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Finance and Economics Discussion Series: Data for paper 2011-42

Measuring the Level and Uncertainty of Trend Inflation

Elmar Mertens

Figure1: Trend Inflation and an Additional Trend Component in Yields

  Xdata Inflation Trend:, D(11): Level, Red_low95 Inflation Trend:, D(11): Level, Blue_mean Inflation Trend:, D(11): Level, Red_high95 Inflation Trend:, D(21): Uncertainty, Red_low95 Inflation Trend:, D(21): Uncertainty, Blue_mean Inflation Trend:, D(21): Uncertainty, Red_high95 Permanent Yield Shocks, D(12): Level, Red_low95 Permanent Yield Shocks, D(12): Level, Blue_mean Permanent Yield Shocks, D(12): Level, Red_high95 Permanent Yield Shocks, D(22): Uncertainty, Red_low95 Permanent Yield Shocks, D(22): Uncertainty, Blue_mean Permanent Yield Shocks, D(22): Uncertainty, Red_high95
1-Jan-60 6.98E-01 1.31E+00 1.99E+00 6.51E-02 2.69E-01 7.12E-01 -6.78E-01 -6.23E-02 6.40E-01 7.13E-02 3.56E-01 9.41E-01
1-Feb-60 6.58E-01 1.25E+00 1.86E+00 6.61E-02 2.71E-01 7.18E-01 -9.81E-01 -1.42E-01 5.17E-01 7.19E-02 3.56E-01 9.40E-01
1-Mar-60 6.03E-01 1.21E+00 1.79E+00 6.72E-02 2.73E-01 7.25E-01 -1.16E+00 -1.86E-01 5.11E-01 7.26E-02 3.55E-01 9.25E-01
1-Apr-60 7.92E-01 1.35E+00 1.98E+00 6.85E-02 2.74E-01 7.24E-01 -1.21E+00 -2.53E-01 4.75E-01 7.42E-02 3.54E-01 9.16E-01
1-May-60 7.12E-01 1.26E+00 1.86E+00 7.00E-02 2.74E-01 7.15E-01 -1.26E+00 -2.93E-01 4.67E-01 7.50E-02 3.53E-01 9.04E-01
1-Jun-60 6.07E-01 1.19E+00 1.74E+00 7.09E-02 2.75E-01 7.13E-01 -1.46E+00 -3.52E-01 4.08E-01 7.57E-02 3.52E-01 8.96E-01
1-Jul-60 6.75E-01 1.25E+00 1.80E+00 7.12E-02 2.76E-01 7.13E-01 -1.58E+00 -3.81E-01 4.11E-01 7.58E-02 3.51E-01 8.84E-01
1-Aug-60 6.95E-01 1.26E+00 1.81E+00 7.21E-02 2.76E-01 7.08E-01 -1.64E+00 -3.87E-01 4.19E-01 7.72E-02 3.50E-01 8.73E-01
1-Sep-60 6.59E-01 1.23E+00 1.78E+00 7.29E-02 2.76E-01 7.04E-01 -1.56E+00 -3.58E-01 4.88E-01 7.79E-02 3.49E-01 8.63E-01
1-Oct-60 6.56E-01 1.22E+00 1.77E+00 7.41E-02 2.76E-01 6.98E-01 -1.55E+00 -3.51E-01 5.17E-01 7.85E-02 3.48E-01 8.54E-01
1-Nov-60 7.64E-01 1.31E+00 1.90E+00 7.46E-02 2.77E-01 6.98E-01 -1.58E+00 -3.82E-01 4.94E-01 7.98E-02 3.47E-01 8.47E-01
1-Dec-60 6.38E-01 1.23E+00 1.75E+00 7.58E-02 2.77E-01 6.94E-01 -1.62E+00 -3.96E-01 4.90E-01 8.07E-02 3.46E-01 8.40E-01
1-Jan-61 6.17E-01 1.21E+00 1.74E+00 7.64E-02 2.77E-01 6.93E-01 -1.61E+00 -3.91E-01 5.03E-01 8.16E-02 3.46E-01 8.37E-01
1-Feb-61 6.97E-01 1.26E+00 1.80E+00 7.71E-02 2.77E-01 6.84E-01 -1.64E+00 -3.93E-01 5.10E-01 8.26E-02 3.45E-01 8.31E-01
1-Mar-61 6.49E-01 1.24E+00 1.77E+00 7.81E-02 2.77E-01 6.82E-01 -1.65E+00 -3.75E-01 5.57E-01 8.32E-02 3.44E-01 8.28E-01
1-Apr-61 6.45E-01 1.22E+00 1.75E+00 7.88E-02 2.78E-01 6.80E-01 -1.59E+00 -3.43E-01 5.91E-01 8.42E-02 3.44E-01 8.21E-01
1-May-61 6.97E-01 1.26E+00 1.79E+00 7.93E-02 2.79E-01 6.81E-01 -1.59E+00 -3.22E-01 6.26E-01 8.51E-02 3.44E-01 8.22E-01
1-Jun-61 7.41E-01 1.27E+00 1.82E+00 8.03E-02 2.79E-01 6.79E-01 -1.48E+00 -2.88E-01 6.76E-01 8.62E-02 3.44E-01 8.17E-01
1-Jul-61 8.35E-01 1.36E+00 1.93E+00 8.08E-02 2.79E-01 6.77E-01 -1.51E+00 -3.05E-01 6.67E-01 8.70E-02 3.44E-01 8.13E-01
1-Aug-61 8.16E-01 1.34E+00 1.93E+00 8.13E-02 2.79E-01 6.71E-01 -1.49E+00 -3.05E-01 6.66E-01 8.76E-02 3.44E-01 8.13E-01
1-Sep-61 8.08E-01 1.33E+00 1.89E+00 8.18E-02 2.79E-01 6.66E-01 -1.54E+00 -3.24E-01 6.62E-01 8.85E-02 3.44E-01 8.11E-01
1-Oct-61 7.10E-01 1.26E+00 1.79E+00 8.21E-02 2.80E-01 6.62E-01 -1.51E+00 -3.04E-01 6.89E-01 8.90E-02 3.44E-01 8.02E-01
1-Nov-61 7.08E-01 1.26E+00 1.81E+00 8.31E-02 2.80E-01 6.62E-01 -1.48E+00 -2.80E-01 7.20E-01 8.97E-02 3.43E-01 7.98E-01
1-Dec-61 6.95E-01 1.23E+00 1.79E+00 8.30E-02 2.81E-01 6.62E-01 -1.43E+00 -2.70E-01 7.27E-01 9.06E-02 3.43E-01 7.95E-01
1-Jan-62 7.63E-01 1.29E+00 1.90E+00 8.39E-02 2.81E-01 6.59E-01 -1.48E+00 -2.99E-01 7.23E-01 9.16E-02 3.43E-01 7.95E-01
1-Feb-62 8.16E-01 1.35E+00 2.01E+00 8.48E-02 2.82E-01 6.57E-01 -1.53E+00 -3.32E-01 6.93E-01 9.22E-02 3.43E-01 7.93E-01
1-Mar-62 6.78E-01 1.22E+00 1.79E+00 8.56E-02 2.83E-01 6.55E-01 -1.58E+00 -3.32E-01 6.87E-01 9.25E-02 3.44E-01 7.92E-01
1-Apr-62 6.73E-01 1.23E+00 1.77E+00 8.56E-02 2.84E-01 6.54E-01 -1.55E+00 -3.22E-01 6.89E-01 9.32E-02 3.44E-01 7.91E-01
1-May-62 6.26E-01 1.20E+00 1.73E+00 8.63E-02 2.85E-01 6.53E-01 -1.52E+00 -2.94E-01 7.42E-01 9.34E-02 3.44E-01 7.90E-01
1-Jun-62 5.96E-01 1.17E+00 1.71E+00 8.70E-02 2.86E-01 6.53E-01 -1.46E+00 -2.69E-01 7.68E-01 9.35E-02 3.45E-01 7.90E-01
1-Jul-62 4.05E-01 1.05E+00 1.58E+00 8.79E-02 2.87E-01 6.54E-01 -1.41E+00 -2.40E-01 8.09E-01 9.47E-02 3.45E-01 7.87E-01
1-Aug-62 5.08E-01 1.12E+00 1.65E+00 8.82E-02 2.88E-01 6.59E-01 -1.42E+00 -2.65E-01 7.87E-01 9.45E-02 3.46E-01 7.92E-01
1-Sep-62 8.01E-01 1.35E+00 1.92E+00 8.83E-02 2.89E-01 6.56E-01 -1.53E+00 -3.37E-01 7.20E-01 9.51E-02 3.46E-01 7.88E-01
1-Oct-62 5.36E-01 1.15E+00 1.68E+00 8.88E-02 2.90E-01 6.56E-01 -1.50E+00 -3.08E-01 7.53E-01 9.56E-02 3.47E-01 7.87E-01
1-Nov-62 6.02E-01 1.20E+00 1.73E+00 9.01E-02 2.90E-01 6.49E-01 -1.49E+00 -3.04E-01 7.60E-01 9.53E-02 3.47E-01 7.89E-01
1-Dec-62 5.33E-01 1.15E+00 1.69E+00 9.00E-02 2.91E-01 6.51E-01 -1.49E+00 -2.87E-01 7.80E-01 9.55E-02 3.47E-01 7.89E-01
1-Jan-63 7.52E-01 1.31E+00 1.86E+00 9.05E-02 2.91E-01 6.50E-01 -1.53E+00 -3.08E-01 7.52E-01 9.60E-02 3.48E-01 7.92E-01
1-Feb-63 7.54E-01 1.31E+00 1.87E+00 9.15E-02 2.92E-01 6.47E-01 -1.52E+00 -3.04E-01 7.66E-01 9.66E-02 3.48E-01 7.90E-01
1-Mar-63 6.19E-01 1.22E+00 1.76E+00 9.25E-02 2.92E-01 6.50E-01 -1.47E+00 -2.83E-01 7.89E-01 9.69E-02 3.48E-01 7.90E-01
1-Apr-63 6.27E-01 1.23E+00 1.78E+00 9.31E-02 2.93E-01 6.55E-01 -1.46E+00 -2.74E-01 7.98E-01 9.76E-02 3.48E-01 7.84E-01
1-May-63 7.44E-01 1.33E+00 1.88E+00 9.37E-02 2.94E-01 6.54E-01 -1.50E+00 -2.95E-01 7.71E-01 9.85E-02 3.49E-01 7.84E-01
1-Jun-63 8.49E-01 1.41E+00 1.97E+00 9.43E-02 2.95E-01 6.57E-01 -1.54E+00 -3.20E-01 7.55E-01 9.91E-02 3.49E-01 7.82E-01
1-Jul-63 9.39E-01 1.50E+00 2.08E+00 9.57E-02 2.95E-01 6.59E-01 -1.57E+00 -3.50E-01 7.47E-01 9.92E-02 3.50E-01 7.81E-01
1-Aug-63 1.03E+00 1.58E+00 2.20E+00 9.55E-02 2.96E-01 6.58E-01 -1.60E+00 -3.72E-01 7.24E-01 9.92E-02 3.51E-01 7.81E-01
1-Sep-63 9.99E-01 1.55E+00 2.17E+00 9.64E-02 2.97E-01 6.63E-01 -1.57E+00 -3.54E-01 7.39E-01 9.93E-02 3.52E-01 7.78E-01
1-Oct-63 1.03E+00 1.59E+00 2.24E+00 9.71E-02 2.98E-01 6.63E-01 -1.55E+00 -3.35E-01 7.53E-01 1.00E-01 3.52E-01 7.72E-01
1-Nov-63 9.86E-01 1.54E+00 2.18E+00 9.80E-02 2.99E-01 6.64E-01 -1.52E+00 -3.10E-01 7.82E-01 1.01E-01 3.53E-01 7.72E-01
1-Dec-63 8.97E-01 1.46E+00 2.06E+00 9.92E-02 3.00E-01 6.64E-01 -1.50E+00 -2.84E-01 8.13E-01 1.01E-01 3.54E-01 7.73E-01
1-Jan-64 9.11E-01 1.47E+00 2.07E+00 9.94E-02 3.00E-01 6.62E-01 -1.51E+00 -2.93E-01 8.28E-01 1.01E-01 3.54E-01 7.72E-01
1-Feb-64 8.71E-01 1.46E+00 2.03E+00 1.00E-01 3.02E-01 6.58E-01 -1.51E+00 -2.95E-01 8.09E-01 1.03E-01 3.55E-01 7.72E-01
1-Mar-64 8.12E-01 1.40E+00 1.96E+00 1.02E-01 3.03E-01 6.59E-01 -1.49E+00 -2.83E-01 8.32E-01 1.04E-01 3.55E-01 7.67E-01
1-Apr-64 7.85E-01 1.39E+00 1.95E+00 1.03E-01 3.04E-01 6.62E-01 -1.48E+00 -2.85E-01 8.23E-01 1.04E-01 3.56E-01 7.67E-01
1-May-64 6.75E-01 1.31E+00 1.87E+00 1.04E-01 3.05E-01 6.67E-01 -1.49E+00 -2.84E-01 8.35E-01 1.05E-01 3.57E-01 7.62E-01
1-Jun-64 7.64E-01 1.39E+00 1.95E+00 1.06E-01 3.06E-01 6.66E-01 -1.48E+00 -2.94E-01 8.34E-01 1.05E-01 3.58E-01 7.66E-01
1-Jul-64 8.15E-01 1.43E+00 2.00E+00 1.06E-01 3.08E-01 6.65E-01 -1.49E+00 -2.97E-01 8.28E-01 1.06E-01 3.59E-01 7.66E-01
1-Aug-64 7.89E-01 1.41E+00 1.99E+00 1.07E-01 3.10E-01 6.67E-01 -1.50E+00 -3.01E-01 8.37E-01 1.06E-01 3.60E-01 7.67E-01
1-Sep-64 8.81E-01 1.50E+00 2.09E+00 1.08E-01 3.11E-01 6.69E-01 -1.51E+00 -3.25E-01 8.05E-01 1.08E-01 3.61E-01 7.69E-01
1-Oct-64 9.10E-01 1.52E+00 2.11E+00 1.09E-01 3.13E-01 6.70E-01 -1.54E+00 -3.41E-01 7.83E-01 1.08E-01 3.62E-01 7.68E-01
1-Nov-64 9.54E-01 1.56E+00 2.15E+00 1.10E-01 3.15E-01 6.75E-01 -1.56E+00 -3.58E-01 7.62E-01 1.08E-01 3.63E-01 7.73E-01
1-Dec-64 9.78E-01 1.58E+00 2.17E+00 1.12E-01 3.16E-01 6.74E-01 -1.57E+00 -3.57E-01 7.68E-01 1.09E-01 3.64E-01 7.73E-01
1-Jan-65 9.41E-01 1.56E+00 2.14E+00 1.13E-01 3.19E-01 6.75E-01 -1.57E+00 -3.52E-01 7.91E-01 1.10E-01 3.66E-01 7.74E-01
1-Feb-65 8.38E-01 1.48E+00 2.08E+00 1.13E-01 3.21E-01 6.85E-01 -1.54E+00 -3.33E-01 8.40E-01 1.10E-01 3.67E-01 7.72E-01
1-Mar-65 8.76E-01 1.53E+00 2.12E+00 1.15E-01 3.23E-01 6.85E-01 -1.57E+00 -3.48E-01 8.28E-01 1.11E-01 3.68E-01 7.73E-01
1-Apr-65 9.04E-01 1.57E+00 2.19E+00 1.17E-01 3.25E-01 6.81E-01 -1.59E+00 -3.74E-01 8.13E-01 1.13E-01 3.69E-01 7.78E-01
1-May-65 9.06E-01 1.61E+00 2.23E+00 1.18E-01 3.27E-01 6.88E-01 -1.63E+00 -4.06E-01 7.77E-01 1.13E-01 3.71E-01 7.77E-01
1-Jun-65 1.09E+00 1.78E+00 2.41E+00 1.19E-01 3.30E-01 6.94E-01 -1.69E+00 -4.62E-01 7.30E-01 1.13E-01 3.72E-01 7.79E-01
1-Jul-65 1.13E+00 1.84E+00 2.47E+00 1.21E-01 3.32E-01 7.04E-01 -1.71E+00 -4.73E-01 7.43E-01 1.14E-01 3.74E-01 7.82E-01
1-Aug-65 1.18E+00 1.89E+00 2.53E+00 1.22E-01 3.35E-01 7.08E-01 -1.72E+00 -4.72E-01 7.34E-01 1.15E-01 3.75E-01 7.85E-01
1-Sep-65 1.21E+00 1.93E+00 2.58E+00 1.23E-01 3.37E-01 7.09E-01 -1.72E+00 -4.79E-01 7.48E-01 1.15E-01 3.77E-01 7.85E-01
1-Oct-65 1.31E+00 2.04E+00 2.71E+00 1.24E-01 3.40E-01 7.08E-01 -1.74E+00 -4.77E-01 7.77E-01 1.15E-01 3.78E-01 7.90E-01
1-Nov-65 1.52E+00 2.20E+00 2.84E+00 1.25E-01 3.43E-01 7.13E-01 -1.77E+00 -5.04E-01 7.62E-01 1.16E-01 3.80E-01 7.90E-01
1-Dec-65 1.75E+00 2.38E+00 3.01E+00 1.26E-01 3.45E-01 7.12E-01 -1.84E+00 -5.64E-01 7.53E-01 1.16E-01 3.81E-01 7.99E-01
1-Jan-66 1.75E+00 2.45E+00 3.10E+00 1.26E-01 3.47E-01 7.16E-01 -1.91E+00 -6.31E-01 6.71E-01 1.17E-01 3.83E-01 7.97E-01
1-Feb-66 2.13E+00 2.76E+00 3.42E+00 1.26E-01 3.50E-01 7.20E-01 -2.03E+00 -7.38E-01 5.93E-01 1.18E-01 3.84E-01 8.00E-01
1-Mar-66 2.24E+00 2.89E+00 3.59E+00 1.27E-01 3.52E-01 7.20E-01 -2.15E+00 -8.54E-01 4.46E-01 1.19E-01 3.85E-01 8.05E-01
1-Apr-66 2.44E+00 3.09E+00 3.81E+00 1.27E-01 3.54E-01 7.20E-01 -2.27E+00 -9.69E-01 2.70E-01 1.19E-01 3.87E-01 8.05E-01
1-May-66 2.41E+00 3.06E+00 3.75E+00 1.27E-01 3.56E-01 7.23E-01 -2.27E+00 -9.88E-01 2.32E-01 1.20E-01 3.88E-01 8.14E-01
1-Jun-66 2.53E+00 3.18E+00 3.88E+00 1.27E-01 3.57E-01 7.22E-01 -2.28E+00 -9.94E-01 2.15E-01 1.20E-01 3.90E-01 8.16E-01
1-Jul-66 2.52E+00 3.17E+00 3.89E+00 1.27E-01 3.59E-01 7.25E-01 -2.24E+00 -9.78E-01 2.39E-01 1.21E-01 3.92E-01 8.22E-01
1-Aug-66 2.61E+00 3.29E+00 4.10E+00 1.27E-01 3.62E-01 7.31E-01 -2.29E+00 -1.04E+00 2.14E-01 1.21E-01 3.94E-01 8.24E-01
1-Sep-66 2.60E+00 3.27E+00 4.04E+00 1.28E-01 3.63E-01 7.32E-01 -2.41E+00 -1.13E+00 6.73E-02 1.21E-01 3.96E-01 8.28E-01
1-Oct-66 2.53E+00 3.17E+00 3.85E+00 1.29E-01 3.66E-01 7.41E-01 -2.50E+00 -1.20E+00 -3.57E-02 1.21E-01 3.98E-01 8.36E-01
1-Nov-66 2.36E+00 3.01E+00 3.69E+00 1.29E-01 3.68E-01 7.47E-01 -2.48E+00 -1.20E+00 5.11E-03 1.21E-01 3.99E-01 8.32E-01
1-Dec-66 2.18E+00 2.87E+00 3.51E+00 1.30E-01 3.71E-01 7.55E-01 -2.55E+00 -1.27E+00 -9.34E-02 1.22E-01 4.01E-01 8.33E-01
1-Jan-67 1.92E+00 2.74E+00 3.45E+00 1.30E-01 3.73E-01 7.62E-01 -2.59E+00 -1.25E+00 -6.82E-02 1.21E-01 4.02E-01 8.35E-01
1-Feb-67 2.00E+00 2.80E+00 3.50E+00 1.31E-01 3.74E-01 7.68E-01 -2.51E+00 -1.21E+00 -2.02E-02 1.22E-01 4.04E-01 8.40E-01
1-Mar-67 2.00E+00 2.85E+00 3.59E+00 1.33E-01 3.76E-01 7.68E-01 -2.47E+00 -1.17E+00 1.65E-02 1.23E-01 4.05E-01 8.40E-01
1-Apr-67 2.18E+00 3.00E+00 3.72E+00 1.34E-01 3.76E-01 7.62E-01 -2.42E+00 -1.14E+00 7.20E-02 1.23E-01 4.07E-01 8.42E-01
1-May-67 2.49E+00 3.24E+00 3.92E+00 1.35E-01 3.78E-01 7.59E-01 -2.38E+00 -1.09E+00 1.74E-01 1.24E-01 4.09E-01 8.51E-01
1-Jun-67 2.86E+00 3.52E+00 4.18E+00 1.35E-01 3.80E-01 7.60E-01 -2.46E+00 -1.15E+00 1.22E-01 1.25E-01 4.10E-01 8.52E-01
1-Jul-67 3.06E+00 3.73E+00 4.40E+00 1.35E-01 3.81E-01 7.59E-01 -2.49E+00 -1.18E+00 1.12E-01 1.25E-01 4.11E-01 8.43E-01
1-Aug-67 3.24E+00 3.90E+00 4.59E+00 1.36E-01 3.82E-01 7.63E-01 -2.53E+00 -1.23E+00 7.87E-02 1.26E-01 4.12E-01 8.43E-01
1-Sep-67 3.37E+00 4.03E+00 4.74E+00 1.37E-01 3.82E-01 7.67E-01 -2.59E+00 -1.28E+00 -1.68E-02 1.26E-01 4.14E-01 8.45E-01
1-Oct-67 3.44E+00 4.10E+00 4.82E+00 1.37E-01 3.83E-01 7.62E-01 -2.59E+00 -1.29E+00 -8.43E-04 1.27E-01 4.16E-01 8.52E-01
1-Nov-67 3.47E+00 4.15E+00 4.92E+00 1.38E-01 3.84E-01 7.63E-01 -2.63E+00 -1.32E+00 -3.19E-02 1.29E-01 4.18E-01 8.56E-01
1-Dec-67 3.36E+00 4.01E+00 4.70E+00 1.40E-01 3.85E-01 7.66E-01 -2.70E+00 -1.39E+00 -1.36E-01 1.29E-01 4.21E-01 8.55E-01
1-Jan-68 3.56E+00 4.21E+00 4.88E+00 1.41E-01 3.86E-01 7.64E-01 -2.84E+00 -1.51E+00 -2.66E-01 1.31E-01 4.23E-01 8.58E-01
1-Feb-68 3.66E+00 4.31E+00 4.99E+00 1.42E-01 3.87E-01 7.64E-01 -2.86E+00 -1.55E+00 -2.95E-01 1.32E-01 4.25E-01 8.63E-01
1-Mar-68 3.69E+00 4.34E+00 5.04E+00 1.42E-01 3.88E-01 7.66E-01 -2.86E+00 -1.56E+00 -3.04E-01 1.33E-01 4.27E-01 8.60E-01
1-Apr-68 3.72E+00 4.35E+00 5.01E+00 1.44E-01 3.89E-01 7.66E-01 -2.95E+00 -1.62E+00 -3.82E-01 1.34E-01 4.30E-01 8.63E-01
1-May-68 3.82E+00 4.48E+00 5.22E+00 1.44E-01 3.90E-01 7.67E-01 -2.98E+00 -1.65E+00 -3.71E-01 1.35E-01 4.32E-01 8.74E-01
1-Jun-68 3.76E+00 4.42E+00 5.09E+00 1.45E-01 3.92E-01 7.74E-01 -3.08E+00 -1.76E+00 -5.13E-01 1.37E-01 4.35E-01 8.76E-01
1-Jul-68 3.71E+00 4.39E+00 5.05E+00 1.46E-01 3.93E-01 7.74E-01 -3.21E+00 -1.84E+00 -5.80E-01 1.38E-01 4.38E-01 8.77E-01
1-Aug-68 3.89E+00 4.56E+00 5.22E+00 1.48E-01 3.94E-01 7.74E-01 -3.25E+00 -1.84E+00 -5.43E-01 1.37E-01 4.40E-01 8.81E-01
1-Sep-68 4.04E+00 4.70E+00 5.37E+00 1.48E-01 3.96E-01 7.77E-01 -3.19E+00 -1.78E+00 -4.80E-01 1.40E-01 4.43E-01 8.80E-01
1-Oct-68 4.17E+00 4.81E+00 5.49E+00 1.50E-01 3.98E-01 7.78E-01 -3.11E+00 -1.68E+00 -4.02E-01 1.41E-01 4.45E-01 8.89E-01
1-Nov-68 4.14E+00 4.79E+00 5.47E+00 1.50E-01 4.00E-01 7.86E-01 -2.91E+00 -1.55E+00 -2.75E-01 1.41E-01 4.49E-01 8.90E-01
1-Dec-68 3.98E+00 4.64E+00 5.32E+00 1.50E-01 4.02E-01 7.90E-01 -2.67E+00 -1.39E+00 -1.70E-01 1.43E-01 4.51E-01 8.97E-01
1-Jan-69 4.08E+00 4.74E+00 5.40E+00 1.51E-01 4.04E-01 7.95E-01 -2.71E+00 -1.40E+00 -1.70E-01 1.43E-01 4.54E-01 9.01E-01
1-Feb-69 4.09E+00 4.75E+00 5.42E+00 1.50E-01 4.07E-01 8.01E-01 -2.66E+00 -1.35E+00 -1.12E-01 1.45E-01 4.57E-01 9.07E-01
1-Mar-69 4.24E+00 4.88E+00 5.55E+00 1.51E-01 4.10E-01 8.06E-01 -2.67E+00 -1.37E+00 -1.38E-01 1.46E-01 4.59E-01 9.13E-01
1-Apr-69 4.18E+00 4.86E+00 5.51E+00 1.52E-01 4.12E-01 8.10E-01 -2.73E+00 -1.37E+00 -1.32E-01 1.48E-01 4.63E-01 9.14E-01
1-May-69 4.26E+00 4.93E+00 5.60E+00 1.53E-01 4.16E-01 8.18E-01 -2.60E+00 -1.26E+00 -1.47E-02 1.49E-01 4.66E-01 9.23E-01
1-Jun-69 4.47E+00 5.12E+00 5.81E+00 1.54E-01 4.19E-01 8.27E-01 -2.46E+00 -1.16E+00 5.90E-02 1.49E-01 4.69E-01 9.29E-01
1-Jul-69 4.48E+00 5.13E+00 5.82E+00 1.54E-01 4.22E-01 8.37E-01 -2.38E+00 -1.10E+00 1.19E-01 1.50E-01 4.72E-01 9.30E-01
1-Aug-69 4.36E+00 5.04E+00 5.73E+00 1.55E-01 4.25E-01 8.45E-01 -2.31E+00 -1.03E+00 2.00E-01 1.50E-01 4.76E-01 9.44E-01
1-Sep-69 4.53E+00 5.19E+00 5.93E+00 1.56E-01 4.28E-01 8.48E-01 -2.14E+00 -8.69E-01 3.78E-01 1.51E-01 4.80E-01 9.56E-01
1-Oct-69 4.42E+00 5.08E+00 5.77E+00 1.58E-01 4.31E-01 8.49E-01 -2.16E+00 -8.99E-01 3.36E-01 1.54E-01 4.84E-01 9.60E-01
1-Nov-69 4.44E+00 5.11E+00 5.82E+00 1.59E-01 4.34E-01 8.55E-01 -2.15E+00 -8.80E-01 3.64E-01 1.55E-01 4.88E-01 9.67E-01
1-Dec-69 4.56E+00 5.26E+00 6.05E+00 1.60E-01 4.38E-01 8.58E-01 -2.06E+00 -7.59E-01 5.71E-01 1.56E-01 4.92E-01 9.77E-01
1-Jan-70 4.48E+00 5.19E+00 6.02E+00 1.61E-01 4.41E-01 8.68E-01 -2.11E+00 -7.97E-01 5.50E-01 1.57E-01 4.97E-01 9.98E-01
1-Feb-70 4.39E+00 5.06E+00 5.77E+00 1.63E-01 4.45E-01 8.78E-01 -2.31E+00 -1.02E+00 1.95E-01 1.59E-01 5.02E-01 1.01E+00
1-Mar-70 4.12E+00 4.86E+00 5.55E+00 1.64E-01 4.49E-01 8.84E-01 -2.29E+00 -9.66E-01 2.63E-01 1.60E-01 5.03E-01 1.01E+00
1-Apr-70 4.35E+00 5.03E+00 5.73E+00 1.64E-01 4.53E-01 8.87E-01 -2.09E+00 -7.91E-01 4.81E-01 1.62E-01 5.06E-01 1.02E+00
1-May-70 4.27E+00 4.98E+00 5.79E+00 1.67E-01 4.56E-01 8.96E-01 -2.05E+00 -6.07E-01 8.37E-01 1.64E-01 5.08E-01 1.01E+00
1-Jun-70 3.99E+00 4.69E+00 5.45E+00 1.69E-01 4.59E-01 8.97E-01 -2.15E+00 -7.43E-01 7.04E-01 1.67E-01 5.10E-01 1.00E+00
1-Jul-70 3.93E+00 4.65E+00 5.34E+00 1.72E-01 4.62E-01 9.06E-01 -2.34E+00 -1.02E+00 3.04E-01 1.67E-01 5.11E-01 1.00E+00
1-Aug-70 4.00E+00 4.71E+00 5.42E+00 1.73E-01 4.66E-01 9.07E-01 -2.48E+00 -1.12E+00 2.64E-01 1.67E-01 5.14E-01 9.98E-01
1-Sep-70 4.26E+00 4.97E+00 5.74E+00 1.74E-01 4.69E-01 9.09E-01 -2.74E+00 -1.40E+00 -7.06E-02 1.69E-01 5.16E-01 1.00E+00
1-Oct-70 4.37E+00 5.17E+00 6.05E+00 1.76E-01 4.73E-01 9.15E-01 -2.97E+00 -1.61E+00 -3.13E-01 1.70E-01 5.18E-01 9.97E-01
1-Nov-70 4.28E+00 5.04E+00 5.89E+00 1.77E-01 4.76E-01 9.26E-01 -3.29E+00 -1.91E+00 -6.51E-01 1.73E-01 5.20E-01 1.00E+00
1-Dec-70 4.22E+00 4.95E+00 5.77E+00 1.78E-01 4.80E-01 9.37E-01 -3.55E+00 -2.06E+00 -7.12E-01 1.75E-01 5.20E-01 1.00E+00
1-Jan-71 3.89E+00 4.62E+00 5.38E+00 1.82E-01 4.83E-01 9.43E-01 -3.39E+00 -1.91E+00 -5.72E-01 1.75E-01 5.21E-01 1.01E+00
1-Feb-71 3.74E+00 4.46E+00 5.21E+00 1.84E-01 4.86E-01 9.43E-01 -3.21E+00 -1.75E+00 -4.50E-01 1.75E-01 5.22E-01 1.00E+00
1-Mar-71 3.50E+00 4.28E+00 5.02E+00 1.87E-01 4.89E-01 9.40E-01 -3.26E+00 -1.69E+00 -2.93E-01 1.76E-01 5.24E-01 1.00E+00
1-Apr-71 3.63E+00 4.38E+00 5.13E+00 1.91E-01 4.92E-01 9.43E-01 -2.92E+00 -1.43E+00 -9.47E-02 1.77E-01 5.25E-01 1.01E+00
1-May-71 3.72E+00 4.46E+00 5.26E+00 1.93E-01 4.95E-01 9.40E-01 -2.42E+00 -1.10E+00 1.39E-01 1.78E-01 5.25E-01 1.01E+00
1-Jun-71 3.56E+00 4.29E+00 5.07E+00 1.96E-01 4.99E-01 9.40E-01 -2.32E+00 -1.01E+00 2.30E-01 1.80E-01 5.24E-01 9.94E-01
1-Jul-71 3.19E+00 3.94E+00 4.72E+00 1.99E-01 5.03E-01 9.43E-01 -2.22E+00 -8.75E-01 4.17E-01 1.82E-01 5.25E-01 9.98E-01
1-Aug-71 2.90E+00 3.65E+00 4.38E+00 2.01E-01 5.07E-01 9.46E-01 -2.26E+00 -9.21E-01 4.08E-01 1.83E-01 5.25E-01 9.94E-01
1-Sep-71 2.53E+00 3.34E+00 4.08E+00 2.04E-01 5.11E-01 9.45E-01 -2.34E+00 -9.99E-01 2.95E-01 1.85E-01 5.26E-01 9.93E-01
1-Oct-71 2.36E+00 3.25E+00 4.07E+00 2.05E-01 5.15E-01 9.49E-01 -2.39E+00 -1.03E+00 2.54E-01 1.87E-01 5.26E-01 9.90E-01
1-Nov-71 2.57E+00 3.39E+00 4.15E+00 2.08E-01 5.18E-01 9.54E-01 -2.24E+00 -9.45E-01 2.96E-01 1.89E-01 5.27E-01 9.89E-01
1-Dec-71 3.03E+00 3.78E+00 4.53E+00 2.10E-01 5.22E-01 9.59E-01 -2.17E+00 -8.79E-01 3.32E-01 1.91E-01 5.28E-01 9.88E-01
1-Jan-72 3.09E+00 3.84E+00 4.61E+00 2.15E-01 5.25E-01 9.63E-01 -2.14E+00 -8.01E-01 4.49E-01 1.93E-01 5.29E-01 9.93E-01
1-Feb-72 2.99E+00 3.74E+00 4.51E+00 2.19E-01 5.29E-01 9.67E-01 -2.00E+00 -6.57E-01 6.14E-01 1.95E-01 5.30E-01 9.89E-01
1-Mar-72 2.58E+00 3.34E+00 4.08E+00 2.23E-01 5.34E-01 9.77E-01 -1.87E+00 -4.86E-01 8.29E-01 1.98E-01 5.32E-01 9.88E-01
1-Apr-72 2.46E+00 3.22E+00 3.96E+00 2.27E-01 5.38E-01 9.77E-01 -1.84E+00 -4.16E-01 9.14E-01 1.99E-01 5.34E-01 9.87E-01
1-May-72 2.38E+00 3.17E+00 3.93E+00 2.30E-01 5.43E-01 9.79E-01 -1.87E+00 -4.64E-01 8.69E-01 2.02E-01 5.36E-01 9.88E-01
1-Jun-72 2.29E+00 3.12E+00 3.92E+00 2.35E-01 5.48E-01 9.80E-01 -1.90E+00 -4.83E-01 8.54E-01 2.05E-01 5.39E-01 9.93E-01
1-Jul-72 2.46E+00 3.30E+00 4.12E+00 2.39E-01 5.53E-01 9.92E-01 -2.00E+00 -5.72E-01 7.36E-01 2.07E-01 5.42E-01 9.99E-01
1-Aug-72 2.66E+00 3.49E+00 4.30E+00 2.44E-01 5.59E-01 9.96E-01 -2.03E+00 -5.47E-01 7.95E-01 2.09E-01 5.45E-01 1.01E+00
1-Sep-72 3.08E+00 3.87E+00 4.66E+00 2.50E-01 5.65E-01 1.01E+00 -2.12E+00 -5.79E-01 8.23E-01 2.13E-01 5.49E-01 1.01E+00
1-Oct-72 2.79E+00 3.63E+00 4.46E+00 2.56E-01 5.72E-01 1.01E+00 -2.20E+00 -6.31E-01 8.06E-01 2.17E-01 5.52E-01 1.01E+00
1-Nov-72 2.82E+00 3.67E+00 4.50E+00 2.61E-01 5.78E-01 1.02E+00 -2.32E+00 -8.09E-01 5.78E-01 2.20E-01 5.56E-01 1.02E+00
1-Dec-72 2.87E+00 3.71E+00 4.55E+00 2.68E-01 5.86E-01 1.03E+00 -2.44E+00 -8.37E-01 6.14E-01 2.23E-01 5.60E-01 1.02E+00
1-Jan-73 3.00E+00 3.90E+00 4.81E+00 2.75E-01 5.93E-01 1.03E+00 -2.65E+00 -9.73E-01 5.64E-01 2.27E-01 5.65E-01 1.04E+00
1-Feb-73 3.62E+00 4.46E+00 5.32E+00 2.80E-01 6.01E-01 1.05E+00 -2.93E+00 -1.27E+00 2.61E-01 2.30E-01 5.70E-01 1.04E+00
1-Mar-73 4.19E+00 5.01E+00 5.85E+00 2.87E-01 6.08E-01 1.06E+00 -3.23E+00 -1.67E+00 -1.58E-01 2.31E-01 5.75E-01 1.04E+00
1-Apr-73 4.56E+00 5.37E+00 6.20E+00 2.93E-01 6.13E-01 1.06E+00 -3.46E+00 -1.99E+00 -5.29E-01 2.36E-01 5.78E-01 1.05E+00
1-May-73 4.66E+00 5.48E+00 6.30E+00 2.99E-01 6.18E-01 1.06E+00 -3.48E+00 -2.01E+00 -5.50E-01 2.39E-01 5.83E-01 1.06E+00
1-Jun-73 4.86E+00 5.69E+00 6.52E+00 3.04E-01 6.24E-01 1.07E+00 -3.71E+00 -2.24E+00 -8.07E-01 2.42E-01 5.87E-01 1.06E+00
1-Jul-73 4.93E+00 5.81E+00 6.69E+00 3.10E-01 6.32E-01 1.08E+00 -3.81E+00 -2.16E+00 -5.89E-01 2.46E-01 5.92E-01 1.07E+00
1-Aug-73 5.89E+00 6.77E+00 7.69E+00 3.18E-01 6.38E-01 1.08E+00 -4.25E+00 -2.67E+00 -1.12E+00 2.49E-01 5.96E-01 1.07E+00
1-Sep-73 5.38E+00 6.21E+00 7.06E+00 3.22E-01 6.43E-01 1.09E+00 -4.30E+00 -2.73E+00 -1.25E+00 2.52E-01 6.00E-01 1.08E+00
1-Oct-73 5.17E+00 6.03E+00 6.90E+00 3.25E-01 6.46E-01 1.09E+00 -4.56E+00 -3.02E+00 -1.56E+00 2.54E-01 6.03E-01 1.08E+00
1-Nov-73 5.40E+00 6.30E+00 7.16E+00 3.30E-01 6.50E-01 1.09E+00 -4.86E+00 -3.34E+00 -1.90E+00 2.55E-01 6.06E-01 1.09E+00
1-Dec-73 5.66E+00 6.57E+00 7.46E+00 3.36E-01 6.53E-01 1.09E+00 -5.09E+00 -3.56E+00 -2.11E+00 2.57E-01 6.09E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jan-74 6.32E+00 7.22E+00 8.12E+00 3.44E-01 6.57E-01 1.09E+00 -5.45E+00 -3.84E+00 -2.28E+00 2.56E-01 6.11E-01 1.09E+00
1-Feb-74 7.16E+00 8.08E+00 9.01E+00 3.46E-01 6.60E-01 1.09E+00 -6.05E+00 -4.46E+00 -2.86E+00 2.58E-01 6.14E-01 1.09E+00
1-Mar-74 8.10E+00 9.03E+00 9.96E+00 3.44E-01 6.62E-01 1.08E+00 -6.63E+00 -4.96E+00 -3.27E+00 2.57E-01 6.16E-01 1.10E+00
1-Apr-74 8.59E+00 9.50E+00 1.04E+01 3.42E-01 6.61E-01 1.09E+00 -6.71E+00 -5.07E+00 -3.38E+00 2.59E-01 6.16E-01 1.10E+00
1-May-74 9.17E+00 1.01E+01 1.11E+01 3.38E-01 6.61E-01 1.10E+00 -7.28E+00 -5.51E+00 -3.72E+00 2.58E-01 6.17E-01 1.10E+00
1-Jun-74 9.33E+00 1.03E+01 1.13E+01 3.31E-01 6.59E-01 1.10E+00 -7.42E+00 -5.65E+00 -3.78E+00 2.59E-01 6.17E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jul-74 9.30E+00 1.03E+01 1.12E+01 3.32E-01 6.57E-01 1.10E+00 -7.38E+00 -5.60E+00 -3.67E+00 2.60E-01 6.17E-01 1.10E+00
1-Aug-74 9.58E+00 1.08E+01 1.19E+01 3.30E-01 6.56E-01 1.10E+00 -7.20E+00 -5.43E+00 -3.60E+00 2.60E-01 6.18E-01 1.10E+00
1-Sep-74 9.38E+00 1.06E+01 1.18E+01 3.28E-01 6.54E-01 1.10E+00 -7.17E+00 -5.40E+00 -3.47E+00 2.61E-01 6.18E-01 1.10E+00
1-Oct-74 8.74E+00 9.80E+00 1.08E+01 3.27E-01 6.52E-01 1.09E+00 -7.06E+00 -5.29E+00 -3.16E+00 2.62E-01 6.18E-01 1.10E+00
1-Nov-74 8.30E+00 9.32E+00 1.03E+01 3.24E-01 6.49E-01 1.09E+00 -6.69E+00 -4.93E+00 -2.83E+00 2.63E-01 6.18E-01 1.09E+00
1-Dec-74 7.93E+00 8.88E+00 9.85E+00 3.22E-01 6.46E-01 1.09E+00 -6.32E+00 -4.53E+00 -2.47E+00 2.60E-01 6.19E-01 1.10E+00
1-Jan-75 7.53E+00 8.42E+00 9.33E+00 3.16E-01 6.43E-01 1.09E+00 -5.71E+00 -3.96E+00 -2.10E+00 2.60E-01 6.19E-01 1.09E+00
1-Feb-75 6.94E+00 7.81E+00 8.72E+00 3.14E-01 6.38E-01 1.08E+00 -5.20E+00 -3.42E+00 -1.64E+00 2.58E-01 6.18E-01 1.08E+00
1-Mar-75 6.27E+00 7.14E+00 8.00E+00 3.09E-01 6.32E-01 1.07E+00 -4.29E+00 -2.65E+00 -1.15E+00 2.55E-01 6.16E-01 1.09E+00
1-Apr-75 5.86E+00 6.78E+00 7.67E+00 3.00E-01 6.25E-01 1.06E+00 -3.54E+00 -2.04E+00 -5.73E-01 2.52E-01 6.13E-01 1.09E+00
1-May-75 5.51E+00 6.43E+00 7.27E+00 2.95E-01 6.18E-01 1.06E+00 -3.43E+00 -1.95E+00 -4.62E-01 2.48E-01 6.08E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jun-75 5.65E+00 6.48E+00 7.28E+00 2.88E-01 6.11E-01 1.05E+00 -3.48E+00 -2.11E+00 -8.00E-01 2.46E-01 6.03E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jul-75 5.94E+00 6.75E+00 7.54E+00 2.82E-01 6.05E-01 1.04E+00 -3.50E+00 -2.13E+00 -8.34E-01 2.41E-01 5.99E-01 1.09E+00
1-Aug-75 5.88E+00 6.66E+00 7.43E+00 2.77E-01 5.99E-01 1.04E+00 -3.15E+00 -1.81E+00 -4.93E-01 2.40E-01 5.94E-01 1.08E+00
1-Sep-75 5.88E+00 6.61E+00 7.37E+00 2.73E-01 5.93E-01 1.03E+00 -3.14E+00 -1.83E+00 -5.68E-01 2.37E-01 5.90E-01 1.07E+00
1-Oct-75 5.83E+00 6.56E+00 7.33E+00 2.69E-01 5.87E-01 1.02E+00 -3.25E+00 -1.92E+00 -6.68E-01 2.34E-01 5.85E-01 1.07E+00
1-Nov-75 5.80E+00 6.56E+00 7.37E+00 2.65E-01 5.83E-01 1.02E+00 -3.27E+00 -1.93E+00 -6.89E-01 2.31E-01 5.81E-01 1.06E+00
1-Dec-75 5.51E+00 6.28E+00 7.06E+00 2.62E-01 5.79E-01 1.01E+00 -3.18E+00 -1.85E+00 -5.90E-01 2.30E-01 5.78E-01 1.05E+00
1-Jan-76 5.06E+00 5.86E+00 6.62E+00 2.56E-01 5.75E-01 1.00E+00 -3.10E+00 -1.74E+00 -4.52E-01 2.29E-01 5.75E-01 1.05E+00
1-Feb-76 4.59E+00 5.43E+00 6.20E+00 2.53E-01 5.71E-01 9.94E-01 -2.82E+00 -1.45E+00 -9.92E-02 2.26E-01 5.72E-01 1.04E+00
1-Mar-76 4.31E+00 5.19E+00 6.02E+00 2.49E-01 5.66E-01 1.00E+00 -2.74E+00 -1.33E+00 7.65E-02 2.24E-01 5.69E-01 1.04E+00
1-Apr-76 4.25E+00 5.15E+00 6.00E+00 2.46E-01 5.62E-01 9.89E-01 -2.71E+00 -1.33E+00 2.45E-02 2.21E-01 5.65E-01 1.03E+00
1-May-76 4.73E+00 5.52E+00 6.27E+00 2.44E-01 5.58E-01 9.83E-01 -2.68E+00 -1.31E+00 1.71E-02 2.20E-01 5.63E-01 1.03E+00
1-Jun-76 4.87E+00 5.65E+00 6.40E+00 2.42E-01 5.53E-01 9.77E-01 -2.81E+00 -1.46E+00 -1.62E-01 2.18E-01 5.60E-01 1.02E+00
1-Jul-76 5.12E+00 5.86E+00 6.58E+00 2.39E-01 5.49E-01 9.71E-01 -2.97E+00 -1.64E+00 -3.50E-01 2.16E-01 5.58E-01 1.02E+00
1-Aug-76 5.32E+00 6.04E+00 6.78E+00 2.37E-01 5.45E-01 9.66E-01 -3.14E+00 -1.82E+00 -5.56E-01 2.14E-01 5.56E-01 1.01E+00
1-Sep-76 5.41E+00 6.12E+00 6.86E+00 2.34E-01 5.42E-01 9.60E-01 -3.29E+00 -1.99E+00 -7.96E-01 2.14E-01 5.54E-01 1.01E+00
1-Oct-76 5.42E+00 6.14E+00 6.88E+00 2.33E-01 5.39E-01 9.58E-01 -3.27E+00 -2.00E+00 -8.10E-01 2.14E-01 5.53E-01 1.00E+00
1-Nov-76 5.37E+00 6.08E+00 6.82E+00 2.30E-01 5.37E-01 9.58E-01 -3.30E+00 -2.01E+00 -8.20E-01 2.13E-01 5.52E-01 9.98E-01
1-Dec-76 5.31E+00 6.05E+00 6.77E+00 2.28E-01 5.35E-01 9.52E-01 -3.51E+00 -2.18E+00 -9.87E-01 2.12E-01 5.50E-01 1.00E+00
1-Jan-77 5.49E+00 6.19E+00 6.91E+00 2.26E-01 5.33E-01 9.52E-01 -3.35E+00 -2.05E+00 -8.59E-01 2.10E-01 5.50E-01 9.99E-01
1-Feb-77 5.65E+00 6.36E+00 7.13E+00 2.26E-01 5.31E-01 9.52E-01 -3.28E+00 -2.01E+00 -8.27E-01 2.10E-01 5.48E-01 9.97E-01
1-Mar-77 5.43E+00 6.15E+00 6.86E+00 2.24E-01 5.29E-01 9.50E-01 -3.16E+00 -1.90E+00 -7.30E-01 2.08E-01 5.48E-01 9.95E-01
1-Apr-77 5.41E+00 6.13E+00 6.83E+00 2.24E-01 5.27E-01 9.48E-01 -3.22E+00 -1.99E+00 -8.05E-01 2.09E-01 5.47E-01 9.91E-01
1-May-77 5.44E+00 6.17E+00 6.88E+00 2.24E-01 5.26E-01 9.45E-01 -3.20E+00 -1.95E+00 -7.76E-01 2.07E-01 5.46E-01 9.84E-01
1-Jun-77 5.46E+00 6.19E+00 6.89E+00 2.24E-01 5.26E-01 9.50E-01 -3.34E+00 -2.08E+00 -9.11E-01 2.08E-01 5.46E-01 9.88E-01
1-Jul-77 5.48E+00 6.22E+00 6.93E+00 2.25E-01 5.26E-01 9.47E-01 -3.37E+00 -2.09E+00 -9.31E-01 2.07E-01 5.46E-01 9.93E-01
1-Aug-77 5.47E+00 6.25E+00 6.98E+00 2.25E-01 5.27E-01 9.49E-01 -3.35E+00 -2.08E+00 -9.09E-01 2.08E-01 5.47E-01 9.95E-01
1-Sep-77 5.54E+00 6.34E+00 7.09E+00 2.26E-01 5.27E-01 9.52E-01 -3.36E+00 -2.07E+00 -8.65E-01 2.09E-01 5.48E-01 9.96E-01
1-Oct-77 5.75E+00 6.48E+00 7.21E+00 2.27E-01 5.28E-01 9.50E-01 -3.21E+00 -1.94E+00 -7.45E-01 2.09E-01 5.49E-01 9.99E-01
1-Nov-77 5.83E+00 6.55E+00 7.28E+00 2.27E-01 5.30E-01 9.49E-01 -3.14E+00 -1.85E+00 -6.61E-01 2.10E-01 5.50E-01 9.94E-01
1-Dec-77 5.67E+00 6.41E+00 7.12E+00 2.28E-01 5.31E-01 9.48E-01 -2.96E+00 -1.69E+00 -4.80E-01 2.11E-01 5.52E-01 9.98E-01
1-Jan-78 5.74E+00 6.48E+00 7.19E+00 2.27E-01 5.32E-01 9.54E-01 -2.91E+00 -1.63E+00 -4.04E-01 2.12E-01 5.54E-01 9.95E-01
1-Feb-78 5.68E+00 6.46E+00 7.19E+00 2.27E-01 5.35E-01 9.60E-01 -2.94E+00 -1.64E+00 -3.89E-01 2.12E-01 5.56E-01 1.01E+00
1-Mar-78 5.99E+00 6.74E+00 7.47E+00 2.28E-01 5.37E-01 9.62E-01 -3.13E+00 -1.83E+00 -5.94E-01 2.15E-01 5.58E-01 1.00E+00
1-Apr-78 6.35E+00 7.06E+00 7.79E+00 2.30E-01 5.39E-01 9.66E-01 -3.29E+00 -1.96E+00 -7.15E-01 2.15E-01 5.61E-01 1.01E+00
1-May-78 6.49E+00 7.22E+00 7.96E+00 2.30E-01 5.42E-01 9.75E-01 -3.32E+00 -1.99E+00 -7.60E-01 2.17E-01 5.63E-01 1.01E+00
1-Jun-78 6.58E+00 7.29E+00 8.03E+00 2.32E-01 5.45E-01 9.81E-01 -3.32E+00 -2.00E+00 -7.61E-01 2.18E-01 5.67E-01 1.02E+00
1-Jul-78 6.57E+00 7.31E+00 8.06E+00 2.32E-01 5.48E-01 9.85E-01 -3.29E+00 -1.98E+00 -7.49E-01 2.19E-01 5.70E-01 1.02E+00
1-Aug-78 6.45E+00 7.20E+00 7.94E+00 2.31E-01 5.52E-01 9.98E-01 -3.44E+00 -2.13E+00 -8.90E-01 2.23E-01 5.74E-01 1.03E+00
1-Sep-78 6.54E+00 7.29E+00 8.03E+00 2.34E-01 5.56E-01 1.00E+00 -3.48E+00 -2.13E+00 -8.67E-01 2.26E-01 5.79E-01 1.04E+00
1-Oct-78 6.72E+00 7.46E+00 8.24E+00 2.36E-01 5.61E-01 1.00E+00 -3.35E+00 -2.01E+00 -7.45E-01 2.29E-01 5.84E-01 1.05E+00
1-Nov-78 6.43E+00 7.20E+00 7.94E+00 2.38E-01 5.65E-01 1.01E+00 -3.12E+00 -1.81E+00 -5.61E-01 2.32E-01 5.89E-01 1.05E+00
1-Dec-78 6.20E+00 7.04E+00 7.82E+00 2.40E-01 5.70E-01 1.01E+00 -2.95E+00 -1.62E+00 -3.16E-01 2.34E-01 5.95E-01 1.06E+00
1-Jan-79 6.50E+00 7.30E+00 8.07E+00 2.43E-01 5.76E-01 1.02E+00 -3.10E+00 -1.77E+00 -4.60E-01 2.38E-01 6.00E-01 1.08E+00
1-Feb-79 6.52E+00 7.38E+00 8.21E+00 2.46E-01 5.81E-01 1.03E+00 -3.28E+00 -1.87E+00 -5.14E-01 2.41E-01 6.06E-01 1.09E+00
1-Mar-79 7.08E+00 7.89E+00 8.70E+00 2.47E-01 5.88E-01 1.04E+00 -3.58E+00 -2.19E+00 -8.37E-01 2.43E-01 6.12E-01 1.10E+00
1-Apr-79 7.62E+00 8.41E+00 9.30E+00 2.49E-01 5.93E-01 1.04E+00 -4.00E+00 -2.48E+00 -1.04E+00 2.44E-01 6.19E-01 1.11E+00
1-May-79 7.71E+00 8.54E+00 9.45E+00 2.50E-01 5.98E-01 1.05E+00 -4.10E+00 -2.58E+00 -1.10E+00 2.48E-01 6.25E-01 1.11E+00
1-Jun-79 7.38E+00 8.20E+00 9.00E+00 2.51E-01 6.04E-01 1.06E+00 -4.13E+00 -2.67E+00 -1.15E+00 2.53E-01 6.31E-01 1.11E+00
1-Jul-79 7.35E+00 8.18E+00 8.98E+00 2.54E-01 6.09E-01 1.07E+00 -4.00E+00 -2.55E+00 -1.03E+00 2.55E-01 6.38E-01 1.13E+00
1-Aug-79 7.40E+00 8.24E+00 9.07E+00 2.56E-01 6.14E-01 1.07E+00 -3.93E+00 -2.43E+00 -8.66E-01 2.59E-01 6.46E-01 1.15E+00
1-Sep-79 7.64E+00 8.51E+00 9.34E+00 2.57E-01 6.21E-01 1.09E+00 -3.79E+00 -2.25E+00 -6.86E-01 2.62E-01 6.53E-01 1.16E+00
1-Oct-79 8.11E+00 8.91E+00 9.72E+00 2.59E-01 6.29E-01 1.10E+00 -3.15E+00 -1.71E+00 -3.11E-01 2.66E-01 6.62E-01 1.17E+00
1-Nov-79 8.09E+00 8.90E+00 9.74E+00 2.61E-01 6.34E-01 1.11E+00 -2.86E+00 -1.46E+00 -1.00E-01 2.69E-01 6.70E-01 1.18E+00
1-Dec-79 7.99E+00 8.83E+00 9.65E+00 2.62E-01 6.43E-01 1.13E+00 -3.10E+00 -1.68E+00 -2.51E-01 2.75E-01 6.79E-01 1.19E+00
1-Jan-80 8.56E+00 9.37E+00 1.02E+01 2.65E-01 6.51E-01 1.15E+00 -3.03E+00 -1.55E+00 -8.23E-02 2.79E-01 6.88E-01 1.21E+00
1-Feb-80 9.00E+00 1.03E+01 1.14E+01 2.67E-01 6.59E-01 1.16E+00 -2.57E+00 -8.34E-01 9.19E-01 2.83E-01 6.98E-01 1.23E+00
1-Mar-80 9.10E+00 1.04E+01 1.16E+01 2.68E-01 6.65E-01 1.16E+00 -2.92E+00 -1.22E+00 5.61E-01 2.88E-01 7.05E-01 1.24E+00
1-Apr-80 8.33E+00 9.20E+00 1.01E+01 2.67E-01 6.71E-01 1.17E+00 -3.28E+00 -1.82E+00 -3.60E-01 2.93E-01 7.12E-01 1.24E+00
1-May-80 7.70E+00 8.68E+00 9.64E+00 2.68E-01 6.74E-01 1.18E+00 -4.05E+00 -2.43E+00 -6.16E-01 3.01E-01 7.17E-01 1.24E+00
1-Jun-80 7.08E+00 8.18E+00 9.31E+00 2.70E-01 6.77E-01 1.18E+00 -4.07E+00 -2.28E+00 -2.42E-01 3.05E-01 7.20E-01 1.25E+00
1-Jul-80 7.69E+00 8.64E+00 9.54E+00 2.71E-01 6.78E-01 1.19E+00 -3.16E+00 -1.64E+00 2.52E-02 3.06E-01 7.24E-01 1.25E+00
1-Aug-80 8.53E+00 9.36E+00 1.02E+01 2.72E-01 6.79E-01 1.20E+00 -2.61E+00 -1.13E+00 3.76E-01 3.10E-01 7.27E-01 1.25E+00
1-Sep-80 8.92E+00 9.77E+00 1.07E+01 2.73E-01 6.78E-01 1.20E+00 -2.63E+00 -1.04E+00 6.17E-01 3.13E-01 7.30E-01 1.26E+00
1-Oct-80 8.84E+00 9.68E+00 1.06E+01 2.74E-01 6.77E-01 1.20E+00 -2.33E+00 -7.50E-01 9.85E-01 3.17E-01 7.34E-01 1.26E+00
1-Nov-80 8.75E+00 9.70E+00 1.07E+01 2.76E-01 6.77E-01 1.20E+00 -1.61E+00 -1.17E-01 1.42E+00 3.18E-01 7.37E-01 1.27E+00
1-Dec-80 8.28E+00 9.14E+00 1.00E+01 2.78E-01 6.77E-01 1.20E+00 -1.28E+00 1.82E-01 1.71E+00 3.21E-01 7.39E-01 1.26E+00
1-Jan-81 8.07E+00 8.93E+00 9.81E+00 2.81E-01 6.76E-01 1.20E+00 -1.50E+00 7.42E-02 1.91E+00 3.21E-01 7.41E-01 1.27E+00
1-Feb-81 8.24E+00 9.12E+00 1.00E+01 2.83E-01 6.76E-01 1.19E+00 -7.79E-01 7.16E-01 2.32E+00 3.20E-01 7.44E-01 1.27E+00
1-Mar-81 7.89E+00 8.74E+00 9.59E+00 2.86E-01 6.76E-01 1.19E+00 -5.51E-01 9.76E-01 2.65E+00 3.21E-01 7.45E-01 1.27E+00
1-Apr-81 7.71E+00 8.56E+00 9.40E+00 2.87E-01 6.76E-01 1.19E+00 9.35E-02 1.58E+00 3.09E+00 3.20E-01 7.48E-01 1.28E+00
1-May-81 7.47E+00 8.34E+00 9.21E+00 2.86E-01 6.77E-01 1.19E+00 5.21E-01 1.97E+00 3.42E+00 3.19E-01 7.51E-01 1.28E+00
1-Jun-81 6.70E+00 7.59E+00 8.46E+00 2.88E-01 6.78E-01 1.19E+00 9.16E-02 1.79E+00 3.54E+00 3.20E-01 7.53E-01 1.29E+00
1-Jul-81 7.02E+00 7.86E+00 8.71E+00 2.89E-01 6.79E-01 1.19E+00 9.25E-01 2.42E+00 3.91E+00 3.18E-01 7.55E-01 1.29E+00
1-Aug-81 7.05E+00 7.93E+00 8.82E+00 2.88E-01 6.78E-01 1.19E+00 1.51E+00 2.91E+00 4.25E+00 3.13E-01 7.56E-01 1.30E+00
1-Sep-81 6.77E+00 7.82E+00 8.83E+00 2.89E-01 6.79E-01 1.19E+00 1.96E+00 3.34E+00 4.67E+00 3.10E-01 7.56E-01 1.30E+00
1-Oct-81 6.25E+00 7.26E+00 8.29E+00 2.88E-01 6.81E-01 1.20E+00 2.18E+00 3.62E+00 4.98E+00 3.09E-01 7.56E-01 1.31E+00
1-Nov-81 5.27E+00 6.21E+00 7.12E+00 2.85E-01 6.80E-01 1.19E+00 1.09E+00 2.76E+00 4.40E+00 3.08E-01 7.56E-01 1.30E+00
1-Dec-81 5.02E+00 5.91E+00 6.75E+00 2.83E-01 6.77E-01 1.19E+00 1.81E+00 3.41E+00 4.93E+00 3.06E-01 7.55E-01 1.29E+00
1-Jan-82 5.50E+00 6.40E+00 7.31E+00 2.79E-01 6.75E-01 1.19E+00 2.62E+00 4.10E+00 5.50E+00 3.05E-01 7.51E-01 1.29E+00
1-Feb-82 5.10E+00 6.00E+00 6.89E+00 2.76E-01 6.72E-01 1.18E+00 2.55E+00 4.12E+00 5.61E+00 3.05E-01 7.47E-01 1.29E+00
1-Mar-82 4.72E+00 5.60E+00 6.43E+00 2.74E-01 6.68E-01 1.18E+00 2.14E+00 3.61E+00 5.04E+00 3.04E-01 7.43E-01 1.29E+00
1-Apr-82 4.53E+00 5.39E+00 6.22E+00 2.70E-01 6.64E-01 1.18E+00 2.17E+00 3.63E+00 5.06E+00 3.02E-01 7.39E-01 1.28E+00
1-May-82 4.94E+00 5.73E+00 6.57E+00 2.67E-01 6.62E-01 1.17E+00 1.95E+00 3.30E+00 4.58E+00 3.00E-01 7.35E-01 1.27E+00
1-Jun-82 5.17E+00 6.29E+00 7.32E+00 2.62E-01 6.59E-01 1.18E+00 2.07E+00 3.59E+00 5.03E+00 2.98E-01 7.32E-01 1.27E+00
1-Jul-82 4.86E+00 5.95E+00 6.95E+00 2.58E-01 6.55E-01 1.17E+00 1.77E+00 3.20E+00 4.55E+00 3.00E-01 7.28E-01 1.26E+00
1-Aug-82 4.29E+00 5.16E+00 6.05E+00 2.55E-01 6.52E-01 1.18E+00 1.41E+00 2.83E+00 4.16E+00 2.97E-01 7.25E-01 1.25E+00
1-Sep-82 3.88E+00 4.69E+00 5.51E+00 2.48E-01 6.48E-01 1.18E+00 1.05E+00 2.52E+00 3.87E+00 2.98E-01 7.21E-01 1.25E+00
1-Oct-82 3.35E+00 4.35E+00 5.32E+00 2.43E-01 6.43E-01 1.18E+00 1.89E-01 1.76E+00 3.43E+00 2.95E-01 7.18E-01 1.25E+00
1-Nov-82 3.03E+00 4.01E+00 4.94E+00 2.36E-01 6.38E-01 1.19E+00 3.00E-01 1.97E+00 3.67E+00 2.94E-01 7.13E-01 1.24E+00
1-Dec-82 3.05E+00 3.96E+00 4.84E+00 2.33E-01 6.30E-01 1.18E+00 7.31E-01 2.36E+00 3.91E+00 2.92E-01 7.07E-01 1.23E+00
1-Jan-83 3.35E+00 4.22E+00 5.09E+00 2.31E-01 6.24E-01 1.16E+00 9.55E-01 2.52E+00 4.07E+00 2.91E-01 7.02E-01 1.23E+00
1-Feb-83 3.01E+00 3.85E+00 4.67E+00 2.29E-01 6.18E-01 1.16E+00 1.62E+00 3.11E+00 4.48E+00 2.87E-01 6.97E-01 1.22E+00
1-Mar-83 2.59E+00 3.50E+00 4.37E+00 2.26E-01 6.12E-01 1.14E+00 1.70E+00 3.22E+00 4.61E+00 2.83E-01 6.92E-01 1.21E+00
1-Apr-83 2.81E+00 3.69E+00 4.54E+00 2.24E-01 6.06E-01 1.14E+00 1.65E+00 3.09E+00 4.46E+00 2.82E-01 6.87E-01 1.21E+00
1-May-83 2.86E+00 3.80E+00 4.68E+00 2.21E-01 6.01E-01 1.13E+00 1.81E+00 3.24E+00 4.59E+00 2.81E-01 6.82E-01 1.20E+00
1-Jun-83 3.46E+00 4.25E+00 5.01E+00 2.18E-01 5.95E-01 1.12E+00 2.05E+00 3.45E+00 4.75E+00 2.81E-01 6.78E-01 1.20E+00
1-Jul-83 3.88E+00 4.67E+00 5.53E+00 2.15E-01 5.89E-01 1.10E+00 2.24E+00 3.69E+00 5.00E+00 2.82E-01 6.73E-01 1.18E+00
1-Aug-83 3.80E+00 4.64E+00 5.55E+00 2.13E-01 5.83E-01 1.10E+00 2.62E+00 4.01E+00 5.29E+00 2.83E-01 6.69E-01 1.18E+00
1-Sep-83 3.53E+00 4.28E+00 5.05E+00 2.11E-01 5.78E-01 1.08E+00 2.54E+00 3.90E+00 5.19E+00 2.81E-01 6.66E-01 1.18E+00
1-Oct-83 3.19E+00 3.97E+00 4.69E+00 2.08E-01 5.72E-01 1.08E+00 2.71E+00 4.06E+00 5.31E+00 2.81E-01 6.63E-01 1.18E+00
1-Nov-83 3.07E+00 3.86E+00 4.60E+00 2.06E-01 5.67E-01 1.08E+00 2.96E+00 4.27E+00 5.53E+00 2.78E-01 6.60E-01 1.17E+00
1-Dec-83 3.00E+00 3.84E+00 4.60E+00 2.04E-01 5.61E-01 1.07E+00 3.15E+00 4.46E+00 5.73E+00 2.77E-01 6.58E-01 1.18E+00
1-Jan-84 3.37E+00 4.14E+00 4.90E+00 2.03E-01 5.56E-01 1.06E+00 2.89E+00 4.22E+00 5.49E+00 2.76E-01 6.57E-01 1.17E+00
1-Feb-84 3.76E+00 4.53E+00 5.37E+00 1.99E-01 5.51E-01 1.05E+00 2.79E+00 4.26E+00 5.65E+00 2.73E-01 6.56E-01 1.17E+00
1-Mar-84 3.69E+00 4.43E+00 5.21E+00 1.98E-01 5.47E-01 1.05E+00 3.39E+00 4.73E+00 6.03E+00 2.69E-01 6.56E-01 1.18E+00
1-Apr-84 3.60E+00 4.36E+00 5.16E+00 1.95E-01 5.43E-01 1.05E+00 3.57E+00 4.93E+00 6.24E+00 2.65E-01 6.54E-01 1.18E+00
1-May-84 3.36E+00 4.19E+00 5.17E+00 1.92E-01 5.39E-01 1.05E+00 3.89E+00 5.55E+00 7.01E+00 2.65E-01 6.53E-01 1.18E+00
1-Jun-84 3.21E+00 4.02E+00 4.98E+00 1.89E-01 5.37E-01 1.06E+00 3.65E+00 5.46E+00 7.00E+00 2.64E-01 6.49E-01 1.17E+00
1-Jul-84 3.15E+00 3.92E+00 4.77E+00 1.87E-01 5.32E-01 1.04E+00 3.39E+00 5.06E+00 6.52E+00 2.62E-01 6.44E-01 1.15E+00
1-Aug-84 2.84E+00 3.58E+00 4.29E+00 1.86E-01 5.27E-01 1.02E+00 3.08E+00 4.50E+00 5.84E+00 2.60E-01 6.40E-01 1.14E+00
1-Sep-84 2.60E+00 3.38E+00 4.08E+00 1.84E-01 5.23E-01 1.01E+00 2.92E+00 4.34E+00 5.72E+00 2.58E-01 6.35E-01 1.13E+00
1-Oct-84 2.62E+00 3.40E+00 4.12E+00 1.82E-01 5.19E-01 1.00E+00 2.71E+00 4.08E+00 5.41E+00 2.61E-01 6.30E-01 1.11E+00
1-Nov-84 2.55E+00 3.37E+00 4.12E+00 1.80E-01 5.15E-01 9.91E-01 2.51E+00 3.85E+00 5.15E+00 2.62E-01 6.26E-01 1.11E+00
1-Dec-84 2.91E+00 3.63E+00 4.36E+00 1.79E-01 5.13E-01 9.91E-01 2.49E+00 3.80E+00 5.04E+00 2.60E-01 6.22E-01 1.10E+00
1-Jan-85 3.14E+00 3.84E+00 4.61E+00 1.77E-01 5.10E-01 9.84E-01 2.40E+00 3.73E+00 5.00E+00 2.61E-01 6.19E-01 1.10E+00
1-Feb-85 3.07E+00 3.79E+00 4.59E+00 1.76E-01 5.07E-01 9.85E-01 2.37E+00 3.73E+00 5.01E+00 2.59E-01 6.17E-01 1.10E+00
1-Mar-85 2.90E+00 3.69E+00 4.59E+00 1.73E-01 5.06E-01 9.82E-01 2.41E+00 3.96E+00 5.37E+00 2.58E-01 6.15E-01 1.09E+00
1-Apr-85 2.58E+00 3.31E+00 4.07E+00 1.71E-01 5.04E-01 9.81E-01 2.17E+00 3.74E+00 5.18E+00 2.57E-01 6.12E-01 1.09E+00
1-May-85 2.39E+00 3.14E+00 3.86E+00 1.68E-01 5.02E-01 9.81E-01 1.93E+00 3.39E+00 4.76E+00 2.54E-01 6.11E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jun-85 2.00E+00 2.93E+00 3.75E+00 1.68E-01 5.00E-01 9.77E-01 1.61E+00 2.96E+00 4.27E+00 2.51E-01 6.08E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jul-85 2.28E+00 3.10E+00 3.84E+00 1.65E-01 4.98E-01 9.78E-01 1.68E+00 3.12E+00 4.46E+00 2.51E-01 6.05E-01 1.08E+00
1-Aug-85 2.54E+00 3.27E+00 4.00E+00 1.63E-01 4.96E-01 9.78E-01 1.56E+00 3.05E+00 4.43E+00 2.51E-01 6.01E-01 1.07E+00
1-Sep-85 2.56E+00 3.30E+00 4.07E+00 1.62E-01 4.94E-01 9.78E-01 1.33E+00 3.01E+00 4.53E+00 2.47E-01 5.99E-01 1.08E+00
1-Oct-85 2.57E+00 3.33E+00 4.13E+00 1.61E-01 4.92E-01 9.72E-01 1.02E+00 2.70E+00 4.26E+00 2.44E-01 5.97E-01 1.07E+00
1-Nov-85 2.60E+00 3.34E+00 4.13E+00 1.59E-01 4.91E-01 9.74E-01 7.08E-01 2.19E+00 3.62E+00 2.40E-01 5.95E-01 1.06E+00
1-Dec-85 2.62E+00 3.36E+00 4.14E+00 1.58E-01 4.90E-01 9.69E-01 3.70E-01 1.73E+00 3.04E+00 2.36E-01 5.92E-01 1.06E+00
1-Jan-86 2.70E+00 3.50E+00 4.39E+00 1.56E-01 4.89E-01 9.69E-01 1.03E-01 1.48E+00 2.83E+00 2.33E-01 5.88E-01 1.05E+00
1-Feb-86 2.35E+00 3.11E+00 3.89E+00 1.54E-01 4.88E-01 9.67E-01 -1.25E-01 1.20E+00 2.48E+00 2.29E-01 5.85E-01 1.05E+00
1-Mar-86 1.66E+00 2.61E+00 3.48E+00 1.53E-01 4.87E-01 9.70E-01 -7.06E-01 7.53E-01 2.11E+00 2.26E-01 5.82E-01 1.05E+00
1-Apr-86 1.32E+00 2.43E+00 3.46E+00 1.52E-01 4.84E-01 9.69E-01 -9.19E-01 6.99E-01 2.18E+00 2.24E-01 5.77E-01 1.04E+00
1-May-86 2.06E+00 2.87E+00 3.61E+00 1.52E-01 4.82E-01 9.63E-01 -3.31E-01 1.00E+00 2.23E+00 2.21E-01 5.73E-01 1.04E+00
1-Jun-86 2.46E+00 3.18E+00 3.91E+00 1.51E-01 4.78E-01 9.60E-01 -2.93E-01 1.02E+00 2.22E+00 2.19E-01 5.68E-01 1.04E+00
1-Jul-86 2.14E+00 2.94E+00 3.65E+00 1.50E-01 4.74E-01 9.51E-01 -4.76E-01 8.81E-01 2.12E+00 2.16E-01 5.63E-01 1.03E+00
1-Aug-86 2.28E+00 3.05E+00 3.74E+00 1.49E-01 4.71E-01 9.39E-01 -4.16E-01 9.46E-01 2.18E+00 2.15E-01 5.59E-01 1.03E+00
1-Sep-86 2.67E+00 3.34E+00 4.07E+00 1.48E-01 4.67E-01 9.32E-01 -1.63E-01 1.12E+00 2.31E+00 2.10E-01 5.55E-01 1.02E+00
1-Oct-86 2.53E+00 3.22E+00 3.93E+00 1.48E-01 4.63E-01 9.27E-01 -1.25E-01 1.14E+00 2.32E+00 2.07E-01 5.51E-01 1.01E+00
1-Nov-86 2.43E+00 3.13E+00 3.80E+00 1.49E-01 4.60E-01 9.18E-01 -2.37E-01 1.05E+00 2.25E+00 2.06E-01 5.48E-01 1.01E+00
1-Dec-86 2.36E+00 3.10E+00 3.78E+00 1.48E-01 4.56E-01 9.08E-01 -2.63E-01 1.07E+00 2.29E+00 2.03E-01 5.45E-01 1.00E+00
1-Jan-87 2.68E+00 3.42E+00 4.10E+00 1.49E-01 4.54E-01 9.04E-01 -3.53E-01 1.07E+00 2.36E+00 2.00E-01 5.42E-01 1.00E+00
1-Feb-87 2.72E+00 3.45E+00 4.14E+00 1.48E-01 4.51E-01 9.01E-01 -6.70E-02 1.29E+00 2.55E+00 1.97E-01 5.39E-01 9.98E-01
1-Mar-87 2.57E+00 3.39E+00 4.12E+00 1.48E-01 4.48E-01 9.02E-01 2.66E-02 1.45E+00 2.78E+00 1.95E-01 5.37E-01 1.00E+00
1-Apr-87 2.90E+00 3.59E+00 4.25E+00 1.48E-01 4.46E-01 8.97E-01 6.28E-01 1.88E+00 3.08E+00 1.94E-01 5.35E-01 9.98E-01
1-May-87 2.92E+00 3.61E+00 4.32E+00 1.48E-01 4.43E-01 8.97E-01 7.81E-01 2.06E+00 3.32E+00 1.92E-01 5.32E-01 1.00E+00
1-Jun-87 2.99E+00 3.69E+00 4.35E+00 1.48E-01 4.41E-01 8.86E-01 6.27E-01 1.85E+00 3.06E+00 1.89E-01 5.28E-01 9.95E-01
1-Jul-87 3.05E+00 3.75E+00 4.41E+00 1.47E-01 4.39E-01 8.81E-01 6.41E-01 1.90E+00 3.11E+00 1.86E-01 5.26E-01 9.97E-01
1-Aug-87 3.34E+00 3.99E+00 4.68E+00 1.46E-01 4.38E-01 8.84E-01 6.96E-01 1.97E+00 3.23E+00 1.84E-01 5.23E-01 9.92E-01
1-Sep-87 3.36E+00 4.09E+00 4.96E+00 1.46E-01 4.36E-01 8.84E-01 7.03E-01 2.12E+00 3.57E+00 1.83E-01 5.20E-01 9.90E-01
1-Oct-87 3.23E+00 3.93E+00 4.74E+00 1.45E-01 4.34E-01 8.81E-01 5.31E-01 1.90E+00 3.30E+00 1.81E-01 5.18E-01 9.94E-01
1-Nov-87 2.91E+00 3.66E+00 4.31E+00 1.44E-01 4.32E-01 8.80E-01 3.02E-01 1.54E+00 2.72E+00 1.80E-01 5.15E-01 9.88E-01
1-Dec-87 3.09E+00 3.76E+00 4.41E+00 1.43E-01 4.30E-01 8.76E-01 3.20E-01 1.58E+00 2.85E+00 1.77E-01 5.10E-01 9.77E-01
1-Jan-88 3.21E+00 3.87E+00 4.52E+00 1.41E-01 4.27E-01 8.72E-01 1.43E-01 1.38E+00 2.55E+00 1.74E-01 5.06E-01 9.69E-01
1-Feb-88 2.99E+00 3.77E+00 4.47E+00 1.41E-01 4.25E-01 8.62E-01 3.49E-02 1.33E+00 2.51E+00 1.71E-01 5.02E-01 9.66E-01
1-Mar-88 3.35E+00 4.02E+00 4.69E+00 1.41E-01 4.22E-01 8.57E-01 2.09E-01 1.46E+00 2.63E+00 1.70E-01 4.99E-01 9.66E-01
1-Apr-88 3.58E+00 4.22E+00 4.94E+00 1.38E-01 4.19E-01 8.49E-01 3.54E-01 1.58E+00 2.78E+00 1.67E-01 4.95E-01 9.64E-01
1-May-88 3.53E+00 4.19E+00 4.98E+00 1.38E-01 4.17E-01 8.42E-01 3.80E-01 1.65E+00 2.95E+00 1.64E-01 4.91E-01 9.60E-01
1-Jun-88 3.57E+00 4.19E+00 4.89E+00 1.37E-01 4.14E-01 8.35E-01 2.39E-01 1.46E+00 2.62E+00 1.62E-01 4.88E-01 9.51E-01
1-Jul-88 3.63E+00 4.29E+00 5.06E+00 1.37E-01 4.12E-01 8.26E-01 2.60E-01 1.51E+00 2.73E+00 1.58E-01 4.84E-01 9.54E-01
1-Aug-88 3.53E+00 4.19E+00 4.99E+00 1.36E-01 4.10E-01 8.25E-01 2.30E-01 1.50E+00 2.77E+00 1.56E-01 4.81E-01 9.50E-01
1-Sep-88 3.51E+00 4.14E+00 4.86E+00 1.36E-01 4.07E-01 8.18E-01 9.90E-02 1.31E+00 2.46E+00 1.54E-01 4.78E-01 9.45E-01
1-Oct-88 3.39E+00 4.01E+00 4.67E+00 1.34E-01 4.05E-01 8.17E-01 9.14E-02 1.29E+00 2.42E+00 1.52E-01 4.74E-01 9.37E-01
1-Nov-88 3.32E+00 3.97E+00 4.62E+00 1.33E-01 4.03E-01 8.12E-01 1.39E-01 1.35E+00 2.52E+00 1.49E-01 4.71E-01 9.34E-01
1-Dec-88 3.40E+00 4.02E+00 4.69E+00 1.32E-01 4.01E-01 8.13E-01 1.04E-01 1.32E+00 2.51E+00 1.48E-01 4.68E-01 9.27E-01
1-Jan-89 3.45E+00 4.09E+00 4.78E+00 1.32E-01 4.00E-01 8.04E-01 1.86E-02 1.26E+00 2.44E+00 1.46E-01 4.66E-01 9.24E-01
1-Feb-89 3.35E+00 3.97E+00 4.63E+00 1.30E-01 3.99E-01 8.06E-01 6.87E-02 1.29E+00 2.49E+00 1.46E-01 4.63E-01 9.16E-01
1-Mar-89 3.25E+00 3.89E+00 4.59E+00 1.30E-01 3.98E-01 8.08E-01 -4.52E-03 1.24E+00 2.49E+00 1.44E-01 4.61E-01 9.11E-01
1-Apr-89 3.35E+00 4.00E+00 4.70E+00 1.29E-01 3.97E-01 8.04E-01 -2.14E-01 1.03E+00 2.27E+00 1.43E-01 4.59E-01 9.07E-01
1-May-89 3.14E+00 3.80E+00 4.45E+00 1.29E-01 3.96E-01 8.05E-01 -3.64E-01 8.68E-01 2.04E+00 1.42E-01 4.57E-01 9.07E-01
1-Jun-89 2.79E+00 3.56E+00 4.23E+00 1.28E-01 3.95E-01 8.03E-01 -5.67E-01 7.23E-01 1.88E+00 1.41E-01 4.56E-01 9.05E-01
1-Jul-89 2.73E+00 3.54E+00 4.22E+00 1.28E-01 3.94E-01 8.00E-01 -4.94E-01 7.72E-01 1.93E+00 1.40E-01 4.54E-01 8.99E-01
1-Aug-89 2.62E+00 3.45E+00 4.17E+00 1.26E-01 3.93E-01 7.97E-01 -3.55E-01 8.81E-01 2.02E+00 1.39E-01 4.51E-01 8.92E-01
1-Sep-89 2.84E+00 3.58E+00 4.23E+00 1.26E-01 3.92E-01 7.91E-01 -3.42E-01 8.87E-01 2.03E+00 1.39E-01 4.49E-01 8.91E-01
1-Oct-89 3.03E+00 3.74E+00 4.38E+00 1.26E-01 3.91E-01 7.91E-01 -4.39E-01 8.11E-01 1.94E+00 1.38E-01 4.47E-01 8.91E-01
1-Nov-89 2.98E+00 3.76E+00 4.44E+00 1.25E-01 3.91E-01 7.91E-01 -4.58E-01 8.08E-01 1.95E+00 1.38E-01 4.45E-01 8.92E-01
1-Dec-89 3.20E+00 3.96E+00 4.63E+00 1.24E-01 3.90E-01 7.91E-01 -4.26E-01 8.40E-01 2.01E+00 1.37E-01 4.44E-01 8.91E-01
1-Jan-90 3.87E+00 4.53E+00 5.31E+00 1.23E-01 3.90E-01 7.91E-01 -4.06E-01 8.86E-01 2.07E+00 1.37E-01 4.43E-01 8.90E-01
1-Feb-90 3.87E+00 4.58E+00 5.42E+00 1.23E-01 3.88E-01 7.90E-01 -3.54E-01 9.08E-01 2.07E+00 1.37E-01 4.41E-01 8.89E-01
1-Mar-90 3.82E+00 4.52E+00 5.35E+00 1.24E-01 3.86E-01 7.85E-01 -3.65E-01 9.00E-01 2.06E+00 1.35E-01 4.39E-01 8.83E-01
1-Apr-90 3.67E+00 4.34E+00 5.13E+00 1.23E-01 3.84E-01 7.86E-01 -2.59E-01 9.72E-01 2.10E+00 1.34E-01 4.37E-01 8.82E-01
1-May-90 3.53E+00 4.17E+00 4.89E+00 1.24E-01 3.82E-01 7.85E-01 -2.65E-01 9.73E-01 2.11E+00 1.34E-01 4.35E-01 8.82E-01
1-Jun-90 3.47E+00 4.10E+00 4.76E+00 1.23E-01 3.80E-01 7.81E-01 -3.35E-01 9.40E-01 2.09E+00 1.33E-01 4.34E-01 8.82E-01
1-Jul-90 3.26E+00 3.92E+00 4.56E+00 1.23E-01 3.78E-01 7.79E-01 -1.94E-01 1.05E+00 2.18E+00 1.32E-01 4.33E-01 8.75E-01
1-Aug-90 3.48E+00 4.12E+00 4.85E+00 1.23E-01 3.77E-01 7.81E-01 -1.43E-01 1.09E+00 2.30E+00 1.31E-01 4.32E-01 8.75E-01
1-Sep-90 3.47E+00 4.14E+00 4.93E+00 1.22E-01 3.75E-01 7.76E-01 -2.69E-01 1.01E+00 2.28E+00 1.30E-01 4.31E-01 8.75E-01
1-Oct-90 3.45E+00 4.10E+00 4.84E+00 1.22E-01 3.72E-01 7.72E-01 -4.28E-01 8.20E-01 2.02E+00 1.28E-01 4.30E-01 8.76E-01
1-Nov-90 3.22E+00 3.87E+00 4.51E+00 1.22E-01 3.71E-01 7.67E-01 -5.26E-01 7.22E-01 1.85E+00 1.28E-01 4.28E-01 8.77E-01
1-Dec-90 3.20E+00 3.84E+00 4.48E+00 1.22E-01 3.69E-01 7.63E-01 -6.03E-01 6.94E-01 1.83E+00 1.28E-01 4.27E-01 8.74E-01
1-Jan-91 3.31E+00 3.95E+00 4.65E+00 1.22E-01 3.67E-01 7.63E-01 -4.96E-01 7.72E-01 1.90E+00 1.27E-01 4.25E-01 8.70E-01
1-Feb-91 3.01E+00 3.65E+00 4.27E+00 1.23E-01 3.65E-01 7.61E-01 -4.65E-01 8.86E-01 2.07E+00 1.27E-01 4.23E-01 8.61E-01
1-Mar-91 2.82E+00 3.45E+00 4.08E+00 1.22E-01 3.62E-01 7.53E-01 -1.70E-01 1.08E+00 2.23E+00 1.26E-01 4.21E-01 8.60E-01
1-Apr-91 2.82E+00 3.43E+00 4.05E+00 1.21E-01 3.60E-01 7.50E-01 -1.13E-01 1.12E+00 2.26E+00 1.25E-01 4.19E-01 8.56E-01
1-May-91 2.95E+00 3.55E+00 4.22E+00 1.21E-01 3.57E-01 7.40E-01 -7.61E-02 1.12E+00 2.26E+00 1.24E-01 4.17E-01 8.58E-01
1-Jun-91 2.84E+00 3.44E+00 4.14E+00 1.21E-01 3.55E-01 7.39E-01 -7.39E-02 1.14E+00 2.32E+00 1.24E-01 4.15E-01 8.57E-01
1-Jul-91 2.68E+00 3.30E+00 3.98E+00 1.20E-01 3.52E-01 7.31E-01 -1.48E-01 1.06E+00 2.23E+00 1.24E-01 4.14E-01 8.49E-01
1-Aug-91 2.59E+00 3.20E+00 3.84E+00 1.21E-01 3.49E-01 7.26E-01 -2.34E-01 9.78E-01 2.12E+00 1.23E-01 4.12E-01 8.48E-01
1-Sep-91 2.53E+00 3.16E+00 3.80E+00 1.19E-01 3.47E-01 7.23E-01 -3.06E-01 9.48E-01 2.08E+00 1.22E-01 4.11E-01 8.46E-01
1-Oct-91 2.42E+00 3.04E+00 3.66E+00 1.19E-01 3.44E-01 7.15E-01 -2.38E-01 9.91E-01 2.13E+00 1.22E-01 4.09E-01 8.39E-01
1-Nov-91 2.38E+00 3.00E+00 3.63E+00 1.18E-01 3.42E-01 7.13E-01 -2.01E-01 1.01E+00 2.15E+00 1.21E-01 4.08E-01 8.35E-01
1-Dec-91 2.39E+00 3.00E+00 3.62E+00 1.17E-01 3.40E-01 7.14E-01 -2.10E-01 1.01E+00 2.13E+00 1.20E-01 4.07E-01 8.35E-01
1-Jan-92 2.32E+00 2.96E+00 3.56E+00 1.16E-01 3.38E-01 7.05E-01 -1.83E-01 1.06E+00 2.20E+00 1.21E-01 4.06E-01 8.34E-01
1-Feb-92 2.39E+00 3.00E+00 3.64E+00 1.16E-01 3.37E-01 7.03E-01 -5.84E-02 1.15E+00 2.31E+00 1.20E-01 4.05E-01 8.30E-01
1-Mar-92 2.35E+00 2.95E+00 3.59E+00 1.15E-01 3.35E-01 7.01E-01 -7.41E-02 1.15E+00 2.30E+00 1.20E-01 4.04E-01 8.25E-01
1-Apr-92 2.22E+00 2.83E+00 3.46E+00 1.14E-01 3.34E-01 7.00E-01 -9.51E-02 1.13E+00 2.29E+00 1.19E-01 4.03E-01 8.26E-01
1-May-92 2.00E+00 2.65E+00 3.25E+00 1.13E-01 3.32E-01 6.95E-01 -1.23E-01 1.10E+00 2.29E+00 1.18E-01 4.03E-01 8.27E-01
1-Jun-92 1.97E+00 2.60E+00 3.19E+00 1.13E-01 3.30E-01 6.95E-01 -1.79E-01 1.06E+00 2.25E+00 1.18E-01 4.03E-01 8.29E-01
1-Jul-92 2.00E+00 2.61E+00 3.21E+00 1.12E-01 3.29E-01 6.94E-01 -2.21E-01 9.83E-01 2.14E+00 1.18E-01 4.02E-01 8.33E-01
1-Aug-92 1.90E+00 2.54E+00 3.13E+00 1.12E-01 3.27E-01 6.97E-01 -2.59E-01 9.60E-01 2.09E+00 1.17E-01 4.02E-01 8.38E-01
1-Sep-92 1.96E+00 2.57E+00 3.15E+00 1.11E-01 3.26E-01 7.00E-01 -2.06E-01 9.98E-01 2.13E+00 1.17E-01 4.02E-01 8.38E-01
1-Oct-92 2.06E+00 2.64E+00 3.29E+00 1.10E-01 3.25E-01 7.01E-01 -2.16E-01 1.00E+00 2.18E+00 1.17E-01 4.02E-01 8.31E-01
1-Nov-92 1.97E+00 2.54E+00 3.16E+00 1.09E-01 3.23E-01 7.02E-01 -2.62E-01 9.52E-01 2.14E+00 1.17E-01 4.02E-01 8.34E-01
1-Dec-92 1.91E+00 2.48E+00 3.08E+00 1.09E-01 3.22E-01 6.99E-01 -3.70E-01 8.48E-01 1.98E+00 1.16E-01 4.02E-01 8.32E-01
1-Jan-93 1.86E+00 2.43E+00 3.03E+00 1.09E-01 3.21E-01 6.97E-01 -4.58E-01 7.70E-01 1.90E+00 1.16E-01 4.03E-01 8.35E-01
1-Feb-93 1.72E+00 2.32E+00 2.88E+00 1.08E-01 3.20E-01 6.94E-01 -5.13E-01 7.07E-01 1.83E+00 1.16E-01 4.03E-01 8.35E-01
1-Mar-93 1.70E+00 2.32E+00 2.89E+00 1.08E-01 3.19E-01 6.95E-01 -5.65E-01 6.91E-01 1.82E+00 1.16E-01 4.03E-01 8.34E-01
1-Apr-93 1.76E+00 2.34E+00 2.92E+00 1.08E-01 3.18E-01 6.94E-01 -5.07E-01 7.28E-01 1.85E+00 1.16E-01 4.04E-01 8.39E-01
1-May-93 1.71E+00 2.31E+00 2.92E+00 1.07E-01 3.17E-01 6.94E-01 -5.22E-01 7.31E-01 1.85E+00 1.16E-01 4.05E-01 8.41E-01
1-Jun-93 1.50E+00 2.12E+00 2.67E+00 1.07E-01 3.17E-01 6.92E-01 -5.62E-01 7.06E-01 1.82E+00 1.17E-01 4.05E-01 8.39E-01
1-Jul-93 1.45E+00 2.09E+00 2.67E+00 1.06E-01 3.16E-01 6.88E-01 -6.35E-01 6.76E-01 1.83E+00 1.17E-01 4.05E-01 8.38E-01
1-Aug-93 1.41E+00 2.08E+00 2.66E+00 1.06E-01 3.15E-01 6.87E-01 -6.66E-01 6.81E-01 1.87E+00 1.18E-01 4.06E-01 8.39E-01
1-Sep-93 1.30E+00 2.07E+00 2.68E+00 1.06E-01 3.13E-01 6.83E-01 -7.03E-01 7.46E-01 2.00E+00 1.19E-01 4.06E-01 8.36E-01
1-Oct-93 1.55E+00 2.25E+00 2.83E+00 1.06E-01 3.13E-01 6.78E-01 -5.48E-01 8.85E-01 2.12E+00 1.19E-01 4.07E-01 8.39E-01
1-Nov-93 1.63E+00 2.25E+00 2.81E+00 1.05E-01 3.12E-01 6.75E-01 -2.22E-01 1.09E+00 2.23E+00 1.19E-01 4.07E-01 8.41E-01
1-Dec-93 1.50E+00 2.18E+00 2.75E+00 1.06E-01 3.11E-01 6.73E-01 -8.02E-02 1.23E+00 2.38E+00 1.19E-01 4.08E-01 8.36E-01
1-Jan-94 1.52E+00 2.23E+00 2.81E+00 1.05E-01 3.10E-01 6.66E-01 5.42E-02 1.39E+00 2.55E+00 1.20E-01 4.09E-01 8.41E-01
1-Feb-94 1.77E+00 2.38E+00 2.97E+00 1.05E-01 3.09E-01 6.67E-01 2.99E-01 1.57E+00 2.73E+00 1.20E-01 4.09E-01 8.41E-01
1-Mar-94 1.87E+00 2.44E+00 3.03E+00 1.05E-01 3.08E-01 6.71E-01 5.51E-01 1.74E+00 2.92E+00 1.22E-01 4.09E-01 8.42E-01
1-Apr-94 1.82E+00 2.39E+00 3.01E+00 1.05E-01 3.07E-01 6.67E-01 6.30E-01 1.85E+00 3.09E+00 1.21E-01 4.09E-01 8.42E-01
1-May-94 1.80E+00 2.36E+00 2.99E+00 1.05E-01 3.06E-01 6.68E-01 6.14E-01 1.85E+00 3.09E+00 1.22E-01 4.09E-01 8.39E-01
1-Jun-94 1.87E+00 2.41E+00 3.01E+00 1.05E-01 3.04E-01 6.61E-01 5.90E-01 1.81E+00 3.01E+00 1.23E-01 4.09E-01 8.39E-01
1-Jul-94 1.94E+00 2.48E+00 3.13E+00 1.05E-01 3.04E-01 6.63E-01 5.66E-01 1.81E+00 3.08E+00 1.22E-01 4.09E-01 8.38E-01
1-Aug-94 1.93E+00 2.49E+00 3.11E+00 1.04E-01 3.03E-01 6.63E-01 5.56E-01 1.78E+00 3.00E+00 1.22E-01 4.10E-01 8.40E-01
1-Sep-94 1.86E+00 2.42E+00 3.03E+00 1.04E-01 3.03E-01 6.64E-01 5.53E-01 1.84E+00 3.12E+00 1.22E-01 4.10E-01 8.42E-01
1-Oct-94 1.82E+00 2.38E+00 3.06E+00 1.05E-01 3.02E-01 6.65E-01 4.80E-01 1.83E+00 3.22E+00 1.22E-01 4.10E-01 8.41E-01
1-Nov-94 1.78E+00 2.33E+00 3.04E+00 1.04E-01 3.02E-01 6.63E-01 3.51E-01 1.72E+00 3.16E+00 1.22E-01 4.10E-01 8.40E-01
1-Dec-94 1.73E+00 2.27E+00 2.88E+00 1.04E-01 3.01E-01 6.61E-01 2.65E-01 1.53E+00 2.82E+00 1.22E-01 4.11E-01 8.38E-01
1-Jan-95 1.71E+00 2.26E+00 2.92E+00 1.03E-01 3.01E-01 6.64E-01 1.43E-01 1.39E+00 2.66E+00 1.22E-01 4.11E-01 8.39E-01
1-Feb-95 1.67E+00 2.21E+00 2.83E+00 1.02E-01 3.01E-01 6.64E-01 2.13E-02 1.22E+00 2.41E+00 1.22E-01 4.11E-01 8.38E-01
1-Mar-95 1.61E+00 2.15E+00 2.74E+00 1.02E-01 3.01E-01 6.61E-01 -8.33E-02 1.10E+00 2.24E+00 1.22E-01 4.11E-01 8.39E-01
1-Apr-95 1.56E+00 2.11E+00 2.73E+00 1.01E-01 3.00E-01 6.63E-01 -2.03E-01 9.82E-01 2.11E+00 1.21E-01 4.12E-01 8.46E-01
1-May-95 1.44E+00 2.03E+00 2.58E+00 1.01E-01 3.00E-01 6.63E-01 -3.43E-01 8.58E-01 1.95E+00 1.21E-01 4.12E-01 8.50E-01
1-Jun-95 1.35E+00 2.02E+00 2.58E+00 1.01E-01 3.00E-01 6.68E-01 -4.31E-01 8.35E-01 1.96E+00 1.21E-01 4.13E-01 8.48E-01
1-Jul-95 1.46E+00 2.04E+00 2.59E+00 1.01E-01 3.00E-01 6.66E-01 -2.76E-01 9.25E-01 2.01E+00 1.21E-01 4.13E-01 8.49E-01
1-Aug-95 1.48E+00 2.04E+00 2.64E+00 1.00E-01 3.00E-01 6.68E-01 -2.68E-01 9.35E-01 2.05E+00 1.21E-01 4.13E-01 8.57E-01
1-Sep-95 1.36E+00 1.93E+00 2.47E+00 1.00E-01 3.00E-01 6.69E-01 -3.47E-01 8.62E-01 1.96E+00 1.21E-01 4.13E-01 8.58E-01
1-Oct-95 1.38E+00 1.96E+00 2.50E+00 1.01E-01 3.00E-01 6.74E-01 -4.08E-01 8.41E-01 1.97E+00 1.20E-01 4.13E-01 8.58E-01
1-Nov-95 1.18E+00 1.84E+00 2.39E+00 9.96E-02 3.00E-01 6.77E-01 -3.70E-01 9.06E-01 2.04E+00 1.20E-01 4.14E-01 8.57E-01
1-Dec-95 1.27E+00 1.94E+00 2.50E+00 9.97E-02 3.00E-01 6.74E-01 -3.71E-01 9.76E-01 2.15E+00 1.19E-01 4.14E-01 8.60E-01
1-Jan-96 1.34E+00 2.00E+00 2.57E+00 9.95E-02 3.01E-01 6.77E-01 -2.13E-01 1.11E+00 2.27E+00 1.18E-01 4.14E-01 8.55E-01
1-Feb-96 1.41E+00 2.02E+00 2.57E+00 9.85E-02 3.01E-01 6.78E-01 8.88E-02 1.32E+00 2.45E+00 1.20E-01 4.13E-01 8.47E-01
1-Mar-96 1.52E+00 2.07E+00 2.66E+00 9.92E-02 3.01E-01 6.77E-01 2.75E-01 1.47E+00 2.63E+00 1.20E-01 4.13E-01 8.51E-01
1-Apr-96 1.55E+00 2.10E+00 2.71E+00 9.89E-02 3.01E-01 6.79E-01 2.74E-01 1.50E+00 2.70E+00 1.21E-01 4.12E-01 8.49E-01
1-May-96 1.51E+00 2.05E+00 2.65E+00 9.94E-02 3.01E-01 6.73E-01 2.71E-01 1.50E+00 2.72E+00 1.20E-01 4.12E-01 8.53E-01
1-Jun-96 1.37E+00 1.92E+00 2.49E+00 9.92E-02 3.01E-01 6.68E-01 2.14E-01 1.47E+00 2.71E+00 1.22E-01 4.12E-01 8.56E-01
1-Jul-96 1.43E+00 1.98E+00 2.55E+00 9.96E-02 3.02E-01 6.74E-01 1.34E-01 1.36E+00 2.58E+00 1.22E-01 4.12E-01 8.54E-01
1-Aug-96 1.40E+00 1.98E+00 2.55E+00 9.99E-02 3.02E-01 6.78E-01 6.78E-02 1.27E+00 2.43E+00 1.22E-01 4.12E-01 8.59E-01
1-Sep-96 1.51E+00 2.06E+00 2.71E+00 1.01E-01 3.03E-01 6.76E-01 -6.39E-03 1.22E+00 2.42E+00 1.23E-01 4.12E-01 8.62E-01
1-Oct-96 1.52E+00 2.06E+00 2.66E+00 1.00E-01 3.04E-01 6.79E-01 -6.70E-02 1.09E+00 2.23E+00 1.21E-01 4.12E-01 8.65E-01
1-Nov-96 1.45E+00 2.04E+00 2.62E+00 1.00E-01 3.04E-01 6.79E-01 -1.57E-01 1.07E+00 2.19E+00 1.21E-01 4.12E-01 8.65E-01
1-Dec-96 1.49E+00 2.05E+00 2.63E+00 1.01E-01 3.04E-01 6.75E-01 -9.29E-03 1.17E+00 2.29E+00 1.22E-01 4.12E-01 8.65E-01
1-Jan-97 1.50E+00 2.05E+00 2.69E+00 1.02E-01 3.05E-01 6.74E-01 6.79E-02 1.26E+00 2.42E+00 1.22E-01 4.12E-01 8.62E-01
1-Feb-97 1.50E+00 2.06E+00 2.69E+00 1.02E-01 3.05E-01 6.73E-01 3.95E-02 1.24E+00 2.39E+00 1.22E-01 4.12E-01 8.60E-01
1-Mar-97 1.37E+00 1.93E+00 2.58E+00 1.02E-01 3.06E-01 6.72E-01 9.85E-02 1.31E+00 2.52E+00 1.22E-01 4.12E-01 8.65E-01
1-Apr-97 1.24E+00 1.81E+00 2.47E+00 1.03E-01 3.06E-01 6.71E-01 3.97E-02 1.28E+00 2.56E+00 1.23E-01 4.11E-01 8.57E-01
1-May-97 1.04E+00 1.63E+00 2.20E+00 1.03E-01 3.07E-01 6.71E-01 -4.21E-02 1.19E+00 2.42E+00 1.23E-01 4.10E-01 8.54E-01
1-Jun-97 1.02E+00 1.61E+00 2.17E+00 1.03E-01 3.08E-01 6.65E-01 -1.16E-01 1.08E+00 2.26E+00 1.23E-01 4.09E-01 8.48E-01
1-Jul-97 9.16E-01 1.55E+00 2.11E+00 1.03E-01 3.09E-01 6.63E-01 -1.61E-01 1.02E+00 2.18E+00 1.22E-01 4.09E-01 8.46E-01
1-Aug-97 9.80E-01 1.58E+00 2.13E+00 1.03E-01 3.09E-01 6.65E-01 -2.00E-01 1.02E+00 2.22E+00 1.22E-01 4.09E-01 8.37E-01
1-Sep-97 1.09E+00 1.65E+00 2.25E+00 1.02E-01 3.11E-01 6.71E-01 -3.07E-01 9.05E-01 2.10E+00 1.22E-01 4.09E-01 8.37E-01
1-Oct-97 1.03E+00 1.60E+00 2.18E+00 1.03E-01 3.12E-01 6.71E-01 -3.89E-01 8.05E-01 1.94E+00 1.22E-01 4.09E-01 8.35E-01
1-Nov-97 9.23E-01 1.52E+00 2.08E+00 1.03E-01 3.13E-01 6.72E-01 -4.36E-01 7.59E-01 1.87E+00 1.22E-01 4.09E-01 8.31E-01
1-Dec-97 8.68E-01 1.48E+00 2.03E+00 1.03E-01 3.14E-01 6.80E-01 -4.38E-01 7.56E-01 1.87E+00 1.22E-01 4.09E-01 8.33E-01
1-Jan-98 8.26E-01 1.48E+00 2.03E+00 1.03E-01 3.16E-01 6.83E-01 -4.56E-01 7.38E-01 1.84E+00 1.22E-01 4.10E-01 8.33E-01
1-Feb-98 7.76E-01 1.42E+00 1.98E+00 1.04E-01 3.17E-01 6.83E-01 -3.98E-01 7.97E-01 1.92E+00 1.23E-01 4.10E-01 8.37E-01
1-Mar-98 8.25E-01 1.43E+00 1.99E+00 1.04E-01 3.18E-01 6.83E-01 -3.88E-01 7.99E-01 1.93E+00 1.23E-01 4.10E-01 8.33E-01
1-Apr-98 8.59E-01 1.46E+00 2.04E+00 1.05E-01 3.20E-01 6.85E-01 -4.43E-01 7.47E-01 1.89E+00 1.24E-01 4.11E-01 8.35E-01
1-May-98 8.51E-01 1.45E+00 2.03E+00 1.05E-01 3.21E-01 6.87E-01 -5.06E-01 6.68E-01 1.81E+00 1.24E-01 4.11E-01 8.32E-01
1-Jun-98 7.19E-01 1.38E+00 1.96E+00 1.05E-01 3.23E-01 6.95E-01 -5.93E-01 5.81E-01 1.69E+00 1.25E-01 4.12E-01 8.42E-01
1-Jul-98 9.19E-01 1.50E+00 2.09E+00 1.05E-01 3.25E-01 6.95E-01 -7.20E-01 4.91E-01 1.60E+00 1.25E-01 4.14E-01 8.48E-01
1-Aug-98 8.42E-01 1.44E+00 2.02E+00 1.05E-01 3.27E-01 7.01E-01 -8.25E-01 4.18E-01 1.53E+00 1.26E-01 4.14E-01 8.49E-01
1-Sep-98 5.95E-01 1.32E+00 1.92E+00 1.06E-01 3.29E-01 7.09E-01 -9.18E-01 3.92E-01 1.55E+00 1.27E-01 4.15E-01 8.51E-01
1-Oct-98 8.02E-01 1.47E+00 2.05E+00 1.06E-01 3.30E-01 7.15E-01 -8.81E-01 4.42E-01 1.63E+00 1.28E-01 4.16E-01 8.54E-01
1-Nov-98 8.27E-01 1.47E+00 2.04E+00 1.07E-01 3.32E-01 7.13E-01 -6.61E-01 5.83E-01 1.70E+00 1.28E-01 4.16E-01 8.54E-01
1-Dec-98 8.49E-01 1.51E+00 2.08E+00 1.07E-01 3.33E-01 7.18E-01 -6.83E-01 6.30E-01 1.82E+00 1.28E-01 4.17E-01 8.58E-01
1-Jan-99 9.03E-01 1.56E+00 2.13E+00 1.08E-01 3.35E-01 7.18E-01 -5.04E-01 7.86E-01 1.96E+00 1.30E-01 4.17E-01 8.60E-01
1-Feb-99 7.90E-01 1.46E+00 2.04E+00 1.09E-01 3.37E-01 7.16E-01 -2.31E-01 9.77E-01 2.11E+00 1.31E-01 4.18E-01 8.61E-01
1-Mar-99 8.60E-01 1.50E+00 2.09E+00 1.10E-01 3.39E-01 7.20E-01 -7.98E-02 1.09E+00 2.24E+00 1.31E-01 4.19E-01 8.60E-01
1-Apr-99 1.13E+00 1.74E+00 2.34E+00 1.10E-01 3.41E-01 7.23E-01 -1.30E-01 1.07E+00 2.22E+00 1.32E-01 4.20E-01 8.72E-01
1-May-99 9.75E-01 1.62E+00 2.19E+00 1.10E-01 3.43E-01 7.22E-01 -6.32E-03 1.19E+00 2.36E+00 1.33E-01 4.20E-01 8.71E-01
1-Jun-99 9.62E-01 1.60E+00 2.19E+00 1.12E-01 3.45E-01 7.31E-01 -7.53E-03 1.25E+00 2.50E+00 1.34E-01 4.21E-01 8.80E-01
1-Jul-99 1.08E+00 1.71E+00 2.28E+00 1.13E-01 3.47E-01 7.35E-01 -7.01E-02 1.16E+00 2.36E+00 1.34E-01 4.21E-01 8.79E-01
1-Aug-99 1.13E+00 1.77E+00 2.35E+00 1.13E-01 3.49E-01 7.35E-01 -9.57E-02 1.15E+00 2.40E+00 1.34E-01 4.21E-01 8.74E-01
1-Sep-99 1.32E+00 1.93E+00 2.53E+00 1.13E-01 3.52E-01 7.41E-01 -1.64E-01 1.09E+00 2.33E+00 1.35E-01 4.22E-01 8.70E-01
1-Oct-99 1.31E+00 1.92E+00 2.54E+00 1.14E-01 3.54E-01 7.47E-01 -2.11E-01 1.08E+00 2.37E+00 1.34E-01 4.23E-01 8.72E-01
1-Nov-99 1.26E+00 1.91E+00 2.53E+00 1.14E-01 3.56E-01 7.49E-01 -2.54E-01 1.00E+00 2.24E+00 1.33E-01 4.24E-01 8.75E-01
1-Dec-99 1.52E+00 2.12E+00 2.81E+00 1.15E-01 3.59E-01 7.55E-01 -3.57E-01 9.74E-01 2.32E+00 1.34E-01 4.24E-01 8.81E-01
1-Jan-00 1.54E+00 2.19E+00 2.99E+00 1.16E-01 3.61E-01 7.55E-01 -5.18E-01 8.50E-01 2.30E+00 1.35E-01 4.25E-01 8.77E-01
1-Feb-00 1.58E+00 2.18E+00 2.86E+00 1.17E-01 3.63E-01 7.62E-01 -6.28E-01 6.09E-01 1.84E+00 1.35E-01 4.27E-01 8.82E-01
1-Mar-00 1.62E+00 2.23E+00 2.91E+00 1.18E-01 3.66E-01 7.69E-01 -7.34E-01 4.63E-01 1.62E+00 1.35E-01 4.27E-01 8.81E-01
1-Apr-00 1.24E+00 1.93E+00 2.54E+00 1.17E-01 3.68E-01 7.72E-01 -7.20E-01 4.72E-01 1.61E+00 1.35E-01 4.28E-01 8.83E-01
1-May-00 1.34E+00 1.96E+00 2.60E+00 1.18E-01 3.70E-01 7.76E-01 -7.03E-01 5.35E-01 1.77E+00 1.35E-01 4.29E-01 8.85E-01
1-Jun-00 1.48E+00 2.09E+00 2.71E+00 1.18E-01 3.72E-01 7.74E-01 -8.33E-01 3.47E-01 1.51E+00 1.34E-01 4.30E-01 8.85E-01
1-Jul-00 1.51E+00 2.11E+00 2.74E+00 1.19E-01 3.74E-01 7.84E-01 -9.28E-01 2.68E-01 1.39E+00 1.34E-01 4.30E-01 8.88E-01
1-Aug-00 1.27E+00 1.95E+00 2.56E+00 1.20E-01 3.76E-01 7.86E-01 -9.79E-01 2.28E-01 1.35E+00 1.33E-01 4.31E-01 8.91E-01
1-Sep-00 1.61E+00 2.21E+00 2.88E+00 1.21E-01 3.78E-01 7.88E-01 -1.04E+00 1.51E-01 1.28E+00 1.34E-01 4.31E-01 8.87E-01
1-Oct-00 1.51E+00 2.11E+00 2.76E+00 1.21E-01 3.80E-01 7.94E-01 -1.09E+00 9.44E-02 1.22E+00 1.34E-01 4.31E-01 8.87E-01
1-Nov-00 1.48E+00 2.09E+00 2.72E+00 1.22E-01 3.83E-01 8.00E-01 -1.17E+00 2.33E-02 1.16E+00 1.33E-01 4.32E-01 8.83E-01
1-Dec-00 1.44E+00 2.09E+00 2.70E+00 1.23E-01 3.85E-01 8.03E-01 -1.32E+00 -8.35E-02 1.04E+00 1.34E-01 4.33E-01 8.82E-01
1-Jan-01 1.70E+00 2.32E+00 3.02E+00 1.23E-01 3.87E-01 8.07E-01 -1.40E+00 -1.14E-01 1.03E+00 1.35E-01 4.34E-01 8.86E-01
1-Feb-01 1.56E+00 2.17E+00 2.82E+00 1.24E-01 3.90E-01 8.15E-01 -1.33E+00 -5.49E-02 1.09E+00 1.35E-01 4.35E-01 8.90E-01
1-Mar-01 1.33E+00 2.01E+00 2.62E+00 1.25E-01 3.92E-01 8.19E-01 -1.25E+00 3.90E-02 1.21E+00 1.35E-01 4.37E-01 8.92E-01
1-Apr-01 1.47E+00 2.08E+00 2.74E+00 1.26E-01 3.94E-01 8.21E-01 -1.01E+00 1.92E-01 1.32E+00 1.34E-01 4.38E-01 8.96E-01
1-May-01 1.53E+00 2.16E+00 2.90E+00 1.26E-01 3.96E-01 8.21E-01 -1.01E+00 2.07E-01 1.37E+00 1.36E-01 4.39E-01 8.93E-01
1-Jun-01 1.42E+00 2.04E+00 2.74E+00 1.28E-01 3.99E-01 8.24E-01 -1.05E+00 1.53E-01 1.29E+00 1.37E-01 4.40E-01 8.94E-01
1-Jul-01 1.08E+00 1.73E+00 2.36E+00 1.28E-01 4.01E-01 8.24E-01 -1.04E+00 1.90E-01 1.37E+00 1.37E-01 4.41E-01 8.96E-01
1-Aug-01 7.80E-01 1.53E+00 2.16E+00 1.29E-01 4.03E-01 8.27E-01 -1.01E+00 2.10E-01 1.40E+00 1.38E-01 4.43E-01 9.00E-01
1-Sep-01 3.90E-01 1.39E+00 2.16E+00 1.29E-01 4.04E-01 8.26E-01 -1.00E+00 3.06E-01 1.67E+00 1.39E-01 4.44E-01 9.03E-01
1-Oct-01 1.12E+00 1.79E+00 2.45E+00 1.30E-01 4.06E-01 8.32E-01 -1.09E+00 1.71E-01 1.34E+00 1.38E-01 4.45E-01 9.02E-01
1-Nov-01 8.23E-01 1.57E+00 2.22E+00 1.30E-01 4.06E-01 8.30E-01 -9.47E-01 3.04E-01 1.48E+00 1.38E-01 4.44E-01 9.00E-01
1-Dec-01 8.37E-01 1.53E+00 2.17E+00 1.31E-01 4.07E-01 8.26E-01 -7.91E-01 4.83E-01 1.76E+00 1.39E-01 4.45E-01 9.05E-01
1-Jan-02 9.00E-01 1.59E+00 2.23E+00 1.31E-01 4.07E-01 8.30E-01 -8.53E-01 4.12E-01 1.69E+00 1.39E-01 4.45E-01 8.97E-01
1-Feb-02 9.60E-01 1.65E+00 2.28E+00 1.32E-01 4.08E-01 8.23E-01 -9.22E-01 3.21E-01 1.56E+00 1.40E-01 4.45E-01 8.98E-01
1-Mar-02 1.24E+00 1.88E+00 2.60E+00 1.32E-01 4.09E-01 8.21E-01 -1.05E+00 2.85E-01 1.65E+00 1.38E-01 4.44E-01 8.97E-01
1-Apr-02 1.37E+00 2.02E+00 2.75E+00 1.33E-01 4.10E-01 8.26E-01 -1.21E+00 5.95E-02 1.35E+00 1.37E-01 4.44E-01 8.94E-01
1-May-02 1.18E+00 1.81E+00 2.49E+00 1.33E-01 4.11E-01 8.25E-01 -1.30E+00 -4.02E-02 1.25E+00 1.36E-01 4.43E-01 8.92E-01
1-Jun-02 1.12E+00 1.75E+00 2.41E+00 1.33E-01 4.11E-01 8.23E-01 -1.45E+00 -2.06E-01 1.04E+00 1.36E-01 4.43E-01 8.94E-01
1-Jul-02 1.13E+00 1.77E+00 2.44E+00 1.34E-01 4.12E-01 8.30E-01 -1.59E+00 -3.58E-01 8.30E-01 1.36E-01 4.43E-01 9.02E-01
1-Aug-02 1.03E+00 1.70E+00 2.33E+00 1.36E-01 4.13E-01 8.30E-01 -1.73E+00 -4.77E-01 6.85E-01 1.35E-01 4.43E-01 9.07E-01
1-Sep-02 9.08E-01 1.65E+00 2.31E+00 1.36E-01 4.15E-01 8.35E-01 -1.86E+00 -5.31E-01 6.68E-01 1.36E-01 4.44E-01 9.03E-01
1-Oct-02 1.07E+00 1.73E+00 2.37E+00 1.37E-01 4.16E-01 8.39E-01 -1.66E+00 -4.16E-01 7.45E-01 1.35E-01 4.43E-01 9.02E-01
1-Nov-02 1.02E+00 1.68E+00 2.32E+00 1.38E-01 4.18E-01 8.45E-01 -1.57E+00 -3.59E-01 7.99E-01 1.34E-01 4.43E-01 9.06E-01
1-Dec-02 8.78E-01 1.58E+00 2.23E+00 1.38E-01 4.20E-01 8.53E-01 -1.56E+00 -3.47E-01 8.35E-01 1.35E-01 4.43E-01 9.03E-01
1-Jan-03 1.01E+00 1.69E+00 2.34E+00 1.40E-01 4.22E-01 8.51E-01 -1.60E+00 -3.89E-01 7.97E-01 1.34E-01 4.43E-01 9.00E-01
1-Feb-03 1.15E+00 1.84E+00 2.51E+00 1.40E-01 4.24E-01 8.55E-01 -1.75E+00 -5.12E-01 6.44E-01 1.35E-01 4.43E-01 9.00E-01
1-Mar-03 1.15E+00 1.84E+00 2.50E+00 1.42E-01 4.27E-01 8.56E-01 -1.78E+00 -5.30E-01 6.26E-01 1.35E-01 4.44E-01 8.97E-01
1-Apr-03 8.91E-01 1.59E+00 2.25E+00 1.42E-01 4.29E-01 8.57E-01 -1.64E+00 -4.24E-01 7.59E-01 1.35E-01 4.44E-01 9.00E-01
1-May-03 4.94E-01 1.37E+00 2.14E+00 1.44E-01 4.31E-01 8.59E-01 -1.74E+00 -4.49E-01 7.50E-01 1.35E-01 4.44E-01 9.05E-01
1-Jun-03 5.72E-01 1.53E+00 2.34E+00 1.46E-01 4.33E-01 8.62E-01 -1.71E+00 -3.90E-01 8.73E-01 1.36E-01 4.44E-01 9.01E-01
1-Jul-03 1.20E+00 1.88E+00 2.54E+00 1.46E-01 4.36E-01 8.67E-01 -1.44E+00 -1.71E-01 1.11E+00 1.36E-01 4.45E-01 8.99E-01
1-Aug-03 1.41E+00 2.10E+00 2.87E+00 1.47E-01 4.37E-01 8.73E-01 -1.55E+00 -1.68E-01 1.29E+00 1.35E-01 4.44E-01 9.04E-01
1-Sep-03 1.48E+00 2.14E+00 2.81E+00 1.48E-01 4.38E-01 8.75E-01 -1.66E+00 -3.82E-01 9.15E-01 1.34E-01 4.44E-01 9.06E-01
1-Oct-03 1.30E+00 1.97E+00 2.63E+00 1.49E-01 4.40E-01 8.70E-01 -1.71E+00 -4.26E-01 8.60E-01 1.33E-01 4.43E-01 9.03E-01
1-Nov-03 1.34E+00 2.04E+00 2.69E+00 1.50E-01 4.41E-01 8.79E-01 -1.80E+00 -5.32E-01 7.47E-01 1.33E-01 4.42E-01 9.02E-01
1-Dec-03 1.56E+00 2.23E+00 2.91E+00 1.52E-01 4.43E-01 8.77E-01 -1.92E+00 -6.66E-01 5.70E-01 1.31E-01 4.41E-01 9.00E-01
1-Jan-04 1.77E+00 2.44E+00 3.14E+00 1.52E-01 4.45E-01 8.80E-01 -2.03E+00 -7.98E-01 4.09E-01 1.31E-01 4.40E-01 8.96E-01
1-Feb-04 1.81E+00 2.47E+00 3.17E+00 1.53E-01 4.46E-01 8.82E-01 -2.07E+00 -8.28E-01 3.57E-01 1.31E-01 4.39E-01 8.94E-01
1-Mar-04 1.71E+00 2.44E+00 3.13E+00 1.54E-01 4.48E-01 8.80E-01 -2.10E+00 -8.34E-01 3.60E-01 1.30E-01 4.39E-01 8.97E-01
1-Apr-04 1.85E+00 2.53E+00 3.25E+00 1.54E-01 4.50E-01 8.81E-01 -1.88E+00 -6.54E-01 5.91E-01 1.30E-01 4.38E-01 8.94E-01
1-May-04 1.97E+00 2.69E+00 3.52E+00 1.56E-01 4.52E-01 8.81E-01 -1.97E+00 -6.87E-01 6.47E-01 1.29E-01 4.38E-01 8.93E-01
1-Jun-04 1.95E+00 2.64E+00 3.43E+00 1.57E-01 4.54E-01 8.82E-01 -2.09E+00 -8.36E-01 4.50E-01 1.28E-01 4.37E-01 8.88E-01
1-Jul-04 1.71E+00 2.39E+00 3.09E+00 1.57E-01 4.56E-01 8.88E-01 -2.17E+00 -9.59E-01 2.45E-01 1.27E-01 4.36E-01 8.84E-01
1-Aug-04 1.56E+00 2.25E+00 2.93E+00 1.58E-01 4.58E-01 8.80E-01 -2.24E+00 -1.02E+00 1.70E-01 1.26E-01 4.36E-01 8.89E-01
1-Sep-04 1.56E+00 2.26E+00 2.93E+00 1.59E-01 4.60E-01 8.82E-01 -2.30E+00 -1.09E+00 6.53E-02 1.26E-01 4.35E-01 8.86E-01
1-Oct-04 1.83E+00 2.51E+00 3.20E+00 1.60E-01 4.62E-01 8.80E-01 -2.39E+00 -1.16E+00 -7.67E-03 1.25E-01 4.35E-01 8.88E-01
1-Nov-04 2.01E+00 2.68E+00 3.38E+00 1.61E-01 4.65E-01 8.81E-01 -2.44E+00 -1.20E+00 -4.28E-02 1.24E-01 4.34E-01 8.84E-01
1-Dec-04 1.91E+00 2.58E+00 3.30E+00 1.61E-01 4.67E-01 8.86E-01 -2.43E+00 -1.19E+00 -4.16E-02 1.23E-01 4.34E-01 8.85E-01
1-Jan-05 1.87E+00 2.55E+00 3.26E+00 1.63E-01 4.70E-01 8.85E-01 -2.44E+00 -1.21E+00 -5.78E-02 1.22E-01 4.35E-01 8.93E-01
1-Feb-05 1.88E+00 2.57E+00 3.26E+00 1.66E-01 4.74E-01 8.95E-01 -2.49E+00 -1.24E+00 -9.02E-02 1.22E-01 4.35E-01 8.95E-01
1-Mar-05 1.92E+00 2.61E+00 3.38E+00 1.67E-01 4.78E-01 9.03E-01 -2.40E+00 -1.17E+00 -2.24E-04 1.22E-01 4.36E-01 9.00E-01
1-Apr-05 1.85E+00 2.54E+00 3.26E+00 1.69E-01 4.82E-01 9.06E-01 -2.49E+00 -1.26E+00 -1.17E-01 1.22E-01 4.36E-01 9.01E-01
1-May-05 1.36E+00 2.13E+00 2.82E+00 1.72E-01 4.86E-01 9.09E-01 -2.49E+00 -1.23E+00 -7.06E-02 1.21E-01 4.37E-01 9.03E-01
1-Jun-05 1.16E+00 2.00E+00 2.77E+00 1.74E-01 4.90E-01 9.09E-01 -2.49E+00 -1.21E+00 -4.00E-02 1.22E-01 4.37E-01 9.12E-01
1-Jul-05 1.62E+00 2.38E+00 3.08E+00 1.77E-01 4.94E-01 9.15E-01 -2.48E+00 -1.23E+00 -7.83E-02 1.21E-01 4.38E-01 9.10E-01
1-Aug-05 1.91E+00 2.63E+00 3.34E+00 1.81E-01 4.97E-01 9.22E-01 -2.55E+00 -1.28E+00 -1.35E-01 1.21E-01 4.39E-01 9.14E-01
1-Sep-05 2.60E+00 3.44E+00 4.35E+00 1.84E-01 5.00E-01 9.32E-01 -3.09E+00 -1.50E+00 -1.94E-01 1.22E-01 4.39E-01 9.19E-01
1-Oct-05 2.39E+00 3.12E+00 3.91E+00 1.84E-01 5.02E-01 9.24E-01 -2.65E+00 -1.30E+00 -1.04E-01 1.21E-01 4.39E-01 9.19E-01
1-Nov-05 1.83E+00 2.56E+00 3.27E+00 1.87E-01 5.03E-01 9.30E-01 -2.33E+00 -1.08E+00 4.89E-02 1.21E-01 4.40E-01 9.14E-01
1-Dec-05 1.66E+00 2.40E+00 3.11E+00 1.87E-01 5.03E-01 9.31E-01 -2.27E+00 -1.03E+00 9.71E-02 1.21E-01 4.39E-01 9.13E-01
1-Jan-06 2.01E+00 2.73E+00 3.42E+00 1.87E-01 5.03E-01 9.37E-01 -2.39E+00 -1.10E+00 2.48E-02 1.20E-01 4.39E-01 9.11E-01
1-Feb-06 1.89E+00 2.60E+00 3.29E+00 1.87E-01 5.02E-01 9.32E-01 -2.20E+00 -9.57E-01 1.52E-01 1.21E-01 4.38E-01 9.09E-01
1-Mar-06 2.02E+00 2.70E+00 3.39E+00 1.87E-01 5.02E-01 9.28E-01 -2.07E+00 -8.58E-01 2.67E-01 1.20E-01 4.38E-01 9.09E-01
1-Apr-06 2.26E+00 2.97E+00 3.73E+00 1.88E-01 5.02E-01 9.31E-01 -2.01E+00 -8.26E-01 3.22E-01 1.20E-01 4.37E-01 9.10E-01
1-May-06 2.16E+00 2.88E+00 3.64E+00 1.87E-01 5.02E-01 9.29E-01 -2.00E+00 -8.15E-01 3.36E-01 1.20E-01 4.37E-01 9.06E-01
1-Jun-06 2.00E+00 2.69E+00 3.41E+00 1.88E-01 5.02E-01 9.29E-01 -2.03E+00 -8.46E-01 3.00E-01 1.20E-01 4.37E-01 9.10E-01
1-Jul-06 2.03E+00 2.71E+00 3.45E+00 1.88E-01 5.03E-01 9.30E-01 -2.11E+00 -9.22E-01 2.13E-01 1.20E-01 4.37E-01 9.13E-01
1-Aug-06 2.00E+00 2.70E+00 3.45E+00 1.87E-01 5.04E-01 9.36E-01 -2.24E+00 -1.00E+00 1.39E-01 1.20E-01 4.38E-01 9.12E-01
1-Sep-06 1.43E+00 2.17E+00 2.85E+00 1.87E-01 5.06E-01 9.39E-01 -2.08E+00 -8.61E-01 2.96E-01 1.20E-01 4.39E-01 9.22E-01
1-Oct-06 1.10E+00 1.88E+00 2.60E+00 1.86E-01 5.06E-01 9.38E-01 -1.99E+00 -7.57E-01 4.60E-01 1.20E-01 4.39E-01 9.16E-01
1-Nov-06 1.29E+00 2.07E+00 2.79E+00 1.86E-01 5.06E-01 9.39E-01 -2.04E+00 -8.23E-01 3.44E-01 1.20E-01 4.39E-01 9.17E-01
1-Dec-06 1.78E+00 2.49E+00 3.23E+00 1.86E-01 5.05E-01 9.38E-01 -2.14E+00 -9.04E-01 2.25E-01 1.20E-01 4.40E-01 9.12E-01
1-Jan-07 1.86E+00 2.57E+00 3.35E+00 1.87E-01 5.05E-01 9.38E-01 -2.04E+00 -8.17E-01 3.32E-01 1.21E-01 4.40E-01 9.18E-01
1-Feb-07 1.79E+00 2.49E+00 3.26E+00 1.86E-01 5.04E-01 9.35E-01 -2.04E+00 -8.06E-01 3.29E-01 1.22E-01 4.40E-01 9.13E-01
1-Mar-07 1.72E+00 2.42E+00 3.14E+00 1.87E-01 5.03E-01 9.29E-01 -2.04E+00 -7.90E-01 3.55E-01 1.23E-01 4.40E-01 9.07E-01
1-Apr-07 1.61E+00 2.30E+00 3.02E+00 1.88E-01 5.03E-01 9.32E-01 -1.89E+00 -6.86E-01 4.69E-01 1.24E-01 4.41E-01 9.09E-01
1-May-07 1.59E+00 2.30E+00 2.99E+00 1.90E-01 5.03E-01 9.22E-01 -1.90E+00 -6.74E-01 4.93E-01 1.24E-01 4.42E-01 9.10E-01
1-Jun-07 1.54E+00 2.24E+00 2.98E+00 1.91E-01 5.04E-01 9.27E-01 -1.87E+00 -6.06E-01 6.86E-01 1.25E-01 4.43E-01 9.09E-01
1-Jul-07 1.41E+00 2.10E+00 2.81E+00 1.92E-01 5.06E-01 9.31E-01 -1.99E+00 -7.42E-01 5.21E-01 1.25E-01 4.44E-01 9.13E-01
1-Aug-07 1.17E+00 1.89E+00 2.57E+00 1.92E-01 5.07E-01 9.36E-01 -2.10E+00 -8.59E-01 3.55E-01 1.24E-01 4.45E-01 9.20E-01
1-Sep-07 1.40E+00 2.10E+00 2.78E+00 1.94E-01 5.08E-01 9.37E-01 -2.25E+00 -1.03E+00 1.01E-01 1.25E-01 4.46E-01 9.22E-01
1-Oct-07 1.39E+00 2.09E+00 2.79E+00 1.95E-01 5.10E-01 9.39E-01 -2.36E+00 -1.11E+00 4.79E-02 1.26E-01 4.48E-01 9.25E-01
1-Nov-07 1.54E+00 2.28E+00 3.01E+00 1.98E-01 5.11E-01 9.43E-01 -2.60E+00 -1.33E+00 -1.92E-01 1.26E-01 4.50E-01 9.31E-01
1-Dec-07 1.57E+00 2.28E+00 3.00E+00 1.99E-01 5.14E-01 9.44E-01 -2.58E+00 -1.31E+00 -1.70E-01 1.27E-01 4.51E-01 9.28E-01
1-Jan-08 1.42E+00 2.18E+00 2.89E+00 2.01E-01 5.17E-01 9.41E-01 -2.69E+00 -1.34E+00 -1.75E-01 1.27E-01 4.53E-01 9.38E-01
1-Feb-08 1.51E+00 2.21E+00 2.92E+00 2.01E-01 5.20E-01 9.47E-01 -2.49E+00 -1.24E+00 -1.12E-01 1.28E-01 4.55E-01 9.43E-01
1-Mar-08 1.54E+00 2.25E+00 2.97E+00 2.04E-01 5.23E-01 9.49E-01 -2.54E+00 -1.26E+00 -1.12E-01 1.27E-01 4.56E-01 9.46E-01
1-Apr-08 1.63E+00 2.34E+00 3.04E+00 2.05E-01 5.27E-01 9.56E-01 -2.48E+00 -1.22E+00 -7.88E-02 1.30E-01 4.58E-01 9.48E-01
1-May-08 1.81E+00 2.53E+00 3.26E+00 2.07E-01 5.32E-01 9.59E-01 -2.54E+00 -1.25E+00 -9.49E-02 1.30E-01 4.60E-01 9.57E-01
1-Jun-08 2.04E+00 2.84E+00 3.69E+00 2.09E-01 5.37E-01 9.71E-01 -2.73E+00 -1.34E+00 -8.55E-02 1.31E-01 4.63E-01 9.62E-01
1-Jul-08 2.00E+00 2.86E+00 3.76E+00 2.11E-01 5.42E-01 9.76E-01 -2.91E+00 -1.40E+00 -1.36E-02 1.32E-01 4.65E-01 9.67E-01
1-Aug-08 1.52E+00 2.33E+00 3.14E+00 2.15E-01 5.47E-01 9.81E-01 -2.69E+00 -1.24E+00 8.11E-02 1.32E-01 4.68E-01 9.72E-01
1-Sep-08 1.37E+00 2.21E+00 3.08E+00 2.15E-01 5.51E-01 9.92E-01 -2.79E+00 -1.22E+00 1.94E-01 1.32E-01 4.70E-01 9.85E-01
1-Oct-08 8.56E-01 1.68E+00 2.53E+00 2.18E-01 5.56E-01 9.92E-01 -2.19E+00 -7.97E-01 4.68E-01 1.33E-01 4.72E-01 9.94E-01
1-Nov-08 -5.44E-01 5.18E-01 1.53E+00 2.17E-01 5.59E-01 9.94E-01 -1.99E+00 -4.33E-01 1.32E+00 1.32E-01 4.73E-01 9.93E-01
1-Dec-08 -1.18E+00 -2.66E-02 1.16E+00 2.11E-01 5.59E-01 9.94E-01 -2.41E+00 -6.70E-01 8.06E-01 1.31E-01 4.73E-01 9.95E-01
1-Jan-09 -2.48E-01 6.39E-01 1.47E+00 2.08E-01 5.58E-01 9.93E-01 -1.99E+00 -5.13E-01 7.97E-01 1.31E-01 4.71E-01 9.87E-01
1-Feb-09 3.20E-01 1.09E+00 1.88E+00 2.03E-01 5.55E-01 9.96E-01 -1.68E+00 -3.46E-01 9.20E-01 1.30E-01 4.69E-01 9.82E-01
1-Mar-09 -7.22E-02 7.35E-01 1.50E+00 2.02E-01 5.52E-01 9.98E-01 -1.52E+00 -2.11E-01 1.06E+00 1.29E-01 4.67E-01 9.81E-01
1-Apr-09 4.79E-02 8.50E-01 1.60E+00 1.98E-01 5.48E-01 9.96E-01 -1.47E+00 -1.88E-01 1.06E+00 1.28E-01 4.65E-01 9.77E-01
1-May-09 2.23E-01 9.82E-01 1.74E+00 1.96E-01 5.45E-01 9.97E-01 -1.39E+00 -7.19E-02 1.29E+00 1.27E-01 4.63E-01 9.77E-01
1-Jun-09 7.15E-01 1.46E+00 2.26E+00 1.94E-01 5.42E-01 9.96E-01 -1.54E+00 -2.15E-01 1.17E+00 1.25E-01 4.61E-01 9.76E-01
1-Jul-09 4.50E-01 1.17E+00 1.90E+00 1.92E-01 5.38E-01 9.94E-01 -1.59E+00 -3.20E-01 9.70E-01 1.25E-01 4.60E-01 9.73E-01
1-Aug-09 6.53E-01 1.36E+00 2.10E+00 1.88E-01 5.35E-01 9.92E-01 -1.72E+00 -4.70E-01 7.67E-01 1.24E-01 4.58E-01 9.71E-01
1-Sep-09 5.70E-01 1.31E+00 2.02E+00 1.85E-01 5.31E-01 9.89E-01 -1.78E+00 -5.59E-01 6.01E-01 1.22E-01 4.56E-01 9.59E-01
1-Oct-09 6.64E-01 1.41E+00 2.13E+00 1.82E-01 5.29E-01 9.96E-01 -1.80E+00 -5.57E-01 6.24E-01 1.21E-01 4.54E-01 9.53E-01
1-Nov-09 6.35E-01 1.38E+00 2.07E+00 1.79E-01 5.26E-01 9.90E-01 -1.70E+00 -4.77E-01 7.33E-01 1.19E-01 4.53E-01 9.59E-01
1-Dec-09 6.01E-01 1.33E+00 2.02E+00 1.75E-01 5.24E-01 9.89E-01 -1.63E+00 -3.85E-01 8.74E-01 1.18E-01 4.52E-01 9.61E-01
1-Jan-10 8.20E-01 1.52E+00 2.22E+00 1.71E-01 5.23E-01 9.98E-01 -1.70E+00 -4.33E-01 8.41E-01 1.16E-01 4.51E-01 9.66E-01
1-Feb-10 7.80E-01 1.47E+00 2.18E+00 1.69E-01 5.22E-01 1.00E+00 -1.75E+00 -4.75E-01 8.10E-01 1.15E-01 4.50E-01 9.67E-01
1-Mar-10 8.32E-01 1.52E+00 2.23E+00 1.66E-01 5.22E-01 1.00E+00 -1.81E+00 -5.56E-01 7.30E-01 1.13E-01 4.50E-01 9.73E-01
1-Apr-10 7.45E-01 1.45E+00 2.21E+00 1.65E-01 5.22E-01 1.01E+00 -1.89E+00 -6.02E-01 7.34E-01 1.12E-01 4.50E-01 9.76E-01
1-May-10 3.86E-01 1.12E+00 1.81E+00 1.65E-01 5.22E-01 1.02E+00 -1.98E+00 -7.37E-01 4.71E-01 1.11E-01 4.49E-01 9.76E-01
1-Jun-10 2.51E-02 8.23E-01 1.56E+00 1.62E-01 5.22E-01 1.02E+00 -2.00E+00 -7.33E-01 5.26E-01 1.09E-01 4.48E-01 9.77E-01
1-Jul-10 2.32E-01 9.96E-01 1.71E+00 1.60E-01 5.22E-01 1.02E+00 -2.08E+00 -8.43E-01 3.44E-01 1.09E-01 4.48E-01 9.82E-01
1-Aug-10 1.40E-01 9.72E-01 1.74E+00 1.57E-01 5.23E-01 1.03E+00 -2.17E+00 -9.19E-01 2.74E-01 1.07E-01 4.47E-01 9.79E-01
1-Sep-10 2.11E-01 1.06E+00 1.83E+00 1.55E-01 5.24E-01 1.04E+00 -2.14E+00 -8.84E-01 3.18E-01 1.06E-01 4.47E-01 9.79E-01
1-Oct-10 4.39E-01 1.28E+00 2.04E+00 1.53E-01 5.26E-01 1.04E+00 -2.13E+00 -8.68E-01 3.45E-01 1.05E-01 4.48E-01 9.89E-01
1-Nov-10 6.34E-01 1.40E+00 2.11E+00 1.52E-01 5.28E-01 1.05E+00 -2.08E+00 -7.69E-01 5.23E-01 1.04E-01 4.48E-01 9.96E-01
1-Dec-10 1.02E+00 1.74E+00 2.49E+00 1.48E-01 5.30E-01 1.06E+00 -2.18E+00 -7.73E-01 6.55E-01 1.02E-01 4.48E-01 1.00E+00
1-Jan-11 1.24E+00 1.97E+00 2.74E+00 1.48E-01 5.33E-01 1.07E+00 -2.34E+00 -9.29E-01 4.95E-01 1.01E-01 4.49E-01 1.00E+00
1-Feb-11 1.37E+00 2.15E+00 2.98E+00 1.45E-01 5.35E-01 1.09E+00 -2.49E+00 -1.09E+00 3.60E-01 1.00E-01 4.50E-01 1.02E+00
1-Mar-11 1.43E+00 2.23E+00 3.07E+00 1.43E-01 5.38E-01 1.11E+00 -2.72E+00 -1.32E+00 3.93E-02 9.85E-02 4.51E-01 1.03E+00
1-Apr-11 1.47E+00 2.34E+00 3.23E+00 1.42E-01 5.43E-01 1.13E+00 -2.86E+00 -1.44E+00 -8.23E-02 9.62E-02 4.51E-01 1.04E+00
1-May-11 1.29E+00 2.15E+00 3.05E+00 1.41E-01 5.47E-01 1.15E+00 -2.99E+00 -1.55E+00 -1.73E-01 9.51E-02 4.51E-01 1.05E+00
1-Jun-11 8.45E-01 1.80E+00 2.76E+00 1.40E-01 5.51E-01 1.17E+00 -2.99E+00 -1.50E+00 -8.50E-02 9.42E-02 4.52E-01 1.06E+00
1-Jul-11 9.17E-01 1.99E+00 3.16E+00 1.39E-01 5.55E-01 1.19E+00 -3.20E+00 -1.61E+00 -1.01E-01 9.28E-02 4.51E-01 1.06E+00
1-Aug-11 2.44E-01 1.64E+00 2.97E+00 1.37E-01 5.57E-01 1.21E+00 -3.64E+00 -1.82E+00 -1.07E-01 9.11E-02 4.50E-01 1.07E+00

