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2003 SSBF: Methodology Appendix SS Screen Reader version

Appendix UU

Interviewer Letter for Sections P-S Conversions


To: All SSBF Interviewers

From: Bob Bailey

Date: September 30, 2004

Re: Section III, Income and Expenses, and Section IV, Balance Sheet

Copy: Mireya, Troy, Bob, Jessie, Tim, Sadia, Terri, Tony, Shehzad, Mindy, Trish

The folks who do data review, editing, and delivery have reported the results of the completeness check. You may remember from training that the FRB has very specific limits on how many questions can be answered DK or RF in a case and still have it qualify as a completed interview with useful data. About 10% of the cases we complete are failing the check. Most of the cases that have failed the check have too much missing data in sections P, R, and S, that is, Income and Expenses, Assets, and Liabilities and Equity, where 75% of the questions have to be answered to pass the check. With the end so close, it's painful to realize that we've made it through the difficult sections and yet we're unable to collect the data we need in these last few sections.

When you encounter a respondent who is reluctant to report these amounts,

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