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Economic Research Division Internships

Project Internships

The economics divisions offer paid project internships for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in economics, finance, statistics, or mathematics. Most interns have completed at least three years of undergraduate education.

Applications are accepted throughout the year although most internships are available in the summer.

While at the Board, interns are assigned to particular projects lasting 10 to 12 weeks.

Internship selections are based solely on academic records, professor references, and phone interviews.

Applicants for project internship positions must be U.S. citizens.

To Apply

The application deadline for summer internships is March 15 and the following application materials must be sent by e-mail to

All of the requested application materials, including recommendation letters, must be received by the March 15 deadline to be considered for a summer internship. No late submissions will be accepted.

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Project Internship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. If I apply to the internship program in the economics divisions, will I be considered for internship positions in other divisions at the Board?

    No. Applications submitted to will be considered for the intern positions in the economics divisions only.

  2. Will my application be considered for internship positions at the Federal Reserve Banks?

    No. The Federal Reserve Board and each Federal Reserve Bank hire employees independently.

  3. I am a sophomore, should I still apply?

    Most of our projects require a level of knowledge normally obtained by a minimum of three years in an undergraduate program; however, students at all levels may apply.

  4. Will someone notify me when my internship package is received?

    Applicants who submit complete packets for internships will receive an e-mail confirmation.

  5. Do both of my letters of recommendation have to be written by professors?

    Yes. Professors should send letters of recommendation directly to the Board via e-mail to

  6. If I am selected as an intern, when would I start? How long does the program last?

    Internships typically begin as early as May and continue through the summer months. Start dates are agreed upon by the hiring supervisor and the selected candidate. Internships end within 90 days of the intern's arrival.

  7. Does the Board provide housing for out-of-state interns?

    No. The Board does not provide housing for the internship program. Selected interns may find housing opportunities in the local newspapers, websites (for example,, or nearby universities.

  8. What type of projects are interns assigned?

    Due to the various areas of concentration in the economics divisions, internship projects range from collecting data to applying theory. Interns work under the direct supervision of an economist and generally with the assistance of a research assistant. Before the telephone interview, candidates are provided with information about the project for which they are being considered.