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Consumer Compliance Handbook
November 2011 Update

The November 2011 update to the handbook reflects regulatory changes to three chapters: Regulations Q and D - Interest on Demand Deposits/Reserve Requirements (now Regulation D - Reserve Requirements), the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), and Regulation P - Privacy of Consumer Financial Information.

The Regulation D - Reserve Requirements chapter formerly included Regulation Q, which prohibited the payment of interest by member banks on demand deposits. However, the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act of 2010 repealed the prohibition effective July 21, 2011, and, subsequently, this chapter has been updated to remove Regulation Q.

The SCRA chapter has been updated to reflect The Helping Heroes Keep Their Homes Act of 2010, which extends certain provisions of the SCRA until December 31, 2012. In particular, provisions affecting foreclosure, sale, or seizure of real or personal property have been extended. Related examination procedures have been revised to reflect the changes.

Regulation P has been updated to reflect interagency rulemaking through which the Federal Reserve and seven other federal regulatory agencies adopted a voluntary model privacy notice form designed to make it easier for consumers to understand how financial institutions collect and share nonpublic personal information.

Filing Instructions
To maintain an updated print version of the handbook, use the following instructions:

Interest on Demand Deposits/Reserve Requirements pages:
"Regulations Q and D" tab "Regulation D" tab
Behind the "Regulations Q and D" tab Behind the "Regulation D" tab
Regs. Q and D • pp. 1-5 (dated 6/11)Reg. D • pp. 1-4 (dated 11/11)
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act pages:
Behind the "Servicemembers Civil Relief Act" tab
SCRA • pp. 1-8 (dated 11/09)SCRA • pp. 1-7 (dated 11/11)
Privacy of Consumer Financial Information pages:
Behind the "Regulation P" tab
Reg. P • pp. 1-37 (dated 1/06)Reg. P • pp. 1-39 (dated 11/11)

Consumer Compliance Handbook

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