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The International Finance Discussion Papers logo links to the International Finance Discussion Papers home page Firms and Their Distressed Banks: Lessons from the Norwegian Banking Crisis (1988-1991)
Steven Ongena; David C. Smith; Dag Michalsen
2000-686  (November 2000)

Abstract:  We use the near-collapse of the Norwegian banking system during the period 1988-91 to measure the impact of bank distress announcements on the stock prices of firms maintaining a relationship with a distressed bank. We find that although banks experienced large and permanent downward revisions in their equity value during the event period, firms maintaining relationships with these banks faced only small and temporary changes, on average, in stock price. In other words, the aggregate impact of bank distress on listed firms in Norway appears small. Our results stand in contrast to studies that document large welfare declines to similar borrowers after crises hit Japan and other East Asian countries. We hypothesize that because banks in Norway are precluded from maintaining significant ownership control over loan customers, Norwegian firms were freer to choose financing from sources other than their distressed banks. We provide cross-sectional evidence to support this hypothesis.

Full paper (232 KB PDF)

bank relationship, bank distress, Norwegian banking crisis

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