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G.19 - Consumer Credit - last released Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Upcoming changes to the Consumer Credit (G.19) release

The Federal Reserve Board announced on Friday the following changes to the Consumer Credit (G.19) statistical release. Starting with the April 2020 G.19 Consumer Credit release, scheduled to be published on June 5, 2020, the release will no longer report the levels and flows of on-book loan balances and off-book securitized loan balances as separate line items. Instead, the release will report aggregate balances of total owned and managed receivables—the sum of on-book and off-book loan balances—for each sector. As a result of the FASB 166/167 accounting rules implementation in 2010, which required the majority of securitized assets to be reported as on-book, off-book asset balances have diminished, with most of them becoming and remaining at zero in recent years. The on-book and off-book levels and flows series will remain available from the Data Download Program (DDP). In addition, the total owned and managed receivables series will be available from the DDP.

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