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Release Date: September 27, 2001

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The Federal Reserve Board on Thursday launched a new interactive web site developed by the economic educators of the Federal Reserve System. This site offers students, educators and the general public an introduction to the workings of the Federal Reserve System.

By logging on to www.FederalReserveEducation.org and clicking on FED101, visitors to the site can access easy-to-understand lessons on the Federal Reserve's role in the U.S. economy.

"The Federal Reserve has actively promoted economic education and better public understanding of the roles of the Federal Reserve System for many years," said Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. "This web site is intended to improve the information resources available to educators, students and others with an interest in the Federal Reserve and how it works." FED101 is designed to supplement high school and college economics and social studies classes. However, the user-friendly format makes it a valuable resource for all ages.

The site covers a wide array of topics including the Federal Reserve's history, its structure, and its functions in the areas of monetary policy, banking supervision and financial services.

Interactive graphics and a series of quizzes and self-tests make it easy for visitors to learn how the Federal Reserve System carries out its many duties.

The web site is an outgrowth of "The Fed Today," a new educational video narrated and hosted by Charles Osgood.

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