Note: Monthly data where available since 1960 expressed in annualized percentage points. Unless stated otherwise inflation rates are shown as twelve-month trailing moving averages. (The model's information set uses monthly inflation rates --- as shown in Panel (a) for headline PCE inflation --- which span these moving averages.)

Figure2: Trends in TVP2-Model with Separate Yield Trend

  Xdata Inflation Trend, D(11): Level, Red_low95 Inflation Trend, D(11): Level, Blue_mean Inflation Trend, D(11): Level, Red_high95 Inflation Trend, D(21): Uncertainty, Red_low95 Inflation Trend, D(21): Uncertainty, Blue_mean Inflation Trend, D(21): Uncertainty, Red_high95 Permanent Yield Shocks, D(12): Level, Red_low95 Permanent Yield Shocks, D(12): Level, Blue_mean Permanent Yield Shocks, D(12): Level, Red_high95 Permanent Yield Shocks, D(22): Uncertainty, Red_low95 Permanent Yield Shocks, D(22): Uncertainty, Blue_mean Permanent Yield Shocks, D(22): Uncertainty, Red_high95
1-Jan-60 7.24E-01 1.31E+00 1.89E+00 8.77E-02 3.29E-01 7.65E-01 -4.72E-01 5.68E-02 7.08E-01 1.01E-01 3.93E-01 1.04E+00
1-Feb-60 7.19E-01 1.29E+00 1.86E+00 8.96E-02 3.30E-01 7.69E-01 -6.14E-01 -3.39E-02 5.64E-01 1.02E-01 3.94E-01 1.05E+00
1-Mar-60 5.65E-01 1.17E+00 1.78E+00 9.13E-02 3.31E-01 7.70E-01 -8.43E-01 -1.42E-01 5.21E-01 1.03E-01 3.94E-01 1.04E+00
1-Apr-60 8.49E-01 1.49E+00 2.16E+00 9.30E-02 3.32E-01 7.65E-01 -8.28E-01 -1.75E-01 4.67E-01 1.04E-01 3.92E-01 1.03E+00
1-May-60 6.98E-01 1.31E+00 1.91E+00 9.49E-02 3.32E-01 7.58E-01 -8.85E-01 -1.96E-01 4.82E-01 1.06E-01 3.91E-01 1.02E+00
1-Jun-60 4.74E-01 1.10E+00 1.70E+00 9.70E-02 3.31E-01 7.55E-01 -1.05E+00 -2.95E-01 4.24E-01 1.07E-01 3.89E-01 1.01E+00
1-Jul-60 5.22E-01 1.19E+00 1.84E+00 9.86E-02 3.31E-01 7.50E-01 -1.21E+00 -4.17E-01 2.99E-01 1.08E-01 3.87E-01 9.96E-01
1-Aug-60 5.16E-01 1.20E+00 1.87E+00 1.01E-01 3.31E-01 7.41E-01 -1.22E+00 -4.22E-01 3.13E-01 1.09E-01 3.85E-01 9.84E-01
1-Sep-60 4.40E-01 1.09E+00 1.72E+00 1.02E-01 3.30E-01 7.37E-01 -1.14E+00 -3.67E-01 3.78E-01 1.10E-01 3.84E-01 9.74E-01
1-Oct-60 4.27E-01 1.08E+00 1.70E+00 1.03E-01 3.30E-01 7.26E-01 -1.19E+00 -3.68E-01 3.90E-01 1.11E-01 3.82E-01 9.62E-01
1-Nov-60 5.99E-01 1.32E+00 2.14E+00 1.05E-01 3.31E-01 7.25E-01 -1.23E+00 -3.71E-01 4.11E-01 1.12E-01 3.81E-01 9.52E-01
1-Dec-60 3.87E-01 1.04E+00 1.67E+00 1.06E-01 3.30E-01 7.14E-01 -1.08E+00 -3.05E-01 4.48E-01 1.14E-01 3.80E-01 9.45E-01
1-Jan-61 3.01E-01 9.46E-01 1.56E+00 1.08E-01 3.29E-01 7.08E-01 -1.02E+00 -2.52E-01 5.10E-01 1.15E-01 3.78E-01 9.25E-01
1-Feb-61 3.62E-01 1.00E+00 1.61E+00 1.09E-01 3.29E-01 7.05E-01 -9.65E-01 -2.08E-01 5.53E-01 1.17E-01 3.77E-01 9.20E-01
1-Mar-61 1.75E-01 8.24E-01 1.44E+00 1.10E-01 3.28E-01 7.05E-01 -8.59E-01 -1.11E-01 6.64E-01 1.17E-01 3.76E-01 9.09E-01
1-Apr-61 5.65E-02 7.32E-01 1.40E+00 1.12E-01 3.28E-01 6.96E-01 -8.54E-01 -8.49E-02 7.02E-01 1.19E-01 3.74E-01 9.03E-01
1-May-61 1.97E-01 8.13E-01 1.43E+00 1.13E-01 3.28E-01 6.90E-01 -8.20E-01 -6.74E-02 7.08E-01 1.19E-01 3.72E-01 8.86E-01
1-Jun-61 2.50E-01 8.45E-01 1.45E+00 1.15E-01 3.27E-01 6.85E-01 -8.33E-01 -7.30E-02 6.99E-01 1.21E-01 3.71E-01 8.81E-01
1-Jul-61 4.83E-01 1.06E+00 1.67E+00 1.17E-01 3.27E-01 6.80E-01 -8.27E-01 -9.38E-02 6.54E-01 1.21E-01 3.70E-01 8.76E-01
1-Aug-61 4.38E-01 1.02E+00 1.63E+00 1.17E-01 3.27E-01 6.80E-01 -8.28E-01 -9.49E-02 6.55E-01 1.22E-01 3.70E-01 8.68E-01
1-Sep-61 4.52E-01 1.05E+00 1.66E+00 1.18E-01 3.27E-01 6.77E-01 -8.40E-01 -1.09E-01 6.43E-01 1.22E-01 3.69E-01 8.57E-01
1-Oct-61 3.63E-01 9.47E-01 1.53E+00 1.19E-01 3.27E-01 6.76E-01 -8.11E-01 -8.85E-02 6.61E-01 1.22E-01 3.68E-01 8.46E-01
1-Nov-61 3.60E-01 9.41E-01 1.54E+00 1.20E-01 3.28E-01 6.76E-01 -7.65E-01 -3.72E-02 7.23E-01 1.23E-01 3.68E-01 8.43E-01
1-Dec-61 3.69E-01 9.47E-01 1.55E+00 1.21E-01 3.29E-01 6.78E-01 -8.19E-01 -5.16E-02 7.28E-01 1.24E-01 3.67E-01 8.33E-01
1-Jan-62 5.05E-01 1.10E+00 1.71E+00 1.22E-01 3.29E-01 6.80E-01 -9.40E-01 -1.69E-01 5.99E-01 1.25E-01 3.67E-01 8.36E-01
1-Feb-62 5.91E-01 1.25E+00 1.93E+00 1.22E-01 3.30E-01 6.78E-01 -1.07E+00 -2.81E-01 4.90E-01 1.25E-01 3.66E-01 8.36E-01
1-Mar-62 5.02E-01 1.15E+00 1.80E+00 1.23E-01 3.32E-01 6.80E-01 -1.14E+00 -3.36E-01 4.41E-01 1.25E-01 3.66E-01 8.37E-01
1-Apr-62 4.95E-01 1.14E+00 1.77E+00 1.23E-01 3.32E-01 6.83E-01 -1.08E+00 -3.13E-01 4.57E-01 1.25E-01 3.66E-01 8.35E-01
1-May-62 4.74E-01 1.09E+00 1.68E+00 1.23E-01 3.34E-01 6.87E-01 -1.02E+00 -2.63E-01 4.99E-01 1.26E-01 3.67E-01 8.34E-01
1-Jun-62 5.02E-01 1.09E+00 1.68E+00 1.24E-01 3.35E-01 6.87E-01 -9.17E-01 -1.71E-01 5.99E-01 1.26E-01 3.68E-01 8.41E-01
1-Jul-62 2.90E-01 9.29E-01 1.55E+00 1.24E-01 3.36E-01 6.86E-01 -9.09E-01 -1.24E-01 6.81E-01 1.27E-01 3.68E-01 8.38E-01
1-Aug-62 3.84E-01 1.01E+00 1.63E+00 1.24E-01 3.37E-01 6.85E-01 -1.10E+00 -2.65E-01 5.46E-01 1.27E-01 3.68E-01 8.44E-01
1-Sep-62 6.70E-01 1.49E+00 2.42E+00 1.25E-01 3.39E-01 6.86E-01 -1.21E+00 -3.07E-01 5.48E-01 1.27E-01 3.69E-01 8.39E-01
1-Oct-62 3.32E-01 9.98E-01 1.63E+00 1.26E-01 3.39E-01 6.90E-01 -1.05E+00 -2.48E-01 5.60E-01 1.27E-01 3.69E-01 8.42E-01
1-Nov-62 3.78E-01 1.02E+00 1.65E+00 1.26E-01 3.38E-01 6.88E-01 -9.57E-01 -1.88E-01 6.12E-01 1.28E-01 3.69E-01 8.39E-01
1-Dec-62 2.28E-01 8.68E-01 1.51E+00 1.27E-01 3.38E-01 6.86E-01 -1.03E+00 -2.22E-01 5.80E-01 1.29E-01 3.68E-01 8.33E-01
1-Jan-63 4.75E-01 1.13E+00 1.78E+00 1.27E-01 3.37E-01 6.79E-01 -1.02E+00 -2.28E-01 5.51E-01 1.29E-01 3.67E-01 8.30E-01
1-Feb-63 4.43E-01 1.11E+00 1.75E+00 1.28E-01 3.35E-01 6.75E-01 -9.43E-01 -1.52E-01 6.49E-01 1.30E-01 3.66E-01 8.18E-01
1-Mar-63 2.10E-01 8.79E-01 1.53E+00 1.29E-01 3.34E-01 6.71E-01 -8.50E-01 -6.05E-02 7.43E-01 1.31E-01 3.65E-01 8.15E-01
1-Apr-63 1.86E-01 8.58E-01 1.53E+00 1.29E-01 3.32E-01 6.62E-01 -9.12E-01 -8.07E-02 7.42E-01 1.31E-01 3.64E-01 8.08E-01
1-May-63 4.17E-01 1.01E+00 1.63E+00 1.29E-01 3.31E-01 6.57E-01 -9.55E-01 -1.61E-01 6.28E-01 1.31E-01 3.63E-01 8.04E-01
1-Jun-63 5.54E-01 1.16E+00 1.77E+00 1.29E-01 3.31E-01 6.57E-01 -1.00E+00 -2.17E-01 5.58E-01 1.31E-01 3.62E-01 8.06E-01
1-Jul-63 5.76E-01 1.23E+00 1.88E+00 1.29E-01 3.29E-01 6.53E-01 -1.06E+00 -2.67E-01 5.22E-01 1.31E-01 3.61E-01 8.05E-01
1-Aug-63 5.66E-01 1.25E+00 1.90E+00 1.30E-01 3.28E-01 6.47E-01 -1.01E+00 -2.20E-01 5.62E-01 1.31E-01 3.61E-01 7.99E-01
1-Sep-63 4.21E-01 1.08E+00 1.71E+00 1.29E-01 3.28E-01 6.46E-01 -9.97E-01 -1.89E-01 6.31E-01 1.31E-01 3.60E-01 7.89E-01
1-Oct-63 6.12E-01 1.27E+00 1.90E+00 1.29E-01 3.27E-01 6.50E-01 -9.96E-01 -2.15E-01 5.63E-01 1.31E-01 3.60E-01 7.86E-01
1-Nov-63 6.32E-01 1.26E+00 1.87E+00 1.30E-01 3.26E-01 6.48E-01 -1.01E+00 -2.32E-01 5.47E-01 1.31E-01 3.59E-01 7.82E-01
1-Dec-63 6.41E-01 1.26E+00 1.86E+00 1.31E-01 3.25E-01 6.39E-01 -1.03E+00 -2.48E-01 5.23E-01 1.31E-01 3.59E-01 7.79E-01
1-Jan-64 7.12E-01 1.39E+00 2.04E+00 1.30E-01 3.24E-01 6.40E-01 -1.07E+00 -2.75E-01 5.13E-01 1.31E-01 3.59E-01 7.78E-01
1-Feb-64 7.16E-01 1.39E+00 2.03E+00 1.31E-01 3.23E-01 6.35E-01 -1.02E+00 -2.36E-01 5.43E-01 1.31E-01 3.58E-01 7.77E-01
1-Mar-64 6.64E-01 1.30E+00 1.91E+00 1.32E-01 3.23E-01 6.34E-01 -9.34E-01 -1.69E-01 6.02E-01 1.32E-01 3.58E-01 7.71E-01
1-Apr-64 6.65E-01 1.29E+00 1.88E+00 1.32E-01 3.22E-01 6.36E-01 -8.71E-01 -1.24E-01 6.39E-01 1.32E-01 3.58E-01 7.74E-01
1-May-64 5.47E-01 1.15E+00 1.74E+00 1.33E-01 3.22E-01 6.32E-01 -8.67E-01 -1.22E-01 6.42E-01 1.31E-01 3.58E-01 7.72E-01
1-Jun-64 6.67E-01 1.25E+00 1.82E+00 1.34E-01 3.22E-01 6.29E-01 -9.02E-01 -1.50E-01 6.01E-01 1.32E-01 3.58E-01 7.75E-01
1-Jul-64 6.82E-01 1.29E+00 1.88E+00 1.35E-01 3.22E-01 6.24E-01 -9.07E-01 -1.52E-01 5.99E-01 1.33E-01 3.59E-01 7.70E-01
1-Aug-64 6.18E-01 1.23E+00 1.83E+00 1.35E-01 3.22E-01 6.25E-01 -9.18E-01 -1.62E-01 5.97E-01 1.33E-01 3.59E-01 7.70E-01
1-Sep-64 7.02E-01 1.32E+00 1.93E+00 1.36E-01 3.22E-01 6.27E-01 -9.23E-01 -1.67E-01 5.87E-01 1.33E-01 3.59E-01 7.67E-01
1-Oct-64 6.15E-01 1.23E+00 1.83E+00 1.37E-01 3.22E-01 6.28E-01 -9.42E-01 -1.86E-01 5.78E-01 1.33E-01 3.60E-01 7.72E-01
1-Nov-64 6.90E-01 1.28E+00 1.87E+00 1.37E-01 3.23E-01 6.26E-01 -9.70E-01 -2.09E-01 5.44E-01 1.33E-01 3.61E-01 7.70E-01
1-Dec-64 7.56E-01 1.35E+00 1.92E+00 1.38E-01 3.24E-01 6.28E-01 -9.67E-01 -2.23E-01 5.31E-01 1.33E-01 3.62E-01 7.73E-01
1-Jan-65 7.22E-01 1.34E+00 1.96E+00 1.39E-01 3.25E-01 6.28E-01 -9.47E-01 -1.89E-01 5.87E-01 1.35E-01 3.63E-01 7.73E-01
1-Feb-65 6.13E-01 1.25E+00 1.89E+00 1.38E-01 3.26E-01 6.26E-01 -9.66E-01 -1.86E-01 6.02E-01 1.35E-01 3.63E-01 7.73E-01
1-Mar-65 6.82E-01 1.32E+00 1.95E+00 1.39E-01 3.27E-01 6.30E-01 -1.01E+00 -2.29E-01 5.69E-01 1.35E-01 3.65E-01 7.73E-01
1-Apr-65 7.22E-01 1.37E+00 2.01E+00 1.40E-01 3.29E-01 6.37E-01 -1.07E+00 -2.90E-01 5.09E-01 1.35E-01 3.66E-01 7.74E-01
1-May-65 7.97E-01 1.46E+00 2.10E+00 1.40E-01 3.31E-01 6.43E-01 -1.19E+00 -3.73E-01 4.38E-01 1.36E-01 3.67E-01 7.81E-01
1-Jun-65 9.32E-01 1.63E+00 2.32E+00 1.41E-01 3.33E-01 6.41E-01 -1.22E+00 -3.97E-01 4.27E-01 1.37E-01 3.68E-01 7.90E-01
1-Jul-65 7.98E-01 1.50E+00 2.18E+00 1.42E-01 3.35E-01 6.45E-01 -1.13E+00 -3.24E-01 4.98E-01 1.37E-01 3.70E-01 7.94E-01
1-Aug-65 7.20E-01 1.43E+00 2.11E+00 1.42E-01 3.37E-01 6.55E-01 -1.05E+00 -2.41E-01 6.06E-01 1.38E-01 3.71E-01 7.98E-01
1-Sep-65 7.45E-01 1.46E+00 2.16E+00 1.44E-01 3.39E-01 6.60E-01 -1.02E+00 -1.99E-01 6.59E-01 1.39E-01 3.72E-01 7.93E-01
1-Oct-65 7.17E-01 1.44E+00 2.16E+00 1.43E-01 3.41E-01 6.69E-01 -1.05E+00 -1.92E-01 6.79E-01 1.39E-01 3.74E-01 7.91E-01
1-Nov-65 9.46E-01 1.62E+00 2.31E+00 1.43E-01 3.45E-01 6.74E-01 -1.13E+00 -2.82E-01 5.65E-01 1.39E-01 3.75E-01 7.99E-01
1-Dec-65 1.29E+00 1.99E+00 2.69E+00 1.43E-01 3.47E-01 6.81E-01 -1.18E+00 -3.56E-01 4.91E-01 1.40E-01 3.77E-01 8.05E-01
1-Jan-66 1.15E+00 1.85E+00 2.54E+00 1.42E-01 3.49E-01 6.87E-01 -1.31E+00 -4.30E-01 4.52E-01 1.40E-01 3.78E-01 8.08E-01
1-Feb-66 1.48E+00 2.28E+00 3.08E+00 1.43E-01 3.50E-01 6.89E-01 -1.36E+00 -4.71E-01 4.22E-01 1.39E-01 3.80E-01 8.11E-01
1-Mar-66 1.42E+00 2.23E+00 3.01E+00 1.43E-01 3.50E-01 6.89E-01 -1.55E+00 -6.09E-01 3.29E-01 1.40E-01 3.81E-01 8.14E-01
1-Apr-66 1.54E+00 2.39E+00 3.23E+00 1.45E-01 3.50E-01 6.85E-01 -1.55E+00 -6.24E-01 3.08E-01 1.40E-01 3.82E-01 8.17E-01
1-May-66 1.43E+00 2.20E+00 2.93E+00 1.44E-01 3.50E-01 6.85E-01 -1.49E+00 -5.97E-01 3.10E-01 1.40E-01 3.82E-01 8.19E-01
1-Jun-66 1.57E+00 2.34E+00 3.07E+00 1.46E-01 3.50E-01 6.84E-01 -1.41E+00 -5.29E-01 3.59E-01 1.41E-01 3.83E-01 8.21E-01
1-Jul-66 1.60E+00 2.38E+00 3.12E+00 1.47E-01 3.50E-01 6.82E-01 -1.40E+00 -4.99E-01 4.17E-01 1.41E-01 3.83E-01 8.23E-01
1-Aug-66 1.79E+00 2.64E+00 3.46E+00 1.47E-01 3.50E-01 6.80E-01 -1.46E+00 -5.45E-01 3.92E-01 1.42E-01 3.84E-01 8.28E-01
1-Sep-66 1.77E+00 2.62E+00 3.45E+00 1.48E-01 3.51E-01 6.82E-01 -1.58E+00 -6.42E-01 2.84E-01 1.42E-01 3.85E-01 8.23E-01
1-Oct-66 1.75E+00 2.56E+00 3.34E+00 1.47E-01 3.51E-01 6.81E-01 -1.47E+00 -5.79E-01 3.32E-01 1.44E-01 3.85E-01 8.18E-01
1-Nov-66 1.64E+00 2.39E+00 3.10E+00 1.48E-01 3.52E-01 6.87E-01 -1.40E+00 -5.56E-01 3.18E-01 1.44E-01 3.85E-01 8.16E-01
1-Dec-66 1.57E+00 2.33E+00 3.03E+00 1.48E-01 3.53E-01 6.87E-01 -1.46E+00 -6.13E-01 2.44E-01 1.44E-01 3.86E-01 8.20E-01
1-Jan-67 1.27E+00 2.02E+00 2.77E+00 1.49E-01 3.54E-01 6.83E-01 -1.43E+00 -5.69E-01 2.81E-01 1.45E-01 3.87E-01 8.23E-01
1-Feb-67 1.33E+00 2.07E+00 2.82E+00 1.48E-01 3.54E-01 6.86E-01 -1.38E+00 -5.08E-01 3.74E-01 1.45E-01 3.88E-01 8.23E-01
1-Mar-67 1.19E+00 1.96E+00 2.75E+00 1.49E-01 3.55E-01 6.86E-01 -1.42E+00 -5.30E-01 3.51E-01 1.46E-01 3.88E-01 8.21E-01
1-Apr-67 1.38E+00 2.11E+00 2.87E+00 1.50E-01 3.56E-01 6.89E-01 -1.37E+00 -4.87E-01 3.91E-01 1.45E-01 3.89E-01 8.31E-01
1-May-67 1.56E+00 2.25E+00 2.97E+00 1.51E-01 3.56E-01 6.84E-01 -1.36E+00 -4.88E-01 3.75E-01 1.47E-01 3.90E-01 8.34E-01
1-Jun-67 1.83E+00 2.50E+00 3.19E+00 1.52E-01 3.57E-01 6.85E-01 -1.40E+00 -5.48E-01 3.03E-01 1.47E-01 3.91E-01 8.34E-01
1-Jul-67 1.96E+00 2.70E+00 3.44E+00 1.52E-01 3.57E-01 6.87E-01 -1.46E+00 -5.93E-01 2.90E-01 1.48E-01 3.92E-01 8.38E-01
1-Aug-67 2.02E+00 2.78E+00 3.53E+00 1.53E-01 3.58E-01 6.88E-01 -1.52E+00 -6.19E-01 2.90E-01 1.48E-01 3.94E-01 8.44E-01
1-Sep-67 2.07E+00 2.87E+00 3.65E+00 1.53E-01 3.59E-01 6.93E-01 -1.50E+00 -5.97E-01 3.29E-01 1.48E-01 3.96E-01 8.56E-01
1-Oct-67 2.14E+00 2.94E+00 3.72E+00 1.52E-01 3.60E-01 7.02E-01 -1.45E+00 -5.27E-01 4.27E-01 1.47E-01 3.97E-01 8.56E-01
1-Nov-67 2.25E+00 3.09E+00 3.91E+00 1.53E-01 3.62E-01 6.95E-01 -1.37E+00 -4.61E-01 4.89E-01 1.46E-01 3.99E-01 8.60E-01
1-Dec-67 2.04E+00 2.82E+00 3.60E+00 1.52E-01 3.63E-01 7.02E-01 -1.57E+00 -5.90E-01 4.02E-01 1.47E-01 4.00E-01 8.59E-01
1-Jan-68 2.30E+00 3.18E+00 4.06E+00 1.54E-01 3.64E-01 7.00E-01 -1.74E+00 -7.60E-01 2.60E-01 1.48E-01 4.01E-01 8.56E-01
1-Feb-68 2.37E+00 3.32E+00 4.23E+00 1.53E-01 3.64E-01 7.04E-01 -1.79E+00 -7.81E-01 2.64E-01 1.49E-01 4.02E-01 8.68E-01
1-Mar-68 2.34E+00 3.26E+00 4.15E+00 1.54E-01 3.65E-01 7.08E-01 -1.77E+00 -7.53E-01 2.94E-01 1.50E-01 4.04E-01 8.71E-01
1-Apr-68 2.34E+00 3.26E+00 4.12E+00 1.54E-01 3.65E-01 7.12E-01 -1.76E+00 -7.42E-01 3.27E-01 1.50E-01 4.06E-01 8.76E-01
1-May-68 2.43E+00 3.38E+00 4.26E+00 1.53E-01 3.67E-01 7.16E-01 -1.74E+00 -7.42E-01 3.20E-01 1.50E-01 4.07E-01 8.83E-01
1-Jun-68 2.34E+00 3.26E+00 4.12E+00 1.54E-01 3.67E-01 7.18E-01 -1.86E+00 -8.59E-01 2.02E-01 1.51E-01 4.08E-01 8.81E-01
1-Jul-68 2.23E+00 3.19E+00 4.08E+00 1.54E-01 3.68E-01 7.20E-01 -2.01E+00 -9.73E-01 1.29E-01 1.52E-01 4.09E-01 8.81E-01
1-Aug-68 2.33E+00 3.34E+00 4.28E+00 1.54E-01 3.69E-01 7.21E-01 -2.08E+00 -1.01E+00 1.14E-01 1.54E-01 4.11E-01 8.86E-01
1-Sep-68 2.30E+00 3.33E+00 4.27E+00 1.54E-01 3.70E-01 7.21E-01 -2.11E+00 -1.00E+00 1.38E-01 1.54E-01 4.13E-01 8.93E-01
1-Oct-68 2.44E+00 3.50E+00 4.49E+00 1.54E-01 3.71E-01 7.30E-01 -2.04E+00 -9.39E-01 2.15E-01 1.55E-01 4.15E-01 8.93E-01
1-Nov-68 2.47E+00 3.50E+00 4.47E+00 1.55E-01 3.73E-01 7.28E-01 -1.79E+00 -7.40E-01 3.81E-01 1.54E-01 4.17E-01 8.99E-01
1-Dec-68 2.33E+00 3.32E+00 4.25E+00 1.54E-01 3.74E-01 7.32E-01 -1.67E+00 -6.15E-01 5.29E-01 1.55E-01 4.19E-01 8.97E-01
1-Jan-69 2.53E+00 3.59E+00 4.56E+00 1.54E-01 3.76E-01 7.36E-01 -1.63E+00 -5.72E-01 5.56E-01 1.55E-01 4.22E-01 9.03E-01
1-Feb-69 2.43E+00 3.46E+00 4.40E+00 1.54E-01 3.77E-01 7.40E-01 -1.66E+00 -5.59E-01 6.00E-01 1.56E-01 4.24E-01 9.10E-01
1-Mar-69 2.63E+00 3.71E+00 4.68E+00 1.54E-01 3.79E-01 7.41E-01 -1.74E+00 -6.43E-01 5.29E-01 1.57E-01 4.26E-01 9.13E-01
1-Apr-69 2.67E+00 3.75E+00 4.76E+00 1.55E-01 3.80E-01 7.48E-01 -1.81E+00 -6.88E-01 4.87E-01 1.57E-01 4.28E-01 9.15E-01
1-May-69 2.72E+00 3.77E+00 4.76E+00 1.56E-01 3.81E-01 7.45E-01 -1.72E+00 -5.88E-01 6.09E-01 1.59E-01 4.30E-01 9.18E-01
1-Jun-69 2.88E+00 3.95E+00 4.99E+00 1.56E-01 3.81E-01 7.44E-01 -1.65E+00 -5.15E-01 6.90E-01 1.59E-01 4.33E-01 9.21E-01
1-Jul-69 2.90E+00 4.02E+00 5.10E+00 1.58E-01 3.83E-01 7.44E-01 -1.57E+00 -4.36E-01 7.56E-01 1.59E-01 4.36E-01 9.31E-01
1-Aug-69 2.78E+00 3.85E+00 4.84E+00 1.57E-01 3.84E-01 7.49E-01 -1.37E+00 -2.64E-01 9.37E-01 1.58E-01 4.39E-01 9.30E-01
1-Sep-69 2.98E+00 4.06E+00 5.09E+00 1.57E-01 3.86E-01 7.51E-01 -1.19E+00 -9.81E-02 1.08E+00 1.58E-01 4.42E-01 9.36E-01
1-Oct-69 2.89E+00 3.94E+00 4.92E+00 1.58E-01 3.87E-01 7.54E-01 -1.23E+00 -1.24E-01 1.04E+00 1.57E-01 4.45E-01 9.52E-01
1-Nov-69 3.05E+00 4.08E+00 5.07E+00 1.58E-01 3.89E-01 7.60E-01 -1.09E+00 7.67E-03 1.15E+00 1.58E-01 4.46E-01 9.48E-01
1-Dec-69 3.23E+00 4.25E+00 5.26E+00 1.58E-01 3.90E-01 7.70E-01 -9.37E-01 1.88E-01 1.37E+00 1.60E-01 4.48E-01 9.48E-01
1-Jan-70 3.09E+00 4.11E+00 5.09E+00 1.59E-01 3.91E-01 7.69E-01 -1.05E+00 5.69E-02 1.19E+00 1.60E-01 4.51E-01 9.52E-01
1-Feb-70 3.04E+00 4.05E+00 5.02E+00 1.60E-01 3.93E-01 7.71E-01 -1.12E+00 -6.90E-02 1.02E+00 1.63E-01 4.52E-01 9.53E-01
1-Mar-70 2.89E+00 3.86E+00 4.78E+00 1.62E-01 3.95E-01 7.80E-01 -1.08E+00 -2.10E-02 1.07E+00 1.64E-01 4.55E-01 9.53E-01
1-Apr-70 3.29E+00 4.29E+00 5.28E+00 1.63E-01 3.96E-01 7.77E-01 -8.51E-01 2.01E-01 1.31E+00 1.64E-01 4.57E-01 9.58E-01
1-May-70 3.26E+00 4.21E+00 5.15E+00 1.63E-01 3.98E-01 7.77E-01 -6.84E-01 3.63E-01 1.45E+00 1.65E-01 4.60E-01 9.61E-01
1-Jun-70 3.10E+00 3.98E+00 4.86E+00 1.62E-01 4.00E-01 7.79E-01 -7.77E-01 2.49E-01 1.30E+00 1.66E-01 4.62E-01 9.62E-01
1-Jul-70 3.15E+00 4.08E+00 4.99E+00 1.62E-01 4.01E-01 7.80E-01 -8.41E-01 1.66E-01 1.21E+00 1.68E-01 4.64E-01 9.63E-01
1-Aug-70 3.05E+00 3.94E+00 4.83E+00 1.63E-01 4.02E-01 7.81E-01 -9.27E-01 8.88E-02 1.14E+00 1.70E-01 4.66E-01 9.71E-01
1-Sep-70 3.20E+00 4.11E+00 4.99E+00 1.65E-01 4.04E-01 7.83E-01 -1.11E+00 -1.07E-01 9.30E-01 1.70E-01 4.68E-01 9.77E-01
1-Oct-70 3.26E+00 4.18E+00 5.08E+00 1.65E-01 4.05E-01 7.87E-01 -1.34E+00 -3.47E-01 6.86E-01 1.72E-01 4.70E-01 9.83E-01
1-Nov-70 3.05E+00 3.94E+00 4.79E+00 1.67E-01 4.07E-01 7.93E-01 -1.68E+00 -6.64E-01 3.67E-01 1.71E-01 4.73E-01 9.88E-01
1-Dec-70 3.05E+00 3.94E+00 4.80E+00 1.67E-01 4.09E-01 7.95E-01 -1.78E+00 -7.57E-01 2.63E-01 1.71E-01 4.74E-01 9.92E-01
1-Jan-71 2.71E+00 3.62E+00 4.47E+00 1.68E-01 4.11E-01 8.01E-01 -1.72E+00 -7.40E-01 2.64E-01 1.71E-01 4.76E-01 9.97E-01
1-Feb-71 2.65E+00 3.57E+00 4.44E+00 1.69E-01 4.13E-01 8.03E-01 -1.88E+00 -8.58E-01 1.56E-01 1.71E-01 4.78E-01 9.94E-01
1-Mar-71 2.63E+00 3.57E+00 4.44E+00 1.69E-01 4.15E-01 8.11E-01 -2.03E+00 -9.85E-01 3.89E-02 1.70E-01 4.80E-01 1.00E+00
1-Apr-71 2.88E+00 3.76E+00 4.60E+00 1.70E-01 4.17E-01 8.12E-01 -1.81E+00 -8.18E-01 1.85E-01 1.71E-01 4.82E-01 1.01E+00
1-May-71 3.07E+00 3.93E+00 4.75E+00 1.70E-01 4.19E-01 8.17E-01 -1.67E+00 -6.81E-01 3.21E-01 1.70E-01 4.83E-01 1.02E+00
1-Jun-71 3.19E+00 4.05E+00 4.90E+00 1.71E-01 4.22E-01 8.17E-01 -1.57E+00 -5.85E-01 4.03E-01 1.70E-01 4.85E-01 1.02E+00
1-Jul-71 3.04E+00 3.90E+00 4.76E+00 1.72E-01 4.25E-01 8.26E-01 -1.45E+00 -4.89E-01 5.16E-01 1.72E-01 4.87E-01 1.03E+00
1-Aug-71 2.87E+00 3.75E+00 4.63E+00 1.73E-01 4.28E-01 8.29E-01 -1.54E+00 -5.37E-01 4.58E-01 1.72E-01 4.89E-01 1.04E+00
1-Sep-71 2.52E+00 3.42E+00 4.33E+00 1.74E-01 4.31E-01 8.36E-01 -1.60E+00 -5.88E-01 3.98E-01 1.73E-01 4.91E-01 1.03E+00
1-Oct-71 2.36E+00 3.27E+00 4.23E+00 1.74E-01 4.33E-01 8.45E-01 -1.62E+00 -5.77E-01 4.42E-01 1.74E-01 4.93E-01 1.04E+00
1-Nov-71 2.36E+00 3.24E+00 4.22E+00 1.74E-01 4.37E-01 8.52E-01 -1.67E+00 -6.18E-01 3.89E-01 1.74E-01 4.96E-01 1.04E+00
1-Dec-71 2.64E+00 3.48E+00 4.39E+00 1.75E-01 4.40E-01 8.57E-01 -1.74E+00 -7.01E-01 2.96E-01 1.75E-01 4.98E-01 1.05E+00
1-Jan-72 2.70E+00 3.62E+00 4.56E+00 1.76E-01 4.43E-01 8.60E-01 -1.83E+00 -7.67E-01 2.56E-01 1.75E-01 5.01E-01 1.07E+00
1-Feb-72 2.78E+00 3.71E+00 4.66E+00 1.76E-01 4.46E-01 8.67E-01 -1.76E+00 -6.88E-01 3.55E-01 1.77E-01 5.04E-01 1.07E+00
1-Mar-72 2.55E+00 3.47E+00 4.44E+00 1.76E-01 4.49E-01 8.81E-01 -1.62E+00 -5.39E-01 5.08E-01 1.76E-01 5.07E-01 1.07E+00
1-Apr-72 2.50E+00 3.44E+00 4.44E+00 1.77E-01 4.53E-01 8.90E-01 -1.54E+00 -4.48E-01 6.16E-01 1.76E-01 5.10E-01 1.08E+00
1-May-72 2.60E+00 3.50E+00 4.48E+00 1.78E-01 4.56E-01 9.04E-01 -1.57E+00 -4.69E-01 5.90E-01 1.77E-01 5.12E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jun-72 2.47E+00 3.40E+00 4.41E+00 1.79E-01 4.60E-01 9.11E-01 -1.65E+00 -5.25E-01 5.51E-01 1.78E-01 5.16E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jul-72 2.72E+00 3.64E+00 4.64E+00 1.79E-01 4.65E-01 9.19E-01 -1.69E+00 -5.71E-01 4.84E-01 1.78E-01 5.19E-01 1.09E+00
1-Aug-72 2.73E+00 3.68E+00 4.71E+00 1.80E-01 4.69E-01 9.31E-01 -1.67E+00 -5.64E-01 5.18E-01 1.78E-01 5.23E-01 1.10E+00
1-Sep-72 3.03E+00 4.00E+00 5.04E+00 1.81E-01 4.74E-01 9.48E-01 -1.61E+00 -4.88E-01 6.28E-01 1.79E-01 5.27E-01 1.11E+00
1-Oct-72 2.57E+00 3.61E+00 4.70E+00 1.82E-01 4.79E-01 9.52E-01 -1.73E+00 -5.50E-01 5.70E-01 1.79E-01 5.31E-01 1.14E+00
1-Nov-72 2.76E+00 3.74E+00 4.83E+00 1.82E-01 4.82E-01 9.62E-01 -1.78E+00 -6.11E-01 5.09E-01 1.80E-01 5.34E-01 1.14E+00
1-Dec-72 2.88E+00 3.87E+00 4.97E+00 1.83E-01 4.87E-01 9.79E-01 -1.84E+00 -6.49E-01 4.69E-01 1.79E-01 5.38E-01 1.15E+00
1-Jan-73 2.84E+00 3.92E+00 5.08E+00 1.82E-01 4.92E-01 9.85E-01 -1.97E+00 -7.16E-01 4.87E-01 1.79E-01 5.42E-01 1.17E+00
1-Feb-73 3.16E+00 4.25E+00 5.42E+00 1.84E-01 4.97E-01 9.90E-01 -2.20E+00 -8.98E-01 3.51E-01 1.78E-01 5.47E-01 1.18E+00
1-Mar-73 3.39E+00 4.58E+00 5.89E+00 1.85E-01 5.02E-01 1.00E+00 -2.63E+00 -1.21E+00 1.33E-01 1.79E-01 5.50E-01 1.20E+00
1-Apr-73 3.56E+00 4.84E+00 6.34E+00 1.85E-01 5.07E-01 1.01E+00 -2.83E+00 -1.30E+00 1.16E-01 1.79E-01 5.54E-01 1.20E+00
1-May-73 3.42E+00 4.69E+00 6.13E+00 1.85E-01 5.11E-01 1.02E+00 -2.85E+00 -1.25E+00 2.06E-01 1.79E-01 5.57E-01 1.22E+00
1-Jun-73 3.60E+00 4.90E+00 6.44E+00 1.85E-01 5.16E-01 1.03E+00 -2.71E+00 -1.15E+00 3.11E-01 1.79E-01 5.60E-01 1.23E+00
1-Jul-73 3.38E+00 4.77E+00 6.26E+00 1.86E-01 5.21E-01 1.05E+00 -3.05E+00 -1.25E+00 3.59E-01 1.80E-01 5.63E-01 1.23E+00
1-Aug-73 4.14E+00 5.76E+00 7.91E+00 1.87E-01 5.26E-01 1.06E+00 -3.44E+00 -1.51E+00 1.44E-01 1.79E-01 5.66E-01 1.24E+00
1-Sep-73 3.62E+00 5.07E+00 6.77E+00 1.87E-01 5.28E-01 1.07E+00 -3.63E+00 -1.73E+00 -6.30E-02 1.80E-01 5.67E-01 1.25E+00
1-Oct-73 3.64E+00 5.12E+00 6.87E+00 1.87E-01 5.29E-01 1.07E+00 -3.78E+00 -1.86E+00 -1.74E-01 1.80E-01 5.69E-01 1.25E+00
1-Nov-73 3.97E+00 5.48E+00 7.45E+00 1.88E-01 5.29E-01 1.07E+00 -4.25E+00 -2.12E+00 -3.61E-01 1.79E-01 5.71E-01 1.26E+00
1-Dec-73 4.06E+00 5.64E+00 7.72E+00 1.89E-01 5.29E-01 1.08E+00 -4.58E+00 -2.29E+00 -4.07E-01 1.79E-01 5.72E-01 1.26E+00
1-Jan-74 4.24E+00 5.98E+00 8.37E+00 1.88E-01 5.30E-01 1.08E+00 -5.11E+00 -2.52E+00 -4.94E-01 1.79E-01 5.73E-01 1.27E+00
1-Feb-74 4.46E+00 6.38E+00 9.13E+00 1.88E-01 5.30E-01 1.08E+00 -5.75E+00 -2.78E+00 -5.35E-01 1.79E-01 5.75E-01 1.27E+00
1-Mar-74 4.71E+00 6.75E+00 9.73E+00 1.86E-01 5.30E-01 1.08E+00 -5.71E+00 -2.67E+00 -4.01E-01 1.80E-01 5.77E-01 1.28E+00
1-Apr-74 4.59E+00 6.42E+00 8.99E+00 1.86E-01 5.29E-01 1.08E+00 -5.28E+00 -2.51E+00 -3.12E-01 1.79E-01 5.78E-01 1.29E+00
1-May-74 4.83E+00 6.72E+00 9.42E+00 1.86E-01 5.28E-01 1.08E+00 -5.27E+00 -2.53E+00 -4.02E-01 1.79E-01 5.79E-01 1.28E+00
1-Jun-74 4.88E+00 6.72E+00 9.28E+00 1.85E-01 5.27E-01 1.08E+00 -5.11E+00 -2.46E+00 -3.65E-01 1.78E-01 5.80E-01 1.29E+00
1-Jul-74 4.92E+00 6.70E+00 9.14E+00 1.82E-01 5.27E-01 1.08E+00 -4.88E+00 -2.35E+00 -2.83E-01 1.79E-01 5.81E-01 1.28E+00
1-Aug-74 5.16E+00 7.08E+00 9.75E+00 1.82E-01 5.26E-01 1.07E+00 -5.15E+00 -2.47E+00 -3.75E-01 1.79E-01 5.82E-01 1.30E+00
1-Sep-74 5.24E+00 7.20E+00 9.93E+00 1.82E-01 5.24E-01 1.06E+00 -5.25E+00 -2.56E+00 -4.60E-01 1.79E-01 5.82E-01 1.29E+00
1-Oct-74 5.06E+00 6.83E+00 9.14E+00 1.81E-01 5.22E-01 1.05E+00 -4.94E+00 -2.53E+00 -5.62E-01 1.80E-01 5.82E-01 1.29E+00
1-Nov-74 5.06E+00 6.74E+00 8.91E+00 1.82E-01 5.19E-01 1.05E+00 -4.80E+00 -2.56E+00 -6.84E-01 1.81E-01 5.83E-01 1.28E+00
1-Dec-74 5.15E+00 6.76E+00 8.83E+00 1.84E-01 5.17E-01 1.04E+00 -4.60E+00 -2.49E+00 -7.13E-01 1.81E-01 5.83E-01 1.28E+00
1-Jan-75 5.01E+00 6.54E+00 8.43E+00 1.85E-01 5.15E-01 1.04E+00 -4.24E+00 -2.32E+00 -6.45E-01 1.81E-01 5.83E-01 1.27E+00
1-Feb-75 4.98E+00 6.41E+00 8.10E+00 1.84E-01 5.14E-01 1.03E+00 -3.71E+00 -2.00E+00 -4.88E-01 1.82E-01 5.84E-01 1.28E+00
1-Mar-75 4.90E+00 6.21E+00 7.64E+00 1.84E-01 5.13E-01 1.03E+00 -2.96E+00 -1.49E+00 -7.77E-02 1.82E-01 5.84E-01 1.28E+00
1-Apr-75 4.84E+00 6.10E+00 7.45E+00 1.83E-01 5.11E-01 1.02E+00 -2.67E+00 -1.24E+00 1.38E-01 1.82E-01 5.83E-01 1.27E+00
1-May-75 4.77E+00 5.92E+00 7.17E+00 1.85E-01 5.10E-01 1.01E+00 -2.72E+00 -1.36E+00 -5.01E-02 1.82E-01 5.82E-01 1.27E+00
1-Jun-75 4.94E+00 6.05E+00 7.29E+00 1.85E-01 5.09E-01 1.01E+00 -2.89E+00 -1.52E+00 -2.29E-01 1.83E-01 5.81E-01 1.26E+00
1-Jul-75 5.28E+00 6.55E+00 7.98E+00 1.84E-01 5.08E-01 1.01E+00 -2.88E+00 -1.43E+00 -7.63E-02 1.83E-01 5.79E-01 1.25E+00
1-Aug-75 5.03E+00 6.18E+00 7.42E+00 1.84E-01 5.05E-01 1.00E+00 -2.54E+00 -1.23E+00 6.46E-02 1.83E-01 5.78E-01 1.26E+00
1-Sep-75 5.00E+00 6.12E+00 7.32E+00 1.83E-01 5.02E-01 9.94E-01 -2.51E+00 -1.23E+00 9.77E-03 1.84E-01 5.76E-01 1.25E+00
1-Oct-75 5.01E+00 6.11E+00 7.29E+00 1.84E-01 4.99E-01 9.91E-01 -2.65E+00 -1.37E+00 -1.64E-01 1.85E-01 5.75E-01 1.24E+00
1-Nov-75 5.09E+00 6.16E+00 7.34E+00 1.84E-01 4.97E-01 9.86E-01 -2.67E+00 -1.40E+00 -1.85E-01 1.84E-01 5.72E-01 1.23E+00
1-Dec-75 4.99E+00 6.04E+00 7.18E+00 1.85E-01 4.95E-01 9.79E-01 -2.65E+00 -1.38E+00 -1.72E-01 1.84E-01 5.71E-01 1.23E+00
1-Jan-76 4.74E+00 5.81E+00 6.92E+00 1.85E-01 4.94E-01 9.79E-01 -2.44E+00 -1.18E+00 4.52E-02 1.85E-01 5.71E-01 1.23E+00
1-Feb-76 4.26E+00 5.43E+00 6.59E+00 1.85E-01 4.92E-01 9.74E-01 -2.19E+00 -8.91E-01 4.36E-01 1.84E-01 5.70E-01 1.23E+00
1-Mar-76 4.03E+00 5.27E+00 6.49E+00 1.85E-01 4.91E-01 9.64E-01 -2.18E+00 -8.36E-01 5.99E-01 1.84E-01 5.68E-01 1.22E+00
1-Apr-76 4.03E+00 5.26E+00 6.47E+00 1.85E-01 4.89E-01 9.66E-01 -2.20E+00 -8.63E-01 4.97E-01 1.85E-01 5.67E-01 1.22E+00
1-May-76 4.56E+00 5.59E+00 6.68E+00 1.86E-01 4.88E-01 9.60E-01 -2.17E+00 -9.12E-01 3.25E-01 1.86E-01 5.66E-01 1.22E+00
1-Jun-76 4.57E+00 5.55E+00 6.59E+00 1.87E-01 4.86E-01 9.51E-01 -2.26E+00 -1.07E+00 8.46E-02 1.87E-01 5.65E-01 1.22E+00
1-Jul-76 4.66E+00 5.63E+00 6.68E+00 1.87E-01 4.85E-01 9.50E-01 -2.36E+00 -1.19E+00 -5.00E-02 1.87E-01 5.66E-01 1.23E+00
1-Aug-76 4.75E+00 5.70E+00 6.74E+00 1.87E-01 4.83E-01 9.48E-01 -2.51E+00 -1.36E+00 -2.50E-01 1.88E-01 5.66E-01 1.22E+00
1-Sep-76 4.74E+00 5.70E+00 6.74E+00 1.89E-01 4.83E-01 9.45E-01 -2.66E+00 -1.52E+00 -4.45E-01 1.88E-01 5.66E-01 1.21E+00
1-Oct-76 4.69E+00 5.66E+00 6.67E+00 1.90E-01 4.83E-01 9.39E-01 -2.72E+00 -1.58E+00 -5.01E-01 1.89E-01 5.66E-01 1.21E+00
1-Nov-76 4.51E+00 5.48E+00 6.49E+00 1.89E-01 4.83E-01 9.33E-01 -2.91E+00 -1.75E+00 -6.47E-01 1.89E-01 5.66E-01 1.22E+00
1-Dec-76 4.65E+00 5.58E+00 6.58E+00 1.92E-01 4.83E-01 9.37E-01 -3.00E+00 -1.84E+00 -7.43E-01 1.90E-01 5.67E-01 1.22E+00
1-Jan-77 4.77E+00 5.75E+00 6.78E+00 1.93E-01 4.84E-01 9.32E-01 -3.05E+00 -1.85E+00 -7.01E-01 1.90E-01 5.68E-01 1.23E+00
1-Feb-77 5.12E+00 6.19E+00 7.30E+00 1.94E-01 4.85E-01 9.34E-01 -3.10E+00 -1.89E+00 -6.89E-01 1.91E-01 5.68E-01 1.22E+00
1-Mar-77 4.88E+00 5.91E+00 6.93E+00 1.94E-01 4.85E-01 9.31E-01 -3.10E+00 -1.91E+00 -7.55E-01 1.91E-01 5.69E-01 1.22E+00
1-Apr-77 5.02E+00 6.03E+00 7.07E+00 1.96E-01 4.85E-01 9.36E-01 -3.01E+00 -1.85E+00 -6.98E-01 1.93E-01 5.70E-01 1.22E+00
1-May-77 4.98E+00 5.95E+00 6.92E+00 1.97E-01 4.84E-01 9.36E-01 -2.99E+00 -1.87E+00 -7.49E-01 1.92E-01 5.71E-01 1.22E+00
1-Jun-77 5.02E+00 5.98E+00 6.93E+00 1.98E-01 4.85E-01 9.35E-01 -3.05E+00 -1.91E+00 -8.00E-01 1.94E-01 5.72E-01 1.22E+00
1-Jul-77 5.01E+00 6.00E+00 6.99E+00 1.99E-01 4.85E-01 9.32E-01 -2.98E+00 -1.85E+00 -7.42E-01 1.94E-01 5.74E-01 1.23E+00
1-Aug-77 4.93E+00 5.94E+00 6.95E+00 1.99E-01 4.87E-01 9.33E-01 -2.88E+00 -1.76E+00 -6.45E-01 1.95E-01 5.75E-01 1.23E+00
1-Sep-77 4.81E+00 5.81E+00 6.83E+00 2.02E-01 4.89E-01 9.36E-01 -2.80E+00 -1.67E+00 -5.39E-01 1.97E-01 5.78E-01 1.23E+00
1-Oct-77 4.95E+00 5.93E+00 6.92E+00 2.03E-01 4.91E-01 9.39E-01 -2.79E+00 -1.65E+00 -5.35E-01 1.98E-01 5.79E-01 1.24E+00
1-Nov-77 5.20E+00 6.13E+00 7.10E+00 2.04E-01 4.93E-01 9.37E-01 -2.81E+00 -1.68E+00 -5.79E-01 1.99E-01 5.82E-01 1.24E+00
1-Dec-77 5.17E+00 6.10E+00 7.06E+00 2.04E-01 4.96E-01 9.40E-01 -2.76E+00 -1.65E+00 -5.49E-01 1.99E-01 5.84E-01 1.24E+00
1-Jan-78 5.39E+00 6.36E+00 7.36E+00 2.06E-01 4.99E-01 9.47E-01 -2.68E+00 -1.57E+00 -4.32E-01 1.99E-01 5.87E-01 1.25E+00
1-Feb-78 5.21E+00 6.22E+00 7.25E+00 2.08E-01 5.02E-01 9.58E-01 -2.79E+00 -1.63E+00 -4.55E-01 2.00E-01 5.90E-01 1.27E+00
1-Mar-78 5.44E+00 6.48E+00 7.49E+00 2.10E-01 5.06E-01 9.61E-01 -2.92E+00 -1.74E+00 -5.44E-01 2.03E-01 5.93E-01 1.26E+00
1-Apr-78 5.67E+00 6.75E+00 7.78E+00 2.12E-01 5.09E-01 9.67E-01 -2.99E+00 -1.81E+00 -5.63E-01 2.05E-01 5.97E-01 1.27E+00
1-May-78 5.76E+00 6.84E+00 7.88E+00 2.12E-01 5.13E-01 9.76E-01 -2.98E+00 -1.78E+00 -5.38E-01 2.08E-01 6.00E-01 1.27E+00
1-Jun-78 5.82E+00 6.88E+00 7.92E+00 2.13E-01 5.17E-01 9.83E-01 -2.84E+00 -1.67E+00 -4.16E-01 2.09E-01 6.05E-01 1.28E+00
1-Jul-78 5.73E+00 6.83E+00 7.91E+00 2.15E-01 5.21E-01 9.89E-01 -2.83E+00 -1.62E+00 -3.43E-01 2.11E-01 6.09E-01 1.28E+00
1-Aug-78 5.62E+00 6.73E+00 7.81E+00 2.15E-01 5.26E-01 9.94E-01 -2.88E+00 -1.66E+00 -4.04E-01 2.11E-01 6.13E-01 1.28E+00
1-Sep-78 5.70E+00 6.82E+00 7.91E+00 2.18E-01 5.32E-01 1.00E+00 -2.96E+00 -1.71E+00 -4.31E-01 2.13E-01 6.19E-01 1.29E+00
1-Oct-78 6.10E+00 7.29E+00 8.40E+00 2.21E-01 5.38E-01 1.00E+00 -2.96E+00 -1.73E+00 -4.34E-01 2.16E-01 6.24E-01 1.30E+00
1-Nov-78 6.04E+00 7.13E+00 8.22E+00 2.21E-01 5.43E-01 1.01E+00 -2.78E+00 -1.58E+00 -3.06E-01 2.16E-01 6.29E-01 1.31E+00
1-Dec-78 5.93E+00 7.01E+00 8.11E+00 2.21E-01 5.48E-01 1.02E+00 -2.79E+00 -1.53E+00 -2.14E-01 2.18E-01 6.34E-01 1.32E+00
1-Jan-79 6.32E+00 7.52E+00 8.68E+00 2.23E-01 5.54E-01 1.03E+00 -2.90E+00 -1.63E+00 -2.93E-01 2.22E-01 6.39E-01 1.34E+00
1-Feb-79 6.06E+00 7.28E+00 8.47E+00 2.23E-01 5.59E-01 1.04E+00 -3.13E+00 -1.78E+00 -3.47E-01 2.24E-01 6.45E-01 1.34E+00
1-Mar-79 6.38E+00 7.64E+00 8.82E+00 2.26E-01 5.64E-01 1.05E+00 -3.47E+00 -2.06E+00 -5.56E-01 2.26E-01 6.51E-01 1.35E+00
1-Apr-79 6.74E+00 8.18E+00 9.49E+00 2.28E-01 5.69E-01 1.06E+00 -3.92E+00 -2.43E+00 -7.60E-01 2.30E-01 6.56E-01 1.35E+00
1-May-79 6.84E+00 8.39E+00 9.78E+00 2.29E-01 5.72E-01 1.07E+00 -4.31E+00 -2.71E+00 -8.98E-01 2.33E-01 6.61E-01 1.35E+00
1-Jun-79 6.76E+00 8.22E+00 9.52E+00 2.28E-01 5.77E-01 1.08E+00 -4.37E+00 -2.78E+00 -9.43E-01 2.35E-01 6.66E-01 1.36E+00
1-Jul-79 6.76E+00 8.28E+00 9.61E+00 2.29E-01 5.81E-01 1.09E+00 -4.19E+00 -2.64E+00 -8.46E-01 2.36E-01 6.71E-01 1.36E+00
1-Aug-79 6.83E+00 8.37E+00 9.71E+00 2.31E-01 5.86E-01 1.10E+00 -4.15E+00 -2.59E+00 -7.54E-01 2.38E-01 6.76E-01 1.37E+00
1-Sep-79 7.15E+00 8.77E+00 1.01E+01 2.33E-01 5.92E-01 1.11E+00 -3.81E+00 -2.30E+00 -4.78E-01 2.41E-01 6.82E-01 1.39E+00
1-Oct-79 7.35E+00 8.99E+00 1.03E+01 2.33E-01 5.98E-01 1.12E+00 -3.34E+00 -1.89E+00 -7.18E-02 2.44E-01 6.88E-01 1.40E+00
1-Nov-79 7.29E+00 8.82E+00 1.01E+01 2.35E-01 6.04E-01 1.14E+00 -3.31E+00 -1.87E+00 -8.77E-02 2.48E-01 6.93E-01 1.41E+00
1-Dec-79 7.43E+00 8.98E+00 1.02E+01 2.35E-01 6.11E-01 1.14E+00 -3.51E+00 -2.00E+00 -7.27E-02 2.50E-01 6.99E-01 1.41E+00
1-Jan-80 7.82E+00 9.64E+00 1.11E+01 2.36E-01 6.17E-01 1.15E+00 -3.22E+00 -1.64E+00 3.67E-01 2.52E-01 7.05E-01 1.43E+00
1-Feb-80 8.02E+00 1.01E+01 1.17E+01 2.36E-01 6.23E-01 1.16E+00 -3.11E+00 -1.38E+00 8.04E-01 2.53E-01 7.11E-01 1.43E+00
1-Mar-80 8.11E+00 1.04E+01 1.23E+01 2.38E-01 6.28E-01 1.17E+00 -3.50E+00 -1.66E+00 5.65E-01 2.59E-01 7.16E-01 1.44E+00
1-Apr-80 7.29E+00 9.00E+00 1.03E+01 2.40E-01 6.32E-01 1.18E+00 -3.77E+00 -2.14E+00 -7.42E-02 2.61E-01 7.21E-01 1.44E+00
1-May-80 7.25E+00 8.99E+00 1.03E+01 2.38E-01 6.32E-01 1.19E+00 -3.84E+00 -2.26E+00 -2.06E-01 2.66E-01 7.26E-01 1.45E+00
1-Jun-80 7.11E+00 8.67E+00 9.89E+00 2.38E-01 6.33E-01 1.20E+00 -3.56E+00 -2.07E+00 -9.60E-02 2.69E-01 7.29E-01 1.46E+00
1-Jul-80 7.27E+00 8.89E+00 1.01E+01 2.38E-01 6.33E-01 1.20E+00 -3.01E+00 -1.59E+00 2.41E-01 2.74E-01 7.33E-01 1.45E+00
1-Aug-80 7.43E+00 9.08E+00 1.03E+01 2.37E-01 6.34E-01 1.21E+00 -2.74E+00 -1.30E+00 5.56E-01 2.77E-01 7.37E-01 1.46E+00
1-Sep-80 7.54E+00 9.28E+00 1.06E+01 2.35E-01 6.37E-01 1.22E+00 -2.63E+00 -1.13E+00 7.52E-01 2.82E-01 7.41E-01 1.46E+00
1-Oct-80 7.58E+00 9.21E+00 1.05E+01 2.37E-01 6.39E-01 1.23E+00 -2.16E+00 -7.24E-01 1.12E+00 2.88E-01 7.46E-01 1.47E+00
1-Nov-80 7.70E+00 9.37E+00 1.06E+01 2.38E-01 6.42E-01 1.24E+00 -1.56E+00 -1.66E-01 1.62E+00 2.89E-01 7.50E-01 1.48E+00
1-Dec-80 7.43E+00 8.91E+00 1.01E+01 2.38E-01 6.45E-01 1.24E+00 -1.55E+00 -1.24E-01 1.65E+00 2.92E-01 7.54E-01 1.48E+00
1-Jan-81 7.55E+00 9.21E+00 1.06E+01 2.41E-01 6.46E-01 1.24E+00 -1.55E+00 -4.48E-02 1.76E+00 2.94E-01 7.57E-01 1.48E+00
1-Feb-81 7.60E+00 9.40E+00 1.09E+01 2.42E-01 6.49E-01 1.24E+00 -1.43E+00 2.43E-01 2.12E+00 2.95E-01 7.61E-01 1.48E+00
1-Mar-81 7.34E+00 8.92E+00 1.03E+01 2.44E-01 6.52E-01 1.25E+00 -7.50E-01 7.80E-01 2.50E+00 2.96E-01 7.66E-01 1.50E+00
1-Apr-81 7.10E+00 8.46E+00 9.72E+00 2.46E-01 6.54E-01 1.24E+00 2.50E-01 1.66E+00 3.21E+00 2.96E-01 7.70E-01 1.51E+00
1-May-81 6.90E+00 8.16E+00 9.42E+00 2.50E-01 6.55E-01 1.24E+00 5.78E-01 2.02E+00 3.48E+00 2.94E-01 7.71E-01 1.52E+00
1-Jun-81 6.46E+00 7.70E+00 9.00E+00 2.53E-01 6.57E-01 1.24E+00 7.86E-01 2.29E+00 3.72E+00 2.93E-01 7.71E-01 1.53E+00
1-Jul-81 6.60E+00 7.95E+00 9.37E+00 2.54E-01 6.57E-01 1.23E+00 1.26E+00 2.91E+00 4.48E+00 2.90E-01 7.72E-01 1.53E+00
1-Aug-81 6.53E+00 7.93E+00 9.43E+00 2.57E-01 6.58E-01 1.23E+00 1.52E+00 3.19E+00 4.75E+00 2.86E-01 7.71E-01 1.54E+00
1-Sep-81 6.41E+00 7.81E+00 9.34E+00 2.56E-01 6.60E-01 1.24E+00 1.70E+00 3.45E+00 5.08E+00 2.83E-01 7.72E-01 1.55E+00
1-Oct-81 5.87E+00 7.17E+00 8.59E+00 2.55E-01 6.63E-01 1.24E+00 1.51E+00 3.09E+00 4.53E+00 2.78E-01 7.73E-01 1.56E+00
1-Nov-81 5.60E+00 6.85E+00 8.24E+00 2.54E-01 6.65E-01 1.25E+00 1.40E+00 2.96E+00 4.41E+00 2.75E-01 7.74E-01 1.57E+00
1-Dec-81 5.22E+00 6.52E+00 7.97E+00 2.54E-01 6.67E-01 1.25E+00 1.92E+00 3.63E+00 5.10E+00 2.74E-01 7.72E-01 1.57E+00
1-Jan-82 5.58E+00 6.88E+00 8.40E+00 2.51E-01 6.68E-01 1.26E+00 2.15E+00 4.00E+00 5.61E+00 2.71E-01 7.69E-01 1.56E+00
1-Feb-82 4.85E+00 6.22E+00 7.81E+00 2.53E-01 6.69E-01 1.25E+00 2.14E+00 3.96E+00 5.52E+00 2.66E-01 7.67E-01 1.56E+00
1-Mar-82 4.47E+00 5.90E+00 7.52E+00 2.53E-01 6.69E-01 1.26E+00 2.27E+00 4.21E+00 5.91E+00 2.63E-01 7.64E-01 1.57E+00
1-Apr-82 3.58E+00 5.25E+00 7.05E+00 2.50E-01 6.69E-01 1.27E+00 2.26E+00 4.30E+00 6.17E+00 2.61E-01 7.62E-01 1.57E+00
1-May-82 4.50E+00 5.79E+00 7.34E+00 2.48E-01 6.68E-01 1.27E+00 2.30E+00 4.18E+00 5.77E+00 2.62E-01 7.57E-01 1.56E+00
1-Jun-82 4.90E+00 6.13E+00 7.57E+00 2.50E-01 6.66E-01 1.27E+00 2.25E+00 4.04E+00 5.57E+00 2.62E-01 7.54E-01 1.54E+00
1-Jul-82 4.71E+00 5.95E+00 7.35E+00 2.48E-01 6.62E-01 1.27E+00 1.99E+00 3.61E+00 5.04E+00 2.61E-01 7.52E-01 1.53E+00
1-Aug-82 4.15E+00 5.35E+00 6.72E+00 2.49E-01 6.59E-01 1.26E+00 1.78E+00 3.40E+00 4.81E+00 2.62E-01 7.48E-01 1.52E+00
1-Sep-82 3.62E+00 4.86E+00 6.24E+00 2.47E-01 6.55E-01 1.25E+00 1.30E+00 2.88E+00 4.25E+00 2.60E-01 7.45E-01 1.52E+00
1-Oct-82 3.66E+00 4.92E+00 6.23E+00 2.46E-01 6.51E-01 1.24E+00 7.33E-01 2.34E+00 3.78E+00 2.58E-01 7.40E-01 1.51E+00
1-Nov-82 3.39E+00 4.61E+00 5.89E+00 2.43E-01 6.47E-01 1.23E+00 9.85E-01 2.50E+00 3.87E+00 2.56E-01 7.36E-01 1.52E+00
1-Dec-82 2.99E+00 4.25E+00 5.60E+00 2.42E-01 6.44E-01 1.22E+00 1.02E+00 2.55E+00 3.91E+00 2.54E-01 7.32E-01 1.51E+00
1-Jan-83 3.47E+00 4.65E+00 5.91E+00 2.43E-01 6.40E-01 1.21E+00 1.12E+00 2.65E+00 4.02E+00 2.52E-01 7.28E-01 1.51E+00
1-Feb-83 3.02E+00 4.26E+00 5.63E+00 2.43E-01 6.36E-01 1.20E+00 1.29E+00 2.85E+00 4.22E+00 2.49E-01 7.24E-01 1.50E+00
1-Mar-83 2.67E+00 3.97E+00 5.39E+00 2.39E-01 6.31E-01 1.20E+00 1.19E+00 2.78E+00 4.18E+00 2.50E-01 7.19E-01 1.49E+00
1-Apr-83 3.20E+00 4.34E+00 5.62E+00 2.38E-01 6.26E-01 1.20E+00 1.21E+00 2.72E+00 4.05E+00 2.47E-01 7.15E-01 1.49E+00
1-May-83 3.04E+00 4.20E+00 5.48E+00 2.37E-01 6.22E-01 1.19E+00 1.39E+00 2.83E+00 4.15E+00 2.46E-01 7.11E-01 1.48E+00
1-Jun-83 3.34E+00 4.45E+00 5.67E+00 2.37E-01 6.19E-01 1.18E+00 1.63E+00 3.04E+00 4.33E+00 2.44E-01 7.08E-01 1.48E+00
1-Jul-83 3.77E+00 4.91E+00 6.14E+00 2.34E-01 6.16E-01 1.18E+00 1.81E+00 3.22E+00 4.54E+00 2.40E-01 7.04E-01 1.47E+00
1-Aug-83 3.72E+00 4.88E+00 6.14E+00 2.34E-01 6.12E-01 1.18E+00 1.89E+00 3.30E+00 4.63E+00 2.41E-01 7.01E-01 1.47E+00
1-Sep-83 3.60E+00 4.77E+00 6.03E+00 2.34E-01 6.07E-01 1.16E+00 1.88E+00 3.32E+00 4.67E+00 2.40E-01 6.98E-01 1.45E+00
1-Oct-83 3.35E+00 4.51E+00 5.78E+00 2.33E-01 6.03E-01 1.15E+00 2.05E+00 3.52E+00 4.85E+00 2.39E-01 6.95E-01 1.45E+00
1-Nov-83 3.27E+00 4.44E+00 5.74E+00 2.33E-01 6.00E-01 1.14E+00 2.23E+00 3.80E+00 5.24E+00 2.40E-01 6.91E-01 1.43E+00
1-Dec-83 2.78E+00 4.11E+00 5.54E+00 2.32E-01 5.96E-01 1.13E+00 2.19E+00 3.84E+00 5.39E+00 2.39E-01 6.89E-01 1.42E+00
1-Jan-84 3.12E+00 4.36E+00 5.76E+00 2.31E-01 5.94E-01 1.12E+00 2.03E+00 3.63E+00 5.07E+00 2.39E-01 6.85E-01 1.42E+00
1-Feb-84 3.69E+00 4.91E+00 6.31E+00 2.31E-01 5.91E-01 1.12E+00 2.18E+00 3.77E+00 5.18E+00 2.39E-01 6.82E-01 1.41E+00
1-Mar-84 3.50E+00 4.71E+00 6.12E+00 2.31E-01 5.85E-01 1.11E+00 2.47E+00 4.03E+00 5.41E+00 2.37E-01 6.80E-01 1.40E+00
1-Apr-84 3.78E+00 4.99E+00 6.43E+00 2.30E-01 5.80E-01 1.10E+00 2.83E+00 4.48E+00 5.94E+00 2.37E-01 6.78E-01 1.40E+00
1-May-84 3.50E+00 4.74E+00 6.21E+00 2.30E-01 5.75E-01 1.09E+00 3.13E+00 4.90E+00 6.45E+00 2.33E-01 6.76E-01 1.39E+00
1-Jun-84 3.37E+00 4.60E+00 6.05E+00 2.29E-01 5.71E-01 1.08E+00 3.10E+00 4.91E+00 6.48E+00 2.32E-01 6.73E-01 1.39E+00
1-Jul-84 3.33E+00 4.57E+00 6.02E+00 2.28E-01 5.67E-01 1.08E+00 2.90E+00 4.65E+00 6.14E+00 2.31E-01 6.71E-01 1.40E+00
1-Aug-84 3.12E+00 4.37E+00 5.82E+00 2.28E-01 5.64E-01 1.07E+00 2.74E+00 4.49E+00 5.97E+00 2.30E-01 6.68E-01 1.39E+00
1-Sep-84 2.72E+00 4.04E+00 5.55E+00 2.25E-01 5.61E-01 1.07E+00 2.68E+00 4.44E+00 5.98E+00 2.30E-01 6.65E-01 1.38E+00
1-Oct-84 2.74E+00 3.99E+00 5.41E+00 2.23E-01 5.57E-01 1.06E+00 2.50E+00 4.22E+00 5.70E+00 2.31E-01 6.61E-01 1.37E+00
1-Nov-84 2.42E+00 3.73E+00 5.13E+00 2.24E-01 5.55E-01 1.05E+00 2.32E+00 4.01E+00 5.52E+00 2.32E-01 6.57E-01 1.37E+00
1-Dec-84 2.64E+00 3.87E+00 5.22E+00 2.22E-01 5.53E-01 1.06E+00 2.24E+00 3.87E+00 5.32E+00 2.31E-01 6.54E-01 1.36E+00
1-Jan-85 2.90E+00 4.07E+00 5.42E+00 2.22E-01 5.51E-01 1.05E+00 2.15E+00 3.74E+00 5.13E+00 2.30E-01 6.52E-01 1.35E+00
1-Feb-85 3.03E+00 4.21E+00 5.60E+00 2.20E-01 5.49E-01 1.04E+00 2.24E+00 3.81E+00 5.17E+00 2.28E-01 6.50E-01 1.35E+00
1-Mar-85 3.13E+00 4.30E+00 5.64E+00 2.20E-01 5.47E-01 1.04E+00 2.24E+00 3.82E+00 5.21E+00 2.27E-01 6.48E-01 1.34E+00
1-Apr-85 2.72E+00 3.87E+00 5.18E+00 2.20E-01 5.46E-01 1.04E+00 2.02E+00 3.57E+00 4.92E+00 2.27E-01 6.45E-01 1.35E+00
1-May-85 2.60E+00 3.71E+00 4.94E+00 2.19E-01 5.43E-01 1.04E+00 1.74E+00 3.26E+00 4.60E+00 2.27E-01 6.42E-01 1.34E+00
1-Jun-85 2.47E+00 3.60E+00 4.83E+00 2.18E-01 5.42E-01 1.04E+00 1.61E+00 3.16E+00 4.51E+00 2.26E-01 6.40E-01 1.34E+00
1-Jul-85 2.26E+00 3.47E+00 4.80E+00 2.17E-01 5.42E-01 1.04E+00 1.67E+00 3.25E+00 4.65E+00 2.25E-01 6.38E-01 1.33E+00
1-Aug-85 2.46E+00 3.62E+00 4.95E+00 2.16E-01 5.41E-01 1.04E+00 1.69E+00 3.24E+00 4.62E+00 2.23E-01 6.35E-01 1.33E+00
1-Sep-85 2.32E+00 3.49E+00 4.81E+00 2.15E-01 5.41E-01 1.03E+00 1.65E+00 3.20E+00 4.58E+00 2.24E-01 6.33E-01 1.32E+00
1-Oct-85 2.28E+00 3.42E+00 4.68E+00 2.15E-01 5.42E-01 1.03E+00 1.48E+00 2.96E+00 4.29E+00 2.25E-01 6.31E-01 1.31E+00
1-Nov-85 2.34E+00 3.42E+00 4.58E+00 2.14E-01 5.44E-01 1.04E+00 1.17E+00 2.60E+00 3.89E+00 2.23E-01 6.28E-01 1.30E+00
1-Dec-85 2.28E+00 3.36E+00 4.51E+00 2.13E-01 5.46E-01 1.04E+00 9.36E-01 2.32E+00 3.62E+00 2.21E-01 6.27E-01 1.29E+00
1-Jan-86 2.44E+00 3.55E+00 4.70E+00 2.13E-01 5.49E-01 1.04E+00 8.46E-01 2.26E+00 3.64E+00 2.21E-01 6.24E-01 1.29E+00
1-Feb-86 1.72E+00 2.85E+00 4.09E+00 2.13E-01 5.52E-01 1.05E+00 5.94E-01 2.09E+00 3.48E+00 2.19E-01 6.22E-01 1.30E+00
1-Mar-86 8.60E-01 2.24E+00 3.70E+00 2.11E-01 5.53E-01 1.05E+00 2.90E-01 1.94E+00 3.46E+00 2.18E-01 6.20E-01 1.29E+00
1-Apr-86 4.46E-01 2.01E+00 3.58E+00 2.11E-01 5.54E-01 1.05E+00 2.02E-01 1.93E+00 3.57E+00 2.15E-01 6.18E-01 1.29E+00
1-May-86 1.23E+00 2.51E+00 3.84E+00 2.09E-01 5.54E-01 1.06E+00 2.28E-01 1.81E+00 3.29E+00 2.12E-01 6.16E-01 1.29E+00
1-Jun-86 1.87E+00 2.92E+00 4.06E+00 2.09E-01 5.54E-01 1.06E+00 4.89E-02 1.52E+00 2.84E+00 2.10E-01 6.13E-01 1.29E+00
1-Jul-86 1.32E+00 2.51E+00 3.78E+00 2.08E-01 5.54E-01 1.06E+00 -1.05E-01 1.34E+00 2.68E+00 2.08E-01 6.10E-01 1.28E+00
1-Aug-86 1.53E+00 2.66E+00 3.88E+00 2.06E-01 5.52E-01 1.06E+00 -6.68E-02 1.30E+00 2.57E+00 2.07E-01 6.07E-01 1.27E+00
1-Sep-86 2.05E+00 3.06E+00 4.13E+00 2.04E-01 5.52E-01 1.06E+00 -1.86E-02 1.24E+00 2.43E+00 2.05E-01 6.04E-01 1.27E+00
1-Oct-86 1.87E+00 2.91E+00 3.96E+00 2.05E-01 5.48E-01 1.04E+00 -1.56E-01 1.08E+00 2.25E+00 2.03E-01 6.01E-01 1.26E+00
1-Nov-86 1.98E+00 2.99E+00 3.98E+00 2.05E-01 5.46E-01 1.04E+00 -2.16E-01 9.67E-01 2.16E+00 2.02E-01 5.98E-01 1.25E+00
1-Dec-86 1.84E+00 2.88E+00 3.88E+00 2.08E-01 5.44E-01 1.03E+00 -5.61E-01 6.96E-01 1.93E+00 2.01E-01 5.96E-01 1.24E+00
1-Jan-87 2.54E+00 3.61E+00 4.62E+00 2.09E-01 5.43E-01 1.03E+00 -6.50E-01 5.52E-01 1.79E+00 2.00E-01 5.93E-01 1.24E+00
1-Feb-87 2.51E+00 3.56E+00 4.51E+00 2.08E-01 5.41E-01 1.02E+00 -6.44E-01 5.93E-01 1.82E+00 1.99E-01 5.90E-01 1.24E+00
1-Mar-87 2.61E+00 3.58E+00 4.50E+00 2.08E-01 5.38E-01 1.02E+00 -2.85E-01 8.34E-01 1.98E+00 1.97E-01 5.88E-01 1.23E+00
1-Apr-87 2.98E+00 3.90E+00 4.82E+00 2.09E-01 5.37E-01 1.02E+00 2.00E-01 1.27E+00 2.37E+00 1.96E-01 5.86E-01 1.23E+00
1-May-87 2.94E+00 3.80E+00 4.66E+00 2.08E-01 5.35E-01 1.02E+00 2.61E-01 1.30E+00 2.36E+00 1.94E-01 5.83E-01 1.23E+00
1-Jun-87 3.14E+00 3.99E+00 4.81E+00 2.08E-01 5.34E-01 1.02E+00 1.79E-01 1.23E+00 2.26E+00 1.93E-01 5.80E-01 1.21E+00
1-Jul-87 3.02E+00 3.87E+00 4.73E+00 2.10E-01 5.34E-01 1.01E+00 2.73E-01 1.32E+00 2.36E+00 1.92E-01 5.77E-01 1.21E+00
1-Aug-87 3.34E+00 4.25E+00 5.15E+00 2.09E-01 5.33E-01 1.01E+00 5.50E-01 1.57E+00 2.63E+00 1.92E-01 5.74E-01 1.20E+00
1-Sep-87 3.39E+00 4.30E+00 5.23E+00 2.08E-01 5.32E-01 1.00E+00 7.40E-01 1.80E+00 2.91E+00 1.91E-01 5.71E-01 1.20E+00
1-Oct-87 3.30E+00 4.16E+00 5.06E+00 2.06E-01 5.32E-01 1.00E+00 6.55E-01 1.69E+00 2.75E+00 1.92E-01 5.68E-01 1.21E+00
1-Nov-87 3.03E+00 3.84E+00 4.70E+00 2.06E-01 5.33E-01 1.00E+00 6.04E-01 1.64E+00 2.69E+00 1.90E-01 5.66E-01 1.20E+00
1-Dec-87 2.90E+00 3.71E+00 4.56E+00 2.07E-01 5.32E-01 1.01E+00 5.40E-01 1.59E+00 2.64E+00 1.89E-01 5.63E-01 1.20E+00
1-Jan-88 3.08E+00 3.90E+00 4.75E+00 2.06E-01 5.33E-01 1.01E+00 2.92E-01 1.36E+00 2.37E+00 1.88E-01 5.61E-01 1.19E+00
1-Feb-88 2.62E+00 3.51E+00 4.45E+00 2.05E-01 5.34E-01 1.01E+00 2.04E-01 1.28E+00 2.32E+00 1.86E-01 5.58E-01 1.19E+00
1-Mar-88 2.99E+00 3.83E+00 4.70E+00 2.05E-01 5.34E-01 1.01E+00 3.12E-01 1.34E+00 2.35E+00 1.85E-01 5.57E-01 1.19E+00
1-Apr-88 3.37E+00 4.22E+00 5.08E+00 2.04E-01 5.34E-01 1.01E+00 4.46E-01 1.45E+00 2.45E+00 1.83E-01 5.55E-01 1.20E+00
1-May-88 3.30E+00 4.11E+00 4.92E+00 2.04E-01 5.34E-01 1.01E+00 4.44E-01 1.44E+00 2.46E+00 1.81E-01 5.53E-01 1.19E+00
1-Jun-88 3.47E+00 4.28E+00 5.06E+00 2.03E-01 5.34E-01 1.01E+00 3.03E-01 1.29E+00 2.28E+00 1.80E-01 5.52E-01 1.20E+00
1-Jul-88 3.65E+00 4.54E+00 5.41E+00 2.03E-01 5.35E-01 1.01E+00 3.78E-01 1.37E+00 2.40E+00 1.78E-01 5.50E-01 1.20E+00
1-Aug-88 3.45E+00 4.30E+00 5.14E+00 2.02E-01 5.34E-01 1.02E+00 3.17E-01 1.32E+00 2.34E+00 1.79E-01 5.47E-01 1.19E+00
1-Sep-88 3.58E+00 4.46E+00 5.31E+00 2.02E-01 5.35E-01 1.02E+00 1.71E-01 1.19E+00 2.21E+00 1.79E-01 5.45E-01 1.18E+00
1-Oct-88 3.42E+00 4.26E+00 5.08E+00 2.01E-01 5.35E-01 1.02E+00 2.86E-01 1.28E+00 2.28E+00 1.78E-01 5.43E-01 1.18E+00
1-Nov-88 3.38E+00 4.17E+00 4.99E+00 2.02E-01 5.36E-01 1.03E+00 4.45E-01 1.43E+00 2.45E+00 1.78E-01 5.41E-01 1.17E+00
1-Dec-88 3.41E+00 4.20E+00 5.00E+00 2.01E-01 5.37E-01 1.03E+00 3.77E-01 1.37E+00 2.37E+00 1.78E-01 5.40E-01 1.17E+00
1-Jan-89 3.69E+00 4.57E+00 5.45E+00 2.00E-01 5.40E-01 1.04E+00 2.68E-01 1.26E+00 2.27E+00 1.76E-01 5.39E-01 1.16E+00
1-Feb-89 3.64E+00 4.50E+00 5.35E+00 2.02E-01 5.40E-01 1.03E+00 3.29E-01 1.31E+00 2.35E+00 1.77E-01 5.38E-01 1.16E+00
1-Mar-89 3.60E+00 4.48E+00 5.34E+00 2.01E-01 5.41E-01 1.03E+00 1.72E-01 1.20E+00 2.24E+00 1.77E-01 5.36E-01 1.16E+00
1-Apr-89 3.81E+00 4.84E+00 5.81E+00 2.02E-01 5.42E-01 1.03E+00 -9.87E-02 9.76E-01 2.05E+00 1.77E-01 5.34E-01 1.14E+00
1-May-89 3.54E+00 4.44E+00 5.29E+00 2.02E-01 5.43E-01 1.03E+00 -1.98E-01 8.52E-01 1.90E+00 1.77E-01 5.33E-01 1.14E+00
1-Jun-89 3.20E+00 4.06E+00 4.86E+00 2.02E-01 5.43E-01 1.04E+00 -2.52E-01 8.03E-01 1.84E+00 1.77E-01 5.31E-01 1.14E+00
1-Jul-89 3.03E+00 3.90E+00 4.77E+00 2.02E-01 5.42E-01 1.03E+00 -2.86E-02 1.02E+00 2.09E+00 1.76E-01 5.30E-01 1.14E+00
1-Aug-89 2.39E+00 3.44E+00 4.48E+00 2.03E-01 5.42E-01 1.03E+00 1.14E-01 1.23E+00 2.40E+00 1.76E-01 5.28E-01 1.14E+00
1-Sep-89 2.53E+00 3.51E+00 4.51E+00 2.01E-01 5.42E-01 1.03E+00 6.30E-02 1.18E+00 2.32E+00 1.74E-01 5.27E-01 1.15E+00
1-Oct-89 2.81E+00 3.67E+00 4.57E+00 2.01E-01 5.42E-01 1.03E+00 -3.16E-02 1.02E+00 2.06E+00 1.74E-01 5.27E-01 1.14E+00
1-Nov-89 2.66E+00 3.51E+00 4.39E+00 2.01E-01 5.43E-01 1.05E+00 -7.68E-02 9.71E-01 1.99E+00 1.73E-01 5.25E-01 1.13E+00
1-Dec-89 2.70E+00 3.56E+00 4.43E+00 2.01E-01 5.44E-01 1.04E+00 -2.35E-01 8.41E-01 1.88E+00 1.72E-01 5.24E-01 1.14E+00
1-Jan-90 3.50E+00 4.49E+00 5.52E+00 2.00E-01 5.47E-01 1.05E+00 -2.88E-01 7.84E-01 1.84E+00 1.72E-01 5.24E-01 1.14E+00
1-Feb-90 3.44E+00 4.43E+00 5.41E+00 2.00E-01 5.42E-01 1.04E+00 -3.54E-01 7.65E-01 1.87E+00 1.70E-01 5.22E-01 1.14E+00
1-Mar-90 3.54E+00 4.56E+00 5.56E+00 1.98E-01 5.39E-01 1.04E+00 -1.90E-01 8.99E-01 1.98E+00 1.70E-01 5.21E-01 1.13E+00
1-Apr-90 3.45E+00 4.36E+00 5.25E+00 1.97E-01 5.37E-01 1.04E+00 3.03E-02 1.05E+00 2.11E+00 1.69E-01 5.20E-01 1.14E+00
1-May-90 3.30E+00 4.15E+00 4.98E+00 1.95E-01 5.34E-01 1.04E+00 -3.12E-02 9.74E-01 1.99E+00 1.67E-01 5.20E-01 1.15E+00
1-Jun-90 3.43E+00 4.31E+00 5.16E+00 1.92E-01 5.33E-01 1.04E+00 -7.18E-02 9.41E-01 1.95E+00 1.66E-01 5.19E-01 1.15E+00
1-Jul-90 3.13E+00 3.99E+00 4.84E+00 1.92E-01 5.30E-01 1.03E+00 -1.48E-01 9.35E-01 2.01E+00 1.67E-01 5.15E-01 1.13E+00
1-Aug-90 3.54E+00 4.60E+00 5.64E+00 1.92E-01 5.26E-01 1.02E+00 -1.88E-01 9.15E-01 2.04E+00 1.68E-01 5.12E-01 1.12E+00
1-Sep-90 3.52E+00 4.62E+00 5.73E+00 1.92E-01 5.20E-01 1.01E+00 -4.56E-01 7.77E-01 1.96E+00 1.68E-01 5.10E-01 1.11E+00
1-Oct-90 3.48E+00 4.67E+00 5.91E+00 1.93E-01 5.16E-01 9.91E-01 -4.85E-01 7.76E-01 1.97E+00 1.67E-01 5.08E-01 1.09E+00
1-Nov-90 3.08E+00 3.98E+00 4.84E+00 1.91E-01 5.12E-01 9.84E-01 -1.50E-01 8.89E-01 1.92E+00 1.67E-01 5.06E-01 1.08E+00
1-Dec-90 2.75E+00 3.59E+00 4.41E+00 1.91E-01 5.06E-01 9.72E-01 -1.99E-02 9.77E-01 1.97E+00 1.67E-01 5.03E-01 1.08E+00
1-Jan-91 2.96E+00 3.85E+00 4.71E+00 1.90E-01 5.00E-01 9.65E-01 5.28E-02 1.08E+00 2.13E+00 1.67E-01 5.02E-01 1.07E+00
1-Feb-91 2.54E+00 3.40E+00 4.26E+00 1.90E-01 4.94E-01 9.55E-01 2.59E-01 1.27E+00 2.27E+00 1.66E-01 4.99E-01 1.07E+00
1-Mar-91 2.30E+00 3.25E+00 4.19E+00 1.88E-01 4.88E-01 9.43E-01 4.49E-01 1.48E+00 2.57E+00 1.66E-01 4.97E-01 1.06E+00
1-Apr-91 2.24E+00 3.18E+00 4.12E+00 1.85E-01 4.82E-01 9.29E-01 3.83E-01 1.41E+00 2.43E+00 1.67E-01 4.95E-01 1.05E+00
1-May-91 2.79E+00 3.57E+00 4.42E+00 1.84E-01 4.76E-01 9.14E-01 4.63E-01 1.45E+00 2.44E+00 1.66E-01 4.92E-01 1.05E+00
1-Jun-91 2.64E+00 3.42E+00 4.26E+00 1.81E-01 4.70E-01 9.08E-01 5.16E-01 1.51E+00 2.48E+00 1.66E-01 4.91E-01 1.05E+00
1-Jul-91 2.52E+00 3.30E+00 4.16E+00 1.80E-01 4.64E-01 8.98E-01 4.35E-01 1.41E+00 2.39E+00 1.65E-01 4.89E-01 1.05E+00
1-Aug-91 2.40E+00 3.18E+00 4.02E+00 1.79E-01 4.58E-01 8.86E-01 2.21E-01 1.19E+00 2.11E+00 1.65E-01 4.86E-01 1.04E+00
1-Sep-91 2.55E+00 3.31E+00 4.12E+00 1.78E-01 4.53E-01 8.81E-01 1.45E-01 1.09E+00 2.00E+00 1.65E-01 4.83E-01 1.03E+00
1-Oct-91 2.37E+00 3.11E+00 3.90E+00 1.77E-01 4.48E-01 8.66E-01 8.40E-02 1.03E+00 1.92E+00 1.64E-01 4.81E-01 1.02E+00
1-Nov-91 2.36E+00 3.08E+00 3.83E+00 1.77E-01 4.43E-01 8.54E-01 -1.52E-02 8.97E-01 1.78E+00 1.65E-01 4.79E-01 1.01E+00
1-Dec-91 2.39E+00 3.09E+00 3.80E+00 1.77E-01 4.38E-01 8.43E-01 -1.20E-01 7.98E-01 1.67E+00 1.65E-01 4.76E-01 1.01E+00
1-Jan-92 2.29E+00 3.02E+00 3.78E+00 1.76E-01 4.34E-01 8.38E-01 -4.14E-02 8.72E-01 1.75E+00 1.64E-01 4.74E-01 1.01E+00
1-Feb-92 2.50E+00 3.23E+00 4.00E+00 1.75E-01 4.31E-01 8.33E-01 1.15E-01 1.01E+00 1.89E+00 1.65E-01 4.72E-01 1.01E+00
1-Mar-92 2.48E+00 3.21E+00 3.98E+00 1.74E-01 4.28E-01 8.25E-01 1.14E-01 1.02E+00 1.92E+00 1.65E-01 4.70E-01 1.00E+00
1-Apr-92 2.49E+00 3.21E+00 3.99E+00 1.74E-01 4.25E-01 8.24E-01 1.06E-01 1.03E+00 1.93E+00 1.65E-01 4.69E-01 9.98E-01
1-May-92 2.27E+00 2.99E+00 3.75E+00 1.73E-01 4.23E-01 8.12E-01 1.02E-01 1.02E+00 1.92E+00 1.64E-01 4.67E-01 9.94E-01
1-Jun-92 2.14E+00 2.85E+00 3.62E+00 1.72E-01 4.21E-01 8.08E-01 -8.10E-02 8.39E-01 1.73E+00 1.64E-01 4.66E-01 9.93E-01
1-Jul-92 2.20E+00 2.93E+00 3.71E+00 1.71E-01 4.18E-01 8.04E-01 -2.76E-01 6.84E-01 1.58E+00 1.63E-01 4.65E-01 9.90E-01
1-Aug-92 1.90E+00 2.64E+00 3.47E+00 1.71E-01 4.16E-01 7.97E-01 -3.26E-01 6.44E-01 1.55E+00 1.62E-01 4.64E-01 9.87E-01
1-Sep-92 1.81E+00 2.57E+00 3.41E+00 1.69E-01 4.14E-01 7.93E-01 -3.36E-01 6.32E-01 1.54E+00 1.62E-01 4.63E-01 9.86E-01
1-Oct-92 2.13E+00 2.85E+00 3.65E+00 1.68E-01 4.13E-01 7.90E-01 -1.60E-01 7.80E-01 1.68E+00 1.61E-01 4.62E-01 9.82E-01
1-Nov-92 2.04E+00 2.76E+00 3.54E+00 1.67E-01 4.11E-01 7.87E-01 -8.47E-02 8.55E-01 1.76E+00 1.60E-01 4.62E-01 9.87E-01
1-Dec-92 1.92E+00 2.64E+00 3.42E+00 1.66E-01 4.09E-01 7.81E-01 -1.59E-01 7.82E-01 1.69E+00 1.60E-01 4.62E-01 9.83E-01
1-Jan-93 1.82E+00 2.56E+00 3.40E+00 1.66E-01 4.08E-01 7.85E-01 -2.87E-01 7.02E-01 1.62E+00 1.61E-01 4.62E-01 9.83E-01
1-Feb-93 1.51E+00 2.32E+00 3.22E+00 1.65E-01 4.07E-01 7.82E-01 -4.66E-01 5.53E-01 1.48E+00 1.59E-01 4.62E-01 9.85E-01
1-Mar-93 1.50E+00 2.31E+00 3.20E+00 1.63E-01 4.05E-01 7.75E-01 -5.59E-01 4.68E-01 1.43E+00 1.60E-01 4.61E-01 9.84E-01
1-Apr-93 1.60E+00 2.38E+00 3.27E+00 1.64E-01 4.05E-01 7.74E-01 -6.05E-01 4.23E-01 1.38E+00 1.60E-01 4.62E-01 9.92E-01
1-May-93 1.80E+00 2.58E+00 3.43E+00 1.64E-01 4.04E-01 7.73E-01 -5.75E-01 4.70E-01 1.44E+00 1.60E-01 4.61E-01 9.84E-01
1-Jun-93 1.40E+00 2.21E+00 3.12E+00 1.65E-01 4.03E-01 7.73E-01 -5.81E-01 4.49E-01 1.42E+00 1.61E-01 4.61E-01 9.87E-01
1-Jul-93 1.33E+00 2.16E+00 3.09E+00 1.64E-01 4.02E-01 7.73E-01 -6.44E-01 4.25E-01 1.40E+00 1.61E-01 4.61E-01 9.86E-01
1-Aug-93 1.21E+00 2.06E+00 3.00E+00 1.64E-01 4.01E-01 7.71E-01 -7.16E-01 3.65E-01 1.35E+00 1.62E-01 4.60E-01 9.88E-01
1-Sep-93 9.70E-01 1.87E+00 2.88E+00 1.64E-01 4.00E-01 7.66E-01 -9.16E-01 2.15E-01 1.24E+00 1.62E-01 4.60E-01 9.81E-01
1-Oct-93 1.40E+00 2.21E+00 3.11E+00 1.63E-01 3.99E-01 7.64E-01 -7.63E-01 3.01E-01 1.28E+00 1.63E-01 4.60E-01 9.79E-01
1-Nov-93 1.51E+00 2.28E+00 3.13E+00 1.63E-01 3.98E-01 7.62E-01 -5.57E-01 4.74E-01 1.43E+00 1.63E-01 4.60E-01 9.71E-01
1-Dec-93 1.35E+00 2.13E+00 2.98E+00 1.61E-01 3.97E-01 7.56E-01 -4.75E-01 5.63E-01 1.52E+00 1.63E-01 4.60E-01 9.67E-01
1-Jan-94 1.17E+00 2.00E+00 2.92E+00 1.60E-01 3.95E-01 7.53E-01 -3.98E-01 6.56E-01 1.62E+00 1.63E-01 4.60E-01 9.67E-01
1-Feb-94 1.49E+00 2.26E+00 3.13E+00 1.61E-01 3.94E-01 7.48E-01 -1.63E-01 8.38E-01 1.77E+00 1.64E-01 4.60E-01 9.62E-01
1-Mar-94 1.80E+00 2.55E+00 3.40E+00 1.61E-01 3.93E-01 7.46E-01 1.55E-01 1.13E+00 2.08E+00 1.64E-01 4.59E-01 9.60E-01
1-Apr-94 1.74E+00 2.50E+00 3.36E+00 1.61E-01 3.91E-01 7.41E-01 3.61E-01 1.34E+00 2.31E+00 1.64E-01 4.58E-01 9.65E-01
1-May-94 1.77E+00 2.51E+00 3.33E+00 1.60E-01 3.89E-01 7.39E-01 3.93E-01 1.35E+00 2.28E+00 1.64E-01 4.58E-01 9.68E-01
1-Jun-94 1.90E+00 2.62E+00 3.40E+00 1.59E-01 3.87E-01 7.35E-01 3.30E-01 1.27E+00 2.21E+00 1.64E-01 4.58E-01 9.72E-01
1-Jul-94 2.12E+00 2.87E+00 3.68E+00 1.58E-01 3.86E-01 7.36E-01 3.21E-01 1.27E+00 2.18E+00 1.64E-01 4.58E-01 9.72E-01
1-Aug-94 2.13E+00 2.88E+00 3.71E+00 1.57E-01 3.84E-01 7.28E-01 3.72E-01 1.35E+00 2.27E+00 1.64E-01 4.58E-01 9.71E-01
1-Sep-94 2.05E+00 2.80E+00 3.64E+00 1.55E-01 3.83E-01 7.28E-01 5.86E-01 1.57E+00 2.51E+00 1.64E-01 4.58E-01 9.76E-01
1-Oct-94 2.06E+00 2.82E+00 3.71E+00 1.56E-01 3.82E-01 7.27E-01 7.17E-01 1.73E+00 2.69E+00 1.64E-01 4.58E-01 9.77E-01
1-Nov-94 2.09E+00 2.86E+00 3.75E+00 1.55E-01 3.81E-01 7.27E-01 7.67E-01 1.80E+00 2.81E+00 1.65E-01 4.57E-01 9.76E-01
1-Dec-94 1.87E+00 2.64E+00 3.54E+00 1.55E-01 3.81E-01 7.24E-01 6.99E-01 1.74E+00 2.73E+00 1.64E-01 4.57E-01 9.76E-01
1-Jan-95 1.92E+00 2.69E+00 3.59E+00 1.56E-01 3.80E-01 7.23E-01 6.06E-01 1.65E+00 2.61E+00 1.66E-01 4.56E-01 9.77E-01
1-Feb-95 1.78E+00 2.55E+00 3.45E+00 1.55E-01 3.80E-01 7.24E-01 4.33E-01 1.46E+00 2.42E+00 1.65E-01 4.57E-01 9.71E-01
1-Mar-95 1.73E+00 2.48E+00 3.38E+00 1.56E-01 3.80E-01 7.30E-01 2.94E-01 1.30E+00 2.24E+00 1.66E-01 4.57E-01 9.71E-01
1-Apr-95 1.79E+00 2.53E+00 3.37E+00 1.56E-01 3.81E-01 7.35E-01 1.39E-01 1.14E+00 2.07E+00 1.66E-01 4.57E-01 9.76E-01
1-May-95 1.58E+00 2.32E+00 3.14E+00 1.55E-01 3.82E-01 7.37E-01 -1.01E-01 9.14E-01 1.85E+00 1.65E-01 4.58E-01 9.78E-01
1-Jun-95 1.45E+00 2.20E+00 3.03E+00 1.55E-01 3.82E-01 7.39E-01 -1.66E-01 8.61E-01 1.81E+00 1.65E-01 4.57E-01 9.77E-01
1-Jul-95 1.41E+00 2.18E+00 3.06E+00 1.55E-01 3.83E-01 7.39E-01 -5.64E-02 9.51E-01 1.89E+00 1.65E-01 4.57E-01 9.79E-01
1-Aug-95 1.55E+00 2.29E+00 3.14E+00 1.56E-01 3.84E-01 7.39E-01 -3.91E-02 9.68E-01 1.90E+00 1.64E-01 4.57E-01 9.87E-01
1-Sep-95 1.21E+00 2.00E+00 2.87E+00 1.55E-01 3.85E-01 7.41E-01 -2.39E-01 7.77E-01 1.74E+00 1.63E-01 4.57E-01 9.89E-01
1-Oct-95 1.47E+00 2.21E+00 3.04E+00 1.55E-01 3.86E-01 7.44E-01 -2.45E-01 7.72E-01 1.73E+00 1.63E-01 4.57E-01 9.85E-01
1-Nov-95 1.05E+00 1.87E+00 2.74E+00 1.55E-01 3.86E-01 7.46E-01 -3.60E-01 6.60E-01 1.61E+00 1.63E-01 4.57E-01 9.83E-01
1-Dec-95 1.27E+00 2.02E+00 2.83E+00 1.55E-01 3.86E-01 7.49E-01 -4.75E-01 5.28E-01 1.49E+00 1.63E-01 4.57E-01 9.81E-01
1-Jan-96 1.36E+00 2.11E+00 2.92E+00 1.54E-01 3.86E-01 7.48E-01 -4.35E-01 5.46E-01 1.49E+00 1.64E-01 4.56E-01 9.77E-01
1-Feb-96 1.42E+00 2.16E+00 2.95E+00 1.55E-01 3.85E-01 7.47E-01 -2.84E-01 6.71E-01 1.57E+00 1.63E-01 4.56E-01 9.74E-01
1-Mar-96 1.73E+00 2.46E+00 3.22E+00 1.55E-01 3.86E-01 7.51E-01 -1.06E-01 8.24E-01 1.73E+00 1.63E-01 4.56E-01 9.73E-01
1-Apr-96 1.87E+00 2.58E+00 3.34E+00 1.54E-01 3.86E-01 7.56E-01 1.23E-02 9.38E-01 1.85E+00 1.63E-01 4.56E-01 9.73E-01
1-May-96 1.88E+00 2.58E+00 3.32E+00 1.54E-01 3.86E-01 7.55E-01 2.46E-01 1.15E+00 2.08E+00 1.64E-01 4.55E-01 9.71E-01
1-Jun-96 1.62E+00 2.31E+00 3.06E+00 1.53E-01 3.86E-01 7.56E-01 3.00E-01 1.22E+00 2.14E+00 1.63E-01 4.55E-01 9.73E-01
1-Jul-96 1.73E+00 2.43E+00 3.20E+00 1.54E-01 3.86E-01 7.59E-01 2.49E-01 1.18E+00 2.10E+00 1.63E-01 4.55E-01 9.71E-01
1-Aug-96 1.49E+00 2.23E+00 3.02E+00 1.55E-01 3.86E-01 7.60E-01 1.86E-01 1.12E+00 2.05E+00 1.62E-01 4.55E-01 9.67E-01
1-Sep-96 1.71E+00 2.42E+00 3.21E+00 1.55E-01 3.85E-01 7.63E-01 1.13E-01 1.04E+00 1.94E+00 1.62E-01 4.54E-01 9.65E-01
1-Oct-96 1.66E+00 2.39E+00 3.15E+00 1.54E-01 3.85E-01 7.63E-01 -1.08E-01 8.24E-01 1.72E+00 1.62E-01 4.55E-01 9.65E-01
1-Nov-96 1.60E+00 2.32E+00 3.07E+00 1.53E-01 3.84E-01 7.61E-01 -1.45E-01 8.00E-01 1.71E+00 1.62E-01 4.55E-01 9.61E-01
1-Dec-96 1.60E+00 2.32E+00 3.05E+00 1.54E-01 3.84E-01 7.62E-01 5.32E-02 9.68E-01 1.87E+00 1.61E-01 4.55E-01 9.66E-01
1-Jan-97 1.54E+00 2.28E+00 3.08E+00 1.55E-01 3.84E-01 7.67E-01 9.08E-02 1.03E+00 1.94E+00 1.62E-01 4.56E-01 9.72E-01
1-Feb-97 1.57E+00 2.34E+00 3.16E+00 1.55E-01 3.84E-01 7.58E-01 1.43E-01 1.10E+00 2.04E+00 1.62E-01 4.57E-01 9.81E-01
1-Mar-97 1.49E+00 2.28E+00 3.16E+00 1.55E-01 3.85E-01 7.63E-01 3.20E-01 1.30E+00 2.27E+00 1.61E-01 4.57E-01 9.79E-01
1-Apr-97 1.44E+00 2.25E+00 3.16E+00 1.55E-01 3.86E-01 7.60E-01 3.63E-01 1.43E+00 2.47E+00 1.62E-01 4.58E-01 9.78E-01
1-May-97 1.06E+00 1.93E+00 2.90E+00 1.55E-01 3.88E-01 7.67E-01 2.79E-01 1.36E+00 2.43E+00 1.62E-01 4.58E-01 9.74E-01
1-Jun-97 1.10E+00 1.96E+00 2.90E+00 1.56E-01 3.89E-01 7.71E-01 1.77E-01 1.28E+00 2.34E+00 1.62E-01 4.58E-01 9.81E-01
1-Jul-97 8.17E-01 1.76E+00 2.77E+00 1.57E-01 3.90E-01 7.77E-01 1.29E-01 1.26E+00 2.35E+00 1.63E-01 4.59E-01 9.84E-01
1-Aug-97 8.11E-01 1.74E+00 2.76E+00 1.57E-01 3.91E-01 7.81E-01 1.12E-01 1.23E+00 2.29E+00 1.63E-01 4.59E-01 9.82E-01
1-Sep-97 1.01E+00 1.87E+00 2.84E+00 1.57E-01 3.93E-01 7.88E-01 1.28E-02 1.11E+00 2.13E+00 1.63E-01 4.60E-01 9.83E-01
1-Oct-97 9.28E-01 1.78E+00 2.76E+00 1.57E-01 3.95E-01 7.94E-01 -5.37E-02 1.05E+00 2.06E+00 1.63E-01 4.61E-01 9.90E-01
1-Nov-97 8.17E-01 1.68E+00 2.64E+00 1.56E-01 3.97E-01 7.96E-01 -5.27E-02 1.06E+00 2.10E+00 1.63E-01 4.63E-01 9.97E-01
1-Dec-97 6.32E-01 1.53E+00 2.49E+00 1.57E-01 4.00E-01 8.01E-01 -8.88E-02 1.03E+00 2.09E+00 1.64E-01 4.64E-01 9.96E-01
1-Jan-98 4.85E-01 1.43E+00 2.45E+00 1.57E-01 4.02E-01 8.06E-01 -1.32E-01 1.05E+00 2.14E+00 1.63E-01 4.65E-01 1.01E+00
1-Feb-98 2.54E-01 1.29E+00 2.38E+00 1.58E-01 4.05E-01 8.15E-01 -7.18E-02 1.13E+00 2.29E+00 1.63E-01 4.67E-01 1.01E+00
1-Mar-98 3.18E-01 1.33E+00 2.41E+00 1.57E-01 4.08E-01 8.24E-01 -8.45E-02 1.11E+00 2.26E+00 1.64E-01 4.68E-01 1.02E+00
1-Apr-98 5.22E-01 1.46E+00 2.49E+00 1.57E-01 4.11E-01 8.31E-01 -1.45E-01 1.01E+00 2.10E+00 1.65E-01 4.70E-01 1.02E+00
1-May-98 7.32E-01 1.61E+00 2.59E+00 1.58E-01 4.14E-01 8.36E-01 -1.76E-01 9.49E-01 2.03E+00 1.65E-01 4.72E-01 1.02E+00
1-Jun-98 4.16E-01 1.34E+00 2.33E+00 1.59E-01 4.18E-01 8.46E-01 -2.88E-01 8.16E-01 1.90E+00 1.67E-01 4.74E-01 1.02E+00
1-Jul-98 7.59E-01 1.60E+00 2.55E+00 1.59E-01 4.21E-01 8.51E-01 -3.60E-01 7.05E-01 1.72E+00 1.66E-01 4.75E-01 1.03E+00
1-Aug-98 6.41E-01 1.50E+00 2.43E+00 1.58E-01 4.24E-01 8.62E-01 -5.28E-01 5.27E-01 1.53E+00 1.65E-01 4.77E-01 1.03E+00
1-Sep-98 1.96E-01 1.15E+00 2.15E+00 1.59E-01 4.26E-01 8.65E-01 -8.65E-01 2.42E-01 1.28E+00 1.65E-01 4.78E-01 1.04E+00
1-Oct-98 6.24E-01 1.46E+00 2.36E+00 1.59E-01 4.29E-01 8.74E-01 -8.02E-01 2.63E-01 1.25E+00 1.65E-01 4.80E-01 1.05E+00
1-Nov-98 4.98E-01 1.35E+00 2.25E+00 1.59E-01 4.30E-01 8.75E-01 -7.79E-01 2.60E-01 1.26E+00 1.64E-01 4.81E-01 1.05E+00
1-Dec-98 6.33E-01 1.44E+00 2.30E+00 1.60E-01 4.31E-01 8.76E-01 -8.89E-01 1.59E-01 1.15E+00 1.64E-01 4.82E-01 1.06E+00
1-Jan-99 8.04E-01 1.62E+00 2.47E+00 1.60E-01 4.34E-01 8.80E-01 -7.35E-01 2.78E-01 1.24E+00 1.62E-01 4.84E-01 1.06E+00
1-Feb-99 7.07E-01 1.55E+00 2.43E+00 1.60E-01 4.36E-01 8.88E-01 -5.65E-01 4.32E-01 1.42E+00 1.63E-01 4.85E-01 1.07E+00
1-Mar-99 7.34E-01 1.58E+00 2.47E+00 1.61E-01 4.39E-01 8.96E-01 -6.69E-01 3.50E-01 1.35E+00 1.63E-01 4.86E-01 1.07E+00
1-Apr-99 1.30E+00 2.13E+00 2.99E+00 1.61E-01 4.42E-01 9.05E-01 -6.26E-01 3.67E-01 1.33E+00 1.62E-01 4.88E-01 1.08E+00
1-May-99 1.22E+00 2.00E+00 2.79E+00 1.61E-01 4.43E-01 9.08E-01 -3.69E-01 5.67E-01 1.52E+00 1.62E-01 4.89E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jun-99 1.24E+00 2.01E+00 2.79E+00 1.61E-01 4.44E-01 9.13E-01 -3.21E-01 6.20E-01 1.59E+00 1.62E-01 4.90E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jul-99 1.40E+00 2.18E+00 3.00E+00 1.62E-01 4.46E-01 9.09E-01 -3.20E-01 6.13E-01 1.55E+00 1.62E-01 4.91E-01 1.09E+00
1-Aug-99 1.32E+00 2.11E+00 2.90E+00 1.62E-01 4.47E-01 9.13E-01 -3.80E-01 5.57E-01 1.50E+00 1.61E-01 4.91E-01 1.10E+00
1-Sep-99 1.59E+00 2.39E+00 3.21E+00 1.62E-01 4.49E-01 9.17E-01 -3.69E-01 5.69E-01 1.50E+00 1.62E-01 4.92E-01 1.09E+00
1-Oct-99 1.52E+00 2.31E+00 3.09E+00 1.62E-01 4.50E-01 9.19E-01 -2.82E-01 6.36E-01 1.59E+00 1.62E-01 4.93E-01 1.11E+00
1-Nov-99 1.46E+00 2.23E+00 2.99E+00 1.62E-01 4.52E-01 9.22E-01 -2.56E-01 6.64E-01 1.61E+00 1.61E-01 4.94E-01 1.10E+00
1-Dec-99 1.70E+00 2.47E+00 3.25E+00 1.62E-01 4.54E-01 9.26E-01 -1.78E-01 7.71E-01 1.77E+00 1.62E-01 4.95E-01 1.10E+00
1-Jan-00 1.79E+00 2.63E+00 3.46E+00 1.62E-01 4.56E-01 9.26E-01 -2.48E-01 7.21E-01 1.73E+00 1.62E-01 4.97E-01 1.10E+00
1-Feb-00 1.76E+00 2.62E+00 3.47E+00 1.63E-01 4.58E-01 9.36E-01 -5.31E-01 4.73E-01 1.47E+00 1.62E-01 4.97E-01 1.10E+00
1-Mar-00 1.84E+00 2.81E+00 3.82E+00 1.62E-01 4.61E-01 9.42E-01 -6.40E-01 4.18E-01 1.46E+00 1.62E-01 4.98E-01 1.10E+00
1-Apr-00 1.48E+00 2.32E+00 3.12E+00 1.62E-01 4.64E-01 9.42E-01 -3.79E-01 5.75E-01 1.56E+00 1.62E-01 4.99E-01 1.10E+00
1-May-00 1.56E+00 2.37E+00 3.18E+00 1.63E-01 4.65E-01 9.50E-01 -3.06E-01 6.60E-01 1.66E+00 1.62E-01 4.99E-01 1.09E+00
1-Jun-00 1.63E+00 2.41E+00 3.19E+00 1.62E-01 4.66E-01 9.51E-01 -4.58E-01 4.98E-01 1.45E+00 1.62E-01 5.00E-01 1.10E+00
1-Jul-00 1.58E+00 2.38E+00 3.20E+00 1.63E-01 4.67E-01 9.45E-01 -4.54E-01 4.86E-01 1.46E+00 1.62E-01 5.01E-01 1.11E+00
1-Aug-00 1.13E+00 2.02E+00 2.88E+00 1.63E-01 4.69E-01 9.45E-01 -6.44E-01 3.44E-01 1.32E+00 1.62E-01 5.01E-01 1.11E+00
1-Sep-00 1.61E+00 2.47E+00 3.35E+00 1.62E-01 4.71E-01 9.51E-01 -6.60E-01 3.08E-01 1.28E+00 1.64E-01 5.01E-01 1.11E+00
1-Oct-00 1.39E+00 2.23E+00 3.05E+00 1.63E-01 4.72E-01 9.49E-01 -7.01E-01 2.38E-01 1.17E+00 1.64E-01 5.02E-01 1.12E+00
1-Nov-00 1.39E+00 2.21E+00 3.01E+00 1.63E-01 4.72E-01 9.51E-01 -8.04E-01 1.39E-01 1.07E+00 1.65E-01 5.02E-01 1.12E+00
1-Dec-00 1.14E+00 1.97E+00 2.78E+00 1.64E-01 4.72E-01 9.55E-01 -1.09E+00 -9.52E-02 8.82E-01 1.65E-01 5.02E-01 1.11E+00
1-Jan-01 1.41E+00 2.30E+00 3.20E+00 1.65E-01 4.73E-01 9.55E-01 -1.15E+00 -1.42E-01 8.40E-01 1.65E-01 5.02E-01 1.11E+00
1-Feb-01 1.19E+00 2.05E+00 2.89E+00 1.65E-01 4.72E-01 9.47E-01 -1.16E+00 -1.45E-01 8.32E-01 1.67E-01 5.02E-01 1.10E+00
1-Mar-01 1.00E+00 1.87E+00 2.72E+00 1.67E-01 4.72E-01 9.48E-01 -1.02E+00 -4.82E-02 9.08E-01 1.68E-01 5.01E-01 1.10E+00
1-Apr-01 1.17E+00 2.01E+00 2.84E+00 1.66E-01 4.72E-01 9.47E-01 -8.39E-01 1.28E-01 1.10E+00 1.67E-01 5.02E-01 1.11E+00
1-May-01 1.27E+00 2.09E+00 2.92E+00 1.67E-01 4.72E-01 9.43E-01 -7.97E-01 1.67E-01 1.12E+00 1.68E-01 5.02E-01 1.11E+00
1-Jun-01 1.19E+00 2.01E+00 2.83E+00 1.67E-01 4.72E-01 9.47E-01 -7.23E-01 2.37E-01 1.22E+00 1.70E-01 5.02E-01 1.11E+00
1-Jul-01 7.56E-01 1.67E+00 2.59E+00 1.67E-01 4.72E-01 9.42E-01 -7.13E-01 2.98E-01 1.33E+00 1.70E-01 5.02E-01 1.11E+00
1-Aug-01 6.17E-01 1.57E+00 2.53E+00 1.69E-01 4.72E-01 9.39E-01 -6.88E-01 4.12E-01 1.60E+00 1.70E-01 5.02E-01 1.11E+00
1-Sep-01 -4.69E-01 9.50E-01 2.19E+00 1.69E-01 4.73E-01 9.38E-01 -8.60E-01 3.26E-01 1.59E+00 1.71E-01 5.02E-01 1.11E+00
1-Oct-01 5.79E-01 1.56E+00 2.54E+00 1.68E-01 4.72E-01 9.35E-01 -8.31E-01 3.29E-01 1.50E+00 1.71E-01 5.03E-01 1.11E+00
1-Nov-01 2.18E-01 1.33E+00 2.37E+00 1.68E-01 4.70E-01 9.36E-01 -7.06E-01 4.36E-01 1.63E+00 1.71E-01 5.02E-01 1.11E+00
1-Dec-01 3.68E-01 1.44E+00 2.44E+00 1.68E-01 4.67E-01 9.22E-01 -6.21E-01 5.07E-01 1.73E+00 1.71E-01 5.02E-01 1.10E+00
1-Jan-02 4.57E-01 1.52E+00 2.52E+00 1.69E-01 4.64E-01 9.17E-01 -7.12E-01 3.69E-01 1.52E+00 1.72E-01 5.01E-01 1.09E+00
1-Feb-02 6.50E-01 1.64E+00 2.61E+00 1.69E-01 4.62E-01 9.11E-01 -7.78E-01 2.69E-01 1.39E+00 1.74E-01 5.00E-01 1.09E+00
1-Mar-02 1.02E+00 1.89E+00 2.81E+00 1.70E-01 4.61E-01 9.09E-01 -8.98E-01 1.17E-01 1.15E+00 1.74E-01 4.99E-01 1.08E+00
1-Apr-02 1.31E+00 2.20E+00 3.12E+00 1.70E-01 4.59E-01 9.03E-01 -1.03E+00 -4.55E-02 9.50E-01 1.74E-01 4.98E-01 1.08E+00
1-May-02 1.12E+00 1.94E+00 2.76E+00 1.71E-01 4.58E-01 9.00E-01 -1.10E+00 -1.67E-01 8.02E-01 1.74E-01 4.98E-01 1.07E+00
1-Jun-02 1.10E+00 1.91E+00 2.71E+00 1.72E-01 4.56E-01 8.96E-01 -1.27E+00 -3.38E-01 6.17E-01 1.74E-01 4.97E-01 1.07E+00
1-Jul-02 1.02E+00 1.88E+00 2.71E+00 1.72E-01 4.54E-01 8.97E-01 -1.49E+00 -5.49E-01 4.12E-01 1.75E-01 4.96E-01 1.07E+00
1-Aug-02 8.53E-01 1.74E+00 2.57E+00 1.72E-01 4.53E-01 8.90E-01 -1.78E+00 -7.96E-01 1.71E-01 1.74E-01 4.95E-01 1.06E+00
1-Sep-02 8.04E-01 1.71E+00 2.55E+00 1.72E-01 4.51E-01 8.87E-01 -1.92E+00 -9.18E-01 5.66E-02 1.74E-01 4.95E-01 1.06E+00
1-Oct-02 9.39E-01 1.82E+00 2.66E+00 1.71E-01 4.50E-01 8.88E-01 -1.84E+00 -8.73E-01 9.27E-02 1.74E-01 4.94E-01 1.05E+00
1-Nov-02 9.58E-01 1.80E+00 2.60E+00 1.70E-01 4.50E-01 8.87E-01 -1.79E+00 -8.53E-01 7.95E-02 1.74E-01 4.94E-01 1.06E+00
1-Dec-02 9.08E-01 1.75E+00 2.54E+00 1.71E-01 4.50E-01 8.90E-01 -1.85E+00 -8.90E-01 7.46E-02 1.72E-01 4.95E-01 1.05E+00
1-Jan-03 9.74E-01 1.85E+00 2.69E+00 1.70E-01 4.50E-01 8.92E-01 -2.02E+00 -1.02E+00 -4.88E-02 1.73E-01 4.95E-01 1.06E+00
1-Feb-03 1.07E+00 2.00E+00 2.93E+00 1.72E-01 4.50E-01 8.91E-01 -2.26E+00 -1.18E+00 -1.61E-01 1.73E-01 4.95E-01 1.06E+00
1-Mar-03 1.09E+00 2.03E+00 2.98E+00 1.72E-01 4.51E-01 8.93E-01 -2.14E+00 -1.09E+00 -5.40E-02 1.73E-01 4.96E-01 1.07E+00
1-Apr-03 7.91E-01 1.69E+00 2.55E+00 1.71E-01 4.52E-01 8.97E-01 -2.00E+00 -9.98E-01 1.29E-02 1.71E-01 4.96E-01 1.07E+00
1-May-03 5.54E-01 1.49E+00 2.38E+00 1.72E-01 4.52E-01 9.01E-01 -2.13E+00 -1.08E+00 -8.40E-02 1.71E-01 4.97E-01 1.08E+00
1-Jun-03 7.72E-01 1.64E+00 2.50E+00 1.72E-01 4.53E-01 9.01E-01 -2.04E+00 -1.01E+00 -1.41E-02 1.72E-01 4.97E-01 1.08E+00
1-Jul-03 1.10E+00 1.96E+00 2.86E+00 1.72E-01 4.53E-01 8.96E-01 -1.82E+00 -8.17E-01 2.19E-01 1.72E-01 4.97E-01 1.08E+00
1-Aug-03 1.27E+00 2.14E+00 3.05E+00 1.72E-01 4.53E-01 8.97E-01 -1.87E+00 -8.93E-01 1.02E-01 1.71E-01 4.97E-01 1.08E+00
1-Sep-03 1.36E+00 2.26E+00 3.18E+00 1.71E-01 4.53E-01 9.03E-01 -1.95E+00 -9.56E-01 4.40E-02 1.71E-01 4.96E-01 1.07E+00
1-Oct-03 1.15E+00 2.03E+00 2.89E+00 1.72E-01 4.53E-01 9.03E-01 -1.89E+00 -9.22E-01 7.55E-02 1.70E-01 4.96E-01 1.07E+00
1-Nov-03 1.25E+00 2.10E+00 2.94E+00 1.72E-01 4.53E-01 9.02E-01 -1.91E+00 -9.28E-01 7.64E-02 1.70E-01 4.96E-01 1.08E+00
1-Dec-03 1.26E+00 2.09E+00 2.90E+00 1.71E-01 4.54E-01 9.03E-01 -2.04E+00 -1.06E+00 -7.47E-02 1.70E-01 4.96E-01 1.07E+00
1-Jan-04 1.35E+00 2.25E+00 3.14E+00 1.71E-01 4.55E-01 9.13E-01 -2.20E+00 -1.19E+00 -1.95E-01 1.69E-01 4.97E-01 1.07E+00
1-Feb-04 1.23E+00 2.17E+00 3.06E+00 1.70E-01 4.56E-01 9.17E-01 -2.33E+00 -1.30E+00 -2.88E-01 1.67E-01 4.98E-01 1.07E+00
1-Mar-04 1.28E+00 2.21E+00 3.12E+00 1.70E-01 4.56E-01 9.16E-01 -2.23E+00 -1.21E+00 -1.79E-01 1.66E-01 4.98E-01 1.07E+00
1-Apr-04 1.41E+00 2.33E+00 3.22E+00 1.70E-01 4.58E-01 9.26E-01 -2.00E+00 -9.79E-01 7.06E-02 1.66E-01 4.99E-01 1.08E+00
1-May-04 1.62E+00 2.53E+00 3.46E+00 1.70E-01 4.59E-01 9.31E-01 -1.96E+00 -9.46E-01 8.68E-02 1.66E-01 4.99E-01 1.07E+00
1-Jun-04 1.59E+00 2.50E+00 3.42E+00 1.70E-01 4.60E-01 9.29E-01 -2.03E+00 -1.01E+00 4.89E-02 1.64E-01 5.00E-01 1.08E+00
1-Jul-04 1.41E+00 2.34E+00 3.26E+00 1.71E-01 4.62E-01 9.37E-01 -2.12E+00 -1.09E+00 -5.77E-02 1.65E-01 5.01E-01 1.09E+00
1-Aug-04 1.25E+00 2.21E+00 3.11E+00 1.72E-01 4.64E-01 9.44E-01 -2.17E+00 -1.14E+00 -9.89E-02 1.66E-01 5.02E-01 1.09E+00
1-Sep-04 1.20E+00 2.16E+00 3.06E+00 1.73E-01 4.67E-01 9.48E-01 -2.23E+00 -1.22E+00 -1.57E-01 1.65E-01 5.03E-01 1.10E+00
1-Oct-04 1.36E+00 2.32E+00 3.25E+00 1.73E-01 4.69E-01 9.56E-01 -2.33E+00 -1.27E+00 -2.05E-01 1.67E-01 5.05E-01 1.11E+00
1-Nov-04 1.44E+00 2.41E+00 3.36E+00 1.75E-01 4.72E-01 9.60E-01 -2.28E+00 -1.22E+00 -1.66E-01 1.66E-01 5.06E-01 1.11E+00
1-Dec-04 1.29E+00 2.21E+00 3.11E+00 1.73E-01 4.75E-01 9.71E-01 -2.19E+00 -1.17E+00 -1.23E-01 1.65E-01 5.07E-01 1.11E+00
1-Jan-05 1.29E+00 2.26E+00 3.18E+00 1.74E-01 4.78E-01 9.76E-01 -2.25E+00 -1.19E+00 -1.36E-01 1.65E-01 5.10E-01 1.12E+00
1-Feb-05 1.41E+00 2.41E+00 3.37E+00 1.74E-01 4.81E-01 9.82E-01 -2.25E+00 -1.17E+00 -7.87E-02 1.66E-01 5.12E-01 1.13E+00
1-Mar-05 1.49E+00 2.47E+00 3.46E+00 1.74E-01 4.85E-01 9.90E-01 -2.25E+00 -1.17E+00 -7.65E-02 1.64E-01 5.14E-01 1.14E+00
1-Apr-05 1.48E+00 2.50E+00 3.52E+00 1.75E-01 4.89E-01 9.97E-01 -2.35E+00 -1.25E+00 -1.56E-01 1.63E-01 5.16E-01 1.14E+00
1-May-05 1.23E+00 2.18E+00 3.11E+00 1.75E-01 4.93E-01 1.01E+00 -2.32E+00 -1.26E+00 -1.74E-01 1.63E-01 5.19E-01 1.16E+00
1-Jun-05 1.17E+00 2.14E+00 3.10E+00 1.75E-01 4.97E-01 1.02E+00 -2.44E+00 -1.29E+00 -1.68E-01 1.64E-01 5.22E-01 1.16E+00
1-Jul-05 1.40E+00 2.46E+00 3.53E+00 1.76E-01 5.01E-01 1.03E+00 -2.47E+00 -1.30E+00 -1.32E-01 1.63E-01 5.24E-01 1.17E+00
1-Aug-05 1.23E+00 2.36E+00 3.47E+00 1.75E-01 5.05E-01 1.04E+00 -2.97E+00 -1.55E+00 -3.02E-01 1.64E-01 5.27E-01 1.18E+00
1-Sep-05 1.69E+00 3.13E+00 5.04E+00 1.75E-01 5.08E-01 1.05E+00 -3.28E+00 -1.56E+00 -1.97E-01 1.64E-01 5.30E-01 1.19E+00
1-Oct-05 1.52E+00 2.76E+00 4.16E+00 1.75E-01 5.09E-01 1.05E+00 -2.76E+00 -1.33E+00 -3.17E-02 1.65E-01 5.31E-01 1.19E+00
1-Nov-05 1.36E+00 2.45E+00 3.53E+00 1.75E-01 5.10E-01 1.05E+00 -2.35E+00 -1.10E+00 1.38E-01 1.66E-01 5.32E-01 1.19E+00
1-Dec-05 1.30E+00 2.34E+00 3.35E+00 1.75E-01 5.11E-01 1.05E+00 -2.32E+00 -1.09E+00 1.21E-01 1.65E-01 5.33E-01 1.19E+00
1-Jan-06 1.54E+00 2.63E+00 3.78E+00 1.74E-01 5.11E-01 1.04E+00 -2.21E+00 -1.00E+00 1.74E-01 1.65E-01 5.33E-01 1.19E+00
1-Feb-06 1.26E+00 2.31E+00 3.35E+00 1.75E-01 5.11E-01 1.05E+00 -1.96E+00 -8.49E-01 2.96E-01 1.66E-01 5.33E-01 1.19E+00
1-Mar-06 1.39E+00 2.41E+00 3.43E+00 1.75E-01 5.11E-01 1.04E+00 -1.84E+00 -7.31E-01 4.15E-01 1.67E-01 5.34E-01 1.19E+00
1-Apr-06 1.65E+00 2.64E+00 3.69E+00 1.74E-01 5.10E-01 1.05E+00 -1.76E+00 -6.43E-01 4.69E-01 1.67E-01 5.33E-01 1.20E+00
1-May-06 1.56E+00 2.53E+00 3.53E+00 1.75E-01 5.10E-01 1.04E+00 -1.70E+00 -5.98E-01 5.05E-01 1.68E-01 5.33E-01 1.19E+00
1-Jun-06 1.51E+00 2.45E+00 3.43E+00 1.76E-01 5.10E-01 1.04E+00 -1.70E+00 -5.93E-01 5.24E-01 1.67E-01 5.33E-01 1.18E+00
1-Jul-06 1.55E+00 2.54E+00 3.59E+00 1.76E-01 5.10E-01 1.04E+00 -1.85E+00 -7.21E-01 3.90E-01 1.67E-01 5.33E-01 1.18E+00
1-Aug-06 1.62E+00 2.68E+00 3.81E+00 1.76E-01 5.11E-01 1.04E+00 -1.94E+00 -7.61E-01 3.96E-01 1.68E-01 5.34E-01 1.19E+00
1-Sep-06 1.18E+00 2.23E+00 3.26E+00 1.78E-01 5.11E-01 1.04E+00 -1.77E+00 -6.41E-01 5.27E-01 1.69E-01 5.34E-01 1.19E+00
1-Oct-06 9.68E-01 2.11E+00 3.18E+00 1.78E-01 5.12E-01 1.05E+00 -1.75E+00 -6.00E-01 6.37E-01 1.69E-01 5.33E-01 1.19E+00
1-Nov-06 1.16E+00 2.19E+00 3.22E+00 1.78E-01 5.12E-01 1.05E+00 -1.90E+00 -7.44E-01 4.38E-01 1.69E-01 5.33E-01 1.19E+00
1-Dec-06 1.45E+00 2.39E+00 3.37E+00 1.78E-01 5.12E-01 1.05E+00 -1.93E+00 -8.14E-01 2.91E-01 1.71E-01 5.34E-01 1.19E+00
1-Jan-07 1.40E+00 2.39E+00 3.41E+00 1.78E-01 5.12E-01 1.05E+00 -1.98E+00 -8.50E-01 2.70E-01 1.70E-01 5.34E-01 1.18E+00
1-Feb-07 1.46E+00 2.47E+00 3.52E+00 1.78E-01 5.12E-01 1.06E+00 -2.13E+00 -9.92E-01 1.10E-01 1.71E-01 5.34E-01 1.18E+00
1-Mar-07 1.56E+00 2.58E+00 3.65E+00 1.79E-01 5.14E-01 1.06E+00 -2.15E+00 -1.03E+00 6.42E-02 1.71E-01 5.35E-01 1.18E+00
1-Apr-07 1.52E+00 2.53E+00 3.56E+00 1.79E-01 5.15E-01 1.06E+00 -2.11E+00 -9.88E-01 1.04E-01 1.69E-01 5.36E-01 1.19E+00
1-May-07 1.70E+00 2.70E+00 3.75E+00 1.79E-01 5.16E-01 1.06E+00 -2.01E+00 -8.80E-01 2.31E-01 1.71E-01 5.37E-01 1.19E+00
1-Jun-07 1.70E+00 2.66E+00 3.69E+00 1.79E-01 5.18E-01 1.07E+00 -1.93E+00 -8.06E-01 3.20E-01 1.71E-01 5.38E-01 1.19E+00
1-Jul-07 1.63E+00 2.66E+00 3.73E+00 1.80E-01 5.20E-01 1.07E+00 -2.04E+00 -9.13E-01 2.11E-01 1.72E-01 5.39E-01 1.19E+00
1-Aug-07 1.37E+00 2.40E+00 3.45E+00 1.79E-01 5.23E-01 1.08E+00 -2.25E+00 -1.11E+00 2.10E-02 1.72E-01 5.41E-01 1.19E+00
1-Sep-07 1.61E+00 2.66E+00 3.77E+00 1.80E-01 5.26E-01 1.08E+00 -2.35E+00 -1.20E+00 -8.05E-02 1.73E-01 5.42E-01 1.19E+00
1-Oct-07 1.40E+00 2.45E+00 3.51E+00 1.81E-01 5.28E-01 1.09E+00 -2.64E+00 -1.43E+00 -2.79E-01 1.72E-01 5.44E-01 1.19E+00
1-Nov-07 1.58E+00 2.67E+00 3.82E+00 1.81E-01 5.32E-01 1.09E+00 -2.84E+00 -1.62E+00 -4.50E-01 1.73E-01 5.46E-01 1.20E+00
1-Dec-07 1.38E+00 2.45E+00 3.53E+00 1.81E-01 5.35E-01 1.10E+00 -3.02E+00 -1.75E+00 -5.56E-01 1.72E-01 5.48E-01 1.21E+00
1-Jan-08 1.28E+00 2.44E+00 3.65E+00 1.81E-01 5.38E-01 1.11E+00 -3.09E+00 -1.82E+00 -5.96E-01 1.72E-01 5.49E-01 1.21E+00
1-Feb-08 1.15E+00 2.33E+00 3.54E+00 1.81E-01 5.41E-01 1.11E+00 -3.19E+00 -1.87E+00 -6.21E-01 1.72E-01 5.51E-01 1.21E+00
1-Mar-08 1.19E+00 2.39E+00 3.63E+00 1.81E-01 5.46E-01 1.12E+00 -3.23E+00 -1.88E+00 -6.24E-01 1.73E-01 5.53E-01 1.22E+00
1-Apr-08 1.22E+00 2.39E+00 3.61E+00 1.81E-01 5.50E-01 1.13E+00 -3.10E+00 -1.78E+00 -5.29E-01 1.71E-01 5.56E-01 1.23E+00
1-May-08 1.30E+00 2.47E+00 3.68E+00 1.82E-01 5.55E-01 1.15E+00 -3.07E+00 -1.70E+00 -4.16E-01 1.70E-01 5.59E-01 1.24E+00
1-Jun-08 1.40E+00 2.65E+00 4.08E+00 1.82E-01 5.61E-01 1.16E+00 -3.23E+00 -1.72E+00 -3.97E-01 1.70E-01 5.61E-01 1.25E+00
1-Jul-08 1.32E+00 2.68E+00 4.38E+00 1.83E-01 5.66E-01 1.17E+00 -3.23E+00 -1.64E+00 -2.70E-01 1.68E-01 5.64E-01 1.25E+00
1-Aug-08 7.83E-01 2.11E+00 3.46E+00 1.83E-01 5.73E-01 1.18E+00 -2.98E+00 -1.53E+00 -1.70E-01 1.68E-01 5.67E-01 1.27E+00
1-Sep-08 1.00E+00 2.37E+00 4.03E+00 1.84E-01 5.77E-01 1.20E+00 -2.80E+00 -1.30E+00 1.97E-01 1.67E-01 5.70E-01 1.28E+00
1-Oct-08 4.81E-01 1.87E+00 3.26E+00 1.85E-01 5.82E-01 1.21E+00 -2.38E+00 -9.07E-01 8.27E-01 1.64E-01 5.73E-01 1.28E+00
1-Nov-08 -1.38E+00 7.76E-01 2.38E+00 1.84E-01 5.86E-01 1.22E+00 -2.58E+00 -9.16E-01 1.23E+00 1.65E-01 5.74E-01 1.30E+00
1-Dec-08 -1.32E+00 7.00E-01 2.30E+00 1.84E-01 5.86E-01 1.21E+00 -2.87E+00 -1.15E+00 8.47E-01 1.64E-01 5.76E-01 1.30E+00
1-Jan-09 -8.53E-01 9.59E-01 2.43E+00 1.84E-01 5.86E-01 1.22E+00 -2.76E+00 -1.16E+00 6.74E-01 1.63E-01 5.77E-01 1.31E+00
1-Feb-09 -4.90E-01 1.14E+00 2.49E+00 1.82E-01 5.86E-01 1.23E+00 -2.64E+00 -1.15E+00 5.27E-01 1.63E-01 5.77E-01 1.31E+00
1-Mar-09 -9.18E-01 8.42E-01 2.28E+00 1.82E-01 5.86E-01 1.22E+00 -2.57E+00 -1.16E+00 4.63E-01 1.63E-01 5.77E-01 1.32E+00
1-Apr-09 -1.38E-01 1.26E+00 2.49E+00 1.80E-01 5.85E-01 1.22E+00 -2.37E+00 -1.07E+00 3.94E-01 1.61E-01 5.76E-01 1.33E+00
1-May-09 -2.90E-02 1.29E+00 2.46E+00 1.79E-01 5.84E-01 1.22E+00 -2.31E+00 -1.05E+00 3.28E-01 1.61E-01 5.75E-01 1.33E+00
1-Jun-09 7.85E-01 1.87E+00 2.97E+00 1.79E-01 5.83E-01 1.22E+00 -2.28E+00 -1.09E+00 1.71E-01 1.61E-01 5.75E-01 1.34E+00
1-Jul-09 2.74E-01 1.46E+00 2.56E+00 1.78E-01 5.80E-01 1.21E+00 -2.44E+00 -1.21E+00 4.60E-02 1.61E-01 5.75E-01 1.34E+00
1-Aug-09 6.59E-01 1.77E+00 2.90E+00 1.76E-01 5.78E-01 1.21E+00 -2.46E+00 -1.25E+00 -4.34E-02 1.61E-01 5.74E-01 1.35E+00
1-Sep-09 4.72E-01 1.58E+00 2.66E+00 1.75E-01 5.75E-01 1.20E+00 -2.60E+00 -1.37E+00 -1.90E-01 1.58E-01 5.74E-01 1.35E+00
1-Oct-09 6.89E-01 1.78E+00 2.90E+00 1.74E-01 5.72E-01 1.20E+00 -2.59E+00 -1.39E+00 -2.09E-01 1.57E-01 5.74E-01 1.35E+00
1-Nov-09 7.27E-01 1.76E+00 2.80E+00 1.74E-01 5.68E-01 1.20E+00 -2.44E+00 -1.30E+00 -1.54E-01 1.56E-01 5.74E-01 1.35E+00
1-Dec-09 6.89E-01 1.68E+00 2.68E+00 1.72E-01 5.66E-01 1.20E+00 -2.32E+00 -1.20E+00 -2.52E-02 1.55E-01 5.74E-01 1.36E+00
1-Jan-10 8.54E-01 1.94E+00 3.06E+00 1.70E-01 5.65E-01 1.20E+00 -2.31E+00 -1.16E+00 1.91E-02 1.55E-01 5.74E-01 1.36E+00
1-Feb-10 6.58E-01 1.74E+00 2.81E+00 1.69E-01 5.64E-01 1.20E+00 -2.32E+00 -1.17E+00 1.15E-02 1.53E-01 5.75E-01 1.37E+00
1-Mar-10 7.68E-01 1.87E+00 2.99E+00 1.67E-01 5.63E-01 1.20E+00 -2.23E+00 -1.09E+00 1.16E-01 1.52E-01 5.76E-01 1.37E+00
1-Apr-10 6.48E-01 1.72E+00 2.78E+00 1.66E-01 5.62E-01 1.20E+00 -2.28E+00 -1.13E+00 6.63E-02 1.51E-01 5.77E-01 1.39E+00
1-May-10 4.56E-01 1.50E+00 2.53E+00 1.64E-01 5.61E-01 1.20E+00 -2.35E+00 -1.21E+00 5.09E-03 1.49E-01 5.79E-01 1.40E+00
1-Jun-10 4.76E-02 1.19E+00 2.25E+00 1.62E-01 5.60E-01 1.22E+00 -2.50E+00 -1.30E+00 -5.61E-02 1.48E-01 5.82E-01 1.42E+00
1-Jul-10 3.19E-01 1.40E+00 2.50E+00 1.60E-01 5.61E-01 1.23E+00 -2.72E+00 -1.51E+00 -3.27E-01 1.46E-01 5.85E-01 1.43E+00
1-Aug-10 8.24E-02 1.23E+00 2.34E+00 1.58E-01 5.61E-01 1.24E+00 -2.88E+00 -1.65E+00 -4.37E-01 1.44E-01 5.86E-01 1.44E+00
1-Sep-10 3.92E-02 1.20E+00 2.32E+00 1.56E-01 5.62E-01 1.25E+00 -2.94E+00 -1.69E+00 -4.79E-01 1.43E-01 5.89E-01 1.46E+00
1-Oct-10 2.48E-01 1.37E+00 2.48E+00 1.53E-01 5.63E-01 1.26E+00 -2.91E+00 -1.69E+00 -4.69E-01 1.42E-01 5.92E-01 1.48E+00
1-Nov-10 2.61E-01 1.37E+00 2.44E+00 1.52E-01 5.65E-01 1.27E+00 -2.72E+00 -1.52E+00 -2.95E-01 1.40E-01 5.95E-01 1.50E+00
1-Dec-10 5.85E-01 1.67E+00 2.74E+00 1.51E-01 5.67E-01 1.29E+00 -2.68E+00 -1.46E+00 -2.04E-01 1.39E-01 5.99E-01 1.52E+00
1-Jan-11 6.84E-01 1.89E+00 3.09E+00 1.49E-01 5.70E-01 1.30E+00 -2.85E+00 -1.56E+00 -2.52E-01 1.37E-01 6.03E-01 1.55E+00
1-Feb-11 7.41E-01 2.03E+00 3.35E+00 1.47E-01 5.73E-01 1.33E+00 -3.07E+00 -1.67E+00 -3.15E-01 1.35E-01 6.08E-01 1.57E+00
1-Mar-11 7.44E-01 2.09E+00 3.50E+00 1.45E-01 5.75E-01 1.34E+00 -3.25E+00 -1.78E+00 -3.55E-01 1.34E-01 6.12E-01 1.61E+00
1-Apr-11 7.40E-01 2.11E+00 3.54E+00 1.44E-01 5.79E-01 1.36E+00 -3.33E+00 -1.82E+00 -3.50E-01 1.32E-01 6.18E-01 1.65E+00
1-May-11 6.67E-01 1.99E+00 3.31E+00 1.42E-01 5.82E-01 1.37E+00 -3.28E+00 -1.82E+00 -3.91E-01 1.30E-01 6.23E-01 1.69E+00
1-Jun-11 3.42E-01 1.62E+00 2.86E+00 1.41E-01 5.87E-01 1.40E+00 -3.18E+00 -1.73E+00 -2.72E-01 1.29E-01 6.29E-01 1.70E+00
1-Jul-11 2.24E-01 1.74E+00 3.35E+00 1.40E-01 5.92E-01 1.44E+00 -3.29E+00 -1.65E+00 7.44E-03 1.29E-01 6.34E-01 1.74E+00
1-Aug-11 -1.19E-01 1.74E+00 3.71E+00 1.39E-01 5.95E-01 1.45E+00 -3.71E+00 -1.66E+00 4.50E-01 1.28E-01 6.38E-01 1.75E+00

Note: The top panel shows the smoothed estimates of the trend and the bottom panel shows uncertainty about trend shocks. The estimates combine information from the surveys and inflation rate variables listed in Table 1. Red-dashed lines show 90% confidence intervals based on the model's posterior distribution conditional on all data. NBER recession dates are shaded.

