment for Brazil's recently-issued IDU Bonds Expired, underlying instruments retired.
SR 91-18 (FIS) 9/23/1991 Classification Guidelines For An Asset When A Substantial Portion Has Been Charged Off Superseded by SR 09-7.
SR 91-16 (FIS) 7/16/1991 Supplementary Examination Guidelines on Real Estate Loans and Certain Reporting Issues Pertaining to Nonaccrual Loans Superseded by SR 09-7.
SR 91-2 (FIS) 1/31/1991 Collateralized Mortgage Obligations/Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits Outdated, inconsistent with current practices.
SR 90-32 9/21/1990 Sharing of Inspection Reports and Other Supervisory Information with the Office of Thrift Supervision Office of Thrift Supervision abolished by the Dodd-Frank Act.
SR 89-7 (STR) 4/21/1989 Delegation of Notices Filed Pursuant to the Management Interlocks Revision Act of 1988 ("MIRA") Outdated. See the Board's "Rules Regarding Delegation of Authority," specifically, 12 CFR 265.11(g)(2). See also Regulation L (12 CFR 212), which implements MIRA.
SR 88-24 8/4/1988 Recording Interest Payments and Certain Foreign Debt Outdated, more comprehensive GAAP.
SR 81-729 12/23/1981 Initiating examinations of the uninsured, state-chartered, non-member trust subsidiaries of bank holding companies. Superseded by later guidance (SR-01-5).  Relevant content has been incorporated in Section 3120.0 of the Bank Holding Company Supervision Manual
SR 78-498
(SR 498)
10/19/1978 Policy Statement on Intercorporate Tax Policies Superseded by SR 98-38
Last update: September 5, 2014