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Release Date: April 18, 2005

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The Federal Reserve System on Monday announced it has redesigned its financial education web site to increase the use of Federal Reserve educational materials and promote financial education in the classroom. The new web site incorporates four Federal Reserve web sites under one main Federal Reserve Education web site.

The redesigned web site (www.FederalReserveEducation.org) has material intended for the general public, as well as materials specifically geared toward teachers, high school and college students. The site includes a new look and feel, while providing easier access to free educational materials, a teacher resource search engine, personal financial education, as well as new multilevel games for various ages and knowledge levels.

"The Federal Reserve has a long history of promoting economic education and financial literacy. In that tradition, this new online tool offers students easier access to a wealth of information in the areas of economics, banking and financial services," said Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan.

The redesigned web site includes four sections:

  • Federal Reserve Education, which provides instructional materials and tools to increase teachers' and students' understanding of the Federal Reserve, economics, and personal finances. Resources include publications and videos, online learning, and links to Federal Reserve System and other economic education web sites.
  • Fed 101, an interactive site that provides an overview of the history and organization of the Federal Reserve System, monetary policy and federal regulations, and services provided to depository institutions.
  • Personal Financial Education, which helps people make informed decisions about their money and provides guidance for building a stable financial future. The site includes information on topics such as consumer banking, consumer protection, homes and mortgages, interest rates, loans, and credit.
  • Teacher Resources, a new site that provides a search tool to allow teachers to locate Federal Reserve System education materials that meet national education standards for incorporation in their lesson plans. The resources on the site include comic books, brochures, teaching guides, magazines and newsletters on a variety of financial education topics.
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