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Guiding the Nation's Economy

Research Assistants in the Economic Research Divisions

The economic research divisions regularly hire research assistants who have undergraduate degrees, primarily in economics, but also in related fields such as statistics, mathematics, finance, or computer science. We seek applicants who have training in econometrics, mathematical statistics, or both, as well as good computer skills--for example, a facility with statistical packages such as SAS or a programming language such as C. In addition, most positions require training in economics through the intermediate theory level. Extensive coursework in mathematics is also useful, as is study in such areas as money and banking, finance, and international trade theory.

The Focus of Activities

The Board is responsible for conducting the nation’s monetary policy by influencing monetary and credit conditions in the economy and ensuring the safety and soundness of the nation’s banking and financial systems. To support this mission, staff in the economic research divisions (International Finance, Monetary Affairs, Research and Statistics, and the Office of Financial Stability) provide economic forecasting and research on a wide range of domestic and international issues to support the economic policymaking function of the Board of Governors and of the Federal Open Market Committee. Our research assistants work closely with one of the finest economic research staffs in the United States, applying quantitative skills to both real world policy issues and to high-level research projects.

Research assistants enjoy not only a work environment full of intellectual stimulation, but also a built-in network of colleagues with similar experience and career aspirations. The economic research divisions employ approximately 130 research assistants throughout the many sections of the divisions. Each section has a particular focus, yet the economists and research assistants from the various sections and divisions work very closely with each other.