Annual Report 2012

Statistical Table 9B

Table 9B. Statement of Condition of the Federal Reserve Banks, December 31, 2012 and 2011 Supplemental information--collateral held against Federal Reserve notes: Federal Reserve agents' accounts
Millions of dollars
Item 2012 2011
Federal Reserve notes outstanding 1,354,877 1,205,888
Less: Notes held by Federal Reserve Banks not subject to collateralization 228,216 171,836
Collateralized Federal Reserve notes 1,126,661 1,034,052
Collateral for Federal Reserve notes
Gold certificate account 11,037 11,037
Special drawing rights certificate account 5,200 5,200
U.S. Treasury securities 1 1,110,424 1,017,815
Total collateral 1,126,661 1,034,052

1. Face value. Includes compensation to adjust for the effect of inflation on the original face value of inflation-indexed securities. Return to table

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Last update: June 25, 2013