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Debt Growth of Domestic Nonfinancial Sectors

The figure plots the 4-quarter moving average percent growth rate of debt outstanding for domestic nonfinancial sectors at a quarterly frequency. The growth rate of debt is calculated as the seasonally adjusted flow divided by the seasonally adjusted level in the previous period, multiplied by 100. In the Financial Accounts, debt equals the sum of debt securities and loans. The underlying data on the debt growth of the federal government, state and local governments, household and nonprofit organizations, and the nonfinancial business sectors are reported in the Financial Accounts as series FG314104005.Q, FG214104005.Q, FG154104005.Q, and FG144104005.Q, respectively.

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Change in Net Worth: Households & Nonprofits

The figure plots the contributions to the change in net worth of households and nonprofit organizations. The black line plots the total change in net worth (series FC152090005), while the bars represent the changes in the main components of net worth: market value of directly and indirectly held corporate equity (dark blue, series FC153064475), market value of real estate holdings (green, series FC155035005), and other assets net of liabilities (light blue, series FC152090045). Other assets include consumer durable goods, nonprofit organizations' fixed assets, and financial assets other than corporate equity. Data are shown at an annual rate and in billions of dollars. The quarterly changes are not seasonally adjusted.

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Last Update: December 7, 2017