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Camelia Minoiu


  • Ph.D., Economics, Columbia University, 2007
  • M.Sc., Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, London School of Economics, 2001
  • B.A., Business Administration, Budapest University of Economic Sciences, 2000
Current Research Topics
  • Financial intermediation
  • Monetary and macroprudential policies
  • Principal Economist

    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

    2018 - present
  • Visiting Scholar

    University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School

    2016 - 2018
  • Senior Economist

    International Monetary Fund

    2007 - 2018
  • Agarwal, Sumit, Thomas Kigabo, Camelia Minoiu, Andrea Presbitero, and André F. Silva (forthcoming). "Serving the Underserved: Microcredit as a Pathway to Commercial Banks," Review of Economics and Statistics.
  • Dao, Mai Chi, Camelia Minoiu, and Jonathan D. Ostry (2021). "Corporate Investment and the Real Exchange Rate," Journal of International Economics, vol. 131 (July).
  • Dell'Ariccia, Giovanni, Dalida Kadyrzhanova, Camelia Minoiu, and Lev Ratnovski (forthcoming). "Bank Lending in the Knowledge Economy," The Review of Financial Studies.
  • Hale, Galina, Tümer Kapan, and Camelia Minoiu (2020). "Shock Transmission Through Cross-Border Bank Lending: Credit and Real Effects," The Review of Financial Studies, vol. 33, no. 10, pp. 4839-4882.
  • Abuka, Charles, Ronnie K. Alinda, Camelia Minoiu, José-Luis Peydró, and Andrea F. Presbitero (2019). "Monetary Policy and Bank Lending in Developing Countries: Loan Applications, Rates, and Real Effects," Journal of Development Economics, vol. 139, pp. 185-202.
  • Kapan,Tümer, and Camelia Minoiu (2018). "Balance Sheet Strength and Bank Lending: Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis," Journal of Banking & Finance, vol. 92, pp. 35-50.
  • Epure, Mircea, Irina Mihai, Camelia Minoiu, and José-Luis Peydró (2018). "Household Credit, Global Financial Cycle, and Macroprudential Policies: Credit Register Evidence from an Emerging Country," Working Paper No. 18/13. International Monetary Fund.
  • Dell'Ariccia, Giovanni, Caio Ferreira, Nigel Jenkinson, Luc Laeven, Alberto Martin, Camelia Minoiu, and Alex Popov (2018). "Managing the Sovereign-Bank Nexus," IMF Departmental Paper No. 18/16. International Monetary Fund.
  • Cerutti, Eugenio, Galina Hale, and Camelia Minoiu (2015). "Financial Crises and the Composition of Cross-Border Lending," Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 52, pp. 60-81.
  • Dabla-Norris, Era, Camelia Minoiu, and Luis-Felipe Zanna (2015). "Business Cycle Fluctuations, Large Macroeconomic Shocks, and Development Aid," World Development, vol. 69, pp. 44-61.
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  • Minoiu, Camelia (2012). "Caught in the Web," Finance and Development, vol. 49, no. 3, pp. 15-17.
  • 2017

    International Monetary Fund

    Study Leave (ISP-1) for Research on Banking

  • 2014

    International Monetary Fund

    Divisional Award for "Creativity, Collaboration and Extraordinary Effort"

  • Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Stability (2018 to date)
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Network Theory in Finance (2014 to date)
Last update: July 27, 2021