FRB Conference on Key Developments in Monetary Economics

October 8-9, 2009 - Washington, DC

This conference will provide a venue for distinguished researchers to provide a broad perspective on the existing literature in monetary economics and to identify promising directions for further investigation.  The papers presented at this conference--and at a conference that will be hosted several weeks later by the European Central Bank (see link below)--constitute the initial drafts of chapters that will subsequently be published in an updated edition of the Handbook of Monetary Economics.  Nevertheless, the opinions expressed in those papers should not be interpreted as representing the views of the Board of Governors or of anyone else associated with the Federal Reserve System, and the Federal Reserve's hosting of this conference should not be interpreted as providing any endorsement of the Handbook of Monetary Economics or of its publisher.

Attendance at the conference is by invitation only.

Conference attendees and media representatives must register in advance.

Academic Organizers

Benjamin M. Friedman, Harvard University
Michael Woodford, Columbia University

Local Organizers

Christopher J. Erceg, Federal Reserve Board
Michael T. Kiley, Federal Reserve Board
Andrew T. Levin, Federal Reserve Board

Media contact

Joe Pavel    [email protected]   

Link to ECB Conference