Figure 3: Inflation and other Indicator Series

 Xdates (a) PCE Inflation: Headline and Core, Headline(y-o-y) (a) PCE Inflation: Headline and Core, Headline(monthly) (a) PCE Inflation: Headline and Core, Core (y-o-y) (b) 10-year Treasury Yield, 10-yr Tresury yield (b) 10-year Treasury Yield, Headline PCE (c) Livingston Survey, Livingston Survey (c) Livingston Survey, Headline PCE (d) Michigan Survey (1 year), Michigan Survey (d) Michigan Survey (1 year), Headine PCE
1-Jan-60 NaN NaN -5.85E-01 4.61E+00 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
1-Feb-60 NaN NaN 1.17E+00 4.39E+00 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
1-Mar-60 NaN NaN 7.14E-01 4.16E+00 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
1-Apr-60 NaN NaN 4.34E+00 4.19E+00 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
1-May-60 NaN NaN 1.29E+00 4.26E+00 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
1-Jun-60 NaN NaN 5.16E-01 4.07E+00 NaN 6.98E-01 NaN NaN NaN
1-Jul-60 NaN NaN 2.26E+00 3.83E+00 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
1-Aug-60 NaN NaN 2.00E+00 3.73E+00 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
1-Sep-60 NaN NaN 7.71E-01 3.73E+00 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
1-Oct-60 NaN NaN 1.35E+00 3.82E+00 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
1-Nov-60 NaN NaN 4.10E+00 3.85E+00 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
1-Dec-60 1.51E+00 1.35E+00 1.92E-01 3.77E+00 1.51E+00 6.98E-01 1.51E+00 NaN 1.51E+00
1-Jan-61 1.57E+00 1.33E+00 1.92E-01 3.77E+00 1.57E+00 NaN 1.57E+00 NaN 1.57E+00
1-Feb-61 1.57E+00 1.25E+00 1.15E+00 3.71E+00 1.57E+00 NaN 1.57E+00 NaN 1.57E+00
1-Mar-61 1.45E+00 1.28E+00 -7.03E-01 3.67E+00 1.45E+00 NaN 1.45E+00 NaN 1.45E+00
1-Apr-61 1.04E+00 1.23E+00 -6.39E-01 3.71E+00 1.04E+00 NaN 1.04E+00 NaN 1.04E+00
1-May-61 9.85E-01 1.20E+00 6.39E-01 3.64E+00 9.85E-01 NaN 9.85E-01 NaN 9.85E-01
1-Jun-61 9.95E-01 1.28E+00 6.39E-01 3.81E+00 9.95E-01 1.09E+00 9.95E-01 NaN 9.95E-01
1-Jul-61 1.02E+00 1.26E+00 2.55E+00 3.85E+00 1.02E+00 NaN 1.02E+00 NaN 1.02E+00
1-Aug-61 9.39E-01 1.22E+00 1.02E+00 3.96E+00 9.39E-01 NaN 9.39E-01 NaN 9.39E-01
1-Sep-61 9.91E-01 1.34E+00 1.40E+00 3.90E+00 9.91E-01 NaN 9.91E-01 NaN 9.91E-01
1-Oct-61 8.74E-01 1.31E+00 -6.36E-02 3.85E+00 8.74E-01 NaN 8.74E-01 NaN 8.74E-01
1-Nov-61 5.42E-01 1.06E+00 1.27E-01 3.86E+00 5.42E-01 NaN 5.42E-01 NaN 5.42E-01
1-Dec-61 5.53E-01 1.18E+00 3.18E-01 3.98E+00 5.53E-01 1.19E+00 5.53E-01 NaN 5.53E-01
1-Jan-62 7.33E-01 1.29E+00 2.35E+00 4.00E+00 7.33E-01 NaN 7.33E-01 NaN 7.33E-01
1-Feb-62 9.06E-01 1.35E+00 3.23E+00 3.96E+00 9.06E-01 NaN 9.06E-01 NaN 9.06E-01
1-Mar-62 1.09E+00 1.55E+00 1.52E+00 3.85E+00 1.09E+00 NaN 1.09E+00 NaN 1.09E+00
1-Apr-62 1.26E+00 1.43E+00 1.39E+00 3.77E+00 1.26E+00 NaN 1.26E+00 NaN 1.26E+00
1-May-62 1.27E+00 1.44E+00 6.95E-01 3.80E+00 1.27E+00 NaN 1.27E+00 NaN 1.27E+00
1-Jun-62 1.28E+00 1.47E+00 7.57E-01 3.84E+00 1.28E+00 1.09E+00 1.28E+00 NaN 1.28E+00
1-Jul-62 1.00E+00 1.39E+00 -6.94E-01 3.93E+00 1.00E+00 NaN 1.00E+00 NaN 1.00E+00
1-Aug-62 1.06E+00 1.29E+00 1.70E+00 3.90E+00 1.06E+00 NaN 1.06E+00 NaN 1.06E+00
1-Sep-62 1.43E+00 1.28E+00 5.79E+00 3.90E+00 1.43E+00 NaN 1.43E+00 NaN 1.43E+00
1-Oct-62 1.32E+00 1.24E+00 -1.32E+00 3.85E+00 1.32E+00 NaN 1.32E+00 NaN 1.32E+00
1-Nov-62 1.38E+00 1.29E+00 8.79E-01 3.85E+00 1.38E+00 NaN 1.38E+00 NaN 1.38E+00
1-Dec-62 1.32E+00 1.23E+00 -4.39E-01 3.79E+00 1.32E+00 1.09E+00 1.32E+00 NaN 1.32E+00
1-Jan-63 1.38E+00 1.30E+00 3.01E+00 3.76E+00 1.38E+00 NaN 1.38E+00 NaN 1.38E+00
1-Feb-63 1.20E+00 1.24E+00 1.13E+00 3.85E+00 1.20E+00 NaN 1.20E+00 NaN 1.20E+00
1-Mar-63 9.91E-01 1.06E+00 -1.00E+00 3.85E+00 9.91E-01 NaN 9.91E-01 NaN 9.91E-01
1-Apr-63 8.65E-01 1.15E+00 -1.25E-01 3.89E+00 8.65E-01 NaN 8.65E-01 NaN 8.65E-01
1-May-63 9.63E-01 1.20E+00 1.88E+00 3.85E+00 9.63E-01 NaN 9.63E-01 NaN 9.63E-01
1-Jun-63 1.12E+00 1.18E+00 2.62E+00 3.91E+00 1.12E+00 9.95E-01 1.12E+00 NaN 1.12E+00
1-Jul-63 1.37E+00 1.18E+00 2.31E+00 3.94E+00 1.37E+00 NaN 1.37E+00 NaN 1.37E+00
1-Aug-63 1.36E+00 1.26E+00 1.62E+00 3.92E+00 1.36E+00 NaN 1.36E+00 NaN 1.36E+00
1-Sep-63 8.59E-01 1.25E+00 -2.49E-01 4.00E+00 8.59E-01 NaN 8.59E-01 NaN 8.59E-01
1-Oct-63 1.17E+00 1.49E+00 2.36E+00 4.03E+00 1.17E+00 NaN 1.17E+00 NaN 1.17E+00
1-Nov-63 1.23E+00 1.51E+00 1.67E+00 4.04E+00 1.23E+00 NaN 1.23E+00 NaN 1.23E+00
1-Dec-63 1.42E+00 1.62E+00 1.86E+00 4.05E+00 1.42E+00 9.95E-01 1.42E+00 NaN 1.42E+00
1-Jan-64 1.38E+00 1.57E+00 2.53E+00 4.09E+00 1.38E+00 NaN 1.38E+00 NaN 1.38E+00
1-Feb-64 1.44E+00 1.67E+00 1.79E+00 4.07E+00 1.44E+00 NaN 1.44E+00 NaN 1.44E+00
1-Mar-64 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 7.40E-01 4.13E+00 1.58E+00 NaN 1.58E+00 NaN 1.58E+00
1-Apr-64 1.68E+00 1.70E+00 9.86E-01 4.14E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 1.68E+00 NaN 1.68E+00
1-May-64 1.53E+00 1.60E+00 1.23E-01 4.11E+00 1.53E+00 NaN 1.53E+00 NaN 1.53E+00
1-Jun-64 1.46E+00 1.52E+00 1.72E+00 4.09E+00 1.46E+00 1.19E+00 1.46E+00 NaN 1.46E+00
1-Jul-64 1.40E+00 1.53E+00 1.60E+00 4.10E+00 1.40E+00 NaN 1.40E+00 NaN 1.40E+00
1-Aug-64 1.34E+00 1.58E+00 9.82E-01 4.10E+00 1.34E+00 NaN 1.34E+00 NaN 1.34E+00
1-Sep-64 1.52E+00 1.45E+00 1.84E+00 4.11E+00 1.52E+00 NaN 1.52E+00 NaN 1.52E+00
1-Oct-64 1.39E+00 1.26E+00 7.96E-01 4.10E+00 1.39E+00 NaN 1.39E+00 NaN 1.39E+00
1-Nov-64 1.39E+00 1.32E+00 1.65E+00 4.07E+00 1.39E+00 NaN 1.39E+00 NaN 1.39E+00
1-Dec-64 1.38E+00 1.32E+00 1.77E+00 4.09E+00 1.38E+00 1.29E+00 1.38E+00 NaN 1.38E+00
1-Jan-65 1.27E+00 1.30E+00 1.28E+00 4.10E+00 1.27E+00 NaN 1.27E+00 NaN 1.27E+00
1-Feb-65 1.16E+00 1.22E+00 4.88E-01 4.12E+00 1.16E+00 NaN 1.16E+00 NaN 1.16E+00
1-Mar-65 1.23E+00 1.19E+00 1.52E+00 4.12E+00 1.23E+00 NaN 1.23E+00 NaN 1.23E+00
1-Apr-65 1.31E+00 1.20E+00 1.89E+00 4.11E+00 1.31E+00 NaN 1.31E+00 NaN 1.31E+00
1-May-65 1.52E+00 1.30E+00 2.67E+00 4.12E+00 1.52E+00 NaN 1.52E+00 NaN 1.52E+00
1-Jun-65 1.66E+00 1.19E+00 3.45E+00 4.12E+00 1.66E+00 1.09E+00 1.66E+00 NaN 1.66E+00
1-Jul-65 1.60E+00 1.19E+00 9.07E-01 4.11E+00 1.60E+00 NaN 1.60E+00 NaN 1.60E+00
1-Aug-65 1.55E+00 1.24E+00 3.02E-01 4.16E+00 1.55E+00 NaN 1.55E+00 NaN 1.55E+00
1-Sep-65 1.44E+00 1.31E+00 5.44E-01 4.20E+00 1.44E+00 NaN 1.44E+00 NaN 1.44E+00
1-Oct-65 1.41E+00 1.24E+00 4.23E-01 4.26E+00 1.41E+00 NaN 1.41E+00 NaN 1.41E+00
1-Nov-65 1.44E+00 1.28E+00 1.99E+00 4.35E+00 1.44E+00 NaN 1.44E+00 NaN 1.44E+00
1-Dec-65 1.65E+00 1.44E+00 4.33E+00 4.52E+00 1.65E+00 1.69E+00 1.65E+00 NaN 1.65E+00
1-Jan-66 1.66E+00 1.35E+00 1.44E+00 4.51E+00 1.66E+00 NaN 1.66E+00 NaN 1.66E+00
1-Feb-66 2.04E+00 1.48E+00 4.97E+00 4.72E+00 2.04E+00 NaN 2.04E+00 NaN 2.04E+00
1-Mar-66 2.15E+00 1.55E+00 2.92E+00 4.76E+00 2.15E+00 NaN 2.15E+00 NaN 2.15E+00
1-Apr-66 2.35E+00 1.78E+00 4.22E+00 4.64E+00 2.35E+00 NaN 2.35E+00 NaN 2.35E+00
1-May-66 2.25E+00 1.87E+00 1.48E+00 4.67E+00 2.25E+00 NaN 2.25E+00 NaN 2.25E+00
1-Jun-66 2.21E+00 2.22E+00 3.02E+00 4.70E+00 2.21E+00 2.08E+00 2.21E+00 NaN 2.21E+00
1-Jul-66 2.33E+00 2.42E+00 2.36E+00 4.90E+00 2.33E+00 NaN 2.33E+00 NaN 2.33E+00
1-Aug-66 2.69E+00 2.42E+00 4.60E+00 5.09E+00 2.69E+00 NaN 2.69E+00 NaN 2.69E+00
1-Sep-66 2.96E+00 2.61E+00 3.82E+00 5.05E+00 2.96E+00 NaN 2.96E+00 NaN 2.96E+00
1-Oct-66 3.19E+00 2.98E+00 3.16E+00 4.89E+00 3.19E+00 NaN 3.19E+00 NaN 3.19E+00
1-Nov-66 3.18E+00 3.04E+00 1.81E+00 5.03E+00 3.18E+00 NaN 3.18E+00 NaN 3.18E+00
1-Dec-66 3.02E+00 3.04E+00 2.45E+00 4.73E+00 3.02E+00 2.18E+00 3.02E+00 NaN 3.02E+00
1-Jan-67 2.91E+00 3.10E+00 1.17E-01 4.48E+00 2.91E+00 NaN 2.91E+00 NaN 2.91E+00
1-Feb-67 2.61E+00 3.03E+00 1.40E+00 4.53E+00 2.61E+00 NaN 2.61E+00 NaN 2.61E+00
1-Mar-67 2.42E+00 3.05E+00 6.40E-01 4.44E+00 2.42E+00 NaN 2.42E+00 NaN 2.42E+00
1-Apr-67 2.24E+00 2.97E+00 1.98E+00 4.49E+00 2.24E+00 NaN 2.24E+00 NaN 2.24E+00
1-May-67 2.31E+00 2.92E+00 2.32E+00 4.74E+00 2.31E+00 NaN 2.31E+00 NaN 2.31E+00
1-Jun-67 2.37E+00 2.85E+00 3.82E+00 4.90E+00 2.37E+00 2.37E+00 2.37E+00 NaN 2.37E+00
1-Jul-67 2.51E+00 2.89E+00 4.04E+00 5.03E+00 2.51E+00 NaN 2.51E+00 NaN 2.51E+00
1-Aug-67 2.44E+00 3.01E+00 3.74E+00 5.15E+00 2.44E+00 NaN 2.44E+00 NaN 2.44E+00
1-Sep-67 2.42E+00 3.05E+00 3.61E+00 5.16E+00 2.42E+00 NaN 2.42E+00 NaN 2.42E+00
1-Oct-67 2.44E+00 3.09E+00 3.31E+00 5.34E+00 2.44E+00 NaN 2.44E+00 NaN 2.44E+00
1-Nov-67 2.61E+00 3.15E+00 3.93E+00 5.59E+00 2.61E+00 NaN 2.61E+00 NaN 2.61E+00
1-Dec-67 2.56E+00 3.09E+00 1.88E+00 5.54E+00 2.56E+00 2.76E+00 2.56E+00 NaN 2.56E+00
1-Jan-68 3.01E+00 3.43E+00 5.50E+00 5.38E+00 3.01E+00 NaN 3.01E+00 NaN 3.01E+00
1-Feb-68 3.30E+00 3.68E+00 4.91E+00 5.41E+00 3.30E+00 NaN 3.30E+00 NaN 3.30E+00
1-Mar-68 3.57E+00 3.93E+00 3.88E+00 5.58E+00 3.57E+00 NaN 3.57E+00 NaN 3.57E+00
1-Apr-68 3.72E+00 4.02E+00 3.70E+00 5.49E+00 3.72E+00 NaN 3.72E+00 NaN 3.72E+00
1-May-68 3.90E+00 4.17E+00 4.47E+00 5.70E+00 3.90E+00 NaN 3.90E+00 NaN 3.90E+00
1-Jun-68 3.89E+00 4.31E+00 3.78E+00 5.56E+00 3.89E+00 3.05E+00 3.89E+00 NaN 3.89E+00
1-Jul-68 3.86E+00 4.31E+00 3.66E+00 5.35E+00 3.86E+00 NaN 3.86E+00 NaN 3.86E+00
1-Aug-68 3.96E+00 4.39E+00 4.92E+00 5.28E+00 3.96E+00 NaN 3.96E+00 NaN 3.96E+00
1-Sep-68 4.01E+00 4.45E+00 4.18E+00 5.32E+00 4.01E+00 NaN 4.01E+00 NaN 4.01E+00
1-Oct-68 4.17E+00 4.48E+00 5.27E+00 5.43E+00 4.17E+00 NaN 4.17E+00 NaN 4.17E+00
1-Nov-68 4.19E+00 4.55E+00 4.10E+00 5.54E+00 4.19E+00 NaN 4.19E+00 NaN 4.19E+00
1-Dec-68 4.24E+00 4.61E+00 2.51E+00 5.86E+00 4.24E+00 2.86E+00 4.24E+00 NaN 4.24E+00
1-Jan-69 4.18E+00 4.56E+00 4.78E+00 5.86E+00 4.18E+00 NaN 4.18E+00 NaN 4.18E+00
1-Feb-69 4.02E+00 4.48E+00 3.03E+00 6.01E+00 4.02E+00 NaN 4.02E+00 NaN 4.02E+00
1-Mar-69 4.17E+00 4.55E+00 5.66E+00 6.11E+00 4.17E+00 NaN 4.17E+00 NaN 4.17E+00
1-Apr-69 4.31E+00 4.58E+00 5.32E+00 5.99E+00 4.31E+00 NaN 4.31E+00 NaN 4.31E+00
1-May-69 4.34E+00 4.60E+00 4.87E+00 6.13E+00 4.34E+00 NaN 4.34E+00 NaN 4.34E+00
1-Jun-69 4.51E+00 4.55E+00 5.80E+00 6.36E+00 4.51E+00 3.34E+00 4.51E+00 NaN 4.51E+00
1-Jul-69 4.64E+00 4.69E+00 5.25E+00 6.50E+00 4.64E+00 NaN 4.64E+00 NaN 4.64E+00
1-Aug-69 4.51E+00 4.58E+00 3.38E+00 6.48E+00 4.51E+00 NaN 4.51E+00 NaN 4.51E+00
1-Sep-69 4.58E+00 4.58E+00 5.00E+00 6.92E+00 4.58E+00 NaN 4.58E+00 NaN 4.58E+00
1-Oct-69 4.48E+00 4.60E+00 4.09E+00 6.86E+00 4.48E+00 NaN 4.48E+00 NaN 4.48E+00
1-Nov-69 4.57E+00 4.61E+00 5.17E+00 6.90E+00 4.57E+00 NaN 4.57E+00 NaN 4.57E+00
1-Dec-69 4.82E+00 4.67E+00 5.46E+00 7.37E+00 4.82E+00 3.54E+00 4.82E+00 NaN 4.82E+00
1-Jan-70 4.78E+00 4.62E+00 4.30E+00 7.50E+00 4.78E+00 NaN 4.78E+00 NaN 4.78E+00
1-Feb-70 4.92E+00 4.65E+00 4.75E+00 6.99E+00 4.92E+00 NaN 4.92E+00 NaN 4.92E+00
1-Mar-70 4.70E+00 4.55E+00 2.98E+00 6.83E+00 4.70E+00 NaN 4.70E+00 NaN 4.70E+00
1-Apr-70 4.76E+00 4.56E+00 6.04E+00 7.13E+00 4.76E+00 NaN 4.76E+00 NaN 4.76E+00
1-May-70 4.67E+00 4.51E+00 3.83E+00 7.61E+00 4.67E+00 NaN 4.67E+00 NaN 4.67E+00
1-Jun-70 4.44E+00 4.53E+00 3.10E+00 7.55E+00 4.44E+00 3.63E+00 4.44E+00 NaN 4.44E+00
1-Jul-70 4.38E+00 4.44E+00 4.41E+00 7.19E+00 4.38E+00 NaN 4.38E+00 NaN 4.38E+00
1-Aug-70 4.35E+00 4.50E+00 3.13E+00 7.26E+00 4.35E+00 NaN 4.35E+00 NaN 4.35E+00
1-Sep-70 4.39E+00 4.52E+00 5.39E+00 7.13E+00 4.39E+00 NaN 4.39E+00 NaN 4.39E+00
1-Oct-70 4.54E+00 4.58E+00 5.92E+00 7.07E+00 4.54E+00 NaN 4.54E+00 NaN 4.54E+00
1-Nov-70 4.50E+00 4.71E+00 4.74E+00 6.62E+00 4.50E+00 NaN 4.50E+00 NaN 4.50E+00
1-Dec-70 4.49E+00 4.84E+00 5.32E+00 6.19E+00 4.49E+00 3.73E+00 4.49E+00 NaN 4.49E+00
1-Jan-71 4.34E+00 4.90E+00 2.53E+00 6.05E+00 4.34E+00 NaN 4.34E+00 NaN 4.34E+00
1-Feb-71 4.24E+00 4.91E+00 3.51E+00 5.93E+00 4.24E+00 NaN 4.24E+00 NaN 4.24E+00
1-Mar-71 4.33E+00 4.85E+00 3.99E+00 5.54E+00 4.33E+00 NaN 4.33E+00 NaN 4.33E+00
1-Apr-71 4.21E+00 4.83E+00 4.66E+00 5.67E+00 4.21E+00 NaN 4.21E+00 NaN 4.21E+00
1-May-71 4.31E+00 4.91E+00 4.99E+00 6.19E+00 4.31E+00 NaN 4.31E+00 NaN 4.31E+00
1-Jun-71 4.49E+00 4.94E+00 5.31E+00 6.32E+00 4.49E+00 4.02E+00 4.49E+00 NaN 4.49E+00
1-Jul-71 4.43E+00 4.95E+00 3.64E+00 6.51E+00 4.43E+00 NaN 4.43E+00 NaN 4.43E+00
1-Aug-71 4.46E+00 4.74E+00 3.48E+00 6.37E+00 4.46E+00 NaN 4.46E+00 NaN 4.46E+00
1-Sep-71 4.15E+00 4.49E+00 1.79E+00 5.96E+00 4.15E+00 NaN 4.15E+00 NaN 4.15E+00
1-Oct-71 3.82E+00 4.16E+00 1.88E+00 5.76E+00 3.82E+00 NaN 3.82E+00 NaN 3.82E+00
1-Nov-71 3.63E+00 3.87E+00 2.45E+00 5.65E+00 3.63E+00 NaN 3.63E+00 NaN 3.63E+00
1-Dec-71 3.58E+00 3.68E+00 4.75E+00 5.76E+00 3.58E+00 3.15E+00 3.58E+00 NaN 3.58E+00
1-Jan-72 3.78E+00 3.72E+00 4.92E+00 5.78E+00 3.78E+00 NaN 3.78E+00 NaN 3.78E+00
1-Feb-72 3.88E+00 3.61E+00 4.71E+00 5.90E+00 3.88E+00 NaN 3.88E+00 NaN 3.88E+00
1-Mar-72 3.69E+00 3.49E+00 1.75E+00 5.89E+00 3.69E+00 NaN 3.69E+00 NaN 3.69E+00
1-Apr-72 3.46E+00 3.35E+00 1.85E+00 6.01E+00 3.46E+00 NaN 3.46E+00 NaN 3.46E+00
1-May-72 3.26E+00 3.14E+00 2.60E+00 5.95E+00 3.26E+00 NaN 3.26E+00 NaN 3.26E+00
1-Jun-72 2.97E+00 2.95E+00 1.84E+00 5.93E+00 2.97E+00 3.73E+00 2.97E+00 NaN 2.97E+00
1-Jul-72 3.02E+00 2.86E+00 4.28E+00 5.93E+00 3.02E+00 NaN 3.02E+00 NaN 3.02E+00
1-Aug-72 3.03E+00 2.93E+00 3.52E+00 6.02E+00 3.03E+00 NaN 3.03E+00 NaN 3.03E+00
1-Sep-72 3.33E+00 3.10E+00 5.37E+00 6.34E+00 3.33E+00 NaN 3.33E+00 NaN 3.33E+00
1-Oct-72 3.28E+00 2.99E+00 1.35E+00 6.28E+00 3.28E+00 NaN 3.28E+00 NaN 3.28E+00
1-Nov-72 3.38E+00 3.03E+00 3.58E+00 6.09E+00 3.38E+00 NaN 3.38E+00 NaN 3.38E+00
1-Dec-72 3.30E+00 3.02E+00 3.85E+00 6.17E+00 3.30E+00 3.73E+00 3.30E+00 NaN 3.30E+00
1-Jan-73 3.19E+00 2.66E+00 3.61E+00 6.26E+00 3.19E+00 NaN 3.19E+00 NaN 3.19E+00
1-Feb-73 3.32E+00 2.69E+00 6.26E+00 6.43E+00 3.32E+00 NaN 3.32E+00 NaN 3.32E+00
1-Mar-73 3.88E+00 2.90E+00 8.46E+00 6.49E+00 3.88E+00 NaN 3.88E+00 NaN 3.88E+00
1-Apr-73 4.48E+00 3.26E+00 9.04E+00 6.46E+00 4.48E+00 NaN 4.48E+00 NaN 4.48E+00
1-May-73 4.75E+00 3.41E+00 5.82E+00 6.63E+00 4.75E+00 NaN 4.75E+00 NaN 4.75E+00
1-Jun-73 5.17E+00 3.65E+00 6.91E+00 6.67E+00 5.17E+00 4.11E+00 5.17E+00 NaN 5.17E+00
1-Jul-73 5.18E+00 3.78E+00 4.33E+00 6.89E+00 5.18E+00 NaN 5.18E+00 NaN 5.18E+00
1-Aug-73 6.02E+00 4.04E+00 1.37E+01 7.14E+00 6.02E+00 NaN 6.02E+00 NaN 6.02E+00
1-Sep-73 5.97E+00 4.20E+00 4.80E+00 6.85E+00 5.97E+00 NaN 5.97E+00 NaN 5.97E+00
1-Oct-73 6.42E+00 4.54E+00 6.75E+00 6.57E+00 6.42E+00 NaN 6.42E+00 NaN 6.42E+00
1-Nov-73 6.94E+00 4.75E+00 9.83E+00 6.51E+00 6.94E+00 NaN 6.94E+00 NaN 6.94E+00
1-Dec-73 7.44E+00 5.01E+00 9.84E+00 6.52E+00 7.44E+00 5.26E+00 7.44E+00 NaN 7.44E+00
1-Jan-74 8.09E+00 5.43E+00 1.14E+01 6.76E+00 8.09E+00 NaN 8.09E+00 NaN 8.09E+00
1-Feb-74 8.73E+00 5.76E+00 1.39E+01 6.73E+00 8.73E+00 NaN 8.73E+00 NaN 8.73E+00
1-Mar-74 9.18E+00 6.14E+00 1.39E+01 6.96E+00 9.18E+00 NaN 9.18E+00 NaN 9.18E+00
1-Apr-74 9.13E+00 6.29E+00 8.45E+00 7.24E+00 9.13E+00 NaN 9.13E+00 NaN 9.13E+00
1-May-74 9.62E+00 6.86E+00 1.17E+01 7.31E+00 9.62E+00 NaN 9.62E+00 NaN 9.62E+00
1-Jun-74 9.89E+00 7.45E+00 1.01E+01 7.27E+00 9.89E+00 6.58E+00 9.89E+00 NaN 9.89E+00
1-Jul-74 1.03E+01 7.91E+00 8.89E+00 7.52E+00 1.03E+01 NaN 1.03E+01 NaN 1.03E+01
1-Aug-74 1.02E+01 8.40E+00 1.25E+01 7.73E+00 1.02E+01 NaN 1.02E+01 NaN 1.02E+01
1-Sep-74 1.08E+01 8.80E+00 1.24E+01 7.73E+00 1.08E+01 NaN 1.08E+01 NaN 1.08E+01
1-Oct-74 1.10E+01 9.18E+00 8.60E+00 7.60E+00 1.10E+01 NaN 1.10E+01 NaN 1.10E+01
1-Nov-74 1.09E+01 9.43E+00 9.01E+00 7.40E+00 1.09E+01 NaN 1.09E+01 NaN 1.09E+01
1-Dec-74 1.09E+01 9.58E+00 9.44E+00 7.17E+00 1.09E+01 7.14E+00 1.09E+01 NaN 1.09E+01
1-Jan-75 1.05E+01 9.68E+00 7.46E+00 7.23E+00 1.05E+01 NaN 1.05E+01 NaN 1.05E+01
1-Feb-75 9.92E+00 9.74E+00 6.53E+00 7.13E+00 9.92E+00 NaN 9.92E+00 NaN 9.92E+00
1-Mar-75 9.10E+00 9.49E+00 4.07E+00 7.45E+00 9.10E+00 NaN 9.10E+00 NaN 9.10E+00
1-Apr-75 8.73E+00 9.23E+00 4.09E+00 7.91E+00 8.73E+00 NaN 8.73E+00 NaN 8.73E+00
1-May-75 8.16E+00 8.71E+00 4.83E+00 7.75E+00 8.16E+00 NaN 8.16E+00 NaN 8.16E+00
1-Jun-75 7.94E+00 8.17E+00 7.48E+00 7.57E+00 7.94E+00 5.54E+00 7.94E+00 NaN 7.94E+00
1-Jul-75 8.05E+00 7.90E+00 1.03E+01 7.75E+00 8.05E+00 NaN 8.05E+00 NaN 8.05E+00
1-Aug-75 7.45E+00 7.29E+00 5.19E+00 8.07E+00 7.45E+00 NaN 7.45E+00 NaN 7.45E+00
1-Sep-75 6.91E+00 6.94E+00 5.94E+00 8.09E+00 6.91E+00 NaN 6.91E+00 NaN 6.91E+00
1-Oct-75 6.77E+00 6.66E+00 6.97E+00 7.83E+00 6.77E+00 NaN 6.77E+00 NaN 6.77E+00
1-Nov-75 6.66E+00 6.58E+00 7.66E+00 7.74E+00 6.66E+00 NaN 6.66E+00 NaN 6.66E+00
1-Dec-75 6.43E+00 6.49E+00 6.63E+00 7.70E+00 6.43E+00 5.83E+00 6.43E+00 NaN 6.43E+00
1-Jan-76 6.18E+00 6.41E+00 4.55E+00 7.46E+00 6.18E+00 NaN 6.18E+00 NaN 6.18E+00
1-Feb-76 5.77E+00 6.10E+00 1.55E+00 7.50E+00 5.77E+00 NaN 5.77E+00 NaN 5.77E+00
1-Mar-76 5.58E+00 5.91E+00 1.80E+00 7.45E+00 5.58E+00 NaN 5.58E+00 NaN 5.58E+00
1-Apr-76 5.47E+00 5.81E+00 2.76E+00 7.29E+00 5.47E+00 NaN 5.47E+00 NaN 5.47E+00
1-May-76 5.54E+00 5.85E+00 5.65E+00 7.60E+00 5.54E+00 NaN 5.54E+00 NaN 5.54E+00
1-Jun-76 5.35E+00 5.77E+00 5.23E+00 7.57E+00 5.35E+00 5.73E+00 5.35E+00 NaN 5.35E+00
1-Jul-76 5.00E+00 5.70E+00 6.06E+00 7.54E+00 5.00E+00 NaN 5.00E+00 NaN 5.00E+00
1-Aug-76 5.11E+00 5.93E+00 6.59E+00 7.48E+00 5.11E+00 NaN 5.11E+00 NaN 5.11E+00
1-Sep-76 5.18E+00 5.97E+00 6.73E+00 7.32E+00 5.18E+00 NaN 5.18E+00 NaN 5.18E+00
1-Oct-76 5.12E+00 5.96E+00 6.27E+00 7.15E+00 5.12E+00 NaN 5.12E+00 NaN 5.12E+00
1-Nov-76 4.93E+00 5.75E+00 5.41E+00 7.04E+00 4.93E+00 NaN 4.93E+00 NaN 4.93E+00
1-Dec-76 4.94E+00 5.68E+00 6.66E+00 6.64E+00 4.94E+00 5.26E+00 4.94E+00 NaN 4.94E+00
1-Jan-77 5.13E+00 5.77E+00 6.83E+00 6.96E+00 5.13E+00 NaN 5.13E+00 NaN 5.13E+00
1-Feb-77 5.78E+00 5.98E+00 9.34E+00 7.13E+00 5.78E+00 NaN 5.78E+00 NaN 5.78E+00
1-Mar-77 6.12E+00 6.07E+00 5.96E+00 7.19E+00 6.12E+00 NaN 6.12E+00 NaN 6.12E+00
1-Apr-77 6.48E+00 6.18E+00 7.01E+00 7.11E+00 6.48E+00 NaN 6.48E+00 NaN 6.48E+00
1-May-77 6.51E+00 6.22E+00 6.10E+00 7.19E+00 6.51E+00 NaN 6.51E+00 NaN 6.51E+00
1-Jun-77 6.63E+00 6.41E+00 6.66E+00 7.03E+00 6.63E+00 5.83E+00 6.63E+00 NaN 6.63E+00
1-Jul-77 6.65E+00 6.48E+00 6.30E+00 7.07E+00 6.65E+00 NaN 6.65E+00 NaN 6.65E+00
1-Aug-77 6.57E+00 6.40E+00 5.57E+00 7.14E+00 6.57E+00 NaN 6.57E+00 NaN 6.57E+00
1-Sep-77 6.39E+00 6.24E+00 4.56E+00 7.08E+00 6.39E+00 NaN 6.39E+00 NaN 6.39E+00
1-Oct-77 6.33E+00 6.24E+00 5.59E+00 7.25E+00 6.33E+00 NaN 6.33E+00 NaN 6.33E+00
1-Nov-77 6.46E+00 6.31E+00 6.93E+00 7.31E+00 6.46E+00 NaN 6.46E+00 NaN 6.46E+00
1-Dec-77 6.39E+00 6.30E+00 5.89E+00 7.41E+00 6.39E+00 6.11E+00 6.39E+00 NaN 6.39E+00
1-Jan-78 6.42E+00 6.31E+00 7.18E+00 7.66E+00 6.42E+00 NaN 6.42E+00 5.07E+00 6.42E+00
1-Feb-78 6.12E+00 6.10E+00 5.70E+00 7.72E+00 6.12E+00 NaN 6.12E+00 6.20E+00 6.12E+00
1-Mar-78 6.27E+00 6.23E+00 7.80E+00 7.73E+00 6.27E+00 NaN 6.27E+00 6.11E+00 6.27E+00
1-Apr-78 6.44E+00 6.37E+00 9.04E+00 7.83E+00 6.44E+00 NaN 6.44E+00 6.49E+00 6.44E+00
1-May-78 6.65E+00 6.45E+00 8.57E+00 8.02E+00 6.65E+00 NaN 6.65E+00 6.67E+00 6.65E+00
1-Jun-78 6.75E+00 6.42E+00 7.82E+00 8.12E+00 6.75E+00 6.39E+00 6.75E+00 6.30E+00 6.75E+00
1-Jul-78 6.77E+00 6.38E+00 6.57E+00 8.29E+00 6.77E+00 NaN 6.77E+00 6.39E+00 6.77E+00
1-Aug-78 6.81E+00 6.43E+00 6.07E+00 8.08E+00 6.81E+00 NaN 6.81E+00 8.34E+00 6.81E+00
1-Sep-78 7.00E+00 6.58E+00 6.83E+00 8.08E+00 7.00E+00 NaN 7.00E+00 6.67E+00 7.00E+00
1-Oct-78 7.32E+00 6.82E+00 9.50E+00 8.29E+00 7.32E+00 NaN 7.32E+00 7.14E+00 7.32E+00
1-Nov-78 7.31E+00 6.84E+00 6.77E+00 8.44E+00 7.31E+00 NaN 7.31E+00 7.23E+00 7.31E+00
1-Dec-78 7.29E+00 6.70E+00 5.62E+00 8.63E+00 7.29E+00 6.86E+00 7.29E+00 7.05E+00 7.29E+00
1-Jan-79 7.44E+00 6.60E+00 8.94E+00 8.71E+00 7.44E+00 NaN 7.44E+00 7.51E+00 7.44E+00
1-Feb-79 7.49E+00 6.52E+00 6.36E+00 8.71E+00 7.49E+00 NaN 7.49E+00 8.89E+00 7.49E+00
1-Mar-79 7.62E+00 6.55E+00 9.33E+00 8.73E+00 7.62E+00 NaN 7.62E+00 8.43E+00 7.62E+00
1-Apr-79 7.90E+00 6.82E+00 1.24E+01 8.78E+00 7.90E+00 NaN 7.90E+00 9.26E+00 7.90E+00
1-May-79 8.21E+00 7.09E+00 1.23E+01 8.85E+00 8.21E+00 NaN 8.21E+00 9.35E+00 8.21E+00
1-Jun-79 8.38E+00 7.09E+00 9.84E+00 8.54E+00 8.38E+00 8.16E+00 8.38E+00 9.44E+00 8.38E+00
1-Jul-79 8.59E+00 7.00E+00 9.05E+00 8.57E+00 8.59E+00 NaN 8.59E+00 9.44E+00 8.59E+00
1-Aug-79 8.84E+00 7.13E+00 9.15E+00 8.65E+00 8.84E+00 NaN 8.84E+00 9.44E+00 8.84E+00
1-Sep-79 9.15E+00 7.23E+00 1.05E+01 8.92E+00 9.15E+00 NaN 9.15E+00 9.17E+00 9.15E+00
1-Oct-79 9.17E+00 7.22E+00 9.72E+00 9.80E+00 9.17E+00 NaN 9.17E+00 8.62E+00 9.17E+00
1-Nov-79 9.30E+00 7.33E+00 8.27E+00 1.01E+01 9.30E+00 NaN 9.30E+00 9.53E+00 9.30E+00
1-Dec-79 9.66E+00 7.65E+00 1.00E+01 9.88E+00 9.66E+00 9.17E+00 9.66E+00 9.44E+00 9.66E+00
1-Jan-80 9.95E+00 7.89E+00 1.24E+01 1.03E+01 9.95E+00 NaN 9.95E+00 9.89E+00 9.95E+00
1-Feb-80 1.05E+01 8.56E+00 1.29E+01 1.17E+01 1.05E+01 NaN 1.05E+01 9.53E+00 1.05E+01
1-Mar-80 1.09E+01 8.90E+00 1.46E+01 1.20E+01 1.09E+01 NaN 1.09E+01 9.71E+00 1.09E+01
1-Apr-80 1.04E+01 8.51E+00 6.28E+00 1.09E+01 1.04E+01 NaN 1.04E+01 9.62E+00 1.04E+01
1-May-80 1.02E+01 8.44E+00 9.32E+00 9.69E+00 1.02E+01 NaN 1.02E+01 8.25E+00 1.02E+01
1-Jun-80 9.98E+00 8.54E+00 7.52E+00 9.33E+00 9.98E+00 9.62E+00 9.98E+00 8.16E+00 9.98E+00
1-Jul-80 1.00E+01 8.74E+00 9.22E+00 9.76E+00 1.00E+01 NaN 1.00E+01 9.17E+00 1.00E+01
1-Aug-80 1.01E+01 8.80E+00 9.96E+00 1.05E+01 1.01E+01 NaN 1.01E+01 7.33E+00 1.01E+01
1-Sep-80 1.01E+01 9.06E+00 1.10E+01 1.09E+01 1.01E+01 NaN 1.01E+01 8.71E+00 1.01E+01
1-Oct-80 1.01E+01 9.15E+00 9.54E+00 1.11E+01 1.01E+01 NaN 1.01E+01 9.17E+00 1.01E+01
1-Nov-80 1.02E+01 9.30E+00 9.71E+00 1.19E+01 1.02E+01 NaN 1.02E+01 8.25E+00 1.02E+01
1-Dec-80 1.00E+01 9.19E+00 7.74E+00 1.21E+01 1.00E+01 9.80E+00 1.00E+01 9.26E+00 1.00E+01
1-Jan-81 9.94E+00 9.30E+00 1.15E+01 1.18E+01 9.94E+00 NaN 9.94E+00 9.08E+00 9.94E+00
1-Feb-81 9.87E+00 9.04E+00 1.21E+01 1.24E+01 9.87E+00 NaN 9.87E+00 8.25E+00 9.87E+00
1-Mar-81 9.35E+00 8.67E+00 8.33E+00 1.23E+01 9.35E+00 NaN 9.35E+00 6.95E+00 9.35E+00
1-Apr-81 9.26E+00 8.79E+00 5.15E+00 1.28E+01 9.26E+00 NaN 9.26E+00 7.70E+00 9.26E+00
1-May-81 8.93E+00 8.67E+00 5.36E+00 1.32E+01 8.93E+00 NaN 8.93E+00 7.05E+00 8.93E+00
1-Jun-81 8.70E+00 8.50E+00 4.75E+00 1.26E+01 8.70E+00 8.25E+00 8.70E+00 6.86E+00 8.70E+00
1-Jul-81 8.53E+00 8.41E+00 7.21E+00 1.33E+01 8.53E+00 NaN 8.53E+00 6.58E+00 8.53E+00
1-Aug-81 8.32E+00 8.35E+00 7.42E+00 1.39E+01 8.32E+00 NaN 8.32E+00 5.64E+00 8.32E+00
1-Sep-81 8.00E+00 8.07E+00 7.21E+00 1.43E+01 8.00E+00 NaN 8.00E+00 6.67E+00 8.00E+00
1-Oct-81 7.66E+00 7.84E+00 5.41E+00 1.41E+01 7.66E+00 NaN 7.66E+00 6.49E+00 7.66E+00
1-Nov-81 7.38E+00 7.63E+00 6.35E+00 1.26E+01 7.38E+00 NaN 7.38E+00 7.05E+00 7.38E+00
1-Dec-81 7.04E+00 7.40E+00 3.66E+00 1.29E+01 7.04E+00 6.95E+00 7.04E+00 5.16E+00 7.04E+00
1-Jan-82 6.66E+00 7.13E+00 7.03E+00 1.36E+01 6.66E+00 NaN 6.66E+00 4.97E+00 6.66E+00
1-Feb-82 5.96E+00 6.79E+00 3.58E+00 1.35E+01 5.96E+00 NaN 5.96E+00 5.07E+00 5.96E+00
1-Mar-82 5.51E+00 6.66E+00 3.02E+00 1.30E+01 5.51E+00 NaN 5.51E+00 4.11E+00 5.51E+00
1-Apr-82 5.13E+00 6.43E+00 5.90E-01 1.30E+01 5.13E+00 NaN 5.13E+00 4.59E+00 5.13E+00
1-May-82 5.27E+00 6.29E+00 7.06E+00 1.28E+01 5.27E+00 NaN 5.27E+00 3.44E+00 5.27E+00
1-Jun-82 5.60E+00 6.29E+00 8.64E+00 1.34E+01 5.60E+00 5.54E+00 5.60E+00 4.50E+00 5.60E+00
1-Jul-82 5.59E+00 6.33E+00 7.08E+00 1.31E+01 5.59E+00 NaN 5.59E+00 4.88E+00 5.59E+00
1-Aug-82 5.28E+00 6.13E+00 3.69E+00 1.23E+01 5.28E+00 NaN 5.28E+00 4.69E+00 5.28E+00
1-Sep-82 4.96E+00 5.85E+00 3.35E+00 1.16E+01 4.96E+00 NaN 4.96E+00 4.40E+00 4.96E+00
1-Oct-82 5.07E+00 5.89E+00 6.74E+00 1.04E+01 5.07E+00 NaN 5.07E+00 4.59E+00 5.07E+00
1-Nov-82 4.84E+00 5.69E+00 3.65E+00 1.00E+01 4.84E+00 NaN 4.84E+00 4.40E+00 4.84E+00
1-Dec-82 4.70E+00 5.66E+00 1.93E+00 1.00E+01 4.70E+00 4.97E+00 4.70E+00 3.63E+00 4.70E+00
1-Jan-83 4.60E+00 5.76E+00 5.86E+00 9.95E+00 4.60E+00 NaN 4.60E+00 2.76E+00 4.60E+00
1-Feb-83 4.48E+00 5.76E+00 2.11E+00 1.02E+01 4.48E+00 NaN 4.48E+00 2.96E+00 4.48E+00
1-Mar-83 4.36E+00 5.46E+00 1.63E+00 9.99E+00 4.36E+00 NaN 4.36E+00 1.78E+00 4.36E+00
1-Apr-83 4.77E+00 5.37E+00 5.45E+00 9.89E+00 4.77E+00 NaN 4.77E+00 3.34E+00 4.77E+00
1-May-83 4.46E+00 4.98E+00 3.44E+00 9.88E+00 4.46E+00 NaN 4.46E+00 3.15E+00 4.46E+00
1-Jun-83 4.12E+00 4.95E+00 4.48E+00 1.03E+01 4.12E+00 4.78E+00 4.12E+00 3.15E+00 4.12E+00
1-Jul-83 4.09E+00 4.98E+00 6.75E+00 1.08E+01 4.09E+00 NaN 4.09E+00 3.15E+00 4.09E+00
1-Aug-83 4.21E+00 5.04E+00 5.14E+00 1.12E+01 4.21E+00 NaN 4.21E+00 3.25E+00 4.21E+00
1-Sep-83 4.28E+00 5.07E+00 4.19E+00 1.10E+01 4.28E+00 NaN 4.28E+00 3.25E+00 4.28E+00
1-Oct-83 3.89E+00 4.62E+00 2.08E+00 1.09E+01 3.89E+00 NaN 3.89E+00 3.63E+00 3.89E+00
1-Nov-83 3.73E+00 4.47E+00 1.71E+00 1.11E+01 3.73E+00 NaN 3.73E+00 3.44E+00 3.73E+00
1-Dec-83 3.62E+00 4.22E+00 6.55E-01 1.12E+01 3.62E+00 5.45E+00 3.62E+00 3.44E+00 3.62E+00
1-Jan-84 3.57E+00 3.84E+00 5.17E+00 1.10E+01 3.57E+00 NaN 3.57E+00 3.15E+00 3.57E+00
1-Feb-84 4.06E+00 4.08E+00 8.01E+00 1.12E+01 4.06E+00 NaN 4.06E+00 3.25E+00 4.06E+00
1-Mar-84 4.25E+00 4.33E+00 3.92E+00 1.16E+01 4.25E+00 NaN 4.25E+00 3.34E+00 4.25E+00
1-Apr-84 4.18E+00 4.50E+00 4.58E+00 1.19E+01 4.18E+00 NaN 4.18E+00 3.83E+00 4.18E+00
1-May-84 4.02E+00 4.58E+00 1.51E+00 1.26E+01 4.02E+00 NaN 4.02E+00 4.11E+00 4.02E+00
1-Jun-84 3.82E+00 4.35E+00 2.15E+00 1.27E+01 3.82E+00 5.35E+00 3.82E+00 4.11E+00 3.82E+00
1-Jul-84 3.62E+00 4.11E+00 4.30E+00 1.25E+01 3.62E+00 NaN 3.62E+00 3.34E+00 3.62E+00
1-Aug-84 3.50E+00 3.92E+00 3.71E+00 1.20E+01 3.50E+00 NaN 3.50E+00 2.96E+00 3.50E+00
1-Sep-84 3.29E+00 3.68E+00 1.66E+00 1.18E+01 3.29E+00 NaN 3.29E+00 2.96E+00 3.29E+00
1-Oct-84 3.35E+00 3.72E+00 2.83E+00 1.15E+01 3.35E+00 NaN 3.35E+00 3.44E+00 3.35E+00
1-Nov-84 3.35E+00 3.71E+00 1.72E+00 1.09E+01 3.35E+00 NaN 3.35E+00 3.34E+00 3.35E+00
1-Dec-84 3.58E+00 4.03E+00 3.43E+00 1.09E+01 3.58E+00 4.69E+00 3.58E+00 3.25E+00 3.58E+00
1-Jan-85 3.58E+00 4.18E+00 5.15E+00 1.08E+01 3.58E+00 NaN 3.58E+00 2.86E+00 3.58E+00
1-Feb-85 3.32E+00 3.99E+00 4.82E+00 1.09E+01 3.32E+00 NaN 3.32E+00 3.05E+00 3.32E+00
1-Mar-85 3.35E+00 3.93E+00 4.38E+00 1.12E+01 3.35E+00 NaN 3.35E+00 2.96E+00 3.35E+00
1-Apr-85 3.13E+00 3.59E+00 1.89E+00 1.08E+01 3.13E+00 NaN 3.13E+00 3.25E+00 3.13E+00
1-May-85 3.21E+00 3.67E+00 2.49E+00 1.03E+01 3.21E+00 NaN 3.21E+00 3.15E+00 3.21E+00
1-Jun-85 3.24E+00 3.68E+00 2.49E+00 9.68E+00 3.24E+00 4.50E+00 3.24E+00 3.34E+00 3.24E+00
1-Jul-85 3.05E+00 3.45E+00 1.98E+00 9.81E+00 3.05E+00 NaN 3.05E+00 2.76E+00 3.05E+00
1-Aug-85 3.03E+00 3.57E+00 3.56E+00 9.83E+00 3.03E+00 NaN 3.03E+00 2.76E+00 3.03E+00
1-Sep-85 3.08E+00 3.64E+00 2.27E+00 9.87E+00 3.08E+00 NaN 3.08E+00 2.86E+00 3.08E+00
1-Oct-85 3.07E+00 3.65E+00 2.70E+00 9.75E+00 3.07E+00 NaN 3.07E+00 3.25E+00 3.07E+00
1-Nov-85 3.26E+00 3.73E+00 4.01E+00 9.33E+00 3.26E+00 NaN 3.26E+00 3.05E+00 3.26E+00
1-Dec-85 3.32E+00 3.62E+00 4.15E+00 8.86E+00 3.32E+00 4.02E+00 3.32E+00 3.44E+00 3.32E+00
1-Jan-86 3.33E+00 3.65E+00 5.22E+00 8.79E+00 3.33E+00 NaN 3.33E+00 2.86E+00 3.33E+00
1-Feb-86 2.94E+00 3.47E+00 9.82E-02 8.34E+00 2.94E+00 NaN 2.94E+00 2.76E+00 2.94E+00
1-Mar-86 2.39E+00 3.50E+00 -2.22E+00 7.49E+00 2.39E+00 NaN 2.39E+00 2.27E+00 2.39E+00
1-Apr-86 2.09E+00 3.63E+00 -1.63E+00 7.05E+00 2.09E+00 NaN 2.09E+00 2.37E+00 2.09E+00
1-May-86 2.14E+00 3.58E+00 3.07E+00 7.43E+00 2.14E+00 NaN 2.14E+00 2.66E+00 2.14E+00
1-Jun-86 2.38E+00 3.72E+00 5.35E+00 7.51E+00 2.38E+00 3.44E+00 2.38E+00 2.86E+00 2.38E+00
1-Jul-86 2.32E+00 3.80E+00 1.25E+00 7.05E+00 2.32E+00 NaN 2.32E+00 2.76E+00 2.32E+00
1-Aug-86 2.21E+00 3.63E+00 2.25E+00 6.92E+00 2.21E+00 NaN 2.21E+00 2.96E+00 2.21E+00
1-Sep-86 2.39E+00 3.78E+00 4.40E+00 7.19E+00 2.39E+00 NaN 2.39E+00 2.86E+00 2.39E+00
1-Oct-86 2.36E+00 3.90E+00 2.33E+00 7.17E+00 2.36E+00 NaN 2.36E+00 3.15E+00 2.36E+00
1-Nov-86 2.25E+00 3.88E+00 2.75E+00 7.00E+00 2.25E+00 NaN 2.25E+00 2.76E+00 2.25E+00
1-Dec-86 2.12E+00 3.82E+00 2.63E+00 6.87E+00 2.12E+00 3.54E+00 2.12E+00 2.96E+00 2.12E+00
1-Jan-87 2.32E+00 3.75E+00 7.62E+00 6.84E+00 2.32E+00 NaN 2.32E+00 2.86E+00 2.32E+00
1-Feb-87 2.69E+00 3.72E+00 4.50E+00 7.00E+00 2.69E+00 NaN 2.69E+00 3.05E+00 2.69E+00
1-Mar-87 3.12E+00 3.64E+00 2.88E+00 7.00E+00 3.12E+00 NaN 3.12E+00 2.96E+00 3.12E+00
1-Apr-87 3.56E+00 3.72E+00 3.68E+00 7.71E+00 3.56E+00 NaN 3.56E+00 2.96E+00 3.56E+00
1-May-87 3.53E+00 3.71E+00 2.75E+00 8.26E+00 3.53E+00 NaN 3.53E+00 3.34E+00 3.53E+00
1-Jun-87 3.48E+00 3.62E+00 4.77E+00 8.07E+00 3.48E+00 4.33E+00 3.48E+00 3.25E+00 3.48E+00
1-Jul-87 3.67E+00 3.67E+00 3.42E+00 8.11E+00 3.67E+00 NaN 3.67E+00 3.05E+00 3.67E+00
1-Aug-87 3.91E+00 3.77E+00 5.15E+00 8.40E+00 3.91E+00 NaN 3.91E+00 3.15E+00 3.91E+00
1-Sep-87 3.88E+00 3.79E+00 4.10E+00 9.00E+00 3.88E+00 NaN 3.88E+00 2.96E+00 3.88E+00
1-Oct-87 3.98E+00 3.84E+00 3.53E+00 9.09E+00 3.98E+00 NaN 3.98E+00 3.25E+00 3.98E+00
1-Nov-87 3.94E+00 3.77E+00 2.29E+00 8.49E+00 3.94E+00 NaN 3.94E+00 3.15E+00 3.94E+00
1-Dec-87 3.93E+00 3.78E+00 2.45E+00 8.61E+00 3.93E+00 4.09E+00 3.93E+00 3.05E+00 3.93E+00
1-Jan-88 3.72E+00 3.85E+00 5.11E+00 8.31E+00 3.72E+00 NaN 3.72E+00 3.15E+00 3.72E+00
1-Feb-88 3.51E+00 3.85E+00 2.01E+00 7.89E+00 3.51E+00 NaN 3.51E+00 3.05E+00 3.51E+00
1-Mar-88 3.62E+00 4.01E+00 4.13E+00 8.04E+00 3.62E+00 NaN 3.62E+00 3.15E+00 3.62E+00
1-Apr-88 3.78E+00 4.13E+00 5.65E+00 8.36E+00 3.78E+00 NaN 3.78E+00 3.25E+00 3.78E+00
1-May-88 3.84E+00 4.22E+00 3.42E+00 8.70E+00 3.84E+00 NaN 3.84E+00 3.25E+00 3.84E+00
1-Jun-88 3.87E+00 4.35E+00 5.16E+00 8.54E+00 3.87E+00 4.59E+00 3.87E+00 3.63E+00 3.87E+00
1-Jul-88 4.08E+00 4.44E+00 5.95E+00 8.67E+00 4.08E+00 NaN 4.08E+00 4.50E+00 4.08E+00
1-Aug-88 3.94E+00 4.31E+00 3.52E+00 8.86E+00 3.94E+00 NaN 3.94E+00 4.31E+00 3.94E+00
1-Sep-88 4.07E+00 4.42E+00 5.58E+00 8.60E+00 4.07E+00 NaN 4.07E+00 3.83E+00 4.07E+00
1-Oct-88 4.07E+00 4.36E+00 3.57E+00 8.43E+00 4.07E+00 NaN 4.07E+00 3.83E+00 4.07E+00
1-Nov-88 4.10E+00 4.42E+00 2.66E+00 8.58E+00 4.10E+00 NaN 4.10E+00 3.63E+00 4.10E+00
1-Dec-88 4.23E+00 4.53E+00 3.94E+00 8.72E+00 4.23E+00 4.31E+00 4.23E+00 3.83E+00 4.23E+00
1-Jan-89 4.34E+00 4.56E+00 6.51E+00 8.70E+00 4.34E+00 NaN 4.34E+00 3.44E+00 4.34E+00
1-Feb-89 4.53E+00 4.61E+00 4.26E+00 8.77E+00 4.53E+00 NaN 4.53E+00 4.02E+00 4.53E+00
1-Mar-89 4.56E+00 4.48E+00 4.45E+00 8.95E+00 4.56E+00 NaN 4.56E+00 3.63E+00 4.56E+00
1-Apr-89 4.73E+00 4.33E+00 7.80E+00 8.78E+00 4.73E+00 NaN 4.73E+00 4.21E+00 4.73E+00
1-May-89 4.79E+00 4.28E+00 4.13E+00 8.49E+00 4.79E+00 NaN 4.79E+00 4.50E+00 4.79E+00
1-Jun-89 4.56E+00 4.09E+00 2.38E+00 7.96E+00 4.56E+00 4.96E+00 4.56E+00 3.73E+00 4.56E+00
1-Jul-89 4.29E+00 3.91E+00 2.67E+00 7.71E+00 4.29E+00 NaN 4.29E+00 4.02E+00 4.29E+00
1-Aug-89 4.00E+00 3.79E+00 1.73E-02 7.80E+00 4.00E+00 NaN 4.00E+00 3.44E+00 4.00E+00
1-Sep-89 3.75E+00 3.62E+00 2.63E+00 7.87E+00 3.75E+00 NaN 3.75E+00 3.34E+00 3.75E+00
1-Oct-89 3.85E+00 3.64E+00 4.71E+00 7.71E+00 3.85E+00 NaN 3.85E+00 3.54E+00 3.85E+00
1-Nov-89 3.85E+00 3.65E+00 2.72E+00 7.58E+00 3.85E+00 NaN 3.85E+00 3.44E+00 3.85E+00
1-Dec-89 3.82E+00 3.60E+00 3.59E+00 7.55E+00 3.82E+00 3.87E+00 3.82E+00 3.44E+00 3.82E+00
1-Jan-90 4.05E+00 3.46E+00 9.23E+00 7.89E+00 4.05E+00 NaN 4.05E+00 4.02E+00 4.05E+00
1-Feb-90 4.17E+00 3.70E+00 5.67E+00 8.13E+00 4.17E+00 NaN 4.17E+00 4.02E+00 4.17E+00
1-Mar-90 4.23E+00 3.95E+00 5.18E+00 8.24E+00 4.23E+00 NaN 4.23E+00 3.63E+00 4.23E+00
1-Apr-90 3.86E+00 4.02E+00 3.42E+00 8.42E+00 3.86E+00 NaN 3.86E+00 3.54E+00 3.86E+00
1-May-90 3.80E+00 4.12E+00 3.41E+00 8.40E+00 3.80E+00 NaN 3.80E+00 3.34E+00 3.80E+00
1-Jun-90 4.06E+00 4.29E+00 5.53E+00 8.14E+00 4.06E+00 4.09E+00 4.06E+00 3.73E+00 4.06E+00
1-Jul-90 4.07E+00 4.29E+00 2.80E+00 8.13E+00 4.07E+00 NaN 4.07E+00 3.34E+00 4.07E+00
1-Aug-90 4.72E+00 4.56E+00 7.78E+00 8.39E+00 4.72E+00 NaN 4.72E+00 4.50E+00 4.72E+00
1-Sep-90 5.10E+00 4.56E+00 7.22E+00 8.52E+00 5.10E+00 NaN 5.10E+00 4.59E+00 5.10E+00
1-Oct-90 5.28E+00 4.53E+00 6.80E+00 8.36E+00 5.28E+00 NaN 5.28E+00 4.69E+00 5.28E+00
1-Nov-90 5.19E+00 4.39E+00 1.70E+00 8.06E+00 5.19E+00 NaN 5.19E+00 4.59E+00 5.19E+00
1-Dec-90 5.02E+00 4.27E+00 1.50E+00 7.77E+00 5.02E+00 3.76E+00 5.02E+00 4.59E+00 5.02E+00
1-Jan-91 4.68E+00 4.42E+00 5.15E+00 7.78E+00 4.68E+00 NaN 4.68E+00 3.83E+00 4.68E+00
1-Feb-91 4.30E+00 4.22E+00 1.10E+00 7.56E+00 4.30E+00 NaN 4.30E+00 3.34E+00 4.30E+00
1-Mar-91 3.92E+00 3.92E+00 5.83E-01 7.80E+00 3.92E+00 NaN 3.92E+00 3.25E+00 3.92E+00
1-Apr-91 3.82E+00 3.74E+00 2.25E+00 7.73E+00 3.82E+00 NaN 3.82E+00 3.15E+00 3.82E+00
1-May-91 3.96E+00 3.78E+00 5.15E+00 7.76E+00 3.96E+00 NaN 3.96E+00 3.05E+00 3.96E+00
1-Jun-91 3.70E+00 3.61E+00 2.35E+00 7.96E+00 3.70E+00 3.77E+00 3.70E+00 3.25E+00 3.70E+00
1-Jul-91 3.66E+00 3.72E+00 2.31E+00 7.95E+00 3.66E+00 NaN 3.66E+00 3.05E+00 3.66E+00
1-Aug-91 3.27E+00 3.63E+00 3.11E+00 7.60E+00 3.27E+00 NaN 3.27E+00 3.15E+00 3.27E+00
1-Sep-91 3.03E+00 3.71E+00 4.33E+00 7.37E+00 3.03E+00 NaN 3.03E+00 2.96E+00 3.03E+00
1-Oct-91 2.66E+00 3.60E+00 2.36E+00 7.26E+00 2.66E+00 NaN 2.66E+00 3.15E+00 2.66E+00
1-Nov-91 2.76E+00 3.69E+00 2.99E+00 7.16E+00 2.76E+00 NaN 2.76E+00 2.86E+00 2.76E+00
1-Dec-91 2.94E+00 3.82E+00 3.61E+00 6.85E+00 2.94E+00 3.30E+00 2.94E+00 2.66E+00 2.94E+00
1-Jan-92 2.72E+00 3.62E+00 2.54E+00 6.79E+00 2.72E+00 NaN 2.72E+00 2.66E+00 2.72E+00
1-Feb-92 2.93E+00 3.62E+00 3.56E+00 7.08E+00 2.93E+00 NaN 2.93E+00 2.57E+00 2.93E+00
1-Mar-92 3.14E+00 3.65E+00 3.16E+00 7.27E+00 3.14E+00 NaN 3.14E+00 2.57E+00 3.14E+00
1-Apr-92 3.22E+00 3.77E+00 3.15E+00 7.21E+00 3.22E+00 NaN 3.22E+00 2.96E+00 3.22E+00
1-May-92 2.92E+00 3.50E+00 1.63E+00 7.13E+00 2.92E+00 NaN 2.92E+00 2.86E+00 2.92E+00
1-Jun-92 2.92E+00 3.34E+00 2.27E+00 7.01E+00 2.92E+00 3.53E+00 2.92E+00 3.05E+00 2.92E+00
1-Jul-92 3.07E+00 3.39E+00 4.14E+00 6.62E+00 3.07E+00 NaN 3.07E+00 2.66E+00 3.07E+00
1-Aug-92 2.94E+00 3.18E+00 1.59E+00 6.38E+00 2.94E+00 NaN 2.94E+00 2.76E+00 2.94E+00
1-Sep-92 2.73E+00 2.90E+00 1.75E+00 6.22E+00 2.73E+00 NaN 2.73E+00 2.96E+00 2.73E+00
1-Oct-92 2.85E+00 3.01E+00 3.81E+00 6.38E+00 2.85E+00 NaN 2.85E+00 2.76E+00 2.85E+00
1-Nov-92 2.76E+00 2.96E+00 1.92E+00 6.64E+00 2.76E+00 NaN 2.76E+00 2.86E+00 2.76E+00
1-Dec-92 2.60E+00 2.80E+00 1.65E+00 6.55E+00 2.60E+00 3.33E+00 2.60E+00 2.76E+00 2.60E+00
1-Jan-93 2.59E+00 2.68E+00 2.42E+00 6.39E+00 2.59E+00 NaN 2.59E+00 2.86E+00 2.59E+00
1-Feb-93 2.41E+00 2.50E+00 1.38E+00 6.07E+00 2.41E+00 NaN 2.41E+00 3.15E+00 2.41E+00
1-Mar-93 2.31E+00 2.41E+00 2.03E+00 5.81E+00 2.31E+00 NaN 2.31E+00 3.05E+00 2.31E+00
1-Apr-93 2.28E+00 2.34E+00 2.77E+00 5.80E+00 2.28E+00 NaN 2.28E+00 2.96E+00 2.28E+00
1-May-93 2.42E+00 2.49E+00 3.29E+00 5.86E+00 2.42E+00 NaN 2.42E+00 2.86E+00 2.42E+00
1-Jun-93 2.23E+00 2.46E+00 3.05E-02 5.79E+00 2.23E+00 3.38E+00 2.23E+00 3.44E+00 2.23E+00
1-Jul-93 2.02E+00 2.24E+00 1.59E+00 5.65E+00 2.02E+00 NaN 2.02E+00 2.96E+00 2.02E+00
1-Aug-93 2.03E+00 2.30E+00 1.75E+00 5.52E+00 2.03E+00 NaN 2.03E+00 3.15E+00 2.03E+00
1-Sep-93 1.97E+00 2.29E+00 1.03E+00 5.22E+00 1.97E+00 NaN 1.97E+00 2.96E+00 1.97E+00
1-Oct-93 1.95E+00 2.09E+00 3.55E+00 5.19E+00 1.95E+00 NaN 1.95E+00 3.25E+00 1.95E+00
1-Nov-93 1.98E+00 2.17E+00 2.23E+00 5.56E+00 1.98E+00 NaN 1.98E+00 2.76E+00 1.98E+00
1-Dec-93 1.88E+00 2.09E+00 4.54E-01 5.61E+00 1.88E+00 3.13E+00 1.88E+00 2.96E+00 1.88E+00
1-Jan-94 1.74E+00 1.96E+00 7.56E-01 5.59E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 1.74E+00 2.76E+00 1.74E+00
1-Feb-94 1.86E+00 2.04E+00 2.85E+00 5.80E+00 1.86E+00 NaN 1.86E+00 2.76E+00 1.86E+00
1-Mar-94 1.95E+00 2.18E+00 3.12E+00 6.28E+00 1.95E+00 NaN 1.95E+00 2.96E+00 1.95E+00
1-Apr-94 1.81E+00 2.05E+00 1.11E+00 6.74E+00 1.81E+00 NaN 1.81E+00 2.96E+00 1.81E+00
1-May-94 1.68E+00 1.98E+00 1.73E+00 6.93E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 1.68E+00 3.05E+00 1.68E+00
1-Jun-94 1.95E+00 2.17E+00 3.25E+00 6.86E+00 1.95E+00 2.86E+00 1.95E+00 2.66E+00 1.95E+00
1-Jul-94 2.19E+00 2.27E+00 4.42E+00 7.05E+00 2.19E+00 NaN 2.19E+00 2.86E+00 2.19E+00
1-Aug-94 2.31E+00 2.27E+00 3.16E+00 6.99E+00 2.31E+00 NaN 2.31E+00 3.05E+00 2.31E+00
1-Sep-94 2.34E+00 2.30E+00 1.44E+00 7.19E+00 2.34E+00 NaN 2.34E+00 3.34E+00 2.34E+00
1-Oct-94 2.20E+00 2.37E+00 1.84E+00 7.46E+00 2.20E+00 NaN 2.20E+00 2.96E+00 2.20E+00
1-Nov-94 2.20E+00 2.30E+00 2.28E+00 7.66E+00 2.20E+00 NaN 2.20E+00 3.15E+00 2.20E+00
1-Dec-94 2.25E+00 2.30E+00 1.02E+00 7.52E+00 2.25E+00 3.44E+00 2.25E+00 2.96E+00 2.25E+00
1-Jan-95 2.41E+00 2.46E+00 2.73E+00 7.49E+00 2.41E+00 NaN 2.41E+00 2.96E+00 2.41E+00
1-Feb-95 2.37E+00 2.42E+00 2.31E+00 7.20E+00 2.37E+00 NaN 2.37E+00 2.96E+00 2.37E+00
1-Mar-95 2.30E+00 2.35E+00 2.24E+00 6.95E+00 2.30E+00 NaN 2.30E+00 3.15E+00 2.30E+00
1-Apr-95 2.46E+00 2.45E+00 3.11E+00 6.82E+00 2.46E+00 NaN 2.46E+00 3.25E+00 2.46E+00
1-May-95 2.47E+00 2.40E+00 1.80E+00 6.42E+00 2.47E+00 NaN 2.47E+00 2.96E+00 2.47E+00
1-Jun-95 2.30E+00 2.24E+00 1.20E+00 5.99E+00 2.30E+00 3.15E+00 2.30E+00 2.86E+00 2.30E+00
1-Jul-95 2.06E+00 2.13E+00 1.62E+00 6.09E+00 2.06E+00 NaN 2.06E+00 2.86E+00 2.06E+00
1-Aug-95 2.02E+00 2.22E+00 2.63E+00 6.29E+00 2.02E+00 NaN 2.02E+00 2.86E+00 2.02E+00
1-Sep-95 1.97E+00 2.19E+00 8.16E-01 6.02E+00 1.97E+00 NaN 1.97E+00 2.76E+00 1.97E+00
1-Oct-95 2.06E+00 2.20E+00 2.95E+00 5.86E+00 2.06E+00 NaN 2.06E+00 2.86E+00 2.06E+00
1-Nov-95 1.87E+00 2.09E+00 0 5.76E+00 1.87E+00 NaN 1.87E+00 2.76E+00 1.87E+00
1-Dec-95 1.99E+00 2.18E+00 2.42E+00 5.55E+00 1.99E+00 2.86E+00 1.99E+00 2.66E+00 1.99E+00
1-Jan-96 2.00E+00 2.04E+00 2.91E+00 5.50E+00 2.00E+00 NaN 2.00E+00 2.76E+00 2.00E+00
1-Feb-96 1.97E+00 2.00E+00 1.97E+00 5.65E+00 1.97E+00 NaN 1.97E+00 2.76E+00 1.97E+00
1-Mar-96 2.08E+00 1.97E+00 3.50E+00 6.08E+00 2.08E+00 NaN 2.08E+00 2.86E+00 2.08E+00
1-Apr-96 2.11E+00 1.86E+00 3.44E+00 6.31E+00 2.11E+00 NaN 2.11E+00 2.96E+00 2.11E+00
1-May-96 2.12E+00 1.87E+00 1.99E+00 6.52E+00 2.12E+00 NaN 2.12E+00 3.05E+00 2.12E+00
1-Jun-96 2.03E+00 1.86E+00 8.60E-02 6.68E+00 2.03E+00 2.76E+00 2.03E+00 2.86E+00 2.03E+00
1-Jul-96 2.12E+00 1.90E+00 2.78E+00 6.64E+00 2.12E+00 NaN 2.12E+00 2.96E+00 2.12E+00
1-Aug-96 2.02E+00 1.76E+00 1.32E+00 6.43E+00 2.02E+00 NaN 2.02E+00 3.05E+00 2.02E+00
1-Sep-96 2.22E+00 1.93E+00 3.32E+00 6.61E+00 2.22E+00 NaN 2.22E+00 3.15E+00 2.22E+00
1-Oct-96 2.27E+00 1.93E+00 3.53E+00 6.33E+00 2.27E+00 NaN 2.27E+00 2.96E+00 2.27E+00
1-Nov-96 2.47E+00 2.01E+00 2.33E+00 6.02E+00 2.47E+00 NaN 2.47E+00 2.96E+00 2.47E+00
1-Dec-96 2.40E+00 1.93E+00 1.67E+00 6.11E+00 2.40E+00 2.96E+00 2.40E+00 2.96E+00 2.40E+00
1-Jan-97 2.33E+00 1.93E+00 1.98E+00 6.37E+00 2.33E+00 NaN 2.33E+00 2.96E+00 2.33E+00
1-Feb-97 2.39E+00 2.03E+00 2.78E+00 6.22E+00 2.39E+00 NaN 2.39E+00 2.96E+00 2.39E+00
1-Mar-97 2.22E+00 2.06E+00 1.37E+00 6.48E+00 2.22E+00 NaN 2.22E+00 2.76E+00 2.22E+00
1-Apr-97 2.03E+00 2.13E+00 1.15E+00 6.66E+00 2.03E+00 NaN 2.03E+00 2.96E+00 2.03E+00
1-May-97 1.82E+00 2.04E+00 -4.36E-01 6.49E+00 1.82E+00 NaN 1.82E+00 2.86E+00 1.82E+00
1-Jun-97 1.94E+00 2.11E+00 1.55E+00 6.29E+00 1.94E+00 2.86E+00 1.94E+00 2.76E+00 1.94E+00
1-Jul-97 1.78E+00 1.97E+00 7.73E-01 6.03E+00 1.78E+00 NaN 1.78E+00 2.66E+00 1.78E+00
1-Aug-97 1.76E+00 1.84E+00 1.11E+00 6.11E+00 1.76E+00 NaN 1.76E+00 2.66E+00 1.76E+00
1-Sep-97 1.73E+00 1.75E+00 2.93E+00 6.02E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 1.73E+00 2.76E+00 1.73E+00
1-Oct-97 1.58E+00 1.69E+00 1.74E+00 5.86E+00 1.58E+00 NaN 1.58E+00 2.76E+00 1.58E+00
1-Nov-97 1.42E+00 1.61E+00 4.05E-01 5.71E+00 1.42E+00 NaN 1.42E+00 2.86E+00 1.42E+00
1-Dec-97 1.28E+00 1.63E+00 1.40E-02 5.65E+00 1.28E+00 2.47E+00 1.28E+00 2.76E+00 1.28E+00
1-Jan-98 1.17E+00 1.64E+00 6.71E-01 5.39E+00 1.17E+00 NaN 1.17E+00 2.27E+00 1.17E+00
1-Feb-98 8.95E-01 1.50E+00 -5.31E-01 5.42E+00 8.95E-01 NaN 8.95E-01 2.37E+00 8.95E-01
1-Mar-98 8.08E-01 1.37E+00 3.21E-01 5.50E+00 8.08E-01 NaN 8.08E-01 2.47E+00 8.08E-01
1-Apr-98 8.62E-01 1.39E+00 1.80E+00 5.49E+00 8.62E-01 NaN 8.62E-01 2.37E+00 8.62E-01
1-May-98 1.05E+00 1.43E+00 1.87E+00 5.50E+00 1.05E+00 NaN 1.05E+00 2.57E+00 1.05E+00
1-Jun-98 8.56E-01 1.17E+00 -8.22E-01 5.35E+00 8.56E-01 2.47E+00 8.56E-01 2.66E+00 8.56E-01
1-Jul-98 1.04E+00 1.38E+00 2.95E+00 5.32E+00 1.04E+00 NaN 1.04E+00 2.57E+00 1.04E+00
1-Aug-98 1.09E+00 1.61E+00 1.76E+00 5.20E+00 1.09E+00 NaN 1.09E+00 2.37E+00 1.09E+00
1-Sep-98 8.01E-01 1.39E+00 -5.69E-01 4.70E+00 8.01E-01 NaN 8.01E-01 2.27E+00 8.01E-01
1-Oct-98 8.90E-01 1.44E+00 2.80E+00 4.43E+00 8.90E-01 NaN 8.90E-01 2.47E+00 8.90E-01
1-Nov-98 8.80E-01 1.41E+00 2.91E-01 4.72E+00 8.80E-01 NaN 8.80E-01 2.27E+00 8.80E-01
1-Dec-98 1.01E+00 1.53E+00 1.55E+00 4.55E+00 1.01E+00 2.18E+00 1.01E+00 2.47E+00 1.01E+00
1-Jan-99 1.15E+00 1.58E+00 2.36E+00 4.61E+00 1.15E+00 NaN 1.15E+00 2.66E+00 1.15E+00
1-Feb-99 1.19E+00 1.51E+00 -8.29E-02 4.88E+00 1.19E+00 NaN 1.19E+00 2.47E+00 1.19E+00
1-Mar-99 1.24E+00 1.43E+00 1.01E+00 5.10E+00 1.24E+00 NaN 1.24E+00 2.66E+00 1.24E+00
1-Apr-99 1.57E+00 1.46E+00 5.69E+00 5.05E+00 1.57E+00 NaN 1.57E+00 2.66E+00 1.57E+00
1-May-99 1.46E+00 1.42E+00 5.90E-01 5.39E+00 1.46E+00 NaN 1.46E+00 2.76E+00 1.46E+00
1-Jun-99 1.56E+00 1.58E+00 3.16E-01 5.73E+00 1.56E+00 2.76E+00 1.56E+00 2.47E+00 1.56E+00
1-Jul-99 1.58E+00 1.48E+00 3.19E+00 5.63E+00 1.58E+00 NaN 1.58E+00 2.66E+00 1.58E+00
1-Aug-99 1.60E+00 1.30E+00 2.02E+00 5.77E+00 1.60E+00 NaN 1.60E+00 2.76E+00 1.60E+00
1-Sep-99 1.97E+00 1.54E+00 3.94E+00 5.75E+00 1.97E+00 NaN 1.97E+00 2.66E+00 1.97E+00
1-Oct-99 1.87E+00 1.46E+00 1.59E+00 5.93E+00 1.87E+00 NaN 1.87E+00 2.86E+00 1.87E+00
1-Nov-99 1.93E+00 1.50E+00 9.65E-01 5.86E+00 1.93E+00 NaN 1.93E+00 2.86E+00 1.93E+00
1-Dec-99 2.06E+00 1.45E+00 3.12E+00 6.09E+00 2.06E+00 2.52E+00 2.06E+00 2.96E+00 2.06E+00
1-Jan-00 2.18E+00 1.54E+00 3.80E+00 6.45E+00 2.18E+00 NaN 2.18E+00 2.96E+00 2.18E+00
1-Feb-00 2.53E+00 1.69E+00 4.07E+00 6.32E+00 2.53E+00 NaN 2.53E+00 2.86E+00 2.53E+00
1-Mar-00 2.88E+00 1.86E+00 5.21E+00 6.07E+00 2.88E+00 NaN 2.88E+00 3.15E+00 2.88E+00
1-Apr-00 2.29E+00 1.65E+00 -1.30E+00 5.82E+00 2.29E+00 NaN 2.29E+00 3.15E+00 2.29E+00
1-May-00 2.31E+00 1.66E+00 7.25E-01 6.24E+00 2.31E+00 NaN 2.31E+00 2.96E+00 2.31E+00
1-Jun-00 2.60E+00 1.66E+00 3.80E+00 5.92E+00 2.60E+00 2.42E+00 2.60E+00 2.86E+00 2.60E+00
1-Jul-00 2.55E+00 1.68E+00 2.68E+00 5.87E+00 2.55E+00 NaN 2.55E+00 2.96E+00 2.55E+00
1-Aug-00 2.36E+00 1.75E+00 -3.60E-01 5.67E+00 2.36E+00 NaN 2.36E+00 2.66E+00 2.36E+00
1-Sep-00 2.46E+00 1.76E+00 5.14E+00 5.64E+00 2.46E+00 NaN 2.46E+00 2.86E+00 2.46E+00
1-Oct-00 2.46E+00 1.77E+00 1.65E+00 5.58E+00 2.46E+00 NaN 2.46E+00 3.15E+00 2.46E+00
1-Nov-00 2.52E+00 1.86E+00 1.67E+00 5.56E+00 2.52E+00 NaN 2.52E+00 2.86E+00 2.52E+00
1-Dec-00 2.40E+00 1.79E+00 1.64E+00 5.11E+00 2.40E+00 2.62E+00 2.40E+00 2.76E+00 2.40E+00
1-Jan-01 2.54E+00 1.84E+00 5.52E+00 5.03E+00 2.54E+00 NaN 2.54E+00 2.96E+00 2.54E+00
1-Feb-01 2.34E+00 1.83E+00 1.74E+00 4.97E+00 2.34E+00 NaN 2.34E+00 2.76E+00 2.34E+00
1-Mar-01 1.92E+00 1.73E+00 1.18E-01 4.77E+00 1.92E+00 NaN 1.92E+00 2.76E+00 1.92E+00
1-Apr-01 2.21E+00 1.86E+00 2.21E+00 5.01E+00 2.21E+00 NaN 2.21E+00 3.05E+00 2.21E+00
1-May-01 2.42E+00 1.80E+00 3.26E+00 5.25E+00 2.42E+00 NaN 2.42E+00 3.15E+00 2.42E+00
1-Jun-01 2.27E+00 1.97E+00 2.01E+00 5.15E+00 2.27E+00 2.27E+00 2.27E+00 2.96E+00 2.27E+00
1-Jul-01 1.99E+00 2.00E+00 -7.32E-01 5.11E+00 1.99E+00 NaN 1.99E+00 2.57E+00 1.99E+00
1-Aug-01 2.00E+00 1.94E+00 -2.62E-01 4.85E+00 2.00E+00 NaN 2.00E+00 2.66E+00 2.00E+00
1-Sep-01 1.24E+00 1.14E+00 -3.94E+00 4.62E+00 1.24E+00 NaN 1.24E+00 2.76E+00 1.24E+00
1-Oct-01 1.46E+00 1.71E+00 4.27E+00 4.47E+00 1.46E+00 NaN 1.46E+00 9.95E-01 1.46E+00
1-Nov-01 1.25E+00 1.74E+00 -8.24E-01 4.55E+00 1.25E+00 NaN 1.25E+00 3.99E-01 1.25E+00
1-Dec-01 1.03E+00 1.70E+00 -1.05E+00 4.96E+00 1.03E+00 2.13E+00 1.03E+00 1.78E+00 1.03E+00
1-Jan-02 6.66E-01 1.43E+00 1.19E+00 4.92E+00 6.66E-01 NaN 6.66E-01 1.88E+00 6.66E-01
1-Feb-02 6.93E-01 1.45E+00 2.05E+00 4.79E+00 6.93E-01 NaN 6.93E-01 2.08E+00 6.93E-01
1-Mar-02 9.79E-01 1.49E+00 3.56E+00 5.15E+00 9.79E-01 NaN 9.79E-01 2.66E+00 9.79E-01
1-Apr-02 1.23E+00 1.62E+00 5.24E+00 5.08E+00 1.23E+00 NaN 1.23E+00 2.76E+00 1.23E+00
1-May-02 1.03E+00 1.71E+00 8.17E-01 5.03E+00 1.03E+00 NaN 1.03E+00 2.66E+00 1.03E+00
1-Jun-02 9.82E-01 1.65E+00 1.46E+00 4.81E+00 9.82E-01 2.18E+00 9.82E-01 2.66E+00 9.82E-01
1-Jul-02 1.26E+00 1.62E+00 2.60E+00 4.55E+00 1.26E+00 NaN 1.26E+00 2.57E+00 1.26E+00
1-Aug-02 1.47E+00 1.76E+00 2.26E+00 4.17E+00 1.47E+00 NaN 1.47E+00 2.57E+00 1.47E+00
1-Sep-02 1.97E+00 2.48E+00 2.10E+00 3.80E+00 1.97E+00 NaN 1.97E+00 2.47E+00 1.97E+00
1-Oct-02 1.81E+00 1.85E+00 2.29E+00 3.86E+00 1.81E+00 NaN 1.81E+00 2.47E+00 1.81E+00
1-Nov-02 1.98E+00 1.75E+00 1.30E+00 3.97E+00 1.98E+00 NaN 1.98E+00 2.37E+00 1.98E+00
1-Dec-02 2.16E+00 1.79E+00 1.00E+00 3.95E+00 2.16E+00 2.13E+00 2.16E+00 2.47E+00 2.16E+00
1-Jan-03 2.32E+00 1.74E+00 3.16E+00 3.97E+00 2.32E+00 NaN 2.32E+00 2.47E+00 2.32E+00
1-Feb-03 2.57E+00 1.66E+00 5.00E+00 3.83E+00 2.57E+00 NaN 2.57E+00 2.66E+00 2.57E+00
1-Mar-03 2.52E+00 1.68E+00 2.98E+00 3.74E+00 2.52E+00 NaN 2.52E+00 3.05E+00 2.52E+00
1-Apr-03 1.91E+00 1.50E+00 -2.08E+00 3.88E+00 1.91E+00 NaN 1.91E+00 2.37E+00 1.91E+00
1-May-03 1.70E+00 1.52E+00 -1.69E+00 3.51E+00 1.70E+00 NaN 1.70E+00 1.98E+00 1.70E+00
1-Jun-03 1.69E+00 1.43E+00 1.39E+00 3.28E+00 1.69E+00 1.98E+00 1.69E+00 2.08E+00 1.69E+00
1-Jul-03 1.75E+00 1.46E+00 3.34E+00 3.90E+00 1.75E+00 NaN 1.75E+00 1.69E+00 1.75E+00
1-Aug-03 1.91E+00 1.38E+00 4.12E+00 4.35E+00 1.91E+00 NaN 1.91E+00 2.47E+00 1.91E+00
1-Sep-03 2.05E+00 1.36E+00 3.81E+00 4.18E+00 2.05E+00 NaN 2.05E+00 2.76E+00 2.05E+00
1-Oct-03 1.84E+00 1.43E+00 -2.40E-01 4.20E+00 1.84E+00 NaN 1.84E+00 2.57E+00 1.84E+00
1-Nov-03 1.84E+00 1.44E+00 1.31E+00 4.21E+00 1.84E+00 NaN 1.84E+00 2.66E+00 1.84E+00
1-Dec-03 2.00E+00 1.50E+00 2.89E+00 4.18E+00 2.00E+00 2.18E+00 2.00E+00 2.57E+00 2.00E+00
1-Jan-04 2.13E+00 1.74E+00 4.72E+00 4.07E+00 2.13E+00 NaN 2.13E+00 2.66E+00 2.13E+00
1-Feb-04 1.96E+00 1.82E+00 3.03E+00 4.00E+00 1.96E+00 NaN 1.96E+00 2.57E+00 1.96E+00
1-Mar-04 1.91E+00 1.88E+00 2.32E+00 3.76E+00 1.91E+00 NaN 1.91E+00 2.86E+00 1.91E+00
1-Apr-04 2.25E+00 2.00E+00 1.98E+00 4.26E+00 2.25E+00 NaN 2.25E+00 3.15E+00 2.25E+00
1-May-04 2.75E+00 2.05E+00 4.37E+00 4.61E+00 2.75E+00 NaN 2.75E+00 3.25E+00 2.75E+00
1-Jun-04 2.98E+00 2.19E+00 4.08E+00 4.62E+00 2.98E+00 1.98E+00 2.98E+00 3.25E+00 2.98E+00
1-Jul-04 2.85E+00 2.16E+00 1.85E+00 4.40E+00 2.85E+00 NaN 2.85E+00 2.96E+00 2.85E+00
1-Aug-04 2.59E+00 2.13E+00 9.62E-01 4.19E+00 2.59E+00 NaN 2.59E+00 2.76E+00 2.59E+00
1-Sep-04 2.45E+00 2.15E+00 2.11E+00 4.05E+00 2.45E+00 NaN 2.45E+00 2.76E+00 2.45E+00
1-Oct-04 2.87E+00 2.15E+00 4.78E+00 4.02E+00 2.87E+00 NaN 2.87E+00 3.05E+00 2.87E+00
1-Nov-04 3.12E+00 2.21E+00 4.31E+00 4.10E+00 3.12E+00 NaN 3.12E+00 2.76E+00 3.12E+00
1-Dec-04 2.93E+00 2.20E+00 7.20E-01 4.14E+00 2.93E+00 1.98E+00 2.93E+00 2.96E+00 2.93E+00
1-Jan-05 2.67E+00 2.25E+00 1.52E+00 4.13E+00 2.67E+00 NaN 2.67E+00 2.86E+00 2.67E+00
1-Feb-05 2.71E+00 2.29E+00 3.58E+00 4.09E+00 2.71E+00 NaN 2.71E+00 2.86E+00 2.71E+00
1-Mar-05 2.84E+00 2.34E+00 3.79E+00 4.40E+00 2.84E+00 NaN 2.84E+00 3.15E+00 2.84E+00
1-Apr-05 2.98E+00 2.21E+00 3.69E+00 4.25E+00 2.98E+00 NaN 2.98E+00 3.25E+00 2.98E+00
1-May-05 2.58E+00 2.23E+00 -3.99E-01 4.06E+00 2.58E+00 NaN 2.58E+00 3.15E+00 2.58E+00
1-Jun-05 2.30E+00 2.08E+00 6.64E-01 3.92E+00 2.30E+00 2.23E+00 2.30E+00 3.15E+00 2.30E+00
1-Jul-05 2.57E+00 2.02E+00 5.18E+00 4.09E+00 2.57E+00 NaN 2.57E+00 2.96E+00 2.57E+00
1-Aug-05 2.95E+00 2.05E+00 5.46E+00 4.17E+00 2.95E+00 NaN 2.95E+00 3.05E+00 2.95E+00
1-Sep-05 3.84E+00 2.18E+00 1.29E+01 4.11E+00 3.84E+00 NaN 3.84E+00 4.21E+00 3.84E+00
1-Oct-05 3.63E+00 2.29E+00 2.26E+00 4.36E+00 3.63E+00 NaN 3.63E+00 4.50E+00 3.63E+00
1-Nov-05 3.02E+00 2.29E+00 -3.11E+00 4.44E+00 3.02E+00 NaN 3.02E+00 3.25E+00 3.02E+00
1-Dec-05 2.93E+00 2.27E+00 -2.61E-01 4.37E+00 2.93E+00 2.32E+00 2.93E+00 3.05E+00 2.93E+00
1-Jan-06 3.25E+00 2.13E+00 5.29E+00 4.33E+00 3.25E+00 NaN 3.25E+00 2.96E+00 3.25E+00
1-Feb-06 2.99E+00 2.04E+00 4.72E-01 4.47E+00 2.99E+00 NaN 2.99E+00 2.96E+00 2.99E+00
1-Mar-06 2.82E+00 2.04E+00 1.80E+00 4.61E+00 2.82E+00 NaN 2.82E+00 2.96E+00 2.82E+00
1-Apr-06 2.91E+00 2.18E+00 4.76E+00 4.87E+00 2.91E+00 NaN 2.91E+00 3.25E+00 2.91E+00
1-May-06 3.20E+00 2.21E+00 2.99E+00 4.98E+00 3.20E+00 NaN 3.20E+00 3.92E+00 3.20E+00
1-Jun-06 3.33E+00 2.34E+00 2.24E+00 4.98E+00 3.33E+00 2.27E+00 3.33E+00 3.25E+00 3.33E+00
1-Jul-06 3.22E+00 2.33E+00 3.84E+00 4.96E+00 3.22E+00 NaN 3.22E+00 3.15E+00 3.22E+00
1-Aug-06 3.15E+00 2.48E+00 4.64E+00 4.76E+00 3.15E+00 NaN 3.15E+00 3.73E+00 3.15E+00
1-Sep-06 1.87E+00 2.37E+00 -2.44E+00 4.61E+00 1.87E+00 NaN 1.87E+00 3.05E+00 1.87E+00
1-Oct-06 1.45E+00 2.30E+00 -2.76E+00 4.62E+00 1.45E+00 NaN 1.45E+00 3.05E+00 1.45E+00
1-Nov-06 1.84E+00 2.18E+00 1.52E+00 4.50E+00 1.84E+00 NaN 1.84E+00 2.96E+00 1.84E+00
1-Dec-06 2.25E+00 2.24E+00 4.67E+00 4.46E+00 2.25E+00 2.62E+00 2.25E+00 2.86E+00 2.25E+00
1-Jan-07 2.11E+00 2.47E+00 3.54E+00 4.65E+00 2.11E+00 NaN 2.11E+00 2.96E+00 2.11E+00
1-Feb-07 2.43E+00 2.55E+00 4.32E+00 4.61E+00 2.43E+00 NaN 2.43E+00 2.96E+00 2.43E+00
1-Mar-07 2.67E+00 2.41E+00 4.68E+00 4.46E+00 2.67E+00 NaN 2.67E+00 2.96E+00 2.67E+00
1-Apr-07 2.50E+00 2.27E+00 2.70E+00 4.58E+00 2.50E+00 NaN 2.50E+00 3.25E+00 2.50E+00
1-May-07 2.54E+00 2.16E+00 3.48E+00 4.64E+00 2.54E+00 NaN 2.54E+00 3.25E+00 2.54E+00
1-Jun-07 2.51E+00 2.12E+00 1.90E+00 4.97E+00 2.51E+00 2.27E+00 2.51E+00 3.34E+00 2.51E+00
1-Jul-07 2.36E+00 2.18E+00 2.05E+00 4.88E+00 2.36E+00 NaN 2.36E+00 3.34E+00 2.36E+00
1-Aug-07 2.04E+00 2.09E+00 8.64E-01 4.56E+00 2.04E+00 NaN 2.04E+00 3.15E+00 2.04E+00
1-Sep-07 2.64E+00 2.18E+00 4.66E+00 4.42E+00 2.64E+00 NaN 2.64E+00 3.05E+00 2.64E+00
1-Oct-07 3.15E+00 2.23E+00 3.36E+00 4.43E+00 3.15E+00 NaN 3.15E+00 3.05E+00 3.15E+00
1-Nov-07 3.56E+00 2.35E+00 6.54E+00 4.07E+00 3.56E+00 NaN 3.56E+00 3.34E+00 3.56E+00
1-Dec-07 3.48E+00 2.43E+00 3.72E+00 4.02E+00 3.48E+00 2.52E+00 3.48E+00 3.34E+00 3.48E+00
1-Jan-08 3.49E+00 2.26E+00 3.55E+00 3.67E+00 3.49E+00 NaN 3.49E+00 3.34E+00 3.49E+00
1-Feb-08 3.35E+00 2.16E+00 2.69E+00 3.67E+00 3.35E+00 NaN 3.35E+00 3.54E+00 3.35E+00
1-Mar-08 3.31E+00 2.30E+00 4.19E+00 3.45E+00 3.31E+00 NaN 3.31E+00 4.21E+00 3.31E+00
1-Apr-08 3.40E+00 2.34E+00 3.82E+00 3.61E+00 3.40E+00 NaN 3.40E+00 4.69E+00 3.40E+00
1-May-08 3.52E+00 2.44E+00 4.94E+00 3.81E+00 3.52E+00 NaN 3.52E+00 5.07E+00 3.52E+00
1-Jun-08 3.98E+00 2.49E+00 7.39E+00 4.02E+00 3.98E+00 2.57E+00 3.98E+00 4.97E+00 3.98E+00
1-Jul-08 4.34E+00 2.47E+00 6.39E+00 3.93E+00 4.34E+00 NaN 4.34E+00 4.97E+00 4.34E+00
1-Aug-08 4.19E+00 2.43E+00 -1.00E+00 3.82E+00 4.19E+00 NaN 4.19E+00 4.69E+00 4.19E+00
1-Sep-08 3.92E+00 2.33E+00 1.44E+00 3.62E+00 3.92E+00 NaN 3.92E+00 4.21E+00 3.92E+00
1-Oct-08 3.12E+00 2.14E+00 -6.16E+00 3.74E+00 3.12E+00 NaN 3.12E+00 3.83E+00 3.12E+00
1-Nov-08 1.37E+00 1.99E+00 -1.45E+01 3.47E+00 1.37E+00 NaN 1.37E+00 2.86E+00 1.37E+00
1-Dec-08 5.57E-01 1.76E+00 -6.08E+00 2.39E+00 5.57E-01 1.88E+00 5.57E-01 1.69E+00 5.57E-01
1-Jan-09 4.16E-01 1.64E+00 1.86E+00 2.49E+00 4.16E-01 NaN 4.16E-01 2.18E+00 4.16E-01
1-Feb-09 4.87E-01 1.64E+00 3.54E+00 2.83E+00 4.87E-01 NaN 4.87E-01 1.88E+00 4.87E-01
1-Mar-09 4.71E-02 1.51E+00 -1.09E+00 2.78E+00 4.71E-02 NaN 4.71E-02 1.98E+00 4.71E-02
1-Apr-09 -1.00E-01 1.58E+00 2.05E+00 2.89E+00 -1.00E-01 NaN -1.00E-01 2.76E+00 -1.00E-01
1-May-09 -3.86E-01 1.50E+00 1.52E+00 3.24E+00 -3.86E-01 NaN -3.86E-01 2.76E+00 -3.86E-01
1-Jun-09 -4.73E-01 1.46E+00 6.35E+00 3.65E+00 -4.73E-01 1.73E+00 -4.73E-01 3.05E+00 -4.73E-01
1-Jul-09 -9.17E-01 1.38E+00 1.06E+00 3.50E+00 -9.17E-01 NaN -9.17E-01 2.86E+00 -9.17E-01
1-Aug-09 -5.31E-01 1.39E+00 3.63E+00 3.53E+00 -5.31E-01 NaN -5.31E-01 2.76E+00 -5.31E-01
1-Sep-09 -4.77E-01 1.40E+00 2.08E+00 3.34E+00 -4.77E-01 NaN -4.77E-01 2.18E+00 -4.77E-01
1-Oct-09 3.56E-01 1.66E+00 3.83E+00 3.33E+00 3.56E-01 NaN 3.56E-01 2.86E+00 3.56E-01
1-Nov-09 1.76E+00 1.71E+00 2.34E+00 3.34E+00 1.76E+00 NaN 1.76E+00 2.66E+00 1.76E+00
1-Dec-09 2.32E+00 1.73E+00 6.96E-01 3.53E+00 2.32E+00 1.78E+00 2.32E+00 2.47E+00 2.32E+00
1-Jan-10 2.41E+00 1.73E+00 2.98E+00 3.66E+00 2.41E+00 NaN 2.41E+00 2.76E+00 2.41E+00
1-Feb-10 2.20E+00 1.69E+00 1.01E+00 3.62E+00 2.20E+00 NaN 2.20E+00 2.66E+00 2.20E+00
1-Mar-10 2.45E+00 1.77E+00 1.88E+00 3.66E+00 2.45E+00 NaN 2.45E+00 2.66E+00 2.45E+00
1-Apr-10 2.32E+00 1.57E+00 4.43E-01 3.78E+00 2.32E+00 NaN 2.32E+00 2.86E+00 2.32E+00
1-May-10 2.14E+00 1.56E+00 -6.06E-01 3.36E+00 2.14E+00 NaN 2.14E+00 3.15E+00 2.14E+00
1-Jun-10 1.45E+00 1.46E+00 -1.95E+00 3.15E+00 1.45E+00 1.69E+00 1.45E+00 2.76E+00 1.45E+00
1-Jul-10 1.58E+00 1.43E+00 2.68E+00 2.97E+00 1.58E+00 NaN 1.58E+00 2.66E+00 1.58E+00
1-Aug-10 1.44E+00 1.36E+00 1.93E+00 2.66E+00 1.44E+00 NaN 1.44E+00 2.66E+00 1.44E+00
1-Sep-10 1.39E+00 1.22E+00 1.38E+00 2.62E+00 1.39E+00 NaN 1.39E+00 2.18E+00 1.39E+00
1-Oct-10 1.28E+00 9.67E-01 2.60E+00 2.51E+00 1.28E+00 NaN 1.28E+00 2.66E+00 1.28E+00
1-Nov-10 1.17E+00 9.62E-01 9.36E-01 2.72E+00 1.17E+00 NaN 1.17E+00 2.96E+00 1.17E+00
1-Dec-10 1.36E+00 9.26E-01 3.01E+00 3.24E+00 1.36E+00 1.54E+00 1.36E+00 2.96E+00 1.36E+00
1-Jan-11 1.48E+00 1.04E+00 4.39E+00 3.33E+00 1.48E+00 NaN 1.48E+00 3.34E+00 1.48E+00
1-Feb-11 1.79E+00 1.10E+00 4.78E+00 3.52E+00 1.79E+00 NaN 1.79E+00 3.34E+00 1.79E+00
1-Mar-11 2.03E+00 1.04E+00 4.75E+00 3.35E+00 2.03E+00 NaN 2.03E+00 4.50E+00 2.03E+00
1-Apr-11 2.32E+00 1.16E+00 3.89E+00 3.40E+00 2.32E+00 NaN 2.32E+00 4.50E+00 2.32E+00
1-May-11 2.53E+00 1.27E+00 1.97E+00 3.12E+00 2.53E+00 NaN 2.53E+00 4.02E+00 2.53E+00
1-Jun-11 2.52E+00 1.33E+00 -2.06E+00 2.96E+00 2.52E+00 1.98E+00 2.52E+00 3.73E+00 2.52E+00
1-Jul-11 NaN NaN NaN 2.96E+00 NaN NaN NaN 3.34E+00 NaN
1-Aug-11 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN 3.34E+00 NaN

Note: Grey shaded bands and the solid blue line display the posterior distribution of SURV trend estimates also shown in Figure 2.

