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2003 SSBF: Methodology Appendix BBB Screen Reader version

Appendix BBB

Interim Delivery Schedule

Interim Delivery Schedule
DateType of Delivery
July 23rd, 2004 Main
July 30thScreener
August 6thMain
August 13thScreener
August 20thMain
August 27thScreener
September 3rdMain
September 10thScreener *
September 17thMain
October 1stMain
October 8thScreener
October 15thMain
October 29thMain
November 5thScreener
November 12thMain
December 3rdMain **
December 10thScreener
December 17thMain
January 7thMain **
January 14thScreener
January 21stMain

* This was the final biweekly screener delivery; subsequent screener deliveries were scheduled every fourth week. Return to Text

** These two main deliveries were each postponed one week from the normal biweekly schedule in order to accommodate holiday schedules, so they occur three weeks after the previous main delivery instead of two weeks. The following screener deliveries were also pushed back, and so occur five weeks after the previous screener delivery instead of four weeks. Return to Text

This version is optimized for use by screen readers. Descriptions for all mathematical expressions are provided in LaTex format. A printable pdf version is available. Return to Text