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The Voice of Small Business ®


Dear Small-Business Owner:

The Federal Reserve is undertaking a project to evaluate the demand by small business for credit and how well the demand is being met by the financial system, as well as the availability and use of certain financial services. The National Federation of Independent

Business (NFIB) endorses this Federal Reserve effort.

NFIB considers the data the Federal Reserve collects in the project extraordinarily important. It is important not only because it helps the Federal Reserve to make critical economic decisions for the country, but also because it allows NFIB and other organizations that promote the interests of smaller firms to evaluate and to advocate potentially helpful small-business policies. In public policy deliberations, there is no substitute for good information. And, there is no other place good information of this type can be found.

I am acutely aware that we are asking you to volunteer your time. Time is one thing small-business owners don't have. But, if the results are (1) used (and they are used) and

(2) benefit small business (and they do), the time should be worth it.

Thank you.


William J. Dennis, Jr.

Senior Research Fellow

NFIB Research Foundation

National Federation of Independent Business
1201 F Street NW *Suite 200 *Washington, DC 20004 *202-554-9000 *Fax 202-554-0496 *

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