Figure 4: Inflation Trend based on Surveys and Inflation Rates ("SURV")

  Xdata SURVTrendSV, D(11): Level, Red_low95 SURVTrendSV, D(11): Level, Blue_mean SURVTrendSV, D(11): Level, Red_high95 SURVTrendSV, D(21): Uncertainty, Red_low95 SURVTrendSV, D(21): Uncertainty, Blue_mean SURVTrendSV, D(21): Uncertainty, Red_high95
1-Jan-60 7.41E-01 1.17E+00 1.58E+00 2.50E-02 3.80E-02 5.60E-02
1-Feb-60 7.60E-01 1.18E+00 1.59E+00 2.54E-02 3.79E-02 5.56E-02
1-Mar-60 7.59E-01 1.17E+00 1.57E+00 2.57E-02 3.79E-02 5.49E-02
1-Apr-60 7.95E-01 1.20E+00 1.59E+00 2.59E-02 3.78E-02 5.44E-02
1-May-60 8.00E-01 1.19E+00 1.58E+00 2.61E-02 3.78E-02 5.38E-02
1-Jun-60 8.02E-01 1.19E+00 1.57E+00 2.64E-02 3.77E-02 5.32E-02
1-Jul-60 8.15E-01 1.20E+00 1.57E+00 2.67E-02 3.77E-02 5.26E-02
1-Aug-60 8.27E-01 1.21E+00 1.58E+00 2.68E-02 3.76E-02 5.24E-02
1-Sep-60 8.28E-01 1.20E+00 1.57E+00 2.69E-02 3.76E-02 5.19E-02
1-Oct-60 8.43E-01 1.21E+00 1.57E+00 2.70E-02 3.76E-02 5.16E-02
1-Nov-60 8.70E-01 1.23E+00 1.59E+00 2.72E-02 3.76E-02 5.14E-02
1-Dec-60 8.63E-01 1.22E+00 1.58E+00 2.72E-02 3.76E-02 5.12E-02
1-Jan-61 8.63E-01 1.22E+00 1.57E+00 2.74E-02 3.75E-02 5.10E-02
1-Feb-61 8.73E-01 1.22E+00 1.57E+00 2.75E-02 3.75E-02 5.07E-02
1-Mar-61 8.69E-01 1.21E+00 1.55E+00 2.76E-02 3.75E-02 5.06E-02
1-Apr-61 8.65E-01 1.20E+00 1.54E+00 2.76E-02 3.75E-02 5.04E-02
1-May-61 8.69E-01 1.21E+00 1.55E+00 2.76E-02 3.75E-02 5.02E-02
1-Jun-61 8.76E-01 1.21E+00 1.55E+00 2.76E-02 3.75E-02 5.02E-02
1-Jul-61 8.95E-01 1.23E+00 1.56E+00 2.77E-02 3.75E-02 5.02E-02
1-Aug-61 8.98E-01 1.22E+00 1.55E+00 2.77E-02 3.75E-02 5.00E-02
1-Sep-61 9.10E-01 1.23E+00 1.56E+00 2.76E-02 3.75E-02 4.99E-02
1-Oct-61 9.07E-01 1.23E+00 1.55E+00 2.77E-02 3.74E-02 5.00E-02
1-Nov-61 9.05E-01 1.22E+00 1.55E+00 2.76E-02 3.74E-02 4.98E-02
1-Dec-61 9.13E-01 1.23E+00 1.55E+00 2.77E-02 3.74E-02 4.98E-02
1-Jan-62 9.29E-01 1.24E+00 1.56E+00 2.78E-02 3.74E-02 4.99E-02
1-Feb-62 9.54E-01 1.26E+00 1.58E+00 2.78E-02 3.75E-02 4.98E-02
1-Mar-62 9.65E-01 1.27E+00 1.58E+00 2.79E-02 3.75E-02 4.96E-02
1-Apr-62 9.66E-01 1.27E+00 1.58E+00 2.79E-02 3.75E-02 4.96E-02
1-May-62 9.68E-01 1.27E+00 1.58E+00 2.81E-02 3.75E-02 4.96E-02
1-Jun-62 9.68E-01 1.27E+00 1.58E+00 2.80E-02 3.76E-02 4.98E-02
1-Jul-62 9.60E-01 1.26E+00 1.57E+00 2.80E-02 3.76E-02 4.99E-02
1-Aug-62 9.69E-01 1.27E+00 1.58E+00 2.81E-02 3.77E-02 5.01E-02
1-Sep-62 1.01E+00 1.31E+00 1.62E+00 2.80E-02 3.77E-02 5.02E-02
1-Oct-62 9.90E-01 1.29E+00 1.59E+00 2.80E-02 3.77E-02 5.03E-02
1-Nov-62 9.98E-01 1.30E+00 1.60E+00 2.79E-02 3.77E-02 5.02E-02
1-Dec-62 9.95E-01 1.29E+00 1.59E+00 2.80E-02 3.77E-02 5.03E-02
1-Jan-63 1.02E+00 1.32E+00 1.62E+00 2.80E-02 3.77E-02 5.03E-02
1-Feb-63 1.02E+00 1.32E+00 1.62E+00 2.79E-02 3.77E-02 5.02E-02
1-Mar-63 1.01E+00 1.31E+00 1.60E+00 2.79E-02 3.76E-02 5.02E-02
1-Apr-63 1.01E+00 1.31E+00 1.60E+00 2.79E-02 3.76E-02 5.02E-02
1-May-63 1.03E+00 1.32E+00 1.61E+00 2.79E-02 3.76E-02 5.02E-02
1-Jun-63 1.05E+00 1.34E+00 1.64E+00 2.78E-02 3.76E-02 5.04E-02
1-Jul-63 1.06E+00 1.35E+00 1.65E+00 2.79E-02 3.76E-02 5.02E-02
1-Aug-63 1.07E+00 1.36E+00 1.66E+00 2.79E-02 3.77E-02 5.02E-02
1-Sep-63 1.07E+00 1.36E+00 1.66E+00 2.79E-02 3.77E-02 5.03E-02
1-Oct-63 1.10E+00 1.39E+00 1.68E+00 2.79E-02 3.77E-02 5.04E-02
1-Nov-63 1.11E+00 1.40E+00 1.69E+00 2.80E-02 3.77E-02 5.06E-02
1-Dec-63 1.13E+00 1.42E+00 1.71E+00 2.79E-02 3.77E-02 5.05E-02
1-Jan-64 1.15E+00 1.44E+00 1.73E+00 2.79E-02 3.77E-02 5.05E-02
1-Feb-64 1.16E+00 1.45E+00 1.74E+00 2.79E-02 3.78E-02 5.05E-02
1-Mar-64 1.16E+00 1.45E+00 1.75E+00 2.80E-02 3.78E-02 5.05E-02
1-Apr-64 1.17E+00 1.46E+00 1.76E+00 2.80E-02 3.79E-02 5.06E-02
1-May-64 1.18E+00 1.47E+00 1.76E+00 2.81E-02 3.79E-02 5.05E-02
1-Jun-64 1.19E+00 1.48E+00 1.78E+00 2.81E-02 3.80E-02 5.07E-02
1-Jul-64 1.20E+00 1.49E+00 1.79E+00 2.82E-02 3.80E-02 5.09E-02
1-Aug-64 1.21E+00 1.51E+00 1.80E+00 2.81E-02 3.82E-02 5.11E-02
1-Sep-64 1.23E+00 1.52E+00 1.82E+00 2.82E-02 3.82E-02 5.13E-02
1-Oct-64 1.24E+00 1.53E+00 1.83E+00 2.84E-02 3.83E-02 5.14E-02
1-Nov-64 1.26E+00 1.55E+00 1.85E+00 2.83E-02 3.84E-02 5.16E-02
1-Dec-64 1.28E+00 1.57E+00 1.87E+00 2.84E-02 3.85E-02 5.15E-02
1-Jan-65 1.29E+00 1.59E+00 1.89E+00 2.85E-02 3.85E-02 5.17E-02
1-Feb-65 1.30E+00 1.60E+00 1.90E+00 2.85E-02 3.86E-02 5.19E-02
1-Mar-65 1.32E+00 1.61E+00 1.92E+00 2.87E-02 3.88E-02 5.21E-02
1-Apr-65 1.33E+00 1.63E+00 1.94E+00 2.87E-02 3.89E-02 5.24E-02
1-May-65 1.36E+00 1.66E+00 1.96E+00 2.86E-02 3.90E-02 5.24E-02
1-Jun-65 1.39E+00 1.69E+00 2.00E+00 2.86E-02 3.92E-02 5.28E-02
1-Jul-65 1.39E+00 1.70E+00 2.01E+00 2.87E-02 3.93E-02 5.30E-02
1-Aug-65 1.41E+00 1.71E+00 2.02E+00 2.88E-02 3.95E-02 5.32E-02
1-Sep-65 1.43E+00 1.73E+00 2.04E+00 2.89E-02 3.97E-02 5.36E-02
1-Oct-65 1.43E+00 1.74E+00 2.05E+00 2.90E-02 3.99E-02 5.41E-02
1-Nov-65 1.47E+00 1.77E+00 2.08E+00 2.91E-02 4.02E-02 5.45E-02
1-Dec-65 1.52E+00 1.82E+00 2.14E+00 2.91E-02 4.04E-02 5.51E-02
1-Jan-66 1.53E+00 1.84E+00 2.16E+00 2.92E-02 4.06E-02 5.54E-02
1-Feb-66 1.59E+00 1.90E+00 2.21E+00 2.93E-02 4.08E-02 5.55E-02
1-Mar-66 1.61E+00 1.92E+00 2.24E+00 2.93E-02 4.08E-02 5.57E-02
1-Apr-66 1.66E+00 1.97E+00 2.29E+00 2.93E-02 4.08E-02 5.58E-02
1-May-66 1.68E+00 1.99E+00 2.31E+00 2.94E-02 4.09E-02 5.59E-02
1-Jun-66 1.72E+00 2.03E+00 2.35E+00 2.93E-02 4.09E-02 5.60E-02
1-Jul-66 1.75E+00 2.06E+00 2.38E+00 2.93E-02 4.09E-02 5.59E-02
1-Aug-66 1.80E+00 2.11E+00 2.44E+00 2.93E-02 4.09E-02 5.61E-02
1-Sep-66 1.83E+00 2.15E+00 2.47E+00 2.93E-02 4.09E-02 5.61E-02
1-Oct-66 1.87E+00 2.18E+00 2.51E+00 2.93E-02 4.09E-02 5.59E-02
1-Nov-66 1.88E+00 2.20E+00 2.53E+00 2.94E-02 4.08E-02 5.58E-02
1-Dec-66 1.91E+00 2.23E+00 2.56E+00 2.94E-02 4.08E-02 5.55E-02
1-Jan-67 1.91E+00 2.23E+00 2.56E+00 2.94E-02 4.08E-02 5.54E-02
1-Feb-67 1.93E+00 2.25E+00 2.59E+00 2.96E-02 4.08E-02 5.58E-02
1-Mar-67 1.94E+00 2.26E+00 2.60E+00 2.95E-02 4.09E-02 5.58E-02
1-Apr-67 1.97E+00 2.29E+00 2.62E+00 2.96E-02 4.09E-02 5.58E-02
1-May-67 1.99E+00 2.31E+00 2.64E+00 2.95E-02 4.10E-02 5.60E-02
1-Jun-67 2.03E+00 2.35E+00 2.69E+00 2.96E-02 4.11E-02 5.62E-02
1-Jul-67 2.07E+00 2.39E+00 2.73E+00 2.96E-02 4.12E-02 5.61E-02
1-Aug-67 2.10E+00 2.43E+00 2.77E+00 2.96E-02 4.12E-02 5.61E-02
1-Sep-67 2.14E+00 2.46E+00 2.80E+00 2.97E-02 4.12E-02 5.62E-02
1-Oct-67 2.18E+00 2.50E+00 2.84E+00 2.98E-02 4.12E-02 5.61E-02
1-Nov-67 2.22E+00 2.54E+00 2.88E+00 2.97E-02 4.12E-02 5.60E-02
1-Dec-67 2.24E+00 2.56E+00 2.90E+00 2.97E-02 4.12E-02 5.58E-02
1-Jan-68 2.28E+00 2.61E+00 2.95E+00 2.98E-02 4.13E-02 5.63E-02
1-Feb-68 2.33E+00 2.65E+00 2.99E+00 2.97E-02 4.12E-02 5.62E-02
1-Mar-68 2.35E+00 2.68E+00 3.02E+00 2.98E-02 4.12E-02 5.60E-02
1-Apr-68 2.38E+00 2.71E+00 3.05E+00 2.97E-02 4.11E-02 5.59E-02
1-May-68 2.42E+00 2.75E+00 3.09E+00 2.97E-02 4.11E-02 5.59E-02
1-Jun-68 2.45E+00 2.78E+00 3.12E+00 2.98E-02 4.11E-02 5.58E-02
1-Jul-68 2.48E+00 2.81E+00 3.15E+00 2.98E-02 4.11E-02 5.56E-02
1-Aug-68 2.51E+00 2.85E+00 3.19E+00 2.97E-02 4.10E-02 5.58E-02
1-Sep-68 2.54E+00 2.88E+00 3.22E+00 2.97E-02 4.10E-02 5.54E-02
1-Oct-68 2.59E+00 2.92E+00 3.26E+00 2.97E-02 4.10E-02 5.57E-02
1-Nov-68 2.62E+00 2.95E+00 3.28E+00 2.97E-02 4.10E-02 5.54E-02
1-Dec-68 2.65E+00 2.98E+00 3.31E+00 2.97E-02 4.09E-02 5.54E-02
1-Jan-69 2.68E+00 3.01E+00 3.34E+00 2.96E-02 4.09E-02 5.54E-02
1-Feb-69 2.70E+00 3.03E+00 3.36E+00 2.96E-02 4.09E-02 5.55E-02
1-Mar-69 2.75E+00 3.08E+00 3.41E+00 2.96E-02 4.09E-02 5.55E-02
1-Apr-69 2.79E+00 3.11E+00 3.44E+00 2.95E-02 4.08E-02 5.54E-02
1-May-69 2.82E+00 3.14E+00 3.47E+00 2.94E-02 4.08E-02 5.50E-02
1-Jun-69 2.86E+00 3.18E+00 3.51E+00 2.94E-02 4.07E-02 5.50E-02
1-Jul-69 2.90E+00 3.22E+00 3.55E+00 2.94E-02 4.06E-02 5.50E-02
1-Aug-69 2.91E+00 3.23E+00 3.56E+00 2.94E-02 4.05E-02 5.45E-02
1-Sep-69 2.95E+00 3.27E+00 3.60E+00 2.92E-02 4.04E-02 5.46E-02
1-Oct-69 2.97E+00 3.29E+00 3.62E+00 2.92E-02 4.03E-02 5.45E-02
1-Nov-69 3.00E+00 3.32E+00 3.65E+00 2.90E-02 4.01E-02 5.42E-02
1-Dec-69 3.03E+00 3.36E+00 3.68E+00 2.89E-02 4.00E-02 5.41E-02
1-Jan-70 3.06E+00 3.38E+00 3.71E+00 2.90E-02 3.99E-02 5.38E-02
1-Feb-70 3.09E+00 3.41E+00 3.73E+00 2.90E-02 3.98E-02 5.38E-02
1-Mar-70 3.10E+00 3.42E+00 3.75E+00 2.89E-02 3.97E-02 5.35E-02
1-Apr-70 3.14E+00 3.46E+00 3.78E+00 2.90E-02 3.97E-02 5.37E-02
1-May-70 3.16E+00 3.47E+00 3.79E+00 2.89E-02 3.96E-02 5.34E-02
1-Jun-70 3.17E+00 3.49E+00 3.81E+00 2.88E-02 3.95E-02 5.34E-02
1-Jul-70 3.18E+00 3.50E+00 3.82E+00 2.89E-02 3.95E-02 5.36E-02
1-Aug-70 3.19E+00 3.51E+00 3.82E+00 2.87E-02 3.95E-02 5.35E-02
1-Sep-70 3.22E+00 3.53E+00 3.85E+00 2.86E-02 3.95E-02 5.36E-02
1-Oct-70 3.25E+00 3.56E+00 3.88E+00 2.87E-02 3.95E-02 5.36E-02
1-Nov-70 3.27E+00 3.58E+00 3.90E+00 2.87E-02 3.95E-02 5.36E-02
1-Dec-70 3.30E+00 3.61E+00 3.93E+00 2.87E-02 3.95E-02 5.36E-02
1-Jan-71 3.30E+00 3.62E+00 3.93E+00 2.88E-02 3.95E-02 5.35E-02
1-Feb-71 3.31E+00 3.63E+00 3.94E+00 2.89E-02 3.96E-02 5.35E-02
1-Mar-71 3.33E+00 3.64E+00 3.96E+00 2.89E-02 3.97E-02 5.37E-02
1-Apr-71 3.35E+00 3.66E+00 3.97E+00 2.89E-02 3.98E-02 5.38E-02
1-May-71 3.37E+00 3.68E+00 4.00E+00 2.90E-02 3.99E-02 5.39E-02
1-Jun-71 3.39E+00 3.70E+00 4.02E+00 2.91E-02 4.00E-02 5.41E-02
1-Jul-71 3.39E+00 3.71E+00 4.02E+00 2.91E-02 4.01E-02 5.45E-02
1-Aug-71 3.39E+00 3.70E+00 4.02E+00 2.93E-02 4.03E-02 5.48E-02
1-Sep-71 3.39E+00 3.70E+00 4.01E+00 2.95E-02 4.05E-02 5.50E-02
1-Oct-71 3.38E+00 3.69E+00 4.00E+00 2.95E-02 4.07E-02 5.53E-02
1-Nov-71 3.38E+00 3.69E+00 4.01E+00 2.97E-02 4.10E-02 5.58E-02
1-Dec-71 3.41E+00 3.71E+00 4.03E+00 2.98E-02 4.13E-02 5.64E-02
1-Jan-72 3.43E+00 3.74E+00 4.06E+00 3.00E-02 4.16E-02 5.67E-02
1-Feb-72 3.45E+00 3.76E+00 4.08E+00 3.01E-02 4.20E-02 5.73E-02
1-Mar-72 3.44E+00 3.76E+00 4.08E+00 3.03E-02 4.23E-02 5.79E-02
1-Apr-72 3.44E+00 3.75E+00 4.07E+00 3.06E-02 4.27E-02 5.83E-02
1-May-72 3.43E+00 3.75E+00 4.08E+00 3.09E-02 4.31E-02 5.90E-02
1-Jun-72 3.43E+00 3.75E+00 4.08E+00 3.12E-02 4.36E-02 5.98E-02
1-Jul-72 3.44E+00 3.77E+00 4.10E+00 3.15E-02 4.43E-02 6.08E-02
1-Aug-72 3.45E+00 3.78E+00 4.11E+00 3.17E-02 4.49E-02 6.19E-02
1-Sep-72 3.49E+00 3.81E+00 4.15E+00 3.21E-02 4.56E-02 6.32E-02
1-Oct-72 3.47E+00 3.81E+00 4.15E+00 3.25E-02 4.63E-02 6.43E-02
1-Nov-72 3.51E+00 3.84E+00 4.18E+00 3.29E-02 4.72E-02 6.57E-02
1-Dec-72 3.53E+00 3.86E+00 4.20E+00 3.34E-02 4.81E-02 6.70E-02
1-Jan-73 3.54E+00 3.87E+00 4.22E+00 3.40E-02 4.91E-02 6.89E-02
1-Feb-73 3.59E+00 3.93E+00 4.27E+00 3.46E-02 5.03E-02 7.05E-02
1-Mar-73 3.67E+00 4.00E+00 4.34E+00 3.54E-02 5.14E-02 7.23E-02
1-Apr-73 3.75E+00 4.08E+00 4.42E+00 3.61E-02 5.25E-02 7.40E-02
1-May-73 3.77E+00 4.11E+00 4.45E+00 3.69E-02 5.36E-02 7.50E-02
1-Jun-73 3.83E+00 4.17E+00 4.52E+00 3.76E-02 5.47E-02 7.65E-02
1-Jul-73 3.85E+00 4.20E+00 4.55E+00 3.84E-02 5.60E-02 7.83E-02
1-Aug-73 4.02E+00 4.36E+00 4.72E+00 3.93E-02 5.75E-02 8.03E-02
1-Sep-73 4.04E+00 4.39E+00 4.74E+00 3.94E-02 5.75E-02 8.03E-02
1-Oct-73 4.10E+00 4.45E+00 4.81E+00 3.95E-02 5.77E-02 8.03E-02
1-Nov-73 4.18E+00 4.53E+00 4.90E+00 3.95E-02 5.79E-02 8.06E-02
1-Dec-73 4.26E+00 4.62E+00 4.98E+00 3.98E-02 5.81E-02 8.09E-02
1-Jan-74 4.34E+00 4.70E+00 5.08E+00 3.98E-02 5.81E-02 8.05E-02
1-Feb-74 4.44E+00 4.82E+00 5.20E+00 3.97E-02 5.82E-02 8.05E-02
1-Mar-74 4.55E+00 4.93E+00 5.32E+00 3.95E-02 5.77E-02 8.05E-02
1-Apr-74 4.60E+00 4.97E+00 5.35E+00 3.91E-02 5.69E-02 7.90E-02
1-May-74 4.70E+00 5.07E+00 5.46E+00 3.87E-02 5.62E-02 7.81E-02
1-Jun-74 4.76E+00 5.14E+00 5.52E+00 3.82E-02 5.52E-02 7.68E-02
1-Jul-74 4.81E+00 5.18E+00 5.56E+00 3.76E-02 5.42E-02 7.52E-02
1-Aug-74 4.89E+00 5.27E+00 5.66E+00 3.71E-02 5.33E-02 7.43E-02
1-Sep-74 4.97E+00 5.34E+00 5.74E+00 3.62E-02 5.22E-02 7.31E-02
1-Oct-74 5.00E+00 5.37E+00 5.75E+00 3.56E-02 5.11E-02 7.14E-02
1-Nov-74 5.03E+00 5.40E+00 5.77E+00 3.49E-02 5.01E-02 7.00E-02
1-Dec-74 5.04E+00 5.41E+00 5.78E+00 3.45E-02 4.91E-02 6.85E-02
1-Jan-75 5.04E+00 5.39E+00 5.75E+00 3.38E-02 4.84E-02 6.77E-02
1-Feb-75 5.02E+00 5.35E+00 5.69E+00 3.35E-02 4.77E-02 6.69E-02
1-Mar-75 5.01E+00 5.34E+00 5.67E+00 3.32E-02 4.70E-02 6.57E-02
1-Apr-75 5.00E+00 5.32E+00 5.65E+00 3.27E-02 4.64E-02 6.52E-02
1-May-75 4.98E+00 5.30E+00 5.61E+00 3.23E-02 4.60E-02 6.44E-02
1-Jun-75 5.02E+00 5.33E+00 5.64E+00 3.21E-02 4.55E-02 6.35E-02
1-Jul-75 5.07E+00 5.38E+00 5.69E+00 3.19E-02 4.51E-02 6.26E-02
1-Aug-75 5.06E+00 5.36E+00 5.66E+00 3.15E-02 4.46E-02 6.21E-02
1-Sep-75 5.09E+00 5.39E+00 5.68E+00 3.13E-02 4.43E-02 6.15E-02
1-Oct-75 5.10E+00 5.40E+00 5.70E+00 3.12E-02 4.39E-02 6.10E-02
1-Nov-75 5.13E+00 5.43E+00 5.73E+00 3.09E-02 4.37E-02 6.05E-02
1-Dec-75 5.14E+00 5.44E+00 5.73E+00 3.08E-02 4.34E-02 6.00E-02
1-Jan-76 5.13E+00 5.42E+00 5.71E+00 3.06E-02 4.32E-02 5.96E-02
1-Feb-76 5.09E+00 5.38E+00 5.67E+00 3.05E-02 4.30E-02 5.94E-02
1-Mar-76 5.07E+00 5.36E+00 5.64E+00 3.06E-02 4.28E-02 5.91E-02
1-Apr-76 5.07E+00 5.35E+00 5.63E+00 3.05E-02 4.27E-02 5.89E-02
1-May-76 5.08E+00 5.36E+00 5.64E+00 3.04E-02 4.26E-02 5.86E-02
1-Jun-76 5.08E+00 5.36E+00 5.64E+00 3.04E-02 4.26E-02 5.84E-02
1-Jul-76 5.10E+00 5.37E+00 5.65E+00 3.04E-02 4.25E-02 5.85E-02
1-Aug-76 5.11E+00 5.38E+00 5.65E+00 3.04E-02 4.26E-02 5.86E-02
1-Sep-76 5.12E+00 5.40E+00 5.67E+00 3.04E-02 4.27E-02 5.87E-02
1-Oct-76 5.13E+00 5.41E+00 5.68E+00 3.04E-02 4.28E-02 5.89E-02
1-Nov-76 5.13E+00 5.40E+00 5.67E+00 3.05E-02 4.30E-02 5.90E-02
1-Dec-76 5.16E+00 5.43E+00 5.71E+00 3.07E-02 4.32E-02 5.95E-02
1-Jan-77 5.19E+00 5.46E+00 5.73E+00 3.07E-02 4.35E-02 6.01E-02
1-Feb-77 5.23E+00 5.50E+00 5.77E+00 3.09E-02 4.38E-02 6.04E-02
1-Mar-77 5.25E+00 5.52E+00 5.79E+00 3.12E-02 4.40E-02 6.08E-02
1-Apr-77 5.27E+00 5.55E+00 5.82E+00 3.13E-02 4.44E-02 6.13E-02
1-May-77 5.29E+00 5.56E+00 5.83E+00 3.16E-02 4.48E-02 6.19E-02
1-Jun-77 5.32E+00 5.60E+00 5.88E+00 3.18E-02 4.52E-02 6.27E-02
1-Jul-77 5.35E+00 5.63E+00 5.91E+00 3.21E-02 4.57E-02 6.35E-02
1-Aug-77 5.36E+00 5.65E+00 5.94E+00 3.24E-02 4.62E-02 6.41E-02
1-Sep-77 5.37E+00 5.66E+00 5.95E+00 3.29E-02 4.69E-02 6.48E-02
1-Oct-77 5.41E+00 5.70E+00 6.00E+00 3.34E-02 4.76E-02 6.59E-02
1-Nov-77 5.46E+00 5.75E+00 6.05E+00 3.39E-02 4.84E-02 6.67E-02
1-Dec-77 5.48E+00 5.78E+00 6.09E+00 3.45E-02 4.91E-02 6.78E-02
1-Jan-78 5.52E+00 5.81E+00 6.12E+00 3.50E-02 5.00E-02 6.92E-02
1-Feb-78 5.55E+00 5.85E+00 6.16E+00 3.57E-02 5.10E-02 7.06E-02
1-Mar-78 5.60E+00 5.90E+00 6.22E+00 3.64E-02 5.21E-02 7.24E-02
1-Apr-78 5.68E+00 5.98E+00 6.30E+00 3.71E-02 5.33E-02 7.39E-02
1-May-78 5.74E+00 6.05E+00 6.37E+00 3.79E-02 5.43E-02 7.52E-02
1-Jun-78 5.78E+00 6.09E+00 6.41E+00 3.86E-02 5.54E-02 7.66E-02
1-Jul-78 5.82E+00 6.14E+00 6.47E+00 3.94E-02 5.66E-02 7.81E-02
1-Aug-78 5.92E+00 6.23E+00 6.56E+00 4.05E-02 5.80E-02 7.99E-02
1-Sep-78 5.94E+00 6.26E+00 6.60E+00 4.14E-02 5.93E-02 8.12E-02
1-Oct-78 6.04E+00 6.37E+00 6.71E+00 4.25E-02 6.08E-02 8.33E-02
1-Nov-78 6.08E+00 6.41E+00 6.75E+00 4.36E-02 6.20E-02 8.47E-02
1-Dec-78 6.10E+00 6.44E+00 6.78E+00 4.49E-02 6.35E-02 8.66E-02
1-Jan-79 6.20E+00 6.53E+00 6.87E+00 4.60E-02 6.52E-02 8.86E-02
1-Feb-79 6.29E+00 6.62E+00 6.96E+00 4.73E-02 6.69E-02 9.07E-02
1-Mar-79 6.40E+00 6.73E+00 7.07E+00 4.88E-02 6.87E-02 9.26E-02
1-Apr-79 6.59E+00 6.92E+00 7.26E+00 5.01E-02 7.04E-02 9.49E-02
1-May-79 6.73E+00 7.07E+00 7.41E+00 5.01E-02 7.05E-02 9.57E-02
1-Jun-79 6.80E+00 7.14E+00 7.48E+00 4.96E-02 7.01E-02 9.51E-02
1-Jul-79 6.88E+00 7.21E+00 7.55E+00 4.92E-02 6.98E-02 9.51E-02
1-Aug-79 6.97E+00 7.30E+00 7.64E+00 4.88E-02 6.98E-02 9.53E-02
1-Sep-79 7.06E+00 7.39E+00 7.71E+00 4.85E-02 6.99E-02 9.60E-02
1-Oct-79 7.14E+00 7.46E+00 7.77E+00 4.84E-02 7.00E-02 9.67E-02
1-Nov-79 7.24E+00 7.55E+00 7.86E+00 4.82E-02 7.04E-02 9.79E-02
1-Dec-79 7.34E+00 7.65E+00 7.95E+00 4.81E-02 7.08E-02 9.92E-02
1-Jan-80 7.47E+00 7.78E+00 8.09E+00 4.82E-02 7.12E-02 9.97E-02
1-Feb-80 7.59E+00 7.90E+00 8.22E+00 4.80E-02 7.13E-02 1.01E-01
1-Mar-80 7.70E+00 8.01E+00 8.32E+00 4.75E-02 7.11E-02 1.01E-01
1-Apr-80 7.69E+00 7.98E+00 8.28E+00 4.71E-02 7.08E-02 1.01E-01
1-May-80 7.72E+00 8.00E+00 8.28E+00 4.70E-02 7.08E-02 1.01E-01
1-Jun-80 7.72E+00 8.00E+00 8.28E+00 4.70E-02 7.10E-02 1.02E-01
1-Jul-80 7.76E+00 8.04E+00 8.32E+00 4.70E-02 7.14E-02 1.03E-01
1-Aug-80 7.76E+00 8.03E+00 8.29E+00 4.74E-02 7.21E-02 1.04E-01
1-Sep-80 7.84E+00 8.12E+00 8.41E+00 4.80E-02 7.31E-02 1.05E-01
1-Oct-80 7.85E+00 8.15E+00 8.44E+00 4.89E-02 7.40E-02 1.06E-01
1-Nov-80 7.82E+00 8.11E+00 8.39E+00 4.99E-02 7.53E-02 1.08E-01
1-Dec-80 7.76E+00 8.05E+00 8.34E+00 5.10E-02 7.68E-02 1.08E-01
1-Jan-81 7.72E+00 8.02E+00 8.31E+00 5.31E-02 7.87E-02 1.10E-01
1-Feb-81 7.63E+00 7.92E+00 8.20E+00 5.52E-02 8.09E-02 1.12E-01
1-Mar-81 7.44E+00 7.73E+00 8.00E+00 5.77E-02 8.33E-02 1.14E-01
1-Apr-81 7.35E+00 7.64E+00 7.91E+00 5.96E-02 8.48E-02 1.15E-01
1-May-81 7.22E+00 7.50E+00 7.77E+00 6.16E-02 8.64E-02 1.16E-01
1-Jun-81 7.05E+00 7.33E+00 7.60E+00 6.33E-02 8.80E-02 1.17E-01
1-Jul-81 6.90E+00 7.18E+00 7.45E+00 6.48E-02 8.90E-02 1.18E-01
1-Aug-81 6.79E+00 7.06E+00 7.33E+00 6.60E-02 8.99E-02 1.18E-01
1-Sep-81 6.71E+00 6.99E+00 7.26E+00 6.74E-02 9.11E-02 1.19E-01
1-Oct-81 6.58E+00 6.85E+00 7.12E+00 6.92E-02 9.26E-02 1.20E-01
1-Nov-81 6.49E+00 6.76E+00 7.03E+00 7.11E-02 9.42E-02 1.21E-01
1-Dec-81 6.21E+00 6.48E+00 6.74E+00 7.36E-02 9.61E-02 1.23E-01
1-Jan-82 6.08E+00 6.35E+00 6.61E+00 7.31E-02 9.57E-02 1.22E-01
1-Feb-82 5.86E+00 6.13E+00 6.38E+00 7.31E-02 9.53E-02 1.21E-01
1-Mar-82 5.61E+00 5.87E+00 6.12E+00 7.14E-02 9.37E-02 1.20E-01
1-Apr-82 5.44E+00 5.70E+00 5.95E+00 6.77E-02 9.01E-02 1.17E-01
1-May-82 5.34E+00 5.59E+00 5.84E+00 6.38E-02 8.62E-02 1.13E-01
1-Jun-82 5.33E+00 5.58E+00 5.82E+00 6.09E-02 8.26E-02 1.10E-01
1-Jul-82 5.28E+00 5.53E+00 5.78E+00 5.79E-02 7.95E-02 1.06E-01
1-Aug-82 5.20E+00 5.44E+00 5.67E+00 5.54E-02 7.69E-02 1.03E-01
1-Sep-82 5.10E+00 5.33E+00 5.56E+00 5.33E-02 7.45E-02 1.01E-01
1-Oct-82 5.10E+00 5.34E+00 5.57E+00 5.16E-02 7.22E-02 9.89E-02
1-Nov-82 5.01E+00 5.24E+00 5.47E+00 4.95E-02 7.02E-02 9.63E-02
1-Dec-82 4.89E+00 5.13E+00 5.35E+00 4.78E-02 6.82E-02 9.41E-02
1-Jan-83 4.86E+00 5.10E+00 5.33E+00 4.62E-02 6.61E-02 9.13E-02
1-Feb-83 4.78E+00 5.02E+00 5.25E+00 4.45E-02 6.43E-02 8.96E-02
1-Mar-83 4.67E+00 4.91E+00 5.14E+00 4.31E-02 6.25E-02 8.77E-02
1-Apr-83 4.71E+00 4.94E+00 5.17E+00 4.16E-02 6.05E-02 8.47E-02
1-May-83 4.66E+00 4.90E+00 5.12E+00 4.03E-02 5.88E-02 8.25E-02
1-Jun-83 4.67E+00 4.90E+00 5.12E+00 3.94E-02 5.72E-02 8.02E-02
1-Jul-83 4.71E+00 4.93E+00 5.15E+00 3.83E-02 5.59E-02 7.86E-02
1-Aug-83 4.72E+00 4.94E+00 5.16E+00 3.77E-02 5.46E-02 7.67E-02
1-Sep-83 4.73E+00 4.95E+00 5.16E+00 3.69E-02 5.35E-02 7.48E-02
1-Oct-83 4.73E+00 4.94E+00 5.15E+00 3.63E-02 5.25E-02 7.35E-02
1-Nov-83 4.72E+00 4.93E+00 5.14E+00 3.59E-02 5.17E-02 7.21E-02
1-Dec-83 4.69E+00 4.90E+00 5.11E+00 3.54E-02 5.09E-02 7.11E-02
1-Jan-84 4.71E+00 4.92E+00 5.13E+00 3.50E-02 5.03E-02 7.00E-02
1-Feb-84 4.75E+00 4.97E+00 5.18E+00 3.47E-02 4.98E-02 6.94E-02
1-Mar-84 4.74E+00 4.95E+00 5.17E+00 3.46E-02 4.93E-02 6.83E-02
1-Apr-84 4.75E+00 4.96E+00 5.19E+00 3.45E-02 4.89E-02 6.76E-02
1-May-84 4.70E+00 4.92E+00 5.15E+00 3.45E-02 4.86E-02 6.71E-02
1-Jun-84 4.67E+00 4.89E+00 5.11E+00 3.44E-02 4.84E-02 6.68E-02
1-Jul-84 4.64E+00 4.86E+00 5.08E+00 3.44E-02 4.82E-02 6.61E-02
1-Aug-84 4.58E+00 4.81E+00 5.03E+00 3.45E-02 4.81E-02 6.55E-02
1-Sep-84 4.52E+00 4.73E+00 4.95E+00 3.45E-02 4.80E-02 6.53E-02
1-Oct-84 4.47E+00 4.68E+00 4.90E+00 3.45E-02 4.78E-02 6.49E-02
1-Nov-84 4.40E+00 4.61E+00 4.82E+00 3.43E-02 4.76E-02 6.44E-02
1-Dec-84 4.35E+00 4.56E+00 4.77E+00 3.43E-02 4.72E-02 6.39E-02
1-Jan-85 4.31E+00 4.52E+00 4.73E+00 3.40E-02 4.69E-02 6.34E-02
1-Feb-85 4.28E+00 4.49E+00 4.70E+00 3.39E-02 4.65E-02 6.28E-02
1-Mar-85 4.24E+00 4.45E+00 4.66E+00 3.36E-02 4.63E-02 6.23E-02
1-Apr-85 4.17E+00 4.38E+00 4.59E+00 3.35E-02 4.61E-02 6.20E-02
1-May-85 4.13E+00 4.34E+00 4.55E+00 3.34E-02 4.58E-02 6.14E-02
1-Jun-85 4.09E+00 4.30E+00 4.51E+00 3.32E-02 4.55E-02 6.09E-02
1-Jul-85 4.03E+00 4.24E+00 4.45E+00 3.30E-02 4.52E-02 6.05E-02
1-Aug-85 4.01E+00 4.22E+00 4.42E+00 3.27E-02 4.49E-02 6.01E-02
1-Sep-85 3.95E+00 4.17E+00 4.37E+00 3.25E-02 4.46E-02 5.95E-02
1-Oct-85 3.92E+00 4.14E+00 4.34E+00 3.23E-02 4.44E-02 5.96E-02
1-Nov-85 3.89E+00 4.11E+00 4.32E+00 3.21E-02 4.41E-02 5.94E-02
1-Dec-85 3.87E+00 4.08E+00 4.30E+00 3.20E-02 4.39E-02 5.93E-02
1-Jan-86 3.85E+00 4.06E+00 4.27E+00 3.18E-02 4.38E-02 5.92E-02
1-Feb-86 3.78E+00 3.99E+00 4.21E+00 3.16E-02 4.37E-02 5.92E-02
1-Mar-86 3.71E+00 3.93E+00 4.14E+00 3.15E-02 4.35E-02 5.91E-02
1-Apr-86 3.67E+00 3.89E+00 4.10E+00 3.11E-02 4.30E-02 5.86E-02
1-May-86 3.67E+00 3.89E+00 4.10E+00 3.08E-02 4.26E-02 5.78E-02
1-Jun-86 3.69E+00 3.90E+00 4.11E+00 3.05E-02 4.22E-02 5.74E-02
1-Jul-86 3.67E+00 3.88E+00 4.09E+00 3.04E-02 4.18E-02 5.68E-02
1-Aug-86 3.67E+00 3.88E+00 4.09E+00 3.02E-02 4.15E-02 5.64E-02
1-Sep-86 3.69E+00 3.89E+00 4.10E+00 3.00E-02 4.13E-02 5.61E-02
1-Oct-86 3.68E+00 3.89E+00 4.10E+00 2.98E-02 4.10E-02 5.58E-02
1-Nov-86 3.68E+00 3.88E+00 4.09E+00 2.97E-02 4.08E-02 5.56E-02
1-Dec-86 3.69E+00 3.89E+00 4.09E+00 2.95E-02 4.06E-02 5.54E-02
1-Jan-87 3.74E+00 3.94E+00 4.14E+00 2.94E-02 4.05E-02 5.52E-02
1-Feb-87 3.75E+00 3.95E+00 4.15E+00 2.94E-02 4.03E-02 5.48E-02
1-Mar-87 3.76E+00 3.96E+00 4.15E+00 2.92E-02 4.01E-02 5.42E-02
1-Apr-87 3.78E+00 3.98E+00 4.18E+00 2.92E-02 3.99E-02 5.39E-02
1-May-87 3.80E+00 4.00E+00 4.19E+00 2.91E-02 3.98E-02 5.37E-02
1-Jun-87 3.83E+00 4.02E+00 4.21E+00 2.89E-02 3.96E-02 5.34E-02
1-Jul-87 3.83E+00 4.03E+00 4.23E+00 2.90E-02 3.95E-02 5.31E-02
1-Aug-87 3.86E+00 4.05E+00 4.25E+00 2.88E-02 3.94E-02 5.29E-02
1-Sep-87 3.87E+00 4.06E+00 4.26E+00 2.88E-02 3.93E-02 5.28E-02
1-Oct-87 3.89E+00 4.08E+00 4.28E+00 2.88E-02 3.93E-02 5.27E-02
1-Nov-87 3.88E+00 4.08E+00 4.27E+00 2.89E-02 3.92E-02 5.26E-02
1-Dec-87 3.89E+00 4.08E+00 4.28E+00 2.89E-02 3.92E-02 5.26E-02
1-Jan-88 3.92E+00 4.12E+00 4.32E+00 2.88E-02 3.92E-02 5.25E-02
1-Feb-88 3.91E+00 4.11E+00 4.30E+00 2.87E-02 3.91E-02 5.25E-02
1-Mar-88 3.93E+00 4.13E+00 4.33E+00 2.87E-02 3.91E-02 5.24E-02
1-Apr-88 3.96E+00 4.16E+00 4.36E+00 2.87E-02 3.91E-02 5.25E-02
1-May-88 3.96E+00 4.16E+00 4.36E+00 2.87E-02 3.91E-02 5.25E-02
1-Jun-88 3.98E+00 4.18E+00 4.38E+00 2.88E-02 3.91E-02 5.25E-02
1-Jul-88 4.01E+00 4.21E+00 4.42E+00 2.87E-02 3.91E-02 5.26E-02
1-Aug-88 4.00E+00 4.20E+00 4.40E+00 2.87E-02 3.91E-02 5.25E-02
1-Sep-88 4.01E+00 4.21E+00 4.42E+00 2.88E-02 3.91E-02 5.26E-02
1-Oct-88 4.00E+00 4.20E+00 4.41E+00 2.88E-02 3.92E-02 5.27E-02
1-Nov-88 3.98E+00 4.18E+00 4.38E+00 2.88E-02 3.92E-02 5.25E-02
1-Dec-88 3.98E+00 4.18E+00 4.38E+00 2.90E-02 3.92E-02 5.26E-02
1-Jan-89 3.99E+00 4.19E+00 4.39E+00 2.90E-02 3.93E-02 5.26E-02
1-Feb-89 3.98E+00 4.18E+00 4.38E+00 2.90E-02 3.93E-02 5.27E-02
1-Mar-89 3.97E+00 4.17E+00 4.37E+00 2.91E-02 3.94E-02 5.26E-02
1-Apr-89 3.99E+00 4.19E+00 4.39E+00 2.90E-02 3.95E-02 5.30E-02
1-May-89 3.97E+00 4.17E+00 4.37E+00 2.90E-02 3.96E-02 5.31E-02
1-Jun-89 3.93E+00 4.13E+00 4.33E+00 2.91E-02 3.98E-02 5.33E-02
1-Jul-89 3.91E+00 4.11E+00 4.31E+00 2.91E-02 3.98E-02 5.36E-02
1-Aug-89 3.85E+00 4.05E+00 4.25E+00 2.91E-02 3.99E-02 5.38E-02
1-Sep-89 3.84E+00 4.03E+00 4.23E+00 2.91E-02 3.98E-02 5.36E-02
1-Oct-89 3.83E+00 4.03E+00 4.22E+00 2.92E-02 3.98E-02 5.34E-02
1-Nov-89 3.80E+00 4.00E+00 4.19E+00 2.91E-02 3.97E-02 5.34E-02
1-Dec-89 3.78E+00 3.98E+00 4.17E+00 2.90E-02 3.97E-02 5.34E-02
1-Jan-90 3.82E+00 4.01E+00 4.20E+00 2.90E-02 3.97E-02 5.34E-02
1-Feb-90 3.81E+00 4.01E+00 4.20E+00 2.92E-02 3.97E-02 5.34E-02
1-Mar-90 3.80E+00 4.00E+00 4.19E+00 2.92E-02 3.97E-02 5.32E-02
1-Apr-90 3.78E+00 3.97E+00 4.17E+00 2.92E-02 3.98E-02 5.34E-02
1-May-90 3.76E+00 3.96E+00 4.15E+00 2.93E-02 3.98E-02 5.34E-02
1-Jun-90 3.77E+00 3.97E+00 4.16E+00 2.93E-02 3.98E-02 5.36E-02
1-Jul-90 3.74E+00 3.93E+00 4.12E+00 2.94E-02 3.99E-02 5.36E-02
1-Aug-90 3.77E+00 3.96E+00 4.15E+00 2.95E-02 3.99E-02 5.36E-02
1-Sep-90 3.77E+00 3.96E+00 4.15E+00 2.95E-02 3.99E-02 5.34E-02
1-Oct-90 3.77E+00 3.96E+00 4.15E+00 2.95E-02 4.00E-02 5.34E-02
1-Nov-90 3.72E+00 3.91E+00 4.11E+00 2.96E-02 4.00E-02 5.34E-02
1-Dec-90 3.69E+00 3.89E+00 4.08E+00 2.96E-02 4.00E-02 5.32E-02
1-Jan-91 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.08E+00 2.96E-02 4.00E-02 5.30E-02
1-Feb-91 3.66E+00 3.85E+00 4.04E+00 2.96E-02 4.00E-02 5.32E-02
1-Mar-91 3.61E+00 3.80E+00 4.00E+00 2.96E-02 4.00E-02 5.30E-02
1-Apr-91 3.57E+00 3.77E+00 3.96E+00 2.96E-02 3.99E-02 5.30E-02
1-May-91 3.57E+00 3.76E+00 3.96E+00 2.96E-02 3.98E-02 5.28E-02
1-Jun-91 3.53E+00 3.73E+00 3.92E+00 2.96E-02 3.98E-02 5.25E-02
1-Jul-91 3.50E+00 3.69E+00 3.89E+00 2.95E-02 3.97E-02 5.24E-02
1-Aug-91 3.47E+00 3.66E+00 3.86E+00 2.95E-02 3.97E-02 5.23E-02
1-Sep-91 3.45E+00 3.64E+00 3.84E+00 2.95E-02 3.96E-02 5.24E-02
1-Oct-91 3.40E+00 3.60E+00 3.79E+00 2.94E-02 3.95E-02 5.23E-02
1-Nov-91 3.37E+00 3.57E+00 3.76E+00 2.93E-02 3.94E-02 5.23E-02
1-Dec-91 3.35E+00 3.54E+00 3.74E+00 2.92E-02 3.93E-02 5.21E-02
1-Jan-92 3.31E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 2.92E-02 3.92E-02 5.19E-02
1-Feb-92 3.29E+00 3.48E+00 3.68E+00 2.91E-02 3.90E-02 5.13E-02
1-Mar-92 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.66E+00 2.91E-02 3.89E-02 5.12E-02
1-Apr-92 3.26E+00 3.45E+00 3.65E+00 2.90E-02 3.88E-02 5.10E-02
1-May-92 3.22E+00 3.42E+00 3.61E+00 2.90E-02 3.88E-02 5.11E-02
1-Jun-92 3.19E+00 3.39E+00 3.58E+00 2.88E-02 3.87E-02 5.09E-02
1-Jul-92 3.19E+00 3.38E+00 3.57E+00 2.88E-02 3.85E-02 5.08E-02
1-Aug-92 3.16E+00 3.35E+00 3.54E+00 2.87E-02 3.85E-02 5.06E-02
1-Sep-92 3.13E+00 3.32E+00 3.51E+00 2.86E-02 3.83E-02 5.03E-02
1-Oct-92 3.13E+00 3.33E+00 3.52E+00 2.86E-02 3.82E-02 5.02E-02
1-Nov-92 3.11E+00 3.30E+00 3.49E+00 2.86E-02 3.81E-02 5.01E-02
1-Dec-92 3.08E+00 3.27E+00 3.47E+00 2.85E-02 3.81E-02 5.00E-02
1-Jan-93 3.08E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 2.85E-02 3.79E-02 4.99E-02
1-Feb-93 3.07E+00 3.26E+00 3.45E+00 2.85E-02 3.79E-02 4.98E-02
1-Mar-93 3.05E+00 3.24E+00 3.43E+00 2.85E-02 3.78E-02 4.97E-02
1-Apr-93 3.05E+00 3.24E+00 3.43E+00 2.84E-02 3.78E-02 4.97E-02
1-May-93 3.04E+00 3.23E+00 3.42E+00 2.82E-02 3.77E-02 4.97E-02
1-Jun-93 3.01E+00 3.21E+00 3.40E+00 2.83E-02 3.77E-02 4.98E-02
1-Jul-93 3.00E+00 3.19E+00 3.37E+00 2.82E-02 3.76E-02 4.98E-02
1-Aug-93 2.98E+00 3.17E+00 3.36E+00 2.83E-02 3.76E-02 4.96E-02
1-Sep-93 2.96E+00 3.15E+00 3.34E+00 2.81E-02 3.76E-02 4.98E-02
1-Oct-93 2.97E+00 3.15E+00 3.34E+00 2.80E-02 3.76E-02 4.97E-02
1-Nov-93 2.96E+00 3.15E+00 3.34E+00 2.81E-02 3.75E-02 4.97E-02
1-Dec-93 2.94E+00 3.13E+00 3.31E+00 2.80E-02 3.75E-02 4.96E-02
1-Jan-94 2.92E+00 3.10E+00 3.29E+00 2.81E-02 3.74E-02 4.95E-02
1-Feb-94 2.92E+00 3.11E+00 3.30E+00 2.80E-02 3.74E-02 4.94E-02
1-Mar-94 2.93E+00 3.12E+00 3.31E+00 2.80E-02 3.74E-02 4.96E-02
1-Apr-94 2.92E+00 3.10E+00 3.29E+00 2.79E-02 3.74E-02 4.94E-02
1-May-94 2.92E+00 3.11E+00 3.29E+00 2.79E-02 3.74E-02 4.94E-02
1-Jun-94 2.93E+00 3.11E+00 3.30E+00 2.79E-02 3.73E-02 4.95E-02
1-Jul-94 2.94E+00 3.13E+00 3.31E+00 2.79E-02 3.73E-02 4.94E-02
1-Aug-94 2.94E+00 3.13E+00 3.31E+00 2.78E-02 3.73E-02 4.95E-02
1-Sep-94 2.94E+00 3.12E+00 3.31E+00 2.78E-02 3.73E-02 4.94E-02
1-Oct-94 2.93E+00 3.11E+00 3.30E+00 2.79E-02 3.74E-02 4.95E-02
1-Nov-94 2.92E+00 3.11E+00 3.30E+00 2.80E-02 3.74E-02 4.95E-02
1-Dec-94 2.90E+00 3.09E+00 3.27E+00 2.80E-02 3.74E-02 4.94E-02
1-Jan-95 2.90E+00 3.09E+00 3.27E+00 2.80E-02 3.75E-02 4.94E-02
1-Feb-95 2.89E+00 3.08E+00 3.26E+00 2.81E-02 3.75E-02 4.95E-02
1-Mar-95 2.88E+00 3.07E+00 3.26E+00 2.80E-02 3.76E-02 4.97E-02
1-Apr-95 2.88E+00 3.07E+00 3.25E+00 2.81E-02 3.77E-02 4.99E-02
1-May-95 2.85E+00 3.04E+00 3.22E+00 2.81E-02 3.77E-02 5.01E-02
1-Jun-95 2.82E+00 3.00E+00 3.18E+00 2.80E-02 3.77E-02 5.01E-02
1-Jul-95 2.79E+00 2.98E+00 3.16E+00 2.80E-02 3.77E-02 5.01E-02
1-Aug-95 2.77E+00 2.96E+00 3.15E+00 2.80E-02 3.77E-02 4.99E-02
1-Sep-95 2.74E+00 2.93E+00 3.11E+00 2.80E-02 3.78E-02 5.00E-02
1-Oct-95 2.73E+00 2.92E+00 3.10E+00 2.81E-02 3.77E-02 5.00E-02
1-Nov-95 2.69E+00 2.88E+00 3.06E+00 2.81E-02 3.77E-02 5.01E-02
1-Dec-95 2.67E+00 2.86E+00 3.05E+00 2.81E-02 3.76E-02 4.97E-02
1-Jan-96 2.66E+00 2.85E+00 3.04E+00 2.80E-02 3.76E-02 4.96E-02
1-Feb-96 2.65E+00 2.84E+00 3.02E+00 2.81E-02 3.75E-02 4.96E-02
1-Mar-96 2.65E+00 2.84E+00 3.02E+00 2.80E-02 3.75E-02 4.94E-02
1-Apr-96 2.64E+00 2.83E+00 3.01E+00 2.80E-02 3.75E-02 4.94E-02
1-May-96 2.63E+00 2.82E+00 3.00E+00 2.81E-02 3.75E-02 4.93E-02
1-Jun-96 2.60E+00 2.79E+00 2.98E+00 2.81E-02 3.75E-02 4.93E-02
1-Jul-96 2.60E+00 2.79E+00 2.98E+00 2.81E-02 3.75E-02 4.93E-02
1-Aug-96 2.58E+00 2.77E+00 2.96E+00 2.82E-02 3.75E-02 4.93E-02
1-Sep-96 2.59E+00 2.78E+00 2.97E+00 2.82E-02 3.75E-02 4.95E-02
1-Oct-96 2.59E+00 2.77E+00 2.96E+00 2.83E-02 3.75E-02 4.94E-02
1-Nov-96 2.57E+00 2.76E+00 2.95E+00 2.83E-02 3.76E-02 4.92E-02
1-Dec-96 2.56E+00 2.74E+00 2.93E+00 2.82E-02 3.76E-02 4.94E-02
1-Jan-97 2.55E+00 2.74E+00 2.93E+00 2.82E-02 3.76E-02 4.93E-02
1-Feb-97 2.54E+00 2.73E+00 2.92E+00 2.82E-02 3.76E-02 4.94E-02
1-Mar-97 2.53E+00 2.71E+00 2.90E+00 2.82E-02 3.76E-02 4.95E-02
1-Apr-97 2.51E+00 2.70E+00 2.88E+00 2.81E-02 3.76E-02 4.94E-02
1-May-97 2.48E+00 2.66E+00 2.85E+00 2.81E-02 3.76E-02 4.96E-02
1-Jun-97 2.46E+00 2.65E+00 2.83E+00 2.82E-02 3.76E-02 4.95E-02
1-Jul-97 2.43E+00 2.62E+00 2.81E+00 2.83E-02 3.77E-02 4.96E-02
1-Aug-97 2.41E+00 2.59E+00 2.78E+00 2.84E-02 3.77E-02 4.95E-02
1-Sep-97 2.40E+00 2.59E+00 2.78E+00 2.85E-02 3.78E-02 4.96E-02
1-Oct-97 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 2.76E+00 2.84E-02 3.78E-02 4.97E-02
1-Nov-97 2.35E+00 2.54E+00 2.73E+00 2.84E-02 3.79E-02 4.98E-02
1-Dec-97 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 2.70E+00 2.85E-02 3.79E-02 5.00E-02
1-Jan-98 2.29E+00 2.48E+00 2.67E+00 2.84E-02 3.79E-02 5.02E-02
1-Feb-98 2.26E+00 2.45E+00 2.64E+00 2.85E-02 3.79E-02 5.00E-02
1-Mar-98 2.24E+00 2.43E+00 2.63E+00 2.85E-02 3.79E-02 5.00E-02
1-Apr-98 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.62E+00 2.85E-02 3.79E-02 5.02E-02
1-May-98 2.23E+00 2.42E+00 2.61E+00 2.86E-02 3.79E-02 5.01E-02
1-Jun-98 2.19E+00 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 2.84E-02 3.80E-02 5.03E-02
1-Jul-98 2.20E+00 2.39E+00 2.58E+00 2.83E-02 3.80E-02 5.06E-02
1-Aug-98 2.19E+00 2.37E+00 2.56E+00 2.82E-02 3.80E-02 5.05E-02
1-Sep-98 2.16E+00 2.34E+00 2.53E+00 2.82E-02 3.80E-02 5.06E-02
1-Oct-98 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 2.54E+00 2.82E-02 3.80E-02 5.07E-02
1-Nov-98 2.14E+00 2.32E+00 2.52E+00 2.82E-02 3.80E-02 5.06E-02
1-Dec-98 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.52E+00 2.82E-02 3.80E-02 5.06E-02
1-Jan-99 2.15E+00 2.33E+00 2.52E+00 2.83E-02 3.81E-02 5.06E-02
1-Feb-99 2.12E+00 2.31E+00 2.50E+00 2.82E-02 3.81E-02 5.09E-02
1-Mar-99 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 2.49E+00 2.81E-02 3.81E-02 5.11E-02
1-Apr-99 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.53E+00 2.81E-02 3.81E-02 5.10E-02
1-May-99 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 2.80E-02 3.81E-02 5.11E-02
1-Jun-99 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 2.49E+00 2.81E-02 3.81E-02 5.10E-02
1-Jul-99 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 2.81E-02 3.81E-02 5.09E-02
1-Aug-99 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 2.50E+00 2.81E-02 3.81E-02 5.07E-02
1-Sep-99 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.53E+00 2.82E-02 3.81E-02 5.07E-02
1-Oct-99 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.52E+00 2.82E-02 3.81E-02 5.09E-02
1-Nov-99 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.52E+00 2.81E-02 3.81E-02 5.09E-02
1-Dec-99 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 2.53E+00 2.80E-02 3.81E-02 5.10E-02
1-Jan-00 2.18E+00 2.37E+00 2.56E+00 2.81E-02 3.82E-02 5.10E-02
1-Feb-00 2.19E+00 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 2.82E-02 3.82E-02 5.11E-02
1-Mar-00 2.22E+00 2.41E+00 2.60E+00 2.81E-02 3.82E-02 5.10E-02
1-Apr-00 2.19E+00 2.38E+00 2.56E+00 2.81E-02 3.83E-02 5.13E-02
1-May-00 2.18E+00 2.37E+00 2.56E+00 2.82E-02 3.83E-02 5.13E-02
1-Jun-00 2.20E+00 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 2.82E-02 3.83E-02 5.14E-02
1-Jul-00 2.20E+00 2.39E+00 2.58E+00 2.82E-02 3.84E-02 5.13E-02
1-Aug-00 2.18E+00 2.37E+00 2.55E+00 2.83E-02 3.84E-02 5.12E-02
1-Sep-00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.59E+00 2.84E-02 3.85E-02 5.15E-02
1-Oct-00 2.21E+00 2.39E+00 2.58E+00 2.84E-02 3.85E-02 5.16E-02
1-Nov-00 2.20E+00 2.39E+00 2.57E+00 2.85E-02 3.86E-02 5.16E-02
1-Dec-00 2.19E+00 2.38E+00 2.56E+00 2.85E-02 3.87E-02 5.18E-02
1-Jan-01 2.22E+00 2.41E+00 2.60E+00 2.86E-02 3.87E-02 5.18E-02
1-Feb-01 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.59E+00 2.86E-02 3.88E-02 5.18E-02
1-Mar-01 2.20E+00 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 2.86E-02 3.88E-02 5.20E-02
1-Apr-01 2.20E+00 2.39E+00 2.58E+00 2.88E-02 3.89E-02 5.22E-02
1-May-01 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.59E+00 2.88E-02 3.90E-02 5.23E-02
1-Jun-01 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.59E+00 2.87E-02 3.91E-02 5.23E-02
1-Jul-01 2.19E+00 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 2.88E-02 3.92E-02 5.26E-02
1-Aug-01 2.17E+00 2.37E+00 2.56E+00 2.88E-02 3.94E-02 5.30E-02
1-Sep-01 2.11E+00 2.31E+00 2.50E+00 2.89E-02 3.95E-02 5.34E-02
1-Oct-01 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.52E+00 2.88E-02 3.95E-02 5.34E-02
1-Nov-01 2.10E+00 2.29E+00 2.48E+00 2.87E-02 3.93E-02 5.29E-02
1-Dec-01 2.09E+00 2.28E+00 2.47E+00 2.88E-02 3.91E-02 5.27E-02
1-Jan-02 2.08E+00 2.27E+00 2.46E+00 2.88E-02 3.90E-02 5.23E-02
1-Feb-02 2.08E+00 2.27E+00 2.46E+00 2.88E-02 3.89E-02 5.21E-02
1-Mar-02 2.09E+00 2.28E+00 2.47E+00 2.88E-02 3.88E-02 5.20E-02
1-Apr-02 2.12E+00 2.30E+00 2.49E+00 2.87E-02 3.87E-02 5.19E-02
1-May-02 2.09E+00 2.28E+00 2.47E+00 2.87E-02 3.87E-02 5.15E-02
1-Jun-02 2.08E+00 2.27E+00 2.46E+00 2.86E-02 3.86E-02 5.13E-02
1-Jul-02 2.08E+00 2.27E+00 2.46E+00 2.86E-02 3.85E-02 5.13E-02
1-Aug-02 2.07E+00 2.26E+00 2.45E+00 2.85E-02 3.85E-02 5.13E-02
1-Sep-02 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.44E+00 2.84E-02 3.84E-02 5.11E-02
1-Oct-02 2.05E+00 2.24E+00 2.43E+00 2.84E-02 3.84E-02 5.11E-02
1-Nov-02 2.04E+00 2.22E+00 2.41E+00 2.84E-02 3.84E-02 5.09E-02
1-Dec-02 2.02E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.84E-02 3.84E-02 5.10E-02
1-Jan-03 2.02E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.84E-02 3.84E-02 5.11E-02
1-Feb-03 2.03E+00 2.22E+00 2.41E+00 2.84E-02 3.84E-02 5.10E-02
1-Mar-03 2.03E+00 2.22E+00 2.41E+00 2.85E-02 3.85E-02 5.12E-02
1-Apr-03 1.99E+00 2.18E+00 2.36E+00 2.84E-02 3.85E-02 5.14E-02
1-May-03 1.96E+00 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.85E-02 3.85E-02 5.13E-02
1-Jun-03 1.95E+00 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.85E-02 3.84E-02 5.13E-02
1-Jul-03 1.95E+00 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.86E-02 3.84E-02 5.11E-02
1-Aug-03 1.96E+00 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.85E-02 3.84E-02 5.11E-02
1-Sep-03 1.97E+00 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 2.85E-02 3.84E-02 5.11E-02
1-Oct-03 1.95E+00 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.85E-02 3.84E-02 5.10E-02
1-Nov-03 1.95E+00 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.85E-02 3.84E-02 5.09E-02
1-Dec-03 1.95E+00 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.84E-02 3.84E-02 5.08E-02
1-Jan-04 1.98E+00 2.17E+00 2.36E+00 2.84E-02 3.84E-02 5.10E-02
1-Feb-04 1.98E+00 2.17E+00 2.36E+00 2.86E-02 3.84E-02 5.09E-02
1-Mar-04 1.99E+00 2.18E+00 2.37E+00 2.85E-02 3.85E-02 5.12E-02
1-Apr-04 2.00E+00 2.19E+00 2.38E+00 2.85E-02 3.85E-02 5.13E-02
1-May-04 2.02E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.86E-02 3.86E-02 5.16E-02
1-Jun-04 2.04E+00 2.23E+00 2.42E+00 2.86E-02 3.87E-02 5.15E-02
1-Jul-04 2.03E+00 2.23E+00 2.41E+00 2.87E-02 3.87E-02 5.15E-02
1-Aug-04 2.02E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.88E-02 3.89E-02 5.20E-02
1-Sep-04 2.04E+00 2.22E+00 2.41E+00 2.89E-02 3.90E-02 5.20E-02
1-Oct-04 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.44E+00 2.89E-02 3.91E-02 5.23E-02
1-Nov-04 2.07E+00 2.26E+00 2.45E+00 2.89E-02 3.93E-02 5.25E-02
1-Dec-04 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.44E+00 2.90E-02 3.95E-02 5.28E-02
1-Jan-05 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.44E+00 2.93E-02 3.96E-02 5.29E-02
1-Feb-05 2.08E+00 2.27E+00 2.46E+00 2.93E-02 3.99E-02 5.35E-02
1-Mar-05 2.10E+00 2.29E+00 2.48E+00 2.94E-02 4.01E-02 5.39E-02
1-Apr-05 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 2.49E+00 2.95E-02 4.04E-02 5.44E-02
1-May-05 2.09E+00 2.28E+00 2.47E+00 2.97E-02 4.06E-02 5.48E-02
1-Jun-05 2.07E+00 2.26E+00 2.45E+00 2.98E-02 4.09E-02 5.51E-02
1-Jul-05 2.09E+00 2.28E+00 2.47E+00 2.99E-02 4.13E-02 5.59E-02
1-Aug-05 2.10E+00 2.29E+00 2.49E+00 3.03E-02 4.17E-02 5.65E-02
1-Sep-05 2.19E+00 2.39E+00 2.59E+00 3.06E-02 4.22E-02 5.72E-02
1-Oct-05 2.18E+00 2.38E+00 2.58E+00 3.04E-02 4.20E-02 5.68E-02
1-Nov-05 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 2.52E+00 3.03E-02 4.19E-02 5.68E-02
1-Dec-05 2.12E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 3.02E-02 4.16E-02 5.65E-02
1-Jan-06 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.53E+00 3.00E-02 4.14E-02 5.61E-02
1-Feb-06 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 2.99E-02 4.12E-02 5.59E-02
1-Mar-06 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 2.98E-02 4.11E-02 5.57E-02
1-Apr-06 2.15E+00 2.35E+00 2.54E+00 2.97E-02 4.10E-02 5.55E-02
1-May-06 2.17E+00 2.36E+00 2.55E+00 2.96E-02 4.09E-02 5.56E-02
1-Jun-06 2.15E+00 2.35E+00 2.54E+00 2.96E-02 4.08E-02 5.57E-02
1-Jul-06 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 2.54E+00 2.96E-02 4.08E-02 5.57E-02
1-Aug-06 2.18E+00 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 2.95E-02 4.07E-02 5.55E-02
1-Sep-06 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.52E+00 2.93E-02 4.07E-02 5.58E-02
1-Oct-06 2.10E+00 2.30E+00 2.49E+00 2.94E-02 4.06E-02 5.55E-02
1-Nov-06 2.10E+00 2.29E+00 2.48E+00 2.93E-02 4.05E-02 5.53E-02
1-Dec-06 2.11E+00 2.31E+00 2.50E+00 2.93E-02 4.05E-02 5.52E-02
1-Jan-07 2.12E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 2.93E-02 4.04E-02 5.51E-02
1-Feb-07 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 2.94E-02 4.04E-02 5.49E-02
1-Mar-07 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 2.52E+00 2.94E-02 4.04E-02 5.49E-02
1-Apr-07 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 2.94E-02 4.05E-02 5.49E-02
1-May-07 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 2.95E-02 4.05E-02 5.50E-02
1-Jun-07 2.11E+00 2.31E+00 2.50E+00 2.95E-02 4.06E-02 5.51E-02
1-Jul-07 2.10E+00 2.30E+00 2.49E+00 2.95E-02 4.07E-02 5.53E-02
1-Aug-07 2.08E+00 2.27E+00 2.47E+00 2.97E-02 4.09E-02 5.56E-02
1-Sep-07 2.09E+00 2.28E+00 2.48E+00 2.98E-02 4.10E-02 5.59E-02
1-Oct-07 2.09E+00 2.28E+00 2.48E+00 2.99E-02 4.13E-02 5.62E-02
1-Nov-07 2.12E+00 2.31E+00 2.51E+00 3.00E-02 4.15E-02 5.67E-02
1-Dec-07 2.12E+00 2.31E+00 2.51E+00 3.02E-02 4.18E-02 5.71E-02
1-Jan-08 2.12E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 3.03E-02 4.22E-02 5.78E-02
1-Feb-08 2.12E+00 2.31E+00 2.51E+00 3.06E-02 4.25E-02 5.84E-02
1-Mar-08 2.14E+00 2.34E+00 2.53E+00 3.07E-02 4.29E-02 5.88E-02
1-Apr-08 2.15E+00 2.35E+00 2.55E+00 3.09E-02 4.34E-02 5.97E-02
1-May-08 2.17E+00 2.38E+00 2.58E+00 3.11E-02 4.39E-02 6.08E-02
1-Jun-08 2.20E+00 2.41E+00 2.62E+00 3.13E-02 4.45E-02 6.16E-02
1-Jul-08 2.21E+00 2.43E+00 2.64E+00 3.16E-02 4.50E-02 6.26E-02
1-Aug-08 2.17E+00 2.38E+00 2.59E+00 3.20E-02 4.57E-02 6.36E-02
1-Sep-08 2.16E+00 2.37E+00 2.58E+00 3.25E-02 4.63E-02 6.45E-02
1-Oct-08 2.08E+00 2.29E+00 2.49E+00 3.30E-02 4.71E-02 6.55E-02
1-Nov-08 1.94E+00 2.15E+00 2.36E+00 3.33E-02 4.76E-02 6.63E-02
1-Dec-08 1.87E+00 2.09E+00 2.31E+00 3.27E-02 4.68E-02 6.53E-02
1-Jan-09 1.90E+00 2.12E+00 2.33E+00 3.25E-02 4.61E-02 6.42E-02
1-Feb-09 1.91E+00 2.12E+00 2.33E+00 3.20E-02 4.54E-02 6.32E-02
1-Mar-09 1.87E+00 2.08E+00 2.29E+00 3.15E-02 4.47E-02 6.21E-02
1-Apr-09 1.88E+00 2.09E+00 2.29E+00 3.13E-02 4.42E-02 6.12E-02
1-May-09 1.87E+00 2.07E+00 2.28E+00 3.10E-02 4.36E-02 6.05E-02
1-Jun-09 1.90E+00 2.10E+00 2.30E+00 3.08E-02 4.32E-02 5.96E-02
1-Jul-09 1.87E+00 2.08E+00 2.28E+00 3.06E-02 4.27E-02 5.91E-02
1-Aug-09 1.88E+00 2.08E+00 2.28E+00 3.04E-02 4.23E-02 5.83E-02
1-Sep-09 1.86E+00 2.06E+00 2.26E+00 3.02E-02 4.19E-02 5.75E-02
1-Oct-09 1.88E+00 2.08E+00 2.28E+00 3.00E-02 4.16E-02 5.69E-02
1-Nov-09 1.87E+00 2.07E+00 2.27E+00 2.98E-02 4.13E-02 5.66E-02
1-Dec-09 1.85E+00 2.05E+00 2.25E+00 2.96E-02 4.10E-02 5.61E-02
1-Jan-10 1.86E+00 2.06E+00 2.26E+00 2.95E-02 4.08E-02 5.56E-02
1-Feb-10 1.84E+00 2.04E+00 2.24E+00 2.93E-02 4.06E-02 5.53E-02
1-Mar-10 1.85E+00 2.04E+00 2.24E+00 2.93E-02 4.04E-02 5.51E-02
1-Apr-10 1.83E+00 2.03E+00 2.23E+00 2.92E-02 4.03E-02 5.51E-02
1-May-10 1.83E+00 2.03E+00 2.22E+00 2.90E-02 4.02E-02 5.49E-02
1-Jun-10 1.80E+00 2.00E+00 2.20E+00 2.89E-02 4.01E-02 5.50E-02
1-Jul-10 1.81E+00 2.01E+00 2.21E+00 2.88E-02 4.00E-02 5.49E-02
1-Aug-10 1.81E+00 2.01E+00 2.21E+00 2.87E-02 3.99E-02 5.50E-02
1-Sep-10 1.80E+00 2.00E+00 2.20E+00 2.86E-02 3.99E-02 5.53E-02
1-Oct-10 1.81E+00 2.01E+00 2.21E+00 2.85E-02 3.99E-02 5.55E-02
1-Nov-10 1.81E+00 2.01E+00 2.21E+00 2.84E-02 3.99E-02 5.56E-02
1-Dec-10 1.83E+00 2.03E+00 2.22E+00 2.83E-02 4.00E-02 5.60E-02
1-Jan-11 1.86E+00 2.06E+00 2.26E+00 2.80E-02 4.01E-02 5.65E-02
1-Feb-11 1.89E+00 2.09E+00 2.29E+00 2.77E-02 4.01E-02 5.70E-02
1-Mar-11 1.93E+00 2.13E+00 2.33E+00 2.76E-02 4.02E-02 5.75E-02
1-Apr-11 1.95E+00 2.15E+00 2.36E+00 2.73E-02 4.03E-02 5.81E-02
1-May-11 1.96E+00 2.16E+00 2.37E+00 2.71E-02 4.04E-02 5.87E-02
1-Jun-11 1.93E+00 2.14E+00 2.35E+00 2.68E-02 4.05E-02 5.96E-02
1-Jul-11 1.96E+00 2.17E+00 2.39E+00 2.64E-02 4.06E-02 6.06E-02
1-Aug-11 1.96E+00 2.18E+00 2.40E+00 2.60E-02 4.07E-02 6.10E-02

Note: The top panel shows the smoothed estimates of the trend and the bottom panel shows uncertainty about trend shocks. The estimates are derived from the nominal yields and inflation rates denoted ``YLD'' in Table 1. Red-dashed lines show 90% confidence intervals based on the model's posterior distribution conditional on all data. NBER recession dates are shaded.

