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Release Date: December 9, 1999

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The Federal Reserve Board today announced the reopening and extension of the comment period on proposals to allow electronic delivery of federally mandated disclosures. On September 14, 1999, the Board published revised proposals for public comment under five consumer protection regulations: B (Equal Credit Opportunity), E (Electronic Fund Transfers), M (Consumer Leasing), Z (Truth in Lending), and DD (Truth in Savings).

The Board is reopening and extending the comment period in order to obtain views from individual consumers through focus group interviews. Although the comment period is being extended primarily for the purpose of conducting these focus groups, other members of the public may also submit comments during this period but they are encouraged to submit them as soon as possible.

Final action on the proposals is expected in March, shortly after the close of the public comment period.

Comment is requested by March 3, 2000.

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1999 Banking and consumer regulatory policy

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