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April 8, 2004

Dear Small Business Owner:

I am writing to encourage your participation in the Federal Reserve's 2003 Survey of Small Business Finances. Your firm is one of a small number of businesses across the country that has been randomly selected to participate. Your contribution is important.

The Federal Reserve Board (FRB) conducts the survey only once in every five years. The National Opinion Research Center, on behalf of the FRB, will collect information on your firm's use of financial services. Survey results will be used to evaluate the impact of public policies and to help ensure that all small businesses have equal access to credit.

I urge you to participate in this survey so that more complete and up-to-date information is available for policy-making. The time you spend on this study is a great investment in the future of all American small businesses.



Raj Nisankarao, President

National Business Association

5150 Beltline Road, Suite 1150 *Dallas, TX 75254 *(972) 458-0900 *(800) 456-0440 *Fax (972) 960-9149

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