Figure 5: Data and the SURV Trend

 Xdata (a) Livingston, SURV L1 (a) Livingston, SURV L2 (a) Livingston, SURV L3 (a) Livingston, SURV Mean (a) Livingston, SURV U3 (a) Livingston, SURV U2 (a) Livingston, SURV U1 (a) Livingston, Livingston Survey (b) Michigan 1-year-ahead, SURV L1 (b) Michigan 1-year-ahead, SURV L2 (b) Michigan 1-year-ahead, SURV L3 (b) Michigan 1-year-ahead, SURV Mean (b) Michigan 1-year-ahead, SURV U3 (b) Michigan 1-year-ahead, SURV U2 (b) Michigan 1-year-ahead, SURV U1 (b) Michigan 1-year-ahead, Michigan 1-year (c) SPF 4-quarter ahead, SURV L1 (c) SPF 4-quarter ahead, SURV L2 (c) SPF 4-quarter ahead, SURV L3 (c) SPF 4-quarter ahead, SURV Mean (c) SPF 4-quarter ahead, SURV U3 (c) SPF 4-quarter ahead, SURV U2 (c) SPF 4-quarter ahead, SURV U1 (c) SPF 4-quarter ahead, SPF 4-quarter ahead (d) PCE Inflation, SURV L1 (d) PCE Inflation, SURV L2 (d) PCE Inflation, SURV L3 (d) PCE Inflation, SURV Mean (d) PCE Inflation, SURV U3 (d) PCE Inflation, SURV U2 (d) PCE Inflation, SURV U1 (d) PCE Inflation, PCE Inflation
1-Jan-60 5.76E-01 7.41E-01 9.15E-01 1.17E+00 1.42E+00 1.58E+00 1.75E+00 NaN 5.76E-01 7.41E-01 9.15E-01 1.17E+00 1.42E+00 1.58E+00 1.75E+00 NaN 5.76E-01 7.41E-01 9.15E-01 1.17E+00 1.42E+00 1.58E+00 1.75E+00 NaN 5.76E-01 7.41E-01 9.15E-01 1.17E+00 1.42E+00 1.58E+00 1.75E+00 NaN
1-Feb-60 5.93E-01 7.60E-01 9.30E-01 1.18E+00 1.42E+00 1.59E+00 1.76E+00 NaN 5.93E-01 7.60E-01 9.30E-01 1.18E+00 1.42E+00 1.59E+00 1.76E+00 NaN 5.93E-01 7.60E-01 9.30E-01 1.18E+00 1.42E+00 1.59E+00 1.76E+00 NaN 5.93E-01 7.60E-01 9.30E-01 1.18E+00 1.42E+00 1.59E+00 1.76E+00 NaN
1-Mar-60 5.97E-01 7.59E-01 9.28E-01 1.17E+00 1.41E+00 1.57E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 5.97E-01 7.59E-01 9.28E-01 1.17E+00 1.41E+00 1.57E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 5.97E-01 7.59E-01 9.28E-01 1.17E+00 1.41E+00 1.57E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 5.97E-01 7.59E-01 9.28E-01 1.17E+00 1.41E+00 1.57E+00 1.74E+00 NaN
1-Apr-60 6.35E-01 7.95E-01 9.59E-01 1.20E+00 1.44E+00 1.59E+00 1.76E+00 NaN 6.35E-01 7.95E-01 9.59E-01 1.20E+00 1.44E+00 1.59E+00 1.76E+00 NaN 6.35E-01 7.95E-01 9.59E-01 1.20E+00 1.44E+00 1.59E+00 1.76E+00 NaN 6.35E-01 7.95E-01 9.59E-01 1.20E+00 1.44E+00 1.59E+00 1.76E+00 NaN
1-May-60 6.40E-01 8.00E-01 9.57E-01 1.19E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.75E+00 NaN 6.40E-01 8.00E-01 9.57E-01 1.19E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.75E+00 NaN 6.40E-01 8.00E-01 9.57E-01 1.19E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.75E+00 NaN 6.40E-01 8.00E-01 9.57E-01 1.19E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.75E+00 NaN
1-Jun-60 6.42E-01 8.02E-01 9.58E-01 1.19E+00 1.42E+00 1.57E+00 1.73E+00 6.98E-01 6.42E-01 8.02E-01 9.58E-01 1.19E+00 1.42E+00 1.57E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 6.42E-01 8.02E-01 9.58E-01 1.19E+00 1.42E+00 1.57E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 6.42E-01 8.02E-01 9.58E-01 1.19E+00 1.42E+00 1.57E+00 1.73E+00 NaN
1-Jul-60 6.56E-01 8.15E-01 9.69E-01 1.20E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 6.56E-01 8.15E-01 9.69E-01 1.20E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 6.56E-01 8.15E-01 9.69E-01 1.20E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 6.56E-01 8.15E-01 9.69E-01 1.20E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.73E+00 NaN
1-Aug-60 6.74E-01 8.27E-01 9.79E-01 1.21E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 6.74E-01 8.27E-01 9.79E-01 1.21E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 6.74E-01 8.27E-01 9.79E-01 1.21E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 6.74E-01 8.27E-01 9.79E-01 1.21E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.74E+00 NaN
1-Sep-60 6.77E-01 8.28E-01 9.79E-01 1.20E+00 1.42E+00 1.57E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 6.77E-01 8.28E-01 9.79E-01 1.20E+00 1.42E+00 1.57E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 6.77E-01 8.28E-01 9.79E-01 1.20E+00 1.42E+00 1.57E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 6.77E-01 8.28E-01 9.79E-01 1.20E+00 1.42E+00 1.57E+00 1.71E+00 NaN
1-Oct-60 6.87E-01 8.43E-01 9.90E-01 1.21E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 6.87E-01 8.43E-01 9.90E-01 1.21E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 6.87E-01 8.43E-01 9.90E-01 1.21E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 6.87E-01 8.43E-01 9.90E-01 1.21E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 NaN
1-Nov-60 7.13E-01 8.70E-01 1.01E+00 1.23E+00 1.44E+00 1.59E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 7.13E-01 8.70E-01 1.01E+00 1.23E+00 1.44E+00 1.59E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 7.13E-01 8.70E-01 1.01E+00 1.23E+00 1.44E+00 1.59E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 7.13E-01 8.70E-01 1.01E+00 1.23E+00 1.44E+00 1.59E+00 1.73E+00 NaN
1-Dec-60 7.08E-01 8.63E-01 1.01E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 6.98E-01 7.08E-01 8.63E-01 1.01E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 7.08E-01 8.63E-01 1.01E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 7.08E-01 8.63E-01 1.01E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 1.51E+00
1-Jan-61 7.14E-01 8.63E-01 1.00E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 7.14E-01 8.63E-01 1.00E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 7.14E-01 8.63E-01 1.00E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 7.14E-01 8.63E-01 1.00E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 1.57E+00
1-Feb-61 7.25E-01 8.73E-01 1.01E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 7.25E-01 8.73E-01 1.01E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 7.25E-01 8.73E-01 1.01E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 7.25E-01 8.73E-01 1.01E+00 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.57E+00 1.72E+00 1.57E+00
1-Mar-61 7.24E-01 8.69E-01 1.00E+00 1.21E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.70E+00 NaN 7.24E-01 8.69E-01 1.00E+00 1.21E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.70E+00 NaN 7.24E-01 8.69E-01 1.00E+00 1.21E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.70E+00 NaN 7.24E-01 8.69E-01 1.00E+00 1.21E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.70E+00 1.45E+00
1-Apr-61 7.24E-01 8.65E-01 9.97E-01 1.20E+00 1.41E+00 1.54E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 7.24E-01 8.65E-01 9.97E-01 1.20E+00 1.41E+00 1.54E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 7.24E-01 8.65E-01 9.97E-01 1.20E+00 1.41E+00 1.54E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 7.24E-01 8.65E-01 9.97E-01 1.20E+00 1.41E+00 1.54E+00 1.69E+00 1.04E+00
1-May-61 7.40E-01 8.69E-01 1.00E+00 1.21E+00 1.41E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.40E-01 8.69E-01 1.00E+00 1.21E+00 1.41E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.40E-01 8.69E-01 1.00E+00 1.21E+00 1.41E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.40E-01 8.69E-01 1.00E+00 1.21E+00 1.41E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 9.85E-01
1-Jun-61 7.44E-01 8.76E-01 1.01E+00 1.21E+00 1.41E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 1.09E+00 7.44E-01 8.76E-01 1.01E+00 1.21E+00 1.41E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.44E-01 8.76E-01 1.01E+00 1.21E+00 1.41E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.44E-01 8.76E-01 1.01E+00 1.21E+00 1.41E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 9.95E-01
1-Jul-61 7.61E-01 8.95E-01 1.02E+00 1.23E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.70E+00 NaN 7.61E-01 8.95E-01 1.02E+00 1.23E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.70E+00 NaN 7.61E-01 8.95E-01 1.02E+00 1.23E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.70E+00 NaN 7.61E-01 8.95E-01 1.02E+00 1.23E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.70E+00 1.02E+00
1-Aug-61 7.65E-01 8.98E-01 1.03E+00 1.22E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 7.65E-01 8.98E-01 1.03E+00 1.22E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 7.65E-01 8.98E-01 1.03E+00 1.22E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 7.65E-01 8.98E-01 1.03E+00 1.22E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.69E+00 9.39E-01
1-Sep-61 7.82E-01 9.10E-01 1.04E+00 1.23E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 7.82E-01 9.10E-01 1.04E+00 1.23E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 7.82E-01 9.10E-01 1.04E+00 1.23E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 7.82E-01 9.10E-01 1.04E+00 1.23E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.69E+00 9.91E-01
1-Oct-61 7.77E-01 9.07E-01 1.03E+00 1.23E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.77E-01 9.07E-01 1.03E+00 1.23E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.77E-01 9.07E-01 1.03E+00 1.23E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.77E-01 9.07E-01 1.03E+00 1.23E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 8.74E-01
1-Nov-61 7.79E-01 9.05E-01 1.03E+00 1.22E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.79E-01 9.05E-01 1.03E+00 1.22E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.79E-01 9.05E-01 1.03E+00 1.22E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.79E-01 9.05E-01 1.03E+00 1.22E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 5.42E-01
1-Dec-61 7.81E-01 9.13E-01 1.04E+00 1.23E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 1.19E+00 7.81E-01 9.13E-01 1.04E+00 1.23E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.81E-01 9.13E-01 1.04E+00 1.23E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 NaN 7.81E-01 9.13E-01 1.04E+00 1.23E+00 1.42E+00 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 5.53E-01
1-Jan-62 8.02E-01 9.29E-01 1.05E+00 1.24E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 8.02E-01 9.29E-01 1.05E+00 1.24E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 8.02E-01 9.29E-01 1.05E+00 1.24E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.69E+00 NaN 8.02E-01 9.29E-01 1.05E+00 1.24E+00 1.43E+00 1.56E+00 1.69E+00 7.33E-01
1-Feb-62 8.23E-01 9.54E-01 1.07E+00 1.26E+00 1.45E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.23E-01 9.54E-01 1.07E+00 1.26E+00 1.45E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.23E-01 9.54E-01 1.07E+00 1.26E+00 1.45E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.23E-01 9.54E-01 1.07E+00 1.26E+00 1.45E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 9.06E-01
1-Mar-62 8.37E-01 9.65E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.37E-01 9.65E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.37E-01 9.65E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.37E-01 9.65E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 1.09E+00
1-Apr-62 8.33E-01 9.66E-01 1.08E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.33E-01 9.66E-01 1.08E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.33E-01 9.66E-01 1.08E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.33E-01 9.66E-01 1.08E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 1.26E+00
1-May-62 8.40E-01 9.68E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.40E-01 9.68E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.40E-01 9.68E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.40E-01 9.68E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 1.27E+00
1-Jun-62 8.39E-01 9.68E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 1.09E+00 8.39E-01 9.68E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.39E-01 9.68E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.39E-01 9.68E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.46E+00 1.58E+00 1.72E+00 1.28E+00
1-Jul-62 8.36E-01 9.60E-01 1.08E+00 1.26E+00 1.45E+00 1.57E+00 1.70E+00 NaN 8.36E-01 9.60E-01 1.08E+00 1.26E+00 1.45E+00 1.57E+00 1.70E+00 NaN 8.36E-01 9.60E-01 1.08E+00 1.26E+00 1.45E+00 1.57E+00 1.70E+00 NaN 8.36E-01 9.60E-01 1.08E+00 1.26E+00 1.45E+00 1.57E+00 1.70E+00 1.00E+00
1-Aug-62 8.47E-01 9.69E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.45E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.47E-01 9.69E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.45E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.47E-01 9.69E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.45E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 NaN 8.47E-01 9.69E-01 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.45E+00 1.58E+00 1.71E+00 1.06E+00
1-Sep-62 8.85E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 8.85E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 8.85E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 8.85E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 1.43E+00
1-Oct-62 8.65E-01 9.90E-01 1.11E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.65E-01 9.90E-01 1.11E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.65E-01 9.90E-01 1.11E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.65E-01 9.90E-01 1.11E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 1.32E+00
1-Nov-62 8.71E-01 9.98E-01 1.11E+00 1.30E+00 1.48E+00 1.60E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.71E-01 9.98E-01 1.11E+00 1.30E+00 1.48E+00 1.60E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.71E-01 9.98E-01 1.11E+00 1.30E+00 1.48E+00 1.60E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.71E-01 9.98E-01 1.11E+00 1.30E+00 1.48E+00 1.60E+00 1.72E+00 1.38E+00
1-Dec-62 8.65E-01 9.95E-01 1.11E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 1.09E+00 8.65E-01 9.95E-01 1.11E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.65E-01 9.95E-01 1.11E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.65E-01 9.95E-01 1.11E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 1.32E+00
1-Jan-63 8.95E-01 1.02E+00 1.13E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 8.95E-01 1.02E+00 1.13E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 8.95E-01 1.02E+00 1.13E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 8.95E-01 1.02E+00 1.13E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 1.38E+00
1-Feb-63 8.97E-01 1.02E+00 1.14E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 8.97E-01 1.02E+00 1.14E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 8.97E-01 1.02E+00 1.14E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 8.97E-01 1.02E+00 1.14E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 1.20E+00
1-Mar-63 8.92E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.60E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 8.92E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.60E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 8.92E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.60E+00 1.73E+00 NaN 8.92E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.60E+00 1.73E+00 9.91E-01
1-Apr-63 8.88E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.60E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.88E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.60E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.88E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.60E+00 1.72E+00 NaN 8.88E-01 1.01E+00 1.13E+00 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.60E+00 1.72E+00 8.65E-01
1-May-63 9.06E-01 1.03E+00 1.14E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.61E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 9.06E-01 1.03E+00 1.14E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.61E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 9.06E-01 1.03E+00 1.14E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.61E+00 1.74E+00 NaN 9.06E-01 1.03E+00 1.14E+00 1.32E+00 1.50E+00 1.61E+00 1.74E+00 9.63E-01
1-Jun-63 9.28E-01 1.05E+00 1.16E+00 1.34E+00 1.52E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 9.95E-01 9.28E-01 1.05E+00 1.16E+00 1.34E+00 1.52E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 NaN 9.28E-01 1.05E+00 1.16E+00 1.34E+00 1.52E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 NaN 9.28E-01 1.05E+00 1.16E+00 1.34E+00 1.52E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 1.12E+00
1-Jul-63 9.38E-01 1.06E+00 1.17E+00 1.35E+00 1.53E+00 1.65E+00 1.78E+00 NaN 9.38E-01 1.06E+00 1.17E+00 1.35E+00 1.53E+00 1.65E+00 1.78E+00 NaN 9.38E-01 1.06E+00 1.17E+00 1.35E+00 1.53E+00 1.65E+00 1.78E+00 NaN 9.38E-01 1.06E+00 1.17E+00 1.35E+00 1.53E+00 1.65E+00 1.78E+00 1.37E+00
1-Aug-63 9.48E-01 1.07E+00 1.18E+00 1.36E+00 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 NaN 9.48E-01 1.07E+00 1.18E+00 1.36E+00 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 NaN 9.48E-01 1.07E+00 1.18E+00 1.36E+00 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 NaN 9.48E-01 1.07E+00 1.18E+00 1.36E+00 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 1.36E+00
1-Sep-63 9.47E-01 1.07E+00 1.18E+00 1.36E+00 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 NaN 9.47E-01 1.07E+00 1.18E+00 1.36E+00 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 NaN 9.47E-01 1.07E+00 1.18E+00 1.36E+00 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 NaN 9.47E-01 1.07E+00 1.18E+00 1.36E+00 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 8.59E-01
1-Oct-63 9.75E-01 1.10E+00 1.21E+00 1.39E+00 1.56E+00 1.68E+00 1.81E+00 NaN 9.75E-01 1.10E+00 1.21E+00 1.39E+00 1.56E+00 1.68E+00 1.81E+00 NaN 9.75E-01 1.10E+00 1.21E+00 1.39E+00 1.56E+00 1.68E+00 1.81E+00 NaN 9.75E-01 1.10E+00 1.21E+00 1.39E+00 1.56E+00 1.68E+00 1.81E+00 1.17E+00
1-Nov-63 9.89E-01 1.11E+00 1.22E+00 1.40E+00 1.57E+00 1.69E+00 1.82E+00 NaN 9.89E-01 1.11E+00 1.22E+00 1.40E+00 1.57E+00 1.69E+00 1.82E+00 NaN 9.89E-01 1.11E+00 1.22E+00 1.40E+00 1.57E+00 1.69E+00 1.82E+00 NaN 9.89E-01 1.11E+00 1.22E+00 1.40E+00 1.57E+00 1.69E+00 1.82E+00 1.23E+00
1-Dec-63 1.02E+00 1.13E+00 1.25E+00 1.42E+00 1.60E+00 1.71E+00 1.84E+00 9.95E-01 1.02E+00 1.13E+00 1.25E+00 1.42E+00 1.60E+00 1.71E+00 1.84E+00 NaN 1.02E+00 1.13E+00 1.25E+00 1.42E+00 1.60E+00 1.71E+00 1.84E+00 NaN 1.02E+00 1.13E+00 1.25E+00 1.42E+00 1.60E+00 1.71E+00 1.84E+00 1.42E+00
1-Jan-64 1.03E+00 1.15E+00 1.26E+00 1.44E+00 1.61E+00 1.73E+00 1.86E+00 NaN 1.03E+00 1.15E+00 1.26E+00 1.44E+00 1.61E+00 1.73E+00 1.86E+00 NaN 1.03E+00 1.15E+00 1.26E+00 1.44E+00 1.61E+00 1.73E+00 1.86E+00 NaN 1.03E+00 1.15E+00 1.26E+00 1.44E+00 1.61E+00 1.73E+00 1.86E+00 1.38E+00
1-Feb-64 1.04E+00 1.16E+00 1.27E+00 1.45E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 1.86E+00 NaN 1.04E+00 1.16E+00 1.27E+00 1.45E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 1.86E+00 NaN 1.04E+00 1.16E+00 1.27E+00 1.45E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 1.86E+00 NaN 1.04E+00 1.16E+00 1.27E+00 1.45E+00 1.62E+00 1.74E+00 1.86E+00 1.44E+00
1-Mar-64 1.04E+00 1.16E+00 1.28E+00 1.45E+00 1.63E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 NaN 1.04E+00 1.16E+00 1.28E+00 1.45E+00 1.63E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 NaN 1.04E+00 1.16E+00 1.28E+00 1.45E+00 1.63E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 NaN 1.04E+00 1.16E+00 1.28E+00 1.45E+00 1.63E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 1.58E+00
1-Apr-64 1.05E+00 1.17E+00 1.28E+00 1.46E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 NaN 1.05E+00 1.17E+00 1.28E+00 1.46E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 NaN 1.05E+00 1.17E+00 1.28E+00 1.46E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 NaN 1.05E+00 1.17E+00 1.28E+00 1.46E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 1.68E+00
1-May-64 1.05E+00 1.18E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 NaN 1.05E+00 1.18E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 NaN 1.05E+00 1.18E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 NaN 1.05E+00 1.18E+00 1.29E+00 1.47E+00 1.64E+00 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 1.53E+00
1-Jun-64 1.07E+00 1.19E+00 1.30E+00 1.48E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 1.90E+00 1.19E+00 1.07E+00 1.19E+00 1.30E+00 1.48E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 1.90E+00 NaN 1.07E+00 1.19E+00 1.30E+00 1.48E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 1.90E+00 NaN 1.07E+00 1.19E+00 1.30E+00 1.48E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 1.90E+00 1.46E+00
1-Jul-64 1.08E+00 1.20E+00 1.32E+00 1.49E+00 1.67E+00 1.79E+00 1.92E+00 NaN 1.08E+00 1.20E+00 1.32E+00 1.49E+00 1.67E+00 1.79E+00 1.92E+00 NaN 1.08E+00 1.20E+00 1.32E+00 1.49E+00 1.67E+00 1.79E+00 1.92E+00 NaN 1.08E+00 1.20E+00 1.32E+00 1.49E+00 1.67E+00 1.79E+00 1.92E+00 1.40E+00
1-Aug-64 1.09E+00 1.21E+00 1.33E+00 1.51E+00 1.68E+00 1.80E+00 1.93E+00 NaN 1.09E+00 1.21E+00 1.33E+00 1.51E+00 1.68E+00 1.80E+00 1.93E+00 NaN 1.09E+00 1.21E+00 1.33E+00 1.51E+00 1.68E+00 1.80E+00 1.93E+00 NaN 1.09E+00 1.21E+00 1.33E+00 1.51E+00 1.68E+00 1.80E+00 1.93E+00 1.34E+00
1-Sep-64 1.10E+00 1.23E+00 1.34E+00 1.52E+00 1.70E+00 1.82E+00 1.95E+00 NaN 1.10E+00 1.23E+00 1.34E+00 1.52E+00 1.70E+00 1.82E+00 1.95E+00 NaN 1.10E+00 1.23E+00 1.34E+00 1.52E+00 1.70E+00 1.82E+00 1.95E+00 NaN 1.10E+00 1.23E+00 1.34E+00 1.52E+00 1.70E+00 1.82E+00 1.95E+00 1.52E+00
1-Oct-64 1.11E+00 1.24E+00 1.35E+00 1.53E+00 1.71E+00 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 NaN 1.11E+00 1.24E+00 1.35E+00 1.53E+00 1.71E+00 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 NaN 1.11E+00 1.24E+00 1.35E+00 1.53E+00 1.71E+00 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 NaN 1.11E+00 1.24E+00 1.35E+00 1.53E+00 1.71E+00 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 1.39E+00
1-Nov-64 1.14E+00 1.26E+00 1.37E+00 1.55E+00 1.73E+00 1.85E+00 1.97E+00 NaN 1.14E+00 1.26E+00 1.37E+00 1.55E+00 1.73E+00 1.85E+00 1.97E+00 NaN 1.14E+00 1.26E+00 1.37E+00 1.55E+00 1.73E+00 1.85E+00 1.97E+00 NaN 1.14E+00 1.26E+00 1.37E+00 1.55E+00 1.73E+00 1.85E+00 1.97E+00 1.39E+00
1-Dec-64 1.16E+00 1.28E+00 1.39E+00 1.57E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 2.00E+00 1.29E+00 1.16E+00 1.28E+00 1.39E+00 1.57E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 2.00E+00 NaN 1.16E+00 1.28E+00 1.39E+00 1.57E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 2.00E+00 NaN 1.16E+00 1.28E+00 1.39E+00 1.57E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 2.00E+00 1.38E+00
1-Jan-65 1.18E+00 1.29E+00 1.41E+00 1.59E+00 1.77E+00 1.89E+00 2.01E+00 NaN 1.18E+00 1.29E+00 1.41E+00 1.59E+00 1.77E+00 1.89E+00 2.01E+00 NaN 1.18E+00 1.29E+00 1.41E+00 1.59E+00 1.77E+00 1.89E+00 2.01E+00 NaN 1.18E+00 1.29E+00 1.41E+00 1.59E+00 1.77E+00 1.89E+00 2.01E+00 1.27E+00
1-Feb-65 1.18E+00 1.30E+00 1.42E+00 1.60E+00 1.78E+00 1.90E+00 2.02E+00 NaN 1.18E+00 1.30E+00 1.42E+00 1.60E+00 1.78E+00 1.90E+00 2.02E+00 NaN 1.18E+00 1.30E+00 1.42E+00 1.60E+00 1.78E+00 1.90E+00 2.02E+00 NaN 1.18E+00 1.30E+00 1.42E+00 1.60E+00 1.78E+00 1.90E+00 2.02E+00 1.16E+00
1-Mar-65 1.20E+00 1.32E+00 1.43E+00 1.61E+00 1.79E+00 1.92E+00 2.04E+00 NaN 1.20E+00 1.32E+00 1.43E+00 1.61E+00 1.79E+00 1.92E+00 2.04E+00 NaN 1.20E+00 1.32E+00 1.43E+00 1.61E+00 1.79E+00 1.92E+00 2.04E+00 NaN 1.20E+00 1.32E+00 1.43E+00 1.61E+00 1.79E+00 1.92E+00 2.04E+00 1.23E+00
1-Apr-65 1.22E+00 1.33E+00 1.45E+00 1.63E+00 1.81E+00 1.94E+00 2.06E+00 NaN 1.22E+00 1.33E+00 1.45E+00 1.63E+00 1.81E+00 1.94E+00 2.06E+00 NaN 1.22E+00 1.33E+00 1.45E+00 1.63E+00 1.81E+00 1.94E+00 2.06E+00 NaN 1.22E+00 1.33E+00 1.45E+00 1.63E+00 1.81E+00 1.94E+00 2.06E+00 1.31E+00
1-May-65 1.25E+00 1.36E+00 1.48E+00 1.66E+00 1.84E+00 1.96E+00 2.09E+00 NaN 1.25E+00 1.36E+00 1.48E+00 1.66E+00 1.84E+00 1.96E+00 2.09E+00 NaN 1.25E+00 1.36E+00 1.48E+00 1.66E+00 1.84E+00 1.96E+00 2.09E+00 NaN 1.25E+00 1.36E+00 1.48E+00 1.66E+00 1.84E+00 1.96E+00 2.09E+00 1.52E+00
1-Jun-65 1.27E+00 1.39E+00 1.50E+00 1.69E+00 1.87E+00 2.00E+00 2.13E+00 1.09E+00 1.27E+00 1.39E+00 1.50E+00 1.69E+00 1.87E+00 2.00E+00 2.13E+00 NaN 1.27E+00 1.39E+00 1.50E+00 1.69E+00 1.87E+00 2.00E+00 2.13E+00 NaN 1.27E+00 1.39E+00 1.50E+00 1.69E+00 1.87E+00 2.00E+00 2.13E+00 1.66E+00
1-Jul-65 1.27E+00 1.39E+00 1.51E+00 1.70E+00 1.88E+00 2.01E+00 2.14E+00 NaN 1.27E+00 1.39E+00 1.51E+00 1.70E+00 1.88E+00 2.01E+00 2.14E+00 NaN 1.27E+00 1.39E+00 1.51E+00 1.70E+00 1.88E+00 2.01E+00 2.14E+00 NaN 1.27E+00 1.39E+00 1.51E+00 1.70E+00 1.88E+00 2.01E+00 2.14E+00 1.60E+00
1-Aug-65 1.29E+00 1.41E+00 1.52E+00 1.71E+00 1.90E+00 2.02E+00 2.16E+00 NaN 1.29E+00 1.41E+00 1.52E+00 1.71E+00 1.90E+00 2.02E+00 2.16E+00 NaN 1.29E+00 1.41E+00 1.52E+00 1.71E+00 1.90E+00 2.02E+00 2.16E+00 NaN 1.29E+00 1.41E+00 1.52E+00 1.71E+00 1.90E+00 2.02E+00 2.16E+00 1.55E+00
1-Sep-65 1.31E+00 1.43E+00 1.54E+00 1.73E+00 1.91E+00 2.04E+00 2.17E+00 NaN 1.31E+00 1.43E+00 1.54E+00 1.73E+00 1.91E+00 2.04E+00 2.17E+00 NaN 1.31E+00 1.43E+00 1.54E+00 1.73E+00 1.91E+00 2.04E+00 2.17E+00 NaN 1.31E+00 1.43E+00 1.54E+00 1.73E+00 1.91E+00 2.04E+00 2.17E+00 1.44E+00
1-Oct-65 1.31E+00 1.43E+00 1.55E+00 1.74E+00 1.93E+00 2.05E+00 2.20E+00 NaN 1.31E+00 1.43E+00 1.55E+00 1.74E+00 1.93E+00 2.05E+00 2.20E+00 NaN 1.31E+00 1.43E+00 1.55E+00 1.74E+00 1.93E+00 2.05E+00 2.20E+00 NaN 1.31E+00 1.43E+00 1.55E+00 1.74E+00 1.93E+00 2.05E+00 2.20E+00 1.41E+00
1-Nov-65 1.36E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.77E+00 1.96E+00 2.08E+00 2.22E+00 NaN 1.36E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.77E+00 1.96E+00 2.08E+00 2.22E+00 NaN 1.36E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.77E+00 1.96E+00 2.08E+00 2.22E+00 NaN 1.36E+00 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.77E+00 1.96E+00 2.08E+00 2.22E+00 1.44E+00
1-Dec-65 1.40E+00 1.52E+00 1.64E+00 1.82E+00 2.01E+00 2.14E+00 2.28E+00 1.69E+00 1.40E+00 1.52E+00 1.64E+00 1.82E+00 2.01E+00 2.14E+00 2.28E+00 NaN 1.40E+00 1.52E+00 1.64E+00 1.82E+00 2.01E+00 2.14E+00 2.28E+00 NaN 1.40E+00 1.52E+00 1.64E+00 1.82E+00 2.01E+00 2.14E+00 2.28E+00 1.65E+00
1-Jan-66 1.41E+00 1.53E+00 1.65E+00 1.84E+00 2.03E+00 2.16E+00 2.30E+00 NaN 1.41E+00 1.53E+00 1.65E+00 1.84E+00 2.03E+00 2.16E+00 2.30E+00 NaN 1.41E+00 1.53E+00 1.65E+00 1.84E+00 2.03E+00 2.16E+00 2.30E+00 NaN 1.41E+00 1.53E+00 1.65E+00 1.84E+00 2.03E+00 2.16E+00 2.30E+00 1.66E+00
1-Feb-66 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.71E+00 1.90E+00 2.08E+00 2.21E+00 2.36E+00 NaN 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.71E+00 1.90E+00 2.08E+00 2.21E+00 2.36E+00 NaN 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.71E+00 1.90E+00 2.08E+00 2.21E+00 2.36E+00 NaN 1.47E+00 1.59E+00 1.71E+00 1.90E+00 2.08E+00 2.21E+00 2.36E+00 2.04E+00
1-Mar-66 1.49E+00 1.61E+00 1.73E+00 1.92E+00 2.11E+00 2.24E+00 2.38E+00 NaN 1.49E+00 1.61E+00 1.73E+00 1.92E+00 2.11E+00 2.24E+00 2.38E+00 NaN 1.49E+00 1.61E+00 1.73E+00 1.92E+00 2.11E+00 2.24E+00 2.38E+00 NaN 1.49E+00 1.61E+00 1.73E+00 1.92E+00 2.11E+00 2.24E+00 2.38E+00 2.15E+00
1-Apr-66 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 1.97E+00 2.16E+00 2.29E+00 2.43E+00 NaN 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 1.97E+00 2.16E+00 2.29E+00 2.43E+00 NaN 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 1.97E+00 2.16E+00 2.29E+00 2.43E+00 NaN 1.54E+00 1.66E+00 1.78E+00 1.97E+00 2.16E+00 2.29E+00 2.43E+00 2.35E+00
1-May-66 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 1.80E+00 1.99E+00 2.18E+00 2.31E+00 2.45E+00 NaN 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 1.80E+00 1.99E+00 2.18E+00 2.31E+00 2.45E+00 NaN 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 1.80E+00 1.99E+00 2.18E+00 2.31E+00 2.45E+00 NaN 1.55E+00 1.68E+00 1.80E+00 1.99E+00 2.18E+00 2.31E+00 2.45E+00 2.25E+00
1-Jun-66 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 1.83E+00 2.03E+00 2.22E+00 2.35E+00 2.50E+00 2.08E+00 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 1.83E+00 2.03E+00 2.22E+00 2.35E+00 2.50E+00 NaN 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 1.83E+00 2.03E+00 2.22E+00 2.35E+00 2.50E+00 NaN 1.59E+00 1.72E+00 1.83E+00 2.03E+00 2.22E+00 2.35E+00 2.50E+00 2.21E+00
1-Jul-66 1.63E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.52E+00 NaN 1.63E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.52E+00 NaN 1.63E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.52E+00 NaN 1.63E+00 1.75E+00 1.87E+00 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.52E+00 2.33E+00
1-Aug-66 1.67E+00 1.80E+00 1.91E+00 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 2.44E+00 2.57E+00 NaN 1.67E+00 1.80E+00 1.91E+00 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 2.44E+00 2.57E+00 NaN 1.67E+00 1.80E+00 1.91E+00 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 2.44E+00 2.57E+00 NaN 1.67E+00 1.80E+00 1.91E+00 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 2.44E+00 2.57E+00 2.69E+00
1-Sep-66 1.71E+00 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.47E+00 2.61E+00 NaN 1.71E+00 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.47E+00 2.61E+00 NaN 1.71E+00 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.47E+00 2.61E+00 NaN 1.71E+00 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.47E+00 2.61E+00 2.96E+00
1-Oct-66 1.74E+00 1.87E+00 1.98E+00 2.18E+00 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.65E+00 NaN 1.74E+00 1.87E+00 1.98E+00 2.18E+00 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.65E+00 NaN 1.74E+00 1.87E+00 1.98E+00 2.18E+00 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.65E+00 NaN 1.74E+00 1.87E+00 1.98E+00 2.18E+00 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.65E+00 3.19E+00
1-Nov-66 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 2.00E+00 2.20E+00 2.39E+00 2.53E+00 2.68E+00 NaN 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 2.00E+00 2.20E+00 2.39E+00 2.53E+00 2.68E+00 NaN 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 2.00E+00 2.20E+00 2.39E+00 2.53E+00 2.68E+00 NaN 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 2.00E+00 2.20E+00 2.39E+00 2.53E+00 2.68E+00 3.18E+00
1-Dec-66 1.78E+00 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.56E+00 2.71E+00 2.18E+00 1.78E+00 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.56E+00 2.71E+00 NaN 1.78E+00 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.56E+00 2.71E+00 NaN 1.78E+00 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.56E+00 2.71E+00 3.02E+00
1-Jan-67 1.78E+00 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.56E+00 2.71E+00 NaN 1.78E+00 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.56E+00 2.71E+00 NaN 1.78E+00 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.56E+00 2.71E+00 NaN 1.78E+00 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.56E+00 2.71E+00 2.91E+00
1-Feb-67 1.81E+00 1.93E+00 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.45E+00 2.59E+00 2.74E+00 NaN 1.81E+00 1.93E+00 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.45E+00 2.59E+00 2.74E+00 NaN 1.81E+00 1.93E+00 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.45E+00 2.59E+00 2.74E+00 NaN 1.81E+00 1.93E+00 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 2.45E+00 2.59E+00 2.74E+00 2.61E+00
1-Mar-67 1.82E+00 1.94E+00 2.06E+00 2.26E+00 2.46E+00 2.60E+00 2.74E+00 NaN 1.82E+00 1.94E+00 2.06E+00 2.26E+00 2.46E+00 2.60E+00 2.74E+00 NaN 1.82E+00 1.94E+00 2.06E+00 2.26E+00 2.46E+00 2.60E+00 2.74E+00 NaN 1.82E+00 1.94E+00 2.06E+00 2.26E+00 2.46E+00 2.60E+00 2.74E+00 2.42E+00
1-Apr-67 1.84E+00 1.97E+00 2.09E+00 2.29E+00 2.49E+00 2.62E+00 2.77E+00 NaN 1.84E+00 1.97E+00 2.09E+00 2.29E+00 2.49E+00 2.62E+00 2.77E+00 NaN 1.84E+00 1.97E+00 2.09E+00 2.29E+00 2.49E+00 2.62E+00 2.77E+00 NaN 1.84E+00 1.97E+00 2.09E+00 2.29E+00 2.49E+00 2.62E+00 2.77E+00 2.24E+00
1-May-67 1.86E+00 1.99E+00 2.11E+00 2.31E+00 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 2.80E+00 NaN 1.86E+00 1.99E+00 2.11E+00 2.31E+00 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 2.80E+00 NaN 1.86E+00 1.99E+00 2.11E+00 2.31E+00 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 2.80E+00 NaN 1.86E+00 1.99E+00 2.11E+00 2.31E+00 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 2.80E+00 2.31E+00
1-Jun-67 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 2.55E+00 2.69E+00 2.84E+00 2.37E+00 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 2.55E+00 2.69E+00 2.84E+00 NaN 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 2.55E+00 2.69E+00 2.84E+00 NaN 1.91E+00 2.03E+00 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 2.55E+00 2.69E+00 2.84E+00 2.37E+00
1-Jul-67 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.19E+00 2.39E+00 2.59E+00 2.73E+00 2.89E+00 NaN 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.19E+00 2.39E+00 2.59E+00 2.73E+00 2.89E+00 NaN 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.19E+00 2.39E+00 2.59E+00 2.73E+00 2.89E+00 NaN 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.19E+00 2.39E+00 2.59E+00 2.73E+00 2.89E+00 2.51E+00
1-Aug-67 1.98E+00 2.10E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.63E+00 2.77E+00 2.92E+00 NaN 1.98E+00 2.10E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.63E+00 2.77E+00 2.92E+00 NaN 1.98E+00 2.10E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.63E+00 2.77E+00 2.92E+00 NaN 1.98E+00 2.10E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.63E+00 2.77E+00 2.92E+00 2.44E+00
1-Sep-67 2.02E+00 2.14E+00 2.26E+00 2.46E+00 2.66E+00 2.80E+00 2.95E+00 NaN 2.02E+00 2.14E+00 2.26E+00 2.46E+00 2.66E+00 2.80E+00 2.95E+00 NaN 2.02E+00 2.14E+00 2.26E+00 2.46E+00 2.66E+00 2.80E+00 2.95E+00 NaN 2.02E+00 2.14E+00 2.26E+00 2.46E+00 2.66E+00 2.80E+00 2.95E+00 2.42E+00
1-Oct-67 2.05E+00 2.18E+00 2.30E+00 2.50E+00 2.70E+00 2.84E+00 2.98E+00 NaN 2.05E+00 2.18E+00 2.30E+00 2.50E+00 2.70E+00 2.84E+00 2.98E+00 NaN 2.05E+00 2.18E+00 2.30E+00 2.50E+00 2.70E+00 2.84E+00 2.98E+00 NaN 2.05E+00 2.18E+00 2.30E+00 2.50E+00 2.70E+00 2.84E+00 2.98E+00 2.44E+00
1-Nov-67 2.09E+00 2.22E+00 2.34E+00 2.54E+00 2.74E+00 2.88E+00 3.02E+00 NaN 2.09E+00 2.22E+00 2.34E+00 2.54E+00 2.74E+00 2.88E+00 3.02E+00 NaN 2.09E+00 2.22E+00 2.34E+00 2.54E+00 2.74E+00 2.88E+00 3.02E+00 NaN 2.09E+00 2.22E+00 2.34E+00 2.54E+00 2.74E+00 2.88E+00 3.02E+00 2.61E+00
1-Dec-67 2.10E+00 2.24E+00 2.36E+00 2.56E+00 2.76E+00 2.90E+00 3.04E+00 2.76E+00 2.10E+00 2.24E+00 2.36E+00 2.56E+00 2.76E+00 2.90E+00 3.04E+00 NaN 2.10E+00 2.24E+00 2.36E+00 2.56E+00 2.76E+00 2.90E+00 3.04E+00 NaN 2.10E+00 2.24E+00 2.36E+00 2.56E+00 2.76E+00 2.90E+00 3.04E+00 2.56E+00
1-Jan-68 2.15E+00 2.28E+00 2.41E+00 2.61E+00 2.81E+00 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 NaN 2.15E+00 2.28E+00 2.41E+00 2.61E+00 2.81E+00 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 NaN 2.15E+00 2.28E+00 2.41E+00 2.61E+00 2.81E+00 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 NaN 2.15E+00 2.28E+00 2.41E+00 2.61E+00 2.81E+00 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 3.01E+00
1-Feb-68 2.19E+00 2.33E+00 2.45E+00 2.65E+00 2.85E+00 2.99E+00 3.13E+00 NaN 2.19E+00 2.33E+00 2.45E+00 2.65E+00 2.85E+00 2.99E+00 3.13E+00 NaN 2.19E+00 2.33E+00 2.45E+00 2.65E+00 2.85E+00 2.99E+00 3.13E+00 NaN 2.19E+00 2.33E+00 2.45E+00 2.65E+00 2.85E+00 2.99E+00 3.13E+00 3.30E+00
1-Mar-68 2.22E+00 2.35E+00 2.48E+00 2.68E+00 2.88E+00 3.02E+00 3.16E+00 NaN 2.22E+00 2.35E+00 2.48E+00 2.68E+00 2.88E+00 3.02E+00 3.16E+00 NaN 2.22E+00 2.35E+00 2.48E+00 2.68E+00 2.88E+00 3.02E+00 3.16E+00 NaN 2.22E+00 2.35E+00 2.48E+00 2.68E+00 2.88E+00 3.02E+00 3.16E+00 3.57E+00
1-Apr-68 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.71E+00 2.91E+00 3.05E+00 3.19E+00 NaN 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.71E+00 2.91E+00 3.05E+00 3.19E+00 NaN 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.71E+00 2.91E+00 3.05E+00 3.19E+00 NaN 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.71E+00 2.91E+00 3.05E+00 3.19E+00 3.72E+00
1-May-68 2.29E+00 2.42E+00 2.55E+00 2.75E+00 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 3.22E+00 NaN 2.29E+00 2.42E+00 2.55E+00 2.75E+00 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 3.22E+00 NaN 2.29E+00 2.42E+00 2.55E+00 2.75E+00 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 3.22E+00 NaN 2.29E+00 2.42E+00 2.55E+00 2.75E+00 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 3.22E+00 3.90E+00
1-Jun-68 2.32E+00 2.45E+00 2.58E+00 2.78E+00 2.98E+00 3.12E+00 3.26E+00 3.05E+00 2.32E+00 2.45E+00 2.58E+00 2.78E+00 2.98E+00 3.12E+00 3.26E+00 NaN 2.32E+00 2.45E+00 2.58E+00 2.78E+00 2.98E+00 3.12E+00 3.26E+00 NaN 2.32E+00 2.45E+00 2.58E+00 2.78E+00 2.98E+00 3.12E+00 3.26E+00 3.89E+00
1-Jul-68 2.35E+00 2.48E+00 2.61E+00 2.81E+00 3.01E+00 3.15E+00 3.29E+00 NaN 2.35E+00 2.48E+00 2.61E+00 2.81E+00 3.01E+00 3.15E+00 3.29E+00 NaN 2.35E+00 2.48E+00 2.61E+00 2.81E+00 3.01E+00 3.15E+00 3.29E+00 NaN 2.35E+00 2.48E+00 2.61E+00 2.81E+00 3.01E+00 3.15E+00 3.29E+00 3.86E+00
1-Aug-68 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 2.85E+00 3.05E+00 3.19E+00 3.33E+00 NaN 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 2.85E+00 3.05E+00 3.19E+00 3.33E+00 NaN 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 2.85E+00 3.05E+00 3.19E+00 3.33E+00 NaN 2.38E+00 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 2.85E+00 3.05E+00 3.19E+00 3.33E+00 3.96E+00
1-Sep-68 2.41E+00 2.54E+00 2.67E+00 2.88E+00 3.08E+00 3.22E+00 3.35E+00 NaN 2.41E+00 2.54E+00 2.67E+00 2.88E+00 3.08E+00 3.22E+00 3.35E+00 NaN 2.41E+00 2.54E+00 2.67E+00 2.88E+00 3.08E+00 3.22E+00 3.35E+00 NaN 2.41E+00 2.54E+00 2.67E+00 2.88E+00 3.08E+00 3.22E+00 3.35E+00 4.01E+00
1-Oct-68 2.46E+00 2.59E+00 2.72E+00 2.92E+00 3.12E+00 3.26E+00 3.39E+00 NaN 2.46E+00 2.59E+00 2.72E+00 2.92E+00 3.12E+00 3.26E+00 3.39E+00 NaN 2.46E+00 2.59E+00 2.72E+00 2.92E+00 3.12E+00 3.26E+00 3.39E+00 NaN 2.46E+00 2.59E+00 2.72E+00 2.92E+00 3.12E+00 3.26E+00 3.39E+00 4.17E+00
1-Nov-68 2.49E+00 2.62E+00 2.75E+00 2.95E+00 3.15E+00 3.28E+00 3.42E+00 NaN 2.49E+00 2.62E+00 2.75E+00 2.95E+00 3.15E+00 3.28E+00 3.42E+00 NaN 2.49E+00 2.62E+00 2.75E+00 2.95E+00 3.15E+00 3.28E+00 3.42E+00 NaN 2.49E+00 2.62E+00 2.75E+00 2.95E+00 3.15E+00 3.28E+00 3.42E+00 4.19E+00
1-Dec-68 2.52E+00 2.65E+00 2.78E+00 2.98E+00 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.45E+00 2.86E+00 2.52E+00 2.65E+00 2.78E+00 2.98E+00 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.45E+00 NaN 2.52E+00 2.65E+00 2.78E+00 2.98E+00 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.45E+00 NaN 2.52E+00 2.65E+00 2.78E+00 2.98E+00 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.45E+00 4.24E+00
1-Jan-69 2.55E+00 2.68E+00 2.81E+00 3.01E+00 3.21E+00 3.34E+00 3.50E+00 NaN 2.55E+00 2.68E+00 2.81E+00 3.01E+00 3.21E+00 3.34E+00 3.50E+00 NaN 2.55E+00 2.68E+00 2.81E+00 3.01E+00 3.21E+00 3.34E+00 3.50E+00 NaN 2.55E+00 2.68E+00 2.81E+00 3.01E+00 3.21E+00 3.34E+00 3.50E+00 4.18E+00
1-Feb-69 2.56E+00 2.70E+00 2.83E+00 3.03E+00 3.23E+00 3.36E+00 3.51E+00 NaN 2.56E+00 2.70E+00 2.83E+00 3.03E+00 3.23E+00 3.36E+00 3.51E+00 NaN 2.56E+00 2.70E+00 2.83E+00 3.03E+00 3.23E+00 3.36E+00 3.51E+00 NaN 2.56E+00 2.70E+00 2.83E+00 3.03E+00 3.23E+00 3.36E+00 3.51E+00 4.02E+00
1-Mar-69 2.62E+00 2.75E+00 2.88E+00 3.08E+00 3.28E+00 3.41E+00 3.56E+00 NaN 2.62E+00 2.75E+00 2.88E+00 3.08E+00 3.28E+00 3.41E+00 3.56E+00 NaN 2.62E+00 2.75E+00 2.88E+00 3.08E+00 3.28E+00 3.41E+00 3.56E+00 NaN 2.62E+00 2.75E+00 2.88E+00 3.08E+00 3.28E+00 3.41E+00 3.56E+00 4.17E+00
1-Apr-69 2.66E+00 2.79E+00 2.91E+00 3.11E+00 3.31E+00 3.44E+00 3.59E+00 NaN 2.66E+00 2.79E+00 2.91E+00 3.11E+00 3.31E+00 3.44E+00 3.59E+00 NaN 2.66E+00 2.79E+00 2.91E+00 3.11E+00 3.31E+00 3.44E+00 3.59E+00 NaN 2.66E+00 2.79E+00 2.91E+00 3.11E+00 3.31E+00 3.44E+00 3.59E+00 4.31E+00
1-May-69 2.69E+00 2.82E+00 2.94E+00 3.14E+00 3.34E+00 3.47E+00 3.62E+00 NaN 2.69E+00 2.82E+00 2.94E+00 3.14E+00 3.34E+00 3.47E+00 3.62E+00 NaN 2.69E+00 2.82E+00 2.94E+00 3.14E+00 3.34E+00 3.47E+00 3.62E+00 NaN 2.69E+00 2.82E+00 2.94E+00 3.14E+00 3.34E+00 3.47E+00 3.62E+00 4.34E+00
1-Jun-69 2.72E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 3.18E+00 3.38E+00 3.51E+00 3.66E+00 3.34E+00 2.72E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 3.18E+00 3.38E+00 3.51E+00 3.66E+00 NaN 2.72E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 3.18E+00 3.38E+00 3.51E+00 3.66E+00 NaN 2.72E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 3.18E+00 3.38E+00 3.51E+00 3.66E+00 4.51E+00
1-Jul-69 2.76E+00 2.90E+00 3.02E+00 3.22E+00 3.42E+00 3.55E+00 3.70E+00 NaN 2.76E+00 2.90E+00 3.02E+00 3.22E+00 3.42E+00 3.55E+00 3.70E+00 NaN 2.76E+00 2.90E+00 3.02E+00 3.22E+00 3.42E+00 3.55E+00 3.70E+00 NaN 2.76E+00 2.90E+00 3.02E+00 3.22E+00 3.42E+00 3.55E+00 3.70E+00 4.64E+00
1-Aug-69 2.78E+00 2.91E+00 3.03E+00 3.23E+00 3.43E+00 3.56E+00 3.71E+00 NaN 2.78E+00 2.91E+00 3.03E+00 3.23E+00 3.43E+00 3.56E+00 3.71E+00 NaN 2.78E+00 2.91E+00 3.03E+00 3.23E+00 3.43E+00 3.56E+00 3.71E+00 NaN 2.78E+00 2.91E+00 3.03E+00 3.23E+00 3.43E+00 3.56E+00 3.71E+00 4.51E+00
1-Sep-69 2.81E+00 2.95E+00 3.07E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.60E+00 3.75E+00 NaN 2.81E+00 2.95E+00 3.07E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.60E+00 3.75E+00 NaN 2.81E+00 2.95E+00 3.07E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.60E+00 3.75E+00 NaN 2.81E+00 2.95E+00 3.07E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.60E+00 3.75E+00 4.58E+00
1-Oct-69 2.85E+00 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 3.29E+00 3.49E+00 3.62E+00 3.77E+00 NaN 2.85E+00 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 3.29E+00 3.49E+00 3.62E+00 3.77E+00 NaN 2.85E+00 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 3.29E+00 3.49E+00 3.62E+00 3.77E+00 NaN 2.85E+00 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 3.29E+00 3.49E+00 3.62E+00 3.77E+00 4.48E+00
1-Nov-69 2.88E+00 3.00E+00 3.13E+00 3.32E+00 3.52E+00 3.65E+00 3.79E+00 NaN 2.88E+00 3.00E+00 3.13E+00 3.32E+00 3.52E+00 3.65E+00 3.79E+00 NaN 2.88E+00 3.00E+00 3.13E+00 3.32E+00 3.52E+00 3.65E+00 3.79E+00 NaN 2.88E+00 3.00E+00 3.13E+00 3.32E+00 3.52E+00 3.65E+00 3.79E+00 4.57E+00
1-Dec-69 2.90E+00 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.36E+00 3.55E+00 3.68E+00 3.82E+00 3.54E+00 2.90E+00 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.36E+00 3.55E+00 3.68E+00 3.82E+00 NaN 2.90E+00 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.36E+00 3.55E+00 3.68E+00 3.82E+00 NaN 2.90E+00 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.36E+00 3.55E+00 3.68E+00 3.82E+00 4.82E+00
1-Jan-70 2.93E+00 3.06E+00 3.18E+00 3.38E+00 3.57E+00 3.71E+00 3.84E+00 NaN 2.93E+00 3.06E+00 3.18E+00 3.38E+00 3.57E+00 3.71E+00 3.84E+00 NaN 2.93E+00 3.06E+00 3.18E+00 3.38E+00 3.57E+00 3.71E+00 3.84E+00 NaN 2.93E+00 3.06E+00 3.18E+00 3.38E+00 3.57E+00 3.71E+00 3.84E+00 4.78E+00
1-Feb-70 2.96E+00 3.09E+00 3.21E+00 3.41E+00 3.60E+00 3.73E+00 3.86E+00 NaN 2.96E+00 3.09E+00 3.21E+00 3.41E+00 3.60E+00 3.73E+00 3.86E+00 NaN 2.96E+00 3.09E+00 3.21E+00 3.41E+00 3.60E+00 3.73E+00 3.86E+00 NaN 2.96E+00 3.09E+00 3.21E+00 3.41E+00 3.60E+00 3.73E+00 3.86E+00 4.92E+00
1-Mar-70 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 3.23E+00 3.42E+00 3.62E+00 3.75E+00 3.88E+00 NaN 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 3.23E+00 3.42E+00 3.62E+00 3.75E+00 3.88E+00 NaN 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 3.23E+00 3.42E+00 3.62E+00 3.75E+00 3.88E+00 NaN 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 3.23E+00 3.42E+00 3.62E+00 3.75E+00 3.88E+00 4.70E+00
1-Apr-70 3.01E+00 3.14E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.65E+00 3.78E+00 3.91E+00 NaN 3.01E+00 3.14E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.65E+00 3.78E+00 3.91E+00 NaN 3.01E+00 3.14E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.65E+00 3.78E+00 3.91E+00 NaN 3.01E+00 3.14E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.65E+00 3.78E+00 3.91E+00 4.76E+00
1-May-70 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.28E+00 3.47E+00 3.66E+00 3.79E+00 3.92E+00 NaN 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.28E+00 3.47E+00 3.66E+00 3.79E+00 3.92E+00 NaN 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.28E+00 3.47E+00 3.66E+00 3.79E+00 3.92E+00 NaN 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.28E+00 3.47E+00 3.66E+00 3.79E+00 3.92E+00 4.67E+00
1-Jun-70 3.04E+00 3.17E+00 3.29E+00 3.49E+00 3.68E+00 3.81E+00 3.94E+00 3.63E+00 3.04E+00 3.17E+00 3.29E+00 3.49E+00 3.68E+00 3.81E+00 3.94E+00 NaN 3.04E+00 3.17E+00 3.29E+00 3.49E+00 3.68E+00 3.81E+00 3.94E+00 NaN 3.04E+00 3.17E+00 3.29E+00 3.49E+00 3.68E+00 3.81E+00 3.94E+00 4.44E+00
1-Jul-70 3.06E+00 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.50E+00 3.69E+00 3.82E+00 3.95E+00 NaN 3.06E+00 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.50E+00 3.69E+00 3.82E+00 3.95E+00 NaN 3.06E+00 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.50E+00 3.69E+00 3.82E+00 3.95E+00 NaN 3.06E+00 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.50E+00 3.69E+00 3.82E+00 3.95E+00 4.38E+00
1-Aug-70 3.07E+00 3.19E+00 3.31E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.82E+00 3.96E+00 NaN 3.07E+00 3.19E+00 3.31E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.82E+00 3.96E+00 NaN 3.07E+00 3.19E+00 3.31E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.82E+00 3.96E+00 NaN 3.07E+00 3.19E+00 3.31E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.82E+00 3.96E+00 4.35E+00
1-Sep-70 3.10E+00 3.22E+00 3.34E+00 3.53E+00 3.72E+00 3.85E+00 3.98E+00 NaN 3.10E+00 3.22E+00 3.34E+00 3.53E+00 3.72E+00 3.85E+00 3.98E+00 NaN 3.10E+00 3.22E+00 3.34E+00 3.53E+00 3.72E+00 3.85E+00 3.98E+00 NaN 3.10E+00 3.22E+00 3.34E+00 3.53E+00 3.72E+00 3.85E+00 3.98E+00 4.39E+00
1-Oct-70 3.13E+00 3.25E+00 3.37E+00 3.56E+00 3.75E+00 3.88E+00 4.01E+00 NaN 3.13E+00 3.25E+00 3.37E+00 3.56E+00 3.75E+00 3.88E+00 4.01E+00 NaN 3.13E+00 3.25E+00 3.37E+00 3.56E+00 3.75E+00 3.88E+00 4.01E+00 NaN 3.13E+00 3.25E+00 3.37E+00 3.56E+00 3.75E+00 3.88E+00 4.01E+00 4.54E+00
1-Nov-70 3.15E+00 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.58E+00 3.78E+00 3.90E+00 4.03E+00 NaN 3.15E+00 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.58E+00 3.78E+00 3.90E+00 4.03E+00 NaN 3.15E+00 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.58E+00 3.78E+00 3.90E+00 4.03E+00 NaN 3.15E+00 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.58E+00 3.78E+00 3.90E+00 4.03E+00 4.50E+00
1-Dec-70 3.18E+00 3.30E+00 3.42E+00 3.61E+00 3.80E+00 3.93E+00 4.06E+00 3.73E+00 3.18E+00 3.30E+00 3.42E+00 3.61E+00 3.80E+00 3.93E+00 4.06E+00 NaN 3.18E+00 3.30E+00 3.42E+00 3.61E+00 3.80E+00 3.93E+00 4.06E+00 NaN 3.18E+00 3.30E+00 3.42E+00 3.61E+00 3.80E+00 3.93E+00 4.06E+00 4.49E+00
1-Jan-71 3.18E+00 3.30E+00 3.42E+00 3.62E+00 3.81E+00 3.93E+00 4.07E+00 NaN 3.18E+00 3.30E+00 3.42E+00 3.62E+00 3.81E+00 3.93E+00 4.07E+00 NaN 3.18E+00 3.30E+00 3.42E+00 3.62E+00 3.81E+00 3.93E+00 4.07E+00 NaN 3.18E+00 3.30E+00 3.42E+00 3.62E+00 3.81E+00 3.93E+00 4.07E+00 4.34E+00
1-Feb-71 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.43E+00 3.63E+00 3.82E+00 3.94E+00 4.07E+00 NaN 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.43E+00 3.63E+00 3.82E+00 3.94E+00 4.07E+00 NaN 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.43E+00 3.63E+00 3.82E+00 3.94E+00 4.07E+00 NaN 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.43E+00 3.63E+00 3.82E+00 3.94E+00 4.07E+00 4.24E+00
1-Mar-71 3.20E+00 3.33E+00 3.45E+00 3.64E+00 3.83E+00 3.96E+00 4.08E+00 NaN 3.20E+00 3.33E+00 3.45E+00 3.64E+00 3.83E+00 3.96E+00 4.08E+00 NaN 3.20E+00 3.33E+00 3.45E+00 3.64E+00 3.83E+00 3.96E+00 4.08E+00 NaN 3.20E+00 3.33E+00 3.45E+00 3.64E+00 3.83E+00 3.96E+00 4.08E+00 4.33E+00
1-Apr-71 3.22E+00 3.35E+00 3.47E+00 3.66E+00 3.85E+00 3.97E+00 4.10E+00 NaN 3.22E+00 3.35E+00 3.47E+00 3.66E+00 3.85E+00 3.97E+00 4.10E+00 NaN 3.22E+00 3.35E+00 3.47E+00 3.66E+00 3.85E+00 3.97E+00 4.10E+00 NaN 3.22E+00 3.35E+00 3.47E+00 3.66E+00 3.85E+00 3.97E+00 4.10E+00 4.21E+00
1-May-71 3.24E+00 3.37E+00 3.49E+00 3.68E+00 3.87E+00 4.00E+00 4.13E+00 NaN 3.24E+00 3.37E+00 3.49E+00 3.68E+00 3.87E+00 4.00E+00 4.13E+00 NaN 3.24E+00 3.37E+00 3.49E+00 3.68E+00 3.87E+00 4.00E+00 4.13E+00 NaN 3.24E+00 3.37E+00 3.49E+00 3.68E+00 3.87E+00 4.00E+00 4.13E+00 4.31E+00
1-Jun-71 3.26E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 4.02E+00 3.26E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 NaN 3.26E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 NaN 3.26E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 4.49E+00
1-Jul-71 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.71E+00 3.90E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 NaN 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.71E+00 3.90E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 NaN 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.71E+00 3.90E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 NaN 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.71E+00 3.90E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 4.43E+00
1-Aug-71 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 NaN 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 NaN 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 NaN 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.15E+00 4.46E+00

Note: Panel (a) shows estimated level and uncertainty of the inflation trend τπt in the two-trend model described in Section 5.2 based on nominal yields and inflation rates (denoted ``YLD'' in Table 2). Panel (b) shows estimated level and uncertainty in the additional trend component of yields τπt. The initial trend level in Panel (b) has been normalized to zero. Red-dashed lines show 90% confidence intervals based on the model's posterior distribution conditional on all data. NBER recession dates are shaded.

Figure 6: Trend estimates "YLD" based on Nominal Yields and Inflation Rates

 Xdata (a) YLD vs SURV, L1 (a) YLD vs SURV, L2 (a) YLD vs SURV, L3 (a) YLD vs SURV, Mean (a) YLD vs SURV, U3 (a) YLD vs SURV, U2 (a) YLD vs SURV, U1 (a) YLD vs SURV, SURVmean YLD and 10-year Treasury yield, L1 YLD and 10-year Treasury yield, L2 YLD and 10-year Treasury yield, L3 YLD and 10-year Treasury yield, Mean YLD and 10-year Treasury yield, U3 YLD and 10-year Treasury yield, U2 YLD and 10-year Treasury yield, U1 YLD and 10-year Treasury yield, Treasury mean
1-Jan-60 1.22E+00 1.43E+00 1.62E+00 1.92E+00 2.22E+00 2.43E+00 2.63E+00 1.17E+00 4.13E+00 4.29E+00 4.44E+00 4.69E+00 4.94E+00 5.10E+00 5.27E+00 4.61E+00
1-Feb-60 1.25E+00 1.45E+00 1.64E+00 1.94E+00 2.23E+00 2.43E+00 2.64E+00 1.18E+00 4.15E+00 4.31E+00 4.46E+00 4.71E+00 4.95E+00 5.11E+00 5.28E+00 4.39E+00
1-Mar-60 1.23E+00 1.42E+00 1.61E+00 1.91E+00 2.20E+00 2.39E+00 2.61E+00 1.17E+00 4.12E+00 4.28E+00 4.43E+00 4.68E+00 4.92E+00 5.08E+00 5.25E+00 4.16E+00
1-Apr-60 1.28E+00 1.47E+00 1.65E+00 1.94E+00 2.23E+00 2.42E+00 2.63E+00 1.20E+00 4.16E+00 4.32E+00 4.47E+00 4.71E+00 4.95E+00 5.12E+00 5.28E+00 4.19E+00
1-May-60 1.26E+00 1.46E+00 1.64E+00 1.92E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.60E+00 1.19E+00 4.15E+00 4.30E+00 4.45E+00 4.69E+00 4.94E+00 5.09E+00 5.26E+00 4.26E+00
1-Jun-60 1.25E+00 1.44E+00 1.62E+00 1.90E+00 2.18E+00 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 1.19E+00 4.12E+00 4.28E+00 4.43E+00 4.67E+00 4.91E+00 5.07E+00 5.24E+00 4.07E+00
1-Jul-60 1.26E+00 1.45E+00 1.62E+00 1.91E+00 2.19E+00 2.37E+00 2.56E+00 1.20E+00 4.13E+00 4.28E+00 4.43E+00 4.68E+00 4.92E+00 5.07E+00 5.25E+00 3.83E+00
1-Aug-60 1.28E+00 1.46E+00 1.63E+00 1.91E+00 2.19E+00 2.37E+00 2.57E+00 1.21E+00 4.13E+00 4.29E+00 4.44E+00 4.68E+00 4.92E+00 5.08E+00 5.25E+00 3.73E+00
1-Sep-60 1.26E+00 1.44E+00 1.61E+00 1.89E+00 2.16E+00 2.34E+00 2.54E+00 1.20E+00 4.11E+00 4.26E+00 4.41E+00 4.66E+00 4.90E+00 5.05E+00 5.22E+00 3.73E+00
1-Oct-60 1.27E+00 1.44E+00 1.61E+00 1.89E+00 2.16E+00 2.34E+00 2.53E+00 1.21E+00 4.11E+00 4.27E+00 4.41E+00 4.66E+00 4.89E+00 5.05E+00 5.22E+00 3.82E+00
1-Nov-60 1.31E+00 1.48E+00 1.65E+00 1.91E+00 2.18E+00 2.36E+00 2.55E+00 1.23E+00 4.14E+00 4.29E+00 4.44E+00 4.68E+00 4.92E+00 5.08E+00 5.25E+00 3.85E+00
1-Dec-60 1.26E+00 1.43E+00 1.60E+00 1.87E+00 2.13E+00 2.31E+00 2.51E+00 1.22E+00 4.10E+00 4.25E+00 4.40E+00 4.64E+00 4.88E+00 5.04E+00 5.20E+00 3.77E+00
1-Jan-61 1.25E+00 1.42E+00 1.58E+00 1.85E+00 2.11E+00 2.29E+00 2.49E+00 1.22E+00 4.08E+00 4.23E+00 4.38E+00 4.62E+00 4.86E+00 5.02E+00 5.19E+00 3.77E+00
1-Feb-61 1.25E+00 1.42E+00 1.58E+00 1.85E+00 2.11E+00 2.28E+00 2.47E+00 1.22E+00 4.08E+00 4.23E+00 4.38E+00 4.62E+00 4.85E+00 5.02E+00 5.18E+00 3.71E+00
1-Mar-61 1.22E+00 1.39E+00 1.55E+00 1.82E+00 2.08E+00 2.25E+00 2.45E+00 1.21E+00 4.04E+00 4.19E+00 4.35E+00 4.59E+00 4.83E+00 4.99E+00 5.15E+00 3.67E+00
1-Apr-61 1.22E+00 1.38E+00 1.54E+00 1.80E+00 2.06E+00 2.24E+00 2.43E+00 1.20E+00 4.03E+00 4.18E+00 4.33E+00 4.57E+00 4.81E+00 4.97E+00 5.14E+00 3.71E+00
1-May-61 1.22E+00 1.39E+00 1.54E+00 1.80E+00 2.05E+00 2.23E+00 2.42E+00 1.21E+00 4.03E+00 4.18E+00 4.33E+00 4.57E+00 4.81E+00 4.97E+00 5.14E+00 3.64E+00
1-Jun-61 1.22E+00 1.38E+00 1.54E+00 1.79E+00 2.04E+00 2.22E+00 2.41E+00 1.21E+00 4.02E+00 4.17E+00 4.32E+00 4.56E+00 4.80E+00 4.97E+00 5.13E+00 3.81E+00
1-Jul-61 1.24E+00 1.40E+00 1.55E+00 1.81E+00 2.06E+00 2.23E+00 2.42E+00 1.23E+00 4.03E+00 4.18E+00 4.34E+00 4.58E+00 4.82E+00 4.98E+00 5.15E+00 3.85E+00
1-Aug-61 1.23E+00 1.39E+00 1.54E+00 1.79E+00 2.04E+00 2.20E+00 2.40E+00 1.22E+00 4.02E+00 4.17E+00 4.32E+00 4.56E+00 4.80E+00 4.96E+00 5.13E+00 3.96E+00
1-Sep-61 1.26E+00 1.41E+00 1.56E+00 1.80E+00 2.04E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 1.23E+00 4.03E+00 4.18E+00 4.33E+00 4.57E+00 4.81E+00 4.97E+00 5.13E+00 3.90E+00
1-Oct-61 1.23E+00 1.38E+00 1.53E+00 1.77E+00 2.02E+00 2.18E+00 2.37E+00 1.23E+00 4.00E+00 4.15E+00 4.30E+00 4.54E+00 4.78E+00 4.94E+00 5.11E+00 3.85E+00
1-Nov-61 1.21E+00 1.36E+00 1.51E+00 1.76E+00 2.00E+00 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 1.22E+00 3.98E+00 4.13E+00 4.28E+00 4.53E+00 4.77E+00 4.93E+00 5.10E+00 3.86E+00
1-Dec-61 1.22E+00 1.36E+00 1.51E+00 1.75E+00 1.99E+00 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 1.23E+00 3.97E+00 4.12E+00 4.28E+00 4.52E+00 4.77E+00 4.93E+00 5.10E+00 3.98E+00
1-Jan-62 1.24E+00 1.38E+00 1.53E+00 1.77E+00 2.00E+00 2.17E+00 2.36E+00 1.24E+00 3.99E+00 4.14E+00 4.29E+00 4.54E+00 4.78E+00 4.94E+00 5.11E+00 4.00E+00
1-Feb-62 1.27E+00 1.40E+00 1.55E+00 1.79E+00 2.02E+00 2.18E+00 2.37E+00 1.26E+00 4.01E+00 4.16E+00 4.31E+00 4.56E+00 4.80E+00 4.97E+00 5.13E+00 3.96E+00
1-Mar-62 1.27E+00 1.42E+00 1.56E+00 1.80E+00 2.03E+00 2.19E+00 2.37E+00 1.27E+00 4.02E+00 4.17E+00 4.32E+00 4.57E+00 4.81E+00 4.97E+00 5.14E+00 3.85E+00
1-Apr-62 1.25E+00 1.39E+00 1.53E+00 1.77E+00 2.00E+00 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 1.27E+00 3.98E+00 4.14E+00 4.29E+00 4.54E+00 4.78E+00 4.94E+00 5.11E+00 3.77E+00
1-May-62 1.25E+00 1.39E+00 1.53E+00 1.76E+00 1.99E+00 2.15E+00 2.33E+00 1.27E+00 3.97E+00 4.13E+00 4.28E+00 4.53E+00 4.77E+00 4.94E+00 5.10E+00 3.80E+00
1-Jun-62 1.25E+00 1.38E+00 1.52E+00 1.75E+00 1.98E+00 2.14E+00 2.32E+00 1.27E+00 3.96E+00 4.12E+00 4.28E+00 4.52E+00 4.76E+00 4.93E+00 5.10E+00 3.84E+00
1-Jul-62 1.22E+00 1.36E+00 1.50E+00 1.73E+00 1.95E+00 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 1.26E+00 3.93E+00 4.09E+00 4.25E+00 4.50E+00 4.74E+00 4.90E+00 5.08E+00 3.93E+00
1-Aug-62 1.22E+00 1.36E+00 1.50E+00 1.72E+00 1.95E+00 2.11E+00 2.29E+00 1.27E+00 3.93E+00 4.09E+00 4.25E+00 4.49E+00 4.74E+00 4.90E+00 5.07E+00 3.90E+00
1-Sep-62 1.28E+00 1.42E+00 1.56E+00 1.78E+00 2.00E+00 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 1.31E+00 3.98E+00 4.15E+00 4.31E+00 4.55E+00 4.79E+00 4.96E+00 5.13E+00 3.90E+00
1-Oct-62 1.22E+00 1.36E+00 1.50E+00 1.72E+00 1.95E+00 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 1.29E+00 3.92E+00 4.09E+00 4.24E+00 4.49E+00 4.74E+00 4.90E+00 5.08E+00 3.85E+00
1-Nov-62 1.22E+00 1.36E+00 1.50E+00 1.72E+00 1.95E+00 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 1.30E+00 3.92E+00 4.09E+00 4.24E+00 4.49E+00 4.74E+00 4.91E+00 5.08E+00 3.85E+00
1-Dec-62 1.20E+00 1.34E+00 1.47E+00 1.70E+00 1.92E+00 2.09E+00 2.28E+00 1.29E+00 3.89E+00 4.06E+00 4.22E+00 4.47E+00 4.72E+00 4.89E+00 5.07E+00 3.79E+00
1-Jan-63 1.24E+00 1.37E+00 1.51E+00 1.73E+00 1.95E+00 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 1.32E+00 3.92E+00 4.09E+00 4.25E+00 4.50E+00 4.75E+00 4.92E+00 5.09E+00 3.76E+00
1-Feb-63 1.23E+00 1.37E+00 1.49E+00 1.71E+00 1.94E+00 2.10E+00 2.28E+00 1.32E+00 3.90E+00 4.08E+00 4.23E+00 4.48E+00 4.73E+00 4.90E+00 5.08E+00 3.85E+00
1-Mar-63 1.20E+00 1.34E+00 1.47E+00 1.69E+00 1.91E+00 2.07E+00 2.26E+00 1.31E+00 3.87E+00 4.05E+00 4.20E+00 4.46E+00 4.71E+00 4.88E+00 5.05E+00 3.85E+00
1-Apr-63 1.20E+00 1.33E+00 1.45E+00 1.67E+00 1.89E+00 2.05E+00 2.25E+00 1.31E+00 3.85E+00 4.03E+00 4.19E+00 4.44E+00 4.70E+00 4.87E+00 5.04E+00 3.89E+00
1-May-63 1.22E+00 1.34E+00 1.47E+00 1.69E+00 1.91E+00 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 1.32E+00 3.87E+00 4.05E+00 4.21E+00 4.46E+00 4.71E+00 4.88E+00 5.06E+00 3.85E+00
1-Jun-63 1.24E+00 1.36E+00 1.49E+00 1.70E+00 1.92E+00 2.08E+00 2.26E+00 1.34E+00 3.89E+00 4.06E+00 4.23E+00 4.48E+00 4.73E+00 4.90E+00 5.08E+00 3.91E+00
1-Jul-63 1.24E+00 1.36E+00 1.49E+00 1.70E+00 1.91E+00 2.07E+00 2.26E+00 1.35E+00 3.89E+00 4.06E+00 4.22E+00 4.47E+00 4.72E+00 4.89E+00 5.08E+00 3.94E+00
1-Aug-63 1.23E+00 1.36E+00 1.48E+00 1.70E+00 1.91E+00 2.07E+00 2.25E+00 1.36E+00 3.88E+00 4.05E+00 4.21E+00 4.47E+00 4.72E+00 4.89E+00 5.08E+00 3.92E+00
1-Sep-63 1.23E+00 1.35E+00 1.48E+00 1.69E+00 1.90E+00 2.06E+00 2.25E+00 1.36E+00 3.87E+00 4.04E+00 4.20E+00 4.46E+00 4.71E+00 4.88E+00 5.07E+00 4.00E+00
1-Oct-63 1.27E+00 1.39E+00 1.51E+00 1.72E+00 1.93E+00 2.09E+00 2.28E+00 1.39E+00 3.90E+00 4.08E+00 4.24E+00 4.49E+00 4.75E+00 4.92E+00 5.10E+00 4.03E+00
1-Nov-63 1.27E+00 1.39E+00 1.51E+00 1.72E+00 1.93E+00 2.09E+00 2.27E+00 1.40E+00 3.90E+00 4.08E+00 4.24E+00 4.49E+00 4.75E+00 4.92E+00 5.11E+00 4.04E+00
1-Dec-63 1.30E+00 1.41E+00 1.53E+00 1.74E+00 1.95E+00 2.10E+00 2.29E+00 1.42E+00 3.92E+00 4.09E+00 4.26E+00 4.51E+00 4.76E+00 4.94E+00 5.13E+00 4.05E+00
1-Jan-64 1.30E+00 1.42E+00 1.54E+00 1.74E+00 1.95E+00 2.10E+00 2.28E+00 1.44E+00 3.92E+00 4.09E+00 4.26E+00 4.51E+00 4.77E+00 4.94E+00 5.13E+00 4.09E+00
1-Feb-64 1.30E+00 1.41E+00 1.53E+00 1.74E+00 1.94E+00 2.10E+00 2.27E+00 1.45E+00 3.91E+00 4.09E+00 4.25E+00 4.51E+00 4.76E+00 4.94E+00 5.13E+00 4.07E+00
1-Mar-64 1.28E+00 1.40E+00 1.52E+00 1.72E+00 1.93E+00 2.09E+00 2.27E+00 1.45E+00 3.89E+00 4.07E+00 4.24E+00 4.49E+00 4.75E+00 4.92E+00 5.12E+00 4.13E+00
1-Apr-64 1.28E+00 1.40E+00 1.52E+00 1.72E+00 1.92E+00 2.09E+00 2.27E+00 1.46E+00 3.89E+00 4.07E+00 4.23E+00 4.49E+00 4.75E+00 4.92E+00 5.12E+00 4.14E+00
1-May-64 1.28E+00 1.39E+00 1.50E+00 1.71E+00 1.91E+00 2.08E+00 2.25E+00 1.47E+00 3.88E+00 4.06E+00 4.22E+00 4.48E+00 4.74E+00 4.92E+00 5.11E+00 4.11E+00
1-Jun-64 1.28E+00 1.39E+00 1.51E+00 1.71E+00 1.92E+00 2.08E+00 2.26E+00 1.48E+00 3.88E+00 4.06E+00 4.22E+00 4.48E+00 4.74E+00 4.92E+00 5.11E+00 4.09E+00
1-Jul-64 1.28E+00 1.40E+00 1.51E+00 1.71E+00 1.92E+00 2.08E+00 2.26E+00 1.49E+00 3.88E+00 4.06E+00 4.22E+00 4.48E+00 4.75E+00 4.92E+00 5.12E+00 4.10E+00
1-Aug-64 1.29E+00 1.40E+00 1.51E+00 1.72E+00 1.92E+00 2.08E+00 2.27E+00 1.51E+00 3.88E+00 4.06E+00 4.22E+00 4.49E+00 4.75E+00 4.92E+00 5.13E+00 4.10E+00
1-Sep-64 1.29E+00 1.40E+00 1.51E+00 1.71E+00 1.92E+00 2.08E+00 2.27E+00 1.52E+00 3.88E+00 4.06E+00 4.22E+00 4.48E+00 4.75E+00 4.93E+00 5.13E+00 4.11E+00
1-Oct-64 1.28E+00 1.39E+00 1.50E+00 1.71E+00 1.91E+00 2.08E+00 2.26E+00 1.53E+00 3.86E+00 4.05E+00 4.21E+00 4.48E+00 4.74E+00 4.92E+00 5.12E+00 4.10E+00
1-Nov-64 1.30E+00 1.41E+00 1.52E+00 1.73E+00 1.93E+00 2.10E+00 2.28E+00 1.55E+00 3.89E+00 4.06E+00 4.23E+00 4.50E+00 4.76E+00 4.94E+00 5.14E+00 4.07E+00
1-Dec-64 1.31E+00 1.42E+00 1.53E+00 1.73E+00 1.93E+00 2.10E+00 2.29E+00 1.57E+00 3.89E+00 4.07E+00 4.24E+00 4.50E+00 4.77E+00 4.95E+00 5.16E+00 4.09E+00
1-Jan-65 1.32E+00 1.42E+00 1.53E+00 1.73E+00 1.94E+00 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 1.59E+00 3.88E+00 4.07E+00 4.24E+00 4.50E+00 4.77E+00 4.96E+00 5.16E+00 4.10E+00
1-Feb-65 1.31E+00 1.41E+00 1.52E+00 1.73E+00 1.93E+00 2.10E+00 2.30E+00 1.60E+00 3.88E+00 4.06E+00 4.23E+00 4.50E+00 4.77E+00 4.95E+00 5.16E+00 4.12E+00
1-Mar-65 1.30E+00 1.41E+00 1.52E+00 1.73E+00 1.93E+00 2.10E+00 2.30E+00 1.61E+00 3.87E+00 4.06E+00 4.23E+00 4.50E+00 4.77E+00 4.95E+00 5.16E+00 4.12E+00
1-Apr-65 1.32E+00 1.42E+00 1.53E+00 1.74E+00 1.94E+00 2.11E+00 2.31E+00 1.63E+00 3.88E+00 4.07E+00 4.24E+00 4.51E+00 4.78E+00 4.96E+00 5.17E+00 4.11E+00
1-May-65 1.35E+00 1.45E+00 1.56E+00 1.76E+00 1.96E+00 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 1.66E+00 3.92E+00 4.09E+00 4.26E+00 4.53E+00 4.80E+00 4.99E+00 5.20E+00 4.12E+00
1-Jun-65 1.35E+00 1.45E+00 1.56E+00 1.76E+00 1.96E+00 2.14E+00 2.32E+00 1.69E+00 3.91E+00 4.09E+00 4.26E+00 4.53E+00 4.80E+00 4.99E+00 5.20E+00 4.12E+00
1-Jul-65 1.33E+00 1.43E+00 1.54E+00 1.74E+00 1.95E+00 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 1.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.07E+00 4.24E+00 4.51E+00 4.79E+00 4.98E+00 5.20E+00 4.11E+00
1-Aug-65 1.33E+00 1.43E+00 1.54E+00 1.75E+00 1.95E+00 2.13E+00 2.32E+00 1.71E+00 3.89E+00 4.07E+00 4.24E+00 4.52E+00 4.79E+00 4.98E+00 5.21E+00 4.16E+00
1-Sep-65 1.34E+00 1.44E+00 1.55E+00 1.75E+00 1.95E+00 2.13E+00 2.33E+00 1.73E+00 3.90E+00 4.07E+00 4.24E+00 4.52E+00 4.80E+00 4.99E+00 5.21E+00 4.20E+00
1-Oct-65 1.32E+00 1.42E+00 1.53E+00 1.73E+00 1.94E+00 2.12E+00 2.33E+00 1.74E+00 3.87E+00 4.05E+00 4.22E+00 4.50E+00 4.78E+00 4.98E+00 5.20E+00 4.26E+00
1-Nov-65 1.36E+00 1.46E+00 1.57E+00 1.77E+00 1.97E+00 2.15E+00 2.35E+00 1.77E+00 3.91E+00 4.09E+00 4.26E+00 4.54E+00 4.82E+00 5.02E+00 5.24E+00 4.35E+00
1-Dec-65 1.43E+00 1.53E+00 1.63E+00 1.83E+00 2.02E+00 2.20E+00 2.40E+00 1.82E+00 3.97E+00 4.15E+00 4.32E+00 4.60E+00 4.87E+00 5.07E+00 5.29E+00 4.52E+00
1-Jan-66 1.39E+00 1.50E+00 1.60E+00 1.80E+00 2.00E+00 2.18E+00 2.39E+00 1.84E+00 3.94E+00 4.11E+00 4.29E+00 4.57E+00 4.85E+00 5.05E+00 5.27E+00 4.51E+00
1-Feb-66 1.48E+00 1.58E+00 1.68E+00 1.87E+00 2.06E+00 2.24E+00 2.44E+00 1.90E+00 4.01E+00 4.19E+00 4.36E+00 4.64E+00 4.92E+00 5.11E+00 5.33E+00 4.72E+00
1-Mar-66 1.48E+00 1.58E+00 1.68E+00 1.87E+00 2.06E+00 2.24E+00 2.44E+00 1.92E+00 4.01E+00 4.19E+00 4.36E+00 4.64E+00 4.92E+00 5.12E+00 5.33E+00 4.76E+00
1-Apr-66 1.54E+00 1.64E+00 1.74E+00 1.93E+00 2.12E+00 2.29E+00 2.50E+00 1.97E+00 4.07E+00 4.25E+00 4.42E+00 4.70E+00 4.98E+00 5.17E+00 5.40E+00 4.64E+00
1-May-66 1.55E+00 1.65E+00 1.75E+00 1.94E+00 2.12E+00 2.29E+00 2.50E+00 1.99E+00 4.08E+00 4.26E+00 4.43E+00 4.71E+00 4.99E+00 5.18E+00 5.41E+00 4.67E+00
1-Jun-66 1.59E+00 1.69E+00 1.79E+00 1.97E+00 2.16E+00 2.33E+00 2.55E+00 2.03E+00 4.11E+00 4.29E+00 4.47E+00 4.74E+00 5.02E+00 5.22E+00 5.44E+00 4.70E+00
1-Jul-66 1.62E+00 1.72E+00 1.82E+00 2.00E+00 2.19E+00 2.35E+00 2.56E+00 2.06E+00 4.13E+00 4.32E+00 4.49E+00 4.77E+00 5.06E+00 5.25E+00 5.47E+00 4.90E+00
1-Aug-66 1.66E+00 1.77E+00 1.86E+00 2.05E+00 2.23E+00 2.39E+00 2.60E+00 2.11E+00 4.18E+00 4.36E+00 4.53E+00 4.82E+00 5.10E+00 5.29E+00 5.51E+00 5.09E+00
1-Sep-66 1.70E+00 1.81E+00 1.90E+00 2.09E+00 2.27E+00 2.43E+00 2.63E+00 2.15E+00 4.21E+00 4.40E+00 4.57E+00 4.86E+00 5.14E+00 5.34E+00 5.56E+00 5.05E+00
1-Oct-66 1.73E+00 1.84E+00 1.94E+00 2.12E+00 2.30E+00 2.46E+00 2.66E+00 2.18E+00 4.23E+00 4.43E+00 4.60E+00 4.89E+00 5.18E+00 5.37E+00 5.60E+00 4.89E+00
1-Nov-66 1.73E+00 1.84E+00 1.94E+00 2.12E+00 2.30E+00 2.46E+00 2.67E+00 2.20E+00 4.24E+00 4.42E+00 4.60E+00 4.89E+00 5.18E+00 5.38E+00 5.60E+00 5.03E+00
1-Dec-66 1.75E+00 1.86E+00 1.96E+00 2.15E+00 2.33E+00 2.48E+00 2.70E+00 2.23E+00 4.26E+00 4.45E+00 4.63E+00 4.92E+00 5.21E+00 5.40E+00 5.63E+00 4.73E+00
1-Jan-67 1.72E+00 1.83E+00 1.92E+00 2.11E+00 2.29E+00 2.46E+00 2.68E+00 2.23E+00 4.22E+00 4.41E+00 4.59E+00 4.88E+00 5.17E+00 5.37E+00 5.60E+00 4.48E+00
1-Feb-67 1.74E+00 1.84E+00 1.94E+00 2.13E+00 2.31E+00 2.47E+00 2.70E+00 2.25E+00 4.24E+00 4.43E+00 4.61E+00 4.90E+00 5.19E+00 5.39E+00 5.62E+00 4.53E+00
1-Mar-67 1.72E+00 1.83E+00 1.92E+00 2.11E+00 2.30E+00 2.46E+00 2.69E+00 2.26E+00 4.22E+00 4.41E+00 4.59E+00 4.88E+00 5.18E+00 5.38E+00 5.61E+00 4.44E+00
1-Apr-67 1.76E+00 1.86E+00 1.96E+00 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.48E+00 2.71E+00 2.29E+00 4.25E+00 4.43E+00 4.62E+00 4.91E+00 5.20E+00 5.40E+00 5.64E+00 4.49E+00
1-May-67 1.76E+00 1.86E+00 1.96E+00 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.49E+00 2.71E+00 2.31E+00 4.25E+00 4.44E+00 4.62E+00 4.92E+00 5.21E+00 5.41E+00 5.65E+00 4.74E+00
1-Jun-67 1.81E+00 1.91E+00 2.01E+00 2.19E+00 2.37E+00 2.53E+00 2.75E+00 2.35E+00 4.30E+00 4.48E+00 4.67E+00 4.96E+00 5.26E+00 5.46E+00 5.71E+00 4.90E+00
1-Jul-67 1.85E+00 1.96E+00 2.05E+00 2.24E+00 2.42E+00 2.57E+00 2.79E+00 2.39E+00 4.34E+00 4.52E+00 4.71E+00 5.01E+00 5.30E+00 5.50E+00 5.75E+00 5.03E+00
1-Aug-67 1.88E+00 1.99E+00 2.09E+00 2.27E+00 2.45E+00 2.61E+00 2.82E+00 2.43E+00 4.37E+00 4.55E+00 4.74E+00 5.04E+00 5.34E+00 5.54E+00 5.78E+00 5.15E+00
1-Sep-67 1.92E+00 2.03E+00 2.13E+00 2.31E+00 2.49E+00 2.65E+00 2.86E+00 2.46E+00 4.40E+00 4.59E+00 4.78E+00 5.08E+00 5.38E+00 5.58E+00 5.83E+00 5.16E+00
1-Oct-67 1.96E+00 2.07E+00 2.17E+00 2.35E+00 2.53E+00 2.69E+00 2.89E+00 2.50E+00 4.44E+00 4.63E+00 4.82E+00 5.12E+00 5.42E+00 5.63E+00 5.88E+00 5.34E+00
1-Nov-67 2.01E+00 2.11E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.58E+00 2.73E+00 2.93E+00 2.54E+00 4.48E+00 4.67E+00 4.86E+00 5.17E+00 5.47E+00 5.68E+00 5.93E+00 5.59E+00
1-Dec-67 2.01E+00 2.11E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.58E+00 2.74E+00 2.94E+00 2.56E+00 4.48E+00 4.67E+00 4.86E+00 5.17E+00 5.47E+00 5.68E+00 5.93E+00 5.54E+00
1-Jan-68 2.07E+00 2.17E+00 2.28E+00 2.46E+00 2.65E+00 2.80E+00 3.00E+00 2.61E+00 4.54E+00 4.73E+00 4.93E+00 5.24E+00 5.54E+00 5.75E+00 6.01E+00 5.38E+00
1-Feb-68 2.11E+00 2.22E+00 2.32E+00 2.51E+00 2.70E+00 2.85E+00 3.03E+00 2.65E+00 4.58E+00 4.77E+00 4.97E+00 5.28E+00 5.59E+00 5.80E+00 6.05E+00 5.41E+00
1-Mar-68 2.14E+00 2.25E+00 2.35E+00 2.54E+00 2.73E+00 2.88E+00 3.07E+00 2.68E+00 4.61E+00 4.80E+00 5.00E+00 5.31E+00 5.62E+00 5.83E+00 6.09E+00 5.58E+00
1-Apr-68 2.17E+00 2.28E+00 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 2.76E+00 2.91E+00 3.10E+00 2.71E+00 4.63E+00 4.82E+00 5.03E+00 5.34E+00 5.65E+00 5.87E+00 6.12E+00 5.49E+00
1-May-68 2.21E+00 2.31E+00 2.42E+00 2.61E+00 2.80E+00 2.95E+00 3.14E+00 2.75E+00 4.66E+00 4.86E+00 5.06E+00 5.38E+00 5.69E+00 5.91E+00 6.17E+00 5.70E+00
1-Jun-68 2.24E+00 2.35E+00 2.45E+00 2.65E+00 2.84E+00 2.99E+00 3.18E+00 2.78E+00 4.70E+00 4.90E+00 5.10E+00 5.42E+00 5.74E+00 5.96E+00 6.22E+00 5.56E+00
1-Jul-68 2.26E+00 2.37E+00 2.48E+00 2.67E+00 2.87E+00 3.01E+00 3.21E+00 2.81E+00 4.72E+00 4.92E+00 5.13E+00 5.45E+00 5.76E+00 5.98E+00 6.24E+00 5.35E+00
1-Aug-68 2.30E+00 2.41E+00 2.52E+00 2.71E+00 2.91E+00 3.06E+00 3.24E+00 2.85E+00 4.76E+00 4.96E+00 5.16E+00 5.48E+00 5.80E+00 6.02E+00 6.28E+00 5.28E+00
1-Sep-68 2.33E+00 2.44E+00 2.55E+00 2.75E+00 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 3.28E+00 2.88E+00 4.79E+00 4.99E+00 5.20E+00 5.52E+00 5.84E+00 6.06E+00 6.33E+00 5.32E+00
1-Oct-68 2.39E+00 2.50E+00 2.62E+00 2.82E+00 3.02E+00 3.17E+00 3.35E+00 2.92E+00 4.85E+00 5.05E+00 5.26E+00 5.59E+00 5.91E+00 6.13E+00 6.40E+00 5.43E+00
1-Nov-68 2.42E+00 2.53E+00 2.65E+00 2.85E+00 3.05E+00 3.20E+00 3.39E+00 2.95E+00 4.88E+00 5.08E+00 5.29E+00 5.62E+00 5.94E+00 6.17E+00 6.44E+00 5.54E+00
1-Dec-68 2.43E+00 2.54E+00 2.66E+00 2.86E+00 3.06E+00 3.22E+00 3.40E+00 2.98E+00 4.89E+00 5.09E+00 5.31E+00 5.64E+00 5.96E+00 6.19E+00 6.46E+00 5.86E+00
1-Jan-69 2.46E+00 2.58E+00 2.69E+00 2.90E+00 3.10E+00 3.25E+00 3.43E+00 3.01E+00 4.92E+00 5.12E+00 5.34E+00 5.67E+00 5.99E+00 6.22E+00 6.49E+00 5.86E+00
1-Feb-69 2.47E+00 2.58E+00 2.70E+00 2.90E+00 3.10E+00 3.26E+00 3.45E+00 3.03E+00 4.92E+00 5.13E+00 5.34E+00 5.67E+00 6.00E+00 6.23E+00 6.50E+00 6.01E+00
1-Mar-69 2.54E+00 2.66E+00 2.77E+00 2.98E+00 3.19E+00 3.34E+00 3.52E+00 3.08E+00 4.99E+00 5.20E+00 5.42E+00 5.75E+00 6.08E+00 6.31E+00 6.60E+00 6.11E+00
1-Apr-69 2.57E+00 2.69E+00 2.81E+00 3.02E+00 3.23E+00 3.38E+00 3.56E+00 3.11E+00 5.01E+00 5.24E+00 5.45E+00 5.79E+00 6.12E+00 6.35E+00 6.64E+00 5.99E+00
1-May-69 2.59E+00 2.72E+00 2.84E+00 3.05E+00 3.26E+00 3.41E+00 3.59E+00 3.14E+00 5.04E+00 5.27E+00 5.48E+00 5.82E+00 6.15E+00 6.39E+00 6.67E+00 6.13E+00
1-Jun-69 2.63E+00 2.76E+00 2.88E+00 3.09E+00 3.30E+00 3.46E+00 3.64E+00 3.18E+00 5.08E+00 5.31E+00 5.52E+00 5.86E+00 6.20E+00 6.43E+00 6.71E+00 6.36E+00
1-Jul-69 2.68E+00 2.81E+00 2.94E+00 3.15E+00 3.36E+00 3.52E+00 3.70E+00 3.22E+00 5.12E+00 5.36E+00 5.58E+00 5.92E+00 6.26E+00 6.50E+00 6.77E+00 6.50E+00
1-Aug-69 2.68E+00 2.81E+00 2.94E+00 3.15E+00 3.36E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.23E+00 5.13E+00 5.36E+00 5.58E+00 5.92E+00 6.26E+00 6.49E+00 6.77E+00 6.48E+00
1-Sep-69 2.72E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 3.20E+00 3.41E+00 3.57E+00 3.74E+00 3.27E+00 5.17E+00 5.40E+00 5.62E+00 5.97E+00 6.31E+00 6.55E+00 6.82E+00 6.92E+00
1-Oct-69 2.75E+00 2.89E+00 3.01E+00 3.23E+00 3.45E+00 3.60E+00 3.78E+00 3.29E+00 5.20E+00 5.43E+00 5.66E+00 6.00E+00 6.34E+00 6.58E+00 6.85E+00 6.86E+00
1-Nov-69 2.78E+00 2.92E+00 3.04E+00 3.26E+00 3.48E+00 3.64E+00 3.81E+00 3.32E+00 5.24E+00 5.46E+00 5.69E+00 6.03E+00 6.38E+00 6.62E+00 6.90E+00 6.90E+00
1-Dec-69 2.81E+00 2.95E+00 3.08E+00 3.30E+00 3.52E+00 3.67E+00 3.84E+00 3.36E+00 5.27E+00 5.50E+00 5.72E+00 6.07E+00 6.41E+00 6.66E+00 6.93E+00 7.37E+00
1-Jan-70 2.83E+00 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 3.32E+00 3.54E+00 3.70E+00 3.86E+00 3.38E+00 5.29E+00 5.52E+00 5.74E+00 6.09E+00 6.44E+00 6.68E+00 6.95E+00 7.50E+00
1-Feb-70 2.87E+00 3.01E+00 3.14E+00 3.36E+00 3.58E+00 3.73E+00 3.90E+00 3.41E+00 5.32E+00 5.56E+00 5.78E+00 6.13E+00 6.48E+00 6.72E+00 6.99E+00 6.99E+00
1-Mar-70 2.89E+00 3.02E+00 3.15E+00 3.38E+00 3.60E+00 3.76E+00 3.93E+00 3.42E+00 5.33E+00 5.57E+00 5.80E+00 6.15E+00 6.50E+00 6.74E+00 7.01E+00 6.83E+00
1-Apr-70 2.94E+00 3.07E+00 3.20E+00 3.43E+00 3.65E+00 3.81E+00 3.97E+00 3.46E+00 5.38E+00 5.62E+00 5.85E+00 6.20E+00 6.55E+00 6.79E+00 7.07E+00 7.13E+00
1-May-70 2.94E+00 3.07E+00 3.21E+00 3.43E+00 3.65E+00 3.81E+00 3.97E+00 3.47E+00 5.38E+00 5.62E+00 5.85E+00 6.20E+00 6.55E+00 6.79E+00 7.07E+00 7.61E+00
1-Jun-70 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 3.22E+00 3.44E+00 3.67E+00 3.82E+00 3.99E+00 3.49E+00 5.39E+00 5.63E+00 5.86E+00 6.21E+00 6.56E+00 6.81E+00 7.08E+00 7.55E+00
1-Jul-70 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 3.23E+00 3.45E+00 3.67E+00 3.82E+00 3.98E+00 3.50E+00 5.40E+00 5.64E+00 5.87E+00 6.22E+00 6.57E+00 6.81E+00 7.08E+00 7.19E+00
1-Aug-70 2.96E+00 3.09E+00 3.22E+00 3.44E+00 3.66E+00 3.81E+00 3.97E+00 3.51E+00 5.39E+00 5.63E+00 5.86E+00 6.21E+00 6.56E+00 6.80E+00 7.07E+00 7.26E+00
1-Sep-70 3.00E+00 3.13E+00 3.26E+00 3.48E+00 3.70E+00 3.85E+00 4.00E+00 3.53E+00 5.42E+00 5.67E+00 5.90E+00 6.25E+00 6.60E+00 6.84E+00 7.10E+00 7.13E+00
1-Oct-70 3.04E+00 3.17E+00 3.31E+00 3.53E+00 3.75E+00 3.90E+00 4.06E+00 3.56E+00 5.47E+00 5.72E+00 5.95E+00 6.30E+00 6.65E+00 6.89E+00 7.17E+00 7.07E+00
1-Nov-70 3.08E+00 3.21E+00 3.35E+00 3.57E+00 3.80E+00 3.95E+00 4.11E+00 3.58E+00 5.51E+00 5.75E+00 5.99E+00 6.34E+00 6.69E+00 6.93E+00 7.20E+00 6.62E+00
1-Dec-70 3.11E+00 3.25E+00 3.39E+00 3.62E+00 3.84E+00 3.99E+00 4.15E+00 3.61E+00 5.55E+00 5.80E+00 6.03E+00 6.39E+00 6.74E+00 6.98E+00 7.25E+00 6.19E+00
1-Jan-71 3.12E+00 3.26E+00 3.39E+00 3.61E+00 3.84E+00 3.99E+00 4.15E+00 3.62E+00 5.56E+00 5.80E+00 6.03E+00 6.39E+00 6.74E+00 6.98E+00 7.25E+00 6.05E+00
1-Feb-71 3.13E+00 3.27E+00 3.40E+00 3.62E+00 3.84E+00 4.00E+00 4.16E+00 3.63E+00 5.57E+00 5.81E+00 6.04E+00 6.39E+00 6.74E+00 6.99E+00 7.25E+00 5.93E+00
1-Mar-71 3.15E+00 3.28E+00 3.42E+00 3.64E+00 3.85E+00 4.00E+00 4.16E+00 3.64E+00 5.59E+00 5.83E+00 6.06E+00 6.41E+00 6.75E+00 6.99E+00 7.26E+00 5.54E+00
1-Apr-71 3.17E+00 3.30E+00 3.44E+00 3.65E+00 3.87E+00 4.01E+00 4.17E+00 3.66E+00 5.61E+00 5.85E+00 6.08E+00 6.42E+00 6.77E+00 7.01E+00 7.27E+00 5.67E+00
1-May-71 3.20E+00 3.33E+00 3.47E+00 3.69E+00 3.91E+00 4.05E+00 4.22E+00 3.68E+00 5.63E+00 5.88E+00 6.11E+00 6.46E+00 6.81E+00 7.05E+00 7.31E+00 6.19E+00
1-Jun-71 3.22E+00 3.36E+00 3.49E+00 3.71E+00 3.93E+00 4.08E+00 4.24E+00 3.70E+00 5.66E+00 5.90E+00 6.13E+00 6.48E+00 6.83E+00 7.07E+00 7.34E+00 6.32E+00
1-Jul-71 3.23E+00 3.36E+00 3.50E+00 3.71E+00 3.93E+00 4.08E+00 4.23E+00 3.71E+00 5.66E+00 5.91E+00 6.13E+00 6.48E+00 6.83E+00 7.07E+00 7.34E+00 6.51E+00
1-Aug-71 3.20E+00 3.34E+00 3.47E+00 3.68E+00 3.89E+00 4.03E+00 4.19E+00 3.70E+00 5.65E+00 5.88E+00 6.11E+00 6.45E+00 6.79E+00 7.02E+00 7.28E+00 6.37E+00

Note: Panels (a) and (b) depict estimates of the inflation trend  \tau_t^\pi and Panels (c) and (d) show the corresponding measures of trend shock volatility. All estimates are derived from available data since 1960. The conditioning sets are described in Table 2.

