Economics Outreach

The Board of Governors is committed to providing learning experiences and working opportunities for students of all backgrounds. As such, we have dedicated outreach efforts to help educate, mentor, and train a diverse range of students, including those underrepresented in economics, to pursue the field and economics profession. All are welcome to learn more and apply to our opportunities.

Opportunities within Economics

  • We offer two main pathways for students to gain valuable experience in the economics field alongside our PhD researchers, as economics interns and research assistants. They work with economists primarily in the Federal Reserve Board’s four economics divisions—Financial Stability, International Finance, Monetary Affairs, and Research & Statistics.

Diversity & Inclusion in the Economics Divisions

Together, we seek to attract and develop a highly qualified and diverse workforce and to create a workplace environment that is actively inclusive, allowing individuals to thrive and maximizing the group’s ability to advance the mission of the Federal Reserve.

Economics Internships


What: Paid interns work closely on a project with a Board economist and present their findings. Examples of past work include textual analysis using random forest models, monitoring the transmission of monetary policy through the credit surface, sentiment analysis, and more! Positions start late May to early June and last 10 to 12 weeks.


Who: Undergraduate and graduate students majoring in economics, mathematics, statistics, finance, computer science, or related fields with relevant economics coursework. We accept students currently enrolled at a college or university with at least one semester remaining after completing the internship.


When: Applications are posted each September; positions begin the following summer. For more information and how to apply, please visit our careers page and

For more information and how to apply

Research Assistants


What: Research assistants (also referred to as RAs) work full-time, side by side with economists, on scholarly research projects and policy used to inform economic debate. This position requires a two-year commitment.


Who: College graduates with a background in economics, mathematics, statistics, finance, computer science, or related fields with relevant economics coursework.


When: Applications completed during the fall and spring recruitment cycle, with most positions beginning in the summer following graduation.

For more information and how to apply for Research Assistant position please visit our careers page, and for information on opportunities across all 12 districts throughout the United States and the Board please visit Please contact us for more information at [email protected]

College & University Students

  • First- and second-year students considering a major in economics or a STEM field may find our “Coffee with an Economist” program an insightful opportunity to learn more about the field and gain mentorship. Interested students should email [email protected]
  • Students can also attend our biannual event, “Exploring Careers in Economics,” to hear from Board employees from economists to research assistants about interesting work initiatives and efforts going on at the Federal Reserve, diversity and inclusion, general opportunities at the Fed, and career paths within the Federal Reserve System.
  • Third- and fourth-year students majoring in economics, finance, statistics, or a related field should consider signing up for one of our many information sessions discussing internships, research assistant opportunities, and more. Interested students can fill out this survey to sign-up for future programs.
  • The Board also hosts a college course called Econ 181. The primary goal of this course is to help students in the DC area build their financial literacy and data analysis skills. Students attend classes every Friday and are taught by Board economists and research assistants. To learn if this course is offered at your university, please email [email protected].

Additional Ways to Connect with Us!

  • Educators and student organizations at high schools, colleges, and universities are welcome to reach out to learn how the Board can host an event at your institution or group. We offer EconConnections, presentations hosted by Board economists on econ-related topics, and Econ Outreach sessions that focus on our intern and research assistant recruitment, as well as our application and interview processes. Please email [email protected] for more information.
  • High school educators interested in our FedEd and AP Economics classes taught by current research assistants can reach out to us to learn more.
Last Update: November 18, 2022
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