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Models and Monetary Policy: Research in the Tradition of Dale Henderson, Richard Porter, and Peter Tinsley, March 26-27, 2004, Washington, DC
Pierpaolo Benigno, New York University
Ben Bernanke, Governor, Federal Reserve Board
Stanley Black, University of North Carolina
Ralph Bryant, Brookings Institution
Matt Canzoneri, Georgetown University
Robert Cumby, Georgetown University
Betty Daniel, SUNY Albany
Richard Dennis, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Behzad Diba, Georgetown University
Francis X. Diebold, University of Pennsylvania
John Duca, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Hali Edison, International Monetary Fund
Robert Eisenbeis, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Robert Flood, International Monetary Fund
Jeff Fuhrer, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Bill Gavin, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Mark Gertler, New York University
Marvin Goodfriend, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Edward Gramlich, Governor, Federal Reserve Board
Ed Green, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Alan Greenspan, Chairman, Federal Reserve Board
Greg Hess, Claremont McKenna College
George Kahn, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Anil Kashyap, University of Chicago
Dave Kelly, University of Miami
Robert King, Boston University
Don Kohn, Governor, Federal Reserve Board
Sharon Kozicki, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Eric Leeper, Indiana University
Steve LeRoy, UC Santa Barbara
Dave Lindsey, Federal Reserve Board (retired)
Ben McCallum, Carnegie Mellon University and NBER
Peter von zur Muehlen, Federal Reserve Board (retired)
William Poole, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Simon Potter, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Mike Prell, Federal Reserve Board (retired)
Thomas Sargent, New York University and Hoover Institution
Mark Sniderman, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Paul Spindt, Tulane University
Guy Stevens, Federal Reserve Board (retired)
John Taylor, United States Treasury
Ted Truman, Institute for International Economics
Volker Wieland, Goethe University of Frankfurt
John Williams, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Michael Woodford, Princeton University

Federal Reserve Board economists will also participate.