Figure 7: Recent Inflation Trends

 Xdata Level (Single Inflation Trend), SURV Level (Single Inflation Trend), YLD Level (Single Inflation Trend), ALL Level (Model w/ Separate Yield Trend, YLD w/separate Yield Trend Level (Model w/ Separate Yield Trend, ALL w/separate yield trend Uncertainty (Single Inflation Trend), SURV Uncertainty (Single Inflation Trend), YLD Uncertainty (Single Inflation Trend), ALL Uncertainty (w/Separate Yield Trend), YLD w/separate yield trend Uncertainty (w/Separate Yield Trend), ALL w/separate yield trend
1-Jan-00 2.37E+00 2.20E+00 2.34E+00 2.19E+00 2.30E+00 3.82E-02 4.91E-02 3.93E-02 3.61E-01 2.15E-01
1-Feb-00 2.38E+00 2.21E+00 2.35E+00 2.18E+00 2.29E+00 3.82E-02 4.95E-02 3.93E-02 3.63E-01 2.16E-01
1-Mar-00 2.41E+00 2.26E+00 2.38E+00 2.23E+00 2.38E+00 3.82E-02 5.01E-02 3.95E-02 3.66E-01 2.17E-01
1-Apr-00 2.38E+00 2.17E+00 2.33E+00 1.93E+00 2.22E+00 3.83E-02 5.07E-02 3.95E-02 3.68E-01 2.18E-01
1-May-00 2.37E+00 2.16E+00 2.33E+00 1.96E+00 2.20E+00 3.83E-02 5.10E-02 3.95E-02 3.70E-01 2.18E-01
1-Jun-00 2.38E+00 2.18E+00 2.34E+00 2.09E+00 2.25E+00 3.83E-02 5.14E-02 3.96E-02 3.72E-01 2.19E-01
1-Jul-00 2.39E+00 2.19E+00 2.35E+00 2.11E+00 2.27E+00 3.84E-02 5.20E-02 3.96E-02 3.74E-01 2.20E-01
1-Aug-00 2.37E+00 2.14E+00 2.32E+00 1.95E+00 2.16E+00 3.84E-02 5.26E-02 3.97E-02 3.76E-01 2.20E-01
1-Sep-00 2.40E+00 2.21E+00 2.36E+00 2.21E+00 2.31E+00 3.85E-02 5.32E-02 3.98E-02 3.78E-01 2.21E-01
1-Oct-00 2.39E+00 2.18E+00 2.35E+00 2.11E+00 2.25E+00 3.85E-02 5.38E-02 3.98E-02 3.80E-01 2.22E-01
1-Nov-00 2.39E+00 2.18E+00 2.34E+00 2.09E+00 2.19E+00 3.86E-02 5.44E-02 3.99E-02 3.83E-01 2.22E-01
1-Dec-00 2.38E+00 2.16E+00 2.33E+00 2.09E+00 2.16E+00 3.87E-02 5.52E-02 4.00E-02 3.85E-01 2.23E-01
1-Jan-01 2.41E+00 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.32E+00 2.30E+00 3.87E-02 5.62E-02 4.01E-02 3.87E-01 2.23E-01
1-Feb-01 2.40E+00 2.22E+00 2.36E+00 2.17E+00 2.23E+00 3.88E-02 5.68E-02 4.02E-02 3.90E-01 2.24E-01
1-Mar-01 2.38E+00 2.18E+00 2.34E+00 2.01E+00 2.17E+00 3.88E-02 5.76E-02 4.03E-02 3.92E-01 2.24E-01
1-Apr-01 2.39E+00 2.19E+00 2.35E+00 2.08E+00 2.22E+00 3.89E-02 5.85E-02 4.04E-02 3.94E-01 2.25E-01
1-May-01 2.40E+00 2.19E+00 2.35E+00 2.16E+00 2.26E+00 3.90E-02 5.95E-02 4.06E-02 3.96E-01 2.25E-01
1-Jun-01 2.40E+00 2.21E+00 2.36E+00 2.04E+00 2.26E+00 3.91E-02 6.07E-02 4.08E-02 3.99E-01 2.26E-01
1-Jul-01 2.38E+00 2.17E+00 2.33E+00 1.73E+00 2.14E+00 3.92E-02 6.23E-02 4.10E-02 4.01E-01 2.27E-01
1-Aug-01 2.37E+00 2.12E+00 2.32E+00 1.53E+00 2.10E+00 3.94E-02 6.39E-02 4.12E-02 4.03E-01 2.27E-01
1-Sep-01 2.31E+00 1.91E+00 2.24E+00 1.39E+00 1.88E+00 3.95E-02 6.57E-02 4.15E-02 4.04E-01 2.28E-01
1-Oct-01 2.33E+00 2.10E+00 2.29E+00 1.79E+00 2.10E+00 3.95E-02 6.55E-02 4.14E-02 4.06E-01 2.29E-01
1-Nov-01 2.29E+00 2.02E+00 2.25E+00 1.57E+00 1.96E+00 3.93E-02 6.37E-02 4.11E-02 4.06E-01 2.28E-01
1-Dec-01 2.28E+00 1.96E+00 2.23E+00 1.53E+00 1.99E+00 3.91E-02 6.18E-02 4.08E-02 4.07E-01 2.28E-01
1-Jan-02 2.27E+00 1.96E+00 2.23E+00 1.59E+00 2.00E+00 3.90E-02 5.99E-02 4.06E-02 4.07E-01 2.28E-01
1-Feb-02 2.27E+00 1.98E+00 2.23E+00 1.65E+00 2.05E+00 3.89E-02 5.84E-02 4.04E-02 4.08E-01 2.27E-01
1-Mar-02 2.28E+00 2.00E+00 2.24E+00 1.88E+00 2.14E+00 3.88E-02 5.70E-02 4.02E-02 4.09E-01 2.27E-01
1-Apr-02 2.30E+00 2.06E+00 2.27E+00 2.02E+00 2.24E+00 3.87E-02 5.57E-02 4.00E-02 4.10E-01 2.27E-01
1-May-02 2.28E+00 2.01E+00 2.24E+00 1.81E+00 2.12E+00 3.87E-02 5.45E-02 3.99E-02 4.11E-01 2.27E-01
1-Jun-02 2.27E+00 2.00E+00 2.23E+00 1.75E+00 2.10E+00 3.86E-02 5.33E-02 3.97E-02 4.11E-01 2.27E-01
1-Jul-02 2.27E+00 2.01E+00 2.23E+00 1.77E+00 2.11E+00 3.85E-02 5.23E-02 3.96E-02 4.12E-01 2.27E-01
1-Aug-02 2.26E+00 2.02E+00 2.23E+00 1.70E+00 2.09E+00 3.85E-02 5.14E-02 3.94E-02 4.13E-01 2.27E-01
1-Sep-02 2.25E+00 2.01E+00 2.22E+00 1.65E+00 2.06E+00 3.84E-02 5.06E-02 3.94E-02 4.15E-01 2.27E-01
1-Oct-02 2.24E+00 2.01E+00 2.22E+00 1.73E+00 2.05E+00 3.84E-02 4.99E-02 3.93E-02 4.16E-01 2.27E-01
1-Nov-02 2.22E+00 2.00E+00 2.21E+00 1.68E+00 1.97E+00 3.84E-02 4.93E-02 3.93E-02 4.18E-01 2.28E-01
1-Dec-02 2.21E+00 1.99E+00 2.20E+00 1.58E+00 1.93E+00 3.84E-02 4.89E-02 3.92E-02 4.20E-01 2.28E-01
1-Jan-03 2.21E+00 2.00E+00 2.20E+00 1.69E+00 1.96E+00 3.84E-02 4.85E-02 3.92E-02 4.22E-01 2.28E-01
1-Feb-03 2.22E+00 2.04E+00 2.22E+00 1.84E+00 2.05E+00 3.84E-02 4.82E-02 3.93E-02 4.24E-01 2.29E-01
1-Mar-03 2.22E+00 2.03E+00 2.22E+00 1.84E+00 2.08E+00 3.85E-02 4.79E-02 3.93E-02 4.27E-01 2.29E-01
1-Apr-03 2.18E+00 1.96E+00 2.17E+00 1.59E+00 1.88E+00 3.85E-02 4.77E-02 3.93E-02 4.29E-01 2.30E-01
1-May-03 2.15E+00 1.93E+00 2.15E+00 1.37E+00 1.78E+00 3.85E-02 4.73E-02 3.92E-02 4.31E-01 2.30E-01
1-Jun-03 2.14E+00 1.93E+00 2.14E+00 1.53E+00 1.81E+00 3.84E-02 4.69E-02 3.91E-02 4.33E-01 2.30E-01
1-Jul-03 2.14E+00 1.97E+00 2.15E+00 1.88E+00 1.85E+00 3.84E-02 4.66E-02 3.91E-02 4.36E-01 2.30E-01
1-Aug-03 2.15E+00 1.98E+00 2.16E+00 2.10E+00 1.93E+00 3.84E-02 4.64E-02 3.91E-02 4.37E-01 2.31E-01
1-Sep-03 2.16E+00 1.99E+00 2.17E+00 2.14E+00 1.99E+00 3.84E-02 4.62E-02 3.91E-02 4.38E-01 2.31E-01
1-Oct-03 2.14E+00 1.96E+00 2.15E+00 1.97E+00 1.89E+00 3.84E-02 4.61E-02 3.91E-02 4.40E-01 2.31E-01
1-Nov-03 2.14E+00 1.95E+00 2.14E+00 2.04E+00 1.89E+00 3.84E-02 4.60E-02 3.91E-02 4.41E-01 2.31E-01
1-Dec-03 2.14E+00 1.97E+00 2.15E+00 2.23E+00 1.90E+00 3.84E-02 4.60E-02 3.91E-02 4.43E-01 2.31E-01
1-Jan-04 2.17E+00 2.02E+00 2.18E+00 2.44E+00 1.95E+00 3.84E-02 4.60E-02 3.92E-02 4.45E-01 2.32E-01
1-Feb-04 2.17E+00 2.03E+00 2.18E+00 2.47E+00 1.95E+00 3.84E-02 4.60E-02 3.92E-02 4.46E-01 2.32E-01
1-Mar-04 2.18E+00 2.04E+00 2.18E+00 2.44E+00 2.00E+00 3.85E-02 4.61E-02 3.93E-02 4.48E-01 2.33E-01
1-Apr-04 2.19E+00 2.04E+00 2.18E+00 2.53E+00 2.03E+00 3.85E-02 4.62E-02 3.94E-02 4.50E-01 2.34E-01
1-May-04 2.21E+00 2.07E+00 2.20E+00 2.69E+00 2.10E+00 3.86E-02 4.63E-02 3.95E-02 4.52E-01 2.35E-01
1-Jun-04 2.23E+00 2.10E+00 2.22E+00 2.64E+00 2.14E+00 3.87E-02 4.66E-02 3.96E-02 4.54E-01 2.36E-01
1-Jul-04 2.23E+00 2.09E+00 2.21E+00 2.39E+00 2.06E+00 3.87E-02 4.69E-02 3.98E-02 4.56E-01 2.37E-01
1-Aug-04 2.21E+00 2.06E+00 2.19E+00 2.25E+00 1.99E+00 3.89E-02 4.73E-02 4.00E-02 4.58E-01 2.39E-01
1-Sep-04 2.22E+00 2.08E+00 2.20E+00 2.26E+00 2.02E+00 3.90E-02 4.78E-02 4.02E-02 4.60E-01 2.40E-01
1-Oct-04 2.25E+00 2.11E+00 2.22E+00 2.51E+00 2.14E+00 3.91E-02 4.83E-02 4.04E-02 4.62E-01 2.41E-01
1-Nov-04 2.26E+00 2.13E+00 2.23E+00 2.68E+00 2.14E+00 3.93E-02 4.88E-02 4.06E-02 4.65E-01 2.43E-01
1-Dec-04 2.25E+00 2.10E+00 2.21E+00 2.58E+00 2.10E+00 3.95E-02 4.94E-02 4.09E-02 4.67E-01 2.44E-01
1-Jan-05 2.25E+00 2.12E+00 2.22E+00 2.55E+00 2.10E+00 3.96E-02 5.01E-02 4.11E-02 4.70E-01 2.45E-01
1-Feb-05 2.27E+00 2.16E+00 2.24E+00 2.57E+00 2.15E+00 3.99E-02 5.09E-02 4.15E-02 4.74E-01 2.47E-01
1-Mar-05 2.29E+00 2.18E+00 2.26E+00 2.61E+00 2.21E+00 4.01E-02 5.18E-02 4.19E-02 4.78E-01 2.49E-01
1-Apr-05 2.30E+00 2.18E+00 2.26E+00 2.54E+00 2.24E+00 4.04E-02 5.28E-02 4.22E-02 4.82E-01 2.51E-01
1-May-05 2.28E+00 2.14E+00 2.23E+00 2.13E+00 2.07E+00 4.06E-02 5.38E-02 4.27E-02 4.86E-01 2.53E-01
1-Jun-05 2.26E+00 2.11E+00 2.22E+00 2.00E+00 1.98E+00 4.09E-02 5.50E-02 4.32E-02 4.90E-01 2.55E-01
1-Jul-05 2.28E+00 2.18E+00 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.06E+00 4.13E-02 5.63E-02 4.37E-02 4.94E-01 2.57E-01
1-Aug-05 2.29E+00 2.21E+00 2.26E+00 2.63E+00 2.10E+00 4.17E-02 5.76E-02 4.43E-02 4.97E-01 2.59E-01
1-Sep-05 2.39E+00 2.39E+00 2.37E+00 3.44E+00 2.54E+00 4.22E-02 5.91E-02 4.49E-02 5.00E-01 2.61E-01
1-Oct-05 2.38E+00 2.35E+00 2.34E+00 3.12E+00 2.39E+00 4.20E-02 5.87E-02 4.47E-02 5.02E-01 2.62E-01
1-Nov-05 2.32E+00 2.24E+00 2.27E+00 2.56E+00 2.05E+00 4.19E-02 5.85E-02 4.45E-02 5.03E-01 2.63E-01
1-Dec-05 2.32E+00 2.22E+00 2.26E+00 2.40E+00 2.03E+00 4.16E-02 5.78E-02 4.42E-02 5.03E-01 2.63E-01
1-Jan-06 2.34E+00 2.29E+00 2.30E+00 2.73E+00 2.19E+00 4.14E-02 5.73E-02 4.39E-02 5.03E-01 2.63E-01
1-Feb-06 2.32E+00 2.24E+00 2.27E+00 2.60E+00 2.11E+00 4.12E-02 5.67E-02 4.36E-02 5.02E-01 2.63E-01
1-Mar-06 2.32E+00 2.26E+00 2.27E+00 2.70E+00 2.13E+00 4.11E-02 5.63E-02 4.34E-02 5.02E-01 2.63E-01
1-Apr-06 2.35E+00 2.32E+00 2.30E+00 2.97E+00 2.26E+00 4.10E-02 5.60E-02 4.32E-02 5.02E-01 2.63E-01
1-May-06 2.36E+00 2.32E+00 2.31E+00 2.88E+00 2.26E+00 4.09E-02 5.57E-02 4.30E-02 5.02E-01 2.63E-01
1-Jun-06 2.35E+00 2.32E+00 2.30E+00 2.69E+00 2.14E+00 4.08E-02 5.55E-02 4.29E-02 5.02E-01 2.64E-01
1-Jul-06 2.35E+00 2.33E+00 2.31E+00 2.71E+00 2.17E+00 4.08E-02 5.54E-02 4.29E-02 5.03E-01 2.64E-01
1-Aug-06 2.38E+00 2.37E+00 2.34E+00 2.70E+00 2.32E+00 4.07E-02 5.54E-02 4.29E-02 5.04E-01 2.64E-01
1-Sep-06 2.33E+00 2.27E+00 2.27E+00 2.17E+00 2.06E+00 4.07E-02 5.55E-02 4.29E-02 5.06E-01 2.65E-01
1-Oct-06 2.30E+00 2.21E+00 2.24E+00 1.88E+00 1.98E+00 4.06E-02 5.52E-02 4.27E-02 5.06E-01 2.64E-01
1-Nov-06 2.29E+00 2.20E+00 2.23E+00 2.07E+00 2.05E+00 4.05E-02 5.49E-02 4.25E-02 5.06E-01 2.64E-01
1-Dec-06 2.31E+00 2.26E+00 2.26E+00 2.49E+00 2.18E+00 4.05E-02 5.47E-02 4.24E-02 5.05E-01 2.64E-01
1-Jan-07 2.32E+00 2.31E+00 2.28E+00 2.57E+00 2.18E+00 4.04E-02 5.44E-02 4.23E-02 5.05E-01 2.64E-01
1-Feb-07 2.32E+00 2.34E+00 2.29E+00 2.49E+00 2.14E+00 4.04E-02 5.42E-02 4.23E-02 5.04E-01 2.64E-01
1-Mar-07 2.32E+00 2.35E+00 2.30E+00 2.42E+00 2.14E+00 4.04E-02 5.42E-02 4.23E-02 5.03E-01 2.64E-01
1-Apr-07 2.32E+00 2.34E+00 2.29E+00 2.30E+00 2.15E+00 4.05E-02 5.41E-02 4.23E-02 5.03E-01 2.65E-01
1-May-07 2.32E+00 2.34E+00 2.29E+00 2.30E+00 2.17E+00 4.05E-02 5.43E-02 4.24E-02 5.03E-01 2.65E-01
1-Jun-07 2.31E+00 2.32E+00 2.28E+00 2.24E+00 2.11E+00 4.06E-02 5.45E-02 4.25E-02 5.04E-01 2.66E-01
1-Jul-07 2.30E+00 2.30E+00 2.27E+00 2.10E+00 2.08E+00 4.07E-02 5.49E-02 4.27E-02 5.06E-01 2.67E-01
1-Aug-07 2.27E+00 2.27E+00 2.25E+00 1.89E+00 1.94E+00 4.09E-02 5.53E-02 4.28E-02 5.07E-01 2.68E-01
1-Sep-07 2.28E+00 2.31E+00 2.27E+00 2.10E+00 2.01E+00 4.10E-02 5.59E-02 4.31E-02 5.08E-01 2.68E-01
1-Oct-07 2.28E+00 2.32E+00 2.27E+00 2.09E+00 1.99E+00 4.13E-02 5.66E-02 4.33E-02 5.10E-01 2.69E-01
1-Nov-07 2.31E+00 2.37E+00 2.31E+00 2.28E+00 2.16E+00 4.15E-02 5.74E-02 4.37E-02 5.11E-01 2.70E-01
1-Dec-07 2.31E+00 2.37E+00 2.30E+00 2.28E+00 2.19E+00 4.18E-02 5.83E-02 4.40E-02 5.14E-01 2.71E-01
1-Jan-08 2.32E+00 2.38E+00 2.31E+00 2.18E+00 2.15E+00 4.22E-02 5.93E-02 4.44E-02 5.17E-01 2.72E-01
1-Feb-08 2.31E+00 2.35E+00 2.30E+00 2.21E+00 2.14E+00 4.25E-02 6.05E-02 4.49E-02 5.20E-01 2.74E-01
1-Mar-08 2.34E+00 2.39E+00 2.33E+00 2.25E+00 2.23E+00 4.29E-02 6.19E-02 4.54E-02 5.23E-01 2.75E-01
1-Apr-08 2.35E+00 2.38E+00 2.34E+00 2.34E+00 2.30E+00 4.34E-02 6.35E-02 4.60E-02 5.27E-01 2.77E-01
1-May-08 2.38E+00 2.42E+00 2.37E+00 2.53E+00 2.36E+00 4.39E-02 6.53E-02 4.67E-02 5.32E-01 2.79E-01
1-Jun-08 2.41E+00 2.50E+00 2.41E+00 2.84E+00 2.47E+00 4.45E-02 6.74E-02 4.74E-02 5.37E-01 2.81E-01
1-Jul-08 2.43E+00 2.54E+00 2.43E+00 2.86E+00 2.44E+00 4.50E-02 6.94E-02 4.82E-02 5.42E-01 2.82E-01
1-Aug-08 2.38E+00 2.42E+00 2.38E+00 2.33E+00 2.20E+00 4.57E-02 7.18E-02 4.91E-02 5.47E-01 2.85E-01
1-Sep-08 2.37E+00 2.42E+00 2.37E+00 2.21E+00 2.19E+00 4.63E-02 7.39E-02 4.99E-02 5.51E-01 2.86E-01
1-Oct-08 2.29E+00 2.22E+00 2.27E+00 1.68E+00 1.91E+00 4.71E-02 7.63E-02 5.09E-02 5.56E-01 2.88E-01
1-Nov-08 2.15E+00 1.90E+00 2.12E+00 5.18E-01 1.39E+00 4.76E-02 7.71E-02 5.14E-02 5.59E-01 2.90E-01
1-Dec-08 2.09E+00 1.83E+00 2.07E+00 -2.66E-02 1.21E+00 4.68E-02 7.43E-02 5.03E-02 5.59E-01 2.90E-01
1-Jan-09 2.12E+00 1.90E+00 2.12E+00 6.39E-01 1.58E+00 4.61E-02 7.17E-02 4.94E-02 5.58E-01 2.90E-01
1-Feb-09 2.12E+00 1.94E+00 2.13E+00 1.09E+00 1.69E+00 4.54E-02 6.91E-02 4.85E-02 5.55E-01 2.89E-01
1-Mar-09 2.08E+00 1.86E+00 2.08E+00 7.35E-01 1.54E+00 4.47E-02 6.70E-02 4.76E-02 5.52E-01 2.87E-01
1-Apr-09 2.09E+00 1.87E+00 2.09E+00 8.50E-01 1.77E+00 4.42E-02 6.48E-02 4.68E-02 5.48E-01 2.85E-01
1-May-09 2.07E+00 1.84E+00 2.07E+00 9.82E-01 1.76E+00 4.36E-02 6.29E-02 4.61E-02 5.45E-01 2.84E-01
1-Jun-09 2.10E+00 1.90E+00 2.11E+00 1.46E+00 1.94E+00 4.32E-02 6.11E-02 4.55E-02 5.42E-01 2.82E-01
1-Jul-09 2.08E+00 1.85E+00 2.07E+00 1.17E+00 1.78E+00 4.27E-02 5.94E-02 4.49E-02 5.38E-01 2.80E-01
1-Aug-09 2.08E+00 1.87E+00 2.08E+00 1.36E+00 1.81E+00 4.23E-02 5.77E-02 4.43E-02 5.35E-01 2.79E-01
1-Sep-09 2.06E+00 1.86E+00 2.07E+00 1.31E+00 1.71E+00 4.19E-02 5.63E-02 4.38E-02 5.31E-01 2.77E-01
1-Oct-09 2.08E+00 1.91E+00 2.09E+00 1.41E+00 1.86E+00 4.16E-02 5.49E-02 4.33E-02 5.29E-01 2.76E-01
1-Nov-09 2.07E+00 1.88E+00 2.07E+00 1.38E+00 1.80E+00 4.13E-02 5.37E-02 4.29E-02 5.26E-01 2.74E-01
1-Dec-09 2.05E+00 1.85E+00 2.05E+00 1.33E+00 1.72E+00 4.10E-02 5.26E-02 4.25E-02 5.24E-01 2.73E-01
1-Jan-10 2.06E+00 1.86E+00 2.06E+00 1.52E+00 1.86E+00 4.08E-02 5.17E-02 4.22E-02 5.23E-01 2.72E-01
1-Feb-10 2.04E+00 1.83E+00 2.04E+00 1.47E+00 1.77E+00 4.06E-02 5.09E-02 4.19E-02 5.22E-01 2.71E-01
1-Mar-10 2.04E+00 1.84E+00 2.05E+00 1.52E+00 1.78E+00 4.04E-02 5.02E-02 4.16E-02 5.22E-01 2.70E-01
1-Apr-10 2.03E+00 1.81E+00 2.03E+00 1.45E+00 1.70E+00 4.03E-02 4.95E-02 4.14E-02 5.22E-01 2.69E-01
1-May-10 2.03E+00 1.79E+00 2.02E+00 1.12E+00 1.66E+00 4.02E-02 4.90E-02 4.12E-02 5.22E-01 2.69E-01
1-Jun-10 2.00E+00 1.74E+00 1.99E+00 8.23E-01 1.48E+00 4.01E-02 4.85E-02 4.11E-02 5.22E-01 2.68E-01
1-Jul-10 2.01E+00 1.76E+00 2.00E+00 9.96E-01 1.59E+00 4.00E-02 4.80E-02 4.09E-02 5.22E-01 2.68E-01
1-Aug-10 2.01E+00 1.76E+00 2.00E+00 9.72E-01 1.60E+00 3.99E-02 4.77E-02 4.08E-02 5.23E-01 2.68E-01
1-Sep-10 2.00E+00 1.74E+00 1.98E+00 1.06E+00 1.56E+00 3.99E-02 4.73E-02 4.07E-02 5.24E-01 2.67E-01
1-Oct-10 2.01E+00 1.75E+00 1.99E+00 1.28E+00 1.67E+00 3.99E-02 4.71E-02 4.06E-02 5.26E-01 2.68E-01
1-Nov-10 2.01E+00 1.73E+00 1.98E+00 1.40E+00 1.66E+00 3.99E-02 4.69E-02 4.06E-02 5.28E-01 2.68E-01
1-Dec-10 2.03E+00 1.74E+00 1.99E+00 1.74E+00 1.72E+00 4.00E-02 4.69E-02 4.06E-02 5.30E-01 2.68E-01
1-Jan-11 2.06E+00 1.78E+00 2.02E+00 1.97E+00 1.88E+00 4.01E-02 4.68E-02 4.06E-02 5.33E-01 2.69E-01
1-Feb-11 2.09E+00 1.81E+00 2.04E+00 2.15E+00 1.92E+00 4.01E-02 4.68E-02 4.06E-02 5.35E-01 2.70E-01
1-Mar-11 2.13E+00 1.84E+00 2.07E+00 2.23E+00 2.07E+00 4.02E-02 4.69E-02 4.07E-02 5.38E-01 2.70E-01
1-Apr-11 2.15E+00 1.86E+00 2.08E+00 2.34E+00 2.06E+00 4.03E-02 4.70E-02 4.07E-02 5.43E-01 2.71E-01
1-May-11 2.16E+00 1.86E+00 2.08E+00 2.15E+00 2.00E+00 4.04E-02 4.72E-02 4.08E-02 5.47E-01 2.72E-01
1-Jun-11 2.14E+00 1.80E+00 2.04E+00 1.80E+00 1.90E+00 4.05E-02 4.74E-02 4.09E-02 5.51E-01 2.74E-01
1-Jul-11 2.17E+00 1.85E+00 2.08E+00 1.99E+00 2.02E+00 4.06E-02 4.75E-02 4.10E-02 5.55E-01 2.75E-01
1-Aug-11 2.18E+00 1.84E+00 2.08E+00 1.64E+00 2.01E+00 4.07E-02 4.76E-02 4.11E-02 5.57E-01 2.75E-01

Note: Estimates are based on available real-time data for the for the SMALL data set described in Table 2 using vintage data since 1960 and until the end of any month. Grey shaded bands and the solid blue line display the posterior distribution of ``smoothed'' trend estimates conditional on all data received through August 2011. Red-solid lines denote posterior mean and 90% confidence intervals of real-time estimates.

Figure 8: Inflation Trend Estimates in Real-Time ("SMALL")

