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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Hearings under the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA)

Public Hearing on Home Equity Lending

Thursday, July 27, 2000

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Charlotte Branch,
Charlotte, N.C.

Full Transcript

Morning Session

Philip Lehman, Assistant Attorney General, North Carolina Department of Justice
William Bost, General Counsel, North Carolina Association of Mortgage Professionals
Kate Crawford, Manager, First Financial Services, Inc.
Mallam Maynard, Esq., Morgan & Maynard, PLC
James E. Creekman, Group Vice President, First Citizens Bank
Martin Eakes, President and CEO, Self-Help
William F. Burfeind, Executive Vice President, Consumer Credit Insurance Association
Fe Morales Marks, Vice President, National Housing Impact Division - Fannie Mae
Donald C. Lampe, Esq., Smith, Helms, Mulliss & Moore
Charles Coudriet, Chairman, Saxon Mortgage, Inc.
Paul H. Stock, Executive Vice President and Counsel, North Carolina Bankers Association
Helen B. Eggers, President, EquiCredit/Bank of America
Federal Reserve Panelists
Edward M. Gramlich, Governor
Glenn L. Loney (Moderator)
Adrienne D. Hurt
James A. Michaels
Jack Blanton
Dolores S. Smith

Afternoon Session

Peter Skillern, Executive Director, Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina
Janice Holm Lloyd, Area Specialist, Family Resource Management Center, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
Glyndola Massenburg-Beasley, President and CEO, Consumer Credit Counseling Center
Karen L. Murrell, Senior Director, Targeted Outreach Programs - Fannie Mae
Debby Warren, Executive Director, Southern Rural Development Initiative
Federal Reserve Panelists
Glenn E. Loney (Moderator)
Adrienne D. Hurt
James A. Michaels
Sandra Braunstein
Jack Blanton
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