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Law Enforcement Professional

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The Board recruits highly qualified professionals to be a part of the law enforcement unit. The unit’s mission is to professionally protect and provide a safe and secure environment for Board staff and others on Board designated property, exercising teamwork and extending excellent customer service.


All applicants must pass a comprehensive physical examination and background check. Incumbents must meet required medical standards, both physical and mental, and maintain the necessary physical condition to respond quickly to and effectively handle any incidents. Positions require a familiarity with basic emergency procedures. Law enforcement professionals may be required to work weekends and holidays and occasionally may be required to work overtime. Applicants must have a high-school diploma, GED, or equivalent experience and demonstrate sound written and verbal communication skills.

Based on your skills and work experience, you may apply for the following career opportunities. (Please review vacancy announcements for a comprehensive list of requirements.)

Law Enforcement Positions

Law Enforcement Officer | Master Senior Officer | Sergeant | Lieutenant | Captain | Canine Security Sergeant and Canine Officer

Law Enforcement Officer

To protect and provide a safe and secure environment the Law Enforcement Officer secures various  posts, enforces Board security policy, and screens visitors to the Board.  

Master Senior Officer

In the Sergeant's absence and with delegated authority, the Master Senior Officer serves as the Sergeant's alternate, administering supervisory and administrative duties. The Master Senior Officer also assists the Sergeant by supervising subordinate level law enforcement officers to ensure that the team is operating properly.


The Sergeant supervises law enforcement officers. Assignments include physically protecting the grounds, offices, and environment; supervising officers engaged in access-control processing; and providing security details during Board events.


The Lieutenant is responsible for supervising officers and assists the Captain in coordinating activities between shifts. The Lieutenant serves as the Watch Commander of the shift and is responsible for providing direction to subordinate supervisors.


The Captain is responsible for supervising subordinate-level officers. The Captain provides leadership and direction to Watch Commanders and to subordinate supervisors and oversees the twenty-four-hour security operation.

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Canine Security Sergeant and Canine Officer

The Canine Security Sergeant and Canine Officer screen all Board deliveries, vehicles entering or standing adjacent to Board property, and sites of special events on Board property to detect explosives. They also perform routine patrols of Board grounds. The Canine Sergeant supervises the Canine Officers and serves as a working handler providing explosives detection services. Canine Officers are required to personally care for their animal at their place of residence and are provided with a vehicle for transportation to and from their home.

In addition to the qualifications for the other officer positions, these positions require the following:

Qualifications for Canine Sergeant

- Four years of experience in canine security operations
- One year of supervisory experience

Qualifications for Canine Officer

- Two years of experience in canine security operations
- One to two years of security experience
- Valid state driver's license

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