  Xdata D(11): Level, Full Sample Information, L1 D(11): Level, Full Sample Information, L2 D(11): Level, Full Sample Information, L3 D(11): Level, Full Sample Information, Mean D(11): Level, Full Sample Information, U3 D(11): Level, Full Sample Information, U2 D(11): Level, Full Sample Information, U1 D(11): Level, Real Time Estimates, Low95 D(11): Level, Real Time Estimates, Mean D(11): Level, Real Time Estimates, Upper95 D(11): Uncertainty, Full Sample Information, L1 D(11): Uncertainty, Full Sample Information, L2 D(11): Uncertainty, Full Sample Information, L3 D(11): Uncertainty, Full Sample Information, Mean D(11): Uncertainty, Full Sample Information, U3 D(11): Uncertainty, Full Sample Information, U2 D(11): Uncertainty, Full Sample Information, U1 D(11): Uncertainty, Real Time Estimates, Low95 D(11): Uncertainty, Real Time Estimates, Mean D(11): Uncertainty, Real Time Estimates, Upper95
1-Jan-70 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 2.77E+00 3.00E+00 3.22E+00 3.39E+00 3.57E+00 2.69E+00 3.37E+00 4.04E+00 2.62E-02 2.97E-02 3.33E-02 4.13E-02 4.92E-02 5.61E-02 6.45E-02 2.69E-02 4.44E-02 7.22E-02
1-Feb-70 2.54E+00 2.67E+00 2.80E+00 3.03E+00 3.26E+00 3.41E+00 3.60E+00 2.67E+00 3.39E+00 4.13E+00 2.63E-02 2.95E-02 3.32E-02 4.12E-02 4.92E-02 5.61E-02 6.42E-02 2.67E-02 4.41E-02 7.18E-02
1-Mar-70 2.57E+00 2.70E+00 2.83E+00 3.06E+00 3.29E+00 3.45E+00 3.64E+00 2.63E+00 3.36E+00 4.07E+00 2.62E-02 2.95E-02 3.32E-02 4.11E-02 4.91E-02 5.59E-02 6.46E-02 2.65E-02 4.28E-02 6.83E-02
1-Apr-70 2.59E+00 2.72E+00 2.85E+00 3.08E+00 3.31E+00 3.47E+00 3.65E+00 2.08E+00 3.40E+00 4.29E+00 2.64E-02 2.95E-02 3.33E-02 4.11E-02 4.92E-02 5.61E-02 6.46E-02 2.66E-02 4.46E-02 7.41E-02
1-May-70 2.62E+00 2.75E+00 2.88E+00 3.11E+00 3.34E+00 3.50E+00 3.68E+00 1.84E+00 3.24E+00 4.21E+00 2.63E-02 2.95E-02 3.31E-02 4.11E-02 4.91E-02 5.59E-02 6.40E-02 2.65E-02 4.35E-02 7.03E-02
1-Jun-70 2.63E+00 2.77E+00 2.90E+00 3.13E+00 3.36E+00 3.52E+00 3.71E+00 2.06E+00 3.38E+00 4.22E+00 2.64E-02 2.96E-02 3.31E-02 4.11E-02 4.91E-02 5.61E-02 6.38E-02 2.66E-02 4.31E-02 6.82E-02
1-Jul-70 2.64E+00 2.78E+00 2.91E+00 3.14E+00 3.37E+00 3.53E+00 3.73E+00 2.11E+00 3.47E+00 4.29E+00 2.62E-02 2.97E-02 3.33E-02 4.11E-02 4.92E-02 5.61E-02 6.34E-02 2.65E-02 4.31E-02 6.88E-02
1-Aug-70 2.64E+00 2.78E+00 2.91E+00 3.15E+00 3.38E+00 3.54E+00 3.73E+00 2.21E+00 3.47E+00 4.21E+00 2.65E-02 2.97E-02 3.34E-02 4.12E-02 4.93E-02 5.62E-02 6.50E-02 2.67E-02 4.37E-02 7.00E-02
1-Sep-70 2.67E+00 2.80E+00 2.94E+00 3.17E+00 3.40E+00 3.56E+00 3.76E+00 1.97E+00 3.34E+00 4.23E+00 2.62E-02 2.95E-02 3.34E-02 4.13E-02 4.94E-02 5.63E-02 6.48E-02 2.65E-02 4.30E-02 6.84E-02
1-Oct-70 2.72E+00 2.85E+00 2.98E+00 3.21E+00 3.45E+00 3.60E+00 3.81E+00 2.17E+00 3.42E+00 4.12E+00 2.63E-02 2.96E-02 3.34E-02 4.14E-02 4.97E-02 5.64E-02 6.45E-02 2.60E-02 4.14E-02 6.43E-02
1-Nov-70 2.76E+00 2.89E+00 3.02E+00 3.25E+00 3.49E+00 3.64E+00 3.84E+00 1.83E+00 3.28E+00 4.15E+00 2.64E-02 2.96E-02 3.35E-02 4.15E-02 4.96E-02 5.63E-02 6.47E-02 2.61E-02 4.14E-02 6.39E-02
1-Dec-70 2.79E+00 2.91E+00 3.04E+00 3.28E+00 3.51E+00 3.66E+00 3.86E+00 1.82E+00 3.29E+00 4.20E+00 2.65E-02 2.98E-02 3.37E-02 4.15E-02 4.94E-02 5.66E-02 6.59E-02 2.61E-02 4.16E-02 6.48E-02
1-Jan-71 2.78E+00 2.91E+00 3.05E+00 3.28E+00 3.51E+00 3.67E+00 3.86E+00 2.50E+00 3.60E+00 4.24E+00 2.66E-02 3.00E-02 3.37E-02 4.16E-02 4.97E-02 5.65E-02 6.59E-02 2.70E-02 4.43E-02 7.06E-02
1-Feb-71 2.78E+00 2.90E+00 3.04E+00 3.27E+00 3.51E+00 3.66E+00 3.86E+00 2.15E+00 3.53E+00 4.24E+00 2.67E-02 3.01E-02 3.38E-02 4.18E-02 4.99E-02 5.71E-02 6.66E-02 2.70E-02 4.44E-02 7.14E-02
1-Mar-71 2.80E+00 2.92E+00 3.06E+00 3.29E+00 3.52E+00 3.68E+00 3.87E+00 2.51E+00 3.60E+00 4.23E+00 2.66E-02 3.01E-02 3.40E-02 4.19E-02 4.99E-02 5.71E-02 6.70E-02 2.69E-02 4.39E-02 6.96E-02
1-Apr-71 2.81E+00 2.94E+00 3.07E+00 3.31E+00 3.54E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 2.77E+00 3.64E+00 4.20E+00 2.67E-02 3.02E-02 3.39E-02 4.21E-02 5.02E-02 5.74E-02 6.69E-02 2.71E-02 4.39E-02 6.94E-02
1-May-71 2.84E+00 2.98E+00 3.11E+00 3.34E+00 3.58E+00 3.74E+00 3.93E+00 2.92E+00 3.64E+00 4.21E+00 2.67E-02 3.03E-02 3.41E-02 4.23E-02 5.05E-02 5.83E-02 6.79E-02 2.66E-02 4.25E-02 6.64E-02
1-Jun-71 2.89E+00 3.02E+00 3.15E+00 3.39E+00 3.62E+00 3.77E+00 3.97E+00 2.16E+00 3.57E+00 4.30E+00 2.71E-02 3.04E-02 3.43E-02 4.25E-02 5.08E-02 5.88E-02 6.79E-02 2.69E-02 4.44E-02 7.13E-02
1-Jul-71 2.90E+00 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.40E+00 3.63E+00 3.79E+00 3.98E+00 2.18E+00 3.65E+00 4.31E+00 2.75E-02 3.06E-02 3.45E-02 4.28E-02 5.10E-02 5.89E-02 6.91E-02 2.70E-02 4.39E-02 6.95E-02
1-Aug-71 2.89E+00 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.40E+00 3.63E+00 3.79E+00 4.00E+00 3.36E+00 3.84E+00 4.29E+00 2.78E-02 3.09E-02 3.46E-02 4.30E-02 5.14E-02 5.91E-02 6.88E-02 2.72E-02 4.39E-02 6.91E-02
1-Sep-71 2.89E+00 3.02E+00 3.15E+00 3.39E+00 3.63E+00 3.79E+00 3.99E+00 3.31E+00 3.78E+00 4.22E+00 2.78E-02 3.11E-02 3.49E-02 4.33E-02 5.16E-02 5.96E-02 6.96E-02 2.70E-02 4.45E-02 7.16E-02
1-Oct-71 2.88E+00 3.02E+00 3.15E+00 3.39E+00 3.62E+00 3.79E+00 3.99E+00 3.20E+00 3.64E+00 4.06E+00 2.80E-02 3.13E-02 3.53E-02 4.37E-02 5.22E-02 6.00E-02 7.06E-02 2.65E-02 4.23E-02 6.61E-02
1-Nov-71 2.86E+00 3.00E+00 3.13E+00 3.37E+00 3.61E+00 3.78E+00 3.99E+00 3.17E+00 3.60E+00 4.00E+00 2.81E-02 3.16E-02 3.56E-02 4.42E-02 5.27E-02 6.12E-02 7.15E-02 2.67E-02 4.35E-02 6.89E-02
1-Dec-71 2.89E+00 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.40E+00 3.64E+00 3.81E+00 4.04E+00 3.15E+00 3.57E+00 3.97E+00 2.79E-02 3.18E-02 3.58E-02 4.46E-02 5.34E-02 6.17E-02 7.21E-02 2.63E-02 4.21E-02 6.60E-02
1-Jan-72 2.89E+00 3.04E+00 3.17E+00 3.41E+00 3.65E+00 3.83E+00 4.04E+00 2.96E+00 3.35E+00 3.73E+00 2.81E-02 3.19E-02 3.62E-02 4.52E-02 5.42E-02 6.28E-02 7.40E-02 2.68E-02 4.35E-02 6.91E-02
1-Feb-72 2.94E+00 3.09E+00 3.22E+00 3.46E+00 3.70E+00 3.87E+00 4.08E+00 2.97E+00 3.38E+00 3.77E+00 2.85E-02 3.22E-02 3.65E-02 4.58E-02 5.52E-02 6.38E-02 7.48E-02 2.66E-02 4.29E-02 6.80E-02
1-Mar-72 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 3.23E+00 3.47E+00 3.72E+00 3.89E+00 4.09E+00 2.98E+00 3.37E+00 3.76E+00 2.87E-02 3.26E-02 3.69E-02 4.64E-02 5.61E-02 6.49E-02 7.56E-02 2.67E-02 4.27E-02 6.70E-02
1-Apr-72 2.93E+00 3.07E+00 3.21E+00 3.46E+00 3.70E+00 3.88E+00 4.10E+00 3.10E+00 3.47E+00 3.83E+00 2.88E-02 3.29E-02 3.74E-02 4.71E-02 5.69E-02 6.60E-02 7.64E-02 2.69E-02 4.23E-02 6.52E-02
1-May-72 2.92E+00 3.07E+00 3.21E+00 3.46E+00 3.71E+00 3.89E+00 4.10E+00 3.09E+00 3.46E+00 3.81E+00 2.95E-02 3.33E-02 3.78E-02 4.79E-02 5.79E-02 6.72E-02 7.81E-02 2.67E-02 4.18E-02 6.43E-02
1-Jun-72 2.94E+00 3.09E+00 3.22E+00 3.47E+00 3.72E+00 3.91E+00 4.12E+00 3.13E+00 3.48E+00 3.82E+00 2.96E-02 3.39E-02 3.84E-02 4.88E-02 5.91E-02 6.86E-02 8.04E-02 2.67E-02 4.18E-02 6.43E-02
1-Jul-72 2.95E+00 3.09E+00 3.23E+00 3.48E+00 3.73E+00 3.92E+00 4.14E+00 2.95E+00 3.30E+00 3.65E+00 3.00E-02 3.41E-02 3.91E-02 4.98E-02 6.03E-02 7.02E-02 8.21E-02 2.64E-02 4.10E-02 6.23E-02
1-Aug-72 2.97E+00 3.12E+00 3.25E+00 3.51E+00 3.76E+00 3.94E+00 4.17E+00 2.94E+00 3.29E+00 3.63E+00 3.04E-02 3.47E-02 3.99E-02 5.10E-02 6.21E-02 7.18E-02 8.34E-02 2.63E-02 4.07E-02 6.19E-02
1-Sep-72 2.98E+00 3.12E+00 3.26E+00 3.52E+00 3.77E+00 3.97E+00 4.18E+00 2.94E+00 3.29E+00 3.63E+00 3.09E-02 3.55E-02 4.08E-02 5.22E-02 6.37E-02 7.41E-02 8.70E-02 2.61E-02 4.04E-02 6.13E-02
1-Oct-72 3.04E+00 3.18E+00 3.33E+00 3.58E+00 3.83E+00 4.02E+00 4.24E+00 2.85E+00 3.19E+00 3.54E+00 3.16E-02 3.61E-02 4.16E-02 5.36E-02 6.54E-02 7.64E-02 9.04E-02 2.61E-02 4.02E-02 6.05E-02
1-Nov-72 2.99E+00 3.14E+00 3.28E+00 3.54E+00 3.80E+00 4.00E+00 4.24E+00 2.84E+00 3.19E+00 3.54E+00 3.26E-02 3.69E-02 4.26E-02 5.50E-02 6.71E-02 7.87E-02 9.25E-02 2.61E-02 4.00E-02 6.01E-02
1-Dec-72 3.04E+00 3.17E+00 3.31E+00 3.58E+00 3.83E+00 4.03E+00 4.26E+00 2.88E+00 3.22E+00 3.56E+00 3.31E-02 3.80E-02 4.36E-02 5.65E-02 6.94E-02 8.07E-02 9.53E-02 2.60E-02 3.98E-02 5.96E-02
1-Jan-73 3.06E+00 3.19E+00 3.34E+00 3.60E+00 3.86E+00 4.06E+00 4.31E+00 2.83E+00 3.15E+00 3.48E+00 3.38E-02 3.89E-02 4.47E-02 5.82E-02 7.16E-02 8.37E-02 9.91E-02 2.60E-02 3.97E-02 5.96E-02
1-Feb-73 3.11E+00 3.25E+00 3.40E+00 3.66E+00 3.92E+00 4.12E+00 4.36E+00 2.85E+00 3.19E+00 3.53E+00 3.48E-02 4.00E-02 4.63E-02 6.02E-02 7.40E-02 8.63E-02 1.02E-01 2.60E-02 4.06E-02 6.15E-02
1-Mar-73 3.22E+00 3.36E+00 3.50E+00 3.76E+00 4.02E+00 4.21E+00 4.46E+00 2.89E+00 3.26E+00 3.64E+00 3.59E-02 4.14E-02 4.76E-02 6.23E-02 7.68E-02 8.94E-02 1.05E-01 2.66E-02 4.36E-02 6.94E-02
1-Apr-73 3.33E+00 3.47E+00 3.61E+00 3.86E+00 4.12E+00 4.31E+00 4.54E+00 3.08E+00 3.46E+00 3.87E+00 3.65E-02 4.24E-02 4.89E-02 6.42E-02 7.93E-02 9.22E-02 1.09E-01 2.69E-02 4.45E-02 7.20E-02
1-May-73 3.42E+00 3.56E+00 3.71E+00 3.96E+00 4.22E+00 4.41E+00 4.63E+00 3.10E+00 3.49E+00 3.92E+00 3.74E-02 4.35E-02 5.03E-02 6.61E-02 8.16E-02 9.49E-02 1.12E-01 2.67E-02 4.41E-02 7.14E-02
1-Jun-73 3.44E+00 3.59E+00 3.73E+00 3.99E+00 4.26E+00 4.45E+00 4.68E+00 3.15E+00 3.57E+00 4.02E+00 3.83E-02 4.47E-02 5.17E-02 6.78E-02 8.38E-02 9.72E-02 1.14E-01 2.70E-02 4.50E-02 7.33E-02
1-Jul-73 3.48E+00 3.62E+00 3.77E+00 4.04E+00 4.30E+00 4.50E+00 4.74E+00 3.33E+00 3.75E+00 4.20E+00 3.98E-02 4.60E-02 5.35E-02 6.98E-02 8.61E-02 9.94E-02 1.17E-01 2.89E-02 5.02E-02 8.37E-02
1-Aug-73 3.63E+00 3.77E+00 3.93E+00 4.19E+00 4.46E+00 4.66E+00 4.88E+00 3.40E+00 4.13E+00 5.18E+00 4.08E-02 4.76E-02 5.54E-02 7.22E-02 8.91E-02 1.02E-01 1.20E-01 3.08E-02 8.09E-02 1.75E-01
1-Sep-73 3.77E+00 3.92E+00 4.07E+00 4.34E+00 4.60E+00 4.80E+00 5.02E+00 3.40E+00 4.04E+00 4.88E+00 4.11E-02 4.83E-02 5.64E-02 7.37E-02 9.05E-02 1.05E-01 1.22E-01 3.09E-02 7.39E-02 1.54E-01
1-Oct-73 3.78E+00 3.92E+00 4.08E+00 4.35E+00 4.62E+00 4.82E+00 5.05E+00 3.54E+00 4.25E+00 5.23E+00 4.13E-02 4.88E-02 5.71E-02 7.46E-02 9.16E-02 1.06E-01 1.23E-01 3.15E-02 7.82E-02 1.65E-01
1-Nov-73 3.86E+00 4.00E+00 4.16E+00 4.43E+00 4.71E+00 4.90E+00 5.11E+00 3.50E+00 4.14E+00 5.01E+00 4.18E-02 4.95E-02 5.81E-02 7.59E-02 9.31E-02 1.08E-01 1.26E-01 2.98E-02 6.52E-02 1.34E-01
1-Dec-73 3.98E+00 4.14E+00 4.29E+00 4.57E+00 4.84E+00 5.04E+00 5.24E+00 3.63E+00 4.29E+00 5.11E+00 4.20E-02 5.05E-02 5.93E-02 7.74E-02 9.52E-02 1.10E-01 1.28E-01 3.16E-02 6.90E-02 1.35E-01
1-Jan-74 4.10E+00 4.27E+00 4.43E+00 4.71E+00 4.98E+00 5.18E+00 5.38E+00 3.73E+00 4.46E+00 5.38E+00 4.23E-02 5.12E-02 6.02E-02 7.85E-02 9.64E-02 1.11E-01 1.29E-01 3.20E-02 7.19E-02 1.42E-01
1-Feb-74 4.27E+00 4.45E+00 4.62E+00 4.91E+00 5.18E+00 5.39E+00 5.58E+00 3.77E+00 4.57E+00 5.69E+00 4.29E-02 5.15E-02 6.12E-02 7.91E-02 9.67E-02 1.12E-01 1.30E-01 3.17E-02 7.66E-02 1.61E-01
1-Mar-74 4.45E+00 4.64E+00 4.82E+00 5.12E+00 5.41E+00 5.62E+00 5.84E+00 3.74E+00 4.58E+00 5.86E+00 4.25E-02 5.14E-02 6.08E-02 7.86E-02 9.60E-02 1.11E-01 1.29E-01 3.04E-02 7.41E-02 1.63E-01
1-Apr-74 4.50E+00 4.71E+00 4.90E+00 5.20E+00 5.50E+00 5.69E+00 5.91E+00 3.94E+00 4.85E+00 6.02E+00 4.16E-02 5.01E-02 5.89E-02 7.64E-02 9.36E-02 1.08E-01 1.27E-01 3.50E-02 8.55E-02 1.73E-01
1-May-74 4.58E+00 4.79E+00 4.99E+00 5.28E+00 5.58E+00 5.78E+00 6.01E+00 4.03E+00 5.03E+00 6.35E+00 4.04E-02 4.86E-02 5.74E-02 7.44E-02 9.15E-02 1.05E-01 1.22E-01 3.47E-02 9.01E-02 1.86E-01
1-Jun-74 4.67E+00 4.90E+00 5.09E+00 5.39E+00 5.70E+00 5.90E+00 6.13E+00 4.29E+00 5.33E+00 6.51E+00 3.99E-02 4.76E-02 5.59E-02 7.25E-02 8.91E-02 1.03E-01 1.19E-01 4.17E-02 9.91E-02 1.88E-01
1-Jul-74 4.72E+00 4.97E+00 5.16E+00 5.46E+00 5.76E+00 5.97E+00 6.20E+00 4.22E+00 5.16E+00 6.23E+00 3.94E-02 4.66E-02 5.44E-02 7.06E-02 8.67E-02 1.00E-01 1.17E-01 3.75E-02 8.27E-02 1.54E-01
1-Aug-74 4.81E+00 5.04E+00 5.24E+00 5.55E+00 5.86E+00 6.07E+00 6.30E+00 4.37E+00 5.40E+00 6.58E+00 3.84E-02 4.54E-02 5.32E-02 6.89E-02 8.47E-02 9.80E-02 1.13E-01 3.90E-02 9.06E-02 1.70E-01
1-Sep-74 4.91E+00 5.17E+00 5.38E+00 5.70E+00 6.02E+00 6.24E+00 6.49E+00 4.46E+00 5.49E+00 6.68E+00 3.76E-02 4.46E-02 5.19E-02 6.73E-02 8.25E-02 9.61E-02 1.11E-01 4.00E-02 9.09E-02 1.69E-01
1-Oct-74 4.99E+00 5.24E+00 5.46E+00 5.78E+00 6.11E+00 6.33E+00 6.58E+00 4.34E+00 5.29E+00 6.40E+00 3.67E-02 4.33E-02 5.02E-02 6.50E-02 7.98E-02 9.26E-02 1.09E-01 3.59E-02 7.61E-02 1.41E-01
1-Nov-74 5.02E+00 5.27E+00 5.48E+00 5.79E+00 6.11E+00 6.33E+00 6.58E+00 4.24E+00 5.11E+00 6.15E+00 3.59E-02 4.19E-02 4.85E-02 6.27E-02 7.66E-02 8.91E-02 1.06E-01 3.31E-02 6.58E-02 1.19E-01
1-Dec-74 5.07E+00 5.32E+00 5.52E+00 5.84E+00 6.16E+00 6.37E+00 6.62E+00 4.39E+00 5.30E+00 6.38E+00 3.51E-02 4.07E-02 4.69E-02 6.06E-02 7.42E-02 8.64E-02 1.03E-01 3.45E-02 6.81E-02 1.22E-01
1-Jan-75 5.08E+00 5.34E+00 5.54E+00 5.86E+00 6.17E+00 6.39E+00 6.62E+00 4.32E+00 5.12E+00 6.01E+00 3.42E-02 3.97E-02 4.55E-02 5.88E-02 7.19E-02 8.40E-02 9.86E-02 3.29E-02 6.15E-02 1.06E-01
1-Feb-75 5.12E+00 5.37E+00 5.58E+00 5.89E+00 6.20E+00 6.41E+00 6.64E+00 4.32E+00 5.09E+00 5.93E+00 3.37E-02 3.87E-02 4.44E-02 5.72E-02 6.97E-02 8.13E-02 9.61E-02 3.19E-02 5.75E-02 9.73E-02
1-Mar-75 5.11E+00 5.36E+00 5.56E+00 5.86E+00 6.17E+00 6.37E+00 6.59E+00 4.32E+00 5.04E+00 5.83E+00 3.32E-02 3.79E-02 4.33E-02 5.57E-02 6.77E-02 7.94E-02 9.42E-02 3.12E-02 5.49E-02 9.18E-02
1-Apr-75 5.09E+00 5.34E+00 5.53E+00 5.82E+00 6.11E+00 6.30E+00 6.51E+00 4.28E+00 4.99E+00 5.76E+00 3.24E-02 3.68E-02 4.25E-02 5.44E-02 6.64E-02 7.73E-02 9.12E-02 3.12E-02 5.46E-02 9.04E-02
1-May-75 5.12E+00 5.35E+00 5.54E+00 5.82E+00 6.11E+00 6.29E+00 6.49E+00 4.31E+00 5.01E+00 5.74E+00 3.18E-02 3.64E-02 4.17E-02 5.32E-02 6.48E-02 7.55E-02 8.98E-02 3.11E-02 5.34E-02 8.68E-02
1-Jun-75 5.13E+00 5.36E+00 5.55E+00 5.83E+00 6.11E+00 6.29E+00 6.48E+00 4.37E+00 5.06E+00 5.77E+00 3.15E-02 3.58E-02 4.10E-02 5.22E-02 6.37E-02 7.42E-02 8.73E-02 3.05E-02 5.22E-02 8.44E-02
1-Jul-75 5.21E+00 5.42E+00 5.62E+00 5.90E+00 6.19E+00 6.37E+00 6.56E+00 4.35E+00 5.01E+00 5.71E+00 3.10E-02 3.52E-02 4.01E-02 5.13E-02 6.25E-02 7.30E-02 8.58E-02 2.98E-02 5.12E-02 8.36E-02
1-Aug-75 5.22E+00 5.44E+00 5.64E+00 5.91E+00 6.20E+00 6.38E+00 6.57E+00 4.35E+00 4.99E+00 5.65E+00 3.06E-02 3.47E-02 3.94E-02 5.02E-02 6.09E-02 7.11E-02 8.51E-02 2.98E-02 5.10E-02 8.29E-02
1-Sep-75 5.22E+00 5.42E+00 5.62E+00 5.89E+00 6.17E+00 6.34E+00 6.54E+00 4.37E+00 5.02E+00 5.69E+00 3.00E-02 3.42E-02 3.87E-02 4.92E-02 5.99E-02 6.96E-02 8.29E-02 2.95E-02 5.01E-02 8.06E-02
1-Oct-75 5.24E+00 5.44E+00 5.63E+00 5.90E+00 6.18E+00 6.35E+00 6.54E+00 4.38E+00 5.01E+00 5.66E+00 2.94E-02 3.36E-02 3.81E-02 4.83E-02 5.86E-02 6.80E-02 8.04E-02 2.91E-02 4.86E-02 7.75E-02
1-Nov-75 5.27E+00 5.47E+00 5.66E+00 5.93E+00 6.21E+00 6.37E+00 6.56E+00 4.44E+00 5.07E+00 5.73E+00 2.89E-02 3.31E-02 3.75E-02 4.76E-02 5.76E-02 6.68E-02 7.84E-02 2.92E-02 4.84E-02 7.72E-02
1-Dec-75 5.28E+00 5.48E+00 5.67E+00 5.93E+00 6.20E+00 6.36E+00 6.55E+00 4.52E+00 5.15E+00 5.78E+00 2.89E-02 3.26E-02 3.71E-02 4.69E-02 5.65E-02 6.57E-02 7.77E-02 2.89E-02 4.79E-02 7.63E-02
1-Jan-76 5.28E+00 5.48E+00 5.67E+00 5.93E+00 6.19E+00 6.35E+00 6.52E+00 4.77E+00 5.32E+00 5.87E+00 2.85E-02 3.23E-02 3.66E-02 4.62E-02 5.59E-02 6.50E-02 7.62E-02 2.88E-02 4.72E-02 7.50E-02
1-Feb-76 5.27E+00 5.46E+00 5.65E+00 5.90E+00 6.16E+00 6.33E+00 6.49E+00 4.78E+00 5.32E+00 5.85E+00 2.84E-02 3.19E-02 3.62E-02 4.57E-02 5.51E-02 6.40E-02 7.51E-02 2.82E-02 4.59E-02 7.24E-02
1-Mar-76 5.22E+00 5.42E+00 5.60E+00 5.85E+00 6.11E+00 6.26E+00 6.42E+00 4.75E+00 5.27E+00 5.80E+00 2.80E-02 3.16E-02 3.58E-02 4.52E-02 5.46E-02 6.31E-02 7.50E-02 2.80E-02 4.55E-02 7.19E-02
1-Apr-76 5.20E+00 5.40E+00 5.58E+00 5.83E+00 6.08E+00 6.23E+00 6.39E+00 4.64E+00 5.16E+00 5.68E+00 2.79E-02 3.14E-02 3.55E-02 4.47E-02 5.39E-02 6.22E-02 7.37E-02 2.78E-02 4.50E-02 7.03E-02
1-May-76 5.22E+00 5.41E+00 5.59E+00 5.84E+00 6.08E+00 6.23E+00 6.39E+00 4.67E+00 5.19E+00 5.71E+00 2.75E-02 3.13E-02 3.53E-02 4.42E-02 5.33E-02 6.15E-02 7.24E-02 2.76E-02 4.44E-02 6.95E-02
1-Jun-76 5.25E+00 5.44E+00 5.61E+00 5.86E+00 6.10E+00 6.25E+00 6.40E+00 4.71E+00 5.23E+00 5.76E+00 2.75E-02 3.11E-02 3.50E-02 4.38E-02 5.27E-02 6.08E-02 7.11E-02 2.75E-02 4.38E-02 6.84E-02
1-Jul-76 5.25E+00 5.45E+00 5.61E+00 5.86E+00 6.10E+00 6.25E+00 6.41E+00 4.79E+00 5.30E+00 5.81E+00 2.75E-02 3.08E-02 3.47E-02 4.35E-02 5.22E-02 6.02E-02 7.03E-02 2.72E-02 4.32E-02 6.68E-02
1-Aug-76 5.28E+00 5.47E+00 5.63E+00 5.87E+00 6.11E+00 6.26E+00 6.42E+00 4.80E+00 5.32E+00 5.84E+00 2.71E-02 3.07E-02 3.46E-02 4.32E-02 5.18E-02 5.97E-02 6.93E-02 2.71E-02 4.25E-02 6.54E-02
1-Sep-76 5.28E+00 5.48E+00 5.64E+00 5.88E+00 6.12E+00 6.27E+00 6.43E+00 4.80E+00 5.31E+00 5.82E+00 2.73E-02 3.05E-02 3.45E-02 4.29E-02 5.16E-02 5.92E-02 6.94E-02 2.68E-02 4.21E-02 6.44E-02
1-Oct-76 5.31E+00 5.50E+00 5.66E+00 5.90E+00 6.13E+00 6.28E+00 6.44E+00 4.79E+00 5.29E+00 5.79E+00 2.72E-02 3.04E-02 3.43E-02 4.27E-02 5.11E-02 5.89E-02 6.83E-02 2.66E-02 4.17E-02 6.37E-02
1-Nov-76 5.30E+00 5.49E+00 5.65E+00 5.89E+00 6.12E+00 6.27E+00 6.42E+00 4.76E+00 5.27E+00 5.77E+00 2.70E-02 3.02E-02 3.41E-02 4.26E-02 5.11E-02 5.89E-02 6.87E-02 2.65E-02 4.17E-02 6.37E-02
1-Dec-76 5.31E+00 5.49E+00 5.65E+00 5.89E+00 6.12E+00 6.27E+00 6.43E+00 4.76E+00 5.26E+00 5.75E+00 2.71E-02 3.02E-02 3.40E-02 4.25E-02 5.09E-02 5.87E-02 6.84E-02 2.65E-02 4.14E-02 6.32E-02
1-Jan-77 5.33E+00 5.52E+00 5.68E+00 5.92E+00 6.14E+00 6.29E+00 6.44E+00 4.78E+00 5.26E+00 5.74E+00 2.70E-02 3.01E-02 3.39E-02 4.24E-02 5.08E-02 5.88E-02 6.84E-02 2.63E-02 4.09E-02 6.18E-02
1-Feb-77 5.38E+00 5.56E+00 5.72E+00 5.95E+00 6.18E+00 6.33E+00 6.48E+00 4.83E+00 5.31E+00 5.79E+00 2.68E-02 3.00E-02 3.37E-02 4.23E-02 5.07E-02 5.86E-02 6.83E-02 2.64E-02 4.15E-02 6.37E-02
1-Mar-77 5.43E+00 5.60E+00 5.76E+00 5.99E+00 6.22E+00 6.37E+00 6.52E+00 4.84E+00 5.32E+00 5.80E+00 2.65E-02 3.00E-02 3.37E-02 4.22E-02 5.07E-02 5.83E-02 6.87E-02 2.62E-02 4.13E-02 6.30E-02
1-Apr-77 5.43E+00 5.61E+00 5.77E+00 6.00E+00 6.23E+00 6.37E+00 6.51E+00 4.99E+00 5.46E+00 5.94E+00 2.66E-02 3.01E-02 3.38E-02 4.21E-02 5.04E-02 5.80E-02 6.79E-02 2.62E-02 4.11E-02 6.28E-02
1-May-77 5.44E+00 5.62E+00 5.78E+00 6.01E+00 6.24E+00 6.38E+00 6.53E+00 5.00E+00 5.48E+00 5.95E+00 2.67E-02 3.01E-02 3.39E-02 4.21E-02 5.03E-02 5.80E-02 6.79E-02 2.63E-02 4.09E-02 6.21E-02
1-Jun-77 5.46E+00 5.64E+00 5.80E+00 6.02E+00 6.25E+00 6.39E+00 6.55E+00 5.03E+00 5.51E+00 5.98E+00 2.66E-02 3.02E-02 3.37E-02 4.20E-02 5.02E-02 5.78E-02 6.84E-02 2.62E-02 4.07E-02 6.13E-02
1-Jul-77 5.46E+00 5.65E+00 5.81E+00 6.04E+00 6.26E+00 6.40E+00 6.56E+00 4.94E+00 5.42E+00 5.90E+00 2.68E-02 3.02E-02 3.37E-02 4.20E-02 5.04E-02 5.79E-02 6.85E-02 2.59E-02 3.98E-02 5.96E-02
1-Aug-77 5.47E+00 5.65E+00 5.81E+00 6.03E+00 6.26E+00 6.40E+00 6.56E+00 4.90E+00 5.39E+00 5.86E+00 2.70E-02 3.03E-02 3.38E-02 4.21E-02 5.04E-02 5.81E-02 6.88E-02 2.57E-02 3.95E-02 5.92E-02
1-Sep-77 5.46E+00 5.64E+00 5.80E+00 6.03E+00 6.26E+00 6.39E+00 6.55E+00 4.88E+00 5.36E+00 5.83E+00 2.69E-02 3.04E-02 3.39E-02 4.22E-02 5.04E-02 5.83E-02 6.88E-02 2.57E-02 3.94E-02 5.91E-02
1-Oct-77 5.45E+00 5.63E+00 5.79E+00 6.02E+00 6.24E+00 6.38E+00 6.53E+00 4.90E+00 5.36E+00 5.81E+00 2.69E-02 3.04E-02 3.40E-02 4.24E-02 5.09E-02 5.87E-02 6.89E-02 2.57E-02 3.93E-02 5.88E-02
1-Nov-77 5.46E+00 5.66E+00 5.81E+00 6.03E+00 6.26E+00 6.39E+00 6.55E+00 4.91E+00 5.36E+00 5.81E+00 2.71E-02 3.05E-02 3.41E-02 4.26E-02 5.12E-02 5.89E-02 6.88E-02 2.56E-02 3.93E-02 5.86E-02
1-Dec-77 5.49E+00 5.67E+00 5.83E+00 6.05E+00 6.27E+00 6.41E+00 6.56E+00 4.92E+00 5.38E+00 5.84E+00 2.73E-02 3.05E-02 3.42E-02 4.28E-02 5.13E-02 5.95E-02 6.96E-02 2.56E-02 3.92E-02 5.84E-02
1-Jan-78 5.51E+00 5.70E+00 5.84E+00 6.06E+00 6.29E+00 6.43E+00 6.57E+00 4.93E+00 5.39E+00 5.83E+00 2.72E-02 3.06E-02 3.43E-02 4.31E-02 5.17E-02 5.99E-02 7.01E-02 2.55E-02 3.89E-02 5.80E-02
1-Feb-78 5.54E+00 5.73E+00 5.87E+00 6.09E+00 6.32E+00 6.46E+00 6.60E+00 4.96E+00 5.42E+00 5.87E+00 2.72E-02 3.05E-02 3.43E-02 4.34E-02 5.22E-02 6.06E-02 7.14E-02 2.54E-02 3.89E-02 5.78E-02
1-Mar-78 5.57E+00 5.74E+00 5.89E+00 6.11E+00 6.33E+00 6.47E+00 6.61E+00 4.98E+00 5.46E+00 5.92E+00 2.73E-02 3.06E-02 3.45E-02 4.37E-02 5.29E-02 6.12E-02 7.20E-02 2.56E-02 3.91E-02 5.86E-02
1-Apr-78 5.61E+00 5.78E+00 5.92E+00 6.15E+00 6.37E+00 6.51E+00 6.65E+00 5.12E+00 5.58E+00 6.03E+00 2.71E-02 3.07E-02 3.47E-02 4.41E-02 5.36E-02 6.18E-02 7.31E-02 2.57E-02 3.99E-02 6.03E-02
1-May-78 5.66E+00 5.84E+00 5.99E+00 6.20E+00 6.43E+00 6.57E+00 6.70E+00 5.16E+00 5.63E+00 6.08E+00 2.75E-02 3.09E-02 3.50E-02 4.46E-02 5.42E-02 6.27E-02 7.45E-02 2.57E-02 4.00E-02 6.03E-02
1-Jun-78 5.70E+00 5.89E+00 6.04E+00 6.25E+00 6.48E+00 6.62E+00 6.76E+00 5.21E+00 5.69E+00 6.17E+00 2.75E-02 3.11E-02 3.52E-02 4.49E-02 5.46E-02 6.32E-02 7.42E-02 2.61E-02 4.11E-02 6.33E-02
1-Jul-78 5.72E+00 5.90E+00 6.05E+00 6.27E+00 6.49E+00 6.63E+00 6.78E+00 5.28E+00 5.77E+00 6.25E+00 2.75E-02 3.13E-02 3.54E-02 4.52E-02 5.48E-02 6.42E-02 7.52E-02 2.62E-02 4.16E-02 6.41E-02
1-Aug-78 5.72E+00 5.89E+00 6.04E+00 6.26E+00 6.49E+00 6.63E+00 6.77E+00 5.26E+00 5.75E+00 6.23E+00 2.78E-02 3.13E-02 3.56E-02 4.56E-02 5.54E-02 6.47E-02 7.60E-02 2.62E-02 4.11E-02 6.26E-02
1-Sep-78 5.74E+00 5.91E+00 6.07E+00 6.28E+00 6.51E+00 6.65E+00 6.78E+00 5.27E+00 5.77E+00 6.26E+00 2.79E-02 3.17E-02 3.60E-02 4.60E-02 5.61E-02 6.48E-02 7.70E-02 2.62E-02 4.09E-02 6.22E-02
1-Oct-78 5.77E+00 5.95E+00 6.10E+00 6.32E+00 6.55E+00 6.69E+00 6.84E+00 5.19E+00 5.70E+00 6.21E+00 2.81E-02 3.18E-02 3.61E-02 4.64E-02 5.67E-02 6.63E-02 7.76E-02 2.59E-02 4.03E-02 6.09E-02
1-Nov-78 5.79E+00 5.97E+00 6.13E+00 6.35E+00 6.58E+00 6.72E+00 6.87E+00 5.19E+00 5.70E+00 6.20E+00 2.84E-02 3.18E-02 3.63E-02 4.69E-02 5.74E-02 6.72E-02 7.89E-02 2.59E-02 4.01E-02 6.07E-02
1-Dec-78 5.78E+00 5.96E+00 6.12E+00 6.34E+00 6.57E+00 6.71E+00 6.85E+00 5.26E+00 5.78E+00 6.28E+00 2.86E-02 3.21E-02 3.67E-02 4.75E-02 5.82E-02 6.81E-02 8.03E-02 2.58E-02 4.03E-02 6.10E-02
1-Jan-79 5.81E+00 6.00E+00 6.15E+00 6.38E+00 6.60E+00 6.75E+00 6.89E+00 5.32E+00 5.83E+00 6.33E+00 2.84E-02 3.25E-02 3.71E-02 4.82E-02 5.93E-02 6.94E-02 8.11E-02 2.59E-02 4.05E-02 6.14E-02
1-Feb-79 5.89E+00 6.09E+00 6.24E+00 6.47E+00 6.70E+00 6.85E+00 7.01E+00 5.36E+00 5.89E+00 6.41E+00 2.87E-02 3.28E-02 3.73E-02 4.89E-02 6.02E-02 7.06E-02 8.35E-02 2.62E-02 4.13E-02 6.29E-02
1-Mar-79 5.90E+00 6.10E+00 6.26E+00 6.49E+00 6.73E+00 6.88E+00 7.04E+00 5.41E+00 5.96E+00 6.49E+00 2.85E-02 3.29E-02 3.75E-02 4.93E-02 6.10E-02 7.15E-02 8.51E-02 2.63E-02 4.17E-02 6.42E-02
1-Apr-79 5.96E+00 6.15E+00 6.31E+00 6.55E+00 6.79E+00 6.95E+00 7.11E+00 5.56E+00 6.12E+00 6.66E+00 2.84E-02 3.28E-02 3.77E-02 4.97E-02 6.18E-02 7.22E-02 8.69E-02 2.73E-02 4.43E-02 6.91E-02
1-May-79 6.01E+00 6.22E+00 6.38E+00 6.62E+00 6.87E+00 7.03E+00 7.20E+00 5.60E+00 6.18E+00 6.75E+00 2.85E-02 3.29E-02 3.79E-02 5.01E-02 6.24E-02 7.38E-02 8.79E-02 2.76E-02 4.54E-02 7.15E-02
1-Jun-79 6.05E+00 6.26E+00 6.44E+00 6.69E+00 6.94E+00 7.11E+00 7.28E+00 5.66E+00 6.26E+00 6.85E+00 2.82E-02 3.29E-02 3.79E-02 5.03E-02 6.25E-02 7.41E-02 8.92E-02 2.82E-02 4.66E-02 7.39E-02
1-Jul-79 6.07E+00 6.30E+00 6.47E+00 6.73E+00 6.99E+00 7.16E+00 7.33E+00 5.66E+00 6.26E+00 6.85E+00 2.86E-02 3.30E-02 3.80E-02 5.05E-02 6.28E-02 7.43E-02 8.88E-02 2.79E-02 4.54E-02 7.09E-02
1-Aug-79 6.10E+00 6.32E+00 6.50E+00 6.76E+00 7.03E+00 7.20E+00 7.38E+00 5.65E+00 6.26E+00 6.85E+00 2.87E-02 3.30E-02 3.80E-02 5.07E-02 6.37E-02 7.48E-02 9.00E-02 2.76E-02 4.47E-02 6.94E-02
1-Sep-79 6.13E+00 6.36E+00 6.53E+00 6.81E+00 7.08E+00 7.26E+00 7.43E+00 5.70E+00 6.32E+00 6.92E+00 2.88E-02 3.31E-02 3.81E-02 5.11E-02 6.40E-02 7.58E-02 9.18E-02 2.77E-02 4.47E-02 6.92E-02
1-Oct-79 6.16E+00 6.38E+00 6.57E+00 6.85E+00 7.13E+00 7.31E+00 7.51E+00 5.81E+00 6.43E+00 7.05E+00 2.87E-02 3.31E-02 3.83E-02 5.15E-02 6.47E-02 7.70E-02 9.24E-02 2.82E-02 4.59E-02 7.15E-02
1-Nov-79 6.19E+00 6.42E+00 6.60E+00 6.89E+00 7.18E+00 7.37E+00 7.56E+00 5.95E+00 6.61E+00 7.26E+00 2.88E-02 3.33E-02 3.86E-02 5.19E-02 6.54E-02 7.77E-02 9.30E-02 2.89E-02 4.83E-02 7.69E-02
1-Dec-79 6.19E+00 6.43E+00 6.63E+00 6.92E+00 7.22E+00 7.42E+00 7.61E+00 6.27E+00 6.99E+00 7.72E+00 2.88E-02 3.33E-02 3.87E-02 5.24E-02 6.64E-02 7.86E-02 9.61E-02 3.20E-02 5.69E-02 9.33E-02
1-Jan-80 6.24E+00 6.49E+00 6.69E+00 7.01E+00 7.33E+00 7.54E+00 7.75E+00 6.74E+00 7.60E+00 8.47E+00 2.91E-02 3.37E-02 3.91E-02 5.30E-02 6.74E-02 7.97E-02 9.79E-02 3.76E-02 7.25E-02 1.23E-01
1-Feb-80 6.28E+00 6.55E+00 6.77E+00 7.10E+00 7.44E+00 7.67E+00 7.91E+00 7.19E+00 8.28E+00 9.33E+00 2.93E-02 3.39E-02 3.93E-02 5.34E-02 6.80E-02 8.10E-02 9.79E-02 4.48E-02 9.95E-02 1.70E-01
1-Mar-80 6.33E+00 6.61E+00 6.83E+00 7.18E+00 7.54E+00 7.78E+00 8.03E+00 7.78E+00 9.07E+00 1.02E+01 2.94E-02 3.39E-02 3.92E-02 5.34E-02 6.78E-02 8.09E-02 9.79E-02 5.93E-02 1.34E-01 2.17E-01
1-Apr-80 6.37E+00 6.65E+00 6.89E+00 7.25E+00 7.62E+00 7.87E+00 8.13E+00 7.79E+00 9.03E+00 1.01E+01 2.94E-02 3.40E-02 3.92E-02 5.33E-02 6.76E-02 8.10E-02 9.87E-02 5.80E-02 1.27E-01 2.04E-01
1-May-80 6.37E+00 6.63E+00 6.85E+00 7.20E+00 7.56E+00 7.80E+00 8.06E+00 7.98E+00 9.08E+00 1.00E+01 2.95E-02 3.39E-02 3.92E-02 5.32E-02 6.75E-02 8.08E-02 9.91E-02 5.69E-02 1.18E-01 1.91E-01
1-Jun-80 6.38E+00 6.65E+00 6.89E+00 7.26E+00 7.64E+00 7.89E+00 8.15E+00 8.07E+00 8.98E+00 9.80E+00 2.96E-02 3.38E-02 3.92E-02 5.31E-02 6.72E-02 8.13E-02 9.94E-02 5.71E-02 1.11E-01 1.82E-01
1-Jul-80 6.32E+00 6.59E+00 6.82E+00 7.17E+00 7.51E+00 7.75E+00 7.99E+00 8.01E+00 8.82E+00 9.54E+00 2.95E-02 3.40E-02 3.91E-02 5.31E-02 6.70E-02 8.08E-02 9.97E-02 6.14E-02 1.23E-01 2.03E-01
1-Aug-80 6.36E+00 6.62E+00 6.86E+00 7.21E+00 7.57E+00 7.82E+00 8.07E+00 8.14E+00 8.96E+00 9.68E+00 2.94E-02 3.39E-02 3.89E-02 5.26E-02 6.63E-02 8.00E-02 9.71E-02 6.15E-02 1.21E-01 2.01E-01
1-Sep-80 6.37E+00 6.64E+00 6.88E+00 7.24E+00 7.60E+00 7.86E+00 8.11E+00 8.27E+00 9.07E+00 9.78E+00 2.92E-02 3.38E-02 3.88E-02 5.23E-02 6.58E-02 7.93E-02 9.62E-02 5.66E-02 1.15E-01 1.95E-01
1-Oct-80 6.39E+00 6.66E+00 6.91E+00 7.27E+00 7.64E+00 7.90E+00 8.18E+00 8.34E+00 9.15E+00 9.85E+00 2.92E-02 3.36E-02 3.86E-02 5.20E-02 6.54E-02 7.90E-02 9.63E-02 5.46E-02 1.07E-01 1.83E-01
1-Nov-80 6.38E+00 6.65E+00 6.90E+00 7.27E+00 7.64E+00 7.89E+00 8.15E+00 8.62E+00 9.39E+00 1.01E+01 2.94E-02 3.34E-02 3.86E-02 5.17E-02 6.50E-02 7.82E-02 9.61E-02 5.40E-02 1.08E-01 1.85E-01
1-Dec-80 6.36E+00 6.65E+00 6.90E+00 7.29E+00 7.67E+00 7.92E+00 8.19E+00 8.72E+00 9.40E+00 1.00E+01 2.96E-02 3.34E-02 3.86E-02 5.17E-02 6.49E-02 7.82E-02 9.61E-02 5.04E-02 1.00E-01 1.73E-01
1-Jan-81 6.34E+00 6.62E+00 6.88E+00 7.25E+00 7.62E+00 7.87E+00 8.12E+00 8.66E+00 9.35E+00 9.97E+00 2.94E-02 3.34E-02 3.85E-02 5.17E-02 6.48E-02 7.79E-02 9.72E-02 4.89E-02 9.62E-02 1.66E-01
1-Feb-81 6.36E+00 6.66E+00 6.92E+00 7.30E+00 7.69E+00 7.95E+00 8.22E+00 8.70E+00 9.47E+00 1.02E+01 2.94E-02 3.35E-02 3.84E-02 5.18E-02 6.51E-02 7.83E-02 9.59E-02 4.58E-02 9.26E-02 1.65E-01
1-Mar-81 6.36E+00 6.67E+00 6.92E+00 7.31E+00 7.70E+00 7.95E+00 8.23E+00 8.61E+00 9.42E+00 1.01E+01 2.92E-02 3.34E-02 3.85E-02 5.19E-02 6.51E-02 7.79E-02 9.64E-02 4.29E-02 8.61E-02 1.51E-01
1-Apr-81 6.35E+00 6.64E+00 6.90E+00 7.27E+00 7.65E+00 7.89E+00 8.16E+00 8.27E+00 9.21E+00 1.00E+01 2.93E-02 3.35E-02 3.86E-02 5.20E-02 6.53E-02 7.87E-02 9.65E-02 3.99E-02 7.97E-02 1.40E-01
1-May-81 6.30E+00 6.60E+00 6.85E+00 7.21E+00 7.58E+00 7.82E+00 8.06E+00 8.28E+00 9.18E+00 9.98E+00 2.92E-02 3.38E-02 3.88E-02 5.23E-02 6.58E-02 7.92E-02 9.66E-02 3.87E-02 7.61E-02 1.34E-01
1-Jun-81 6.28E+00 6.58E+00 6.84E+00 7.19E+00 7.55E+00 7.78E+00 8.02E+00 8.12E+00 8.93E+00 9.67E+00 2.96E-02 3.38E-02 3.90E-02 5.26E-02 6.58E-02 7.96E-02 9.72E-02 3.78E-02 7.40E-02 1.35E-01
1-Jul-81 6.24E+00 6.55E+00 6.80E+00 7.15E+00 7.52E+00 7.74E+00 7.98E+00 8.09E+00 8.90E+00 9.68E+00 2.98E-02 3.41E-02 3.91E-02 5.30E-02 6.63E-02 8.04E-02 9.67E-02 3.64E-02 7.30E-02 1.30E-01
1-Aug-81 6.23E+00 6.53E+00 6.78E+00 7.13E+00 7.49E+00 7.71E+00 7.94E+00 8.05E+00 8.82E+00 9.54E+00 2.99E-02 3.42E-02 3.97E-02 5.34E-02 6.70E-02 8.08E-02 9.75E-02 3.60E-02 7.04E-02 1.27E-01
1-Sep-81 6.21E+00 6.51E+00 6.77E+00 7.12E+00 7.48E+00 7.70E+00 7.92E+00 8.06E+00 8.85E+00 9.62E+00 3.00E-02 3.46E-02 4.00E-02 5.40E-02 6.79E-02 8.18E-02 9.91E-02 3.50E-02 7.07E-02 1.33E-01
1-Oct-81 6.17E+00 6.44E+00 6.70E+00 7.04E+00 7.39E+00 7.60E+00 7.80E+00 7.90E+00 8.60E+00 9.26E+00 3.03E-02 3.49E-02 4.04E-02 5.47E-02 6.89E-02 8.38E-02 1.01E-01 3.72E-02 7.47E-02 1.39E-01
1-Nov-81 6.13E+00 6.41E+00 6.66E+00 6.98E+00 7.32E+00 7.51E+00 7.69E+00 8.04E+00 8.66E+00 9.29E+00 3.05E-02 3.50E-02 4.09E-02 5.52E-02 6.98E-02 8.44E-02 1.02E-01 3.50E-02 6.75E-02 1.24E-01
1-Dec-81 6.09E+00 6.38E+00 6.63E+00 6.95E+00 7.28E+00 7.47E+00 7.65E+00 7.80E+00 8.38E+00 8.95E+00 3.08E-02 3.55E-02 4.12E-02 5.58E-02 7.05E-02 8.49E-02 1.02E-01 3.41E-02 7.13E-02 1.40E-01
1-Jan-82 6.03E+00 6.30E+00 6.54E+00 6.86E+00 7.17E+00 7.36E+00 7.53E+00 7.67E+00 8.27E+00 8.83E+00 3.10E-02 3.60E-02 4.17E-02 5.66E-02 7.18E-02 8.64E-02 1.03E-01 3.44E-02 7.22E-02 1.39E-01
1-Feb-82 6.03E+00 6.28E+00 6.53E+00 6.84E+00 7.16E+00 7.35E+00 7.52E+00 7.64E+00 8.20E+00 8.76E+00 3.13E-02 3.62E-02 4.21E-02 5.70E-02 7.19E-02 8.69E-02 1.05E-01 3.50E-02 7.50E-02 1.45E-01
1-Mar-82 5.95E+00 6.18E+00 6.42E+00 6.71E+00 7.02E+00 7.19E+00 7.35E+00 7.50E+00 8.07E+00 8.61E+00 3.15E-02 3.63E-02 4.25E-02 5.77E-02 7.28E-02 8.79E-02 1.07E-01 3.72E-02 8.19E-02 1.63E-01
1-Apr-82 5.90E+00 6.14E+00 6.37E+00 6.66E+00 6.96E+00 7.13E+00 7.30E+00 6.56E+00 7.48E+00 8.20E+00 3.12E-02 3.64E-02 4.22E-02 5.75E-02 7.27E-02 8.73E-02 1.07E-01 5.41E-02 1.38E-01 2.87E-01
1-May-82 5.85E+00 6.08E+00 6.30E+00 6.59E+00 6.89E+00 7.05E+00 7.23E+00 6.46E+00 7.44E+00 8.21E+00 3.10E-02 3.64E-02 4.23E-02 5.75E-02 7.28E-02 8.66E-02 1.06E-01 5.37E-02 1.48E-01 3.19E-01
1-Jun-82 5.90E+00 6.13E+00 6.36E+00 6.65E+00 6.95E+00 7.13E+00 7.30E+00 6.31E+00 7.19E+00 7.89E+00 3.11E-02 3.64E-02 4.24E-02 5.74E-02 7.27E-02 8.66E-02 1.05E-01 4.97E-02 1.43E-01 3.31E-01
1-Jul-82 5.86E+00 6.10E+00 6.33E+00 6.62E+00 6.92E+00 7.09E+00 7.28E+00 6.70E+00 7.34E+00 7.93E+00 3.12E-02 3.66E-02 4.25E-02 5.74E-02 7.23E-02 8.61E-02 1.04E-01 4.35E-02 1.05E-01 2.14E-01
1-Aug-82 5.81E+00 6.05E+00 6.27E+00 6.56E+00 6.86E+00 7.02E+00 7.20E+00 6.70E+00 7.37E+00 7.96E+00 3.11E-02 3.65E-02 4.25E-02 5.76E-02 7.22E-02 8.65E-02 1.04E-01 4.19E-02 1.01E-01 2.11E-01
1-Sep-82 5.73E+00 5.98E+00 6.19E+00 6.48E+00 6.77E+00 6.93E+00 7.10E+00 6.57E+00 7.29E+00 7.88E+00 3.11E-02 3.65E-02 4.28E-02 5.77E-02 7.25E-02 8.60E-02 1.05E-01 4.24E-02 1.02E-01 2.09E-01
1-Oct-82 5.67E+00 5.92E+00 6.13E+00 6.42E+00 6.70E+00 6.86E+00 7.03E+00 6.33E+00 7.13E+00 7.77E+00 3.13E-02 3.66E-02 4.30E-02 5.78E-02 7.24E-02 8.62E-02 1.04E-01 4.17E-02 1.02E-01 2.13E-01
1-Nov-82 5.62E+00 5.88E+00 6.09E+00 6.37E+00 6.66E+00 6.82E+00 6.98E+00 5.74E+00 6.80E+00 7.55E+00 3.16E-02 3.68E-02 4.33E-02 5.80E-02 7.22E-02 8.59E-02 1.02E-01 4.44E-02 1.17E-01 2.48E-01
1-Dec-82 5.53E+00 5.77E+00 5.98E+00 6.26E+00 6.53E+00 6.69E+00 6.85E+00 5.62E+00 6.63E+00 7.36E+00 3.17E-02 3.72E-02 4.36E-02 5.82E-02 7.25E-02 8.55E-02 1.03E-01 4.45E-02 1.20E-01 2.44E-01
1-Jan-83 5.47E+00 5.71E+00 5.92E+00 6.19E+00 6.47E+00 6.63E+00 6.79E+00 5.17E+00 6.25E+00 7.14E+00 3.15E-02 3.72E-02 4.37E-02 5.78E-02 7.20E-02 8.49E-02 1.01E-01 5.98E-02 1.54E-01 2.94E-01
1-Feb-83 5.45E+00 5.69E+00 5.90E+00 6.18E+00 6.46E+00 6.62E+00 6.78E+00 4.50E+00 5.82E+00 6.90E+00 3.16E-02 3.72E-02 4.35E-02 5.74E-02 7.13E-02 8.33E-02 9.99E-02 6.01E-02 1.63E-01 3.08E-01
1-Mar-83 5.34E+00 5.58E+00 5.79E+00 6.06E+00 6.34E+00 6.50E+00 6.67E+00 4.57E+00 5.86E+00 6.90E+00 3.17E-02 3.70E-02 4.34E-02 5.73E-02 7.14E-02 8.26E-02 9.83E-02 5.59E-02 1.48E-01 2.84E-01
1-Apr-83 5.32E+00 5.54E+00 5.75E+00 6.03E+00 6.30E+00 6.47E+00 6.62E+00 4.59E+00 5.76E+00 6.81E+00 3.15E-02 3.68E-02 4.31E-02 5.66E-02 6.99E-02 8.20E-02 9.64E-02 5.85E-02 1.58E-01 2.98E-01
1-May-83 5.30E+00 5.53E+00 5.74E+00 6.01E+00 6.29E+00 6.45E+00 6.61E+00 4.62E+00 5.78E+00 6.75E+00 3.15E-02 3.65E-02 4.27E-02 5.60E-02 6.91E-02 8.07E-02 9.55E-02 6.04E-02 1.49E-01 2.89E-01
1-Jun-83 5.23E+00 5.45E+00 5.65E+00 5.93E+00 6.20E+00 6.37E+00 6.52E+00 4.82E+00 5.84E+00 6.72E+00 3.16E-02 3.64E-02 4.25E-02 5.56E-02 6.86E-02 8.00E-02 9.50E-02 5.19E-02 1.36E-01 2.75E-01
1-Jul-83 5.21E+00 5.43E+00 5.63E+00 5.91E+00 6.18E+00 6.34E+00 6.51E+00 4.93E+00 5.86E+00 6.70E+00 3.17E-02 3.63E-02 4.24E-02 5.51E-02 6.78E-02 7.92E-02 9.37E-02 5.13E-02 1.33E-01 2.65E-01
1-Aug-83 5.20E+00 5.43E+00 5.64E+00 5.91E+00 6.18E+00 6.35E+00 6.52E+00 4.72E+00 5.75E+00 6.63E+00 3.18E-02 3.63E-02 4.21E-02 5.47E-02 6.73E-02 7.80E-02 9.33E-02 4.88E-02 1.23E-01 2.47E-01
1-Sep-83 5.20E+00 5.42E+00 5.62E+00 5.90E+00 6.17E+00 6.33E+00 6.51E+00 4.78E+00 5.75E+00 6.64E+00 3.14E-02 3.63E-02 4.20E-02 5.45E-02 6.69E-02 7.76E-02 9.39E-02 4.92E-02 1.23E-01 2.41E-01
1-Oct-83 5.15E+00 5.36E+00 5.56E+00 5.84E+00 6.11E+00 6.27E+00 6.45E+00 4.70E+00 5.67E+00 6.54E+00 3.14E-02 3.61E-02 4.19E-02 5.44E-02 6.69E-02 7.75E-02 9.39E-02 4.89E-02 1.16E-01 2.28E-01
1-Nov-83 5.05E+00 5.27E+00 5.47E+00 5.74E+00 6.01E+00 6.17E+00 6.34E+00 4.63E+00 5.65E+00 6.54E+00 3.16E-02 3.61E-02 4.19E-02 5.43E-02 6.68E-02 7.76E-02 9.17E-02 4.38E-02 1.05E-01 2.08E-01
1-Dec-83 4.98E+00 5.19E+00 5.38E+00 5.66E+00 5.93E+00 6.08E+00 6.25E+00 4.63E+00 5.54E+00 6.38E+00 3.16E-02 3.61E-02 4.16E-02 5.39E-02 6.62E-02 7.70E-02 9.20E-02 4.67E-02 1.08E-01 2.11E-01
1-Jan-84 4.92E+00 5.14E+00 5.33E+00 5.61E+00 5.88E+00 6.04E+00 6.21E+00 4.59E+00 5.55E+00 6.41E+00 3.11E-02 3.58E-02 4.12E-02 5.33E-02 6.55E-02 7.60E-02 9.08E-02 4.38E-02 1.05E-01 2.03E-01
1-Feb-84 4.90E+00 5.11E+00 5.30E+00 5.58E+00 5.85E+00 6.01E+00 6.18E+00 4.59E+00 5.48E+00 6.32E+00 3.09E-02 3.56E-02 4.08E-02 5.27E-02 6.48E-02 7.52E-02 8.93E-02 4.63E-02 1.05E-01 2.02E-01
1-Mar-84 4.92E+00 5.13E+00 5.32E+00 5.60E+00 5.87E+00 6.04E+00 6.21E+00 4.59E+00 5.50E+00 6.32E+00 3.07E-02 3.53E-02 4.05E-02 5.22E-02 6.41E-02 7.45E-02 8.83E-02 4.47E-02 1.01E-01 2.01E-01
1-Apr-84 4.88E+00 5.09E+00 5.28E+00 5.55E+00 5.83E+00 5.98E+00 6.16E+00 4.28E+00 5.29E+00 6.21E+00 3.04E-02 3.49E-02 4.02E-02 5.19E-02 6.35E-02 7.45E-02 8.68E-02 4.59E-02 1.09E-01 2.09E-01
1-May-84 4.86E+00 5.05E+00 5.24E+00 5.52E+00 5.79E+00 5.95E+00 6.12E+00 4.47E+00 5.35E+00 6.17E+00 3.03E-02 3.47E-02 4.00E-02 5.16E-02 6.32E-02 7.36E-02 8.64E-02 4.53E-02 1.03E-01 1.98E-01
1-Jun-84 4.78E+00 4.98E+00 5.16E+00 5.43E+00 5.71E+00 5.87E+00 6.03E+00 4.46E+00 5.30E+00 6.11E+00 3.01E-02 3.46E-02 3.98E-02 5.14E-02 6.31E-02 7.38E-02 8.64E-02 4.51E-02 9.64E-02 1.81E-01
1-Jul-84 4.73E+00 4.94E+00 5.12E+00 5.39E+00 5.66E+00 5.83E+00 5.98E+00 4.32E+00 5.21E+00 6.04E+00 2.98E-02 3.46E-02 3.95E-02 5.10E-02 6.25E-02 7.29E-02 8.54E-02 4.14E-02 8.37E-02 1.51E-01
1-Aug-84 4.73E+00 4.94E+00 5.12E+00 5.39E+00 5.66E+00 5.83E+00 5.99E+00 4.22E+00 5.15E+00 5.98E+00 3.00E-02 3.45E-02 3.93E-02 5.06E-02 6.20E-02 7.22E-02 8.46E-02 3.89E-02 7.98E-02 1.45E-01
1-Sep-84 4.71E+00 4.90E+00 5.09E+00 5.36E+00 5.63E+00 5.79E+00 5.96E+00 4.38E+00 5.22E+00 6.01E+00 3.00E-02 3.42E-02 3.91E-02 5.04E-02 6.17E-02 7.22E-02 8.39E-02 3.98E-02 7.73E-02 1.36E-01
1-Oct-84 4.65E+00 4.84E+00 5.02E+00 5.28E+00 5.55E+00 5.71E+00 5.88E+00 4.49E+00 5.30E+00 6.06E+00 2.98E-02 3.41E-02 3.90E-02 5.03E-02 6.17E-02 7.18E-02 8.35E-02 3.76E-02 7.43E-02 1.33E-01
1-Nov-84 4.60E+00 4.79E+00 4.95E+00 5.22E+00 5.49E+00 5.66E+00 5.83E+00 4.31E+00 5.15E+00 5.94E+00 2.97E-02 3.39E-02 3.87E-02 4.99E-02 6.12E-02 7.10E-02 8.33E-02 3.80E-02 7.53E-02 1.35E-01
1-Dec-84 4.53E+00 4.72E+00 4.89E+00 5.16E+00 5.43E+00 5.59E+00 5.75E+00 4.32E+00 5.13E+00 5.87E+00 2.96E-02 3.38E-02 3.86E-02 4.96E-02 6.06E-02 7.04E-02 8.19E-02 3.71E-02 7.13E-02 1.25E-01
1-Jan-85 4.53E+00 4.71E+00 4.89E+00 5.15E+00 5.42E+00 5.58E+00 5.75E+00 4.26E+00 5.08E+00 5.83E+00 2.95E-02 3.37E-02 3.83E-02 4.91E-02 6.00E-02 6.99E-02 8.14E-02 3.70E-02 7.22E-02 1.27E-01
1-Feb-85 4.54E+00 4.73E+00 4.90E+00 5.17E+00 5.44E+00 5.60E+00 5.76E+00 4.00E+00 4.92E+00 5.76E+00 2.93E-02 3.36E-02 3.81E-02 4.88E-02 5.95E-02 6.93E-02 8.14E-02 3.92E-02 7.80E-02 1.41E-01
1-Mar-85 4.51E+00 4.70E+00 4.87E+00 5.14E+00 5.40E+00 5.56E+00 5.73E+00 4.09E+00 4.95E+00 5.77E+00 2.92E-02 3.34E-02 3.78E-02 4.85E-02 5.92E-02 6.88E-02 7.97E-02 4.01E-02 8.79E-02 1.67E-01
1-Apr-85 4.50E+00 4.68E+00 4.85E+00 5.12E+00 5.39E+00 5.54E+00 5.71E+00 4.04E+00 4.91E+00 5.68E+00 2.91E-02 3.32E-02 3.77E-02 4.84E-02 5.89E-02 6.90E-02 8.04E-02 3.92E-02 8.14E-02 1.56E-01
1-May-85 4.45E+00 4.62E+00 4.79E+00 5.05E+00 5.32E+00 5.47E+00 5.63E+00 4.08E+00 4.90E+00 5.71E+00 2.89E-02 3.31E-02 3.76E-02 4.83E-02 5.88E-02 6.89E-02 8.14E-02 3.78E-02 7.82E-02 1.44E-01
1-Jun-85 4.40E+00 4.58E+00 4.75E+00 5.01E+00 5.28E+00 5.42E+00 5.59E+00 3.96E+00 4.74E+00 5.45E+00 2.87E-02 3.30E-02 3.74E-02 4.81E-02 5.86E-02 6.92E-02 8.12E-02 3.92E-02 7.67E-02 1.38E-01
1-Jul-85 4.36E+00 4.54E+00 4.71E+00 4.96E+00 5.23E+00 5.38E+00 5.54E+00 4.07E+00 4.80E+00 5.53E+00 2.88E-02 3.28E-02 3.73E-02 4.79E-02 5.84E-02 6.83E-02 8.06E-02 3.69E-02 7.01E-02 1.22E-01
1-Aug-85 4.32E+00 4.50E+00 4.67E+00 4.93E+00 5.19E+00 5.34E+00 5.51E+00 4.01E+00 4.77E+00 5.50E+00 2.85E-02 3.28E-02 3.74E-02 4.78E-02 5.82E-02 6.81E-02 8.02E-02 3.58E-02 6.82E-02 1.20E-01
1-Sep-85 4.32E+00 4.48E+00 4.65E+00 4.91E+00 5.17E+00 5.32E+00 5.48E+00 3.96E+00 4.73E+00 5.46E+00 2.85E-02 3.26E-02 3.74E-02 4.77E-02 5.81E-02 6.79E-02 7.98E-02 3.54E-02 6.61E-02 1.16E-01
1-Oct-85 4.27E+00 4.44E+00 4.60E+00 4.86E+00 5.11E+00 5.26E+00 5.44E+00 3.86E+00 4.67E+00 5.42E+00 2.86E-02 3.26E-02 3.73E-02 4.76E-02 5.81E-02 6.81E-02 7.91E-02 3.45E-02 6.46E-02 1.14E-01
1-Nov-85 4.23E+00 4.40E+00 4.56E+00 4.82E+00 5.07E+00 5.22E+00 5.39E+00 3.75E+00 4.53E+00 5.30E+00 2.85E-02 3.27E-02 3.73E-02 4.77E-02 5.83E-02 6.77E-02 7.99E-02 3.52E-02 6.64E-02 1.16E-01
1-Dec-85 4.22E+00 4.39E+00 4.54E+00 4.80E+00 5.05E+00 5.20E+00 5.37E+00 4.61E+00 5.25E+00 5.85E+00 2.87E-02 3.27E-02 3.73E-02 4.77E-02 5.82E-02 6.75E-02 8.00E-02 2.92E-02 4.85E-02 7.61E-02
1-Jan-86 4.21E+00 4.37E+00 4.53E+00 4.78E+00 5.03E+00 5.18E+00 5.35E+00 4.60E+00 5.24E+00 5.83E+00 2.89E-02 3.26E-02 3.74E-02 4.78E-02 5.83E-02 6.80E-02 8.00E-02 2.93E-02 4.80E-02 7.51E-02
1-Feb-86 4.17E+00 4.33E+00 4.49E+00 4.74E+00 4.99E+00 5.14E+00 5.31E+00 4.50E+00 5.14E+00 5.74E+00 2.91E-02 3.28E-02 3.74E-02 4.80E-02 5.86E-02 6.82E-02 8.04E-02 2.95E-02 5.00E-02 7.95E-02
1-Mar-86 4.07E+00 4.22E+00 4.38E+00 4.63E+00 4.88E+00 5.03E+00 5.20E+00 4.33E+00 5.05E+00 5.68E+00 2.89E-02 3.31E-02 3.74E-02 4.82E-02 5.90E-02 6.85E-02 8.02E-02 3.01E-02 5.39E-02 9.01E-02
1-Apr-86 3.97E+00 4.14E+00 4.29E+00 4.55E+00 4.80E+00 4.95E+00 5.12E+00 3.56E+00 4.50E+00 5.31E+00 2.88E-02 3.28E-02 3.72E-02 4.77E-02 5.84E-02 6.80E-02 7.87E-02 4.61E-02 8.87E-02 1.51E-01
1-May-86 3.93E+00 4.09E+00 4.25E+00 4.50E+00 4.76E+00 4.91E+00 5.07E+00 3.24E+00 4.33E+00 5.27E+00 2.87E-02 3.24E-02 3.68E-02 4.70E-02 5.70E-02 6.67E-02 7.77E-02 4.55E-02 9.81E-02 1.71E-01
1-Jun-86 3.96E+00 4.12E+00 4.28E+00 4.52E+00 4.77E+00 4.93E+00 5.09E+00 3.43E+00 4.38E+00 5.22E+00 2.83E-02 3.22E-02 3.64E-02 4.63E-02 5.62E-02 6.56E-02 7.51E-02 4.36E-02 8.95E-02 1.57E-01
1-Jul-86 3.95E+00 4.11E+00 4.26E+00 4.51E+00 4.76E+00 4.91E+00 5.07E+00 3.37E+00 4.34E+00 5.21E+00 2.80E-02 3.19E-02 3.60E-02 4.56E-02 5.51E-02 6.43E-02 7.46E-02 4.28E-02 8.66E-02 1.51E-01
1-Aug-86 3.89E+00 4.05E+00 4.20E+00 4.45E+00 4.70E+00 4.86E+00 5.02E+00 3.48E+00 4.38E+00 5.25E+00 2.77E-02 3.16E-02 3.58E-02 4.50E-02 5.42E-02 6.33E-02 7.36E-02 4.11E-02 8.25E-02 1.46E-01
1-Sep-86 3.89E+00 4.04E+00 4.20E+00 4.44E+00 4.69E+00 4.84E+00 5.00E+00 3.39E+00 4.32E+00 5.16E+00 2.75E-02 3.11E-02 3.53E-02 4.44E-02 5.33E-02 6.20E-02 7.21E-02 4.10E-02 8.09E-02 1.42E-01
1-Oct-86 3.88E+00 4.03E+00 4.18E+00 4.42E+00 4.67E+00 4.82E+00 4.99E+00 3.46E+00 4.34E+00 5.14E+00 2.74E-02 3.09E-02 3.50E-02 4.39E-02 5.26E-02 6.13E-02 7.08E-02 3.82E-02 7.47E-02 1.32E-01
1-Nov-86 3.83E+00 3.98E+00 4.14E+00 4.38E+00 4.62E+00 4.78E+00 4.94E+00 3.54E+00 4.38E+00 5.16E+00 2.72E-02 3.08E-02 3.48E-02 4.33E-02 5.16E-02 6.02E-02 6.96E-02 3.71E-02 7.10E-02 1.23E-01
1-Dec-86 3.81E+00 3.96E+00 4.12E+00 4.36E+00 4.60E+00 4.75E+00 4.91E+00 3.53E+00 4.34E+00 5.08E+00 2.72E-02 3.07E-02 3.44E-02 4.28E-02 5.10E-02 5.88E-02 6.89E-02 3.66E-02 6.84E-02 1.16E-01
1-Jan-87 3.82E+00 3.98E+00 4.12E+00 4.37E+00 4.60E+00 4.76E+00 4.92E+00 3.63E+00 4.38E+00 5.12E+00 2.72E-02 3.06E-02 3.42E-02 4.23E-02 5.05E-02 5.81E-02 6.77E-02 3.53E-02 6.63E-02 1.15E-01
1-Feb-87 3.84E+00 3.99E+00 4.14E+00 4.38E+00 4.61E+00 4.76E+00 4.92E+00 3.59E+00 4.33E+00 5.08E+00 2.70E-02 3.03E-02 3.39E-02 4.19E-02 4.97E-02 5.71E-02 6.68E-02 3.47E-02 6.43E-02 1.08E-01
1-Mar-87 3.85E+00 4.01E+00 4.15E+00 4.38E+00 4.62E+00 4.77E+00 4.92E+00 3.80E+00 4.47E+00 5.14E+00 2.68E-02 3.01E-02 3.36E-02 4.15E-02 4.92E-02 5.64E-02 6.60E-02 3.55E-02 6.55E-02 1.13E-01
1-Apr-87 3.85E+00 4.00E+00 4.14E+00 4.37E+00 4.60E+00 4.75E+00 4.91E+00 3.80E+00 4.45E+00 5.10E+00 2.68E-02 3.00E-02 3.35E-02 4.12E-02 4.88E-02 5.58E-02 6.48E-02 3.38E-02 6.27E-02 1.06E-01
1-May-87 3.83E+00 3.98E+00 4.12E+00 4.35E+00 4.58E+00 4.73E+00 4.88E+00 3.81E+00 4.47E+00 5.13E+00 2.65E-02 2.97E-02 3.33E-02 4.08E-02 4.84E-02 5.52E-02 6.46E-02 3.32E-02 6.03E-02 1.02E-01
1-Jun-87 3.82E+00 3.96E+00 4.10E+00 4.33E+00 4.55E+00 4.71E+00 4.85E+00 3.87E+00 4.46E+00 5.07E+00 2.65E-02 2.96E-02 3.31E-02 4.05E-02 4.79E-02 5.47E-02 6.35E-02 3.38E-02 5.92E-02 9.83E-02
1-Jul-87 3.82E+00 3.96E+00 4.10E+00 4.33E+00 4.55E+00 4.70E+00 4.85E+00 3.89E+00 4.49E+00 5.10E+00 2.65E-02 2.96E-02 3.29E-02 4.03E-02 4.75E-02 5.41E-02 6.27E-02 3.22E-02 5.71E-02 9.74E-02
1-Aug-87 3.82E+00 3.96E+00 4.10E+00 4.32E+00 4.55E+00 4.69E+00 4.85E+00 3.96E+00 4.53E+00 5.12E+00 2.64E-02 2.95E-02 3.28E-02 4.01E-02 4.72E-02 5.40E-02 6.31E-02 3.14E-02 5.53E-02 9.35E-02
1-Sep-87 3.83E+00 3.97E+00 4.10E+00 4.33E+00 4.55E+00 4.69E+00 4.85E+00 3.88E+00 4.45E+00 5.03E+00 2.64E-02 2.94E-02 3.27E-02 3.99E-02 4.71E-02 5.37E-02 6.22E-02 3.15E-02 5.42E-02 8.99E-02
1-Oct-87 3.81E+00 3.95E+00 4.09E+00 4.31E+00 4.53E+00 4.67E+00 4.82E+00 3.92E+00 4.49E+00 5.06E+00 2.62E-02 2.91E-02 3.25E-02 3.98E-02 4.70E-02 5.35E-02 6.21E-02 3.01E-02 5.20E-02 8.52E-02
1-Nov-87 3.80E+00 3.93E+00 4.06E+00 4.29E+00 4.50E+00 4.65E+00 4.80E+00 3.91E+00 4.46E+00 5.03E+00 2.63E-02 2.91E-02 3.24E-02 3.96E-02 4.67E-02 5.32E-02 6.19E-02 3.00E-02 5.16E-02 8.45E-02
1-Dec-87 3.77E+00 3.91E+00 4.04E+00 4.26E+00 4.47E+00 4.62E+00 4.76E+00 3.97E+00 4.50E+00 5.05E+00 2.60E-02 2.90E-02 3.23E-02 3.95E-02 4.65E-02 5.30E-02 6.15E-02 2.99E-02 4.95E-02 7.86E-02
1-Jan-88 3.75E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.24E+00 4.45E+00 4.60E+00 4.75E+00 3.90E+00 4.45E+00 5.01E+00 2.58E-02 2.90E-02 3.22E-02 3.94E-02 4.63E-02 5.30E-02 6.13E-02 2.95E-02 4.86E-02 7.72E-02
1-Feb-88 3.76E+00 3.90E+00 4.03E+00 4.24E+00 4.46E+00 4.60E+00 4.75E+00 3.84E+00 4.36E+00 4.90E+00 2.59E-02 2.89E-02 3.22E-02 3.92E-02 4.61E-02 5.26E-02 6.08E-02 2.94E-02 4.88E-02 7.75E-02
1-Mar-88 3.74E+00 3.87E+00 4.01E+00 4.22E+00 4.43E+00 4.57E+00 4.72E+00 3.85E+00 4.37E+00 4.91E+00 2.61E-02 2.90E-02 3.21E-02 3.92E-02 4.62E-02 5.26E-02 6.05E-02 2.89E-02 4.87E-02 7.74E-02
1-Apr-88 3.75E+00 3.88E+00 4.02E+00 4.23E+00 4.44E+00 4.58E+00 4.74E+00 3.84E+00 4.35E+00 4.89E+00 2.60E-02 2.90E-02 3.22E-02 3.91E-02 4.60E-02 5.25E-02 5.99E-02 2.90E-02 4.76E-02 7.51E-02
1-May-88 3.75E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.23E+00 4.45E+00 4.59E+00 4.74E+00 3.84E+00 4.35E+00 4.89E+00 2.61E-02 2.90E-02 3.23E-02 3.91E-02 4.60E-02 5.23E-02 6.04E-02 2.94E-02 4.86E-02 7.69E-02
1-Jun-88 3.76E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.23E+00 4.43E+00 4.57E+00 4.72E+00 3.94E+00 4.43E+00 4.96E+00 2.61E-02 2.91E-02 3.22E-02 3.90E-02 4.59E-02 5.23E-02 6.00E-02 2.89E-02 4.69E-02 7.38E-02
1-Jul-88 3.76E+00 3.89E+00 4.03E+00 4.23E+00 4.44E+00 4.58E+00 4.73E+00 4.02E+00 4.50E+00 5.02E+00 2.62E-02 2.90E-02 3.21E-02 3.90E-02 4.57E-02 5.22E-02 6.03E-02 2.80E-02 4.46E-02 6.91E-02
1-Aug-88 3.77E+00 3.90E+00 4.03E+00 4.24E+00 4.44E+00 4.58E+00 4.73E+00 4.00E+00 4.47E+00 4.96E+00 2.62E-02 2.90E-02 3.22E-02 3.90E-02 4.58E-02 5.21E-02 6.05E-02 2.80E-02 4.47E-02 7.00E-02
1-Sep-88 3.77E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.23E+00 4.44E+00 4.58E+00 4.73E+00 4.07E+00 4.54E+00 5.02E+00 2.61E-02 2.90E-02 3.21E-02 3.90E-02 4.58E-02 5.20E-02 5.99E-02 2.79E-02 4.41E-02 6.70E-02
1-Oct-88 3.77E+00 3.90E+00 4.03E+00 4.24E+00 4.44E+00 4.58E+00 4.73E+00 4.09E+00 4.54E+00 5.02E+00 2.61E-02 2.90E-02 3.21E-02 3.90E-02 4.60E-02 5.21E-02 6.01E-02 2.76E-02 4.31E-02 6.60E-02
1-Nov-88 3.74E+00 3.87E+00 4.00E+00 4.20E+00 4.40E+00 4.54E+00 4.68E+00 4.01E+00 4.47E+00 4.98E+00 2.59E-02 2.89E-02 3.21E-02 3.91E-02 4.61E-02 5.22E-02 6.06E-02 2.77E-02 4.34E-02 6.68E-02
1-Dec-88 3.72E+00 3.86E+00 3.98E+00 4.19E+00 4.39E+00 4.52E+00 4.66E+00 4.08E+00 4.51E+00 4.99E+00 2.58E-02 2.87E-02 3.21E-02 3.91E-02 4.61E-02 5.23E-02 6.04E-02 2.72E-02 4.24E-02 6.45E-02
1-Jan-89 3.73E+00 3.87E+00 3.99E+00 4.20E+00 4.40E+00 4.53E+00 4.67E+00 4.05E+00 4.49E+00 4.97E+00 2.59E-02 2.88E-02 3.22E-02 3.91E-02 4.62E-02 5.25E-02 6.08E-02 2.75E-02 4.29E-02 6.48E-02
1-Feb-89 3.75E+00 3.89E+00 4.01E+00 4.22E+00 4.42E+00 4.55E+00 4.69E+00 4.05E+00 4.48E+00 4.93E+00 2.57E-02 2.90E-02 3.22E-02 3.92E-02 4.62E-02 5.26E-02 6.11E-02 2.73E-02 4.23E-02 6.46E-02
1-Mar-89 3.74E+00 3.88E+00 4.00E+00 4.21E+00 4.41E+00 4.54E+00 4.68E+00 4.08E+00 4.50E+00 4.95E+00 2.59E-02 2.90E-02 3.22E-02 3.93E-02 4.62E-02 5.27E-02 6.14E-02 2.70E-02 4.21E-02 6.43E-02
1-Apr-89 3.75E+00 3.89E+00 4.01E+00 4.21E+00 4.41E+00 4.54E+00 4.69E+00 4.17E+00 4.58E+00 5.01E+00 2.58E-02 2.88E-02 3.23E-02 3.93E-02 4.64E-02 5.28E-02 6.11E-02 2.77E-02 4.42E-02 6.85E-02
1-May-89 3.80E+00 3.92E+00 4.05E+00 4.25E+00 4.45E+00 4.58E+00 4.73E+00 4.23E+00 4.63E+00 5.06E+00 2.59E-02 2.89E-02 3.21E-02 3.94E-02 4.67E-02 5.32E-02 6.12E-02 2.80E-02 4.54E-02 7.14E-02
1-Jun-89 3.76E+00 3.89E+00 4.02E+00 4.22E+00 4.42E+00 4.55E+00 4.68E+00 4.25E+00 4.63E+00 5.04E+00 2.58E-02 2.88E-02 3.21E-02 3.95E-02 4.68E-02 5.33E-02 6.13E-02 2.73E-02 4.36E-02 6.75E-02
1-Jul-89 3.73E+00 3.87E+00 3.99E+00 4.19E+00 4.40E+00 4.53E+00 4.66E+00 4.13E+00 4.52E+00 4.94E+00 2.56E-02 2.88E-02 3.21E-02 3.95E-02 4.68E-02 5.32E-02 6.15E-02 2.71E-02 4.25E-02 6.46E-02
1-Aug-89 3.72E+00 3.84E+00 3.97E+00 4.17E+00 4.37E+00 4.50E+00 4.63E+00 4.12E+00 4.51E+00 4.92E+00 2.56E-02 2.89E-02 3.23E-02 3.95E-02 4.68E-02 5.35E-02 6.14E-02 2.72E-02 4.23E-02 6.39E-02
1-Sep-89 3.67E+00 3.80E+00 3.93E+00 4.13E+00 4.33E+00 4.46E+00 4.59E+00 4.03E+00 4.42E+00 4.83E+00 2.58E-02 2.89E-02 3.24E-02 3.96E-02 4.70E-02 5.37E-02 6.20E-02 2.75E-02 4.43E-02 6.83E-02
1-Oct-89 3.68E+00 3.81E+00 3.94E+00 4.14E+00 4.34E+00 4.47E+00 4.60E+00 4.05E+00 4.45E+00 4.88E+00 2.58E-02 2.90E-02 3.23E-02 3.96E-02 4.71E-02 5.35E-02 6.12E-02 2.77E-02 4.37E-02 6.69E-02
1-Nov-89 3.67E+00 3.81E+00 3.93E+00 4.13E+00 4.33E+00 4.46E+00 4.59E+00 4.04E+00 4.45E+00 4.89E+00 2.60E-02 2.89E-02 3.23E-02 3.96E-02 4.68E-02 5.36E-02 6.13E-02 2.71E-02 4.27E-02 6.64E-02
1-Dec-89 3.65E+00 3.78E+00 3.91E+00 4.10E+00 4.30E+00 4.43E+00 4.56E+00 4.07E+00 4.45E+00 4.86E+00 2.59E-02 2.89E-02 3.23E-02 3.97E-02 4.72E-02 5.40E-02 6.17E-02 2.74E-02 4.26E-02 6.45E-02
1-Jan-90 3.68E+00 3.82E+00 3.95E+00 4.14E+00 4.34E+00 4.47E+00 4.60E+00 4.11E+00 4.48E+00 4.89E+00 2.60E-02 2.90E-02 3.25E-02 3.98E-02 4.71E-02 5.38E-02 6.16E-02 2.78E-02 4.39E-02 6.68E-02
