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Government Accountability Office Reviews

Under the Federal Banking Agency Audit Act (Public Law 95 -320), most Federal Reserve System operations are under the purview of the Government Accountability Office (GAO). In 2009, the GAO completed 20 reports on selected aspects of Federal Reserve operations (table). In addition, four projects concerning the Federal Reserve were in various stages of completion at year-end (table). The Federal Reserve also provided information to the GAO during the year on numerous other GAO investigations, including eight other completed reviews and two other ongoing reviews.

The reports are available directly from the GAO.

Reports Completed during 2009
Report Title Report number Month issued (2009)
Financial Regulation: A Framework for Crafting and Assessing Proposals to Moderinze the Outdated U.S. Financial Regulatory System GAO-09-216 January
Troubled Asset Relief Program: Status of Efforts to Address Transparency and Accountability Issues GAO-09-296 January
Bank Secrecy Act: Suspicious Activity Report Use Is Increasing, but FinCEN Needs to Further Develop and Document Its Form Revision Process GAO-09-226 February
Bank Secrecy Act: Federal Agencies Should Take Action to Further Improve Coordination and Information-Sharing Efforts GAO-09-227 February
Systemic Risk: Regulatory Oversight and Recent Initiatives to Address Risk Posed by Credit Default Swaps GAO-09-397T March
National Cybersecurity Strategy: Key Improvements Are Needed to Strengthen the Nation's Posture GAO-09-432T March
Financial Regulation: Review of Regulators' Oversight of Risk Management Systems at a Limited Number of Large, Complex Financial Institutions GAO-09-499T March
Troubled Asset Relief Program: March 2009 Status of Efforts to Address Transparency and Accountability Issues GAO-09-504 March
Inspectors General: Independent Oversight of Financial Regulatory Agencies GAO-09-524T March
Designated Federal Entities: Survey of Governance Practices and the Inspector General Role GAO-09-270 April
Federal Reserve Banks: Areas for Improvement in Information Security Controls GAO-09-722R May
Reverse Mortgages: Product Complexity and Consumer Protection Issues Underscore Need for Improved Controls over Counseling for Borrowers GAO-09-606 June
Troubled Asset Relief Program: June 2009 Status of Efforts to Address Transparency and Accountability Issues GAO-09-658 June
Fair Lending: Data Limitations and the Fragmented U.S. Financial Regulatory Structure Challenge Federal Oversight and Enforcement Efforts GAO-09-704 July
Financial Markets Regulation: Financial Crisis Highlights Need to Improve Oversight of Leverage at Financial Institutions and across System GAO-09-739 July
Troubled Asset Relief Program: Status of Government Assistance Provided to AIG GAO-09-975 September
Influenza Pandemic: Key Securities Market Participants Are Making Progress, but Agencies Could Do More to Address Potential Internet Congrestion and Encourage Readiness GAO-10-8 October
Troubled Asset Relief Program: One Year Later, Actions Are Needed to Address Remaining Transparency and Accountability Challenges GAO-10-16 October
Small Business Administration: Actions Needed to Improve the Usefulness of the Agency's Lender Risk Rating System GAO-10-53 November
Financial Audit: Bureau of the Public Debt's Fiscal Years 2009 and 2008 Schedules of Federal Debt GAO-10-88 November

Projects Active at Year-End 2009
Subject of project Month initiated
Systemic risk determination October 2008
Governance issues relating to the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) July 2009
U.S. Treasury's Capital Purchase Program November 2009
Bank walkaways December 2009

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