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2003 SSBF: Appendix K Methedology Screen Reader version

Appendix K

Advance Mailing: Project Director Letter

The 2003 Survey of Small Business Fiances Logo A National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago Logo
Business Title
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Dear Owner Name:

As the enclosed letter from Chairman Alan Greenspan explains, you are one of a select group of small business owners throughout the country being asked to participate in a study of the cost and availability of financial services.

Your participation is critical. Every part of the diverse small business community needs to be represented if policymakers in Congress are to have a complete picture of the economic health of small businesses in America today.

Expect a five-minute phone call from NORC next week. An NORC interviewer will contact you in the next week to determine your eligibility for the Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Small Business Finances. This call will be very brief - five minutes - and you will be asked for a few basic facts about your business, such as the number of employees and the end date of your fiscal year.

If your firm is selected for the main survey, we will contact you again and provide additional information.

Your confidentiality is assured. Participation is voluntary, and you can skip any question you choose not to answer. Let me emphasize that the information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. Data that identifies your firm will be accessible only to project staff at NORC and the Federal Reserve Board who have signed confidentiality agreements. Published data will be stripped of all identifying information.

Enclosed is a brochure containing more information about this scientific research study and about NORC. If you have questions, please call our toll-free hotline at 1-800-692-4192. For more information, visit our website at or the Federal Reserve Board's website at If you prefer, you can also send me an e-mail at

Thank you for your assistance.


Signature of Carol-Ann Emmons

Carol-Ann Emmons

Project Director, Survey of Small Business Finances

National Opinion Research Center

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