1-Feb-90 3.70E+00 3.83E+00 3.97E+00 4.16E+00 4.36E+00 4.50E+00 4.62E+00 4.11E+00 4.49E+00 4.90E+00 2.59E-02 2.90E-02 3.24E-02 3.98E-02 4.71E-02 5.40E-02 6.24E-02 2.74E-02 4.26E-02 6.48E-02
1-Mar-90 3.69E+00 3.83E+00 3.96E+00 4.16E+00 4.35E+00 4.49E+00 4.62E+00 4.24E+00 4.60E+00 4.99E+00 2.60E-02 2.89E-02 3.24E-02 3.98E-02 4.72E-02 5.38E-02 6.20E-02 3.05E-02 5.06E-02 7.97E-02
1-Apr-90 3.67E+00 3.81E+00 3.94E+00 4.13E+00 4.33E+00 4.46E+00 4.59E+00 4.20E+00 4.57E+00 4.97E+00 2.61E-02 2.90E-02 3.26E-02 3.99E-02 4.73E-02 5.41E-02 6.20E-02 2.92E-02 4.95E-02 7.99E-02
1-May-90 3.65E+00 3.78E+00 3.91E+00 4.11E+00 4.30E+00 4.43E+00 4.56E+00 4.20E+00 4.56E+00 4.95E+00 2.62E-02 2.91E-02 3.26E-02 4.01E-02 4.75E-02 5.39E-02 6.24E-02 3.01E-02 4.89E-02 7.83E-02
1-Jun-90 3.65E+00 3.78E+00 3.91E+00 4.11E+00 4.30E+00 4.43E+00 4.55E+00 4.19E+00 4.54E+00 4.92E+00 2.63E-02 2.92E-02 3.27E-02 4.01E-02 4.74E-02 5.42E-02 6.26E-02 2.96E-02 4.90E-02 7.75E-02
1-Jul-90 3.65E+00 3.79E+00 3.92E+00 4.11E+00 4.31E+00 4.44E+00 4.55E+00 4.16E+00 4.50E+00 4.87E+00 2.63E-02 2.93E-02 3.27E-02 4.02E-02 4.77E-02 5.43E-02 6.27E-02 2.76E-02 4.32E-02 6.68E-02
1-Aug-90 3.64E+00 3.78E+00 3.92E+00 4.11E+00 4.31E+00 4.43E+00 4.54E+00 4.20E+00 4.54E+00 4.90E+00 2.63E-02 2.95E-02 3.28E-02 4.03E-02 4.79E-02 5.46E-02 6.34E-02 2.72E-02 4.26E-02 6.53E-02
1-Sep-90 3.68E+00 3.82E+00 3.95E+00 4.15E+00 4.35E+00 4.48E+00 4.60E+00 4.25E+00 4.59E+00 4.96E+00 2.64E-02 2.95E-02 3.30E-02 4.06E-02 4.82E-02 5.48E-02 6.38E-02 2.75E-02 4.37E-02 6.73E-02
1-Oct-90 3.68E+00 3.82E+00 3.96E+00 4.16E+00 4.35E+00 4.48E+00 4.60E+00 4.25E+00 4.60E+00 4.99E+00 2.61E-02 2.96E-02 3.31E-02 4.07E-02 4.84E-02 5.53E-02 6.33E-02 2.72E-02 4.35E-02 6.69E-02
1-Nov-90 3.66E+00 3.81E+00 3.95E+00 4.14E+00 4.34E+00 4.46E+00 4.59E+00 4.32E+00 4.65E+00 5.00E+00 2.63E-02 2.97E-02 3.33E-02 4.09E-02 4.85E-02 5.54E-02 6.36E-02 2.83E-02 4.60E-02 7.20E-02
1-Dec-90 3.61E+00 3.75E+00 3.89E+00 4.08E+00 4.27E+00 4.39E+00 4.50E+00 4.29E+00 4.62E+00 4.96E+00 2.63E-02 2.98E-02 3.34E-02 4.11E-02 4.88E-02 5.57E-02 6.36E-02 2.88E-02 4.73E-02 7.63E-02
1-Jan-91 3.60E+00 3.74E+00 3.88E+00 4.08E+00 4.27E+00 4.39E+00 4.51E+00 4.27E+00 4.60E+00 4.94E+00 2.66E-02 2.99E-02 3.34E-02 4.10E-02 4.87E-02 5.54E-02 6.42E-02 2.84E-02 4.57E-02 7.18E-02
1-Feb-91 3.61E+00 3.75E+00 3.89E+00 4.08E+00 4.28E+00 4.40E+00 4.52E+00 4.24E+00 4.58E+00 4.93E+00 2.65E-02 2.98E-02 3.34E-02 4.10E-02 4.87E-02 5.54E-02 6.48E-02 2.82E-02 4.50E-02 6.97E-02
1-Mar-91 3.55E+00 3.70E+00 3.83E+00 4.02E+00 4.22E+00 4.34E+00 4.46E+00 4.20E+00 4.52E+00 4.88E+00 2.65E-02 2.99E-02 3.34E-02 4.11E-02 4.87E-02 5.56E-02 6.46E-02 2.82E-02 4.61E-02 7.28E-02
1-Apr-91 3.51E+00 3.65E+00 3.78E+00 3.98E+00 4.17E+00 4.29E+00 4.41E+00 4.16E+00 4.47E+00 4.82E+00 2.64E-02 2.98E-02 3.32E-02 4.09E-02 4.87E-02 5.53E-02 6.42E-02 2.82E-02 4.60E-02 7.19E-02
1-May-91 3.50E+00 3.64E+00 3.78E+00 3.96E+00 4.15E+00 4.28E+00 4.40E+00 4.13E+00 4.46E+00 4.81E+00 2.65E-02 2.97E-02 3.31E-02 4.06E-02 4.82E-02 5.47E-02 6.35E-02 2.81E-02 4.59E-02 7.10E-02
1-Jun-91 3.50E+00 3.65E+00 3.79E+00 3.98E+00 4.17E+00 4.29E+00 4.41E+00 4.12E+00 4.45E+00 4.80E+00 2.65E-02 2.95E-02 3.29E-02 4.05E-02 4.81E-02 5.44E-02 6.31E-02 2.81E-02 4.49E-02 6.93E-02
1-Jul-91 3.46E+00 3.61E+00 3.74E+00 3.93E+00 4.12E+00 4.25E+00 4.36E+00 4.06E+00 4.40E+00 4.77E+00 2.63E-02 2.94E-02 3.28E-02 4.04E-02 4.78E-02 5.45E-02 6.29E-02 2.83E-02 4.59E-02 7.23E-02
1-Aug-91 3.44E+00 3.58E+00 3.72E+00 3.91E+00 4.10E+00 4.23E+00 4.34E+00 4.02E+00 4.36E+00 4.73E+00 2.65E-02 2.94E-02 3.28E-02 4.02E-02 4.75E-02 5.40E-02 6.22E-02 2.76E-02 4.52E-02 7.09E-02
1-Sep-91 3.44E+00 3.58E+00 3.72E+00 3.91E+00 4.10E+00 4.22E+00 4.34E+00 4.03E+00 4.36E+00 4.70E+00 2.63E-02 2.92E-02 3.26E-02 4.00E-02 4.71E-02 5.37E-02 6.11E-02 2.84E-02 4.57E-02 7.19E-02
1-Oct-91 3.43E+00 3.57E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.09E+00 4.21E+00 4.33E+00 3.98E+00 4.32E+00 4.68E+00 2.62E-02 2.92E-02 3.25E-02 3.98E-02 4.68E-02 5.35E-02 6.11E-02 2.82E-02 4.54E-02 7.14E-02
1-Nov-91 3.40E+00 3.54E+00 3.68E+00 3.87E+00 4.06E+00 4.18E+00 4.31E+00 3.97E+00 4.31E+00 4.68E+00 2.61E-02 2.92E-02 3.24E-02 3.97E-02 4.68E-02 5.34E-02 6.10E-02 2.81E-02 4.45E-02 6.82E-02
1-Dec-91 3.37E+00 3.52E+00 3.65E+00 3.84E+00 4.03E+00 4.16E+00 4.28E+00 4.06E+00 4.38E+00 4.72E+00 2.59E-02 2.92E-02 3.24E-02 3.96E-02 4.68E-02 5.31E-02 6.09E-02 2.82E-02 4.50E-02 6.95E-02
1-Jan-92 3.37E+00 3.51E+00 3.65E+00 3.84E+00 4.03E+00 4.15E+00 4.27E+00 4.02E+00 4.35E+00 4.70E+00 2.58E-02 2.91E-02 3.24E-02 3.95E-02 4.67E-02 5.28E-02 6.08E-02 2.81E-02 4.47E-02 6.93E-02
1-Feb-92 3.36E+00 3.50E+00 3.63E+00 3.82E+00 4.02E+00 4.14E+00 4.26E+00 4.05E+00 4.37E+00 4.71E+00 2.58E-02 2.89E-02 3.23E-02 3.95E-02 4.66E-02 5.26E-02 6.13E-02 2.76E-02 4.38E-02 6.73E-02
1-Mar-92 3.36E+00 3.50E+00 3.63E+00 3.82E+00 4.02E+00 4.14E+00 4.26E+00 4.00E+00 4.33E+00 4.68E+00 2.56E-02 2.88E-02 3.23E-02 3.94E-02 4.65E-02 5.26E-02 6.04E-02 2.76E-02 4.39E-02 6.72E-02
1-Apr-92 3.33E+00 3.46E+00 3.60E+00 3.79E+00 3.99E+00 4.10E+00 4.23E+00 4.00E+00 4.33E+00 4.68E+00 2.57E-02 2.87E-02 3.23E-02 3.94E-02 4.64E-02 5.28E-02 6.08E-02 2.76E-02 4.37E-02 6.67E-02
1-May-92 3.31E+00 3.44E+00 3.58E+00 3.77E+00 3.96E+00 4.08E+00 4.21E+00 3.98E+00 4.32E+00 4.68E+00 2.56E-02 2.87E-02 3.22E-02 3.94E-02 4.65E-02 5.28E-02 6.06E-02 2.76E-02 4.35E-02 6.69E-02
1-Jun-92 3.28E+00 3.43E+00 3.56E+00 3.75E+00 3.94E+00 4.05E+00 4.19E+00 3.94E+00 4.26E+00 4.59E+00 2.56E-02 2.87E-02 3.22E-02 3.94E-02 4.66E-02 5.28E-02 6.06E-02 2.77E-02 4.38E-02 6.67E-02
1-Jul-92 3.27E+00 3.40E+00 3.53E+00 3.73E+00 3.92E+00 4.03E+00 4.18E+00 3.92E+00 4.26E+00 4.61E+00 2.56E-02 2.87E-02 3.21E-02 3.94E-02 4.67E-02 5.27E-02 6.07E-02 2.73E-02 4.28E-02 6.60E-02
1-Aug-92 3.27E+00 3.41E+00 3.54E+00 3.73E+00 3.93E+00 4.05E+00 4.18E+00 3.91E+00 4.25E+00 4.61E+00 2.56E-02 2.87E-02 3.21E-02 3.93E-02 4.65E-02 5.27E-02 6.08E-02 2.71E-02 4.20E-02 6.34E-02
1-Sep-92 3.23E+00 3.38E+00 3.51E+00 3.70E+00 3.89E+00 4.01E+00 4.14E+00 3.85E+00 4.19E+00 4.53E+00 2.57E-02 2.87E-02 3.21E-02 3.93E-02 4.65E-02 5.27E-02 6.08E-02 2.75E-02 4.34E-02 6.59E-02
1-Oct-92 3.22E+00 3.36E+00 3.49E+00 3.68E+00 3.88E+00 3.99E+00 4.13E+00 3.86E+00 4.21E+00 4.57E+00 2.58E-02 2.87E-02 3.22E-02 3.93E-02 4.66E-02 5.28E-02 6.10E-02 3.03E-02 5.08E-02 8.27E-02
1-Nov-92 3.20E+00 3.35E+00 3.49E+00 3.68E+00 3.87E+00 3.99E+00 4.13E+00 3.86E+00 4.20E+00 4.56E+00 2.57E-02 2.88E-02 3.22E-02 3.94E-02 4.66E-02 5.28E-02 6.04E-02 2.95E-02 4.85E-02 7.68E-02
1-Dec-92 3.17E+00 3.32E+00 3.44E+00 3.63E+00 3.82E+00 3.94E+00 4.09E+00 3.75E+00 4.12E+00 4.49E+00 2.58E-02 2.88E-02 3.21E-02 3.95E-02 4.67E-02 5.30E-02 6.04E-02 3.00E-02 5.11E-02 8.33E-02
1-Jan-93 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.44E+00 3.63E+00 3.82E+00 3.95E+00 4.09E+00 3.76E+00 4.11E+00 4.47E+00 2.58E-02 2.88E-02 3.22E-02 3.94E-02 4.67E-02 5.29E-02 6.00E-02 2.89E-02 4.85E-02 7.84E-02
1-Feb-93 3.17E+00 3.31E+00 3.43E+00 3.62E+00 3.81E+00 3.93E+00 4.08E+00 3.77E+00 4.12E+00 4.49E+00 2.57E-02 2.88E-02 3.23E-02 3.94E-02 4.66E-02 5.30E-02 5.96E-02 2.88E-02 4.73E-02 7.42E-02
1-Mar-93 3.15E+00 3.28E+00 3.41E+00 3.60E+00 3.79E+00 3.91E+00 4.05E+00 3.77E+00 4.11E+00 4.47E+00 2.59E-02 2.88E-02 3.22E-02 3.94E-02 4.67E-02 5.30E-02 5.92E-02 2.91E-02 4.78E-02 7.58E-02
1-Apr-93 3.12E+00 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.58E+00 3.77E+00 3.90E+00 4.04E+00 3.77E+00 4.11E+00 4.46E+00 2.60E-02 2.89E-02 3.22E-02 3.95E-02 4.68E-02 5.31E-02 5.99E-02 2.90E-02 4.65E-02 7.27E-02
1-May-93 3.11E+00 3.25E+00 3.38E+00 3.57E+00 3.76E+00 3.88E+00 4.02E+00 3.69E+00 4.05E+00 4.40E+00 2.60E-02 2.88E-02 3.21E-02 3.95E-02 4.68E-02 5.29E-02 6.09E-02 2.91E-02 4.71E-02 7.33E-02
1-Jun-93 3.10E+00 3.24E+00 3.37E+00 3.56E+00 3.75E+00 3.87E+00 4.00E+00 3.67E+00 4.03E+00 4.38E+00 2.60E-02 2.90E-02 3.22E-02 3.96E-02 4.68E-02 5.35E-02 6.07E-02 2.86E-02 4.59E-02 7.21E-02
1-Jul-93 3.05E+00 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.50E+00 3.69E+00 3.81E+00 3.94E+00 3.56E+00 3.93E+00 4.31E+00 2.59E-02 2.90E-02 3.22E-02 3.97E-02 4.71E-02 5.36E-02 6.16E-02 2.93E-02 4.81E-02 7.53E-02
1-Aug-93 3.05E+00 3.18E+00 3.31E+00 3.50E+00 3.69E+00 3.81E+00 3.94E+00 3.58E+00 3.95E+00 4.35E+00 2.59E-02 2.89E-02 3.22E-02 3.96E-02 4.70E-02 5.33E-02 6.17E-02 2.85E-02 4.67E-02 7.34E-02
1-Sep-93 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.29E+00 3.48E+00 3.67E+00 3.79E+00 3.92E+00 3.15E+00 3.68E+00 4.17E+00 2.60E-02 2.89E-02 3.21E-02 3.94E-02 4.66E-02 5.31E-02 6.10E-02 3.51E-02 6.84E-02 1.26E-01
1-Oct-93 3.01E+00 3.14E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.65E+00 3.77E+00 3.91E+00 3.15E+00 3.65E+00 4.14E+00 2.59E-02 2.89E-02 3.20E-02 3.93E-02 4.65E-02 5.27E-02 6.12E-02 3.39E-02 6.60E-02 1.19E-01
1-Nov-93 3.00E+00 3.13E+00 3.26E+00 3.45E+00 3.64E+00 3.76E+00 3.89E+00 3.14E+00 3.62E+00 4.09E+00 2.58E-02 2.88E-02 3.20E-02 3.92E-02 4.65E-02 5.28E-02 6.11E-02 3.39E-02 6.24E-02 1.07E-01
1-Dec-93 2.96E+00 3.10E+00 3.23E+00 3.42E+00 3.61E+00 3.73E+00 3.86E+00 3.14E+00 3.60E+00 4.04E+00 2.56E-02 2.87E-02 3.20E-02 3.91E-02 4.64E-02 5.26E-02 6.11E-02 3.35E-02 6.10E-02 1.04E-01
1-Jan-94 2.94E+00 3.07E+00 3.21E+00 3.39E+00 3.58E+00 3.71E+00 3.83E+00 3.15E+00 3.59E+00 4.02E+00 2.57E-02 2.87E-02 3.20E-02 3.91E-02 4.62E-02 5.25E-02 6.04E-02 3.36E-02 5.99E-02 1.02E-01
1-Feb-94 2.91E+00 3.05E+00 3.18E+00 3.37E+00 3.56E+00 3.68E+00 3.81E+00 3.13E+00 3.59E+00 4.05E+00 2.58E-02 2.88E-02 3.19E-02 3.89E-02 4.58E-02 5.25E-02 6.03E-02 3.22E-02 5.65E-02 9.34E-02
1-Mar-94 2.91E+00 3.05E+00 3.18E+00 3.37E+00 3.56E+00 3.68E+00 3.81E+00 3.09E+00 3.54E+00 4.01E+00 2.61E-02 2.87E-02 3.18E-02 3.89E-02 4.59E-02 5.23E-02 6.01E-02 3.14E-02 5.53E-02 9.16E-02
1-Apr-94 2.89E+00 3.03E+00 3.16E+00 3.35E+00 3.54E+00 3.66E+00 3.79E+00 3.11E+00 3.55E+00 3.97E+00 2.57E-02 2.87E-02 3.19E-02 3.88E-02 4.58E-02 5.21E-02 6.00E-02 3.13E-02 5.33E-02 8.72E-02
1-May-94 2.85E+00 3.00E+00 3.13E+00 3.31E+00 3.50E+00 3.62E+00 3.76E+00 3.07E+00 3.51E+00 3.94E+00 2.58E-02 2.86E-02 3.17E-02 3.88E-02 4.57E-02 5.21E-02 6.02E-02 3.09E-02 5.29E-02 8.58E-02
1-Jun-94 2.85E+00 2.99E+00 3.12E+00 3.31E+00 3.50E+00 3.62E+00 3.75E+00 3.11E+00 3.53E+00 3.94E+00 2.59E-02 2.85E-02 3.18E-02 3.87E-02 4.54E-02 5.20E-02 6.01E-02 3.02E-02 5.06E-02 7.97E-02
1-Jul-94 2.85E+00 3.00E+00 3.12E+00 3.31E+00 3.50E+00 3.62E+00 3.75E+00 3.07E+00 3.49E+00 3.91E+00 2.57E-02 2.83E-02 3.17E-02 3.86E-02 4.55E-02 5.17E-02 5.99E-02 3.05E-02 5.04E-02 7.98E-02
1-Aug-94 2.87E+00 3.01E+00 3.14E+00 3.33E+00 3.52E+00 3.64E+00 3.77E+00 3.12E+00 3.52E+00 3.93E+00 2.56E-02 2.84E-02 3.16E-02 3.85E-02 4.54E-02 5.14E-02 5.88E-02 2.99E-02 5.14E-02 8.37E-02
1-Sep-94 2.85E+00 3.00E+00 3.12E+00 3.31E+00 3.50E+00 3.62E+00 3.76E+00 3.14E+00 3.53E+00 3.93E+00 2.55E-02 2.82E-02 3.15E-02 3.84E-02 4.54E-02 5.12E-02 5.87E-02 2.96E-02 4.87E-02 7.72E-02
1-Oct-94 2.81E+00 2.96E+00 3.09E+00 3.27E+00 3.46E+00 3.59E+00 3.71E+00 3.05E+00 3.47E+00 3.88E+00 2.54E-02 2.84E-02 3.16E-02 3.84E-02 4.53E-02 5.13E-02 5.91E-02 2.89E-02 4.90E-02 7.86E-02
1-Nov-94 2.79E+00 2.94E+00 3.07E+00 3.26E+00 3.44E+00 3.57E+00 3.69E+00 3.06E+00 3.47E+00 3.88E+00 2.54E-02 2.84E-02 3.15E-02 3.83E-02 4.49E-02 5.11E-02 5.83E-02 2.90E-02 4.82E-02 7.72E-02
1-Dec-94 2.78E+00 2.92E+00 3.05E+00 3.24E+00 3.43E+00 3.55E+00 3.68E+00 3.01E+00 3.42E+00 3.83E+00 2.57E-02 2.85E-02 3.16E-02 3.82E-02 4.50E-02 5.10E-02 5.80E-02 2.84E-02 4.71E-02 7.44E-02
1-Jan-95 2.77E+00 2.92E+00 3.04E+00 3.23E+00 3.42E+00 3.54E+00 3.67E+00 3.01E+00 3.41E+00 3.81E+00 2.60E-02 2.85E-02 3.16E-02 3.82E-02 4.48E-02 5.08E-02 5.82E-02 2.93E-02 4.70E-02 7.28E-02
1-Feb-95 2.77E+00 2.92E+00 3.04E+00 3.23E+00 3.42E+00 3.54E+00 3.67E+00 3.05E+00 3.45E+00 3.85E+00 2.58E-02 2.85E-02 3.16E-02 3.81E-02 4.47E-02 5.10E-02 5.88E-02 2.85E-02 4.58E-02 7.18E-02
1-Mar-95 2.77E+00 2.90E+00 3.03E+00 3.22E+00 3.40E+00 3.53E+00 3.65E+00 3.06E+00 3.45E+00 3.85E+00 2.56E-02 2.84E-02 3.15E-02 3.81E-02 4.47E-02 5.09E-02 5.86E-02 2.80E-02 4.52E-02 7.02E-02
1-Apr-95 2.76E+00 2.89E+00 3.01E+00 3.21E+00 3.39E+00 3.52E+00 3.63E+00 3.04E+00 3.43E+00 3.81E+00 2.55E-02 2.84E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.47E-02 5.09E-02 5.84E-02 2.79E-02 4.47E-02 6.93E-02
1-May-95 2.75E+00 2.89E+00 3.01E+00 3.20E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 3.63E+00 3.01E+00 3.40E+00 3.80E+00 2.56E-02 2.84E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.48E-02 5.09E-02 5.81E-02 2.76E-02 4.36E-02 6.69E-02
1-Jun-95 2.74E+00 2.87E+00 2.99E+00 3.18E+00 3.37E+00 3.49E+00 3.61E+00 3.04E+00 3.39E+00 3.76E+00 2.53E-02 2.84E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.49E-02 5.09E-02 5.77E-02 2.77E-02 4.39E-02 6.75E-02
1-Jul-95 2.70E+00 2.83E+00 2.96E+00 3.15E+00 3.33E+00 3.45E+00 3.58E+00 2.98E+00 3.37E+00 3.77E+00 2.53E-02 2.82E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.49E-02 5.08E-02 5.82E-02 2.71E-02 4.26E-02 6.49E-02
1-Aug-95 2.70E+00 2.83E+00 2.95E+00 3.14E+00 3.33E+00 3.45E+00 3.57E+00 2.97E+00 3.34E+00 3.72E+00 2.53E-02 2.82E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.49E-02 5.09E-02 5.81E-02 2.78E-02 4.36E-02 6.62E-02
1-Sep-95 2.70E+00 2.82E+00 2.95E+00 3.13E+00 3.32E+00 3.44E+00 3.57E+00 2.91E+00 3.30E+00 3.71E+00 2.53E-02 2.83E-02 3.15E-02 3.82E-02 4.49E-02 5.08E-02 5.78E-02 2.75E-02 4.36E-02 6.72E-02
1-Oct-95 2.67E+00 2.80E+00 2.93E+00 3.11E+00 3.30E+00 3.42E+00 3.54E+00 2.85E+00 3.24E+00 3.63E+00 2.52E-02 2.83E-02 3.14E-02 3.82E-02 4.50E-02 5.08E-02 5.78E-02 2.72E-02 4.28E-02 6.54E-02
1-Nov-95 2.65E+00 2.79E+00 2.91E+00 3.10E+00 3.29E+00 3.40E+00 3.53E+00 2.81E+00 3.21E+00 3.60E+00 2.52E-02 2.83E-02 3.15E-02 3.82E-02 4.49E-02 5.09E-02 5.75E-02 2.68E-02 4.27E-02 6.55E-02
1-Dec-95 2.61E+00 2.74E+00 2.87E+00 3.05E+00 3.24E+00 3.36E+00 3.48E+00 2.82E+00 3.20E+00 3.58E+00 2.52E-02 2.83E-02 3.14E-02 3.83E-02 4.50E-02 5.09E-02 5.82E-02 2.72E-02 4.28E-02 6.45E-02
1-Jan-96 2.63E+00 2.77E+00 2.90E+00 3.08E+00 3.27E+00 3.39E+00 3.51E+00 2.95E+00 3.33E+00 3.71E+00 2.54E-02 2.83E-02 3.15E-02 3.82E-02 4.50E-02 5.08E-02 5.78E-02 2.71E-02 4.28E-02 6.62E-02
1-Feb-96 2.62E+00 2.76E+00 2.89E+00 3.07E+00 3.25E+00 3.38E+00 3.51E+00 2.93E+00 3.29E+00 3.66E+00 2.57E-02 2.84E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.49E-02 5.07E-02 5.80E-02 2.73E-02 4.32E-02 6.65E-02
1-Mar-96 2.61E+00 2.75E+00 2.88E+00 3.06E+00 3.25E+00 3.37E+00 3.49E+00 2.97E+00 3.32E+00 3.69E+00 2.56E-02 2.85E-02 3.15E-02 3.81E-02 4.48E-02 5.06E-02 5.77E-02 2.66E-02 4.15E-02 6.31E-02
1-Apr-96 2.62E+00 2.76E+00 2.88E+00 3.07E+00 3.25E+00 3.37E+00 3.49E+00 2.92E+00 3.28E+00 3.64E+00 2.57E-02 2.84E-02 3.15E-02 3.81E-02 4.48E-02 5.05E-02 5.75E-02 2.68E-02 4.14E-02 6.27E-02
1-May-96 2.61E+00 2.74E+00 2.87E+00 3.05E+00 3.24E+00 3.36E+00 3.48E+00 2.90E+00 3.26E+00 3.62E+00 2.57E-02 2.84E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.47E-02 5.07E-02 5.78E-02 2.66E-02 4.10E-02 6.17E-02
1-Jun-96 2.58E+00 2.72E+00 2.84E+00 3.02E+00 3.21E+00 3.32E+00 3.45E+00 2.89E+00 3.24E+00 3.60E+00 2.54E-02 2.83E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.46E-02 5.08E-02 5.78E-02 2.65E-02 4.06E-02 6.10E-02
1-Jul-96 2.55E+00 2.69E+00 2.81E+00 2.99E+00 3.18E+00 3.29E+00 3.42E+00 2.84E+00 3.18E+00 3.54E+00 2.56E-02 2.82E-02 3.14E-02 3.80E-02 4.48E-02 5.05E-02 5.75E-02 2.70E-02 4.17E-02 6.27E-02
1-Aug-96 2.56E+00 2.69E+00 2.82E+00 3.00E+00 3.18E+00 3.30E+00 3.42E+00 2.85E+00 3.19E+00 3.55E+00 2.56E-02 2.84E-02 3.14E-02 3.80E-02 4.48E-02 5.06E-02 5.78E-02 2.65E-02 4.07E-02 6.13E-02
1-Sep-96 2.54E+00 2.68E+00 2.80E+00 2.98E+00 3.17E+00 3.28E+00 3.41E+00 2.86E+00 3.21E+00 3.57E+00 2.54E-02 2.83E-02 3.15E-02 3.80E-02 4.47E-02 5.06E-02 5.78E-02 2.64E-02 4.04E-02 6.06E-02
1-Oct-96 2.56E+00 2.69E+00 2.81E+00 2.99E+00 3.18E+00 3.29E+00 3.42E+00 2.81E+00 3.15E+00 3.51E+00 2.52E-02 2.83E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.48E-02 5.05E-02 5.80E-02 2.65E-02 4.03E-02 5.96E-02
1-Nov-96 2.55E+00 2.69E+00 2.81E+00 2.99E+00 3.17E+00 3.29E+00 3.42E+00 2.82E+00 3.16E+00 3.51E+00 2.52E-02 2.84E-02 3.14E-02 3.80E-02 4.47E-02 5.05E-02 5.81E-02 2.63E-02 4.00E-02 5.94E-02
1-Dec-96 2.53E+00 2.66E+00 2.78E+00 2.96E+00 3.15E+00 3.26E+00 3.39E+00 2.81E+00 3.13E+00 3.48E+00 2.53E-02 2.82E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.47E-02 5.06E-02 5.78E-02 2.65E-02 3.99E-02 5.89E-02
1-Jan-97 2.52E+00 2.65E+00 2.78E+00 2.96E+00 3.14E+00 3.26E+00 3.38E+00 2.80E+00 3.14E+00 3.50E+00 2.54E-02 2.82E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.47E-02 5.06E-02 5.74E-02 2.66E-02 4.05E-02 6.10E-02
1-Feb-97 2.52E+00 2.65E+00 2.77E+00 2.95E+00 3.13E+00 3.25E+00 3.37E+00 2.79E+00 3.12E+00 3.47E+00 2.55E-02 2.82E-02 3.15E-02 3.81E-02 4.48E-02 5.04E-02 5.71E-02 2.58E-02 3.95E-02 5.79E-02
1-Mar-97 2.51E+00 2.65E+00 2.76E+00 2.94E+00 3.13E+00 3.24E+00 3.36E+00 2.78E+00 3.13E+00 3.50E+00 2.53E-02 2.83E-02 3.14E-02 3.81E-02 4.48E-02 5.06E-02 5.75E-02 2.62E-02 3.94E-02 5.74E-02
1-Apr-97 2.47E+00 2.62E+00 2.74E+00 2.91E+00 3.10E+00 3.21E+00 3.33E+00 2.77E+00 3.12E+00 3.48E+00 2.53E-02 2.81E-02 3.15E-02 3.82E-02 4.50E-02 5.07E-02 5.82E-02 2.61E-02 3.93E-02 5.80E-02
1-May-97 2.44E+00 2.59E+00 2.71E+00 2.89E+00 3.07E+00 3.18E+00 3.30E+00 2.69E+00 3.03E+00 3.38E+00 2.54E-02 2.84E-02 3.14E-02 3.82E-02 4.51E-02 5.10E-02 5.81E-02 2.64E-02 4.03E-02 5.95E-02
1-Jun-97 2.42E+00 2.56E+00 2.68E+00 2.86E+00 3.04E+00 3.15E+00 3.27E+00 2.67E+00 3.01E+00 3.35E+00 2.54E-02 2.83E-02 3.15E-02 3.83E-02 4.51E-02 5.09E-02 5.81E-02 2.63E-02 4.05E-02 6.08E-02
1-Jul-97 2.41E+00 2.56E+00 2.67E+00 2.85E+00 3.03E+00 3.15E+00 3.27E+00 2.60E+00 2.96E+00 3.33E+00 2.52E-02 2.84E-02 3.16E-02 3.82E-02 4.49E-02 5.10E-02 5.79E-02 2.64E-02 4.07E-02 6.04E-02
1-Aug-97 2.39E+00 2.54E+00 2.65E+00 2.83E+00 3.02E+00 3.13E+00 3.25E+00 2.71E+00 3.03E+00 3.36E+00 2.56E-02 2.84E-02 3.17E-02 3.83E-02 4.50E-02 5.09E-02 5.80E-02 2.63E-02 4.00E-02 5.98E-02
1-Sep-97 2.38E+00 2.52E+00 2.64E+00 2.82E+00 3.00E+00 3.12E+00 3.24E+00 2.68E+00 3.02E+00 3.36E+00 2.56E-02 2.84E-02 3.17E-02 3.84E-02 4.50E-02 5.09E-02 5.80E-02 2.61E-02 3.96E-02 5.83E-02
1-Oct-97 2.40E+00 2.53E+00 2.65E+00 2.83E+00 3.01E+00 3.12E+00 3.24E+00 2.68E+00 3.02E+00 3.39E+00 2.55E-02 2.85E-02 3.17E-02 3.84E-02 4.49E-02 5.09E-02 5.86E-02 2.63E-02 3.94E-02 5.83E-02
1-Nov-97 2.37E+00 2.50E+00 2.62E+00 2.80E+00 2.97E+00 3.09E+00 3.21E+00 2.63E+00 2.96E+00 3.31E+00 2.56E-02 2.86E-02 3.18E-02 3.85E-02 4.51E-02 5.12E-02 5.82E-02 2.62E-02 4.00E-02 5.93E-02
1-Dec-97 2.32E+00 2.47E+00 2.58E+00 2.76E+00 2.94E+00 3.06E+00 3.18E+00 2.59E+00 2.92E+00 3.27E+00 2.56E-02 2.86E-02 3.17E-02 3.85E-02 4.52E-02 5.11E-02 5.79E-02 2.60E-02 4.07E-02 6.09E-02
1-Jan-98 2.31E+00 2.45E+00 2.56E+00 2.75E+00 2.92E+00 3.04E+00 3.16E+00 2.58E+00 2.92E+00 3.28E+00 2.59E-02 2.86E-02 3.17E-02 3.85E-02 4.51E-02 5.12E-02 5.83E-02 2.62E-02 4.02E-02 6.01E-02
1-Feb-98 2.30E+00 2.44E+00 2.55E+00 2.73E+00 2.91E+00 3.03E+00 3.15E+00 2.54E+00 2.88E+00 3.22E+00 2.59E-02 2.86E-02 3.18E-02 3.85E-02 4.52E-02 5.09E-02 5.85E-02 2.62E-02 4.04E-02 6.02E-02
1-Mar-98 2.27E+00 2.41E+00 2.52E+00 2.70E+00 2.88E+00 3.00E+00 3.12E+00 2.49E+00 2.84E+00 3.20E+00 2.57E-02 2.86E-02 3.18E-02 3.86E-02 4.53E-02 5.11E-02 5.84E-02 2.63E-02 4.04E-02 6.04E-02
1-Apr-98 2.26E+00 2.39E+00 2.51E+00 2.68E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 3.10E+00 2.46E+00 2.83E+00 3.20E+00 2.60E-02 2.87E-02 3.18E-02 3.86E-02 4.54E-02 5.13E-02 5.91E-02 2.61E-02 4.02E-02 5.97E-02
1-May-98 2.25E+00 2.38E+00 2.50E+00 2.68E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 3.10E+00 2.45E+00 2.80E+00 3.17E+00 2.59E-02 2.88E-02 3.19E-02 3.86E-02 4.54E-02 5.15E-02 5.92E-02 2.65E-02 3.99E-02 5.86E-02
1-Jun-98 2.24E+00 2.37E+00 2.49E+00 2.67E+00 2.85E+00 2.97E+00 3.10E+00 2.46E+00 2.79E+00 3.14E+00 2.59E-02 2.88E-02 3.18E-02 3.87E-02 4.55E-02 5.15E-02 5.91E-02 2.63E-02 3.92E-02 5.76E-02
1-Jul-98 2.20E+00 2.33E+00 2.45E+00 2.63E+00 2.81E+00 2.93E+00 3.06E+00 2.44E+00 2.78E+00 3.13E+00 2.57E-02 2.89E-02 3.19E-02 3.88E-02 4.57E-02 5.20E-02 5.94E-02 2.61E-02 3.94E-02 5.82E-02
1-Aug-98 2.22E+00 2.35E+00 2.46E+00 2.65E+00 2.82E+00 2.94E+00 3.07E+00 2.31E+00 2.66E+00 3.02E+00 2.57E-02 2.87E-02 3.20E-02 3.88E-02 4.56E-02 5.19E-02 5.95E-02 2.66E-02 4.09E-02 6.17E-02
1-Sep-98 2.21E+00 2.33E+00 2.45E+00 2.63E+00 2.81E+00 2.93E+00 3.05E+00 2.28E+00 2.63E+00 3.00E+00 2.57E-02 2.88E-02 3.20E-02 3.88E-02 4.56E-02 5.20E-02 5.93E-02 2.63E-02 4.03E-02 6.06E-02
1-Oct-98 2.17E+00 2.30E+00 2.42E+00 2.60E+00 2.78E+00 2.89E+00 3.03E+00 2.29E+00 2.66E+00 3.03E+00 2.58E-02 2.88E-02 3.20E-02 3.89E-02 4.57E-02 5.21E-02 6.02E-02 2.64E-02 4.02E-02 6.02E-02
1-Nov-98 2.18E+00 2.30E+00 2.42E+00 2.60E+00 2.78E+00 2.90E+00 3.02E+00 2.23E+00 2.59E+00 2.96E+00 2.58E-02 2.90E-02 3.21E-02 3.91E-02 4.59E-02 5.21E-02 6.02E-02 2.65E-02 4.03E-02 6.04E-02
1-Dec-98 2.14E+00 2.27E+00 2.38E+00 2.56E+00 2.74E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 2.18E+00 2.54E+00 2.91E+00 2.58E-02 2.89E-02 3.22E-02 3.92E-02 4.60E-02 5.22E-02 6.02E-02 2.67E-02 4.10E-02 6.10E-02
1-Jan-99 2.14E+00 2.27E+00 2.39E+00 2.57E+00 2.75E+00 2.87E+00 2.99E+00 2.20E+00 2.56E+00 2.93E+00 2.60E-02 2.91E-02 3.24E-02 3.93E-02 4.61E-02 5.25E-02 6.06E-02 2.62E-02 4.04E-02 6.03E-02
1-Feb-99 2.14E+00 2.27E+00 2.39E+00 2.56E+00 2.74E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 2.17E+00 2.53E+00 2.90E+00 2.61E-02 2.92E-02 3.24E-02 3.94E-02 4.63E-02 5.26E-02 6.09E-02 2.66E-02 4.03E-02 5.92E-02
1-Mar-99 2.12E+00 2.24E+00 2.36E+00 2.54E+00 2.72E+00 2.84E+00 2.96E+00 2.18E+00 2.55E+00 2.93E+00 2.61E-02 2.92E-02 3.25E-02 3.95E-02 4.64E-02 5.28E-02 6.15E-02 2.60E-02 3.96E-02 5.97E-02
1-Apr-99 2.13E+00 2.26E+00 2.38E+00 2.56E+00 2.74E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 2.21E+00 2.57E+00 2.93E+00 2.61E-02 2.92E-02 3.25E-02 3.96E-02 4.67E-02 5.31E-02 6.14E-02 2.61E-02 4.08E-02 6.18E-02
1-May-99 2.15E+00 2.28E+00 2.39E+00 2.57E+00 2.75E+00 2.87E+00 2.99E+00 2.24E+00 2.57E+00 2.92E+00 2.62E-02 2.93E-02 3.26E-02 3.98E-02 4.69E-02 5.35E-02 6.18E-02 2.64E-02 4.02E-02 6.00E-02
1-Jun-99 2.10E+00 2.23E+00 2.35E+00 2.53E+00 2.70E+00 2.82E+00 2.94E+00 2.16E+00 2.50E+00 2.85E+00 2.63E-02 2.94E-02 3.27E-02 4.00E-02 4.72E-02 5.38E-02 6.29E-02 2.78E-02 4.35E-02 6.66E-02
1-Jul-99 2.09E+00 2.23E+00 2.34E+00 2.52E+00 2.69E+00 2.81E+00 2.93E+00 2.14E+00 2.49E+00 2.86E+00 2.64E-02 2.95E-02 3.28E-02 4.01E-02 4.72E-02 5.40E-02 6.31E-02 2.77E-02 4.36E-02 6.57E-02
1-Aug-99 2.11E+00 2.24E+00 2.36E+00 2.53E+00 2.71E+00 2.83E+00 2.94E+00 2.17E+00 2.51E+00 2.85E+00 2.65E-02 2.95E-02 3.29E-02 4.02E-02 4.74E-02 5.43E-02 6.29E-02 2.74E-02 4.27E-02 6.41E-02
1-Sep-99 2.11E+00 2.24E+00 2.36E+00 2.53E+00 2.71E+00 2.82E+00 2.95E+00 2.19E+00 2.53E+00 2.88E+00 2.65E-02 2.96E-02 3.30E-02 4.04E-02 4.77E-02 5.46E-02 6.31E-02 2.72E-02 4.26E-02 6.48E-02
1-Oct-99 2.12E+00 2.25E+00 2.36E+00 2.54E+00 2.71E+00 2.83E+00 2.95E+00 2.15E+00 2.50E+00 2.84E+00 2.68E-02 2.98E-02 3.31E-02 4.06E-02 4.80E-02 5.51E-02 6.33E-02 2.81E-02 4.44E-02 6.80E-02
1-Nov-99 2.10E+00 2.22E+00 2.33E+00 2.51E+00 2.68E+00 2.80E+00 2.92E+00 2.17E+00 2.52E+00 2.89E+00 2.67E-02 2.99E-02 3.32E-02 4.08E-02 4.84E-02 5.54E-02 6.40E-02 2.69E-02 4.14E-02 6.28E-02
1-Dec-99 2.07E+00 2.19E+00 2.31E+00 2.48E+00 2.66E+00 2.78E+00 2.89E+00 2.05E+00 2.36E+00 2.68E+00 2.68E-02 2.99E-02 3.33E-02 4.10E-02 4.86E-02 5.61E-02 6.46E-02 2.73E-02 4.20E-02 6.40E-02
1-Jan-00 2.09E+00 2.22E+00 2.33E+00 2.51E+00 2.68E+00 2.80E+00 2.91E+00 2.07E+00 2.38E+00 2.70E+00 2.68E-02 2.99E-02 3.35E-02 4.12E-02 4.90E-02 5.65E-02 6.60E-02 2.68E-02 4.14E-02 6.20E-02
1-Feb-00 2.12E+00 2.25E+00 2.36E+00 2.54E+00 2.72E+00 2.83E+00 2.95E+00 2.12E+00 2.40E+00 2.71E+00 2.69E-02 3.01E-02 3.36E-02 4.15E-02 4.96E-02 5.67E-02 6.62E-02 2.74E-02 4.33E-02 6.53E-02
1-Mar-00 2.16E+00 2.29E+00 2.40E+00 2.57E+00 2.75E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 2.17E+00 2.47E+00 2.80E+00 2.70E-02 3.02E-02 3.38E-02 4.18E-02 5.00E-02 5.74E-02 6.65E-02 2.71E-02 4.34E-02 6.65E-02
1-Apr-00 2.14E+00 2.28E+00 2.39E+00 2.57E+00 2.74E+00 2.86E+00 2.98E+00 2.26E+00 2.56E+00 2.88E+00 2.70E-02 3.03E-02 3.39E-02 4.21E-02 5.03E-02 5.82E-02 6.76E-02 2.68E-02 4.25E-02 6.50E-02
1-May-00 2.08E+00 2.21E+00 2.32E+00 2.50E+00 2.67E+00 2.78E+00 2.91E+00 2.10E+00 2.44E+00 2.81E+00 2.70E-02 3.04E-02 3.40E-02 4.24E-02 5.08E-02 5.89E-02 6.82E-02 3.51E-02 6.94E-02 1.28E-01
1-Jun-00 2.10E+00 2.22E+00 2.34E+00 2.51E+00 2.68E+00 2.80E+00 2.92E+00 2.09E+00 2.44E+00 2.79E+00 2.72E-02 3.04E-02 3.40E-02 4.25E-02 5.09E-02 5.86E-02 6.84E-02 3.53E-02 7.06E-02 1.36E-01
1-Jul-00 2.12E+00 2.24E+00 2.35E+00 2.52E+00 2.70E+00 2.81E+00 2.93E+00 2.07E+00 2.41E+00 2.76E+00 2.73E-02 3.04E-02 3.41E-02 4.26E-02 5.11E-02 5.86E-02 6.81E-02 3.19E-02 5.98E-02 1.05E-01
1-Aug-00 2.09E+00 2.22E+00 2.33E+00 2.51E+00 2.68E+00 2.79E+00 2.91E+00 2.20E+00 2.50E+00 2.81E+00 2.74E-02 3.03E-02 3.42E-02 4.27E-02 5.11E-02 5.89E-02 6.96E-02 2.87E-02 4.51E-02 6.93E-02
1-Sep-00 2.08E+00 2.20E+00 2.32E+00 2.49E+00 2.67E+00 2.77E+00 2.91E+00 2.14E+00 2.44E+00 2.76E+00 2.72E-02 3.03E-02 3.41E-02 4.28E-02 5.14E-02 5.90E-02 7.02E-02 2.82E-02 4.49E-02 6.91E-02
1-Oct-00 2.11E+00 2.23E+00 2.35E+00 2.52E+00 2.70E+00 2.81E+00 2.94E+00 2.18E+00 2.48E+00 2.78E+00 2.70E-02 3.04E-02 3.43E-02 4.30E-02 5.18E-02 5.96E-02 7.01E-02 2.83E-02 4.52E-02 7.00E-02
1-Nov-00 2.07E+00 2.20E+00 2.31E+00 2.49E+00 2.66E+00 2.78E+00 2.90E+00 2.16E+00 2.46E+00 2.78E+00 2.72E-02 3.06E-02 3.45E-02 4.32E-02 5.21E-02 5.99E-02 7.10E-02 2.75E-02 4.37E-02 6.60E-02
1-Dec-00 2.05E+00 2.18E+00 2.30E+00 2.47E+00 2.64E+00 2.76E+00 2.88E+00 2.09E+00 2.39E+00 2.69E+00 2.73E-02 3.08E-02 3.46E-02 4.34E-02 5.22E-02 6.03E-02 7.08E-02 2.84E-02 4.56E-02 7.14E-02
1-Jan-01 2.07E+00 2.21E+00 2.32E+00 2.50E+00 2.67E+00 2.78E+00 2.90E+00 2.15E+00 2.45E+00 2.76E+00 2.71E-02 3.09E-02 3.47E-02 4.36E-02 5.24E-02 6.07E-02 7.17E-02 2.79E-02 4.58E-02 7.20E-02
1-Feb-01 2.11E+00 2.25E+00 2.36E+00 2.53E+00 2.71E+00 2.82E+00 2.95E+00 2.19E+00 2.48E+00 2.80E+00 2.73E-02 3.09E-02 3.49E-02 4.39E-02 5.29E-02 6.14E-02 7.20E-02 2.74E-02 4.37E-02 6.78E-02
1-Mar-01 2.08E+00 2.21E+00 2.33E+00 2.50E+00 2.67E+00 2.78E+00 2.91E+00 2.17E+00 2.46E+00 2.77E+00 2.74E-02 3.10E-02 3.50E-02 4.42E-02 5.35E-02 6.19E-02 7.27E-02 2.78E-02 4.60E-02 7.28E-02
1-Apr-01 2.06E+00 2.19E+00 2.30E+00 2.48E+00 2.65E+00 2.76E+00 2.88E+00 2.19E+00 2.49E+00 2.80E+00 2.76E-02 3.12E-02 3.53E-02 4.45E-02 5.38E-02 6.23E-02 7.30E-02 2.81E-02 4.56E-02 7.11E-02
1-May-01 2.07E+00 2.20E+00 2.32E+00 2.49E+00 2.66E+00 2.78E+00 2.90E+00 2.27E+00 2.56E+00 2.86E+00 2.80E-02 3.14E-02 3.54E-02 4.48E-02 5.42E-02 6.31E-02 7.38E-02 2.77E-02 4.44E-02 6.89E-02
1-Jun-01 2.07E+00 2.20E+00 2.32E+00 2.49E+00 2.66E+00 2.77E+00 2.89E+00 2.24E+00 2.52E+00 2.81E+00 2.79E-02 3.16E-02 3.57E-02 4.53E-02 5.48E-02 6.41E-02 7.52E-02 2.72E-02 4.36E-02 6.80E-02
1-Jul-01 2.03E+00 2.15E+00 2.27E+00 2.44E+00 2.62E+00 2.73E+00 2.85E+00 2.01E+00 2.33E+00 2.65E+00 2.83E-02 3.17E-02 3.60E-02 4.58E-02 5.55E-02 6.47E-02 7.59E-02 3.00E-02 5.38E-02 9.44E-02
1-Aug-01 1.98E+00 2.11E+00 2.23E+00 2.40E+00 2.58E+00 2.69E+00 2.80E+00 2.08E+00 2.37E+00 2.67E+00 2.83E-02 3.20E-02 3.64E-02 4.63E-02 5.60E-02 6.54E-02 7.72E-02 2.84E-02 4.56E-02 7.14E-02
1-Sep-01 1.98E+00 2.11E+00 2.23E+00 2.40E+00 2.58E+00 2.69E+00 2.82E+00 2.10E+00 2.40E+00 2.70E+00 2.87E-02 3.24E-02 3.67E-02 4.69E-02 5.68E-02 6.66E-02 7.86E-02 2.75E-02 4.50E-02 7.05E-02
1-Oct-01 1.85E+00 1.98E+00 2.10E+00 2.29E+00 2.47E+00 2.59E+00 2.71E+00 1.96E+00 2.27E+00 2.59E+00 2.87E-02 3.27E-02 3.72E-02 4.76E-02 5.79E-02 6.75E-02 8.01E-02 2.81E-02 4.71E-02 7.56E-02
1-Nov-01 1.91E+00 2.04E+00 2.17E+00 2.34E+00 2.52E+00 2.63E+00 2.76E+00 1.58E+00 2.03E+00 2.43E+00 2.87E-02 3.25E-02 3.70E-02 4.74E-02 5.78E-02 6.73E-02 7.99E-02 3.55E-02 6.43E-02 1.08E-01
1-Dec-01 1.82E+00 1.96E+00 2.08E+00 2.26E+00 2.44E+00 2.56E+00 2.69E+00 1.82E+00 2.20E+00 2.57E+00 2.88E-02 3.25E-02 3.68E-02 4.72E-02 5.75E-02 6.69E-02 7.91E-02 4.45E-02 9.28E-02 1.69E-01
1-Jan-02 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 2.08E+00 2.26E+00 2.43E+00 2.55E+00 2.69E+00 1.86E+00 2.25E+00 2.62E+00 2.84E-02 3.24E-02 3.66E-02 4.66E-02 5.68E-02 6.60E-02 7.71E-02 4.05E-02 8.55E-02 1.58E-01
1-Feb-02 1.84E+00 1.97E+00 2.09E+00 2.27E+00 2.45E+00 2.57E+00 2.70E+00 1.73E+00 2.17E+00 2.59E+00 2.83E-02 3.22E-02 3.63E-02 4.61E-02 5.59E-02 6.53E-02 7.68E-02 4.34E-02 9.99E-02 1.92E-01
1-Mar-02 1.85E+00 1.99E+00 2.11E+00 2.29E+00 2.46E+00 2.58E+00 2.71E+00 1.71E+00 2.12E+00 2.51E+00 2.81E-02 3.18E-02 3.60E-02 4.57E-02 5.53E-02 6.45E-02 7.55E-02 4.21E-02 9.33E-02 1.75E-01
1-Apr-02 1.89E+00 2.02E+00 2.14E+00 2.31E+00 2.49E+00 2.60E+00 2.73E+00 1.81E+00 2.19E+00 2.57E+00 2.79E-02 3.17E-02 3.59E-02 4.54E-02 5.49E-02 6.42E-02 7.47E-02 4.15E-02 8.77E-02 1.64E-01
1-May-02 1.89E+00 2.02E+00 2.14E+00 2.32E+00 2.49E+00 2.60E+00 2.74E+00 1.78E+00 2.15E+00 2.53E+00 2.80E-02 3.16E-02 3.57E-02 4.51E-02 5.47E-02 6.40E-02 7.39E-02 3.33E-02 6.49E-02 1.19E-01
1-Jun-02 1.85E+00 1.98E+00 2.10E+00 2.28E+00 2.45E+00 2.56E+00 2.70E+00 1.66E+00 2.04E+00 2.41E+00 2.79E-02 3.13E-02 3.55E-02 4.49E-02 5.44E-02 6.33E-02 7.40E-02 3.40E-02 6.52E-02 1.16E-01
1-Jul-02 1.85E+00 1.97E+00 2.09E+00 2.27E+00 2.45E+00 2.56E+00 2.69E+00 1.62E+00 2.03E+00 2.42E+00 2.76E-02 3.12E-02 3.53E-02 4.46E-02 5.42E-02 6.27E-02 7.44E-02 3.20E-02 6.25E-02 1.14E-01
1-Aug-02 1.87E+00 1.99E+00 2.11E+00 2.29E+00 2.46E+00 2.58E+00 2.71E+00 1.84E+00 2.18E+00 2.52E+00 2.79E-02 3.13E-02 3.52E-02 4.45E-02 5.40E-02 6.25E-02 7.34E-02 3.53E-02 6.66E-02 1.16E-01
1-Sep-02 1.86E+00 1.99E+00 2.10E+00 2.28E+00 2.46E+00 2.57E+00 2.70E+00 1.81E+00 2.17E+00 2.52E+00 2.78E-02 3.13E-02 3.52E-02 4.44E-02 5.36E-02 6.25E-02 7.22E-02 3.43E-02 6.41E-02 1.14E-01
1-Oct-02 1.85E+00 1.98E+00 2.10E+00 2.27E+00 2.45E+00 2.56E+00 2.69E+00 1.83E+00 2.18E+00 2.54E+00 2.76E-02 3.14E-02 3.52E-02 4.43E-02 5.35E-02 6.25E-02 7.27E-02 3.43E-02 6.26E-02 1.08E-01
1-Nov-02 1.85E+00 1.97E+00 2.08E+00 2.26E+00 2.44E+00 2.55E+00 2.68E+00 1.80E+00 2.14E+00 2.48E+00 2.78E-02 3.13E-02 3.51E-02 4.43E-02 5.35E-02 6.25E-02 7.25E-02 3.35E-02 6.07E-02 1.05E-01
1-Dec-02 1.81E+00 1.94E+00 2.05E+00 2.23E+00 2.41E+00 2.52E+00 2.65E+00 1.70E+00 2.06E+00 2.41E+00 2.79E-02 3.14E-02 3.52E-02 4.44E-02 5.35E-02 6.29E-02 7.37E-02 3.29E-02 6.10E-02 1.08E-01
1-Jan-03 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.24E+00 2.42E+00 2.53E+00 2.66E+00 1.77E+00 2.12E+00 2.47E+00 2.78E-02 3.13E-02 3.52E-02 4.45E-02 5.37E-02 6.30E-02 7.51E-02 3.21E-02 5.87E-02 1.01E-01
1-Feb-03 1.88E+00 2.00E+00 2.12E+00 2.29E+00 2.46E+00 2.58E+00 2.70E+00 1.93E+00 2.26E+00 2.59E+00 2.75E-02 3.14E-02 3.51E-02 4.46E-02 5.41E-02 6.33E-02 7.54E-02 3.14E-02 5.73E-02 9.79E-02
1-Mar-03 1.92E+00 2.03E+00 2.15E+00 2.32E+00 2.50E+00 2.61E+00 2.73E+00 2.02E+00 2.33E+00 2.67E+00 2.75E-02 3.11E-02 3.51E-02 4.48E-02 5.43E-02 6.38E-02 7.63E-02 3.28E-02 6.27E-02 1.11E-01
1-Apr-03 1.87E+00 1.98E+00 2.10E+00 2.27E+00 2.45E+00 2.56E+00 2.68E+00 2.05E+00 2.36E+00 2.68E+00 2.77E-02 3.11E-02 3.52E-02 4.49E-02 5.45E-02 6.39E-02 7.69E-02 3.14E-02 5.69E-02 9.68E-02
1-May-03 1.78E+00 1.91E+00 2.02E+00 2.20E+00 2.38E+00 2.49E+00 2.62E+00 1.79E+00 2.12E+00 2.46E+00 2.77E-02 3.13E-02 3.52E-02 4.50E-02 5.47E-02 6.43E-02 7.72E-02 3.20E-02 5.83E-02 1.01E-01
1-Jun-03 1.76E+00 1.88E+00 2.00E+00 2.18E+00 2.36E+00 2.47E+00 2.61E+00 1.73E+00 2.07E+00 2.40E+00 2.75E-02 3.11E-02 3.50E-02 4.48E-02 5.45E-02 6.40E-02 7.68E-02 3.62E-02 7.28E-02 1.33E-01
1-Jul-03 1.77E+00 1.89E+00 2.00E+00 2.18E+00 2.36E+00 2.48E+00 2.62E+00 1.74E+00 2.09E+00 2.43E+00 2.74E-02 3.10E-02 3.49E-02 4.47E-02 5.44E-02 6.39E-02 7.64E-02 3.48E-02 6.78E-02 1.21E-01
1-Aug-03 1.81E+00 1.92E+00 2.04E+00 2.21E+00 2.39E+00 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 1.87E+00 2.19E+00 2.53E+00 2.75E-02 3.09E-02 3.50E-02 4.46E-02 5.44E-02 6.35E-02 7.62E-02 3.26E-02 6.17E-02 1.12E-01
1-Sep-03 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 2.06E+00 2.24E+00 2.41E+00 2.53E+00 2.66E+00 1.91E+00 2.22E+00 2.53E+00 2.74E-02 3.09E-02 3.50E-02 4.47E-02 5.42E-02 6.36E-02 7.60E-02 3.24E-02 6.12E-02 1.07E-01
1-Oct-03 1.82E+00 1.93E+00 2.04E+00 2.22E+00 2.40E+00 2.51E+00 2.64E+00 1.83E+00 2.16E+00 2.50E+00 2.73E-02 3.10E-02 3.50E-02 4.47E-02 5.43E-02 6.37E-02 7.58E-02 3.20E-02 5.99E-02 1.05E-01
1-Nov-03 1.75E+00 1.86E+00 1.98E+00 2.16E+00 2.34E+00 2.45E+00 2.58E+00 1.68E+00 2.03E+00 2.38E+00 2.73E-02 3.10E-02 3.51E-02 4.49E-02 5.47E-02 6.40E-02 7.62E-02 3.36E-02 6.84E-02 1.31E-01
1-Dec-03 1.74E+00 1.86E+00 1.98E+00 2.16E+00 2.33E+00 2.45E+00 2.58E+00 1.53E+00 1.92E+00 2.27E+00 2.72E-02 3.10E-02 3.51E-02 4.49E-02 5.47E-02 6.39E-02 7.53E-02 3.30E-02 6.53E-02 1.19E-01
1-Jan-04 1.79E+00 1.90E+00 2.03E+00 2.20E+00 2.38E+00 2.49E+00 2.62E+00 1.69E+00 2.01E+00 2.34E+00 2.74E-02 3.10E-02 3.50E-02 4.49E-02 5.48E-02 6.45E-02 7.64E-02 3.04E-02 5.22E-02 8.57E-02
1-Feb-04 1.84E+00 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.24E+00 2.42E+00 2.53E+00 2.66E+00 1.78E+00 2.10E+00 2.42E+00 2.74E-02 3.10E-02 3.52E-02 4.50E-02 5.47E-02 6.43E-02 7.65E-02 3.14E-02 5.55E-02 9.26E-02
1-Mar-04 1.85E+00 1.96E+00 2.08E+00 2.25E+00 2.43E+00 2.54E+00 2.67E+00 1.92E+00 2.22E+00 2.54E+00 2.74E-02 3.11E-02 3.52E-02 4.51E-02 5.51E-02 6.46E-02 7.68E-02 3.05E-02 5.44E-02 9.24E-02
1-Apr-04 1.82E+00 1.95E+00 2.06E+00 2.24E+00 2.41E+00 2.53E+00 2.65E+00 1.91E+00 2.22E+00 2.55E+00 2.75E-02 3.14E-02 3.54E-02 4.52E-02 5.50E-02 6.48E-02 7.77E-02 2.99E-02 5.25E-02 8.82E-02
1-May-04 1.83E+00 1.96E+00 2.07E+00 2.25E+00 2.43E+00 2.53E+00 2.66E+00 1.84E+00 2.15E+00 2.47E+00 2.77E-02 3.14E-02 3.56E-02 4.54E-02 5.55E-02 6.51E-02 7.79E-02 2.92E-02 4.92E-02 7.97E-02
1-Jun-04 1.86E+00 1.98E+00 2.09E+00 2.27E+00 2.44E+00 2.55E+00 2.68E+00 1.91E+00 2.24E+00 2.60E+00 2.81E-02 3.16E-02 3.58E-02 4.57E-02 5.58E-02 6.56E-02 7.84E-02 3.41E-02 7.25E-02 1.43E-01
1-Jul-04 1.85E+00 1.96E+00 2.08E+00 2.25E+00 2.43E+00 2.54E+00 2.67E+00 1.82E+00 2.17E+00 2.53E+00 2.79E-02 3.18E-02 3.60E-02 4.60E-02 5.60E-02 6.63E-02 7.95E-02 3.32E-02 6.93E-02 1.41E-01
1-Aug-04 1.84E+00 1.95E+00 2.06E+00 2.24E+00 2.41E+00 2.53E+00 2.66E+00 1.87E+00 2.16E+00 2.46E+00 2.82E-02 3.20E-02 3.62E-02 4.64E-02 5.66E-02 6.66E-02 8.03E-02 2.87E-02 4.86E-02 7.95E-02
1-Sep-04 1.82E+00 1.94E+00 2.05E+00 2.23E+00 2.40E+00 2.51E+00 2.65E+00 1.87E+00 2.16E+00 2.47E+00 2.84E-02 3.21E-02 3.66E-02 4.68E-02 5.69E-02 6.73E-02 8.26E-02 2.87E-02 4.79E-02 7.67E-02
1-Oct-04 1.85E+00 1.97E+00 2.08E+00 2.26E+00 2.43E+00 2.54E+00 2.68E+00 1.80E+00 2.10E+00 2.41E+00 2.86E-02 3.24E-02 3.69E-02 4.74E-02 5.78E-02 6.82E-02 8.33E-02 2.81E-02 4.64E-02 7.37E-02
1-Nov-04 1.86E+00 1.98E+00 2.09E+00 2.27E+00 2.44E+00 2.56E+00 2.69E+00 1.81E+00 2.10E+00 2.40E+00 2.88E-02 3.26E-02 3.71E-02 4.80E-02 5.87E-02 6.98E-02 8.51E-02 2.78E-02 4.54E-02 7.23E-02
1-Dec-04 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.25E+00 2.43E+00 2.53E+00 2.67E+00 1.83E+00 2.11E+00 2.39E+00 2.91E-02 3.29E-02 3.76E-02 4.87E-02 5.97E-02 7.12E-02 8.61E-02 2.79E-02 4.54E-02 7.08E-02
1-Jan-05 1.83E+00 1.94E+00 2.06E+00 2.24E+00 2.41E+00 2.52E+00 2.66E+00 1.84E+00 2.13E+00 2.43E+00 2.93E-02 3.31E-02 3.79E-02 4.95E-02 6.07E-02 7.32E-02 8.75E-02 2.77E-02 4.49E-02 7.06E-02
1-Feb-05 1.85E+00 1.97E+00 2.08E+00 2.26E+00 2.44E+00 2.55E+00 2.69E+00 1.79E+00 2.09E+00 2.40E+00 2.92E-02 3.35E-02 3.83E-02 5.04E-02 6.22E-02 7.51E-02 8.99E-02 2.73E-02 4.49E-02 7.01E-02
1-Mar-05 1.90E+00 2.01E+00 2.13E+00 2.31E+00 2.49E+00 2.60E+00 2.73E+00 1.92E+00 2.22E+00 2.53E+00 2.97E-02 3.39E-02 3.88E-02 5.14E-02 6.37E-02 7.68E-02 9.36E-02 2.84E-02 4.76E-02 7.74E-02
1-Apr-05 1.92E+00 2.04E+00 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.51E+00 2.62E+00 2.76E+00 2.06E+00 2.37E+00 2.71E+00 3.02E-02 3.44E-02 3.95E-02 5.25E-02 6.53E-02 7.85E-02 9.47E-02 3.31E-02 6.05E-02 1.04E-01
1-May-05 1.89E+00 2.01E+00 2.13E+00 2.30E+00 2.48E+00 2.59E+00 2.73E+00 1.94E+00 2.24E+00 2.54E+00 3.06E-02 3.48E-02 4.01E-02 5.38E-02 6.73E-02 8.15E-02 9.88E-02 2.83E-02 4.71E-02 7.60E-02
1-Jun-05 1.83E+00 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.25E+00 2.42E+00 2.53E+00 2.68E+00 1.91E+00 2.20E+00 2.51E+00 3.10E-02 3.53E-02 4.07E-02 5.52E-02 6.98E-02 8.47E-02 1.02E-01 2.86E-02 4.71E-02 7.54E-02
1-Jul-05 1.84E+00 1.96E+00 2.08E+00 2.26E+00 2.44E+00 2.55E+00 2.70E+00 1.88E+00 2.25E+00 2.62E+00 3.14E-02 3.59E-02 4.14E-02 5.67E-02 7.23E-02 8.81E-02 1.07E-01 3.63E-02 8.76E-02 1.91E-01
1-Aug-05 1.92E+00 2.04E+00 2.16E+00 2.34E+00 2.52E+00 2.63E+00 2.76E+00 1.95E+00 2.26E+00 2.57E+00 3.18E-02 3.64E-02 4.21E-02 5.84E-02 7.50E-02 9.17E-02 1.11E-01 2.80E-02 4.79E-02 7.82E-02
1-Sep-05 2.00E+00 2.14E+00 2.26E+00 2.44E+00 2.63E+00 2.75E+00 2.89E+00 2.17E+00 2.51E+00 2.88E+00 3.22E-02 3.69E-02 4.29E-02 6.01E-02 7.73E-02 9.49E-02 1.15E-01 3.22E-02 5.98E-02 1.04E-01
1-Oct-05 2.08E+00 2.22E+00 2.35E+00 2.55E+00 2.75E+00 2.89E+00 3.05E+00 2.12E+00 2.45E+00 2.81E+00 3.21E-02 3.74E-02 4.38E-02 6.15E-02 7.93E-02 9.77E-02 1.19E-01 3.25E-02 6.04E-02 1.07E-01
1-Nov-05 1.94E+00 2.07E+00 2.19E+00 2.37E+00 2.55E+00 2.67E+00 2.81E+00 2.15E+00 2.51E+00 2.92E+00 3.25E-02 3.79E-02 4.44E-02 6.25E-02 8.09E-02 9.94E-02 1.22E-01 3.81E-02 8.01E-02 1.49E-01
1-Dec-05 1.82E+00 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.26E+00 2.44E+00 2.55E+00 2.68E+00 1.79E+00 2.17E+00 2.54E+00 3.27E-02 3.76E-02 4.40E-02 6.20E-02 7.99E-02 9.89E-02 1.22E-01 4.76E-02 1.09E-01 2.08E-01
1-Jan-06 1.89E+00 2.03E+00 2.14E+00 2.33E+00 2.51E+00 2.62E+00 2.76E+00 1.79E+00 2.18E+00 2.57E+00 3.22E-02 3.71E-02 4.34E-02 6.10E-02 7.88E-02 9.73E-02 1.19E-01 5.04E-02 1.20E-01 2.28E-01
1-Feb-06 1.94E+00 2.07E+00 2.19E+00 2.37E+00 2.56E+00 2.68E+00 2.81E+00 1.72E+00 2.14E+00 2.53E+00 3.20E-02 3.68E-02 4.29E-02 5.99E-02 7.69E-02 9.51E-02 1.18E-01 4.67E-02 1.09E-01 2.13E-01
1-Mar-06 1.91E+00 2.04E+00 2.16E+00 2.35E+00 2.53E+00 2.65E+00 2.78E+00 2.05E+00 2.46E+00 2.90E+00 3.19E-02 3.66E-02 4.26E-02 5.91E-02 7.58E-02 9.38E-02 1.17E-01 4.90E-02 1.18E-01 2.32E-01
1-Apr-06 1.95E+00 2.08E+00 2.20E+00 2.39E+00 2.57E+00 2.69E+00 2.83E+00 2.13E+00 2.56E+00 3.06E+00 3.17E-02 3.63E-02 4.21E-02 5.84E-02 7.47E-02 9.28E-02 1.16E-01 4.36E-02 1.09E-01 2.23E-01
1-May-06 1.98E+00 2.11E+00 2.23E+00 2.42E+00 2.61E+00 2.73E+00 2.87E+00 2.27E+00 2.72E+00 3.29E+00 3.15E-02 3.63E-02 4.19E-02 5.79E-02 7.42E-02 9.14E-02 1.15E-01 4.58E-02 1.15E-01 2.38E-01
1-Jun-06 1.97E+00 2.09E+00 2.21E+00 2.39E+00 2.58E+00 2.70E+00 2.83E+00 2.18E+00 2.56E+00 2.98E+00 3.11E-02 3.61E-02 4.15E-02 5.75E-02 7.34E-02 9.07E-02 1.13E-01 4.45E-02 1.04E-01 2.07E-01
1-Jul-06 1.96E+00 2.09E+00 2.21E+00 2.39E+00 2.58E+00 2.70E+00 2.83E+00 2.16E+00 2.65E+00 3.18E+00 3.10E-02 3.59E-02 4.15E-02 5.73E-02 7.32E-02 8.95E-02 1.13E-01 5.19E-02 1.40E-01 2.92E-01
1-Aug-06 1.98E+00 2.11E+00 2.23E+00 2.41E+00 2.60E+00 2.72E+00 2.86E+00 2.12E+00 2.50E+00 2.88E+00 3.07E-02 3.59E-02 4.15E-02 5.72E-02 7.28E-02 8.92E-02 1.12E-01 3.80E-02 8.31E-02 1.65E-01
1-Sep-06 1.94E+00 2.08E+00 2.20E+00 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 2.69E+00 2.82E+00 2.04E+00 2.40E+00 2.77E+00 3.05E-02 3.58E-02 4.14E-02 5.72E-02 7.28E-02 8.95E-02 1.12E-01 3.55E-02 7.80E-02 1.55E-01
1-Oct-06 1.82E+00 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.26E+00 2.44E+00 2.56E+00 2.68E+00 1.04E+00 1.77E+00 2.34E+00 3.12E-02 3.57E-02 4.15E-02 5.74E-02 7.34E-02 8.99E-02 1.12E-01 5.70E-02 1.46E-01 2.93E-01
1-Nov-06 1.77E+00 1.90E+00 2.02E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.52E+00 2.64E+00 9.89E-01 1.77E+00 2.35E+00 3.08E-02 3.58E-02 4.12E-02 5.69E-02 7.24E-02 8.96E-02 1.11E-01 4.98E-02 1.33E-01 2.79E-01
1-Dec-06 1.82E+00 1.95E+00 2.07E+00 2.25E+00 2.44E+00 2.56E+00 2.68E+00 1.68E+00 2.11E+00 2.51E+00 3.06E-02 3.54E-02 4.09E-02 5.65E-02 7.20E-02 8.86E-02 1.12E-01 4.10E-02 1.01E-01 2.15E-01
1-Jan-07 1.87E+00 2.00E+00 2.12E+00 2.31E+00 2.49E+00 2.61E+00 2.73E+00 1.74E+00 2.16E+00 2.56E+00 3.06E-02 3.52E-02 4.09E-02 5.63E-02 7.16E-02 8.83E-02 1.11E-01 3.95E-02 9.29E-02 1.83E-01
1-Feb-07 1.90E+00 2.02E+00 2.15E+00 2.33E+00 2.52E+00 2.64E+00 2.76E+00 1.92E+00 2.31E+00 2.68E+00 3.03E-02 3.52E-02 4.08E-02 5.60E-02 7.10E-02 8.70E-02 1.11E-01 3.86E-02 9.10E-02 1.85E-01
1-Mar-07 1.95E+00 2.08E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.58E+00 2.71E+00 2.84E+00 2.18E+00 2.58E+00 3.03E+00 3.02E-02 3.49E-02 4.07E-02 5.60E-02 7.13E-02 8.71E-02 1.11E-01 4.36E-02 1.10E-01 2.24E-01
1-Apr-07 1.97E+00 2.11E+00 2.23E+00 2.42E+00 2.61E+00 2.74E+00 2.87E+00 2.19E+00 2.61E+00 3.07E+00 3.00E-02 3.51E-02 4.07E-02 5.58E-02 7.07E-02 8.66E-02 1.09E-01 3.95E-02 9.56E-02 2.00E-01
1-May-07 1.95E+00 2.10E+00 2.22E+00 2.41E+00 2.61E+00 2.73E+00 2.87E+00 2.28E+00 2.71E+00 3.23E+00 3.01E-02 3.51E-02 4.08E-02 5.59E-02 7.07E-02 8.66E-02 1.10E-01 3.83E-02 9.62E-02 2.07E-01
1-Jun-07 1.95E+00 2.09E+00 2.21E+00 2.40E+00 2.59E+00 2.71E+00 2.84E+00 2.15E+00 2.52E+00 2.91E+00 3.06E-02 3.52E-02 4.10E-02 5.61E-02 7.07E-02 8.69E-02 1.09E-01 3.77E-02 8.88E-02 1.80E-01
1-Jul-07 1.92E+00 2.05E+00 2.17E+00 2.36E+00 2.55E+00 2.67E+00 2.80E+00 2.09E+00 2.46E+00 2.86E+00 3.07E-02 3.53E-02 4.12E-02 5.64E-02 7.14E-02 8.78E-02 1.10E-01 3.68E-02 8.24E-02 1.66E-01
1-Aug-07 1.89E+00 2.02E+00 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.52E+00 2.65E+00 2.77E+00 2.04E+00 2.38E+00 2.73E+00 3.08E-02 3.56E-02 4.15E-02 5.69E-02 7.20E-02 8.86E-02 1.11E-01 3.25E-02 6.50E-02 1.23E-01
1-Sep-07 1.88E+00 2.02E+00 2.15E+00 2.34E+00 2.53E+00 2.65E+00 2.78E+00 1.95E+00 2.30E+00 2.64E+00 3.10E-02 3.58E-02 4.17E-02 5.75E-02 7.30E-02 8.93E-02 1.12E-01 3.20E-02 6.31E-02 1.20E-01
1-Oct-07 1.92E+00 2.06E+00 2.19E+00 2.38E+00 2.57E+00 2.70E+00 2.83E+00 1.94E+00 2.30E+00 2.64E+00 3.14E-02 3.64E-02 4.21E-02 5.83E-02 7.41E-02 9.06E-02 1.13E-01 3.23E-02 6.25E-02 1.13E-01
1-Nov-07 1.95E+00 2.09E+00 2.22E+00 2.41E+00 2.61E+00 2.74E+00 2.87E+00 2.06E+00 2.39E+00 2.74E+00 3.21E-02 3.67E-02 4.28E-02 5.92E-02 7.51E-02 9.22E-02 1.18E-01 3.21E-02 6.13E-02 1.13E-01
1-Dec-07 1.96E+00 2.11E+00 2.24E+00 2.43E+00 2.63E+00 2.76E+00 2.89E+00 2.12E+00 2.44E+00 2.77E+00 3.21E-02 3.73E-02 4.36E-02 6.03E-02 7.68E-02 9.41E-02 1.18E-01 3.16E-02 5.79E-02 1.02E-01
1-Jan-08 1.98E+00 2.13E+00 2.26E+00 2.46E+00 2.66E+00 2.79E+00 2.94E+00 2.16E+00 2.48E+00 2.81E+00 3.23E-02 3.79E-02 4.43E-02 6.16E-02 7.84E-02 9.75E-02 1.23E-01 3.05E-02 5.54E-02 9.82E-02
1-Feb-08 1.98E+00 2.13E+00 2.26E+00 2.45E+00 2.66E+00 2.78E+00 2.92E+00 2.22E+00 2.54E+00 2.89E+00 3.31E-02 3.85E-02 4.52E-02 6.30E-02 8.04E-02 1.00E-01 1.27E-01 3.13E-02 5.71E-02 1.02E-01
1-Mar-08 2.01E+00 2.15E+00 2.29E+00 2.50E+00 2.70E+00 2.84E+00 2.99E+00 2.24E+00 2.57E+00 2.89E+00 3.33E-02 3.94E-02 4.64E-02 6.47E-02 8.26E-02 1.03E-01 1.29E-01 3.04E-02 5.37E-02 9.10E-02
1-Apr-08 2.03E+00 2.18E+00 2.32E+00 2.53E+00 2.75E+00 2.88E+00 3.03E+00 2.25E+00 2.58E+00 2.92E+00 3.40E-02 4.03E-02 4.75E-02 6.67E-02 8.50E-02 1.07E-01 1.34E-01 2.97E-02 5.19E-02 8.76E-02
1-May-08 2.05E+00 2.20E+00 2.35E+00 2.56E+00 2.78E+00 2.93E+00 3.08E+00 2.38E+00 2.73E+00 3.11E+00 3.50E-02 4.12E-02 4.89E-02 6.89E-02 8.83E-02 1.10E-01 1.39E-01 3.04E-02 5.46E-02 9.44E-02
1-Jun-08 2.10E+00 2.26E+00 2.40E+00 2.63E+00 2.86E+00 3.02E+00 3.19E+00 2.29E+00 2.61E+00 2.96E+00 3.55E-02 4.22E-02 5.05E-02 7.14E-02 9.21E-02 1.15E-01 1.44E-01 3.09E-02 5.55E-02 9.41E-02
1-Jul-08 2.14E+00 2.31E+00 2.45E+00 2.70E+00 2.94E+00 3.12E+00 3.34E+00 2.28E+00 2.62E+00 2.98E+00 3.66E-02 4.36E-02 5.21E-02 7.43E-02 9.60E-02 1.20E-01 1.50E-01 3.05E-02 5.52E-02 9.54E-02
1-Aug-08 2.09E+00 2.25E+00 2.40E+00 2.64E+00 2.87E+00 3.04E+00 3.24E+00 2.37E+00 2.69E+00 3.02E+00 3.75E-02 4.50E-02 5.38E-02 7.74E-02 1.01E-01 1.25E-01 1.56E-01 2.96E-02 5.09E-02 8.30E-02
1-Sep-08 1.99E+00 2.14E+00 2.29E+00 2.50E+00 2.71E+00 2.85E+00 3.02E+00 2.30E+00 2.64E+00 2.97E+00 3.92E-02 4.69E-02 5.62E-02 8.10E-02 1.06E-01 1.31E-01 1.63E-01 3.10E-02 5.65E-02 9.75E-02
1-Oct-08 1.88E+00 2.04E+00 2.17E+00 2.38E+00 2.59E+00 2.72E+00 2.88E+00 2.16E+00 2.50E+00 2.84E+00 4.06E-02 4.87E-02 5.82E-02 8.43E-02 1.10E-01 1.36E-01 1.69E-01 3.29E-02 6.25E-02 1.10E-01
1-Nov-08 1.40E+00 1.59E+00 1.75E+00 1.98E+00 2.21E+00 2.35E+00 2.51E+00 9.25E-01 1.73E+00 2.34E+00 4.16E-02 5.06E-02 6.04E-02 8.77E-02 1.15E-01 1.40E-01 1.77E-01 5.32E-02 1.26E-01 2.44E-01
1-Dec-08 8.55E-01 1.14E+00 1.37E+00 1.67E+00 1.96E+00 2.12E+00 2.29E+00 1.33E-01 1.20E+00 2.09E+00 4.14E-02 4.98E-02 5.98E-02 8.66E-02 1.13E-01 1.39E-01 1.77E-01 6.04E-02 1.55E-01 2.93E-01
1-Jan-09 1.06E+00 1.30E+00 1.49E+00 1.76E+00 2.02E+00 2.18E+00 2.34E+00 5.37E-01 1.40E+00 2.12E+00 3.97E-02 4.75E-02 5.71E-02 8.23E-02 1.07E-01 1.32E-01 1.69E-01 6.44E-02 1.52E-01 2.80E-01
1-Feb-09 1.26E+00 1.46E+00 1.62E+00 1.86E+00 2.10E+00 2.24E+00 2.39E+00 8.46E-01 1.61E+00 2.26E+00 3.83E-02 4.57E-02 5.46E-02 7.83E-02 1.02E-01 1.25E-01 1.60E-01 5.63E-02 1.40E-01 2.71E-01
1-Mar-09 1.31E+00 1.49E+00 1.64E+00 1.88E+00 2.11E+00 2.26E+00 2.40E+00 1.56E+00 2.11E+00 2.62E+00 3.72E-02 4.42E-02 5.26E-02 7.45E-02 9.63E-02 1.18E-01 1.48E-01 5.07E-02 1.41E-01 2.85E-01
1-Apr-09 1.21E+00 1.41E+00 1.57E+00 1.82E+00 2.06E+00 2.21E+00 2.35E+00 1.52E+00 2.10E+00 2.63E+00 3.59E-02 4.26E-02 5.04E-02 7.12E-02 9.16E-02 1.12E-01 1.43E-01 5.37E-02 1.39E-01 2.76E-01
1-May-09 1.27E+00 1.45E+00 1.61E+00 1.85E+00 2.08E+00 2.23E+00 2.37E+00 1.18E+00 1.79E+00 2.33E+00 3.51E-02 4.12E-02 4.86E-02 6.81E-02 8.72E-02 1.07E-01 1.36E-01 4.90E-02 1.20E-01 2.45E-01
1-Jun-09 1.36E+00 1.52E+00 1.67E+00 1.90E+00 2.12E+00 2.26E+00 2.42E+00 1.12E+00 1.69E+00 2.20E+00 3.40E-02 4.00E-02 4.71E-02 6.55E-02 8.33E-02 1.02E-01 1.29E-01 4.70E-02 1.11E-01 2.26E-01
1-Jul-09 1.39E+00 1.55E+00 1.70E+00 1.92E+00 2.14E+00 2.29E+00 2.43E+00 8.98E-01 1.58E+00 2.17E+00 3.32E-02 3.88E-02 4.58E-02 6.30E-02 8.00E-02 9.68E-02 1.23E-01 4.42E-02 1.10E-01 2.30E-01
1-Aug-09 1.35E+00 1.51E+00 1.66E+00 1.89E+00 2.11E+00 2.25E+00 2.40E+00 1.25E+00 1.79E+00 2.27E+00 3.27E-02 3.81E-02 4.44E-02 6.09E-02 7.70E-02 9.31E-02 1.18E-01 4.30E-02 1.03E-01 2.09E-01
1-Sep-09 1.39E+00 1.54E+00 1.68E+00 1.91E+00 2.13E+00 2.28E+00 2.42E+00 1.20E+00 1.77E+00 2.26E+00 3.18E-02 3.73E-02 4.35E-02 5.90E-02 7.42E-02 8.97E-02 1.14E-01 4.09E-02 9.39E-02 1.87E-01
1-Oct-09 1.38E+00 1.53E+00 1.67E+00 1.89E+00 2.12E+00 2.25E+00 2.40E+00 1.32E+00 1.83E+00 2.30E+00 3.14E-02 3.64E-02 4.24E-02 5.73E-02 7.16E-02 8.63E-02 1.09E-01 3.95E-02 9.08E-02 1.84E-01
1-Nov-09 1.38E+00 1.55E+00 1.69E+00 1.91E+00 2.13E+00 2.27E+00 2.41E+00 1.41E+00 1.89E+00 2.34E+00 3.12E-02 3.60E-02 4.15E-02 5.58E-02 6.96E-02 8.41E-02 1.07E-01 3.82E-02 8.35E-02 1.64E-01
1-Dec-09 1.38E+00 1.53E+00 1.67E+00 1.89E+00 2.11E+00 2.24E+00 2.40E+00 1.45E+00 1.89E+00 2.31E+00 3.04E-02 3.51E-02 4.07E-02 5.44E-02 6.77E-02 8.16E-02 1.03E-01 3.70E-02 7.77E-02 1.51E-01
1-Jan-10 1.41E+00 1.56E+00 1.70E+00 1.91E+00 2.13E+00 2.27E+00 2.42E+00 1.48E+00 1.92E+00 2.34E+00 3.02E-02 3.45E-02 3.99E-02 5.32E-02 6.62E-02 8.01E-02 10.00E-02 3.65E-02 7.79E-02 1.53E-01
1-Feb-10 1.40E+00 1.55E+00 1.70E+00 1.91E+00 2.13E+00 2.26E+00 2.41E+00 1.44E+00 1.88E+00 2.30E+00 2.96E-02 3.41E-02 3.93E-02 5.22E-02 6.49E-02 7.79E-02 9.63E-02 3.50E-02 7.08E-02 1.34E-01
1-Mar-10 1.40E+00 1.55E+00 1.69E+00 1.90E+00 2.12E+00 2.25E+00 2.41E+00 1.45E+00 1.88E+00 2.30E+00 2.93E-02 3.37E-02 3.87E-02 5.13E-02 6.35E-02 7.67E-02 9.41E-02 3.38E-02 6.79E-02 1.25E-01