International Research Forum on Monetary Policy: Second Conference, Washington, DC, November 14-15, 2003


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Name Affiliation Contact
Matthew Canzoneri Georgetown University [email protected]
Lucrezia Reichlin European Central Bank [email protected]
Dale Henderson Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Volker Wieland Goethe University Frankfurt [email protected]

Presenting Authors

Name Affiliation Contact
Alessandro Calza European Central Bank [email protected]
Gauti Eggertsson Federal Reserve Bank of New York [email protected]
Christopher Erceg Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Jordi Gali CREI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra [email protected]
Mark Gertler New York University [email protected]
Marc Giannoni Columbia University [email protected]
Tobias Linzert European Central Bank [email protected]
Virgiliu Midrigan New York University [email protected]
Noah Williams Princeton University [email protected]
Michael Woodford Columbia University [email protected]

Other Authors

Name Affiliation Contact
Jean Boivin Columbia University [email protected]
Keith Kuester European Central Bank [email protected]
Andrew Levin Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Tommaso Monacelli Universita Bocconi [email protected]


Name Affiliation Contact
Olivier Blanchard Massachuetts Institute of Technology [email protected]
James Bullard Federal Reserve Bank [email protected]
Kai Christoffel European Central Bank [email protected]
Wouter den Haan University of Amsterdam [email protected]
George Evans University of Oregon [email protected]
Jonathan H. Heathcote Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Kirstin Hubrich European Central Bank [email protected]
Matteo Iacoviello Boston College [email protected]
Monika Gehrig-Merz Bonn University [email protected]
Dale Mortensen Northwestern University [email protected]
Athanasios Orphanides Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Giorgio Primiceri Northwestern University [email protected]
Ricardo Reis Princeton University [email protected]
Eric Schaling University of Johannesburg [email protected]
Christopher Sims Princeton University [email protected]
Lars Svensson Princeton University [email protected]
Peter Temin Massachuetts Institute of Technology [email protected]
Carl Walsh University of California Santa Cruz [email protected]
Mark Watson Princeton University [email protected]
Marc Weidenmier Claremont Mckenna College [email protected]


Name Affiliation Contact
James Albrecht Georgetown University [email protected]
Luc Aucremanne National Bank of Belgium [email protected]
Vit Barta Czech National Bank [email protected]
Karim Basta III Associates [email protected]
Mark Bathgate Goldman Sachs JB Ware [email protected]
Tamin Bayoumi International Mnetary Fund [email protected]
Richard Berner Morgan Stanley [email protected]
Ramachandra Bhagavatula Combinatorics Capital, LLC [email protected]
Ralph Bryant Brookings Institution [email protected]
Mikael Carlsson Sveriges Riksbank [email protected]
Aurelijus Dabusinskas Bank of Estonia [email protected]
Antonello D'Agostino Central Bank of Ireland [email protected]
Spencer Dale Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Troy Davig Federal Reserve Bank [email protected]
Behzad Diba Georgetown University [email protected]
John Duca Federal Reserve Bank [email protected]
Robert Dugger Tudor Investment Corp [email protected]
Rochelle Edge Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Selim Elekdag International Monetary Fund [email protected]
Peter van Els De Nederlandsche Bank [email protected]
William B. English Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Marcello Estevao International Monetary Fund [email protected]
Jon Faust Johns Hopkins University [email protected]
Joachim Fels Morgan Stanley [email protected]
Joseph Gagnon Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Andrew Hughes Hallett George Mason University [email protected]
Amund Holmsen Central Bank of Norway [email protected]
Juan Jimeno Banco de Espana [email protected]
Alejandro Justiniano Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Steven Kamin Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Moon-Soo Kang Bank of Korea [email protected]
Sylvia Kaufmann Austrian National Bank [email protected]
Michael Kiley Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Marion Kohler Reserve Bank of Australia [email protected]
Ryszard Kokoszczynski National Bank of Poland [email protected]
Juergen Kroeger European Commission [email protected]
Michael Kumhof International Monetary Fund [email protected]
Pamela Labadie George Washington University [email protected]
Jean-Philippe Laforte Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Thomas Laubach Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Doug Laxton International Monetary Fund [email protected]
Eduardo Loyo International Monetary Fund [email protected]
Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti International Monetary Fund [email protected]
Peter Mooslechner Oesterreichische National Bank [email protected]
Julius Moschitz Wellington Management [email protected]
Alberto Musalem Tudor Investment Corp. [email protected]
Fabio M. Natalucci Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Kalin Nikolov Bank of England [email protected]
Lucas Papademos European Central Bank [email protected]
Michel Peytrignet Swiss National Bank [email protected]
David Reifschneider Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Vince Reinhart Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
John Rogers Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Massimo Rostagno European Central Bank [email protected]
Argia Sbordone Federal Reserve Bank [email protected]
Alasdair Scott Bank of England [email protected]
Joao Sousa Banco de Portugal [email protected]
Peter Tinsley Birkbeck College [email protected]
Giovanni Toniolo Duke University [email protected]
Angel Ubide Tudor Investment Corp. [email protected]
Kozo Ueda Bank of Japan [email protected]
Igor Vetlov Bank of Lithuania [email protected]
Balazs Vilagi Central Bank of Hungary [email protected]
Jouko Vilmunen Bank of Finland [email protected]
Susan Vroman Georgetown University [email protected]
Chao Wei George Washington University [email protected]
David Wilcox Federal Reserve Board [email protected]
Andreas Worms Deutsche Bundesbank [email protected]
David Zervos UBS O’Connor [email protected]

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